A Perfect Story (2023): Season 1, Episode 4 - Fecha de caducidad - full transcript

David surprises Margot and their idyllic trip continues, but things don't remain rose-colored for long. A pact is made for their return to Madrid.

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- Oh hey.
- Jeez. Jesus Christ.

I totally wasn't watching you sleep.
I swear.

Well, okay, then.
That's really not reassuring, David.

- Come on. Get dressed. We're leaving.
- Why? What's happening? Wha...

It's a surprise. All right? Get packed.

You said a surprise, huh?

- Let's go!
- Where?

- Where are we going?
- The boat's about to leave.

Tell me. I'm gonna find out.
They'll tell me on the boat.

Doubt it. You'll have headphones in.

- You've got it all figured out.
- Yes.

Hello. How are you?

- Hi.
- Thank you.


Welcome to Ios.


- Well, I swear Ios is out there. Okay?
- Okay.

It's the cheapest Greek island,
but by no means the least charming.

Bathroom's here.

Oh wow.

It's not like
the hotels your company books,

but I wanted to surprise you.

No, no, no, no, no. I love it.

We'll get to know another island.
It's rad.

This is where I stay?

No. It's where we stay.


I would love to say it's part

of my perfectly devised plan of seduction,
but... it was all I could swing.

It's perfect, though.

Hey. You match the decor.

Is this Ios or the Paris-Dakar?

The car's gears keep on sticking.

I couldn't care less about gears.

I just can't stand that
this fucking radio doesn't work at all.

Hey, did you talk with Filippo?

I didn't realize we were doing that game.

What game?

I mean, I don't know.
I touch you, and you ask about Filippo.

Does that bother you?

Well, I'm just asking you
about the dude that...

that two days ago you still wanted.

David, I didn't forget that.
You can relax.

It's not as though you're

so terribly enchanting
that I forgot all about him in two days.

Margot, it... it wasn't
because of the way you looked at me.

How did I? What do you mean?
How did I look? Come on.

Well, like you were into me, kinda.

So that's the reason.

- For what? What are you doing?
- I'm pulling over and stopping!

I don't want to argue
and drive at the same time, okay?

It's reckless.

Margot, that's not the reason I did it.
It's really not.

Well, I think that it is.

Because I touch you,
and you bring up Filippo.

And for me,
that means, "Don't be excited."

Or maybe that's why you're upset.
Because you are excited, and that's scary.

Fuck off, all right?

Like a little kid.

- You know what I think?
- Yeah? What's that?

That you have a problem.

- I have a problem?
- You do.

Because you do want me,
but when we get back to Madrid,

you want your prince of Italy
to pick you up in his fucking carriage.

That's what this is. Fuck!

David, you don't have any idea, really,
none at all, what I actually want, okay?

Don't. You're clueless!

Fine, but could you tell me,
just this once?

Tell me what the hell you...

That works, I guess.

Now, was that so difficult?

It wasn't that difficult.

If we do this,
we have to be totally upfront.

- All right.
- I want to get back with Idoia.

And I want Filippo.


So we'll go with the flow.

Well, I think I'm going
with the flow right now.

You don't say.

Seriously, though.

Here we are... in Greece.

And we're two friends
who are into each other.

I like you, clearly.

I'm just scared that...
we'll sacrifice our friendship over it.

No. That'll never happen.

Fine. What do we do?

We could set an expiration date.

You mean like yogurt?

That's right. Just like yogurt, sad eyes.
Very sexy.

Um, okay. An expiration date. When?

Not sure.

Let's focus on us, here and now.

And then, when we do get home,
we'll focus on our partners.

Once we're in Madrid, it's over.
Not even a kiss goodbye.

- Well, look. I mean, there's no need to...
- No, I mean it. I'm serious.

If we're gonna do this, we do it right.


- Just one thing, though.
- What?

No lying.
Because that would screw things up.


- And right now?
- And right now...

Just us?

- Hey. You love this song, right?
- Yeah. I'll crank it.

We haven't talked about the iPod.

- Mm, what is there to talk about?
- I mean, it's kinda crazy.

The guy I like is technologically Amish.

The guy you what?

You like me, then?

- Mm, only a little.
- Oh yeah?

- Very little.
- Uh-huh.



Ruth? Huh?

What's up? What brings you here?

And, um... uh, how are you?

- And you?
- Nothing. Just... on vacation.



- Margot, this is Ruth.
- Hi there.

- Sorry. How's it going?
- Hello.

Nice to... Well, it's nice to meet you.

So, um... Idoia and I broke up last month.

- I need to find...
- She left.

I know it's here somewhere.

- Ruth is a friend of Idoia's.
- Ah.

That's great. Wonderful.

Well, look. I'm really sorry.

A real shame, ya know?

- Well...
- I thought you were great for Idoia.

I thought she was so into you.

Yeah. That's Idoia, right? I...
I don't know what goes on in her head.

No one does. She was probably trying
to act tough and got carried away.

- Sure.
- You cool?

- Yes.
- All right.


- All right.
- Uh, okay.


- It's good to see you.
- Uh...

- You good?
- I'll leave you to it.

Nice to meet you.

That's on inside-out, I think.

- Well, the lining looks the same. I...
- Bye-bye.

See you.

That's one thing I forgot
to take into account about going topless.

Running into someone you know.

You okay?

- Yeah.
- Really?

With you, always.

- I'm going for a swim.
- Okay.

I think you drowned it enough
that you can eat it now.

Is this because of Ruth?

No, no, no. No, no, no. I'm fine.

It's... I'm just a little tired.

Okay. Still, I'm sorry
if it made you uncomfortable.

And also... I want you to know that, um...

- Well, even though I was clearly bothered...
- Thank you for admitting that.

I still know I want to have fun with you.

And I mean it.


Uh, we said no lies.

And you know I'm being honest.

Do you wanna say anything?


And what if it's not enough
for me, that you only want...

to have fun with me?

What if...

I want more, or...

...I think I have real feelings?


Do you wanna say anything?



No, it's all good.
Today was just really weird.

I'm fine. Let's toast.

All right.

Here is to the fact
that bumping into Ruth is a...

is a sign
that you and Idoia will work it out.


This is Greece, so...

This one's... to us.

To us.

Mm! That reminds me...

Oh! Almost fell over. Holy shit.

- But hang on. What are you...
- Give me a sec.

- What are you doing?
- Look away.

- Come on.
- Look there.

- David.
- It's just... I'm struggling here, okay?



- A boring shirt, the way you like 'em.
- I don't believe it.

- I am shocked.
- I look hot.

So hot. I mean...

Ever since we got here,

you're the only
one who's tackling things from that list.

- I can't believe it.
- You like it?

Yes, I love it, really. It fits great.

- Ah, thanks!
- You're welco...


- Sup, girl?
- You can't dance at all.

You work at a dance club,
but you're so bad.

No, it's just not
a super heteronormative style, you know?

- It's more... my style!
- Oh my!

- Excuses, David.
- All right.

You want me to dance more like this?

You just reminded me of Filippo.

- What a surprise.
- That's frightening.

Of course that's how Hercules dances.

Uh, hey, I didn't talk
about how Idoia dances.

- But I can totally imagine it.
- Ah...

Except that Idoia
never let me dance with her.

- And why could that be?
- No idea.

Neither do I, man. I don't get it.

Mm-hmm. Mm, mm, mm.

- Wow.
- Wow.

- Oh wow.
- Very sexy.

- Sh-yeah!
- Wow.



- Wow.
- Wow!

- You weren't expecting that, huh?
- No.

- I dig it.
- And this?

Stop, or I'll fall in love.

I know, right?

- I mean it.
- Huh?

Stop, or I'll fall in love.

Ugh. Boy, what a disaster.

For real. Mm-hmm.


No boring shirt.

- No! No! Hey!
- No!

I think the next one
doesn't get here until noon.

Oh well. I, uh...
I guess we'll go back to the hotel.



- It's old, but it's not dirty.
- Yeah.

Just save your excuses for the podiatrist.

Keep an eye on the time
so we don't miss the next ferry.

"I called
because I wanted to hear your voice."

"Call me when you see this. I love you."

- You all right?
- Yep.

Yeah. Candela and Patricia.
They're just...

- Should we go?
- Right, we should.

It's kind of a mix of Venice
and... and Castilla-La Mancha, right?

- David.
- Yeah?

Um... I have to, uh... tell you something.

- Yeah. Me too.
- Oh yeah?

Yeah. This trip has been
the best time of my entire life.

And even though I think
you were crazy to bring me here...


...thank you.

Your turn.


I want you naked. Let's go to our room.

- You don't say.
- Mm-hmm.

Tell me about you.
But... but not about you and Idoia.

Just about you.

- What? Oh!
- Yeah.

- Sorry.
- Sorry.

I can't go further.
I don't want to. Please, I can't!

Well, I...
I grew up in a small town in Ávila.

And my best friends are still there.

And did you have any pets?

Yeah. When I was little,
we had a dog.

Marina. Marina was
the first girl who broke my heart.

A professor at college.
I fell madly in love.

We had two Yorkies.
And what happened there was that...

My dad died of a heart attack.

I forget more stuff with every year
that passes. His smell, his voice...

I don't know. It makes me...

I'm scared of putting all my effort
and love into just one thing.

When you do that,
you're more likely to fail, right?

We still haven't seen Mykonos.

Wanna go out?


No. Do you?

No way.

I can barely hear you.
I can't... I can't hear what you're saying.

Go out to...

Go out into the hall.

All I can hear is music.

I don't hear you at all.

I can't hear you.

Are you alone? No, of course not.

No. Not at all.

No. I feel like you're drunk,
and it's not the best time to talk.

That's all.

I... I know that.
I know what you heard from Ruth.

And yes, I'm... here with her.

No. No, no. It's not like that.
I'm not in love with her.

Of course I love you, idiot.

No. I'm not saying it again.

I miss you too.

I'll never feel
as safe as I do in your arms.


- You okay?
- Yeah. Just the bathroom.

Go back to sleep.

Good morning.

You wanna spend the whole day in bed?

No. I, uh, booked us a day trip.

I'll wait outside.

As you know, the Greeks made up
hundreds of stories to explain...

If you want,
we could go off and explore on our own.

No, no, no. I'm fine with the group.

And in fact, one version
of the story claims

that the rocks on this island here

are the giants
that were slain by Hercules, our hero.

- Excuse me.
- Yes.

It's just that earlier you said
it was Athena that told him how.

Correct! Finally,
someone's listening.

So the hero would be her, not him.

Because in the end, he really only did
what Athena asked him to execute, right?

Uh, yes. Sure, yeah.
But let's continue this way, all right?

- Are you sure you're fine?
- Yes. Perfectly fine. Why?

...what happened here
was a huge battle between giants,

gods, and Hercules, who, shall we say,
was the representative for the humans.

Yes? Porphyrion tried to rape Hera,
who had a violent disposition.

But Zeus and Hercules managed to save her.

- Zeus with his lightning bolt, and...
- Pardon.

I'm just not getting it,
but I'd like to understand.

Um, so Hera had a violent disposition.

- But their defense was required?
- Well, I wasn't there.

Look, I imagine you weren't,
physically, in person,

and there at the time of the story,
but I am so done hearing stories

where the dudes are always the ones
that need to save the girls.

- Wanna bounce?
- I'm just telling the story.

Yeah, but it's a story
that perpetuates the "perfect story."

An awful story we're fed as young women.

- Okay. We need water. We'll be all right.
- It's not right!

- Thank you. Good luck.
- I'm fine.

At any rate,
you need to rethink the story a little

because it's not that hard
and it's an important job.

Um, let's continue, guys.

You heard me talking to her?


What bothered you?

That I didn't tell you, or what you heard?

Honestly, all of it.

Either way,
that was not a good tour guide.

You knew everything you heard.

Well, the fact that you're using me
was a surprise, honestly.

Man, of course I am.
Just like you're using me.

Or have you forgotten?

I'm the hot bartender
you're having a fling with

until the return of your perfect Filippo.

This has nothing to do
with Filippo or Idoia.

- Know what I think?
- No idea.

I think you're just scared.

And you're a fucking coward who's
too afraid to admit this isn't about sex,

no matter what you tell yourself.

No, I'm not scared, Margot.

I feel like this is becoming
a fucking mess. That's it.

We also said we wouldn't lie, and you did.

- And you?
- What?

You heard from Filippo?


- Yeah, but we just had sex.
- How does that matter?

Well, I guess you might not care
about it at all, but at that moment,

I didn't feel right telling you that
I received a romantic text from my ex.

Right, but you got jealous
I didn't tell you when I talked to Idoia.

- No, I'm not jealous.
- Yeah, and I'm not fucking scared!

Well, I was right. Sex did ruin it all.

Well, for once,
you did what you felt like doing.

Just because it didn't work out,
it doesn't mean it was wrong.

Yeah, maybe.

I seriously can't wait
for you to get back.

Yeah. When are you leaving, Candela?

When? Don't you have to get back
to Sweden?

Uh, yeah. But I still have some time off.
I thought I'd stay a little longer.


Candela, who is that dude
walking around my apartment naked?

Huh? Who? No one.

Is that the detective? Candela.

- You're with the detective?
- Shh!

What's the detective doing,

and why am I looking
at the detective's ass?

- I can explain.
- Dude, of course you can, and you will.

Patricia asked me
to talk to him and apologize

because she was embarrassed.

And, um... one thing led to another.

- And now he's butt naked at my house?
- Oh please. Come on!

But, yeah. I guess so.

How is it
that every time we help Patricia,

It ends with us
and a man naked in our beds?

Girl, I'll do all the favors she wants.

I gotta hang up, 'kay?

We'll talk in a bit.


Me too.

I should have told you, but I'm...

I'm a little lost here.

I wasn't totally honest either.

And yes, I was jealous.

And I was scared.

What are you scared of?

That you nailed it.

And I'm in love with you.

What are you scared of?

That I could lose you
as a friend, I suppose.

I think it's time to go home.

Sucks being home, right?

Don't you feel like when you return,
somehow the airport seems different

than when you were last there?

I don't know what changes.

Where should I leave you?

Um... right here is cool. You can go home.

I mean, I don't mind
taking you wherever you want.

Here's fine. I'll go.

- You good?
- Mm.

Yeah, it's just, uh...

Filippo's assistant was
in contact with mine.

Trying to set up a date.

What? You're saying...

When he wants to see you,
he writes his own assistant,

who then writes yours,
who then writes you?

No, I mean, it's just...

It can be complicated,
and our schedules are crazy,

so it just gets difficult.

Yeah, but it's your time.

- Right?
- Yeah.

You can't just fit in your life
outside of work into what's left.

- You live here?
- Mm-hmm. Yes, I live here.

Expiration date.

I think we should say goodbye now,
or the yogurt'll get moldy.

I think this was the best trip of my life.


Because of the sex?

- Oh, of course. The sex was the reason.
- Yeah.

Yeah. Yes. Cunnilingus
in the pool of the hotel, well...

That put the experience at a...
It put the experience at five stars.

- Five stars.
- That's right. Yeah.

All right, well, if you would be so kind
as to rate it on TripAdvisor.

- Oh sure.
- That would really help me out a lot.

- You can count on it, dude.
- Great.

- Yeah.
- Thanks.

But seriously.

I'm the one who should thank you, though.

You know that.

Don't make that face.
We said no goodbye kiss.

Right, no kiss.
But only when the trip's over.

I mean, I'm seeing, um...
one, two, three, four suitcases.

- Yeah, the suitcases. Right.
- Hmm.

But what about the, uh...
what about the yogurt?

- The yogurt.
- Uh-huh.

I mean, those dates are just a guideline.

- Yeah?
- It'll last a bit longer.


But if you want, I can ask your assistant
to find time in your schedule and...

Mm. I don't know where I put the condoms.

That's okay.
I have some in my room.

Oh, this way, this way. It's here.

Wasn't it a long walk to get here?

Subtitle translation by:
Soledad Etchemendy