A Perfect Story (2023): Season 1, Episode 2 - ¿Qué se supone que debo hacer? - full transcript

Prompted by a random game, Margot maps out a trip that promises to be liberating. She and David strike a pact, but Candela plants seeds of doubt.

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There is this guy
at the top of the stairs.

- No, wait. Come on. Don't stare.
- But...

Don't look.

You saw him, didn't you?

Of course I saw.

He keeps looking over here.

- Is something on my face?
- No, nothing. Let me see your teeth.

Nothing. You're perfect.

- But he's looking at me.
- Obviously.

Well, he's... he's looking at you,
and he's smiling.

- Okay. He's coming down.
- He's leaving. That's what it is.

- He's coming here.
- No.

- Yes, he's coming over.
- No.

- Mm-hmm.
- Absolutely stunning.


- Good morning. Oh.
- Hey.

Coffee. Margot, thanks.

Aren't you the best?

- Cande?
- Hmm?

I, um...

Look, I know you're here to support me,
but it's been a few days. And...

Don't you worry.
I'll never abandon you. Okay?



Because when did you say
you're gonna head back to Sweden?

Front door?


- Mm. Thank you for sending me my phone.
- You're welcome.

How's the cutie at the bar?

- Cande?
- Hey.

Perfect. You two need to get dressed.
I have a surprise for you ladies.

- A surprise, huh?
- A surprise.

- Ooh, fun.
- And the surprise is?

It's a surprise.


Well, I come here daily to this office,

so I really don't see
what this big surprise is at all. Sorry.

- But it wasn't expected. Surprise, girl.
- I guess.

Seriously, why are we here?
This place makes me sick.

I have an appointment
with the detective here.

Hey, you what? Appointment? Why?

Patricia, come on.
You know Alberto isn't cheating.

I swear, the more you say that,
the more certain I am he's cheating.


Oh. How are you?

Who wants their husband followed?

Well, I'm single.

- No way.
- Yes, Domi.

- No.
- I'm telling you, it's true.

Look, Iván saw it too. He was there.

She wouldn't get jealous
unless she cared, though. Y'know?

And did I tell you about the other girl?

- Right, Margot.
- Um... Margot.Margot.

Margot is awesome.

- You can't deny that Margot is incredible.
- Yeah.

She's great. It was as if
she'd been acting her whole life.

- Well, she could be an actress.
- I don't know what she does.

She hasn't called?

I really think you should call her
and forget Idoia.

Well, first, I don't have her number.

Second, I know where you're going here,
and there was no mutual attraction.

I really saw myself inside of her.

- Oh dang!
- That sounds hella dirty, man.

Oh, you scared me.

Were you seen?

Seen coming into the office on the weekend

so my boss can work in secret
instead of enjoying her vacation?

- You shouldn't have come in.
- Yeah, right. And miss this?

You know what? This is on Patricia.

She arranged to meet someone here,

so I figured I'd get some
of these files and a few documents

so... so I can work
from home for the next few days.

What is it?

Just stop it.

What? I don't get it.

Working to ignore what happened.

- No.
- Maybe a vacation is the right idea.


- This is a map of the company's hotels.
- Yeah, I can see that.

Come on. Just pick one at random.

- Just hit one?
- Yes.

But don't look at it.

Wow. What a great destination.

And no vaccines required.

I'll take care of everything for you.

And I'll book it
in your mom's maiden name.

So you avoid the ass-kissing, of course.

Well, what is it? You don't like it?

No. Sure, sure. No, no, no.

No, it's not that.

Do you believe in signs?

Well, hey.

Sit. That's it. Come here.

I'm still kinda shocked you reached out.

- I gotta admit.
- Yeah. Yeah, so am I.

That's very sincere, sad eyes.

So why did you text?

- Well, um, the Greece thing.
- That's right.

What was
the runaway bride thinking?

I was... No idea. Um...

Nothing. Or running. Um...

Much like Achilles, I guess.

- But you're still in love.
- Yep.

Yeah, yeah. He's not the problem.
The problem is...

Watch out!

It's a combination of everything.
It was too much all of a sudden.

And I wasn't...
I wasn't good enough for him.

- Well, I know a little about that.
- Yeah?

Yeah. Idoia made me see
I wasn't enough for her.


I've got three gigs. I live on a sofa.

And there was a bunch
of other stuff she said.

- Wait, so I have a question.
- Yo.

Um, if you've got three jobs,
then why do you sleep on a sofa?

- Margot.
- Yeah?

No contract. I can leave whenever I want.

You're leaving?

No, but I can.


Achilles, dude. I'm watchin' you.

- Any other jobs I should know about?
- Yep. I watch Ada.

- She's my roommates' baby girl.
- Ah.

And you?

What do you do?

Uh, what?


For work?

Well, I work at, um...

at a company, and...
and I do, uh, basically office stuff.

- That's it, really.
- Killer.

- Ladies, want me to ask her more?
- No, it's just... We, uh...

- We needed to find the string.
- Here's some string.

- Ah. How silly.
- Good.

- Oh, thanks.
- You're welcome.

Listen, we both got dumped.

- And now the Greece thing.
- Yeah.

I don't think
us meeting was a coincidence.

Are you a mobster as well?
Because it kinda sounds like you are.


But I just can't stop thinking
about how Idoia looked at you.

- At me? How come?
- Yeah.

It was like she... she realized
she'd lost something of value.

Look, man. You gave me value.
I could do the same for you.


Are you suggesting the two of us
use each other to make our exes jealous?

Mm. Not make them jealous. More like...

Mm. Well, we could help each other out.

All right. Neither of us feels
like we're good enough, no?

- Mm-hmm.
- But we'll change that.

How? Hmm?

We can take advantage of the fact
that we don't know each other

and be super honest too.

- Honesty, huh?
- Exactly so.

Honesty, like, based on how Idoia dresses,

I doubt that she's hot
for your beat-up old tees.

I mean, I cut out the tags
because they make me itch.

- Right.
- But yeah.

- That kind of honesty.
- Whoa. Okay, please.

You're frizzing my hair.


Let me see.

I like how it looks.

- How? Wet?
- Yeah.

- Mm.
- It's fresher.

- Hello.
- Think she'll be cold?

- No. The temperature is fine.
- Hey.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

Well, at least she's dry.

- Guys.
- That's all right.

Why do you think Idoia left?

I mean, she gave you nine reasons.
You really need more?

Whose is that? Whose is that?

Ugh. Because she's an idiot, David.
That's all.

- Uh-huh. M'kay.
- Here you go. Here.

- Yeah.
- My sweetheart.

How 'bout my T-shirts?

- All right. What about 'em?
- I don't know.

- Nothing. Forget it.
- What's this?

This hand
belongs to... to some chick.

- Clearly. Like this one.
- Hey.


No, she's too happy to have seen it.

Hey, did you put something in your hair?

No. It's always like this.

- What haven't I seen?
- Huh? What are you...

You said I'm too happy
to have seen it. Seen what?

- Why are there two beers?
- What?

There are two beers.

- Hmm. Uh...
- Why? He's not alone?

Well, he's gotta be
with a cousin or a friend, right?

- Or the captain of the yacht.
- Mm-hmm.

But with, like,
some kind of... Like, a girl?

- Nah!
- No.


He fully
could be hooking up with someone else.

Uh, David, I'm kind of regretting
inviting you out for lunch.

But he could be hooking up with someone.

That doesn't mean you guys
couldn't get things worked out, you know?

No, sure. But he could totally fall
for the other girl.

But then he didn't really love you.

Well, if that's the truth,
I need to hear it, and that's it.

- Hey. I think I'm almost there.
- All right. I'm already here.

I'm here in front of
one of those posh restaurants,

where people don't walk.
They just sort of float around.

Ah... Uh...

I'm really not...
I'm not sure where you mean.

I just mentioned this street because, um,

well, there's lots of restaurants
and locations.

Oh. There's a bar close by
that has the best calamari ever.

Uh, right. Sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I know I said I was already here,

but I actually meant
I'm right around the corner.

Yeah, right. I'll see you in a sec.

- David.
- Hey, man.

- How's it going?
- Fine.

I think it's over there. I think.

- Uh, rad.
- Not sure.

Well, I love calamari.

Holy shit, dude. I would hit that.

Yeah. Yeah.

- I want him back.
- Sure. Of course.

I want him back. I do.

But I don't know what to do.
I'll help you get Idoia back, okay?

- Mm-hmm?
- Mm.

So where do we begin?

A list, huh?

Yeah. Things to do
in Greece to help you loosen up.

What do you mean?
Why would I need to do that?

- Because you always look constipated.
- Wait a minute.

Let's not go overboard with the honesty.

All right.

Do you think
that Filippo has walked away from his girl

and he's gonna come back
if things haven't completely changed?

You know? He's gonna need, um...

Someone who wouldn't run away.
Who's sure of herself.


So, should I make a list for you?

Yeah, man. That would help a lot.

- Mm-hmm.
- I don't know what to say.

Well, you could comb your hair.

And wear something nice once in a while.

Damn. Hey, man. I thought you had nothing.

And you could also chill on
constantly saying "man."

- For example, I don't.
- Hmm?

Add going topless to your Greece list.

So that's your idea
of loosening up, hmm? Gotcha.

Of course.

Not just that.
You should also make a plan.

- Um, a plan to skinny-dip.
- Mm-hmm.

- And sunbathe naked.
- Right. Yes, got it.

- I should just plan to do this trip naked.
- Pretty much.

- Got it, David.
- Great.

'Cause in the end,
being naked's what it's all about.

It's embracing yourself.

And learning to feel comfortable
with yourself, you know?

I really don't get it. Um...

- You see?
- What?

- You're nervous, and you're not naked.
- No, I'm not nervous, but...

Chill out, dude. I mean, Margot. Relax.

- Please close the curtains.
- I'll close the curtains.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- My God. Okay. I'm closing them.
- Closing. There.

- Don't open it. Don't do it.
- No. No, no, no.

- Whoa! Hey!
- It's just...

- Please, stop.
- It's small.

And I keep bumping into the sides of it.

Hey, come on.
They'll make us go, you understand?

I won't open it.
What it is is I keep on...

- Stop it. Seriously.
- There's not enough space.

Hey. Just a sec. Just a sec.

Okay, done.

- Do you know... I'll help.
- There's a hook I can't close.


I'll just... Cool?

- Sure.
- All right.

- Is it this?
- Yeah, that's it.

- Got it?
- Yeah.


- Right there. Yeah, that's it.
- Okay.

- Thanks. Well, that's not bad.
- No.

This sucks.

- It sucks. It's terrible.
- David, you're 27.

And maybe it's time that you retire
the screen-printed tees already.

Yeah, but clothes
are how we express ourselves.

- If I don't...
- But, like, only metaphorically.

Not printing literally
all of your thoughts on your chest.

A white dress shirt is something
you can wear almost anywhere.

Apartment hunting.

You could also wear it
for a job interview,

or you can even wear it at...

To visit your doctor, for instance.

You'll wear it a lot.

To anything that involves acting like a...

- A complete bore?
- An adult, David.

- An adult.
- Hmm.


Any plans tomorrow?

No idea.

I really don't, um...

I don't like it.

Oh, something else
for your Greece list.

- Ride a motorcycle.
- I don't know how to ride.

So learn.
Motorcycles are synonymous with freedom.

And as a bonus,
it'll mess up your hair a bit.

I don't know how all of this
will help me get back Filippo.

I really think that, um...

that what matters is that you feel good
about yourself, you know?

I don't know. I...

I don't know.

Know where you want to take
that picture to impress Idoia?

- Yep.
- Yeah?

Yeah. We'll go tomorrow,
and I'll look very handsome.

You look handsome now.

- Huh?
- You zoned out.

- What?
- We'll go tomorrow. I'll look handsome.

Well, um, that could take a miracle.
Come on.

- Hey.
- I have to get going.

All right. Tomorrow?



- Good-looking couple, huh?
- No way.

What are you saying? Not a chance.

Look, I know I'm no Adonis like Filippo,

but you don't have
to attack my sense of self-worth.

- Hey.
- Yeah?


So do I look a bit, uh,
less constipated in this outfit here?


I think I look pretty.

Yeah. You are pretty.

Don't you think I look pretty?

Yeah, but that doesn't really matter.
What matters is you're comfortable.

- All right, come on.
- And where are we going?

Well, Idoia likes terraces with a view.

- Yeah?
- And I found one of the best ones.

- Around here?
- Yeah.

The only terrace with a view around here...

Hey. Where are you taking us?

And here it is.

- What's wrong?
- We can't go in there.

- Why not?
- Well, because it's a hotel.

And, uh, they only allow their guests.

So what? That makes it even more fun.

Let's go.

Come on.

Idoia's gonna flip out when she sees.

Yeah, someone's gonna flip out
that we're here.

- Oh hey. Um, you can order?
- Okay.

- And I'll get us a spot, okay?
- Sure.

- Okay. Okay.
- Awesome.

Uh, hey. Uh, two?

- Ms. Ortega Ortiz de Zárate.
- Hi there.

- I'm Daniel Avellanos, the manager.
- Nice to meet you.

- No one said you were visiting.
- No.

It's a new initiative from the company
to help us with, uh... making sure

everything's in order
with the hotels on any given day.

Perfect. Well, this is your house,
so if you need anything...

I'll just be over at the bar.
Thank you, Daniel. A pleasure.

Take care of her.

- Uh, hi.
- Hello. Tell me.

- What can I get for you, Ms. Ortega?
- Just two wines. Two glasses. White.

- White?
- White.

- White.
- Wine?



Um, would you have the bill
sent up to room 619? Is that fine?

- Yes.
- Great. Thanks.

- I'll take 'em, yeah?
- I'm coming.

Sorry, uh, this hotel has five floors.

- I know.
- That room doesn't exist.

It doesn't exist. No, it doesn't.

He's joking around. He was joking.
He knows we don't have to pay.


- It's a great photo op, right?
- Yeah, it's great. Really great.

- I just don't know how to take it.
- Come on.

- What's this?
- Well, I'll sit right here.

That's what's going to get you
attention from Idoia.

- Yeah.
- All right.

- How's this?
- Yeah. Lift it up a little.

- Here, so you can see me.
- Yeah.

- There.
- Like that?


- One more?
- Yeah.

- Is that good?
- That's perfect.

Let's look.


Yes, if you post that photo,
she'll get in touch with you

in no time at all. Watch.

And if she does,
it means that she's... she's interested.

And that she's really pretty dumb.
But there you go.

- It's lovely here, actually.
- Yeah, it's gorgeous.

Well, I'll get off you now.

- Yep.
- Yeah.


- Why's she got shades on?
- No clue, but she looks like a bimbo.

Let's go. Come on.

- Hi. Thanks.
- Thank you.


- Hello.
- Hello.

- How are you?
- I'm great.

What are we celebrating?

Can't your big sis ask you
to lunch for no reason?

And who are you texting?

Oh, no one.

- It was no one.
- Right.

I'm very sorry to hear that.

You see who's there?
That's the detective, right?

- See? The one that you hired. See him?
- Hmm? Hmm?

- You didn't see him?
- Oh yeah. You're right.

Oh no, no. No. Don't do that. Just stop.

- What?
- I don't believe it.

- We're following the detective, right?
- We're not following him.

It's just a coincidence that he's here.

Dude, this is way too far, Patri.

Fine, yes. We're following the detective.

- Of course.
- He really hasn't found a thing?

- No way. He says that every time I call.
- Well...

I think that could be
because Alberto isn't cheating on you.

Or it's really because they're...
the two of them are in cahoots.

- Yeah, sure.
- I have to make sure. Don't I?

Cover yourself. He's looking.


Filippo hasn't posted
anything else.

Not even a pic
of himself in swimming trunks?


I bet he's one of those guys
with a weirdly veiny six-pack.

I don't know
how you could have veins there.

Where does the blood go?

It's more of a... a classic, but...

Okay. To be honest, I think
you should cut back on the baby cologne.

- Why? I like it.
- Right there? Sure.

- It makes me smell fresh.
- Add that to your list?

Like fresh baby powder?
There's nothing sexy about it.

It's not even up for debate.

- What music do you listen to?
- I don't much.

- While working?
- I think I work too much.

Mm. Well,
Margot, that's gotta change.

Which part?

What are you doing?

I was watching a show.

What's up, man?

Come here.

Wait. No, no!


You aren't going.

Talk to you later. Hey. Wait.

I gotta say,
I just kicked your butt, girl.

Oh, just shut up, will you?

- Hey, honey!
- Hi, honey.

- Hey, girls.
- Hey there.

- How are you?
- How are you?

Hey. I'm gonna stay here
with the guys and have a drink.

- Can you take the kids?
- Yes, of course. Yeah.

- Yeah?
- I'll take the kids.


- Thanks.
- See ya later.

- See ya.
- Bye, Alberto.

See you later, girls. Bye.

- Patricia.
- See?

That doesn't prove a thing. Not a thing.

I should wait
till he's screwing her in front of me?

That's a little bit much, isn't it?

- Mom!
- Oh, I'm gonna watch the kids play.


- Ooh!
- Candela!

And... did you hit that?

Hey. God, no. Okay. No.

- No.
- But you want to hit it?

No. Because we're friends, okay?

- Just friends.
- Uh-huh.

Plus, he's helping me to get back
with Filippo as a friend.

Well, maybe you're not into him,
but he could be falling for you.

I don't think so.

Who's that? It's him, right?

What did he say?
What happened? He's in love?

No. No, no, no, no, no, no.
It's not David.

It's Filippo.

Well, he says that the trip is...
it's going very well

and he misses me a lot

and that he hopes I'll feel the same
by the end of the summer.

And he loves me.

That's great. Mm.

I gotta go tell David.

- But it makes no sense.
- Eh.

Man, come on.
I just wanna meet her.

For the 14th time, the 15th time...

Please, Ada. You tell her. All right?

Now, Margo and I,
there's nothing going on. Nothing. Nada.

- Not a thing.
- Okay. I hear you.

- I got it.
- Fine.

But if she's just a friend, then how come
she can't meet your other friends?

Yeah. What's wrong with that?


- Come on. Come on.
- Will you look? There. Margot.

- Ah.
- Mm.


"I got a text from Filippo."

A text from Filippo.


Wanna look?

You really don't look stoked.

- Yeah, I'm glad.
- Uh-huh.

Seriously. It's just,
I'm worried about her.

Why don't you invite her
to dinner here tomorrow to celebrate? Hmm?

- No?
- That's a thought.

Unless, uh, you feel
there's nothing to celebrate.

- I'll write. It's better if I do it.
- Here.

- Yeah, man. I'll invite her.
- Here. I got it.

"Really stoked for you."

"Really stoked for you."

"Why don't you tell me over dinner
tomorrow at my house?"

- Huh?
- At his house?

At his house.

So, is she coming?

It's not her.

It's Idoia.
It's Idoia. It's Idoia.

Asking where that terrace is in the photo.

The photo?

I gotta tell Margot. She's a genius.

But is she coming, David? David!

No, uh...

- Hey.
- But I didn't even call.

- I was waiting.
- Ah.

Come in.

Uh, just one thing. Don't sweat it, okay?

Um, Domi is totally convinced
that... we have a thing.

- That... That you and I are...?
- Yep.

- No way.
- Yeah.

- No. It's just that my sisters do as well.
- Well...

It's the same thing. Why can't they see
that we're just friends?

Right? No idea.

- Yeah.
- And, um...

And I think it's smart
if you talked, um, about Filippo.

- A bunch.
- Filippo. All right.

- Right.
- All right.

- Sure. And you, with Idoia.
- I'll talk about her, yeah.

- Great.
- You look great.

Hey, thanks.


- Shall we?
- Yeah. Yeah.

- Yo. Hello, hello, hello.
- Hello!


- Hello, guys.
- Hi. How are you? I'm Domi.

- Margot.
- Nice to meet you.

- It's a pleasure.
- Awesome.

- Hey, Iván. How are you?
- How you doing?

- Great. Yeah.
- Good.

- Okay.
- Hi there.

Who's that? Huh?

Why don't we put her down?

Do we have to?

Look, I'm a plane.

- Ah!
- Cheers!

You ready for bed?

- It wasn't that bad.
- Man, it was a big one.

All right.

Come on, guys. It's easy.

- Jurassic Park?
- Yes!

All right!

Is it an animal?

- Yes.
- It's an animal.

Is it a person?


Hey, hey! Bring it in!

Mariano, the announcer, right?
The thing started four hours later,

and he was drunk as a skunk.

But most town festivals are like that.

I can't believe
you're talking about the festival.

- 'Cause they're the best in the world.
- Have you gone?

- That's right.
- Yes, I have, but it's...

You've gotta come.

Yeah. I wanna go, David.

- I do. I'd really love that.
- Well, you can come with.

Cool. Next time you go,
you gotta take me with you.

Okay, I'll do it.

Ask to borrow his car.

- Oh. With Filippo.
- With Filippo.

- With Filippo.
- And you bring Idoia.

I'll bring Idoia.

- We've been talking about those guys.
- Yeah.


We're helping each other
until Margot goes to Greece.

- Yeah. In two days.
- Hmm?

- You're going in two days?
- Yes.

Oh wow. For work? Or vacation? Or...?

- For a vacation.
- Oh, cool. I've been to Athens. Gorgeous.

- Oh, you have?
- Yes.

Yeah, yeah. loved it.
I was in Athens for a...


- They're a delight.
- Yeah.

- I like them a lot.
- They're great.

And Ada is...

Ada is amazing.

- My little girl.
- Wow. Precious and so well-behaved.

- Really.
- She's great.

Hey. So you were aware that
I would be leaving in two days, right?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But...

Hmm. Time passed super fast, right?

- Yeah.
- I don't know.

But I'll see you before then, right?

Well, I don't know,
because I have to organize...

...a whole bunch of stuff,
and I might not have time to.


I was hailing the taxi.

That was great.

I'm just really gonna miss you.

Um, uh...

I will too.

- I wish you could come.
- Yeah.

I would just need time off for three jobs
and a ticket that I can't afford.


- You finish that list.
- And you finish yours.

- And write to me.
- And you had better write me.

I will text you. When I cross something
off the list, I'll let you know.

- Okay.
- See ya.

Stop! Please, stop the car!


What's wrong?

If I, uh...

I... I could pay for your trip,
would you come with?


Yeah. I can pay for your flight. And...

These last days have been really tough,
but we're...

we're better off together, right?

- You mean that?
- Yes.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.


- Hello.
- What is it?

Uh, you got a message,
and I read it on accident. Sorry.

- On accident?
- Mm-hmm.

And who messaged?


And David said?

- Uh, he said, "Dude, this is bonkers."
- Oh God.

"I can't believe
that we're going to Greece."

- Mm.
- Uh...

Well, yeah.

I'm going with David to Greece,
and I can explain.

- Uh...
- Sure.

We're just good friends.
That's all that we are.

- Yeah.
- We get along really well.

We enjoy spending time together.
We're both grown-ups.

And we're doing nothing wrong.

Are you still in love with Filippo?

Of course.

All right. So you don't think
that going on a trip with a stranger

is going to complicate things
for you right now?

Uh, no.

- No.
- No?


I don't know.


- I don't know.
- Okay, then. You don't know.

Or maybe you're just too scared
to admit that I'm right? Hmm?

Listen, David, I think I was wrong
asking you to come to Greece.

It's better if we hang when I'm back.

Send him that.

It's done.

Hi there.


- Perfect. You're all set.
- Yeah. Thanks.

Please stop the car.


If I, uh... I could pay for your trip,
would you come with?

- Do you mean that?
- Yes.

- There's no way.
- Yeah. Yes.

Just one thing. If my sisters hear
you're going, they won't let it happen.

So if you get a message saying
something like, "I made a mistake"

or... or, "It's a bit too rushed,"
ignore it.

Uh, okay. So what do I do, then?

Um, be there.

Can I borrow swim trunks, please?
I can't take these.

Since when do you care

that your swimming trunks
aren't in good condition?

It's not about that, dude, okay?

- It's not about that?
- It's not.

Uh, I got it.


Wait, if she's paying for my ticket,

am I her boy toy?

What? What is it?

You've been unbearable
since you started doing push-ups.

Jeez, guys. It was a question.
I was just...

David, you'd have to be
way more manly to swing that.

Anything to drink?
Champagne? A soda?


- Yeah, sure.
- Thanks a lot.


Flights to Greece are really cheap.

Just make sure you pay
for one of you guys' hotels,

you know, when you get there,
and you guys will be totally even.


It's first class.

- Uh...
- Ah.

Well, uh, I don't know. Could be. Yeah.

There could have been,
like, a... an overbooking or...

- Yeah.
- But who can say?

I can't help it.

I can't. Ever since I was a kid,
whenever I'm at the baggage carousel,

I'll go, "Hey, what's in there?"
You know. "What's back?"

And I want to jump on and ride it around
to see what's in the back.



- So we got off a couple stops too soon.
- You don't say.

- But we got to see the center of Athens.
- That was very lucky.

- Totally worth it.
- Yes.

- So listen, I've been thinking.
- Yeah?

I know you said
don't worry about the money.

- Mm-hmm.
- But I don't want to be a moocher.

So I'll cover our first hotel. Okay?


Hi. Here. Thank you.

Ah. Thank you.

- Mm.
- Um, it's a five-star hotel.

- I can't afford this.
- I'm gonna tell you the truth.

All of this was covered by my company.

Okay? My company is handling all of it.

Don't worry at all.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- Don't worry about the money. Just relax.
- Yeah.

- Enjoy.
- Enjoy.

- Let's go in.
- Right.

Is that a Ferrari?

Okay. Where the fuck do you work exactly?

At a company. But I told you that.

- But a company that does what?
- You need the tax ID for the company or...?

Hi. Sorry. I have a booking
under the name Margarita Ortiz, please.

Yeah. And your company pays for this.

Mm-hmm. And a ride from the airport.

- Oh man.
- Do you like it?

- Yes. Uh...
- Beautiful, right?


It's the kind of hotel
I'd work in, you know.

Thank you.

- What?
- Shall we go?


- All right.
- There. Don't move.

- What?
- Hold still a second.

- Wait. What? Oh.
- A picture.

Smile a little.

- Make it a good one.
- You look amazing.

Thank you.


You work for an airline, right?

- That's why we flew first class.
- Not quite.

David, I'd really like
to go to this little store

where I heard they do
the greatest baklava in the whole world.

Mm. Okay. It's air-related, right?

- Do you want a bite? A taste.
- A little. It's kinda spicy.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Did you to eat it all?
- No. You can take some from my plate.

- How long you think they've been together?
- Their whole lives.

- Their whole lives?
- They're sick of each other.

- No.
- Yep.

- She looks like she's French, doesn't she?
- Yeah. She's French.

Oh, wait. I've got it.

It's a cruel profession,
and you don't want to look bad to anyone.

Huh? Is that it?

- Yes or no?
- It's this way.

I knew it.

It's illegal.

And your company is in reality the Mafia.

And these trips are a way
for their money to be laundered.

Okay, don't... you point... this at me, okay?

All right? All right.

Are you gonna buy that,
or are you just having fun with it?

- It's the... Secret Service.
- Ah. Oh, you scared me!

- Oh dear.
- That's it, isn't it?

If I'm right and they're listening,
you can just blink.

It's not. I work
for a company that's normal.

I manage the branding, and I'm trying
to modernize the company's image.

And it's tourism, but it's all legal.


- Okay.
- You good?


It's cold, right?

Hey, listen.

I think that... there's...
there's something else

that's bothering you, right?


It's about the fact that we've come here
and we're kinda strangers.


- But I don't have regrets.
- No. Same here.

- You sure?
- No. No. Yes, I am. I'm sure.

- You sure?
- I'm sure.

Well, I...

I'm gonna get out of here

because it's cold,
and my nipples are super hard.

Subtitle translation by:
Soledad Etchemendy