A Perfect Story (2023): Season 1, Episode 3 - ¿Amigos? - full transcript

As Margot and David's bond grows, she holds back on expressing her feelings. An intriguing text reveals that she isn't the only one getting attached.

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So, what was Filippo like
as a boyfriend?

Well, lots of affection,
sexy, a real perfectionist.


And because of that, I, um...
I constantly was trying to be better.

- Better?
- Better, 'cause with him, I was... elevated.

Ah. Okay, right.
So, yeast. That's Filippo.

And what did you like
most about Idoia?

You really don't want to know.

- David, I do want to know.
- What?

Uh, the sex.

I didn't wanna know. You were right.

- That was clear.
- No, that came out wrong.

- No. That was pretty fuckin' clear.
- What? What'd I say?

- Nothing.
- Uh-huh.

Seriously, the highlight
of your relationship is the sex?

And this, coming from the girl
who needs her boyfriend to elevate her.


But, yeah. The sex.

I just don't think
your opinion of how you view yourself

should be based upon another person.

- Do you?
- I hear you.

You're incredible, Margot.

And that's with Filippo
or without Filippo.


I don't know. She had... that whole,
like, femme fatale thing, y'know?

- Mm-hmm.
- She didn't care about a thing.

Maybe she also didn't really care
about you.

Because, I mean, she ignored you,

and you chased her,
and that sounds so unhealthy.

Uh, could be. Yeah.

- Well then, why do you want her back?
- And you, with Filippo?


I dunno. I think our relationships
are kinda like the Parthenon, you know?

How so?

Well, it's... it's all just

a mess now.

It's damaged and cracked
and bombed to hell.

But when we look at it,
it's still beautiful.

- Hmm?
- Uh, could be. Yeah.



Margot! Margot!

- Oh my God.
- Anybody home?


Will you take a picture?


- Are you okay?
- Yeah, sure.

- All right. Come on.
- I'm fine.

Let's take it here.

Ah, I love it. Whoa. It's perfect.

I'll stand there.

Okay. Got it.

Okay. Hey, stay there. I'll take yours.



- Listen, David...
- She's losing it.


- What?
- Nothing. I said nothing.

- But you thought something.
- No.

- No, no.
- Yeah. Honesty was the deal.

I don't think she loves you.
I think it's her ego.

Right. You say that
because you hate Idoia.

I don't hate Idoia.

I don't think she's the problem.
The problem is you.

'Cause she gives you a little attention,
and it makes you lose control.


And every time
you see yourself through her eyes,

you don't like what you see.

Okay. And what do you see?

Didn't you say we shouldn't rely
on other people's opinions?

Come on. Whatever.

Oh God!

Thank you,
Filippo, for staying by Margot's side.

Margot is very fortunate
to have you holding her hand.

I took some leave
and went to Athens.

Thanks for encouraging me to do this.


- Yeah?
- It's me.

One sec.

"I'm glad
you were brave enough to do it."

"I'm sure you're having
a tough time out there on your own,

but you'll learn."

- Yes.
- "This trip will help you mature."

Keep going. The next part.

"And I really miss your lips."

- Uh-huh!
- Uh-huh.

- It's these lips he's missing.
- Those lips.

- My lips! Did you hear?
- Yours. Right. Of course.

Yeah? What is it?

Well, it's really patronizing.

Huh? How?

Uh, yeah. "This will help you mature"?

I mean, "You'll learn"?

That's so wack, Margot.


I, um...

- Sorry.
- No. Maybe, uh...

- Well, let's do this.
- Mm-hmm?

Tomorrow in Santorini,
we'll toast to Idoia's ego

and Filippo's great mansplaining.


- Deal?
- Deal.

Sometimes I wish I was
as comfortable with him as I am with, um...


I'm, uh...

- I'm gonna go to my room.
- Um, I should eat my...

Yeah. Of course.
And I'm exhausted. So exhausted.

Well, I'll go. Hey, just one thing. Uh...

- Yeah?
- Do you get seasick easily?

Do I...?

- Nope.
- Okay.

This is incredible, David!
Look at the blue.

The blue from the water
up against those red rocks.

It's gorgeous. You gotta see what it...

But don't worry at all.
You'll see it later. It's okay.


- You all right?
- Yeah.

I'm a bit...

Are you okay?

Oh! You okay?

Ah! The town is up there.

- How do we get up there?
- How do we get up there?

We'll take the stairs, I guess.

This is the hotel they booked?

But who would think...
to buy land in the middle of nowhere?

I dunno.

Guess we'd have to ask the owners, right?

But the owners are clueless,
let me tell you.

Good morning.
Good morning.



- I imagine it's part of the charm, right?
- Hmm.

I guess it's not
your typical beach hotel, but...

...this is so beautiful.

It's stunning.

What? Where'd he go?

No idea. He must've been a ghost
because he's not here.

But I think there is a mistake

because I had booked two villas,
but this is one.

- No, no, no.
- Sir!

This one has two rooms,
and there's a frickin' amazing terrace.

- Ah, okay. Careful!
- Come here. Look. Come here!

- See?
- It's amazing.

So, you know that...
that stupid rule hotels have

where you always have to wear a swimsuit?

Yeah? What are you doing?
What are you doing?

What are you gonna... No, no, no, no!

- What are you doing?
- Well, it's our pool and our rules.

- Hey, my list has me going naked.
- And doing something wild.

Well, then.


Uh, um...

- I should go get that.
- Yeah.

All right.

- Yeah?
- "Yeah"? Seriously?

You send us a message saying
you're going away with the bartender,

you don't pick up your phone for hours,
and all you've got to say is, "Yeah"?

But I texted you guys
and said I was fine.

- She says she's fine.
- Yeah.

Wonderful. Phenomenal. That's phenomenal.

- Did you hook up with him or what?
- Hey, no!

No. How many times do
I have to say we're not, and...

And that we're just, um...

That we're just friends.

And the detective. What's up?

Oh yeah. The detective.
I'm glad that you asked about that.

I'll pass you to Patri,
and maybe then, she'll listen.

I do listen to you, but you know what?
The thing is, you talk a lot of bullshit.


- Yep?
- Are you still following him?

Uh, well, if by following him, you mean
running into him accidentally, well, yeah.

- Pfft.
- Listen, Patri. I have a question for you.

Are you happy with Alberto?

Mm. I don't get the question.

It's just, I've been talking to David...

Ah, right. With David.
She's been talking to David.

Yes, and we thought...

that you might... you might

need to think that Alberto is cheating
because it'll be way easier to leave him.


Man, he's gone
because of you!

No, I'm not looking for an excuse to bail.

And I think you're the one who wants
a reason to hook up with the bartender.

Huh? What's with the hand?

- You're making me nervous.
- Mm! Mm!

I have to go.

Ah. Oh my!
Oh, what a coincidence. How's it, uh...

Yes, quite the coincidence.
Today, we run into each other here.

Yesterday it was outside my office,
and the day before, it was at my gym.

- Wow.
- No way.

You really are a great detective.

Oh, you're joining us.

- All right.
- Okay, then.

Over here!

I think we should have a chat.


- No.
- Yeah?

- Yeah, but no. What is this?
- It's yours.

- Mine?
- Yes. For a couple days, at least.

But it's yours.

Mm. David, I just think...

There is just no way in hell.

Yeah, you know what?
You have to because it's on your list.

No, we didn't put anything
that said I would have to die

on the streets of Santorini.

So, I'd... I'd rather not.
I'd rather not, really!

Yes. You're not gonna die.

Yeah, it's very possible that I might.

That looks great.

- I look great.
- With... that dress.

Wait. Hey, David. So what I really want
is to watch the sunset in Fira.

- Yeah?
- So, you think...

Hey, wait. Could you get this? I can't...

It's just that... Well, I...

I don't know how to drive it.
You should do it.

Fine. But you will later.

We'll see about that.

Hey, wait. Should I get changed?

But you look so pretty.

- Hop on.
- Okay.

- You okay?
- Uh, yeah.

Is this person
six foot five or something?

Please, really.

- Can you see anything?
- No.

And when I jump up, the sun is blinding.

You know, I hate tourists.

I hate them. Seriously.
I really can't stand them.

I hate tourists.

So annoying. I can't stand it.

They're everywhere you go.
They ruin everything.

- They're the worst.
- Yeah.

Yeah. Because we grew up
here in Greece, you and me.

- Hmm?
- You get it.

- You want up?
- Uh, where?

- Here.
- On your back? Here?


- You all right?
- Yep.

All right.

You know what was great
about going out with Idoia?

Go on. Tell me.

Well, she'd have everybody staring,
and we could go to anything.

Uh, that's so lucky.

- Y'know?
- Yep.

- Mm. What a wonderful compliment. So kind.
- You got it.

- Uh, did you text her?
- Yeah.

Where's my phone? Oh. Here.

Oh damn.

Some asshole made her think
she's not good enough, but she is.

And beautiful too.

- And?
- Put me down.

This is hopeless.

"Of course, we can talk,
but I remember you saying

you had no room for friends
who didn't live up to your expectations."

"It might not actually be
a great idea."

- Thank you.
- Bravo, bravo. Well done with that one.

- I'm impressed, David. That's great.
- Yeah, thanks.

- Enlighten me, please?
- Enlighten you?

- Yeah.
- Okay, I will.

This sunset is likely to be beautiful,
but I can't see shit.

I know. It's a major fail because I...

I'm sorry.
Because I had it all planned out.

And I wanted to watch the sunset here
because I heard it was gorgeous.

Then dinner at a nice restaurant.

So you learned absolutely nothing.

- What?
- At your wedding.

At my wedding?

Margot, the perfect plans
aren't always the best.

Look. Spare me
the self-help lecture, okay?

Come on. Let's go.

- Where?
- To an imperfect plan.

Yeah, but where?

I saw pizza on the way here.

And everyone's watching
the damn sunset here,

so the roads will all be clear.


Come on.

- All right. All right. All right.
- Gently. Gently.

Okay, good.

- No.
- Jeez.

'Kay. Sorry.

- Ready, okay?
- Okay.

All right.

- And...
- That's it.

All right.


I keep getting freaked out.

- You've almost got it.
- Okay. I'm going.

- Ah.
- That's right, that's it! That's it.

No, no, no, no.

That's better.

- Sorry. I'm getting it, though, right?
- Yeah.

- No.
- Well, I'm scared!

I'm scared of... accelerating
and things getting out of hand.

- You understand?
- Yeah.

- Do one thing. Accelerate.
- Okay. I'll accelerate.

- I'm accelerating. I'm accelerating.
- That's it.

No, no, no, no. Wait!

Wait, wait, wait. Brake, brake!


- We can try it again later.
- Why, though?

I feel like I'm doing it right.


- Why's he pissed?
- Because he's a dickhead.

All right? And because we're
in the middle of this road.

- Oh. Right.
- Turn it off.

- Put it there.
- But I, uh...

- Wait, how do I do it? Like that?
- Can I help? Yeah.

But what happened, huh?
Yeah! Why did? I nearly had...


No. No, no, no, no, no, no.

Fine, yes. But it isn't...

- It's completely involuntary, I swear!
- But, David!

- What happened there?
- I swear that I...

I was thinking of Idoia.

You kept braking and accelerating, and...

- So it's my fault?
- It's involuntary.

Please, go ahead.

We were just enjoying
a post-coital cigarette!

- Why do I tell you anything?
- Come on. You drive.

We agreed we wouldn't bring it up.

No such thing.

- But you implied.
- I'm laughing about something else.

- I didn't say anything. Some wine?
- Yeah.

Enough to drown how embarrassed I am.

- I'll bring out two really big glasses.
- Okay, fine.

"Don't panic,
but I might be a little into Margot."

You were always into her, idiot.
But you had a filter on.

Let's see about this wine.
Because... I don't know.


- David?
- Yeah?


- Are you bored?
- No.

No, no, no. No, no.

But you can say it. It's okay.

- We can go out or something.
- No.

- You sure?
- Sure.

- You all right?
- Yeah.




I love it. I love it when they...

they do the pizza
with the whole... the whole tomato on it.

- I lied to you.
- Huh?

Earlier, on the bike.

It wasn't about Idoia.

All right.

All right.

Oh! Careful! What are you doing?

Jeez, David. Careful, careful, careful.
Not in the water, please.

- You good?
- Yes.

- One, two...
- Three.


Wow, okay!



Boy, you really turn me on.

Are you laughing? Why are you giggling?

You don't seem
the type to talk during sex.

- I do that...
- Okay.

- Do you mind it?
- No.

- Ah, great.
- How badly do you want me?

More than I've ever wanted
anything in my whole life.

- You're so wet.
- Yeah.

Yeah, I am, huh?

- You like it?
- Uh, yeah. But maybe I'm too wet?

- But that's a good thing, right?
- I'm not sure.

I don't know. It's weird, don't you think?

- It's weird.
- Well, uh...


I don't mind, but, uh...

I think you started your...

Come on. Are you fucking kidding?

You're fucking kidding.

- Margot, it's just your period. It's not...
- Yeah, but, I mean...

Right now?

- I just...
- Look, I really...

I don't care.

Yeah, yeah. I know it doesn't...
It doesn't really matter.

Uh, yeah. I think it's a sign.

That we should stop it.

Because it's red?

No... not because it's red, David.
Because we're here.

We came here with the intention of...
getting back our exes.

- Oh, right.
- And now we're...

It's not like we're getting engaged.

- Yeah, yeah.
- I don't know.

- We're having fun.
- Yeah, but you and I we're friends.

- That's right, we are.
- I don't fuck my friends.

So we're not friends.

- Clearly.
- Yeah.

Yeah, we're not friends.

- But...
- Yeah?

It's just...

Uh, no. We have to stop this.

- Right, okay.
- Okay.


All right.

Wanna sleep in my room?


- Mm-hmm. Better.
- Right on.

Good morning.


- Have you been up long?
- No.

- Ah.
- I just woke up, so...

Yeah, same here.

- You sleep all right?
- Really well.


I'm a little scared
about what's happening.


I mean, we're good?


Right? We're behaving like adults?


- Just being casual.
- Mm-hmm.

- I think it was good that we didn't do it.
- Yeah. Uh, yep.

I would've, uh... kept going, though.


Yeah, sure.

You know.

In fact, I'd start again now.

I know what you're doing, David.

Making friendly jokes
because we're just friends.

Friends who lick each other on the chest.

I haven't licked you there, but...
but this is great, though. I really...

I really like the way you're saying stuff
like that so we're not, um... awkward.

I'm gonna go shower.

Honestly, it's gorgeous.


And it's pretty secluded.

Yeah. It's quiet here.

Hmm. It's perfect.

- For what?
- Mm.

- No.
- Margot.

- No.
- But there's no one around.

Well, you're here.

I gotta say... yesterday...

- Please, would you...
- Was just...

Would you just... stop talking about it?

But I like to.

Listen. Okay, dude?

I don't have anything
against nakedness at all. I mean, I'm...

But I grew up with a mother...


...who has a really long list
of stuff that... that she considers... vulgar.


And why am I the only one
crossing things off my list?

I still haven't seen you in a dress shirt.
But I have to be naked?

Oh, no, no, no. It's not just that. It's...


- Liberating?
- Yeah.

What are you doing?

Liberating myself, Margot.

Oh! I have to, um...
I gotta answer the phone.

- That's a little humiliating.
- Sorry. Also, your ass is so white...

I'm going blind from the glare, David.

I'll wait here for you.

Um, hey.

- I told you. He's got you giggling, girl.
- How's it going?

- Well, I'm worried.
- But I told you, I'm good.

- Not about you, idiot. About Patricia.
- Why? What happened? Is she okay?

It's nothing serious.
Have you had a chance to talk to her?

Uh, no... no, I um...
I haven't had a chance to.

Is she still on the whole detective thing?

Uh, the detective let the case go.

Because he found us trailing him.
He thinks she's obsessed with him now.

- Huh?
- Mm-hmm.

And now the thing is that the detective
wants to end the investigation.

Right? Of course.
But Patricia is now gonna try, uh,

to hire someone else.

Please, all right?
You have to talk to her.

And convince her to put an end to it.
She won't hear me.

Cande, Patricia's a big girl.

And, you know,
I've got my own problems I'm dealing with.

Yes. Getting back with Filippo, and...

And last night, I nearly slept with David.

How do you nearly bang someone?

Either you did it,
or you didn't do it. Right?

It's not that simple.
I'm... I'll tell you later.

- I gotta go.
- No.

- Hey. No.
- Don't hang...

I love you. It's urgent.
I gotta get liberated.

'Cause the beach is empty.
'Kay. Bye. Kisses.

She just hung up on me.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How does it feel?



And, um...

I feel like I can move freely.


If I had to add one "but,"
it's that now my nipples feel exposed.

- Well, that can be solved with a swim.
- That's right.


And why the wait?

Well, I gotta be naked.



Uh... thank you
for taking this trip.

Because, uh... I mean,

nothing's turning out the way
I thought it would, and we don't have...

We don't have any plans, but

I'm loving it.

- Liberated?
- Yes.

- Well, good night.
- Yeah. Good night.

- No, I don't.
- You sure about that?


Subtitle translation by:
Soledad Etchemendy