Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 2, Episode 14 - Jungle Devil - full transcript

"Daily Planet" reporters Clark (George Reeves), Lois (Noel Neill) and Jimmy (Jack Larson) head into a treacherous jungle, searching for a scientific expedition which has vanished. The local natives prove quite hostile to the "intruders" because the jeweled eye of a native idol has apparently been stolen. This is the episode in which Clark's alter ego Superman not only wrestles a gorilla, but also uses his bare hands to convert a lump of coal into a diamond!


than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane.
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.



They're gone. Now's our chance.

Ralph. There are
no guards on the trail.

Now we've got a
chance to get away.

It's no use, Gloria.

They'll follow us
and capture us again.

Probably kill us this time.

They no have to
follow us, Dr. Harper.

They have taken our boots.

Snakes will get us
before we go one mile.

So you're just gonna sit here

and wait for those
savages to cook us in a pot?

Be patient, dear.

We're three weeks
overdue on the coast.

There'll be a search party
out looking for us by now.


They better find us
pretty quick, I think.

In about three days,
the moon is full and then:

Nobody's gonna cut my throat.

You stay here if you want to,

but I'm leaving.


It's no use.

They'll never find us.

They've probably forgotten
all about us back there by now.

Aw, you and your crazy hunt

for some plants that
probably don't even exist.

If only we could
recover the diamond

and put it back in
the eye of their idol.

GLORIA: It's lost. It's
lost in the quicksand.

I dropped it accidentally when
those natives surprised me.

I wasn't gonna steal
it, just... Just look at it.

It's gone.

And with it, we've
lost our last chance

at making friends
with these people.


CLARK: This is Zinaya, Jim.

Ten thousand miles
of unexplored jungle.

Jaguars, snakes, deadly insects

and the Zinayans themselves...

who don't want any part
of anyone from the outside.

But how do you
expect to find anybody

in a place like that

when even Superman

would have a hard time doing it?

Jim, this is my assignment.

And aren't you forgetting
another newspaper man

named Stanley, who went
into Africa after Dr. Livingston?

Well, the Daily Planet is gonna
find Dr. Harper and his wife.

Nobody ever even heard of
them before they disappeared.

Now, he'll be a very famous
man if he gets what he's after.

A new drug of
terrific medical value.


What do you think of it?

Couldn't resist trying it on.

Where's your butterfly net?

Oh, I know.

You joined a
little theatre group,

and this is your
costume for the first play.

No. Believe it or not,

I bought this on the Daily
Planet expense account.

I'm going with you
on the expedition.

What? Now listen to me, Lois.

The jungle is no
place for a woman.

That's what the
chief tried to tell me.

But I persuaded him
this was too big a story

for just one reporter.

So I got my orders to
go and in writing too.

And there's nothing
you can do about it.

The chief's on his vacation,

and he didn't tell anybody
where he was going.

Jeepers, why
didn't I think of that?

Mr. Kent, couldn't
I go along too?

I used to be an Eagle Scout.

I could be a lot of help
if we got lost in the wilds.

Why, the kids in troop 673
used to call me Daniel Boone.

Heh, heh, I'm sorry, Jimmy.

If you're gonna make
that takeoff deadline,

you better start getting packed.

We leave the
Metropolis Airport at 8:00.

Well, I never did
like long farewells,

so I'll say goodbye now.

Good luck, amigos.


Well, who are you
looking for, kid?

It's all right. I'm
from the Daily Planet.

I was just checking if
you're all set for the takeoff.

Well, I'm not
yet, but I will be.

Hey, keep an eye
on things around here

while I run over
to the hangar, huh?

Sure. Take your time.

Ms. Lane, Mr. Kent.
I'm Bill Hurd.

Nice to meet you Mr. Hurd.

We can take off anytime you say.

The rest of our gear
get aboard? All stowed.

I'd kind of like to get in the
air and over the mountains.

There's a storm
center moving in.

Let's go. All right. Excuse me.


Ah, won't they ever stop?

This is driving me crazy.

They'll do that all night to
scare away the Jungle Devil.

Jungle Devil?

Everyone is afraid
of Jungle Devil.

Big as a man, big teeth.

Arms, they can
break a man in two.

And when he roars...


the ground shakes.

Sounds like a gorilla to me.

Only I never heard of
any gorillas in this region.

There are many bad
things in this country

no one has heard of.

But they are here.

Me, Berto, know.

Only two more nights
and there'll be a full moon.

BERTO: And when
the moon is full,

the end is for us.

What a roller coaster.

We're going over those
mountains he told us about.

Whole world looks like a
steam bath from this angle.

Hey! Who's steering this thing?

Don't worry, Ms. Lane.

Elmer, my automatic
pilot's, on the job.

Well, anybody
interested in breakfast?

Pour some salt on
a cloud and I'll eat it.


My stratosphere special,
turkey sandwiches and coffee.

Turkey sandwiches, and I'm
so hungry I could eat spinach.


Hey, you know this guy?

Yes, I know him,

and he has no
business being here.

Honest, Mr. Kent, I
just had to come along.

This trip was too good to miss.

You can explain all
that to Perry White

when we get back to Metropolis.

All right.

What are the rations
for stowaways, pilot?

Stale bread and cold water.

Here, have a turkey sandwich.


Well, there's your
jungle down there.

In another hour we'll be
landing in Costa Arena.

But if we're over
the jungle now,

why... Why go on to Costa Arena?

We're going on to Costa
Arena for two very good reasons.

One is, we've only got
four more hours of gas left.

The other is, that port
engine is acting up.

I'd like a chance to check it.

Besides, take a look out there.

How'd you like to set a
plane down in that stuff?

Yes, I see what you mean.

But this is the area where
the Harpers disappeared.

Can't we scout around for
just a few hundred miles?

Four hours of gas,

and don't forget
that port engine.

Well, can't we do this, then?

You say we're one hour's
flying time from Costa Arena.

Can't we scout around
for just two hours.

That'll give us an hour's grace

to get back to the coast.

It might mean the difference

between life and
death for the Harpers.

All right, Mr. Kent.
Two hours, no more.


Lois, you watch for anything

that even looks
like an expedition.

All right, Eagle Scout, use
your eagle eyes out that window.

I'll be watching in the
baggage compartment.



Look, the guards.

Shh, I hear something.

Sounds like a plane.

A plane?

Here! Here! Here... Oh!


Was it a plane? Could you see?

There was something
up there, but...

it wasn't like any
plane I ever saw before.

Maybe just a buzzard.

No! No bird of any kind.

But this... This thing...
Whatever it was.

Seemed to hover
over the clearing

and then shot
away. Like a rocket.

Aw, I don't know. Maybe
there wasn't anything.

Maybe I'm seeing
things that aren't there.

Yeah, but maybe those
guards see something too.

Hey, kid. Come here.

Did you see anything?

Tell Kent that port
engine's liable to burn.

I'm heading for
Costa Arena fast.

Yes, sir.

We got troubles. Bad ones.

Mr. Kent, open up.

Mr. Kent, the pilot wants
to talk to you. Hurry.

Mr. Kent, we're in trouble.

What's wrong Jimmy?

The motor's about to burn up.

The pilot's heading
for the coast.

He can't do that.

Did you see any
sign of the expedition?

Yes, and we're
gonna rescue them.

You can't go to the coast now.

I think I found the Harpers.

We're not even
gonna make the coast.

Take a look out there.

That engine's done for.

The starboard engine's
giving us trouble too.

I've gotta look for an open
spot to set this crate down.

Only, there just
isn't any open spots.

Oh, yes, there is. I
found one when I was aft.

A small clearing.
Turn left, 45 degrees.

Lois, Jimmy. Hit the deck.

Brace yourself
against the bunk heads.

Keep on this course
for 5 more minutes.

Then turn left, 30 degrees.

You fly in. I'll pick
up the landmarks.

I do hear a plane.
I'm almost sure.

A plane. Where could he land?

Steady, now.

A little more to the left.

Little more. That's it.


There, you see it? There's
your clearing. Right down there.

Cut it right, hard.

Now, cut your motor.

Go in dead-stick.

That's it. Now, nose her up.

Made it. We're down.

Kent, you really talked us in.

Thanks for lending me the boots.

You'll need them, kid.
CLARK: And we'll need

two motors to get out of here.

Think you can fix 'em?

I'll do the best I can.

Here you are.

Oh, no, thanks,
I don't use them.

Afraid of guns,
Mr. Kent? I'll take it, Bill.

Hey, do you know
how to use that thing?

Sure, I won two Kewpie
dolls in a shooting gallery.

I don't think you're gonna find
many Kewpie dolls around here.


See what I mean?

Here you are, Jim.

We got a long way to go.

At least three hours' hike
through the jungle. Come on.

Don't lose that compass.
I'd hate to go home alone.



I bet we're lost.

Lost? I thought your
name was Daniel Boone.

But we are lost.
It's true, isn't it?

Lois, don't be ridiculous.

We're not lost. Can't
you hear those drums?

Maybe whoever's beating
the drums is lost too.

Oh, very funny. They
could be cannibals,

an idea that evidently
hasn't occurred to Mr. Kent.


There are no cannibals here.

The natives use the drum

the same way we
use the telegraph.

Let's show them we
can die like Americans.

Get that thing away.

Let's live like Americans.

We friends. Amigos.


What'll they do to us, Clark?

Shh! Take it easy.
Try and show no fear.

I hope they'll take
us to the Harpers.



They're here.
They're here at last.


Dr. Harper, Mrs. Harper.
My name is Clark Kent.

This is Ms. Lane,
Mr. Olsen. Hello.

We'd almost given up hope.

How did you persuade the
Zinayans to bring you to us?

I'm afraid they persuaded us.

We're their prisoners.

You mean there's just you,
the girl and the young boy?

Well, then we're
all in the same fix.




It is time of judgment, señor.

The chief has called on the
witch doctor to find a sign.

A sign that will tell
them what to do with us.

They're kill crazy. The best
way is to make a break for it.

It's better than some of
the tricks they may think up.

Now, wait. Translate for
us, as quick as you can.


Chief say that because
jewel eye of idol gone,

one of the strangers must die.

Others must leave land of
Zinayan, never come back.

You mean they're asking
for only one sacrifice?



Chief say: "Strangers
must decide

which one is to be
sacrificed to Jungle Devil."

It's my responsibility.

No, I won't let you.

It's all my fault that
we're in this mess.

If I hadn't taken the diamond
out of that filthy old idol,

we wouldn't be in this trouble.

The natives were
friendly, up till then.

It's only fair that I...

Just a moment.

It's only fair if we all draw.

Let's see, there
are six of us here.

I'll tell you what we'll do.

We'll take five white
pebbles and one black one,

toss them in a hat,

and the one that gets
the black pebble goes.

I think it ought to
be only the men.

I don't think Ms.
Lane or Mrs. Harper

should have to draw.

Thank you, Mr. Olsen,
but I want to draw.

Me, too, Jim.

Well, there's not much sense in
anybody else drawing, anyway.

With my luck, I'm a
cinch for the black pebble.

May I borrow your
helmet, Ms. Lane?

Mm-hm. Thank you.

Hey, is this coal?

Yes, I've run on to a
little of it around here.

Coal. Carbon.

Put it under a million
tons of pressure

for 1000 years and
you've got a diamond.

Heh. How we could use a diamond.

It's hard to believe sometimes
that coal and diamonds

are made of the same substance.

Mrs. Harper, would you
raise this above eye-level.

Thank you.

Now, I'll claim the first draw.



No, Jim, don't interfere.

Don't let them take Mr. Kent.
Stop them, somebody!

Stop them... [ALL SHOUTING]










They're coming back.

That means it's all
over for poor Kent.



The chief say, Señor
Kent is mighty warrior.

He defeated Jungle
Devil. Saved the chief's life.



I think everything's
gonna be all right now.

They're our friends.

But the Jungle Devil, they
say you chased him away.

Jungle Devil... I'm
afraid that Jungle Devil

was just some poor gorilla
that escaped from a circus.

Took to the woods. He
wasn't much of a problem.


The chief say, since the white
warrior sent Jungle Devil away,

the life of the
strangers will be spared,

but they must
leave this country.

Well, that's more
than I hoped for.

Even if my expedition
was a failure.


The chief say that because
white woman took idol's eye,

no strangers must remain here.


It's all right, dear.

We'll find what
we're looking for

in some other part of the world.

Now, wait just a minute.

The whole trouble seems to
be over this missing diamond.

Where'd you lose it?

After I took the stone out of
the idol and was looking at it,

the witch doctor surprised me,

and I dropped it in
that pool over there.

The bottom of the
pool is quicksand.

We tried to find it,
but it was useless.

Well, I'm pretty
lucky at finding things.

Let me have a try.

VOICE: Coal. Carbon.

Put it under a million
tons of pressure

for 1000 years and
you got a diamond.




BERTO: Oh, chief say,
hope you come back soon.

Bring all you friends.

Then Zinayans will
help white medicine man

to find the magic plant.

Oh, good. Thank you chief.

Well, I'm ready.

Jimmy, you can't
swipe things like this.

What do you mean "swipe"?

I traded my scout
knife for that.


BERTO: Adios.

CLARK: Goodbye. LOIS: Goodbye.

JIMMY: Goodbye!


I don't know how you did it,

but this time you got
us out of real trouble,

without the help of Superman.


Say, I wonder
whatever became of him.


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