A Small Light (2023): Season 1, Episode 5 - Scheißfeld - full transcript

Jan refuses to abandon a dangerous mission, and Miep fears for his life.

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I'm looking for someone
named Willem Arondeus.

He might be able to help me.

Who are you?
What good are you to me?

If I help you, how are you
going to be able to help me?

Something's changed.

You're distant and, and
you always have to go?

- Nothing's changed.
- No, you're lying.

And we don't lie to
each other, remember?

Why did you go to church?

What else are you lying about?

I'm doing
what you are doing.

You said yes to Mr. Frank.

I said yes too. I can't
tell you more than that.

We're not doing enough.

When you feel like that,
there's only one thing you can do.

We're gonna start a fire.

♪ When you're smilin',
when you're smilin' ♪

♪ The whole world
smiles with you ♪

♪ When you're laughin',
when you're laughin' ♪

♪ The sun comes
shining through ♪

♪ But when you're cryin',
you bring on the rain ♪

♪ So, stop your sighin' ♪

♪ Be happy again ♪

It was a perfect day.

You looked so beautiful.

I mean, you got so excited,

you forgot to say, "I do."

Oh, sorry. Um,
I do, I do. Do you?

I do.

You remember my
wedding better than I do.

I mean, it was the most
romantic thing I had ever seen.

You remember it
very differently, too.

I just found it
really stressful.

How was it not the most
romantic day of your life?

We got married in
a government building.


I mean, you looked so beautiful
and Jan looked so handsome.

I mean, I did, I did
wonder if I'd ever be

as in love as you two were.

Why are you being
so sappy all of a sudden?

What have you done with my Anne?

Miep. Yeah?

Okay. Can
you keep a secret?

Uh, Anne,
look where we are.

Okay, um, so. So?

Yesterday, uh,
during the air raid.


Peter came up and
he asked if I was okay.

I mean, I was, Pim was here.

But, you know, Peter,
he was, he was so nice.

What? You, you
have a crush on Peter?

No, I mean,
no, no, no, no, no.

We just talked.


He teaches me some
things about myself and,

I mean, I do the same to him.

Well, he's just very nice.

- You have a crush
on Peter. - Stop it.

This thing between
Anne and Peter won't do.

It's harmless, isn't it?

I mean, when I was
that age it was.


But you didn't live in a
tiny warren of rooms with

seven other people,
including that boy's parents.


I don't have to
tell you all the ways this

could go horribly wrong.

All these feelings will have
to wait until after the war.

I don't know if
you can just stop them.

No, no, I'm
not sure I can.

I need you to, to
discourage Anne from

continuing with
the van Pels boy.

- Mrs. Frank, it's...
- Please, Miep.

You've been keeping
us wonderfully safe

throughout all this.

This situation
doesn't feel safe.

We Dutch, we keep
very meticulous records and

so we've basically provided the
Nazis with a detailed register

of who and where our
Jewish citizens are.

So, what's the solution?
How do we counter that?

We blow up the
Civil Registry Office

and every record inside.

Our friend Jan has
already taken a huge risk.

He's used his access as a
social worker to explore

the layout of the building.

Thank you, Jan.

I knew the place a bit.

We're blowing up the
building I got married in.

It's very romantic, Jan.

Thank you for that.

So, using Jan's intel,
I've made a map of the building,

and where the greatest
numbers of records are kept.

Oh, hold on.
Hold on. Hold on.


With an action this big, there
will be reprisals and the Nazis,

they will hit back.

For those of you that
participate in this,

you may be hunted and
you may be killed.

I'm saying that there is
no shame if any of you

want to back out now.


We'll come and have a look then.


So what we see is
the courtyard here.

There's pictures of everything.

Thank you,
thank you for your help.

You're welcome. We're
just getting started.

No, no.

You're, you're too valuable
for this one, okay?

I want to do
as much as I can.

Look, you've already
done what no one else can.

Your access has, has
made it possible.

It's more than enough.

Thank you.

So, let's
see the first floor,

Willem did you have...

Hey Cas, morning.

I saw Cas today.

Oh, yeah? How's he doing?

I don't know.

I hid from him.

I mean, the last time we
spoke wasn't great and

I've stopped seeing my family.

It's much easier to lie to them
if I just don't see them at all.

A bit like you really.

What's that
supposed to mean?


Well, since you've started
working with the resistance,

you leave in the
morning, come home.

I don't know anything
you've done in the day.


I'm sorry, Jan, um,

what time do we have to
be at the train station?

Uh, train for
Hilversum leaves at 5:30.

And we really can't be late.

The lady who's agreed to hide
you is getting a little antsy.

Mm-hmm. Well,
I might not sleep at all.

This is all so sudden.

Are you sure this is necessary?

I know it's
nerve-racking, but it,

it is the best thing to do.

Even Max says it's time
to get out of Amsterdam.

It's just not safe here.

Yes, yes.

Well, um, see you
in the morning.

- Night, night. MRS.
- Um, night.

What were
we talking about?

Oh, yeah, that we never
talk about anything anymore.

After the war's over, I'll
tell you everything, I promise.

I saw this great
pair of shoes today.

Remember those ones
that I used to have?

The red ones with
a little strap?

Mm-mm. What?

How can you not remember them?

I wore them on our first date.

Oh. Get this as well.

Anne has a crush on Peter,

and Mrs. Frank asked
me to put a stop to it.

But how can I?

How can I break her
little heart like that?

Anne thinks that we
got married in a rush,

because we were so in
love, we couldn't wait.

I can't believe you don't
remember those shoes.

Hello. You found us.

Yeah. Thank you.

stay in my daughter's old room.

It's a small bed,
but a down duvet.

It will
be lovely, I'm sure.

Thank you so much for this.

It's so stressful in Amsterdam,

the razzias seem to
getting closer and closer.

We all
have to do what we can.

It works out rather
well this time.

- Okay. This is going
well. - Mm-hmm.

Maybe we can get
the early train back.

Why are you
so antsy to leave?

I thought we could have
a walk by the pond.

It's so pretty here.

Uh, no, I have to get back.

For what? Can
you just tell me?

This is what I
was talking about.

Do you want me
to make something up?

No, just trust me.

And what is it? Stealing IDs?

Delivering money?

Are you hiding another family?

I don't wanna wait
until after the war.

I want my husband back.

I'm right here.

Hmm, hmm, hmm.

Mm-hmm. Hmm.

Is it bad that I'm really
excited that Mrs. Stoppelman is

moving to the country, have the
whole apartment to ourselves.

I warn you, I might never
wear a bra ever again.

I support this plan.

I might not wear
any clothes at all.

Hey, you're here.

I'm Kuno.

Oh. Hi, Kuno. Jan.

Ah, yes. Miep.

Miep. Yeah.

Oh, thank you so much
for, for doing this.

Oh, no, not at all.

Thank you. Thank,
thank your mother.

No, it worked
out really well.

Yeah. Uh. But what.

- It does.
- Does exactly?

I have a
girlfriend in Amsterdam,

so that'll be great.

So when are we leaving?

Kuno, uh, sweetheart,

I haven't talked to them
yet about this part.

Kuno's at University here,
and he's got himself into

a little bit of trouble
with a local Nazi party.

Well, I wouldn't
sign their loyalty pledge.

- Yeah. - I'm sorry.

Kuno, shh, shh.

And so I thought, well, since
Kuno is wanted in Hilversum,

and Mrs. Stoppelman
can't be in Amsterdam,

because she's Jewish,
well, why not make a trade?

It seemed only fair.

And I know you have the room.

Sounds great.

I don't know if
Peter even cares about me.

He's spending so much
time with Margot.

Well, to be fair,
his options are limited.

I mean, she's
always going up there.

Maybe, maybe that's
just how it's meant to be,

you know, maybe Margot
is more his type.

Well, Margot?

For goodness sake, Anne,

I'm only helping
him with his maths.

Stop listening in.

Well, I, I can't
help it, you're so loud.

Besides, I, I don't think
of Peter in that way.

Listen, if you want to
pursue something with him,

I, I think you should.

Maybe neither of you
should be thinking about him.

I just wish he
would give me a sign.

How did you know Jan loved you?

Better yet,
how did he propose?

Yeah, how did he
propose? Tell us everything.

Okay. Well, firstly,
there was a lot of shit.

- Miep.
- Oh, my God.

Okay, let me go back.

And so after the occupation,

the Nazis were trying to
get rid of undesirables.

- Besides Jews?
- Yeah, yeah.

And I became an undesirable,
because I was an immigrant here.

So the Nazis called me
into the government offices

and revoked my passport.

They told me I had three
months to leave the country.

I was scared to death.

Your father actually
caught me crying at my desk

and forced me to tell
him what was wrong.

I have a good job,
I have a good man.

You know, this is my home
and I don't wanna leave.

Well, you can't.
I need you here.

Besides Anne would never
forgive me if I let you go.

Marry him.


You said yourself
you have a good man.

Marry the Dutchman.

Jan at the time
was working about

an hour south of
Amsterdam for a week.

He was helping his friend on
their farm with the harvest by

shoveling manure to
fertilize the fields.

Have you finalized your divorce?

Because we need to
get married like,

like yesterday or I'm gonna
be kicked out of the country.

So if you, if you love me,

let's do this, and fast.

Oh no, wait.

Ah, did I get this all wrong?

No, no, no, no, it's...

Wait, do
you not want this?

No. Wait. You...

No, it's not,
it's not that.

You have a funny
way of showing it.

No, it's just...

"Someday we'll
go to Paris, Miep."

But you talking about
having kids, what?

No, I... Kids?

Have you been stringing
me along this whole time?

Was this all some big con?

Because I can do much
better than you pal.

Stop it. Stop.

I've already divorced her.

It's done.

What? Yes.
I did it a month ago.

I was gonna tell you
once I bought the ring

I've been saving for.


And then I was
gonna ask your father.


Then I was gonna
find somewhere to

propose to you Miep, like,
like in front of the bar where

we first met or on the bridge where
we had our first kiss, anywhere,

anywhere on God's
green Earth except

the middle of this shit field.

And if you think you
can do better than me,

then maybe you should.

No, no, wait, wait.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Wait, wait.

I, I do want you to propose me.

Propose to me.

No. What?

Not now, then later, whenever
and however you want.

But you can't do it if
I'm on a train to Vienna.

Oh, God. So, so.

What are you
doing? - Jan.

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

Oh God.

Firstly, I can do
much better than you.

And secondly, will you make me
the happiest girl in the world

by marrying me so I can stay in
the country with you, please?


No, no, don't do this.

Come on. No.

You proposed to him?

Oh, you and Jan proved
that two people can fall in love.

I mean, even in the most
unacceptable circumstance.

It's, well, it wasn't
quite as romantic as that.

Yes, it is.

I mean, it seems inspiring
and amazing and perfect.


Oh, oh, God. Uh.

- Oh, my God.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Oh, sorry, sorry,
sorry, sorry, sorry.


Oh, uh, uh...

Hey, Jan!

Hey Kuno.

I thought I was in
the wrong apartment!

- I'm so sorry.
- I wanted to die.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I did tell Kuno that
since he can't go out,

he can bring Hendrika over here.

Okay. Well,
next time I'll knock.

In your
own apartment? Why?

Well, I wonder
why? What do you think?

Uh, this was delicious. Really.

Yes, thank you.

Where are you going?

Uh, I have got some work,
things to be getting on with.

What kind
of work do you do?

Yeah, Jan.

Yeah, tell us on what
kind of work do you do?

Not much to tell.

No. No, he doesn't
tell me anything.

All I know that
it's very dangerous.

Every time he leaves the house,

I'm worried I'll
never see him again.

Come on, what is it?

He really
doesn't tell you?

No, he hasn't for months
now, but I've tried to guess.

I think I put two
and two together.

I think, I think he works,
um, for the circus, you know,

tightrope walker
or maybe a clown.


I thought you
were a social worker.

I am a social worker.
Don't listen to this lady.

It's all very boring
stuff believe you me.

- Very boring.
- See you later.


Mr. Broers.

Hello, Jan.

You look well, you staying safe?

You still want to argue with
me that Nietzsche had it wrong?

- Quiet.
- What is this?


These men saw
fit to drop their trash

in the streets, like pigs.

I dropped a candy wrapper.

I picked it up.

- Keep on working.
- I have no more spit.

Use this, Jew.

- Hey, hey, hey.
- Jan, Jan!

Keep walking, son. It's okay.

Keep cleaning.

I need to be a
part of the operation.

The Records Office.

No, I've
already told you.

No, no, no, no, no.

I understand I'm
valuable in my position.

Okay. I get it.

But it's not enough.

People could be giving up
their lives for this and

I get a free pass
because of my job?

No. I will not
stand by anymore.

Jan, I don't doubt
for a second that you'd be

willing to give your
life for this cause.

But this action, this
action requires people

who are willing to
take a life for it and

I just don't think
you've got it in you.

It's not a bad thing, it's
just, but it's not you.

"There is a certain right by
which we may deprive a man of life."

What's that
supposed to mean?

It's Nietzsche.
It means, "Try me."


I will.

There is a certain
Nazi Officer who

makes the schedules of
the razzias in town.

He alone decides which
neighborhoods are raided and when.

Each week, this prick visits the
same prostitute at the same time

in a hotel on the Warmoestraat.

Like clockwork.

If you can't do
it, just walk away.

It's fine. It's good, in fact.


Oh! Ohh!

What the hell is going on?

He did it! The son
of a bitch killed me!

This was a test?

We had to know for
sure, what you could do.

And now we do, and so do you.

He didn't think you could.

- Get off of me.
- You owe me a beer.


- To Holland.
- To Holland.


How are you?

I, uh, I'd like
to be very drunk.

Well, you've earned it.


Cheers. Cheers.

Are you listening, I
quit. Cas, are you listening?


How are
you? - Good.

Happy anniversary!

anniversary! - Yay.


Thank you.
Thank you so much.

You must've used all
your butter in this.

Don't you
worry about that.

Well, I still think
we should've waited for Jan.

We'll save him some cake.

Tell Jan he's missed.

All right. Everyone
down. Everybody down.

Peter. Peter.

Cover your heads.
Cover your heads.

Come, come,
quick, quick, quick.

It's all right.

It's okay.
What did I say, darling?

The air raids are good,
because it means the English

are knocking the
daylights out of the Nazi.

Are knocking the
daylights out of the Nazi, yes.

They're gonna shoot a
plane down right into our building.

It's all right.
It's all right.

- No, Gusti.
- Well?

What are they doing?

They're knocking the
daylights out of the Nazis!

That's right.

Oh my God. I got to go.

It's my anniversary.

Oh, well, to
your anniversary then.

And to tomorrow night.

You don't need, you
don't need to come tomorrow.

I got someone to
replace you anyway.

Martyrdom is sexy, but
it's not very smart.

It's, it's fine to
look after yourself.

I am looking after myself.

I feel like a coward, if I
live the rest of this war just

stealing IDs and ferrying
groceries to hidden people,

knowing that you all
risked everything.

I'll live the rest of my life
feeling like I didn't do enough.


Trust me, even if you do
go tomorrow and even if

you get out safely,

you always feel like
you never did enough.

- Oh, sorry.
- No, it's fine.

It's fine. Is she asleep?

Yeah, finally.

You know, the last time
that I found you crying,

I remember that I, I, I told
you to marry your Dutchman

and perhaps it...

It's fine. We're fine.

Good. So why
are you crying?

I was just thinking
about these shoes that

I wanted to buy.

I know. I know.

They're really nice shoes and

obviously I can't afford them.

And then, I thought, "Where
would I even wear them?"

And I couldn't think of a,

of a world where I'd
wear them, ever again.

Buy the shoes.

I never should've
brought it up.

You have to.

I just spent almost an hour
there trying to convince Anne

that we'll find our
way through this.

That she has something
to look forward to.

And if you found a pair of shoes
that makes you feel like this,

give you hope, something
to look forward to.

Buy them.

It's a good pair of shoes.



Hello? Miep.

We need to talk.

If we still do that.

Oh, God. Is
it Mom and Dad?

No, no. They're fine.

It's, uh, it's about Jan.

I have seen Jan the
past few weeks, um,

meeting with these people
and drinking with them

in this particular bar.

A bar for homosexuals.

You think Jan...

No, uh, it's not
just a bar for homosexuals.

It's a bar where
Resistance fighters meet.

So this is what all
the secrets been about?

Why you've stopped
coming to see us,

because you and Jan are
working for the Resistance?

Yes. All right.

And so this, this
thing Jan is gonna do.

Aren't you worried?

What thing?

Well, I don't
know what it is.

I thought you would.

No, he doesn't
tell me anything.

What, what thing?

Um, well, the,
the guy I'm seeing is in

with the Resistance people

and he says that they're
planning something.

They're gonna, um,
kill somebody or,

or blow something
up, something big.

When? Tonight.

Miep, they're, they're,
they're acting like nobody's

coming back from this.

They've been drinking
and, and, and, and

toasting like they're
going off to war.

You have to speak to him.

I found this in
your underwear drawer.

Jan, Jan you said it was, you
said it was shuffling papers.

Don't worry.

Don't placate me
and do not lie to me.

I deserve to know.

Look at me. Is it dangerous?

Could you die? Will you die?

Do you really want to know?

Yes, it's dangerous.

Maybe I'll die.

No, you can't go.

Do you love me?

Are you serious?
If you do you won't go.

Miep, you can't say that.

You can't say that.

Miep, I'm a Dutchman
and my country needs me.

I need you. I need you.

Jan, this is my line.

Everyone has one
and this is mine.

Please, don't go.
Please, you can't go.

If you love me you cannot go.

Don't go. Don't go.

I'll see you later.

Miep, I am
so glad to see you.

Pim says that I can't
speak to Peter anymore

because it's too inappropriate.

Actually, your father
is just who I come to talk to.

Oh, you can't speak
to him now, he's in a mood.

He's got a headache, well
it's because of the air raid.

He's been staying up with
me because I can't sleep

but listen.

If I could have
five consecutive minutes.

It's all Mother.

It doesn't sound like Pim.

Mother doesn't
understand what love is.

I mean, her marriage is
a loveless partnership,

a marriage of convenience.

God, Anne, Anne you
have this idea about love.

It's not real.

It's not the dream
you think it is.

Nobody has a love like that.

You and Jan do.

Jan and I were a
marriage of convenience.

I married him so I could
stay in the country.

Everything you remember about
my wedding is completely wrong,

it was the scariest
day of my life.

I was committing
fraud that day, Anne!

I was trying to get married
with an invalid passport and

I could have been deported.

I forgot to say "I do" not
because I was swooning over Jan,

but because I was terrified that
a man would see the stamped page

on my passport and have me
arrested there and then.

Excuse me. Sorry.

Thank God Jan
coughed to distract him.

I was trying not to get
arrested, just like you.

And to confuse that
with love, well,

it's just stupid.

Do you understand?

Listen, you're growing up.

Maybe it's time to start acting
a bit grown-up about this.

The best and safest thing you
could do is steer clear of Peter.

Love will only get you hurt.

I understand. I will.



Anne, go upstairs.

I need to talk to you.

I asked you to discourage
Anne from getting involved

with the Van Pels boy.

Not to scare her out of
ever falling in love.

Sorry, sorry.

What's wrong?

What's happened
between you and Jan?

We're struggling.

It's bad.

It's, it's really bad.

Well, yeah, well these are
trying times for any marriage.

And the war makes things
even more complicated.


No, he's, he's going to do
something really dangerous,

you know, for, for
the war effort.

And I, I asked him not to
go and he said he'd be back,

but he knows he might
not and he just left.

Yeah. I understand.

Ten years ago, Otto
came to me and said,

"I have a terrible feeling.

I'm moving you and the
girls out of Germany."

Well, I didn't want to go, Miep.

I mean, if you'd seen the
life I had in Germany,

you'd wanted to stay, too.

But I looked him in
the eye and I said,

"All right, let's go."

And he brought us
here for our safety.

And I hated him.

God, I hated Otto for
taking it away from me.

Thank God
you believed him.

No, I didn't
believe him, I knew him.

I know his heart
and he knows mine.

And even when I hated him,
I never stopped loving him.

Marriages grow up too, Miep.

You have to let them.

Anne calls our marriage
passionless, but,

but she doesn't know.

Otto knows how to keep us safe and
how I want to raise a daughter,

and how I like,
exactly to take my tea.

There's something
very romantic in that.

Don't you think?


You know, Anne, she
doesn't know about all that.

And she, she's brilliant, yeah,

she's impertinent,
but she's only 14.

She's only 14.

Mama! Mama! What?

They're back.
It was so close.

But there's
no air raid signal!

What was that?

It wasn't anti-aircraft!

Jan. I have to go.

That was
definitely the Resistance.

Yeah, but why
would we blow up

our own building, though?

Oh, Bep.

So the Nazis will
have no records of the Jews.

Oh, the records.

- Morning.
- Good morning.

Did you hear?

The records
building was bombed and

the Nazis arrested a bunch
of Resistance fighters.

- I heard.
- You're late.

We're almost open.
Did you sleep in?


I've got
something to show you.

But you can't be angry with me.

Jan. Is Jan here?

- Look right
here. - What?

I don't see anything.

Peter kissed me.
I mean, right here.

It was a little awkward
because I was turning my head,

but oh, he kissed me right
there with both of his lips!

I mean, I've had my first kiss!

Can you put
the groceries away?

Hey, when's
Jan coming home?

We thought we could
play bridge or...

I'm not sure.

Is there, is
everything okay?

Is there anything
we could do for you?

If you have any plates
or mugs in your bedroom,

you could bring them in here.


Are you all
right? - Yeah.

Cas! Hi!

Hi. Do
you know anything?

No. Do you? No.

- It's been two
days. - Right.

Well, we should go and
find some answers, then.

Come on.

I have to go.

It's Jan. He's...

It's all right. Go, go!

Please, go.

Ah. She's here.

Hi. We're looking for Jan Gies.

I don't know a Jan Gies.

Well, you do because
I've seen you with him.

I don't know a Jan Gies.

Jan is my husband.

I just, I just need to
know if he's been arrested

or if he's alive, or...

I just, I just need
to know, please?

I'm sorry. I
don't know a Jan Gies.

Let's go. No
one's gonna talk in here.

They're all too scared.

All of you've
been asking and

I can't keep saying
it over and over,

so I'll tell you what I
do know once and for all.

Because we all know the
official news is crap.

As you know, the
Resistance has blown up

the Civil Registry Office.

For reasons I cannot fathom,

the Nazis believe some of
our friends are responsible.

Some of our friends
are unaccounted for.

Some have been arrested.

Here are the ones that
we know are in custody.

Johann Brouwer.

Cornelius Roos.

Cees Hoenig.

Rudi Bloemgarten,
sentenced to death.

Carl Groeger,
sentenced to death.

Willem Arondeus,
sentenced to death.

Willem has made a statement and
his lawyer has passed this on.

The statement is this,

"Let it be known that
homosexuals are not cowards."

♪ We'll meet again ♪

♪ Don't know where ♪

♪ Don't know when ♪

♪ But I know
we'll meet again ♪

♪ Some sunny day ♪

♪ Keep smiling through ♪

♪ Just like you always do ♪

♪ Till the blue skies
drive the dark clouds ♪

♪ Far away ♪

♪ We'll meet ♪

♪ Again, don't know where ♪

♪ Don't know when ♪

♪ But I know we'll meet again ♪

♪ Some sunny day ♪

To Willem and to Holland.

- What's this?
- I, I don't know.

It was there when I got here.

It's German. What does it say?

Shit field.

Jan! Jan! Oh, my God.

I thought you were gone!

I thought I'd never
see you again.

You didn't go.

You didn't go because of me
and, well, now you hate me.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Are you coming home?

It's still dangerous
for you, for our friends.

I wasn't there,
but if people talk,

they could name me.

I won't ask you
to stop, I, I won't,

but I need you to tell me.

If you're in danger, I need
to be in danger with you.

I'll see you soon.

- Is that for me?
- Yes, yes. Sit down.

Firstly, I want to apologize, I
was wrong about you and Peter,

I shouldn't have told you to
stop feeling what you're feeling.

Actually, I, I think
I was wrong about Peter.

I think that he needs
me more than I need him.

What? What?

Nothing, nothing.

You're just, you're growing up.

And you, you are
not waiting, so.

Oh! That is one of my
favorite dresses of yours!


Because it's one of
my favorites, too.

Of yours.

Miep. Wait, really?

You need
clothes that fit you.

Wait, this one's
mine? - Mm-hmm.

Wait, really?

And you need these.

Those are for
me? - Mm-hmm.

Thought I wanted
them for myself,

but I don't need these.

You do.

No one's downstairs.
Go on. Try them on.


- Oh, those look great.
- I absolutely love them.

Oh. Miep, where am
I gonna wear these?


You'll wear them to a job
interview, and to dinner.

That's for a girl who's
just getting started.

You'll wear them dancing, maybe
you'll kiss a boy in them,

maybe the wrong boy,
but that's okay.

You'll make mistakes,
you'll learn from them,

and you'll just
continue to grow.

And I can't wait to see it.

♪ When you're smilin',
when you're smilin' ♪

♪ The whole world
smiles with you ♪

♪ When you're smilin' ♪

♪ The whole world
smiles with you ♪

♪ When you're laughin',
when you're laughin' ♪

♪ The sun comes
shinin' through ♪

♪ But when you're cryin',
you bring on the rain ♪

♪ Stop your sighin',

♪ Be happy again ♪

♪ Keep on smilin' ♪

♪ 'Cause if you're smilin' ♪

♪ The whole world ♪

♪ Smiles with you ♪