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Woo Hyun sunbae

Did something really happen
to Tae Hung Group?

Let's talk and walk at the same time.

I have urgent matters to
attend to. I need to go now.

Jin Bo Bae.


Aren't you coming?

Yes... coming.

Please stay calm.

He knew I was going to Tae Hung Group.

He's not your average person.

I was almost finished by him.

Ah! Chairman, I am really very sorry.

You idiot!

Don't you know how to drive properly?

I'm really sorry, Chairman.
A dog suddenly got in the way.

Idiot! Drive properly! Whose life is more
important, the dog's or the Chairman's?

Dumb Skull! Don't even know
how to drive a car.

Fire him immediately!

Stop the car by the side!

You're fired!

Episode 4

Chairman Jang, I know. Stay calm!

I will ask Woo Hyun to handle
the safe. Please don't worry.

I will leave immediately.


Hello, Minister Lee.

Jang Yong nearly died today.


We will discuss the details when we meet.

You too, let's go to Jang Yong's house now.

Oh, before this,
there is something for you to do.

You better notify the Intelligence Department.

See you later.

Prepare for me to go out.

I need to go to Chairman Jang's house.

Why are you alone?
Where is the rich princess?


Why are you looking at me this way?

Don't do anything that is
outside of the plan.

She could have been really hurt.

Ah, that female reporter.

Yes, at first I wanted to get rid of her.

She was always chasing me around,
trying to get news about the Hawaii incident.

Who ordered it?

Under whose orders were you working?

My apologies, Boss.

It won't happen again.

Why is the atmosphere here like this?

Michael! What happened?

Ah, I didn't listen to Michael's advice
on a business investment in America,

and there are some problems.

Michael is always the expert.

Let's go, Michael,
for some fresh air.

I heard that the scenery in
Song Island is very beautiful.

You have woken up, President Jang.

What happened to me today?

I'm very sorry.

How could I have fallen asleep
in front of a beauty?

This has never happened to me,
Jang Ho, before.

I'm really very sorry.

Let's go.

Brother, enjoy your time playing with Vivian.

Please be careful with my brother.

You never know when he'll become a beast.

That girl? calling her brother a beast?

Beastly men are the trend in Korea.

I too, prefer beast-like men to gentle ones.

No wonder,

Vivian is the type that interests me.

You said there was an explosion in
Tae Hung Group's Chairman's office?

Luckily, nobody was hurt.

Who did this?

Who's the one that's so determined
to get Chairman Kang?

What do you think?

And continues to have such
things happen. This means that,

Jin Bo Bae, you better take this
chance to get out of this case.

- It might be very dangerous.
- You think I don't know?

But I've also staked my life on this.

Please! Listen to my advice for once!

This is for your own good.

Get out.

Let's split from here.

Get out.

- Get out!
- Sunbae, what are you doing?

You brought me here. You be
responsible for it till the end.

Just bring me along.

No, I'm telling you to get out of the car!

I am one of those linked to this incident.

How can you forget so fast?
I'm the only witness in this incident.

Bo Bae!

If you don't bring me along, I'll write
about the whole incident, and publish it.

I won't get in your way. I'll just wait
quietly in the background, okay?

Today, around one o clock in the afternoon,

an explosion occurred at Tae Hung Group's
office located at Hae Lan Street.

Because of the explosion, Tae Hung Group's...

- You've worked hard.
- You've worked hard.

During working hours,
but nobody was hurt?

Nobody. Luckily the fire alarm
went off before the explosion.

That's why everybody escaped safely.

The person who caused the explosion
in the Chairman's room

set off a smoke screen in the hallway,
and led the people out.

You're right, meaning, they didn't want
anybody to get hurt in the first place?

Maybe. However...

Chairman Kang's office had already
been bombed and ruined.

Why bomb it again?

Or is this a warning to them?

If that's the case,

it means there's a target?



It means that we may see another casualty.

Everybody has worked hard.
I'm CIS team leader Hwang Woo Hyun.

How do you do?

We meet again.

Is this case related to you, too?

Because someone died at the
International Crude Oil Conference,

we're interested in this case, too.

Is this lady a member of your team?

Yes, she's with me.

Is there any evidence?

Yes, that safe.

This is the secret safe
that's hidden in the wall.

The criminal's goal seems to be this safe.

Are the things in the safe untouched?

Yes. The criminal was not able to open it.

Have you confirmed what
the things inside are?


No one knows the secret combination.

They say that Chairman Kang Tae Ho,
alone, knew the secret combination.

Any way to force it open?

If you use any machine or
unauthorized methods to open it,

the contents of the safe will disappear.

It's a German product.

If you don't send this back to the manufacturer
or don't know the secret combination,

there's no way of opening it.

This is what remains of the phone,
the source of the explosion.

With the highly-flammable
materials placed inside,

it seems the phone was
set to explode on ringing.


Someone came into the room
and meddled with the phone,

and exploded the phone from outside.

Currently, we are checking
who the caller is.

What's this?

How could you bring a reporter here?
Don't you know the rules?


I'm still at the scene of the crime.

The safe can't be opened.


The safe?


That's impossible.

There's not much time left. If exposed,
the world will turn upside down.

This is related to both our fates.

We're in a crucial state.

I've told Minister Lee already.


I get it.


The Memorandum of Cooperation
for us to take it in for investigation.


thanks to you, I've enjoyed myself.

I really don't know what to say.

Are you feeling uncomfortable?

Why? You want to help me?


Can I really?

What to do?

You can help me to massage the next time.

Ok. Let's wait for the next time for you
to experience the real essence of massage.

Chairman Jang should have
very high expectations of you.

Maybe it is because I'm his only son.

My relationship with my father is good.

Furthermore, in Korea,

the father's business will be
passed to the eldest.

Then what are you managing now?

Nothing much. Just the casino
and construction businesses.

Initially, we intended to cooperate with
Tae Hung Group on the energy business,

but who would know he would meet
with an accident in Hawaii?


Is Chairman Kang your father's business partner?

Yes. But more than that,
they were friends since young.

I see.

The tattoo on your waist is very sexy.

Is it poisonous?

Feel like getting a bite from it.

If you get bitten, you might die from it.

Die! Die?

Even if I die, I'd still like to.

Since you want it so much,
I'll find a day to bite you.

My brother is totally into Vivian.

All normal guys will fall for her.

Then what is your relationship with Vivian?

Business partner!

I am also from Castle.

Only like this?

Okay, I believe in you.

Wait a while.

Boss, all devices will not be able to
function within 50m of where you are now.

including your phone.

It'll recover in 3 minutes, Boss.

There is no signal.

What to do, Michael?

Wait a little more.

It's a bit cold here.
Why don't you wait in the car?

I know.


What is this?

This? Chairman, is this for you?

Play it and see.

Jang Yong,

your car will explode in 2 minutes.

This is not a joke.

Kang Tae Ho's death,

explosion in Tae Hung Group Chairman's office,

all are my doing.

Don't forget the person that you saw
during the funeral, Choi Hae Ryong.

Choi Hae Ryong?

This is your last warning.

Good. Now you have
only one minute left.

Chairman, this is a hoax.
Everything's going to be fine.

50 seconds!

40 seconds!

It's going to be fine, Chairman.

30 seconds!


The police motorcyclist just now
shows that he knows our location.

Stop the car! Hurry!

Stop the car!
Hurry, stop the car!

20 seconds!

10 seconds!


I will pass you the file that is
in Jang Yong's hand phone.


Don't know who the person is, but
he said he'd go to Jang Yong's house.

I'm checking that person's position.

It's in Chang An district.

Let me see.

If you leave now, you will
arrive in about 45 minutes.

Boss, you must set off fast.

How about Professor?

You'll see him soon.

Are you crazy?

Professor! How did you find that helmet?

And a helmet that fits?


How dare you make fun of me!

You rascal, wait till I get back!

It's okay. I'll buy you
a new one when we get back.

Won't do. My hair is also messy.


I'll send you home.

You go home and change,
and we'll meet again.


You also don't want to say goodbye
like this, do you, Michael?

Now I am relieved.

Jin Bo Bae!

You're tired today, aren't you?

Almost died from falling off a horse,
and getting chased off by investigators.

But who is this Michael?

I heard he's even a well-known
businessman on Wall Street.

Looking at the way he saved me
in front of my house.

He seems like a good guy.

But when I think of Hawaii,
he is a jerk.

If not for you, I would have died.

I guess it's not my fate to
die from falling off a horse.

This is the first time I've met
a woman this reckless.


You keep doing stupid things.

From Hawaii to here,
you've been doing it.

Look here, Michael!

Although you are my savior,

still, you shouldn't speak
to me in this manner.

What is your occupation?

My occupation?

A reporter who wants
to find out the truth.

Do you think you can really
get to the truth?

What do you mean?

You are not suited to be a reporter.

Go and find another job.

What are you talking about?

What is this, Jin Bo Bae?

How could you have such awkward
thoughts at a crucial time like this?

What's this?

Why is CIS taking away the safe?

I really don't like that person!

I have a strong feeling there is
important evidence in that box.

Read it. It's the
Memorandum of Cooperation.

Then we should investigate together!

The paper says that if the safe is
opened, they will tell us what's inside.

It's like this every time! We're not
dogs. Why is it always what he says?

If you can't stand it, follow them.

I'm going.

Be careful on your way!

If I follow her,
I might find out something.

Why is she not here?

Oh, you startled me!

Eat! Didn't you say you were hungry?


When did you know that
I was trailing you?

If I don't know even this,
how can I be the police?

Why did you follow me?

About that safe...

Why did the Intelligence Department take it?

Why are you always
so hung up on this case?

I've followed Kang Tae Ho's case
for a very long time.

More than a year.

Don't provoke a tycoon.


Tax evasions,

or illegal donations,

or their scandalous love affairs.

No matter how much you try
to expose them,

you just can't win with the tycoons.

Kang Tae Ho's case was different.

I was so sure I was
going to uncover something.


from now on, don't follow me.

If you follow me one more time?

Well, just don't follow me, okay?

Wait a moment!

When Kang Tae Ho died in Hawaii,

the person who stayed
with him till the end,

the witness at the crime scene,
do you know who it was?

That was...



do you know what this is?

Did you steal this from the crime scene?

You are still a troublemaker, woman.

Give it back to me!

You are now obstructing me from my work!

If you try this again...


When the safe was being snatched,
if you were this fierce...

I know, I know!

Take it with you.

This woman is so scary.

Today, around one o clock in the afternoon,

an explosion was set off in the office of
Tae Hung Group located at Hae Lan Street.

The explosion went off in the
Tae Hung Group Chairman's office.

It was the office of Chairman Kang Tae Ho,
who passed away in Hawaii.

The police are currently
investigating this case,

and they believe that this case could be
related to the recent boat explosion in Hawaii.

An American international
crime professor believes that

an international terrorist is giving a warning
to Korea. Korea is saying that it is not...

Switch it off!

Yes, Chairman.

That guy...
knows my entire schedule.

Tae Hung Group's office had not
exploded for even an hour,

before my car exploded.

You didn't tell the police
about this, did you?


I've given orders to clean it up.

It won't be good if the police knows
about my relationship with Kang Tae Ho.

Chairman Jang and Chairman Kang,

did you two do something
that we're not aware of?

What do you mean?

Tae Ho died.

Then Tae Hung Group Chairman's room explodes.

It seems like a personal grudge
against Tae Ho.

And then, Yong, this time, your car?

- There's no such thing!
- Why are you so angry?

Today I almost lost my life like Tae Ho did!

How can you say this to me
when I almost died?

Calm down!

I just feel suspicious, since the person
who targeted Tae Ho, also targeted you.

There are many people who wanted his life!

Furthermore, the person who is
targeting me is not only aiming at me.

- What are you talking about?
- Choi Hae Ryong!

Choi Hae Ryong?

During Kang Tae Ho's funeral,

he said he wanted to expose the
incident that happened 25 years ago.

Stop talking all this nonsense.

Choi Hae Ryong is dead.

I saw him with my own eyes.
I still can't believe it, but...

How can a dead person...?

I also don't know what's going on.

The person who killed Kang Tae Ho
is now targeting me,

and he is using Choi Hae Ryong's name.

Choi Hae Ryong...

He can't be alive.

The people who know about that incident...

are only Chairman Kang Tae Ho,
and Seo Tae Jin.

Seo Tae Jin?

Did you get rid of him after?

He fell off a building.
He couldn't have survived.

Who is this? Who's this person
that finds this out after 25 years?

There's good public order again.
We don't have to worry.

Someone is messing around with us, okay?

And we don't even know who he is!

And you're going to sit here and say this?

Calm down. Let's settle this one by one.

Woo Hyun is on his way here with the safe.

In that safe, everything that we have
accumulated is recorded in those ledgers.

If those things are exposed,

we're all doomed.

Yes, Vivian. We're here.

- Open the door.
- Yes, Agasshi.

Michael, we're one step behind.

Intelligence Department has switched the safe.

Is there something wrong?


What's the matter? Why so tense here?


the Chief has prohibited
outsiders from entering.

Don't you know Michael King
is working with my father?

But Chairman says no outsider is allowed.

This person is very important to me.

Step aside.

Sorry, hope you can understand.
Chairman experienced a big thing today.

Big thing?

The car that Chairman was in, explode...

I'll brief you on the details later.

Hey, take your hands off!

If you touch this person,

I'll chop off both your hands.

Let's go, Michael.

Agasshi, just don't go to the office.

Chairman Jang's room is on the second floor?

No, that is my father's office.

My room is on the third floor.

Ah! Your house is not bad.

Michael, you'll invite me to your
house in the future, won't you?


Take a shower first.

Thank you.

I'll be right back, okay?

Thanks for the hard work.

Amazing. Indeed, you are like your father.

You did well, taking it before it
fell into the hands of the police.

What's inside the safe?

How is it related to the explosion today?

Woo Hyun,

just now Chairman Jang's car

exploded again.

- What?
- Aigoo...

I almost died today.

Who would do this?

I can tell you now.

This is done by the person
who killed Kang Tae Ho.

how do you know this?

That person told me.

He said that he killed Kang Tae Ho.

Did you see his face?

I'm asking if you've seen that person.

- Regarding this matter...
- Chairman Jang,

the Intelligence Department

suspects that the international terrorist
"Peter Pan" is behind Kang Tae Ho's case.

He's a criminal who moves
in all parts of the world.

That can't be...

I looked at that person's face...


it's not that Peter Pan.

How can you be sure?

Because I know his face.

Give me details on how he looks.


Dal Soo, I think it's better if you tell him.

Woo Hyun,

the details...

Let's talk after we reach home.

The police hasn't taken action yet, right?

Maybe that person exploded
Chairman Kang's room for his safe?

Woo Hyun, when the safe is opened,

take out all the things that are inside.

There are records of all of our deeds.

They must not land in
other people's hands.

From now on, Chairman Jang
will be in charge of that safe.

Woo Hyun, you go and find out
how we can open the safe.

This restaurant's steak is the best.

It will melt in your mouth.

I am a vegetarian.

"Vege", "vege" what?

I don't eat meat.

Ah! Vegetarian!

No wonder Vivian is the well-being queen.

I'd like a salad, please.

Uncut greens with a vinaigrette dressing.
Make the olive oil mild.

And if you have olives,
put them on the side.

And can I please have the
Australian-seed olives if you have them?

If you don't have that,
then instead of black olives,

give me whole green olives, please.


I'll order what I usually order.

Do you want a bottle of red wine?

No, thank you.

No thank you. No thank you.


no wonder you're so skinny,
since you only eat grass.

In America, 20% of the population is vegetarian.

Our Castle Group has invested in
a certain company with that target.

In our hotel, we've also designed
such a menu for foreigners.

Since you've mentioned it,

why don't we try the
Presidential suite in our hotel...

Please wait a moment.

Yes, hello.

Hmm, okay.

I just need to drop this idiot
sitting in front of me.

No, it's okay.
He is not comprehending at all.

See you soon.

President, I think this is it for today.

Didn't you say that you'd
give me your whole day?

Like a child.

She's on a different level
than those girls at the bars!

If she is mine,
Father will acknowledge me.


you're my woman.

Jang Ho's woman.

President! President!

Why? What's happened?

Why did you switch off your hand phone?
Chairman almost died today.

Chairman's car exploded.

What? Where's my father?

On the second floor. Chairman Hwang
and Minister Lee are also here.

Hey, why are you only telling me now?

Phone... phone.

Michael! Why are you here?

You came with Jang Mi, right?
Jang Mi! Where is Jang Mi?

- In her room.
- Room...

You parted with Vivian already?

I was just about to ask you
things concerning Vivian.

Let's have a drink together next time.

Faster, get out!

Mother! Mother! What happened to you?

Mother! Mother!
Faster, get out!

Mother! Mother!

We need to get out of here quickly.

Mother! Mother! What happened?

Mother! Mother!

No, no!

Faster, get out!

Faster, get out!

Mother! Mother...


Safe expert?

That's right! We need a skilled specialist.

This type can simply be melted.

If you open it in such an ignorant way,
the contents in the safe will be destroyed.

Did you say ignorant?

Hey, we can just go to Seoul and find out.

Listen to Woo Hyun!

Get an expert.

Yes, Father.


How is it?



Hello, Ahjusshi.

Hello, Jang Mi. You're growing more pretty.

Thank you very much.

Ahjusshi, long time no see.
Your health is still good, isn't it?


Michael! You came at the right time.

Say hello. These are my friends

I'm Michael King.

These two are hard to meet.

This is Lee Hyung Sub,
the Minister of Justice.

I'm honored to meet you.

And this is Hwang In Group's
Chairman, Hwang Dal Soo.

This is the first time we meet.

You know Woo Hyun, don't you?
Chairman Hwang's only son.


By first glance, this must be your
future son-in-law, Chairman Jang.

Keep up the good job!

Let's go.

Don't turn on the lights.

Please tell me...
what is going on?

Why didn't Chairman Jang report to
the police when his car exploded?

If you guys recognize the culprit's face,
why don't you tell me?

Father, you know him too, don't you?


Who is he?

Choi Hae Ryong...

a person who died 25 years ago.

A person who died 25 years ago?

What do you mean, Father?

One night 25 years ago,

a Chinese ship entered the Jun San port.

It carried billions of drugs.

At that time, Jang Yong had
just started his casino business.

He leaked this information to us.

That time, we all needed money
to jumpstart our careers.

If we had those drugs,
all our problems would be solved.

I was in the military academy then,
and secretly worked with Kang Tae Ho.

The policeman who was
investigating the case...

was none other than Choi Hae Ryong.

We transferred a lot
of drugs on the spot,

and tried to cover it up
by staging a car accident,

but Choi Hae Ryong smelt something fishy.

We tried include him in the deal,

but we never thought that he...

There was no other choice.

We had to seal his lips forever.

Then how did it end up fine?

Because the chief prosecutor
at that time was our friend.

Lee Hyung Sub was
Chief Prosecutor back then?

But... how could Choi Hae Ryong re-appear?

It's not possible Choi Hae Ryong's alive!

He and his family were all burnt alive!

It must be someone who knows about
all this, and is trying to crush us.

Woo Hyun,

will you help Father?

Protecting your father
is protecting yourself.

Our family's reputation,
wealth, and your future

are all at stake.

It's up to you to protect them.

Hwang Dal Soo...

Special Forces Commander
wounded in action.

A retired, three-star general.

Now, Hwang In Group's honorary Chairman.

National Defense University professor.
He is the Emeritus Director enshrined in affairs.

Lee Hyung Sub?
he is the current Minister of Justice.

The dead Kang Tae Ho, Hwang Dal Soo,
Jang Yong and Lee Hyung Sub

were all classmates in high school.

- Mrs. Han!
- Omo!

I brought an umbrella to fetch you home.

Never thought that the rain would stop.

Really? My good daughter, let's go.

Protecting your father is protecting yourself.

Our family's reputation, wealth and your future

are all at stake.

It's up to you to protect them.


I'm sorry.

Young man, what a temper.

I'll pay for your dry cleaning fee, okay?

No need.

There are still guys who don't like money.

Oppa, what are you doing?
Sit here. Are you alright?

Young people nowadays don't
respect their elders anymore.

- Don't expect too much.
- Pour the liquor.

What are you doing?
Don't you know who I am?

Protecting your father is protecting yourself.

Our family's reputation, wealth and your future...

How are you, Michael?


we're going to Jang Yong's house.

We're going to open the safe.

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Johnny, how is the safe?

There is a blueprint inside this safe.

I will take charge of this safe.

Hey! Why can't a safe specialist open it?

Johnny, I can't see the safe.

I invited Michael to our house.

Please forgive my sudden visit.

Hello, baby!

Johnny, I found the secret door.

No wonder you are Vivian.

President Jang fainted in his room

What... what?

In this digital age,
why is there a dial on a safe?

If you can't open it, you are dead.

As we originally planned,

Vivian, you go to Chairman Jang's house.
I'll pull out the hostages.