A Perfect Story (2023): Season 1, Episode 1 - No nos buscaremos - full transcript

Margot grapples with panic on her wedding day. David deals with heartbreak. A chance encounter between the two sets off something unimaginable.

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And you? Why couldn't you sleep?

Well, I couldn't breathe.

I guess it's...
all the anticipation, you know?

- So, what did you do?
- So, what did I do?

The only thing I could control.
Eggs, flour, sugar, oil, and yeast.

I don't know.

It's kind of hard to explain.

I totally get it.

For me, that's fertilizer,
substrate, peat, and perlite.


At least I could leave home
with that sense of validation.


It didn't last long.

Arturo, do you want a muffin?

Don't even think about it.

But, Mama...

It's for the best.
You really gotta keep your weight down.

But don't you want to try? I made those.

They have... oatmeal and carob... Um...

In the garbage, if you would.

- Mm.
- Okay.

I thought I would take you
for a little bit of shopping.

Take us to Serrano.

Hey, no. No, no, no.
I can't because I got work, all right?

- The office, please.
- Oh, but...

Who worries about work
when there's a party that evening?

This could be a surprise,
but pretty much everyone does.

But you're not just anyone, though, honey.
You are Margarita Ortega Ortiz de Zárate.

Right. But call me Margot. Please.

So vulgar.

Hey, so guess what.

I've spent months developing this project
to modernize the brand's image.

Here, look. I'll show you.

Well, I'm... I'll be jumping out right here.

One more thing, Mama.

This thing tonight...
you listened to what I said, right?

- Something intimate?
- Margarita, dear.

But of course I didn't.

Goodbye, dear.

But let me tell them before you...

Hi there. I thought this was at one.

- Margarita.
- Margot.

I had a lunch meeting
come up at the last moment,

so we had to do it now.

- Yeah, I had no idea.
- Well, I didn't want to bother you.

No, no, no. It's not... It's no bother.
It's no bother. It's my job, so...

- Of course.
- Margot, here are the reports.

- Sure. Here, Sonia. Thanks.
- Yep.

- Here.
- Come in.


Well, as I said,
I was planning to go over these at one.

But, since we're here...

This is something
that I've been working on for a while now.

Within, you'll find an independent...

- A marketing survey that suggests...
- Great. That's great.

Uh, we'll have a look.

But it'll need to happen
at the next meeting, Margarita.

It's Margot.

We have to finish up here
early today.



When you're able to.

Where were we?

- The submissions from the committee.
- Mm-hmm.

Margarita, you're already up.

Can you bring over the water?


All set, honey.

- You're good to go.
- Thanks.

Cool. I'm headed out.

Isn't that your dude there?

- Later, girls.
- Bye.

- Hey there.
- Hey, sweetie.

You look great.

I got you a flower.

Are you kidding? You shouldn't have. I...

- Ah.
- Not many people know that's a flower.

And it's what's
on the side for our dinner tonight.


The dinner? My friends?

That's tonight?

Are you kidding?

Idoia, this is the third time
I'll have to cancel.

I know, babe,
but tonight I can't be there.

- You should've said.
- But I did. Just yesterday.

No, I mean,
you should have said so today.

I would have changed plans.

But there's hella drama with the crew.
You understand.

We'll do it another night, huh?

Is that okay?

You've confirmed
the string quartet?

- Yes, of course.
- Okay.

- Of course.
- The music was important.

Yes, I know.
Don't worry. It's all been arranged.

- And the DJ?
- That too.

- Listen. Go easy on the drinking.
- Thanks.

- Yes. We'll all go easy.
- Mom, please. We're adults.


Go. Get outta here.

- Uh-uh.
- Out.

Not a chance.

Listen, please, if you love me,
just go away and act normal.

Normal, like my 32-year-old sister

who still hides
from everyone in the pantry?

Come on, Margot. What's happening?

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
Everything's fine.

I just wanted some time alone.

And, I mean,
I didn't really think anyone would notice.

Yeah. Well, you know, I'm not sure,

seeing as how this is
your engagement party, sweetheart.

But I don't know anyone.

And Filippo and I said we'd like
something small and, you know, intimate.

Yeah, okay, but our family does own
the biggest hotel empire in Spain.

So, I guess it is intimate,
since only 200 people or so are here.

- Have you seen Margarita?
- Candela's right, you know?

I can't find her anywhere!

- Margarita!
- Shh!


- Shh. Okay.
- Margarita!

- Yeah, she's gone.
- Yeah?

Lady Meow didn't see the rats.

Hey. Shut it.
Don't call her that, please!

She can't hear that today.

Please, it's not our fault
her little face touch-ups

make her look like a sphinx cat!


Disappearing from your own party.

I've spent over an hour looking for you.
I nearly passed out.

Thankfully, I had my pills.

- Here.
- Thanks.

Margarita, sweetheart. Congratulations.

- Uh, thanks.
- Filippo is so amazing.

- You know, you're so lucky.
- Yeah, thanks.

- Cheers!
- Thanks.

- Thank you.
- Margarita.

I hope you'll be happy.

- Margarita, we're so happy for you.
- Congratulations.

Margot! We just wanted to say...

How lucky am I to be with a girl like her?

Gotta steal her away.

You're great.

- I don't know half of these people.
- You and me both.


She's into it.

Yo, guys.

- Hey!
- How's it goin'?

- Good.
- Hey, who's that?

- Yeah?
- Uh-huh.

Guess who came to visit, hmm?
Uncle David.

- You look great.
- Thank you.

What's up with you, baby girl?
How are you? You good?

You okay? Huh? How are ya? Hey.

So, where's Idoia?

Mm. Don't know. Why?

Hmm. I don't know.

Well, because you know how we had arranged
for all of us to have dinner... together.

- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.

Tonight. And I mean, call us crazy,
but we really thought we'd see her here.

- Wow.
- Wow.

- Wow.
- Look at that. Dodged us again.

- Oh, that's right.
- Man, I don't know what's sadder.

How bad of a lie that is,

or the fact that you're willing to lie
for a girl who's playing you.

- Hmm? Whatcha doing?
- She's not.

- Yes, she is.
- She's not!

- Yes, she is.
- She's not.

Honey, give him a break.
She's playing this guy.

And she's playing us too.

Isn't that right, my love?

Ada now?

Isn't it?

Fine, guys. Look.

- She does want to come.
- Uh-huh.


What's with that look?

I love you. Hmm?

No! That's how she starts
when she knows I won't like it. No.

Yes, yes, yes. We learned that from Ada.

It's called... positive reinforcement.

A relationship is not healthy
if it's not balanced.


You've gotta speak to her
and set your boundaries, man.

- That's one more we learned with Ada.
- You're right.

- Some boundaries. Right.
- And respect, dude!

- Respect too! And respect.
- Uh-huh.


I should've reminded her today.

Look, you shouldn't have
to remind her of anything.

Are you her lapdog now? Hmm?

- Right.
- Right.

Ay, ay, ay.

- I have to talk to her, huh?
- Mm-hmm. Yep.

Someone should tell your aunt

it's one thing
to wear feathers in your veil.

- It's another thing to look like a bird.
- The buttons are a little too tight here.

I haven't even started the neck buttons.

When it's time to start dancing,
I'm putting sneakers on, okay?

- This dress...
- Do you like it?

Mm. Hmm. It'd look a little better if it
was just a touch more snug at the hips.

- You look breathtaking.
- Mama.

Oh! I just said you stuff yourself
with desserts.

- And then, we know what happens, hmm?
- Right.

Patri, it's squeezing me. Something there.

- What? Where?
- Don't move.

- You're starting to sweat a little bit.
- No, no, no! You can't sweat.

- It'll ruin your makeup.
- Mama, don't worry. I won't sweat.

It is hot, though, right?
It's hot in here.

No, you know what it is?

We romanticize these rustic weddings,
and with climate change, we can't expect...

But the AC's on
full blast in here.

Maybe it's nerves. It's normal
to be a little nervous. Let me see.

- I do feel a little faint, and...
- Come on, no. Come on. Here.

- Lie down here. Just lie down.
- No! It'll wrinkle her dress!

Make sure she dies in an unwrinkled dress.

Hey. Nobody's dying. I'm not dying, right?

You wouldn't get so lucky.

What is this? Oh!

I think this is a panic attack.

No way can this girl have a panic attack!
This is her wedding!

- No panic attack! I can't deal!
- There's no way.

Panic attacks
don't schedule appointments.

Otherwise, they'd be logical or rational.

Get this off me!
Undo these buttons! Just... Oh!

- I'm on it.
- Undo them!

- Get them undone!
- Calm down.

I wanna see Filippo!

Darling, it'd be bad luck
to have the groom see you right now.

Come in.


- What's wrong, dolcezza?
- Nothing.


Nothing, I... I needed you here.

- I was having trouble breathing.
- That's normal.

- It is?
- You're just nervous.

- Filippo.
- Tell me.

I... I can't go through with it.

- What do you mean?
- You gotta do it.

Everyone's out there.

Well, I think we might be able
to delay it a bit, right?

There's more than 200 people out there.
We can't delay.

Someone with some sense. Finally.

I don't know what's wrong.
I don't think I can do it.

- Margot, amore.
- Mm-hmm?

Look, honey. Huh?

- Yes.
- This is me.

- Yes.
- We love each other.

- Yes.
- When we're at the altar, look here.

- Okay.
- Nothing else matters.



- Hmm?
- It's not that easy, though, and...


Why don't we
just leave her alone here for a while?

Let's give her a little air.

- Let's let her relax and get dressed, hmm?
- Yes.

- Amore, this is just nerves.
- 'Kay.

When you get up there,
keep your eyes on me.

- Got it.
- Hmm?

I love you, dolcezza.

I really love you so much.

Okay. When you're ready,
we'll come back and do you up, okay?

- But don't take more than 20 minutes!
- Mama, that's enough!

- This can't be happening.
- Mama.

And that's why I think...
I think... that it would be good

if we have some... respect.

Some respect and... and balance here.


Oh hell.

Oh! My bad.

- Here's your coffee.
- Thank you.

Um... and I'm having... hmm...

- Hey, dude.
- Uh, yeah?

Um... a chocolate shake.

- Right on.
- Thanks.

- They're super nice in here.
- Yeah.

- Um... so listen...
- David, hon.

- Tell me.
- Ah...

It's time for a chat.


For weeks,
this hasn't been working.

I can't be with a guy
who is happy to keep on living like a kid.

- Here's your milkshake.
- Um... no.

I had asked for a... for a beer.

- No, you'd asked for...
- Yeah, I want a beer.

One of... them.

Uh, thanks.


Well, if that's all,
I mean, I can make changes.

And, well, that's it. I'll make it right.

- No, look. I'm also over your...
- Okay, then. Your beer.

- Thanks.
- Here you are.

You got it.

I'm also over
you living in the short term.

Okay. Well, if you're...
you're finished, I'd like to...

Actually, I'm not.

Your constant need for reassurance.

This is just nerves.

You're emotionally dependent.

You say you've got freedom.
But, sweetheart, you're just mediocre.

No way can this girl have
a panic attack. This is her wedding!

You're still sharing an apartment.
I mean, an apartment.

A mediocre apartment.

And a crappy little sofa.

And you're such a conformist.

David, you got three freelance jobs
that are total bullshit.

And not any ambition to change that.

Come on. Don't tell me
you didn't see this coming.



- Margot?
- Margot!

Where is she?

- Margarita!
- Margot!

Wait. Oh.

- It wasn't me.
- Margot!

The girl who ran
from her own wedding? It wasn't me.

Oh! Oh!



We both deserve
a better goodbye, no? Right?

I left
so I wouldn't have started begging.

I could've easily ended up
dropping to my knees. Y'know?




- Margot! Margot!
- Margot!

That girl
who jumped over the balcony,

that wasn't me.

And the one
who ran across all that gravel?

- Nope, not me.
- Margarita.

And the girl
who took the golf cart?

No frickin' way. Come on.

- Later.
- I could've left with dignity.

But no. She had to crush me first.

Hey. Look at me, please.

Even without the wedding, I'm still here.

I think I'm gonna go to Italy.
For a couple months.

Two months?

You know why you left, right?
Well, now you have lots of time to think.

Filippo, please stay.

Filippo, but... why can't we talk about it?

You're emotionally dependent.

Your need for reassurance.
You're sharing an apartment.

And a crappy little sofa.
And you're such a conformist.

You say you've got freedom.
But, sweetheart, you're just mediocre.

And not any ambition to change that.

Sure you don't want me
to call in from work and stay here?


Hmm? Here you go.

Hello. Hello.

And what would you tell them?

"The dude who watches
my daughter while I'm here

and sleeps on my sofa just got dumped?"

And not over one thing.
The reasons were... ninefold.

I wasn't gonna give
quite so many details.

The only one who can cheer me up is Ada.

And she won't say
how crappy I am. Impossible.

Mm, well, give her a couple years.

Mwah! Bye, sweetie. Have a great time.

- Yeah.
- Anything happens, let me know.

Bye, Dad. Bye, Mom.

What now, huh?

Huh? What should we do?

Just us.

All right!

The nanny's off today. Ugh.

But don't worry.
You won't even know they're here.

How are you?

Don't answer. It's somewhere
between disgusting and in pain.

But don't worry 'cause I'll stay
a few days so you're not here all alone.

- Oh, really?
- Mm-hmm.

- Auntie Margot smells like a fart!
- That's great.

- What?
- Enzo!

Don't touch that, please.
All right? Kiddo!

So, we were thinking, Margot,
we'd take you to dinner and dancing.

You couldn't get me that drunk.

That's just it, though.
We really want to try, you know?

Come on, Margot. Please.
You need to come back to life. Please.

But I am alive. I'm living,
and I'm here with you guys.

Uh... and I'm... enjoying my nephew
and nieces, who are just a delight.

Yeah, a delight. You take these kids
a few days. You'll see how delightful...


- Uh, it's a cage. You need to get out.
- A cage? What?

Candela, it's 3,000 square feet.

- Margot, a gilded cage is still a cage.
- Mm, no. I don't think it is.

Fine. It's settled, then.
Uh... we'll stay right here.

- Mm-hmm.
- Together.

As a family.

- Love and good company.
- Hey.

You know what?
I've got a great idea. We could call...

Don't say it.

- Yeah, you know who we should really call?
- Don't say it.


One dinner.

Fine. But with wine. Please, okay?

I've got three kids.
If I go out, I do it right.

Yes. You hate the 'stache?

All right.


I know!

"I'm not dramatic." Wow.

Oh no. She's not dramatic at all!

- Okay, just a little dramatic.
- Jeez.


- I think that's enough.
- Sorry.

How are you?



Maybe we should go to your office.

Have some tea before the meeting.

- All right?
- Fine.

- What meeting?
- What do you mean?

- Margarita.
- I didn't know...

Can we go talk?

the long one's okay like this?

- A little bit shorter.
- More like this.

Will it take much longer?

- No. Almost done.
- Okay.

You know, there's no one who creates
a bouquet the way that David does.


These days,
I don't have the patience.

Amparo, hey.
It's your eyesight that's missing.

You hear that?

Okay. This is good to go.

- Well, hey. Explain it.
- Yeah, go on.

Come on. I...

It's pretty silly,
and he probably doesn't care.

Oh come on, now. Don't hide
that light under a bushel. Tell him.

It's just that David crafts his bouquets
based on the significance of the flowers.

Ah. Huh.

Okay. Okay.
Let's see. Well, it's an anniversary.

Um... I put in some yellow dahlias.

- Because I feel like they say fidelity.
- Mm-hmm.

And I put in orange gladiolus for passion.

- Ooh.
- Mm-hmm.

And yellow lilies
to represent your feelings.


Couldn't you put in, well,
some more green to make it look larger?

Um... yeah, sure.

And throw in a flower
that doesn't mean anything.

I don't want to seem like I'm...

- Like?
- You know.

A hopeless romantic, you know?


- Hmm?
- Yes. Tell me.

After the wedding...

Well, I've spoken to your mother,

and it'd be best for you
to go away for a little while.

To my mother?

But what does she have to do with this?

Well, listen.
We didn't want to upset you any further.

No, but... Wait a minute. I, um...

You know that I'm an adult.
Right? I don't need a vacation.

- Let's be rational, Margarita.
- No.

It's Margot. And, um...
I really don't see the connection.

You know, I'm here to promote the image
of the brand... of the company.

What's my personal life got to do with it?

Our majority shareholder
left her fiancé at the altar,

and now the press is having a field day.

As an Ortega Ortiz de Zárate,

your personal life
actually says everything.

But no. The press thing is just passing.

In three days, they'll have forgotten
all about it and moved on to a new thing.

This isn't a suggestion.
The board has settled on this decision.

It's better
if we talk about something else.

That way I can stay distracted.

- Go on. Tell me something.
- M'kay. Um...

Alberto's having an affair.

- Dude.
- Mm-hmm.

What? You said tell you something.

What a good one.

Really, that's... I see what you did there.
That's the plan?

- The plan?
- Yeah.

Where you make up a whole bunch of drama.

Like the plot of Desperate Housewives,
so I feel better, right?

No. No, no, no.

- You mean...
- I mean, no.

You're killing it.
I mean, I almost believed you.

Really? Is she an idiot?

Listen, okay?
Alberto is screwing another woman.

Hey, no.

No way. Patri, no. That's impossible.

- You knew about this?
- No.

- Come on.
- She's just hearing about it.

Because I would've said it at the wedding,
but it wasn't the right moment, so...

Uh, thanks.

- He's been cheating.
- No.

You were fine at my engagement party.
Patri, you guys were great.

The same event
where you were kissing Filippo

like you would never leave him, huh?


You should hire a detective.

No, don't get sucked in
because she's faking.

Listen, dude. The two of us know nothing,
and she's got doubts, right?

You don't have a patent
in couples' issues, Margot.

I know.

- Listen, thanks, Candela.
- Yeah.

- For your support.
- You got me.

- Will you come see the detective with me?
- Yeah.

I know you've got Sweden, though.

Hey, hey, hey. Come on. I'm right here.

- Yes, and?
- Why haven't you asked me?

Well, you keep saying I'm faking it.

Well, if it's important to you,
I believe you, Patri.

- You'd go with me?
- Mm-hmm.

- I love you.
- So do I.


Stop imagining amateur porn scenes
with Idoia already.


Iván's waiting for you to go to the bar.
You're late, kid.

Oh shit. No.

No. Shit.

- You seen my keys?
- Uh, no.

Dude, this is the love of my life.
All right?

Look, please don't say that, okay?

Because that would be a really shitty life
if that's really your plan.

Dude, I see her everywhere.
That could only be love, right?

It's, like, really crazy that you listen
to reggaeton every night

and you don't get the message.

- What message, Iván?
- Shh!

- Just listen.
- I love her!

No! That's not love, dude.

What you're feeling
is called obsession-ion-ion!

I mean, if you think about it,
she didn't say we weren't compatible.

Just some things I can change
that are pretty minor.

No, no, no! She said you were immature,
a conformist, and mediocre.

- Details! Minor details. Little things.
- Those are not little things!

Right. Because you haven't changed
since you've been with Domi?

Well, no. The truth is I haven't, really.
I... I've grown with Domi.

We've both adapted
because we love each other.

What's important is that she likes
who I am, dude.

And I like her for who she really is.

And I believe that if that were to change,

our relationship wouldn't make sense,
and it would be over.

Well, I'm gonna change
to make Idoia happy.

I don't care what you think
about it because I don't need

the constant reassurance
she believes I do.


It's metamorphosis, dude. It has begun.

I'm gonna bring out some ice, dude.
I'll be right back, okay?

Bartender! Excuse me, there!

Hey, does that dude have a super cute ass,
or is it just me?

- 'Cause I love asses.
- Yeah, that's all you.

- No. Don't you say a word.
- Sorry, my coworker ran to get ice.

So I'm alone.

Can we please have three shots?

- No! Absolutely not.
- Three shots, please!

You want three? And I'll have one?

- And one for you. Yeah!
- You got it.

- Vodka?
- Yes, vodka.

- Vodka.
- Vodka.


- What are you celebrating?
- Life!

And hot guys behind the bar!

- Of course.
- Patri, would you please?

All right. Here you are.

And here's yours.

- One for me and one for you.
- Thanks.

- Let's go!
- Yeah, thank you.

That's right! To hot guys behind the bar!

Yeah, cheers.

- Ah.
- Is that water?

So, you got me kinda smitten.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

And I think when you get off,
you should come dancing with us.

- Patri, relax. You're so full-on.
- No.

- What? I am not.
- You are.

- Why not?
- I don't know.

It's just, I'm really tired.
All I want is to go home and pass out.

- Yeah, yeah. You're so tired.
- Yeah.

- Are you friends?
- Um, we're sisters.

- Oh, really?
- Yep.

- We don't look alike?
- No.

Right, okay.

Well, uh, thanks for... uh, the chat.

Nice to meet you. Let's go. Come on.

- No.
- Would you please? Let's go.

This guy here's gonna pour us
gin and tonics.

No, there's still no ice.

Oh, we can wait.

Mother of God.

Right on. Any water?

- Mm-mm.
- Shameful.

Oh yeah! This? Now this is it!

- This is my jam! Yeah.
- Look at you, girl.

Yeah? Fantastic, huh?

I'm fantastic, girl.

- And you?
- I'm pretty great.


Girls, I'm gonna head home.

- No, dude. No freakin' way!
- Yes.

Actually, yeah.
I changed my mind, and we're gonna go too.

Let's go.

Come on. Seriously. Patri, I've got it.
No, listen to me, Patri.

- I'm paying. No, Margot.
- Give that here.

- No. I'll get it.
- Dude.

Okay. Now it's gone.

This is impossible.

Hey. Thanks a lot, really.
You're so charming.

Make sure you've got everything.

Let's see. Um...

No. I still haven't got your number.

Okay, let's go. That's good. Sorry, okay?

- No problem.
- Come. Let's go.

- See you.
- Bye.

- I don't wanna go. I think he likes me.
- He does. We'll come back another time.

Hey! Hey!


If that baby wakes up,
I'll make a... a wallet out of your scrotum.

Good morning to you too.


- Hi.
- Hi there.

I imagined
the owner would come.

Um, your sister.

Yeah. Well, no.

- Is everything cool?
- Yeah. She's fine.

Aside from living
through the hangover from hell

with three kids
who are the actual devil, she's all good.

I think she didn't come
out of embarrassment.

Oh. Well, last night...



- Uh, David.
- Margot.

- Um, can I get you something or...?
- No. Uh, no, no.

That's Iván.

Iván, Margot.
She's here for the cell phone.

- Oh sorry. How are you?
- Hi.

- A pleasure.
- Hey there.

- Whoa. That's a firm grip.
- Yeah. Thanks.

- It's strong.
- I'm strong.

Sorry, but, um...
didn't it belong to one of the blondes?

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Yes. I'm her sister.

Brunette. And I'm much shorter,
so it really looks like I don't belong.

And I don't get it
any more than you, truthfully.

Yep. And she's heading out.

- David.
- Yeah?

Another girl's here looking for you.

Mm, for me?

Yeah, she says she's, um... Olalla.

- Idoia?
- That's it.

- She said you were supposed to meet.
- Oh yeah. Idoia.


I'll be right back.
I need something from the storeroom.

Hmm. And why?

It's just some of her stuff
that I have to return.

- Wait, do you think David...
- David, yeah.

Could he have invited that girl,

thinking my blonde,
tall sister would get here.

And maybe, like... make her jealous, or...

David? Nah. No way. Nah.

- I just think that, um...
- Hello.

- Yeah, that's what he did.
- That's what he...

- Hello!
- So you must be Ryan.


- Right?
- Yep.

Yeah, sure.

Uh, I'm looking for David.

Ah, David.

He's in that room.

Yeah, he's... um, yeah.

David! Sorry.


- So you, uh...
- Idoia.

- Your, um... your T-shirt.
- Ah. I said don't worry about it.

Yeah. But I, um...
I had to get my stuff, so...

- Here you go.
- Yeah, thanks.

Let's, um... What do you say?
Go get a cocktail?


No, because I have a date.

With her.

Yep, we do.

- Yeah.
- That's right. We're getting dinner.

And you are?

- Margot. It's a delight.
- Margot.

- It's getting late.
- Yeah.

- Shall we?
- Let's go.

- It was a pleasure, Iván.
- Margot, it was nice meeting you.

You too. See ya.


- Well, um...
- Well, um...

- Hmm.
- Uh, we...

Maybe we could hang out sometime soon?


He can't do it.


Our vacation, David.

Our vacation?

- Our vacation.
- The two of us are going away.

And that's why he was
in such a hurry to get his things, right?

That's right.

You couldn't leave town
without some socks and an iPod?

An iPod?

So, where are you going?


Yeah, Greece. It's just...

It's amazing, really. Right?

You're totally broke.


- But you know. Priorities. We...
- Yeah, at the end of the day...


Well, great.

- I'm thrilled.
- Oh, I'm thrilled too.

- You ready?
- Yeah. Shall we go?

- Well, see ya.
- Yep.

It was a pleasure.

- You use an iPod?
- Uh-huh.

- An actual iPod?
- Yep.


It's nothing.

You know, everyone
can use a little help now and then.

- It's fine.
- Sure.

That girl was hideous.
You know that, right?

Totally. What a hag.

I don't know what I ever saw in her.

But that's wonderful of you.
It says a lot about your character.

That you could ever have feelings
for someone so ugly.

- Well...
- Well...

- Well...
- I'm over there.

May I?


I swear I won't steal it.

I imagine.

- Okay.
- Great.

That's my number.

- 'Kay.
- In case you...

Well, if you'd ever like to talk to me.

Wait, talk to you?

About why we both look sad.

- Right.
- Right on.

- See you.
- Yeah, see you.

Subtitle translation by:
Soledad Etchemendy