Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 2, Episode 24 - Star of Fate - full transcript

A mysterious box from Egypt causes a bidding war between two men, Whitlock and Barnak. The box also is said to carry a curse and three people, including Lois Lane, are stricken opening it. Superman, in order to solve the mystery and save three lives, will fly to Egypt in search of a plant that is the basis of the antidote. He must race back to Metropolis, or else Jimmy Olsen will become a victim of the ruthless Barnak.


than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.

And now, another
exciting episode

in the Adventures of Superman!


The last wishes of
Dr. Pearson, my master,

will be obeyed to the letter.

It is for that reason that I
have come to Metropolis.

And Dr. Pearson insisted
on this private auction

with only two participants

bidding on what may or
may not be in that box?

The box is not to be opened.

The university Egyptologist,
Dr. Barnak, and a Mr. Whitlock,

the proprietor of a
curio shop in Metropolis,

both old acquaintances
of Dr. Pearson,

are to bid for the box.

They may know what is inside.

I do not.

I do not care to know.


Excuse me. Of course.



Send Dr. Barnak up.

But why did you call our paper?

Surely you aren't
interested in the publicity?

Not for the box,
or for the auction,

but only that possibly the
memory of Dr. Pearson,

a great archaeologist
and almost a father to me,

may possibly be enhanced.

We understand, Mr. Ahmed.

Wait over there.

Please, Dr. Barnak,
can I go with you?

I'm just dying to
see what's in the box.

You may be my
confidential secretary, Alma.

But there are some things
I intend to keep secret.

Even from you.

Oh, excuse me. Surely.

Dr. Barnak?



Miss Lane and Mr. Kent,
of the Daily Planet.



The conditions of sale are
not yours, my dear doctor.


Mr. Whitlock?

That's right.

Miss Lane, Mr. Kent,
of the Daily Planet.

How do you do?

How do you do, sir?

And of course you
know Dr. Barnak.

We met.

Then, gentlemen, shall we begin?

I'm agreeable.

Your bids, gentlemen?

Five hundred dollars.

One thousand.

Two thousand.

Four thousand.



This isn't just a
grab-bag gamble, Lois.

What could be in it?

Well, I'm afraid even
Superman can't tell you.

Not with that
lead-foil wrapping.

All through, Dr. Barnak?

Seven thousand!

I hope you can afford
this, doctor. Eight thousand.

There's more to this
than meets the eye.

I'm going to the lobby and
check on these characters.

I'll see if we've got
anything in the files.

You stay here, okay?

May I trouble you for
a pencil, Mr. Ahmed?

I, um... I have
some figuring to do.

Never mind, Ahmed.

I've figured it out.

My last offer.

Ten thousand dollars.

And you, sir?

Here is my check, Ahmed.

Oh, Dr. Barnak!

About a story on the
contents of that box...

Not now.

Please, Barnak!

You must listen to me!

You've cost me enough
already, Whitlock!

Please, Barnak!

Don't open that box!

It's evil! It's got
to be destroyed!

You must listen to me!

Get away from me!

Please, I'm telling
you the truth, man!

Don't open that...

He tried to stop Barnak,

to give him some kind of warning

about not opening that box,

and Barnak paid $10,000 for it.

I'm all right, thank you.

Thank you for helping me.

You can help
us, sir, if you will.

Ten thousand dollars
and a mysterious box,

you'd make a wonderful
story. You can tell us can't you?

No, it mustn't
spread any further.

It must be stopped.

But what must be stopped?

I'm... I'm sorry, I must
get back to my shop.

But Mister...

I'll come with you, sir.


Beautiful, isn't it?

Aren't you going to
open it now, Dr. Barnak?

No, not yet.

Maybe Whitlock is right.

If there is a legend or a
curse connected with this box,

I've got to do some
more research on it.

First, I don't know how,

I've got to cover the
check that I gave Ahmed.

Then I'll go to the
university library.

In the meantime,
don't open that box!


Thank you, Mr. Kent.

I am very grateful
for your help.

You're sure you don't want
to tell me more about that box?

Please, I'd rather not.

The sooner it's
destroyed, the better.

Oh, you make puppets too?

No, it's a hobby of mine.

I like children, and
they seem to enjoy

an occasional show after school.

Oh, by the way, you
reporters at the Daily Planet,

you have a close contact
with Superman, don't you?

Well, from time
to time, yes, why?

Well, he's a great favorite
with the youngsters.

Oh, ha, ha, thank you very much.

I mean, I'm sure Superman
would be flattered to hear this.


You'll excuse me, but I have
an important appointment.

Do you mind? Not at all.

Oh, um, I'm not giving
up on that box, you know.

Nor am I.


Doesn't look like
anybody's home.


Hello? Hello?

Jim, look!

Is she dead?

I don't know.

It's hard to tell.

No, she's still alive,
but barely breathing!

I better call an ambulance.

BARNAK: Just a moment.

What are you two doing here?

The box! Where is it?

Give it to me!

We haven't got
your precious box.

We got here just
a few seconds ago.

Shouldn't you be more
concerned about her?

So Whitlock was right.

Right about what?

"Don't open the box," he said.

Well, she did open it,

and the curse, or whatever
mysterious power she met with,

overcame her.

But this is nonsense!

It's sheer superstition,
Dr. Barnak! Certainly you...

He was right.

But I know there's an
answer, a way of escaping this.

But I've got to have the box.


He must have taken it.

I'm sure of it!


Curio shop.

Whitlock speaking.


Oh, Barnak...

Yes, yes, I have it right here.

I thought as much.

It's mine, Whitlock.

And I'm coming
after it. I want it!

This box doesn't belong
to anyone, Barnak.

It belongs to the
past, an evil past,

and I'm doing away with it.

You saw what it
did to your secretary.

Well, I'm putting it where
you won't find it, Barnak.

Where you or no one else
will ever be harmed by it.

I'm putting it in my safe.

In mercy's name, get
help for this poor girl.

You do it. I haven't
got the time!

I'm afraid for Whitlock, Jim.

You take over here,

and I'll pick up
Clark at the office.

March, these ancient
hieroglyphics mention the box,

but give no clue
as to the curse.

Well, here.

Put the box in the safe.

But be careful.

Don't open it!

Yes, sir.


You haven't opened the...


A little sooner than
you expected, Whitlock.

Barnak, my clerk's
in the back room,

he opened the box, and
like your secretary, he's...

He can wait!

Lock that door.

Those reporters again.

Get behind the counter,
pretend you're busy,

and don't let them in!

Why won't he let us in?

Looks like he's
rehearsing an act.

Well, you know these
temperamental artists.

We'll come back later.

It's good you did
as you were told.

I wasn't fooling.

Turn around.


Now for the box.

I appreciate your
telling me about the safe.

I use this nitroglycerin
for opening tombs in Egypt.

I never thought I'd
have a use for it here.

Oh. You're a good
host, Whitlock.


I didn't know your business
ran to jewels like this!

You cost me $10,000
today, Whitlock.

This little collection
must be worth about that.

That way it makes
it all come out even.

I love curio shops, Clark.

They're such interesting places.


That Whitlock's quite
a character, isn't he?

You know, I'll bet knowing
the Planet is a contact point

for Superman, he put on
that whole act for our benefit.


Wait a minute. Of course he did.

It was a message!

Remember how he acted
out the part where the doll fell,

and the Superman puppet
came in and caught it

just in the nick of time?

He wanted Superman!

Lois, you go back to the office

and tell them we may have
a real story for 'em soon.

I'm going back to that shop.



The clock!


If I hadn't seen it
with my own eyes...

And you're completely unhurt?

So are you, I'm
glad to say, sir.

Barnak left that bottle
accidentally, or on purpose.

Did he take the box with him?

He thinks he did.

I knew he was coming for it,
so I'm afraid I led him astray.

This is the real box.

The one he stole was a decoy.

It looks innocent enough.

Yes, but it carries
a fearful curse,

a curse that has already
been felt by Barnak's secretary

and my clerk.

Your clerk...

We'd must get him
to a hospital at once!

I wish I could report that
we have been able to identify

the condition of Barnak's
secretary and the clerk, but...

It is an unknown factor.

I would say that the
closest description

I could give of the
victims of this... This...


Jewel box. Is that
they are in a state

of suspended animation.

Well, how long can
they live in that condition?

Only a matter of hours.

Now that Mr. Whitlock has
been good enough to bring it to us,

I'll send it to the laboratory
for immediate analysis.

But it's ridiculous to
believe such a superstition.

Why, look here!

Look! The jewel...

Put her on the couch.



Mr. Kent! Don't!

Chief, Dr. Wilson.
Look here, please.

This needle. It was in the
lock spring and broke off.

There's the answer,
an injected poison!

What a monstrous sapphire!


Golly, no wonder
Dr. Barnak wanted it.

May I see this, Mr. Kent?

This carved leaf, and
the hieroglyphic under it...

The symbol
represents "antidote."

And the leaf?

It's the leaf of
the Pyramid plant.

And according to legend,
it only grows at the base

of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.


That's days away.
Even by jet plane!

By that time it
will be too late.

Well, there is a chance, Kent.

If we can contact Superman.

Yes, chief, I'll go
back to the office

and see what I can
do. Excuse me, sir.

I wonder... Kent
opened this box too.

Yet he didn't
succumb to the poison.


That is strange.

I'll have to ask him about that.


Neither the police nor myself
can understand, Mr. Whitlock,

why you refuse to bring charges
against Dr. Barnak for assault.

It was all my fault. Mm.

Now that the poison apparatus
has been removed from this,

I have been instructed
to return it to you.

According to the facts,
you did legally purchase it.

Thank you.

Superman'll come
here first, I'm sure.

And soon, I hope.

Pardon me.

Mr. Whitlock!

If Dr. Barnak did
do something wrong,

and is the kind of man to
go around acting violently,

I sure wouldn't want to
have it on my conscience

that I turned him loose.

All right, son.

I'll admit I'm
just being selfish.

But Barnak stole $10,000
worth of jewels from my safe.

And he threatened to turn me in

for stealing the
box from his house.

That's why I kept quiet.

Now... well, you'd
better call the police.

Yeah, sure, I'll do that.


Here you are, doctor.

Thank heavens
you found the plant.

We'll prepare the
serum immediately.

Oh, White of the Daily Planet

wanted to know
when you returned.

Will you call him, please?

Of course.

All right, Dr. Barnak.

You'll save everybody
a lot of trouble

if you just come along.

Would you mind
explaining yourself?

Now, I'd say it was you
who had the explaining to do,

about those jewels you
stole from Whitlock's safe.

Oh. Let's go!

Of course. You've
notified the police.

That's where we're
going, right now.

Well, I guess you
win, young man.

I'll get the jewels.

A real red-hot newspaperman, eh?

Well, I'll give you a
chance to cool off.

Haven't you located Kent?

Well, keep trying.

First, it's Olsen, then
Lois. Now, I can't find Kent!

I'm sorry, but I suppose
I'm partly to blame for...

Well, where have you been?

Talking to Dr. Wilson, chief.

He's got the Pyramid plant

and is now
preparing the antidote,

and he thinks that
Lois and the others

are going to be all right.

Wonderful. But where
in thunderation is Olsen?

Jimmy? Isn't he
in the City Room?

No. The last anyone saw him,

he'd just convinced Mr. Whitlock

that Barnak should be
turned over to the police.

Oh. Barnak, eh?

Look, chief, why don't you
two get back to the hospital

and sorta stand by?
I'll try to find Olsen.

Okay, and if you do, give
him a piece of my mind!

He could use it.

Oh, just a moment.

I forgot my cigars.

Don't bother. Here.
Try one of mine.

Thank you.

I'm truly sorry to be
leaving Metropolis,

but with Whitlock's
contribution and the sapphire,

I don't think I'll suffer
financially from the move.

The last tenant of
this mummy case

occupied it 3000 years.

Maybe you'll break that record.

No comment, eh?

Well, all I have to do
is to fetch my suitcase,

and I'll be leaving you.

The antidote is taking effect.

She should be conscious soon.

My clerk and Barnak's secretary?

They'll be all right too.

And now, my meddling
young friend, goodbye!

Help! Help! Police! Help!



I knew you were
dangerous, Dr. Barnak,

and now with an
attempted murder charge,

you can be put where you belong!

You can come out now, Jimmy.

Nice acting.

Golly, Superman, I'm sure glad
you changed places with me.

I had to. You're
much more valuable

as a witness than a victim.

Here, turn him
over to the police.

He's all yours.

All right Dr. Barnak, let's go.


And furthermore,

I think it was that
box, and not the snake,

that put Cleopatra to sleep.

[CHUCKLING] Believe me,

I'd rather be a revived reporter
than a sleeping Cleopatra.


There's one thing that's
bothering me though.

Dr. Wilson found that
poison was so powerful

I can't understand Clark's
not being affected by it!

I forgot to ask him.

You forgot to ask
me what, chief?

When you opened that box...

Excuse me, sir.

How are you, Lois?

I'm fine, Clark.

Wait a minute.

When did you get that
adhesive on your thumb?

Oh, well...

No wonder the needle broke off!

See, Miss Lane?

He had that
adhesive taped there,

and that's what
broke the needle!

I don't know. I'm
pretty confused.

So am I, Lois.

So am I.