Adult Material (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Nine months after leaving the porn industry behind, Jolene's world is falling apart, with her defamation trial date looming. Can disgraced MP Stella offer her a lifeline?

♪ Gloria... ♪


♪ You're always on the run now

♪ I think you're headed
for a breakdown

♪ So be careful not to show it... ♪

Do you have scabies?


No. But I do actually have
a bit of a medical issue, Denise.

I'm not going to bore you
with all the gory details.

That'll be a first.

It's cystitis. I did go up to
the emergency clinic first thing,

but they don't actually
open until 10am.

Meanwhile I'm pissing blood,
d'you know what I mean?

But they did say I could go back
at two, so I was sort of hoping...

I need you this afternoon.

Yeah, no worries. Can I get an idea
of my shifts for next week, then?

Just because they do have
some bookable appointments.

I don't know yet.


But I am definitely going to
get the full 35 hours?

I don't know.
Not done the schedules.

Can you smell burning plastic?

OK, that's actually
getting really old now.

♪ I fall to pieces... ♪

Heard you got nominated for
Best Newcomer at the SHAFTAs.

Well done.

Cheers, yeah.

Plainly not going to win.

Of course you are.

You got a date?


Well, you don't need one, do you?

Cheers for the ironing.

Yeah, no worries, I like doing it.

'What these cuts mean in real terms

'is that we are seeing new mothers
being discriminated against.

'We're seeing victims
of sexual harassment

'being discriminated against.

'There are rape cases
that are collapsing

'because of disclosure failings.'


"calm down, dear,
just go on I'm A Celebrity

"if you're so desperate
for attention."





You DM'd me.

So? Don't put it out there
if you can't take it.

I had a few wines.

Well, it made me
a bit worried about you.

Oh, you don't need
to worry about me, love.

I'm not the one that
got kicked out of my job, am I?

What was you watching?

Was it me?


I already told you,

I found you about as sexy
as an ovarian cyst.

What do you want?

A little bird in chambers told me

you've got a defamation trial
coming up in two weeks

in which you've got to
defend yourself

against the third-largest
company on the internet,

and you just sacked
your legal representation.

Thought you might need some help.


Well, erm, I've got
hardly any evidence,

most of my witnesses,
they won't cooperate with me,

I've re-mortgaged this house,

so I can't pay you,

and Carroll has got Hazewire
bankrolling him up the wazoo, so...

I need to ask,
are you telling the truth?

Why would I put myself through this

if I wasn't telling
the fuckin' truth?

Well, we'd better win, then.


Literally nothing.

Shall we get the kettle on?

If we can find one thing
that proves clearly

that Carroll failed
to protect his performers

or disregarded their consent,

then we've got a shot of supporting

at least the gross-negligence
defamatory sting.

In the meantime, I want to get
an expert medical witness

on the anal prolapse.

To say what?

I want to know whether it could
constitute grievous bodily harm.

Amy said it was consensual.

You can't consent to GBH.

Anyway, you said she didn't
want to do it, right?

Yeah, but they upped the money.

So? So, everyone has a price.

No, they don't.


Does Kate Middleton have a price?

Does Beyonce have a price?

What do you think
is the exact figure

that Angelina Jolie would agree
to be fucked in the arse on camera,

or drink a blender full of semen
from 16 different men?



She's got the respect
of the Cannes Film Festival

and the United Nations,

so she doesn't need to drink semen.

So, no. Not everyone
does has a price,

not everyone has a choice.

Only some people.

Are you going to be in all day if I
have 'em courier round the evidence?

No, I've got a shift.

But you don't need to, anyway -

because, actually, it's all here.

Are you serious?


All right, all right.
What's this tape mentioned here?

Oh, it's the footage
of what they shot that day -

which has disappeared.


What about Amy? Is there no way
you can get her to testify?

Yeah, no. See, because she's still
working in the industry, so...

Well, have you got
a contact for her?

Yeah, she's living here.


Well, she didn't have
anywhere to go, OK?

I mean, she grew up in care,
she hasn't got anybody,

so what was I supposed to do,
put her out in the streets?

Is there something
you're not telling me?

Because this is a big fight

and I'm struggling
to get my head around

why you'd bother to do all this for
a girl who doesn't even want you to.

I left her on set.

I was knackered, she was getting
on my nerves, and I left her,

and now something's happened that
I don't think even she understands.

Carroll is responsible,
but I'm responsible too.


And what?

What else?

I just don't like
being called a liar. OK?

I'm going to get you a spare key.

Erm, help yourself
to anything in the fridge -

except the sausages, actually,
because they're on the turn.

Hey, peaches. Hi.


What you been eating?

Coconut water and come mostly.

Well, let's get something
more substantial inside of you.


Fuckin' maniac.


Don't do that.

That isn't sexy to me.

If I'm going to be with a woman,
I need her to be present.


And I'll say something else -

you want to throw all your money in
the toilet, that's the way to do it.

It's just a little bit.

Oh, sure, it's just a little bit.

Until it's a habit.

I've got money.


You have money now.

Then, in six months,
you know who's got your money?

A dealer's got your money,
a boyfriend's got your money.

You're my boyfriend.

Sweetie...'s not going to happen,
I told you.

It's a turn-off.

All right? A statement's been
submitted from Nadia Chivers,

Dave Major's assistant.

Ring any bells? Oh, yeah.

Oh, Nads. Lovely Nads.

Yeah, what's she saying?

She's claiming
you sexually harassed her.


She told me - quote - "Your tits
look amazing in that top."

Oh, my God.

It's a fuckin' compliment.

I said it like...
like how a mum would say it.

Which mum?

Rose West?

"On multiple occasions,

"Jolene squeezed my bottom
or put her hand up my skirt."

Friendly. Mucking about.

"Unsolicited contact which made me
feel harassed and uncomfortable.

"On one occasion I felt her fingers
go inside my underwear

"to the point that they made
contact with my genitals."

Oh, fuck off!

I slipped.

Your fingers slipped?

Yeah. Into her vagina?

It was a fuckin' porn shoot!

She wasn't a performer,
though, was she?


I told you, she just
worked with Dave sometimes,

she did the, erm...

She did the consent interviews,

locations, paperwork,

she uploaded the tapes.


She would have seen the tape,
it would have come from her email.

Why didn't I fuckin' think of that?

Well, could she still have a copy?

Course she has.

Let's just go
softly-softly, all right?

Anything she wants,
just give it to her, OK?

Aren't you scared, working with me?

People are going to think
you're a dirty bird.

Obscenity's an opinion.

I mean, a century ago I'd have
been outraged by your ankles.

There's nothing inherently
dirty about desire.

Go on. What porn were you watching?

We're not what we want, Hayley.

We're what we do
to get what we want.

Lewis Carroll loved little girls,

but every piece of information
we have about him

tells us he never acted on it.

Yeah, well, he didn't
have Wi-Fi, did he?

Hey, sorry.

Someone found a hair
in their fuckin' Buddha bowl

and acted like it was
a toe or something.

Not at all.
Thank you for meeting us.

Erm, so we just wanted you to know
that Hayley's read your statement

and she's taken it
very seriously, haven't you?


And my understanding is

that you don't wish to make
a separate complaint against her?

No, I just... They asked me,
so I told 'em. So...

OK, well, we've come here today

cos Hayley would like to apologise.

Great. Good.

Just before, your statement said
that you were on set

the day that Amy, erm...

..the day of the rosebud.

Yeah. Erm, she was fine, though.

She wanted to carry on.

You said that Dave and Carroll
asked her if she wanted to stop.

Can you remember how they said that?

Was it, "Do you want to stop?"
or, "Maybe we should stop?"

or, "You don't want to stop,
do you?"

I can't really remember.

And would you have been the person
that uploaded the footage after?

I know where you're going
with this, but...

How much did they give you?

All right, Hayley, just...

Look, we haven't come here
to harass you, all right?

I think mistakes were made that day,

and I think you're too decent
not to realise that

that girl wasn't protected in
the way that she should have been.

And we don't need you
to say anything...

..but we really need that tape.

Yeah, I'll think about it.


Fuck's sake. Right, OK.


..babe, I know that sometimes

I can be a bit over-friendly.

And, also, people looked up to me
on that set.

When you have power,

you have a responsibility

to realise that not everyone can
stand up to you in the same way.

So I am sorry if the way I acted
gave you...

..if it offended you in some way.


I'm not sure that's
what Nadia was looking for.

OK, well, I don't even know what
it is that Nadia's looking for.

You think you're powerful?
Excuse me? You really...

You believe that, don't you?

What the fuck is she going on about?
Oh, OK. No, sorry, I got it wrong.

You were very empowered.
You stuck your hands down my pants

because that's what
normal, happy people do at work.

And your perfume?

Yeah, it just happens
to smell like sauvignon blanc.

OK, yeah, one, I like a drink.

Yeah, I do, I never said I didn't.

And, two, I loved that job.

Honestly, the reason I gave you
a feel was because it was funny.

Yeah, not funny to me. Ah, well,
then, do you know what, darling?

Look, there you go -

go and buy yourself a fuckin'
sense of humour, all right?

Be lucky.

Sorry. She...

No. Yeah, it's all right. I get it.

And I thought with new boots,
and if it was styled a bit more,

it'll be good for, like, clubbing.

- Hey, girl.
- 'Is your mum in?'

No, she went out ages ago.
'OK, cool, I'm coming in.'

I don't understand why you couldn't
just give her what she wanted.

Cos I'm not a fuckin' liar.
Anyway, she was bullshitting us.

And you can afford to be
so sure about that, can you?

Have you done any financial planning
for how you'll manage if you lose?

Cos you could be looking
at 100,000, just in costs -

twice that, even.

You know, whenever you talk
about winning, it's "we",

and whenever you talk
about losing, it's "you".

So that's a no, then?

I need that money I lent you.

What money?

Remember when I took you out
on the weekend?

And I spent, like...

..100 quid on you.

You said it was a present.


I don't remember that.


What are you doing in here?
I told you to wait in the car!

I need the bathroom.

It's there, just hurry up.


I don't have it.

Well, I'm going to
need you to get it.

Oh, hi. This is Stella.

Good to meet you.

Is Dave here?

Hi, Davey!

What's he doing here?


We were just going to...

We? As in...?

As in "we"?

Are you, erm...?

Is this...?

OK, so border schiz...
Oh, come here, baby.

Baby, come here, come here!

Come here.

You have a lovely home.

I'm going, it's fine.
I just needed the bathroom.

OK. All right, all right, darling.

Mummy's all right. Come on.

Come on, sweetie. All right.


How dare you bring that man
into my house?

Get your shit and get out.


Right. Come and sit down.
Sit down, sit down.

He's gone. He's gone. OK?

All right? Breathe. Just be calm.

Be nice and calm. All right?

And then you need to tell me
exactly what that man did to you.

Carroll sent me over to LA.

This was, like, ten years ago.

Thought I had transatlantic
potential, some shit like that.

I was made-up, though.

I thought, like, "This is it."

I know. Like a wanker.

And, erm, I did...

I booked this really big shoot for
my last day there.

Night before, I get a call -

"Tom Pain wants to meet you."

I think, "Fuck it," get in a cab -

cos you have to get cabs
fuckin' everywhere out there -

and we're driving and driving

until we're basically in,
like, the desert,

and we get to Tom's house.

There's a couple of women there.

They go, "He's upstairs, wait here."

So I waited.

One of 'em leaves,
and then the other one's like,

"I have to go,
but you'll be OK, won't you?"

And at this point,
I've been there, like, 45 minutes,

so I am pissed off now.

It's dark outside, so I'm like,
"Well, how long is he going to be?"

And she goes,
"Oh, he'll be down any second."

Something like that.

So then she leaves, and a minute
later, he did, he came down.

And he's friendly.

He's really friendly,

and he's, like, asking me
if I want a drink, or...

You know, and I do -
only I have this feeling

that I don't want to be pissed
if he isn't,

so I'm like, "I'll have one
if you have one."

And he goes, "All I want is a double
espresso and to eat your pussy."

I thought he was joking, cos...

that's funny - like,
that's a fuckin' line, right?

Then he goes, "Your tits...

"are they fake?"

And I'm like, "Yeah."

And he goes, "It's a turn-off.

"Bend over the chair."

So, then, suddenly, I am,

and he's pulled my pants down,
you know, and he's...

..he's there.

And in my head, I'm, like,
"I don't know how he got here..."

And if you was watching this
from the outside, you wouldn't...

It would be, like...
like nothing.

And partly I'm thinking,
"Fuck, this is really awkward."

And partly I'm thinking, "I wonder
how much he's going to hurt me

"if I try to get him off me."

And I listen to
how empty the house is...

..and then I work out
how close the nearest house is

and how quickly I can run there -

only I know I can't fuckin' run
because I've got these shoes on.


then he stands behind me,
then he's inside me

and he puts his hand
over my mouth, quite tight,

and he says, "I'm going to
fuck you to death."

And it wasn't real.

But it felt real.

Then it was real...

..cos I couldn't breathe...

..cos his hand...

And everything went all blurry
and he goes,

"Don't even know why they sent you.

"We've already cast the part -
you're too old."

And then I blacked out.

Only for a second, though, and
then when I woke up, it was over.

And he goes, "You can
see yourself out, right?"

And then he's gone.

Next day, I woke up,

I've got all these fuckin' bruises
all over my face,

so they pulled me off the shoot.

When I come home,
I didn't even tell Rich.

I told Carroll.

And he gave me a kiss on my head
and he gave me a hug and he said,

"What a bastard.

"I'm so sorry that happened to you."

Do you know what, can you not?

Just cos...

Anyway, I thought,
"Fuck it, it's shit,

"but there's an ocean between us now

"and Carroll is never, ever
going to let that man

"anywhere near me ever again."

You're not going to want to hear
this, but we need to submit this.

Why not?

Cos I didn't say no.

Did you ever say yes?

It was rape.


See, this is exactly
why I didn't tell you,

because I knew this
is what you'd do.


I hate them, all right?

I hate all of those women
that are like,

"Oh, my boss touched my bum in 1995
and now I think I've got PTSD" -

I think they're fuckin' pathetic.

You know that's not
what this is, right?


Look, I don't know.
Whatever. I don't know.

Fuck me.

Can you describe your symptoms?

When I piss, it feels like knives.


Yeah, there's definitely
an infection there.

What about the itching?

Oh, it's washing powder.
I switched to own-brand recently.


I might just send you for a quick
blood test, if that's all right?

Can I get the antibiotics, though?

Mm. One three times a day.

Cranberry juice and ibuprofen
for the discomfort in the meantime.



It's not discomfort, it's pain.


That's a strong look.

What is it - a party?

Award ceremony.

Mm. You up for anything?

If I said Best Starlet,
would you believe me?

Your viral load
is still undetectable,

so I'll see you next month.

Yeah. Cheers, Cheryl.

Don't Leave Me This Way
by Thelma Houston

♪ Don't leave me this way... ♪

Oh, my God. So, I am at the SHAFTAs.

I can't believe it,

this is literally a dream come true.

It's amazing here.

So, I've been nominated
for Best Newcomer.

This is going to be
the best night ever.

I'm going to go and drink
some more champagne.

There are so many sexy girls here,

think I'm kind of
getting a bit turned on.

Love you all.

♪ Don't leave me this way

♪ Ah-ah-ah-ah

♪ Baby

♪ My heart is full of love
and desire for you

♪ Now, come on down and
do what you've got to do... ♪

So good of you to come over, mate.
I really, really appreciate it.

Not at all, man. I'm there.

I mean, it's disgusting
what she's doing.

And where does this end?

I'm getting so I'm nervous
to even hug a woman.

I'm just... I'm so sorry
you're being put through this.

Thank you. Thanks, thanks.

Hey, Tom. How the devil
are you, man? How are you?

Cool. Come and have a photo.

'Ladies and gentlemen, please
make your way to the stage...'

Don't mind me, ladies.
It's end of days in the gents'.

Yeah, well, don't piss on the seat.

Looking gorge, by the way.

Well, thank you.

Hi, babes.

Started early, did we?

Had a rough day.

Don't tell me -
Dave's been an arsehole again.

I was shooting with Tom Pain.

Yeah. I meant to come down for that.

Just had this whole
VAT thing to sort out.


You're never there
when Tom's shooting.

So weird, that, innit?

Oh, come on, sweetheart...


Do not even start, Carroll.

You can pretend fine.

But just cos you don't see it,
don't mean it ain't happening.

♪ Need your lovin', baby

♪ Need it

♪ I need it
Need your lovin' now... ♪

Sorry, the receptionist said that...



Well, what your results suggest

is that you do have cirrhosis.



It's not even that itchy.
Not psoriasis.


Of the liver.

How many units would you say
you drank in a week?


..I have been drinking maybe
a bit more lately.


Hayley, we're talking about
a serious condition here.

The liver's a tough old thing,

it takes years
to damage it like this.

We can't treat it.

But we can manage it.

For a start,
I suggest that you reduce...

I need you to do
evening shift later.

I can't tonight, I told you.
I've got parents' evening.

Well, if you don't take this shift
then I can't offer you another one.

Right, OK. Well, I did tell you,

so, that's going to be
50 quid off my income.

Hayley, do not start on me.

You are late for every shift.

You're not available
when I need you to be.

We now have customers who come in

purely to look at your tits.

And there's a bottle down
the back of your jeans right now

that you think
I'm too much of a cunt to notice.

You have a choice -
you can take the shift

or you can not take the shift,

but I don't owe you anything.

What is this?

I lost my receipt.

Can I borrow some money?

How much?

Like... Like, £100.

Are you joking, Iz? I am working
my arse off here, mate.

Can't you ask your dad?

He won't get back till tonight.

It's Kelly's birthday.

They've gone to
Badminton House or something.

Babington House?


I get 12 years with the Groupon King
and she gets Babington House?!

Iz, get up. Come inside.

Yeah, but you still need...

Sorry, who's she?

Hayley, this is Abby.

She's lending a hand.

I need a wee. Can you type
all that up? Cheers.

So, are you guys together?


Where did you meet?

Um, Stella was...

When she was an MP,
I was her assistant.

Oh, oh... So, she was, like,
your boss?


Isn't she, like,
20 years older than you?


Sorry, isn't that, like,

just a massive abuse
of power or something?

Yeah. It's hot, isn't it?

Come on, then.

Come on.

I want to talk to you.

What you told me the other day,

we need to use it.

I don't think this is
about Amy, this is about you.

Come on, darling.

Come on, come on.

If Carroll engaged a performer
in the knowledge he'd abused you,

that's a much stronger case.

Look. Look what Mummy's got -
it's a lovely carrot.

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.

Sorry, Hayley, can we focus?

These rabbits are fuckin' anorexic.
Will you come and eat the carrot?

What you said about Tom -

I think you're angry.

I'm not angry - just forget it, OK?

It was rape.

It was a bad audition. Seriously,
babe, I wish I hadn't said nothing.

Well, can we at least talk about
how we want to present in court,

because I think it's very important

that the judge sees
a respectable, solid family woman.

Mum not MILF. Yeah?

I mean, is Phoebe around?

Yeah. She's a teenager,
she's in and out.

Do you think she could be there?

Come on, then.

The first time
Curtis has straddled me,

and I hope it's not
the last time either.

Let's just say he's very good
with his hands...

♪ I've got a funny

♪ Feeling

♪ Yeah, yeah

♪ Yeah

♪ I feel

♪ I feel like breaking up
somebody's home

♪ Break it up

♪ Lyin' here all alone... ♪

When did this happen?

Where have you been?

Sorry, there was traffic.
In there, is it?

You're 40 minutes later, Hayley.
It's done. It's over.

OK. All right.

Well, did it go OK?

Not really, no. Mr Gibbons said
that she has poor attention span

and she's obsessed with being liked.


Course she wants to be liked -
it's school!

That's how you don't
get your head kicked in.

I want to see Gabe.

That's up to him.

I can't make him want to see you.

Well, you make him bloody
eat broccoli and brush his teeth.

Yeah, those things are good for him.

What's that meant to mean?

Come on, H, I can smell it on you.

Oh. Well, what - suddenly
now you can, can you?

Cos it never bothered you when
I was paying your mortgage, did it?

I thought you always
just lacked ambition,

but it turns out you was just lazy.

Oi! I'm talking to you,
Babington House.

12 years you sponged off me -

where's my fuckin'
hot-stone massage?!

Good to see you.

I wish you didn't have to come here.

It's no trouble.

Sit, please.

Thank you.

Are we waiting for Harriet?

I don't think Harriet needs
to be across this. So...

I just want to take a moment
and consider, you know,

what we're doing here.

She can't win this,
she's working in a coffee shop

and she's got three kids.

She's going to bankrupt herself
over this. Can't we just...?

Can't we just let it go?

OK, so you let the case drop, yes?

Yeah. And you let the world know
what she says is true -

you're negligent, coercive?

It's not an admission of guilt.

Yes - absolutely it is.

We're a legitimate media company.

Something like this sticks,

we lose our investors,
we can't float.

Can't you just sue her without me?


So, you divest yourself
from the suit,

except this means you are guilty
of all the shit she said about you.


Which means Hazewire
can no longer work with you.

Or any other partner companies,
as a matter of fact.

Because, hello, we are not making
VHS copies to sell from a van here.

We're a blue-chip,
respectable company

and we only associate
with respectable people.

We have no choice,

we collect more data than Netflix -

we break our trust with our users,

the business model collapses.

Don't bollocks.

Excuse me.

They don't give you their data
cos they trust you,

they give you their data cos,
whatever they say,

they care more about emptying
their balls than their privacy.

They don't even ask
what you're doing with it!

Because we're using it
to give them more of what they want.

Refine the algorithm.

Make content that appeals to
the largest possible audience.

We're scientists, really.

A minute ago
you were a media company.

We are whatever
our users need us to be.

What do you want to be, Carroll?

Are you a respectable person?

Or are you like
some pathetic guy in cargo pants

looking at titties in a basement?

I'm a respectable person.

That's what I thought.

When you're done with me,
throw me in the trash. Yeah!


I wasn't.

OK, look. I didn't want to do
this right now, but...

..I think maybe
we should cool it a little.


We're in different places, sweetie.

I'm 42.

All my friends are
having fuckin' babies.

But you're young.

You don't want to be home
making apple sauce, huh?

Are you serious?

I love kids.

I'm amazing with kids.

All their faces and their shoes -

they love their shoes.

If that's what
you want me to be, then...

..I can be whatever
you need me to be.

Please, I don't have
anywhere else to go.

You know what, sweetheart...

..I try to be, like,
human about this,

but, seriously, this is boring now.

Hey, baby!

Did you get your cottage pie?

Yeah. What did Mr Gibbons say?

He said that you are brilliant.

And he said that you are
top of your class.


Night, Mum.

Night-night, baby.

You've reached
Stella Maitland.

Please leave a message.

Hey, it's me.


I am ringing to
let you know I am really grateful

for what you have done
for me, but, erm...

..I can't do this any more.

I just want to
close the door on it, OK?

Because Carroll's my mate,
and I miss him.

You're calling me. Hold on.


Nadia just called me.

She's got the tape.



Are you ready?

There's no point
in us even going in there

if you don't give her
exactly what she wants.

What does she want?

She just wants an apology from you.

A proper one this time.

And £3,000.

Stella, I can't...

It's fine. Don't worry about it.

No, I'm serious, I haven't got...

I said - it's not your problem.

All right. Right, OK?

You know when we talk about
consent and boundaries

and what is and isn't appropriate -

this is exactly the kind of thing...

You loved it. No.

Oh, you did.

A bit. Admit it.

Hayley, I don't know
how to say it any more clearly.

Honestly, you literally
do nothing for me.

In fact, when I look at you,
my vagina gets physically drier.

Oh, I love you.

Well, we literally just met, so...

I know, but I do.

Are you pissed?

Hi, it's Stella Maitland.

And Jolene!

All right.

My dad left when I was six.

I never really, erm...

I didn't have much to do with him.

Erm, my mum worked all hours

and there was quite
a lot of, like, erm...

self-medication, so...

We lived in this block
of flats, Bowling Court.

So my mum wouldn't normally
get home till about eight,

and I had a lot of friends,

but they all had to go home
about five for their tea,

so I had about three hours
every night, which...

I just got bored, really.


So then, when I was 12,
there was this group of lads,

who used to hang out
in the stairwell.

They started smoking weed and stuff,

erm, I think I got on their nerves
a little bit to start with,

but then we started this thing

where if I gave one of them
a blowjob, they'd let me hang out.

It didn't bother me.

I actually thought
it was quite funny!


So, I was doing that...

..quite a few years.


..what I wanted to say to you is

I'm really sorry
for what I did to you.

It was fucked up.

And I'm not using excuses,

but there are some things
that have happened in my life

that mean I don't really get
what's appropriate.

The things other people find normal,
I don't find normal.

I don't know how to fix that.

But I'm trying.

I'm really, really trying.

Password's bangcherry69.

I love Baileys - I never drink this,
it's really nice, it's really nice.

Oi, Dizzy, what are you doing?

Hey, Uncle Carroll.

Any girl over the age of 11
who catches the bus is a failure,

didn't you know that?

Get in.

Wouldn't they even give you a credit
note? Not without a receipt.

Can't you ask your mum for money?

She's stressed.

Oh. Have to get yourself
a job, then.

Can I have one?

Absolutely not.

You're too young for bad habits.

Your brain is wet concrete.

You get a habit at your age -
that's it, you're stuck with it.


Well, you can put it in your mouth,
but don't light it.

How old was you when you started?

Dunno. 14, 15?

But that's what I'm saying -
it's too young.

It's cos I saw a picture
of Humphrey Bogart,

smoking a cigarette,
riding a bike with no hands.

Arms folded... this.


It was the sexiest thing I'd seen
in the whole of my life.

Oh, yeah.

Don't tell your mum, OK?


Oh, it's come up beautifully.


Did you use the linseed oil?

No, it's, er, beeswax.


Remember what we said.

Hiya! Hello, darling. Here she is.

Is there anything to eat?

Yeah. There's some of
my baba ghanoush in the fridge.


Your ironing's on the stove here.

What do you want, love?


I missed you.


Now, that's nice.


We missed you too, sweetheart.


..I was thinking that maybe
I could move back in.

Oh, you know
we'd love you to, but...

It's not a good time, love.

I still haven't cleaned up
Nana Jean's room and I'm still...

At the moment, I'm a bit...

Your mum's still grieving.

Let's talk about it
in a few months, hmm?

Oh, my God, it's fine.

Don't worry about it.

Just going for a wee.

You did well, love.

Did really well. OK.

'All set.'

We have to try and submit this.

Hello, baby.

Oh, I got that money
that you wanted.

It's all right. I don't need it.

Why? Where d'you get it?

Isabel Matilda Burrows?


You stay away from her! Wait...

Ow! If you ever give my kids
money again,

then I'll cut your cock off!


I'm really sorry.

I was just so confused.

But I've broken up with him now.

I've got you a present.

I just want you to know,

I see you now.

I see exactly what you are.

Play the tape.

Subtitles by Red Bee Media