Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 2, Episode 21 - The Golden Vulture - full transcript

Jimmy Olsen finds a bottle with a written message but seawater has washed away the ink. Clark Kent, using his enhanced vision, can make out the name "Golden Vulture," which is the name of a ship that has docked at Metropolis. The message was written by a member of the crew desperate to flee the vessel. Jimmy and Lois Lane board the ship to do a story but are captured when they find out too much. Clark, meanwhile, using his X-ray vision now knows that jewels and diamonds are being sent *to* the ship, which has supposedly found treasure in the Carribean. Clark gets aboard but is captured because Lois and Jimmy prevent him from changing into Superman. Clark is forced to walk the plank but Superman turns up moments later to put an end to the plot.


than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.

And now, another
exciting episode

in the Adventures of Superman!


MAN: ♪ Fifteen men On
the Dead Man's Chest ♪


♪ Yo-ho-ho And a bottle of rum ♪

♪ Drink to the devil
and done For the rest ♪

♪ Yo-ho-ho And a bottle of rum ♪

♪ Yo-ho-ho And a bottle of rum ♪



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Come in.

Come in, blast it!

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

I brought your pie, sir.


Fits me real
good, don't it, huh?

What's the matter with you?

Haven't you got any
fun in you, Scurvy?

When you were a kid,

didn't you ever
want to play pirate?

Perhaps not, sir.

Well, I did. And
I may do it yet.

I've got some good
hands in my crew. Here!

Wanna play with a doubloon?

Did you ever see
a piece of eight?

No, thank you, sir.

"Yes, sir. No, sir.
No, thank you..."

Speak up, Scurvy. Be a man.

Tell me you don't like
sailing on the Golden Vulture.

I'm sorry, sir.


Not when we're in this
close to shore, you ain't.

How far can you swim, Scurvy?

I don't swim at all, sir.

Isn't that too bad?

Well, you can
just relax, Scurvy,

because nobody's
leaving this ship anyway.

And you in particular. Not ever.

Shall I bring you
some more coffee, sir?

Yes, you do that,
Scurvy. And smartly too.





♪ Fifteen men On the
Dead Man's Chest ♪

♪ Yo-ho-ho And a bottle of rum ♪


LOIS: The seawater
got into the bottle,

and you just can't
read any of the writing.

Olsen... can't you be
away from this office

for even one day without
bringing back a mystery?

Well, jeepers, that bottle
could have been floating around

since the days of Captain Kidd.

Or it could be a
note to the milkman.

Well, it must have
been printed for a ship.

It has S.S. Golden
Vulture on it.

But if there was a message,
it's long since been washed off.

Jeepers, I couldn't make
out anything but a smudge.

Golden Vulture,
that's a wild guess.

And I'll prove to you I'm right.


Okay... so you phone
the Maritime Commission,

and they say there is a ship
called the Golden Vulture.


That only proves
Mr. Kent wasn't guessing.

What are you looking
so smug about?

I only told Clark and
the chief part of it.

I didn't tell them the
Vulture's anchored

off the coast right now.

And I didn't tell them
what kind of ship it was.

What do you mean?

It's a salvage boat, Jim.

It's been down in the Caribbean
dragging for sunken treasure.

But the note. How
does that fit in?

That's what we're
gonna find out about.

There's a mail boat leaving
for the Vulture in an hour.

Are you game?

I'm as game as the next guy.

Only hope the next guy
knows what he's doing.

Ah. Come on.




Mail boat's coming in, sir.

I got eyes, Mr. Bennett.



Are you all right, Miss Lane?

Fine, Jim. Thanks.

Those aren't visitors.
They're reporters.

Get the mail boat on
the hailer, Mr. Bennett.

We'll ship them back.

It's too late, captain.

Well, then I guess it's up
to me to entertain them.

All right, you
men, back to work!

Welcome aboard the
Golden Vulture, folks.

Are you the captain?

McBain, Miss. Captain
McBain at your service.

I'm Lois Lane, and
this is Jimmy Olsen.

We're from the Daily Planet.

Mr. Olsen, Ms.
Lane, it's my pleasure.

Jeepers, a real salvage ship.

That's right, boy.

Come up to my cabin,
I'll tell you more about it.

You, mister! Get a move
on! Start up that winch!


You blasted idiots!
I thought I told you...

Sorry, mate.

Oh, that's okay. But
what about my... camera?

A shame, that's what it is.

But don't you worry, son.

The owner will pay
for every penny of it.

Now, up you go.

Up you go now, to the left.

Come in. come in, folks.
Make yourselves comfortable.

Sit down. Sit down, both of you.

It'll be an hour before
the supply barge

can take you back to shore.

Supply barge? But aren't
you docking in a few hours?

No time to dock, son.

Soon as we get provision,

we're putting out to sea again.

Can the two of
you keep a secret?

Sure, captain.

We're the best secret
keepers in town.


Key, huh?

Eh? Ha-ha.



You were wondering
why the Golden Vulture

is in such a hurry to get
back to the Caribbean, eh?

Well, this is nothing compared
to what's still down there

on the bottom.

Why, these old-fashioned
settings alone

are worth $100,000.

Worth more, miss. To
a museum, lots more.




I didn't send for you, Scurvy.

Get outta here.

Yes, sir. Of course, sir.

I only thought you
might like a cup of coffee

for the guests, sir.

No, they'll be leaving soon.

Very good, sir.

I'll get rid of this, sir.

Get out of here, I told you!

Yes, sir.

Wait a minute, steward.

Uh, Jimmy, isn't this, uh,

rather an interestingly
shaped bottle?


Hey. That's the same
kind of bottle as before.

And this note is written on
the same kind of paper that...

Another note, Scurvy?

Up to your old
tricks again, Scurvy?




"Take me to shore with you.

"The captain is crazy.

This ship is..."

I didn't read it! I don't
know what it says.

Not even what it says
about the treasure?

And we were having
such a good time.

But that's all over now.

Nobody leaves this cabin.

If I don't get home
about this time,

my mother starts to worry.

Aye! And this time

she'll have something
to worry about.


Yeah, looks like
you're right, chief.

Mm-hm. I checked with
the mail boat skipper.

Yeah, they must be
out in the Vulture now.

Okay, I'll try and find
out what they're up to.


I'm sorry. You all right?


Can I give you a hand?

Food for the Vulture, huh?

What are they
eating out there, lead?


Just a minute. This
stuff has come ashore?

No. We're sending
it out to the ship.

Sending it out?

You get paid to
work, not to talk.

Now, send those
crates out to the barge.

It's my fault. I'm sorry.

Oh, by the way,
what's in these crates?

Food. Like it says on the sign.



♪ Fifteen men On the
Dead Man's Chest ♪

♪ Yo-ho-ho And a bottle of rum ♪

♪ Yo-ho-ho And a bottle of rum ♪

♪ Fifteen men On the
Dead Man's Chest ♪

♪ Yo-ho-ho And a bottle of rum ♪

♪ Drink and the devil
Had done for the rest ♪

Would you please
stop singing that song.

♪ Yo-ho-ho... ♪

Oh, now, there's no
reason to get mad at me.

Hm, that's the way I look at it.

Who's mad?

Good boy. Here, have a doubloon.

Oh, goody. Now you
can both play pirate.

The owner will be
aboard pretty soon.

And he'll decide
what to do with you.

But I don't like women on ships!

Neither do I.

Of course, come to think of
it, I might change my mind.

Yes. It might be best if
you were to stay aboard

this next trip.

I could use a new
steward. Stewardess.

One that doesn't like
to write so many notes.

But we didn't read the note.

Captain, we don't know what
that man wanted to tell us.

We don't know of anything
wrong aboard this ship.

Except its captain, maybe, huh?


Sit down!

That's a good boy.

You wouldn't want
to make me lose count

while I'm putting all
this pretty stuff away,

now, would you, huh?

♪ Fifteen men On a
Dead Man's Chest ♪

♪ Yo-ho-ho And a bottle of rum ♪

♪ Drink and the devil
Had done for the rest ♪

Mate, I don't know who you are,

but get me off this ship.

They'll kill me this time.

They won't let anybody off!

Take it easy. What kind of
a contraption is this anyway?

He's crazy, I tell you!

He collects all
this old pirate junk

just to make things look good.

But he uses it too. He's even
got a pair of thumb screws.

I bet he uses on me next time.

Take it easy, I said. Keep
your eye on that door.

Aye, mate.

How did you do that?

Well, the chain must
have been rusty, I guess.

What did you mean, the captain
wants to make things look good?

There's a lot more goes
on around here, mate,

than meets the eye.

Well, I can figure that.

That isn't the only rusty
chain on this ship either.

Most of the gear's rusty.

And those fancy winches
for underwater grappling.

Ha. I bet they won't even work.

This is a treasure
ship, all right, mate.

But not the kind
she's rigged to be.

Come on. I'll show you.

In here.

This is where they make it.

The oven and
molds are over there.

They melt it down.

You mean, the treasure?

They make their own treasure.

This is where the
goldsmith works.

They've even got a jeweler

served a hitch in prison once.


And all the doubloons
and antique jewelry

are made right here, huh?

Every scrap of it.

It's a great racket
they got, I tell you.

Selling the stuff to museums
as genuine pirate booty.


Winch, that's all.

Supply barge has been
alongside for several minutes.

That means the boss is aboard,

and we'll be
pulling anchor soon.

I wouldn't be too sure.

Tell me, can you get
back where you were

without going down
the forward hatch?

Sure. I can go back
through the engine room.


That's it. All in one
load. See you next trip.

Mr. Sanders, what
about them two reporters?

You allowed them aboard,
Mr. McBain, so it's up to you.

I'll see that they're reported
drowned on the trip ashore.


Over here.

What's the matter?
Don't you even say hello?


How did you get out here?

Never mind. Tell that barge
to shove off without you.

I will not.

Sailor... tell the
barge to go on.

Uh, I'll be sailing with you.

All right.

Shove off. Sanders' orders.


Sanders, of course.
I should have known.

Confidence man and jewel thief.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

And I don't know what you think
you're trying to get away with.

Now, take that
gun out of my back.

It's no gun. It's just a finger.

Cut the jokes, huh?

I can tell metal when I feel it.

You ain't got fingers
made out of steel, buddy.

Maybe you're right, Mr. Sanders.

However, I got a peek into
one of your crates onshore.

What was in there?
Jewels and gold and silver.

Stolen goods, perhaps?

You tell me.

Maybe I will.

Let's see.

You're a rather important
fence, aren't you?

Unfortunately, a
fence can only realize

a fraction of the
value of stolen goods.

Isn't that right?

Therefore, you had
this ship rigged up

to convert it to antique things.

Like, uh, Spanish treasure,

supposedly discovered
in the Caribbean.

Yeah, that's right.

Museums and collectors
pay more than the full value.

Works out pretty well too.

We bring gold and
silverware to this ship

from all over the country.

SANDERS: Grab him, somebody!


Why, you!

Oh-ho-ho! Oh, my hand!




Superman, where are you?

Jeepers, Mr. Kent,
where did you come from?

Look out, kid. No!

But we just got
loose from the cabin.

He's on the bridge! Cut
him off on the portside!

Go on! Leave me alone!

Clark, you can't
fight the whole ship!

You don't un... Grab him!

All right, take him below!

Captain, don't! You can't...

Shut up!

Get that plank out there!

Hurry it up, you lubbers!

All ready, sir!

Get moving now. March!

No, you're crazy! You've
been playing pirate so long,

you believe it
yourself! Get back!

McCain, I know
you have to kill him,

but you can't make
a man walk the plank!

Belay it!

This is my ship, do you hear?

What was good enough for
Blackbeard is good enough for me!

Maybe this will be a lesson
to the rest of you swine.

We'll fly the Jolly Roger yet!

You ready, Mr. Kent?

Give my regards to Davy Jones!


Mr. Kent!

Get those two below!
Put them in irons!







Hurry, Superman!
Mr. Kent's drowning!

I know, Jim.

They made him walk the plank.

I saw him. Will you
please not worry.

Look, I'll show you a trick.

But Mr. Kent's down there.
They tied his hands behind him!

It's been less than
a minute, Jimmy.

He'll just have to hold
his breath a little longer.

But Superman!

He may be dying.

Don't you understand?

Well, that should hold them
until I signal the Coast Guard.

Superman, what's
the matter with you?!

Here, Jimmy, you
better hold this.

Superman, will you please get
down there and save Mr. Kent?!

I'll never forgive
you if he drowns!

All right, all right. I'm going.

But I'm finished here,
and I won't be back.

I don't care. Just save Clark!

Here he comes!

Clark. Clark, are you all right?

Oh, sure, Lois. Ha-ha.

Just a little wet, that's
all. Why? You worried?

Well, yes. I-I mean,
Superman waited so long,

and... And...


And you appeared right
after he disappeared!

Oh, Lois, uh, give me
your hand, will you?

Oh, yeah.

Oh. Ah!

What did you say you
were thinking, Lois?

Never mind, Clark.

It couldn't be.

It just couldn't be.


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