Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 2, Episode 26 - Around the World with Superman - full transcript

A blind girl enters a Daily Planet contest in which the winner will go around the world with Superman. But she has entered the contest using her mother's name, intending that she win. The ...


than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.

And now, another
exciting episode

in the Adventures of Superman!



Here he comes, chief!

Hello, Jimmy. Ms. Lane.

Well, he's here.

Yes, I can see that.

But now, where's Clark Kent?

I wanted him in on this too.

He was in his office
a few minutes ago.

Well, he's not there now.

Uh, Mr. White, I don't
think we need him, do we?

After all, I'm here.
I got the message.

That's the important thing.

Now, I understand you've
picked a winning contestant.

Yes. Would you
like to see the letter?

Very much.

This was the best
letter, we thought.

Olsen, get that.

We'll print it in the layout,

next to the one
with the little girl.

Boy, you should have
seen all the entries.

Those are just the best ones.

But I'll bet every
kid in Metropolis

wrote you a letter, Superman.

Well, no wonder.

A free trip around the world.

The best contest for children
the planet has ever staged,

bar none.

Take it from me.
In good will alone,

aside from the money
collected for charity.

Please, chief. Let him read it.

Is that all you wanted me for?

Just to read the winning letter?

Have you notified
this little girl,

Elaine Carson at
17 Terrace Drive?

No, I want Lois and Kent

to contact that girl
first, Superman.

So as to make sure that
she really wrote it and all that.

After all, we wouldn't
pick the winner

unless you read the letter.

After all, you're taking
her around the world.

Oh, yes. That's right.

Clark said you
were pretty stubborn

about taking his word for mine.

Mr. Kent can be extremely
difficult sometimes.

"Why the World Is Beautiful."

The grammar isn't too perfect.

She's about 8 or 9.

"And I think the trees
are as green in Arabia

"as they are outside my window.

"And the people,
wherever they are,

are as beautiful as love."

It's worth reading again.

You can tell Elaine
Carson for me

that she can fly
around the world

with me anytime.

We'll tell her you'll
go tomorrow morning,

as we announced.


Jeepers, what a prize.

A trip all the way
around the world

with him carrying you.

Think what you'd see.

A perfect contest.

Absolutely perfect!

Well, come on.
Let's get to work.

Well, it's nearly 4:00.

Well, it wouldn't be if
you hadn't disappeared

the minute we sent for Superman.

Where'd you go, anyway?

I had something very import...

Ah, here we are, 21.
E. Carson. It's upstairs.

Here we are. Twenty-one.


I beg your pardon,
but we're looking for

little Elaine Carson.


Yes, I'm Lois Lane,
and this is Clark Kent.

How do you do?

I'm very sorry,

but I'm on my way to give
a piano lesson right now,

and I can't be bothered.

But it's about the contest.

Elaine has won it.

I mean, don't you live in there?

Yes, I do.

And I'm the only Elaine
Carson in town that I know of.

You're Elaine?

I'm sorry, but if you're
selling something,

I don't think much of
your sales approach.

Contest. Hmm!

There must be...

Hold it.

Oh, we're terribly sorry. It
must have been a mistake.

Clark, what are you up to?


Well, come in, the
door's not locked.

My name's Ann. Who are you?

Well, I'm Clark Kent,
and this is Ms. Lane.

We were just talking to a
lady from this apartment.

I know. That's my mother.

She's cranky today.

Oh. Well, did you hear
us talking about a contest?

You see, we're both
from the Daily Planet.

She won. She won it, didn't she?

You're gonna send
her around the world,

to Paris and Arabia.

Now, just a minute, Ann.

This is a contest for children,

about why they wanna
see the rest of the world.

Now, if your mother
wrote the winning letter...

But she didn't seem to know
anything about it, did she?

I think it's pretty
simple, Lois.

Ann here wrote
a beautiful letter.

And she signed
her mother's name.

Isn't that right, honey?

Well. Well, I heard all
the rules on the radio,

and nobody said
that that was wrong.

Ann, really.

What would Superman think

of a little girl who
did a thing like that?


Now, don't start
treating me like a child.

I won that contest, and
you've gotta send my mother

around the world.

Ann, you're all mixed up.

Superman is gonna fly
the winner around the world.

There's no such person as
Superman, and you know it.

As Superman?

Of course not.

I've figured all that
out. It's just publicity.

And besides, you didn't
say anything about that part

on the radio, either.

It was printed in the paper.

Ann, I don't know
how one little girl

could get so mixed up,

or why she'd sign
her mother's name

to the letter to begin with.

Oh, don't be silly.

I don't wanna go
around the world.

I'm blind.

I thought that
might be it, Lois.

And please don't
feel sorry for me.

You probably have
things wrong with you too.

I... Well, I just...

You thought I was rude.

Well, sometimes I am.

People get so mushy, otherwise.

These are just for exercise.

Dr. Anderson makes
me stare at a blurry place

that's in front of
this eye sometimes.

Is it there now?

Can you see me at all?


But you're pretty, aren't you?

My mother's pretty too.

How do you know that, dear?

Have you ever seen her?

Of course, when I was little.

There was a car accident.
That's what happened.

My father was driving.

He doesn't live with us anymore.

Everything was
different after that.

And she said,

"The trees are green
outside my window."

What's wrong? Didn't
I spell something right?

Of course not.

Clark, what are we gonna do?

Do? You're gonna send
my mother around the world.

That's what you're gonna do.

I'm afraid that isn't the
idea behind the contest.

My letter won. You
said my letter won!

But, Ann, I don't think
Superman would approve

of taking an adult
around the world.

He wants to take you, and even
if you can't see, you can hear.

He'll describe all the wonderful
things all over the world.

All from the air.

I told you, I don't
believe in Superman!

I entered that contest
so my mother could go!

Ann, please don't cry.

I will if I want to!

First, you come in
and say that I won,

and now you're
spoiling everything.

I wrote about the world
the way it seems to me,

and my mother works so
hard, she never gets the chance

to look at it the way I do.

Ann, listen to me, honey.


What are you doing?

Ann, come here.

It's all right, Mrs. Carson.

We're from the Daily Planet.

We're reporters.


Yes, isn't that
wonderful, Mother?

There's still some things to
be settled maybe, but I won.

And the first prize is
a trip around the world.

That's right.

She's won our contest.

You entered a contest as Elaine?

Yes, but it's you I
want them to take.

Why didn't you tell me?

Mrs. Carson, you
don't understand.

There you two are. The
chief was getting impatient...

Who are you? Is
that the little girl?

Let's... Get out of here!

How dare you? Wait
a minute, everybody.

Mrs. Carson, I'm sorry
if we've frightened you.

I know what a
surprise this must be.

But it's a pretty wonderful
thing your daughter's done.

If you don't get out of
here, I'll call the police.


Be quiet, Ann.

Nobody here has won anything,

and nobody's going
around the world.

We won't have anything
to do with your contest,

do you hear me?

And if you dare print
that picture, I'll sue you.

Now get out of here.
Get out! Get out!

I'm sorry, Mother. Awful sorry.

The perfect contest...

Great Caesar's ghost.

Oh, chief, why did you have
to print the story so soon?

Because those other
papers jumped the gun.

Tabloids like the Blade
are already calling it a fraud.

They say Superman won't
fly the winner around the world,

even if we were
telling the truth.

Why did you have to
print Elaine's name?

Why didn't you
wait till we got back?

Of all the silly, mixed-up
messes. Where is Kent?

Clark thinks we should
stick to the first choice.

He went to see someone
to straighten it out.

First choice.

A little girl whose
mother wants to sue us,

who doesn't believe in Superman,

who can't even see
where he'd take her.

And a poor little mixed-up girl

who's got everything wrong.

I'd like to stick with this
Ann Carson too, but...

Well, get going!

Do something about this mess!

No, I'm sorry to
disappoint you, Mr. Kent.

What about her eyes, doctor?

I was curious about
them the first thing.

Well, it's like I told you.

The optic nerve itself
is not functioning.

How it was injured in the
accident, we don't know.

So another operation
just wouldn't do any good.

Besides, it's dangerous to
go probing around in that area

unless you know
what you're looking for.

Uh-huh, I see.

As for your other question,

why Ann's mother
should be so upset...

Well, separated from
her husband and all,

life has been pretty
rough, I suppose.

But that's all I can tell you.

I'm sorry I'm no help.

All right, doctor.

About this optic nerve thing.

Could a particle of something
from the auto accident

have been lodged
in the optic nerve?

Where? What is it?

Nothing shows up under x-ray.

And you've tried
that, of course.

The finest x-ray machine
in the world, Mr. Kent.

Unless you know of
a better one than that,

it's quite hopeless.

Perhaps I do, doctor.
And thank you very much.

You're welcome.

Well, it's just a chance, Lois.

Tell the chief not
to be too impatient.

No, no, I can't tell
you what it's all about.

But I have to see Ann again.

Well, to begin
with, I have to try

and make her
believe in Superman.



Running away?

Well, how do you know they are?

Look, Lois, I need your help.

Get over here as quickly
as you can, will you?

The mother's out now,
but she'll probably be back

in a minute or two.


Well, how do you
know she's not in

if you haven't been inside yet?

Lois, I need the time.

All you have to do is park
yourself in the downstairs hall.

If Mrs. Carson
tries to go upstairs,

just detain her till I
give you the word.

You understand?

All right, now step on it.

Hello, Ann.

Who is it?

It's Superman, honey.



May I come in? I
wanna talk to you.

Are...? Are you really Superman?

You sound sort of like Mr. Kent.

No. I'm really Superman.

Now, where were you
and your mother going?

I don't know.

A man named
Mr. Murray telephoned.

She got all upset again.

Oh, she did? What about?

I won't tell you.

It's all your fault, she said.

Oh? Then what'd you let
me in in the first place for?

I get curious sometimes.

And anyway, I don't really
believe you're Superman.

Oh, you don't?

Well, I guess I'll just
have to prove it to you.

Now, you stay right there, dear.

Now, you know what this
is? Put your hands on it.

It's a fireplace
poker. It's heavy too.

That's right. Now,
you don't believe

that Clark Kent could bend that

with his bare hands, do you?

Heaven's no. Of course not.

It's solid iron.

All right. Now, you
come over here.

Just leave your hands
right where they are.

I'm putting my hands
right there, see?


And we'll see if we
can convince you

that Superman can
bend this. You ready?

Huh? Yes.

There. See? It bent.

You did it! You did it!

Sure. Now we'll try to bend it
back in a more useful shape.


See? Now do you
believe in Superman?

Well... Well, maybe
any really strong person

could have done it.

Honey, you're gonna
have to believe in me

if I'm gonna help you.

The only people
who believe in you

are the ones who can see you.

Oh, now, that's not true.

You come over here and sit down.


Now, I'm going in the
other room, all right?


Well, I want you to
whisper something.

Whisper just as
softly as you can,

and I'll try and
hear you, all right?

All right. Now I'm clear
in here in the other room.

Now, you whisper something,

and I'll bet you I can
hear every word you say.

Now, go on.

I want my daddy back home again.


what you whispered
was so private,

I don't even think you
wanted me to hear it.

What you said was...


How did you know what I said?

Oh, because I'm Superman.

And somehow I think
you've always believed in me

all this time, haven't you?

I beg your pardon.
Are you Mrs. Carson?

Uh, no, I'm not.

Of course not. How stupid of me.

I beg your pardon.

Mrs. Carson.


He didn't see me. Let me go.

What? Who?

Why don't you leave us alone.

Now, please, Mrs. Carson.

My editor wants you to know

that if anything
is troubling you,

we'd be more than happy...

He's out there.
Just standing there.

I'll never be able to
get our luggage out.

The man with the briefcase?

His name's Murray.

He found out where we live.

That's why we have to move.

But why are you
so afraid of him?

He's a lawyer. My
husband's lawyer.

Your husband?

Couldn't you see?

That's what's wrong
with everything.

It's not just poor
little Ann's blindness.

Even if it started with that.

My husband was driving.
We had an accident.

Ann lost her sight,
and I blamed Jim.

I was horrible to him.

I'm sorry.

Jim just couldn't take it.

All because you
loved your little girl.

And each other, Ms. Lane.

At least...

Well, Jim is the finest
man who ever lived.

Then why don't you talk
to him without the lawyers.

Jim's gone away. I don't even
know where he is anymore.

Don't you see? It's just
too late for being reasonable

or having anything
that you really want or...

Or just anything.

Elaine. We've been
trying to do things

and help you for the contest.

Now we'll try to help
you for the sake of people.

Come on.

Superman, listen.
Mommy's coming.

I can tell by her footsteps.

And somebody's with her.

Superman. Where are you?


Clark, are you in there?


I've taken over for
Clark, Ms. Lane.

Mommy. Guess what?

What is it, dear?

Superman. Go on. Tell Mother.

What is it you
want him to tell me?

He saw a piece of glass.

He's got the most
wonderful eyes in the world.

Oh, Ann.

I can't promise it, Mrs. Carson,

but there definitely
is something lodged

in the optic nerve.

If you'll stay in Metropolis

so that Dr. Anderson can operate

while I guide him,

well, I think Ann may be able

to see perfectly again.

Oh, Mommy, isn't that wonderful?

Oh, wonderful, dear.

Mrs. Carson. But
that will mean...

I don't care.

How could anything
be as important

as Ann's eyesight?




Now we'll get one
more a little closer.

All right, Olsen, that's enough.

Yes. It's time
to leave, isn't it?

It certainly is, Ann.

And we're gonna follow you

by short-wave radio all the way.

Kiss your mother goodbye, honey.

Bye, Mommy.

Goodbye, everyone.

We'll be back in
a couple of hours.

Bye, Mommy.



It's wonderful. Wonderful.

Mrs. Carson, come with me.

I have a surprise for you.

A surprise?

All the way around
the world. Wow.

That's the Atlantic.
Does it make you dizzy?

Oh, no. I love it.

It's England. They spotted them.

See, Ann? That's Hampton Hall,

where King Henry
VIII used to live.

A real castle?

You bet your life.

Look. It's Paris.

I know. That's the Eiffel Tower.

What's the matter?
Aren't you impressed?

Oh. It's beautiful.

Everything is.

A whole wide world.

Look, honey. It's the
beautiful Blue Danube.

Well, would you care
to waltz, my lady?

I'd love to.

They've just been
monitored by a great freighter

crossing the Mediterranean.

You know where we are now?


That's right, Arabia.

That's why I wanted
to win the contest.

So my mother could come here.

I know, honey. This is
where your daddy was.



Never mind about that now.

We still have a long way to go.

Look. These are the Himalayas.

The highest mountains
in the whole world.

Are they always covered in snow?

That's right. What's
the matter? You cold?

No. Not at all.

MAN: Wow! The New Delhi
station lost sight of him already.

They'll go over
to Japan, I'll bet.

Please, can't you stop yelling?


In there. Our timing is perfect.

I hope.

Halfway across the Pacific,

a flight of jets from
an aircraft carrier

escorted them as long
as they could keep up.

There's the Oakland Bridge.

We're almost home.

Oh, we've got a pretty
big country to cross yet.

I bet nobody ever
went this fast before.

I did, a couple of weeks ago.


Never mind.

There are service reports that
tourists at the Grand Canyon

got a terrific thrill, when
Superman and Ann

flew down the middle.

Golly, it's a big
world, Superman.

The Mississippi River,
mountains, Niagara Falls.

I wish I could
stop at all of 'em.

Maybe you will someday, Ann.

But right now, I've
got a big surprise

waiting for you
back at Metropolis.

A surprise?

Mm. A big one.

Oh, Superman, I
wonder if people know

how beautiful
the world really is.

And how beautiful it is to
open your eyes and see it.


Here they come.

Mommy, Mommy, I'm back.

Well, where is she?

Superman said there'd be
a surprise, but she's gone.

Come on, darling.

They just got here,

and they were
talking all the time.



Ann, darling.

How about that?


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