Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Haunted Lighthouse - full transcript

While visiting his aunt and cousin on Moose Island, Jimmy is alarmed by their suspicious behavior. After being warned to stay away from a lighthouse that is said to be haunted, he calls Clark for help in his investigation.


than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

Yes, it's Superman, strange
visitor from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way!

And now, another
exciting episode

in the Adventures of Superman!

KENT: From the very first moment

that Jim Olsen set
foot on Moose Island,

off the coast of Maine

to spend his vacation

with his Aunt Louisa
Horne and his cousin Chris,

he had a feeling that
something was wrong.

Aunt Louisa's house was
the only one on the island,

a gray, weather-beaten cottage

with the sea almost
at the front door.

Aunt Louisa herself
seemed very nice.

Jim hadn't seen her
since he was a baby,

couldn't even recall
what she looked like.

But underneath her pleasantness,

Jim sensed a feeling
of strain, of anxiety.

His cousin Chris, whom
he'd never met before either,

baffled Jim completely.

He seemed
deliberately unfriendly.

Aunt Louisa's house
was spotlessly clean,

kept that way by Alice,
the pretty housemaid.

But when he was
introduced to Alice

and Jim realized the poor
girl was deaf and dumb,

his heart sank.

He felt immediately
sympathetic toward her.

And besides, it left only his
Aunt Louisa with whom to talk.

Because, as far as he knew,

Chris, Alice and his aunt

were the only human
occupants of Moose Island.

Jim's uncle had been
dead for 20 years,

but Aunt Louisa
had kept his room

just as though
he were still alive.

When Jim heard

that it was going to be

his room during his stay,

his spirits revived

and he determined to make
the most of his first vacation

on an island off
the coast of Maine.

Actually, Moose Island
was a wild and exciting place.

There was the old lighthouse
that had been deserted

ever since Jim's
uncle, Captain Horne,

had drowned in a storm
some 20 years before.

There were huge rocks and cliffs

with tremendous seas
breaking over them...

and massive boulders
rising from the shore

like grim sentinels.

Jim was exploring this shore

the first afternoon
of his arrival

when he heard the horrible
sound for the first time.

WOMAN: Help!


I'm drowning!




I'm drowning!


Hey! Hello?

What's the matter?
Did I scare you?

Well, a little.

Come on out to the
beach and give me a hand.

Gotta get that stuff stowed
away before the tide comes in.

Say, you ain't the kid we
was talking to last night.

Last night? Oh,
no. I just got here.

You must mean my cousin Chris.

Chris tell you
anything about me?

No, he didn't.

You better go and tell
him to come on down here.

Tell him Mac wants him.


Tell him to make it snappy.

We don't want to get
caught by that tide.

Where's Jim? He
went out for a walk.

Did you tell him to keep away
from the lighthouse and beach?

Yes. He promised me
he wouldn't go near them.

I don't like him
snooping around.

We shouldn't have let him
come here in the first place.

It was too late to stop him.

It's lucky I remembered
he was coming at all.

JIM: Chris? There he is now.


Where have you been?

A sailor named Mac
wants to see you.

Where did you see Mac?
Out there in the woods.

What were you
doing in the woods?

Taking a walk.

You were spying, that's
what you were doing.

Spying on what?

As if I had to tell you.


You'd better go out and
talk to Mac, hadn't you?

What's the matter
with Chris, anyway?

That cousin of yours
has a terrible temper.

I wouldn't provoke him any
more than you could help.

Provoke him?

All I did was go out for a walk.

Makes him furious if anyone
goes near the lighthouse...

or that little beach at the
other end of the island.

I didn't. I was out walking
in the woods when I...

I thought I heard
someone drowning.

[LAUGHS] In the woods?

Don't laugh. Jeepers, it nearly
scared the daylights out of me.

Sounded like a woman.

That's when I
ran into that sailor.

Now, now, now. Sit
down here, Jim, and relax.

We don't want you
imagining things,

like those crazy
natives on the mainland.

I didn't imagine that noise.

Aunt Louisa, isn't the
lighthouse closed down?

Yes, the government discontinued
the light 20 years ago. Why?

Well, the old man who
drove me to the dock

said that once in a while,

people on the mainland
still see the light.


Jim, will you do me
a really great favor?

Well, sure, Aunt Louisa.

Forget this nonsense

and this little
unpleasantness with Chris.

I want you to have
a real vacation.

Promise me?

All right.

That's a good boy.

KENT: Nothing unusual happened
for the next two or three days.

Then, as Jim was starting
to get ready for bed,

he suddenly became aware
of something disturbing him.

JIM: Golly, the light's on!

Gee... now the light's off.

You were told to
keep away from here.

I saw the light...

What business is it of yours?

None, except... Except what?

It's been out of
operation for 20 years.

What if it has?

The man who drove me to the
dock said this lighthouse is haunted.

Maybe it is. So what?

Jeepers, Chris. I'm
a... I'm a reporter.

This would make
a terrific story.

If you write one word

about anything you've
seen around here...

Chris, you wouldn't knife me.

I will, so help me,

if I catch you
prowling here again,

sticking your nose in
where it don't belong.

Go on and get to bed.

Aunt Louisa?

Aunt Louisa!



Aunt Louisa!

Oh, it's you, Alice.

Oh, I get you. You
want me to go with you.

You lead, I'll follow.

Where do you two
think you're going?

Aunt Louisa!

Are you all right?

What do you
mean, am I all right?

You weren't in your room.

We were going
out to look for you.

Alice should've
known better than that.

Go to your room.

Night, Aunt Louisa.

Good night.


Hello. Clark Kent speaking.

Yes, I'll hang on.

Jim! How are you?

I was just thinking about you.

Sure, I got your postcard and...

Jim, what is it?

Mr. Kent, you'd better come
up here quick as you can.

Something's wrong.

I don't know what it is,

but you'd better hurry.

Take the first plane if you can.

I'll try to meet you at
the pier on the mainland

if I can get away.

WOMAN: Help! Help!

I'm drowning!


Hello. Hello, operator.
I was disconnected.

No. No, I don't know the number.

OPERATOR: One moment,
please. I will try to connect you.

Hold on, sir. I'm still
trying to connect you.


Anybody home?

Mr. Kent!

Golly, am I glad to see you.

How are you, Jim?

I don't know whether
I'm coming or going.

I thought you were gonna
meet me on the mainland.

Chris and Aunt Louisa
went out on the boat.

I tried to phone into town
but the line's been cut off.

Say, how did you get here?

Well, Jim, that's a long story.

But what's going on?

You said on the phone
there was something wrong.

Come on, I'll tell you
everything that's happened

while I show you around.

And this is one of the places

where you heard
that cry for help?

Sounded as if it
came from over there.

Last night, I heard
it outside my window

and this morning,

outside the kitchen
when I was phoning you.


And this is where
you ran into the sailor?

He was standing
in back of that bush.

I see.

Could we get a look at
that beach and that cave

before your aunt and
your cousin get back?

It's almost dark and getting
pretty close to suppertime.

They're apt to be
back any time now.

That's a chance
we'll have to take.

Which way do we go?

The beach and cave
are on the other side.

Up this way.


It's covered about
20 hours of the day.

You can only see
it at very low tide.

Gosh, it's dark in there.


Uh-oh. What?

Fog's rolling in fast.


Probably just what
they've been waiting for.

Who? What do you mean?

Have you got the letter
your aunt wrote you

inviting you up here?


Let's see it.

And, uh, here's the note

that was left on my
pillow last night too.


Handwriting's identical.

Sure. Aunt Louisa
wrote both of them.

Could you get me another
specimen of your aunt's writing?

Get her to write you out
a recipe or something.

Oh, I guess so, but
why? Just a hunch.

You'd better get back
before they miss you.

Aren't you coming?

I want to look
around a little bit first.

You go ahead.
I'll see you later.


Lieutenant, I need your help.

You... You need my help?

Yes. There's something
wrong on Moose Island.

Definitely Coast Guard business.

Nate, change the
course for Moose Island.


Jeepers! I'd better
find Mr. Kent.

Mr. Kent?

Mr. Kent?

Mr. Kent!

Mr. Kent?

Mr. Kent?

Mr. Kent?

Come on, let's go.

Mr. Kent!

WOMAN: Help!


I'm drowning!


Another hour and the tide
will cover him over complete.

Serves him right for snooping.


What's that?

Coast Guard cutter.

They got the only
twin siren on this shore.

Come on, Mac. Maybe
we can hold them off.

Aim at her gas tank.
She might blow up.

A lot of aiming
you'll do in this fog.

That's my department.

You stand by that contact switch

and blow up the lighthouse
if they get through.

They can't do anything to
us if they don't find evidence.

Chris, Alice is
up there with her.

That's her hard luck.


The fog's so thick I
can't make out the island.

Tell him to shut
off the engines.

Cut the engines, Nate.

See something? Yes.

There's a man with a
gun on the top of that hill.

I can't see a thing.
How do you do it?


Do you hear that?

I can't hear anything,
I can't see anything.

It's Jim. He's in
trouble. I must go to him.

We'll be there in a minute.

I'd better take the wheel.

A minute will be too
late. I'll see you ashore.



JIM: Mr. Kent?

Mr. Kent?

What happened? Where are you?

It's all right, Jim.


How are you feeling?

Golly. What happened?

I can't remember anything
after they jumped me in the cave.

If I'd come two minutes later,

you'd have been
food for the fishes.

Jeepers, what are Chris and Mac

so steamed up about
that cave for, anyway?

That cave happens to be

the subterranean entrance
to the lighthouse, Jim.

When the tide is right, they
can float a boat all the way in

and unload it
underneath the lighthouse

without anyone being the wiser.

What's so wonderful about that?

Well, if you're a smuggler

and you want to keep
what you smuggle

away from the authorities,

it would be pretty important.


What's that?

That's the Coast Guard.

You feel up to
a little climbing?

I'll carry you if you like.

That's the Jim I used to know.

Lieutenant Haines and
Nate will take care of Chris.

You and I have got to get
to that lighthouse right now.

Incidentally, have
you got that sample

of your Aunt
Louisa's handwriting

that Clark Kent asked you for?

Yeah, I got a recipe
for blueberry pie

and another one of those crazy
notes, signed "Aunt Louisa,"

but the recipe's in completely
different handwriting.

Just as I thought.

The woman that wrote
that recipe is an imposter.

They've got your Aunt Louisa

bottled up somewhere
in that lighthouse.

Come on.

That's the way back to the cave.

That's the way we're
going. It's the shortest route.

Good evening, Mrs. Carmody.

I hope I didn't
startle you too much.

What are you doing down here?

What was I doing all those
weeks up in that lighthouse?

We kept you there
for your own good.

I know.

If I tried to telephone
the Coast Guard

to let them know what
was going on here,

you probably would've killed me.

It isn't true. We
didn't hurt you.

Sit down, Mrs.
Carmody. Sit in that chair.

Did I do it well?

Perfectly. You're
wonderful, Aunt Louisa.

All my life, I've been
wanting to capture somebody

with a pistol.

Say, where's that
handsome Superman?

Oh, he went out
to find Mr. Kent.

Well, now, if I were
just 30 years younger...


If it isn't Mrs.
Carmody's boy, Chris.

Good evening, lieutenant.

Good evening, Mrs. Horne.

You mean he isn't
my cousin Chris?

Heaven forbid!

He's Mrs. Carmody's boy.

She was my housekeeper
before all this nonsense began.

He came to live with us

right after your cousin
Chris went into the service.


Who's that? Mr. Kent.

Mr. Kent, this is
my real Aunt Louisa.

So I gather.

My, but he's handsome too!

As a matter of
fact, he looks like...

Uh, lieutenant,

the lighthouse is loaded
with contraband merchandise.

Silk, leather, English
china, silverware.

Cases of it. Do you
want to take a look?

Well, uh... Go right
ahead, lieutenant.

Your prisoners are
perfectly safe with me.

I wouldn't dream
of killing anyone

unless, of course,
they tried to get away.

I'm sure they'll
be perfectly safe.

And if you think of it,
while you're out there,

you might disconnect those wires

that are fastened
to that dynamite

that got stashed
under the stairway.

Somebody could pull that
switch and blow us to smithereens.

We'll take care of it, Mrs.
Horne. Don't you worry.

WOMAN: Help!

WOMAN: Help!

I'm drowning!
That's it, Mr. Kent.

I told you I heard it.

Why don't you open
the door and let him in?

Open the door and let him in?

Oh, men! Ohhhhhh!

You can never get
them to do a thing

without an argument.

Poor Peter. He probably
hasn't been fed for weeks.

Shush, you old fool.

Help! Help!

I'm drowning!



Help! Help!

I'm drowning!