Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 2, Episode 15 - My Friend Superman - full transcript

Diner owner Tony (Tito Vuolo) keeps a pair of protection racketeers (Terry Frost, Paul Burke) from bothering him by claiming (falsely) to be close friends with Superman (George Reeves). Unfortunately, Tony gets in over his head when he records an incriminating conversation between himself and the crooks, and he is forced to solicit the aid of reporter Clark Kent--little imagining that Clark and Superman are one and the same. The climax of this episode is a slapstick pie fight, in which no one is spared a custard massage.


than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.

And now, another
exciting episode

in the Adventures of Superman!



Those are the two men
that came in yesterday, Papa.

I'll wait on 'em.

No, no, Elaine. I
take care of them.

Y-you watch this.

You got it, Tony?


Smart boy, Tony.

Now you don't have to
worry about busted windows,

people wrecking
your joint, or nothing.

Now you got protection.

You gonna be sorry.
You gonna be real sorry.

What makes you think so, Tony?

I'm-a know so.

Because Tony, he's a
personal friend of Superman.

Hear that, Ace?

He's a friend of Superman's.

I'll show you. I'll
show you proof.

Well, here we go again.

I think Papa's beginning
to believe it himself.

Hah. Yeah.

How do you think
I got this, huh?

Okay, how?

Ha, with my own two eyes,
I watch when Superman

take it away from a crook

and twist it up just like
a piece of spaghetti.

Like this.

Sure, sure, Tony.

Now let's make with a
couple of hot beef sandwiches.

And don't forget the ketchup.

Two hot beef sandwich, bambina.

Tell us the truth, Tony.

How'd you do it?
Bend it in a vise?

Never mind.

Someday, instead of a sandwich,
you gonna eat your words.

Ha, ha, ha.


Hi, Lois, what's the bag
for? Where you going?

Oh, I'm going away on a visit.

And I'm in a hurry,
so if you don't mind...

B-but, Lois...

Oh, jeepers, Mr. Kent,
where you been?

The chief's been
tearing his hair.

Kent! Yes, sir?

Well, where is it?

Uh, right here, sir.

When on earth did you
have time to do this?

Well, chief, sometimes
I can be pretty fast

with that typewriter of mine.

Must be. Come in the office.

Yes, sir.

Looks good, Kent.

This series should blow
the protection racket

right out of its boots.

I certainly hope so,
chief. Where did Lois go?

Oh, don't ask me. I'm
just the editor of this paper.

However, she was kind enough
to leave me this note for me.

"Chief, have hot lead for new
evidence on protection racket.

Back in a couple of days."

Couple of days? What do
you suppose she's up to?

My boy, I think
you're old enough

to know something about women.

And that is, there's nothing
you'll ever know about them.

I don't like it, chief.

She's liable to wind up
on some pretty thin ice.

Well, look who's here.
That reporter, Kent.

It figures.

This joint's right next
to the Planet building.

But I don't like that guy.
He's got a real hot typewriter.

Gets a lot of people in trouble.

Someday, that typewriter
of his is gonna explode

and knock him right
out of this world.

Oh, hello, Mr. Kent.

Hello, Tony.

Hey, Jimmy, you
come in late today.

How am I gonna make a living?

I guess you'll have to
keep us after school.

Hi. Huh?

Oh, sure. H-hi.

It's a beautiful day
inside, isn't it, Elaine?

What's the matter,
Jim. You act flustered?

Me? Yeah.

Oh, no, no. I'm, uh...

I'm as calmly perfect
as a June in day.

Can I take your
order, Mr. Olsen?

Oh, yeah, y-you can
take it any place you like.

I won't be needing it.

Hey, Tony, bring me another one.

I'm-a never see a man who
likes the hamburger so much.

Ah, it's not the hamburger.
I'm crazy about the pickles.

Sometimes I think
you're just crazy.

Why? Because I don't
believe you know Superman?

Makes no difference to
me if you believe me or not.

Superman is my best friend.

Ha, ha.

Mr. Kent, where's
Ms. Lane today?

She's out of town
for a few days, Tony.

Nobody knows where she went.


She's another one.

She should stay out
of town, permanent.

Say, Kent... Yes, George?

Did you hear the latest?

Tony's gonna play golf
with Superman tomorrow.


I'm-a no say that, Mr. Kent.

Why not? It sounds like
a fine idea to me, Tony.

Only, you won't embarrass
Superman by beating him.

Hey, you don't believe
Tony, either, huh?

Oh, I didn't say that.

Well, I'm gonna
tell you something.

I'm gonna tell you a true story.

This happen last year, remember?

A man topple off the roof.
He falls 15 stories down.

But just in time, Superman
come from nowhere.

He catches the man in his
arm, and he save his life.

Yes, I remember that, Tony.

But what did you
have to do with it?

Why, me, I'm the guy who
push the guy off the roof.

No, no, I mean, I'm-a the
guy who tip off Superman.

Come on, Papa, that's enough.

Gee, it looks wonderful.

I'll get your milk.

It's not enough? You
wanna hear another one?

You know, I could
almost believe him.

All right, I'll tell
you another one.

This was another time.

Superman, he break
right into the crook's house,

and he surprise everybody.

Heh, and guess who's give
the Superman the tip that time?

You again?

That's right, me.

Well, that's fine, Tony.

If you see Superman, you just
give him my regards, will you?

Sure, sure, Mr. Kent.


Excuse me, please.

Of course.

Keep the change.

You boys are gonna
pay for the food?

Why not?

What do you take us
for, a couple chiselers?

I'm-a taking you for
lotta worse than that.

Be seeing you, Tony...

the first of each week.

You wanted to see us, Cap?

See this?

The evening
edition of the Planet.

And that's only the
first of eight articles.

Byline: Clark Kent.

I told you that guy
had a hot typewriter.

Gimme that.

"This series, exposing a
vicious protection racket,

"will be based on
documented fact.

"The Planet is in possession
of some 50 signed affidavits

from shopkeepers who
have been victimized."

Boys, there's only
one thing to do.

Get out of town?


Get those affidavits.

Cap, that's one newspaper

you don't wanna
fool around with.

Everybody knows that
Superman takes a personal interest

in the Planet.

Wait a minute.

If we can get rid of
Superman for just one hour,

we can get those affidavits.

Are you nuts?

How can you get rid of Superman?

Rumor has it that Clark
Kent is Superman's contact.

Well, what if he isn't?
What if that's just a coverup?

You mean Tony? Sure, why not?

Nah, I can't see it. If
Tony were the contact,

he wouldn't go broadcasting
it all over the joint.

That's the point.

He puts on such a big
act, nobody believes him.

That's exactly what he wants.

Could be, but where
does that get us?

Well, there's one other
thing we know, remember?

Lois Lane, that girl
reporter, is out of town

for a couple days.

And nobody knows where.

Like I said, where
does that get us?

We just put two
and two together,

and I'll tell you
what it gets us:

the affidavits!

I got a plan, Cap.

Okay, Spud, it's up to you.

Just don't make any mistakes.

Ha... Coming up.

The first, the original, the
one and only Superburger.

Now, just a minute, Tony.

Don't tell me that
Superman gave you

his private recipe
for Superburger.

That's right.

Looks like we're having
some steady customers, Pop.

What kind of soup you got, Tony?

Oh, today, I got something new.


Sounds good. Draw a couple.

You know what I think?

I think your old man's got
super-holes in his head.

Now, I'll start it up,
and you pick it up, got it?

I'd still rather
get out of town.

Yeah, that Superman's
really gonna be surprised.

ACE: Imagine,
kidnapping Lois Lane,

right from under
Superman's nose.

SPUD: That's what
the grapevine says.

It ain't been wrong yet.

I wonder who's pulling the job.

ACE: Beats me. All I heard
was something about a Mr. X.

Supposed to take place
around Watsonville,

at 6:00 tomorrow night.

Oh, well, it ain't
none of our business.

I wonder what Tony's
doing with our soup?

Oh, two bowls soup,
coming right up.

Thanks, Tony.

Say, let me give
you a little tip.

You ain't gonna be dumb enough
to sign one of them affidavits

for Clark Kent, are you?

I'm no need to sign nothing.

I'm letting Superman
take care of everything,

when the right
time she's coming.

Provided you know how to get in
touch with Superman, huh, Tony?

Gonna find out pretty soon.

He heard, all right.

Now all we gotta
do is make contact.

Let's get out of here.

Oh, Mr. Kent, I gotta
have a talk with you.

Why, sure, Tony.

I've gotta get
ahold of Superman.

Well, that shouldn't
be difficult for you.

Well, uh, that's...
That's not my problem.

I can get ahold of him.

But I also gotta know
where is Ms. Lane.

Well, as I told you yesterday,
no one knows where she went.

But what's she
got to do with it?

Tomorrow night at 6:00
somewhere near Watsonville,

she's gonna be kidnap.

Tony, that's carrying
a joke too far.

Oh, but don't you
worry, Mr. Kent.

If anybody knows where is
Ms. Lane, Superman is the one.

Yes, you'd think
so, wouldn't you.

But what if he doesn't?

He's got to. I gotta
get ahold of him.

Of course, maybe if you
see him first, Mr. Kent.

Uh, Tony, could I
have a glass of milk?


Would you mind bringing
it over to that table?

Yes. Thank you.

Thank you, Tony.

Oh! Mama mia!

The rifle.

Only one man is strong
enough to do that. Superman!

Perhaps that's just his
way of letting you know

he got the message, Tony.

That's right. That's right.

He travel so fast,
nobody see him.

You see? You see,
now what you got to say?

You switched rifles.
You can't fool me, Tony.

Mr. Kent, you think he
really got the message?

Well, I don't know, Tony.

You seem to know him
much better than I do.

But I would keep my
eyes and ears open

because I'm sure that
Superman could use anything

that you might find out.

That's what I'm gonna do.

Tony's gonna take
care of everything.


That's all I know, chief.

But if it's true, Lois is
up to her ears in trouble.

Great Caesar's ghost!

If it isn't you, it's Lois.

If it isn't Lois,
it's young Olsen.

Some of these days, one
of you will get into a jam

that even Superman
can't get you out of.

That's exactly
what I was thinking.

I guess all we can do
is hope that she'll call

between now and tomorrow night.

Let me know if she
does, will you, chief?

Hm. Well, if I know
Lois, she won't.

All right. So how do we know
Superman gets the story?

Yeah, 'cause I ain't walkin'
in them Planet offices

to steal no affidavits with
Superman still in town.

We gotta get those papers.

Without the proof,
that whole series

of Kent's goes down the drain.

Well, there's only one
way we're gonna find out

if our plan worked: from Tony.

What do we do? Ask
him, did he find Superman?

We don't have to ask him.

The look on his face is
gonna give us the answer.

Could be.

Okay, we go to this
diner tomorrow around 5.

We watch Tony.

If we figure it's safe, we
bust into the Planet at 6.

With Superman a couple
of hundred miles away

on a wild goose chase.

What's the matter, Tony,
worried about the time?

Oh, I'm-a got no worries.
Everything is taken care of.

Hey, where's Mr. Kent, Jimmy?

Oh, I-I don't know. He
went out right after work.

He said there was
something he had to do.

Elaine, there's a new show
on down at the Majestic.

I was wondering if...

Yes, Mr. Olsen?

If... maybe... I could
have another glass of milk.

Glass of m... Yes, sir.

Right this way,
gentlemen. This way.

The best seat in the house.

Three coffees, Tony.

Three coffees, bambina.

Yes, Papa.

Say, uh, how did that
rifle get straightened out?

Oh, the same way
it got twisted up.


TED: Go man, go. Go man, go.


TED: Hi, Elaine. Hiya, Tony.

Hey, let's have a little
noise around here.

I'll put some loot in
the platter box, huh?

Go ahead. Tony looks
like he needs a cheering up.

No, I'm no need no cheering up.

I'm the most cheerful
man in the world.

What do you wanna hear, Claire?

Anything. It doesn't matter.

No, no, the box,
she's a-busted down.

Why, it doesn't look
busted down to me, Tony.

It's too late in the day. It's
time to be quiet, relaxed.

Okay, Tony, I'll play
something real relaxed, huh.

What, wait...




What happened?

Must've broke from the noise.

Maybe I can fix it, Tony, huh?

No. No, no, no, no.
I got a better idea.

Tony's gonna buy you
both something brand-new.

What's new, Tony?

It's a... It's a
super hamburger.

Mmm! Sounds delish.
What are we waiting for?

Super hamburger? Wow!

You sit down. I'll
make the hamburger.

That'll go great with
some eight to the...

Hey, Tony, look. It's
just the plug, that's all.

No, wait...


Look at those kids.

Sure must be nice to be young.

Nervous, man, nervous.


Tony, if the music really
bothers you, why, we'll stop.

No, no, it's no
matter now. It's okay.

Hey, dig those
crazy skyscrapers.

Oh! Where'd you learn
to make those, Tony?

I'm-a getting the recipe
from... It's not important.

Bambina, you serve them.

Are you absolutely sure,
chief? No word from Lois?

Positive. And
it's close to 6:00.

Our only hope is that
Superman can locate her

and prevent whatever's
going to happen.

Well, the least
he can do is try.

I'll see you later.



I'm a big, dumb fool,
Jimmy. I mess up everything.

What do you mean,
Tony? You're no fool.

Come in the back room. I'm
want you to hear something.

Five minutes more,
boys. Then we move.

And once we get our
hands on those affidavits,

we're gonna pay
a few little calls

on a few little shopkeepers
who signed them.

I don't think they'll
sign 'em again.


Hello, Lois?

No, no, Mr. Kent.
It's me, Jimmy.

Well, Jimmy, I'm sorry.

I haven't got time
to talk to you now.

I was just on my way out.
But, uh, I was hoping that Lois

might call at the last minute.

That's what I'm calling about.

I'm in the kitchen of the diner,

and, uh, Tony's got a
wire recording down here

I think you ought to know about.

Oh, please, Jimmy. I
don't have time now.

But it's about Ms. Lane.

Most of the
recording's blurred out,

but according to it, she's
not in any danger at all.

She isn't?

Well, let's hear the recording.

Sure, the only thing is,

you won't be able
to hear much of it.

Well, play it anyway, Jimmy.


Turn it on.

SPUD: Did you
hear about the rifle?

That means he made contact.

Superman's off on
a wild goose chase,

just like we planned.

CAP: And that
leaves us a clear field.

All we gotta do is...

TED: Hi, Elaine. Hiya, Tony.

Hey, let's have a little
noise around here.

I'll put some loot in
the platter box, huh?

CLAIRE: Go ahead. Tony
looks like he needs cheering up.


Still got a couple of minutes.

TED: Okay, Tony, I'll play
something real relaxed, huh?

TONY: What, wait...


CAP: Dumb kids.
What was I saying?

Oh, yeah, I figure
they keep the affidavits

in one of the main offices.

At exactly 6:00,
we go up there...

I wish we could hear what they
were saying under the music.

I'm wishing I had
superhearing like Superman,

so I can hear them.

CAP: And once we get the papers,

we got nothing to worry about.

Jimmy? Jimmy!

Turn it off.

I know, I know, Mr. Kent. You
couldn't understand a word.

I wish we knew what they
really had on their minds.

Where are these men now?

Right here at the
diner, or they were.

Well, you save that spool
for evidence, anyway.


The police lab may be able
to filter out some of the music.

I'll be over as soon as I can.

Hey, look.

Well, hello, Ms. Lane.
What are you doing here?

Oh, just got back in town.

Thought I might find
Clark and Jimmy around.

Hey, let's get out of here.

So the dame's back in town.

As long as Superman
don't know that,

what's the worry?

JIMMY: Hi, Ms. Lane.

Hi, Jim.

Say, what's going
on around here?

Oh, believe me, Ms. Lane,
if I had the vaguest idea,

I'd be glad to tell ya.


Let's go.


Superman! I told you!

Well, gentlemen,
the perfect ending

to a wild goose chase.

It ain't ended yet.

Here, throw this!



Tony, that's a pretty
mean cup you throw.

Oh, Mr. Superman, I'm
so sorry I cause you trouble.

I'm sorry I talk too much
and tell so many big...

Ah, never mind about that, Tony.

As a matter of fact, I
have a brand new recipe

I'd like you to try.

You gonna bring me
a new recipe? But...

There's one thing
I don't understand.

How did you find out
about this, Superman?

Well, I'm afraid you'll
have to ask Tony that.

Okay, how about it, Tony?

Well, uh, it's like this.

I like to explain, but I can't

'cause me and Superman
has got a few secrets

we have to keep
just between us, huh?

Well, I'll be darned.

He really does know Superman.


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Superman is based
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