Adult Material (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Jolene and Carroll try to control the fallout from the party, as Tom is taken to hospital and Amy to the police station. Phoebe is forced to face the music when school discovers what she's done. Gabriel is given some shocking information.

♪ Yesterday, when I was young

♪ So many lovely songs

♪ Were waiting to be sung ♪

Jo-Jo! Thank you, thank you.
Alright. Alright. Alright.

Thank God. Where is she?

She's shut herself in my bathroom.
She won't come out. Oh, God!

OK, Tom? Tom? Look at me. OK?


How long did the ambulance say?

You have called an ambulance, right?

The thing is, what exactly do we
gain involving the authorities?

Kurt says he can handle it.
That kid? Yeah.

The dermatologist that you met
in Faliraki who was struck off
for shagging his patients?

He needs to be in hospital!

Alright. OK. Then what? The police
down here? All of us hauled in?

What did he do to her?
What are you talking about?
He's the one who got stabbed!

Oh, what, for no reason? Out of
the blue, she just stabbed him?

But that's what I'm saying, we don't
know, do we? She's a funny girl.

I'm thinking of her, actually, cos
you get the police here, that's it.

That's ABH. She's looking at
ten years. Jolene, don't! Please!
I asked you to look after her.

Jolene, I'm begging you, please.
Hello, yes. Can I have an ambulance,
please? And the police?


How are you, mate?

Oh. Looking good.

This is a backwards fucking country.

Yeah. Sorry.

Amy, it's Jolene. Can I come in?

I brought you a hot chocolate.


You don't need to apologise.
I know exactly what he's like.
What did he do to you?

Is Carroll upset with me?
Amy, darling,
what happened on that shoot?

It was just really embarrassing.
Do you think he'll get rid of it?

So gross! They should've taken you
to a hospital.

I went after. I'm fine now.

Is that the police?

Oh! Ooh! Alright. It's alright.

Deep breaths. Listen.

Do you wanna go for a wee-wee
before we go down?

OK. Come on, then. Stand up.
That's it.

Don't look! Sorry.

Oh, my God!

Sweetheart? It's gonna be OK. We're
gonna get you a lawyer. Alright?

Don't tell them anything, OK?

The press will jump all over
something like this.

Best put a bit of distance
between her and us.

So you don't think this is connected
to the fact that her arse fell out
on set three days ago

and Dave carried on shooting?
You've gotta let that go.

Dave did everything
he was supposed to. I was there.
Three times he asked her.

What, you were on set? Well, I was,
I mean, yeah, technically.

But it was all above board.
I'll show you the rest of the tape
if you want.

I know you like the girl, but
come on, she's as mad as a spoon.
OK, yeah.

Yeah, what?
Yeah, I would like to see the tape.
Oh, fine. Just back me up, OK?

It's gonna be alright.
Sir, could you... Oh.

Hi, babe.
I can't really talk at the minute.

Yeah. No. Yeah, I can handle that.

She's very sorry. Aren't you?

We all act without thinking
sometimes. But Paulie is very upset.

Oh. Well, I'm sure he'll be alright.

Phoebe made public
a sexually explicit video of him.

She's violated his privacy,
she's violated the school code,

and I'm afraid
we will have to suspend her.

OK. That's fine.
I mean, she's done, anyway. We're
just waiting on her results, so...

It'll go on her record.

And I'm afraid that we will have
to relay that to the universities
you've applied for. What?No.

No, hang on a second.
Sorry. Cos that is not fair.
No, don't get upset, baby.

It's one incident. There may be
things at home which seem normal,

but in the outside world... Excuse
me? ..there are different boundaries

and Phoebe has to understand...
Phoebe? Phoebe, can you come
and sit down, please?

OK. We're talking about my job,
are we?

Cos I've always been honest with
her. I've always said, "You want me
to stop and I'll stop."

She knows that. She's 18.

How could that be
her responsibility?

They may look like little adults,
but they are children.

18 is not a child.
I was working when I was 18.

I was bringing up Phoebe by myself
when I was 18.

Their brains are plastic.

They know no reality except
for the one that we give them.

This is my reality, alright?

I work in the only industry
in the world where women
get paid more than men.

I run my own business
and I still get home at night
in time to cook my kids' dinner.

And that's actually what
you can't tolerate, isn't it?

That a working-class woman who left
a shit school with two GCSEs
gets paid three times your wages

doing something she loves,
something she's really good at,

something that isn't sat behind
a checkout scanning your shopping.

OK? Now, I am sorry, because, yes,
I know, Phoebe's been a little shit.
She has, and she knows that.

And believe me,
she's gonna suffer for it. But I'm
not gonna let you make me suffer

because you haven't been laid
since 1986.

I am not a prude,
I am just saying...

I know what you're just saying.
You're saying that you disapprove.

But the thing is,
I've been paying you 15 grand a year
for the last six years,

which I think buys me the right
to not give a toss
what you approve of.

Do you know what Paulie's dad
does for a living?

He makes bullets.

And you named a sports hall
after him.

♪ 369, girls wanna drink wine
Tell the man not to waste your time

Hey, Phoebe, don't worry, don't
worry. It's just a car, right?

Do not let them see it's upset you.

♪ If the man don't dance, he's done
Tell him move on, get the man gone

♪ Now can I get a coke
with my rum? ♪

Little virgins!

Look, I know I'm not a normal mum.
And you're obviously
pissed off with me.

That's fine. I'd be pissed off
at me, too. I just want you
to have choices, OK, Phoebs?

More choices than I had.

Everything I do, that's why I do it,
to give you choices.

Listen, I've told you. If you say
to me you want me to stop, then you
just have to tell me...

I want you to stop.


OK, well...


Yes, sweetheart.

OK. Alright, alright, alright.
Listen, listen.

Listen, calm down.
Alright, calm down, baby. Listen.

I'm gonna be there really soon. OK?

OK. Bye.

Hey! Where are we going?

We're going to the police station.
They've charged her with ABH.


Where are you staying tonight? Do
you want me to call your boyfriend?


He's in Swansea today.

Yeah, he's gone over there
to view a caravan.

And the flat's, like,
the landlord's changed to locks.

Cos he's a bit, I mean, he's lovely,
but he just smokes a lot of spice.

Sometimes he gaffer-tapes knives
to his hands
and attacks cars in the street.

Oh, my God! Amy! No, he's fine.
He never attacks people, just cars.

I could call my social worker.

Just wondering if I can grab
a quote. Yeah, she's got no comment.
Will you be offering a defence?

Was the attack provoked?
Are you deaf or what?

I've got a statement here
from Carroll Quinn, says that Amy
has a history of mental instability

and drug abuse
before her short career in porn.

That is because Mr Quinn is lying
out of his arse about an innocent
girl who was perfectly fine

before she started working for him.
Wait for me by the car.

Tom Pain is a dangerous man. OK?
But Carroll, he couldn't give a shit
as long as it's making him money,

which I don't care,
but I am not gonna let him
ruin an innocent girl's life

because he's a lying fucking coward
with no backbone.

Do you mind if I quote you on that?
You can quote this.

Thanks. Big fan of your work,
by the way. Oh, cheers, babe.

Don't worry. In you get, babe.

Here, give me them.

This is Amy.
She's coming home with us. OK?

♪ I know a guy
Who's tough but sweet...

Where is she gonna stay?
In Izzy's room.

Izzy's... She just stabbed someone.
Yeah, babe, it was self defence.

Yeah, what did he do to her?
She won't say. She's too scared.

She's a kid. She's got no family.
Where's she supposed to go?

What's your favourite film?
Cannibal Holocaust.
Mine's The Devil Wears Prada.

Right, everybody,
turn the TV off, please.
Come and wash your hands for dinner.

Gabe, can you put the iPad
in the drawer?

Oh, I know. I'm so horrible!

Go and sit down.

Are you alright, darling?
Have you got everything you need?

"Wait by the car, babe. Tom Pain
is a dangerous, dangerous man."


Look at the roots!

And the patch.
Oh, I look fucking mental!

No, no, no, no, no.
I think you pull it off.

My God!

Hey. Don't worry about it.

You're doing it again, babe. What?

Stop looking for the camera.


Babe, this is crazy.
It's on half a million views.

Shit! Oh, what?

The members area
on the website's crashed.

Shut up! Seriously.
It is completely overloaded.

There's some video of you...
I know. I'm sorry. It'll blow over.

Where's all the posh yoghurts?

Sorry. Oh, don't be daft,
it's just a yoghurt.

There's cereal, fruit, toast.
What's up with your eye?

My mum gave me chlamydia.
Phoebs, could you not?

Honestly, babe, this is mental.

Can I see it? No. No.

Right, do you wanna go on
Good Morning Britain?

- Too early. Yeah.
- Fuck off, Piers!

Delete. Loose Women? No.

Come Dine With Me? I am not cooking
for three people I don't know.

Ooh. This Morning.
Phil and Holly or Ruth and Eamonn?

Er, Phil and Holly.
No. The News Review?

Yeah, right. Can you imagine?
Mrs Grey would shit herself.

I'm serious. They wanna do a panel
about porn and how it affects stuff.

On The News Review? Yeah.

With me? Yeah.


Well, I haven't really got
anything to wear, have I?

You look really hot. Aw, thanks.

I was actually going for
more like, erm...

Oh, what's the word?
Like... credible.

Oh, right.
Yeah, no, you look really credible.

Jolene? Yeah.

Sorry, I didn't know...
No, you're nice and early.
That's what we like. I'm Cressida.

Oh. Right,
let's get you through security.

Right, so you just make yourself
comfy and I'll come back
when they're ready for you.

Yes. Yes, I do think that's
a very interesting point, Joan.

But speaking as the expert...

This is Jolene Dollar reporting live
from The News Review.

God, everybody here is so serious.

It just makes me wanna be
really... really...


Right, ready for you now.
Do you mind if I just pop this
down the back of your blouse?

OK if I touch your back?
Yeah, course.

"Going live in five, four, three..."

Tonight we're joined by
Stella Maitland MP,
who's leading a campaign

for age verification software,

Dr Joshua Ferrars
professor of sexual cultures
at the University of Swindon,

and Jolene Dollar, who has worked
in the industry for 15 years

and knows more about it than the
rest of us put together, I suspect.

Stella Maitland,
you're campaigning for stronger
online control of adult material.

Now, is this hysteria
or is there a real crisis here?

Er, yeah, I think there is, Joan.
I think there's a real
crisis of health.

And actually, I also think,
for a lot of young people

and some older people, too,
it's a crisis of reality.

Porn is the misrepresentation
of what sex is.

Yes, but I hope you're not
suggesting that we subject fiction
to the same demands as documentary.

I mean, for example,
EastEnders is a misrepresentation
of what it's like to own a pub.

Yeah, but I don't think owning a pub
is one of the greatest expressions
of what it is to behuman.

OK. If I could...
And EastEnders is a soap opera.

And pornography is a fantasy genre.
I'd like to bring Jolene Dollar
in here.

Thank you, Joan. Well, I think you
have a clarity about that, Dr
Ferrars, that a lot of people lack.

I mean, a lot of young people,
young men in particular,

they look at Jolene and they think
that's what a woman's body
is supposed to be able to do.

That's what a woman's body
should look like.

The tan and the lips and the boobs.
Oh, Stella, babe,
I'm so glad you noticed.

I think we should get back to...
No offence, but I find you
about as sexy as a J-cloth,

but we're not here
to talk about my personal... Well,
you're not my cup of tea, either,

but I'm not about to start
a campaign against middle-aged women
dressed in Boden, am I?

So what we're saying is this isn't
about pornography itself,

but about
the evolution of pornography.

Yes. I think what we're
all circling around here
is Baudrillard's concept...

No, what we're circling around here
is scene upon scene

where degradation, violence
and hatred towards women
is being sexualised.

And that might not be all porn,
but it is a lot of porn.

Yeah, but you do have to look at it
from the other end, Joan.

The thing is, what about
when you have a woman kicking
the shit out of a man's bollocks?

And do you... Do you do that?

Oh, baby, I love doing that.
I think we need to focus more on...

You yourself have been speaking out
about the failure to manage consent
on set.

About the neglect of the wellbeing
of performers. Oh, for fuck's sake!

I'd like to apologise to viewers
for the use of language
in this discussion.

I'm sorry.
No, I am really, really sorry, Joan.

It's just the thing is
that you don't seem to get

is that it isn't actually a failure.
It's not an accident.

Carroll Quinn knows exactly
what it is he is doing

when he ignores the fact
that there is a young woman
prolapsing on his set.

And what he's doing is he's
continuing to try and make money

while the people that he works for
rob him fucking blind!

I think we should perhaps...
Right. So what you are saying

is that the pursuit of profit
is in direct conflict
to the policing of consent.

I don't even know what
any of that means, Stella.

All I know is you cannot consent
to your arse falling out.

If I could just...
No! No! Porn is an invasion
of reality! It's not real.

And it wants you to believe that it
is. What do you mean it's not real?

I am real, Stella.

Ok? I am real. I am. I am real.

I'm a real person, Joan. Yes, you
are. Are you alright, Jolene? Mm.

Oh, my God.

Do you know what?

I actually thought that
this was gonna be fun.

But it is really boring.

I am bored.

I am really, really bored.

I am just...

I'm alright!

I'm alright, Joan.

I'm alright.

I'm alright.

Jolene, sorry, Jolene, I just need
to get that mic back. Sorry.

Oh, for fuck's sake! God!

For fuck's sake, Abby.
He's a fucking idiot.

I thought you were trying to mug me.
Who? Owen.

I knew this would happen. I told you
if you went on that panel it's an
open invitation to the muck-rakers.

Well, what's happened?
Your expenses. There's a phone
contract you claimed for.

The tabloids,
they've got hold of the fact that
he's downloaded a bunch of porn

via the hotspot using data
covered by your plan.

What, I've been hacked? Well, can
they get... Can they get my photos?

They don't care about 5,000 pictures
of your niece playing
Tiny fucking Tim!

They care about the hardcore
pornography your husband's watched
on taxpayers' money!

Shit. Yeah.

Right, OK, er...

Oh, shit!
What kind... What kind of stuff?

Don't worry. It's pretty vanilla.
It's all lesbians with tattoos
and little tits.

Nothing underage. No adult diapers.

You need to call him and tell him
not to speak to anyone until he's
been briefed. Dan's on standby.

It's three years of work
down the fucking toilet!

Where are you going?

We're in the middle
of a conversation.

Where to, love? Er, nowhere.

I mean, I just,
I need a minute to...

Just keep the meter running.
Oh, fuck!

Oh, fuck!


Yep. Right.

Right, yeah.


I'm not gonna lie, babe,
it's gone a little bit viral.

Show me.

Oh, babe, seriously, just show me.

"I am bored."

"Carroll Quinn knows exactly
what it is he is doing when he
ignores the fact that there is..."


Here you are. Drink that. Thank you.

Uh-uh. No? Uh-uh.

She's got such an amazing body.

"So it just really fits my form
really well."

Hey, mate, look, she's just...
Get her to come down.

No, she's feeling a bit peaky.
Oh, I bet she is.

Jolene, get down here.


Please, just don't start, alright?
I've got a throbber.

I don't give a shit.
How fucking dare you? What?

I've had four performers cancel on
me already! What is your problem?

My problem is the fact that you were
supposed to be looking after her.
Don't be so fucking disingenuous!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry you had
a bad date with Tom once! What?

Baby, it was not a date. OK?
It was a business meeting.

And this has got nothing
to do with that. When?

When I did the trip out to LA.

Yeah, and what happened?
Nothing. It doesn't matter.
I wanna see the tape, Carroll.

Dave's getting it.

You better sort this out, Jo.
I'm serious. Cos you have fucked me.

And I never did anything to you
except put up with you
being two hours late for everything

and wipe the fucking bumps of coke
out of your nose.

I'm sorry, I know it's shit being
35, but don't take it out on me!

I am not 35! I am 30!

Tell that to your passport!

What? You never told me
you met Tom Pain out there.

It was nothing.

"Hey, Jolene, it's Teddy Bare here.
I was wondering if you wanted
to meet up ahead of our shoot.

"I'd love for us to have a chat."

♪ Who that is, huh?

♪ That girl is a tomboy
That girl is a tomboy

♪ That girl is a tomboy
Who that is, huh?

♪ That girl is a tomboy
That girl is a tomboy, that girl

Hiya. Hey.

Did you want a drink, babe?
It's alright, I bought my own.

Gary not joining us? I didn't think
this conversation needed a director.

Oh, yeah. I like your style.

Stars in charge, yeah? Cheers.

Listen, you know I think you're
really great. Oh, my God.

I think you are so great, too.
Seriously. I am a massive fan.

Well, I'm a massive fan of you, too,
and I'd love for us
to shoot together one day.


Sorry, I thought that
that was what we were doing...

No. Just... Since last night,
I've been out with my people,

and we're kind of feeling that,
actually, with everything
you've got going on,

maybe now is not a super good time.
Cos Carroll's a mate of mine

and I'm under massive pressure
from Hayeswire.

And in terms of my brand...
Yeah. Yeah, no.

Maybe when this it's all blown over,
like, in a year...

Or maybe me and you could just go to
the loos right now and have a fuck.

You're funny. No-one told me
you was this funny.

Another fucking one.
Oh, don't. What now?

Barcelona shoot.

No! Why? Mm-hm.

They're not even under Hayeswire
Yeah, but the company
that owns them is.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, fuck!
That's another two grand, Rich.

Look, could you not just...
What? ..take it back?

I don't wanna take it back.
It's true.

Well, you could always think about
doing some providing, I suppose.

I don't wanna do that.
Would you be happy me doing that?

A lot of the other girls do it
and it doesn't seem that different
from what you have been doing.

I choose, babe. That's
the difference, OK? I choose.
I've always chosen. Do you get me?

They don't choose me. I'm not
an escort, Rich. Do you get it?

Yeah. Yeah?
Yeah. No, course. Just...

Just a suggestion, that's all.
It's not a big deal.

Oldest profession in the world,

The only chance we have
is to deny any knowledge,

say that Owen's got a problem
but he's getting treatment.

Treatment for what?
Wanking? Seriously?

Meanwhile she's the unfuckable
old hag whose husband masturbates
behind her back. They're mine.

They're mine. The films are mine.

Right. Right. So it was research,
then, for the campaign.

No. They were for... personal use.

This is suddenly very awkward. But
no-one needs to know that. Right?

We say it was research.
No, no, I don't want a strategy.

I don't wanna try
and weasel out of it. I'm gonna
go and see the boys in the morning.

I'm gonna be honest, tell them
it was an honest mistake. Oh, God!

And ask them to stand behind me
because, actually...

I think what the public want
from a representative is reality.

I mean,
that's what the story is here.

I mean, I'm a real, living,
breathing, sexual human being.

And like all living, breathing,
real, sexual human beings,

I sometimes,
well, quite often, actually,

enjoy watching... erm...

Well, that backfired, didn't it?

Oh, for God's sake.

That is such a good costume.

Where did you get it from? Did
Jolene make it for you? Don't know.

Your mum.

She's not Jolene.
What's her name, then? Hayley.

Didn't you know your mum
had two names?


That's her grown-up name.

You can't know it
cos you're not a grown-up!

I am. Oh?

OK, then.

That's it.
Now you know it now, don't you?

You don't believe me,
just look it up on the computer.
You can have that.

"Yes Sir, I Can Boogie"
by Baccara

♪ Mister

♪ Your eyes are full of hesitation ♪

Oi, Phoebs!

What? Have you spoken to Paulie yet?

I've texted him loads.

He never replies.

Why don't you go and see him?
Apologise in person and then
he'll know you're really sorry.

♪ I'm a sensation

♪ You try me once
You'll beg for more

♪ Oh

♪ Yes, sir, I can boogie

♪ But I need a certain song ♪

Do you fancy going out
tomorrow night?

Izzy and Gabe
have both got sleepovers.

Will you do the thing?



"What the fuck?" What?
"Don't withhold kisses from me."

It's pathetic, babe.

I get that Dave's your boyfriend,
but you and I both know what
happened to that girl was wrong.

I know that you're really good
at making everything about you.

You were never this bothered
when I got paid less than you

or when White Dick
wouldn't shoot with me, so it's
great that you're suddenly a sister,

but I've got, like,
limited shits to give

because some light-skinned girl's
got a faulty arsehole.

What happened to your eye?

Just... walked into the door.

Don't joke. It's not funny.

Sorry. I'm just a bit...

I just wanted to apologise. Yeah.


It was really out of order.
I do know that.

But I thought it was real...
between us.

Even my brother said I was so stupid

for letting you have pictures
in the first place, but...

it literally never occurred to me
that I couldn't trust you.

Do you know what I mean?

I don't think I can trust anybody,

Anyway, I was just wondering if...

Cos I know what I did
was really shit.

Even if it's after
a couple of months,

if you'd like to go, just as...
Yeah. I...

I don't think so.

Yeah. No, of course. Sorry.

It's totally fine. Because...
even without all of this,

in a few months, you'll be going
to Liverpool and...

if I get into Oxford, then...
You're definitely getting in.

Yeah, I dunno.

Anyway, I... I better...

Yeah. Totally.

See ya.

No, stay away from me.
Do not... Do not... Nurse! Nurse!

It's alright. I just came to
apologise. You stabbed me! I know.

I am really sorry.

Are you OK?

No. No, I am not fucking...

When they were fixing me up,
they found a...

They found a tumour.
On my pancreas. It's...

It's aggressive, but...
they caught it early, so they...

They said I have a good shot.

The doctor said I should be grateful
to whoever did this to me.

Look at these fucking cadavers!

I brought you some grapes.
I can't eat them.

The anaesthetic.

Shall I eat one for you, then?

Yeah. OK.

Don't be scared.

You'll be fine.

You saved my life, you crazy cunt.

Yeah. Yeah.


Oh, yeah. Ohh!

Oh, God.

What? What is all this?

A feminist group from the local
sixth form got my address.

Right. In. Go on.

Oh, Jo-Jo...

I am sorry.

It's just...
whatever you think happened on set,
whatever she says about it,

it was a big deal for her.
And Tom Pain?

I mean, the Dave and Carroll I know,
they'd never take his side over that
of a scared 18-year-old girl.

I know. But he's a mate, Jo-Jo,
and she fucking stabbed him.

I know you think he's a bit of
a wanker, but he's not a criminal.
A bit of a wanker?

Hayeswire are freaking out,

talking about cancelling
my distribution deal.
Why would they do that?

Cos they're trying to get more
mainstream investment and you've
made me look like Fred fucking West.

You've gotta take it back.
I'm fucked otherwise.

Not until I see
the rest of that tape.

No, you can't. It's gone.

What do you mean it's gone?
Dave can't find it.
He's looked everywhere.

The file's vanished.

Now, please, Jo-Jo,

as a mate.


I'll think about it.


Is it not too hot? No, it's lovely.

Boys, do we want this pizza or not?

OK, boys, ten minutes, yeah?

This is my pizza. You're not
getting any of it. It's mine!


I want teeth done by the time
I come up there, alright?

Gabe? Gabe, listen!

Do you wanna get another bottle?

Yeah, go on.

I'm just gonna pop to the post box.
I won't be a minute.

Sorry. Sorry, babe.

It's alright. What's the matter?
I don't know, it's just...

It's not really my thing, is it?

It's hard to do something you didn't
really wanna do in the first place
when the other person's like...

not, like, responding. Oh, no,
I was, babe. It was just taking me a
minute but I was really enjoying it.

No, you weren't. I was! Come on.

What? It's like the Sahara Desert
down there. Oh, nice!

Alright, so you're pissed off now.
No, I'm not pissed off.

Can we not do this, please?

Two days of you saying you're not
pissed off until finally you admit
that you are in fact pissed off.

Can we just skip that whole bit,
cos it is really fucking boring.

I'm sorry I'm boring. I said it's
boring, I didn't say you're boring.

I'm sorry that it's boring
having everything paid for.

You love your job,
stop acting like it's a sacrifice.
Why don't you get a job?

I've got a job. Looking after
your kids. Our kids, not my kids.

And you're not doing me a favour
every single time you plait
Izzy's hair.

That's not like some superhuman
thing to do, Rich.

You don't do anything. You haven't
worked a day in your life.

What, so your Twitter,
that just does itself, does it?
For fuck's sake!

Uploading all the customs,
the booking, the VAT, all the shit
that you don't wanna do.

I don't fancy you, Rich.

You're being really fucking spiteful
tonight, do you know that?

I love you.

But you touch me and I think,
"Alright, 20 minutes
and it'll be done."

Not because it's horrible.

Just because I don't feel anything.


Where are you going? We're talking.

No, we're not talking.
I'm done fucking talking.
I'm going to Sarah's.

Oh, what, so you're gonna leave,
are you? Just like that?

No, not just like that!

I've had years of your shit,

Banging on about how real you are,
how down-to-earth,
when really... you're fake.

You're a fake person, Hayley.

You don't do anything
unless you've got an audience.

And that's the truth.
That's the real you.

Well, fuck off, then.

I am fucking off.
Yeah? Do it quicker.

And by the way,
it's farming, actually.

The oldest profession in the world
is farming!

Oh, Jesus.

I thought you were out.
Sorry. Period pains.

Tom dropped the charges.

That's great. How come?

You're out of Mr Kiplings.

I'm sorry, we had to bring him back.
They're both in a complete state.

I think they was on a porn site.

Haven't you got parental controls?

Dad? This is not my fault.

What's normal in your house
isn't normal in everyone else's.


Gabriel? Baby, what's happening?
Where's Dad?

He's gone to Auntie Sarah's for
a little while, baby, that's all.
Come here.

I don't want you! I want Daddy!


Hayley Burrows? Yeah?

Harriet Nagle.
I'm representing Carroll Quinn.

What do you mean representing him?

You've made defamatory statements
about my client,

accusing him of gross negligence
and allowing criminal acts
to take place.

Naturally, this is affecting
his business and his reputation,

and unless you can issue
a public retraction, we're gonna
have to take it to court.

What do you want me to do, say I was
lying? Who's gonna believe that?

You're a very gifted performer,
Hayley. But, I mean, perhaps
you could hint at a drug problem.

Or drink?
Drink's probably more credible.

And perhaps we can help make that
a bit easier for you.

Yeah? How much?
Hayeswire have very deep pockets.

And they care very much about
the good name of their partners.

They feel very strongly
that it's not acceptable for a good
man to be dragged through the mud

because an attention-seeking liar
decides to fake moral outrage

for the purpose of furthering
her own career.

Oi. I get enough attention.

And I'm not faking anything.

I'll see you in court, darling.

You've got my fucking pound!

"I Ain't Gonna Cry No More"
by Timi Yuro

♪ No more

♪ I ain't gonna cry no more

♪ No use begging

♪ I ain't coming back to you

♪ Somebody else

♪ Has already taken your place

♪ And you'll never hurt me again

♪ Like you did before

♪ I ain't gonna cry no more

♪ Oh, ain't gonna cry no more

♪ I ain't gonna cry no more ♪

Subtitles by Red Bee Media