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Men's secret desire to have a bigger penis, which methods of enlargement really work? How to properly...

Tonight,on the girl's guide to 21st century sex

every man has a secret desire to be bigger

but do the DIY penis enlargement work?

the secret behide the stimulation of the female penis,the clitoris

and the shocking terrible woman who cut off her husband's penis

and the ground-breaking surgical attemp to reattach it

A girl's guide to 21st century sex, Episode two

welcome to a girl's guide to 21st century sex

I am Dr. Catherine Hood

and over the next few weeks on the show

we are go to explore every aspects of love making to improve you and your partner's performance

we will put spire back in your love life

and give you the great confidence to try something new

Each time we will demostrate world's famous sexual positions

with our specially designed camera

we will see what really happen to your body during intercourse

and we will explore sexual myths and mysteries

from taking drugs to enhance your sexual performance

to perfecting anal sex

tonight's sexual position is particularly good

if your man's penis on the small size

it's known as the doggy position

and our world's famous sex therapist Dr. Ava Cadell and Lou Paget from Los Angeles

will you very own expert coaching sex sections

on everything from best performing sex toys

to penis workout with your man

first,though just a slice of your clitoris make many difference to your sex life

just bigger necessarily means better

the sizes of the clitoris vary greatly between women

havig a large clitoris doesn't necessarily mean it's more sensitive

it doesn't mean it be easy to find

the clitoris is often folded of sexual nerve sensitive organ

but the latest research suggested that

the stimulation of the clitoral hood

not the clitoris itself,that leads to most arousal

70 percent of women can't orgasm during intercourse

without manual stimulation of the clitoris

so here the guide to the best way to do it

the exterior of the clitoris is made of clitoral hood and the head or glans

which contains over 8000 nerves

and it's extremely sensitive

but this only accounts 10 percent of its full size

beneath the surface there is much more

the clitoris is the equivalent of the penis

it is a erectile tissue,about 9-11 cm in length

so beneath what you see

the ends of the clitoris is go always back and touch the pubis bone

on the arousal,it becomes even bigger

the whole organ becomes engorge and erect

with such a stimulated arousal

so its pure function is for....

but some women,even though they know how to find their clitoris

don't feel comfortable touching it

Danielle is 20,only recently discovers her clitoris

when I start exploring my clitoris

I was ashame of what I was doing

some like lock the bathroom door with me a mirror

when I wasn't really sure there is something arouse to do

wasn't something I ganna tell my parents what I was doing

using a mirror,that's very benificial simple

because otherwise only unless you are very flexible

you can't actually see what you are exploring

what you touching

if a woman examine her clitoris and vagina

it can be a bit skity,a bit daunting

but psychologically very imperative

where she can feel more than one of the cells

instead of having something that is hidden,wired,ducty,forbidden

for a portion of women

the chance of having orgasm would be increase

if sex intercourse is accompanied by additional clitoral stimulation

but stimulating the clitoris doesn't have to be a complicated process

experts recommend that when relax

you should play your finger either side of the clitoral hood

and draw it back,exposing the sensitive head clitoris

then gentlly stress this area with soft circlar movement

it can take anything from a few minutes to hours to climax

but exploration is the key

so at certain occasional time,such as play around for a lot longer

cuase I was more afraid about,like it can causing myself any damage

and I know what I'm doing,and what is wired things

I never lied to them I'm having my first clitoral orgasm

which is,my eye,the absolutely ?

it was a feeling you never had before,brilliant

once you learn to manipulate yourself into a stage of arousal

you will be much able to instruct your partner on

on what you want and how you like to be stimulated


man don't have clitoris

a lot of men don't how to stimulate one properly

so the best person to show them is the partners

a lot of men will treat clitoris like a CD player

but many of them jsut keep pushing

that isn't comfortable,it's not a little man penis

it does feel difference

and may need to be sure,so that's the girl need to do

here is Hollywood sex therapist Dr. Ava Cadell

with her tactic on how your man to find clitoris

the best way to find it is to do an O with your mouth

and put it directly around it

and then start sucking gently like it would on a ?

so most women can reach clitoral orgasm

through a talented tongue directly or around the clitoris

but she also has to surrender herself to your orgasm

by using her imagination,fantasizing

not worring about what she looks like

just letting her go,be out of controll

it's not unusual to feel unsure about the location of the clitoris

you are not alone if you need to have any instructions

so just take your time exploring

you will soon find what you are looking for

coming up

is your partnern worry about the size of his penis?

we will show you the best position to the less endowed man

and if that's not engough

how he may be able to make bigger

End of part one

Part two

welcoem back to a girl's guide to 21st century sex

still to come

has your ever be tempted to penis enlargement remedy?

we will find out that they really are acepted every mans' dream

first,most of us have sex with only one or two positions

but there are handred of advanturous and imagintive positions you have itnercourse with your partner

each has its own particular benefits

for instance,some are more appropriate with your pregnant and overweight

and others are more suitble if your man suffer some premature ejaculation

tonight,we demostrate the doggy position

which is particularly helpful if your partnern has smaller penis

I should warn you that the material you are about to see

is with particularly explicit nature

the rear entry position is known by many men

the most popular term in 20 century is doggy style

but it's also known in French as ?

and in Italian, a little sheep

doggy style sex is particularly popular with the ? in Indian

it is reflected in their temple art work,depicting sexual act with animals

? rear entry as the union of the cow

because it's similarly used by pets

such as cow,horse and dogs

it's also the position of choise for our closest relative in animal kingdom,the Chimpanzee

the bonobo Chimpanzees are famously very indulged in sex

and the doggy position is strongly favored

traditionally believeed to be more popular with men

an opportunity to dominate with women at 2005 survey by Yahoo personel

revealed there is even more popular with british women than male counterpart

an ideal way to arouse your partnern and prepare for the penetration from the rear

is to focus attention on the back and neck

work on the way to correct position

for woman,the area of the back of the neck is particularly sensitive

kissing,nippling,sucking this area can be particularly pleasurable

the central nerve system is connected and ran by the spine

this nerves can go out from the spine

and collect impules from all over the body both the mucles and the skin

when area around the back and the neck is stimulated

signals flow from nerves in skin along the spinal cord

to the central cortex in the brain

this area seems biologically alert

is responsible for the perception of touch

the overflow physical reponse stimualtion in this area is sexually arousal

the erection in the man,and the vagina rubrication in the woman

by the time the man has work his way her bisical respond to her neck

scientific excitment continue to show

we can see red blushing or sex flushing on her skin

and here with our specially designed internal camera

we can see the accumulation of lubricating fluid in the back area of the vagina

by kissing his way up her spine

he is able to position himself perfectly for entry

once he reach the top

the doggy position is achieved by the woman geting on her hands

and the man nailing behide her ?

here we see journey made by the penis as it enters the vagina

the advantage of this position is that it give very good deepth penetration

and the angle of this penetration makes the G-spot get stimulated far more

research claimed that the G-spot is a small patch of erectile tissue

locating approximately 4-5 centimeters

inside the anterior,or front wall of the vagina

as the man doesn't carry any weight to his hands

they can be used to stimulate the clitoris and breast

playing her nipple as she flushes

she may also wish to use one hand to play her own clitoris

as the breast hand down and tend to ? in this position

their sensitivity improve

due to the increasing blood flow to the nipples

the position can be highly stimulated for the man,too

a such deep penetration is achievable

sometines as far as to the neck of uterus,known as cervix

the cervix is the ? shape ring of muscle at the neck of the womb

seen here with our internal camera

this position opens the woman's pelvis

and create the correct angle for very deep penetration

during handling this position

the man can increase the pressure on the G-spot by entering as a high angle

for maximum flicking on the front wall of the vagina

the woman can also eccentrate this

by leaping forward with their shoulder to the grown

this is the leap-forward position

as the moment of orgasm for the man approaches

inside the vagina,we will see the semina fluid expelped from the penis

this is caused by forced contraction along the lenght of urethra

after climax,the blood that engorges the genital

is redistributed to the rest of the body

within a few minutes,the body returns to its pre-arousal stage

if one partner finds the particular position akward,tiring or painful

the next obviously going to take away a lot of pleasure

so it's important to let each other know how you feeling

communication during sex always heighen the experience

now though we all seen the adverts promoting the penis enlargement remedy

but do they really work?

some men are upset the size of their penis

the business is catching in on their earnest

the size of initiative for you that you can now buy big boy pants

whose manufacturers claimed creating impressive realistic enlargement

it's true that men do come in a lot of sizes and girls

and it's even some controversial suggestion of racial variation

but 23 percent of british men are dissatisfied with their penis

so can their be a scientific solution to their problems

according to KingZ sex servey

the average length of an erectile penis is 6 inches

with mean girth of 4.9 inches

but if you been anatomically short shape

is there anything you can do?

the internet says yes

there are thousands of websites

offering novel ways to increase the size of your membrum

Phil,John and Dale,they agreed to test

that three enlargement remedy on the market

our educator Willian is product advisor of enlargement remedy

but why our volunteers want larger penis?

Dale lives in Seli,he already has a girlfriend

but he likes to a little beeter endow to improve his appearene from naked

any man would be interested in a bit more with health big penis

a holy secret all men want,a couple more inches

John is a inspiring model

who covers the confidence he thinks will endow man seems to have

there is ? in the market

but never contribute to using them

because don't even know it will going well

Phil is recently divored

and think some bigger penis will help him attract women

I think women think bigger is the best reason

they can get more pleasure from it

but I haven't try any enhancement before

to enlarge penis or anything

come here and train to see what thing goes out then

medical expert Dr. Ray Noble is going to tell us

whether there is any scientific substance to their claims

the best way to measure a penis would have caused the ?

when it's fully extended,for the erect

simply because the size of a penis will vary

size of the fossil penis will vary a lot

penis even vary with temperature

so the best thing you do when it is erected

best ot measure it from the base to the tip

if you measure it as it is underneath

you got the problem where to measure it from

in relation to the scrotum

so it's much better to measure from base

you get more consitant results

and more meaningful results from one person

and also comparing from one person to another

well,Dale,so let's measure you first

Ok,Dale,that's 5.5 inches

Dale has been given a Jes Extender

the most expensive,199 pounds

Manufacturers claimed that

traction increases the total number of cells in the penis

making it permanantly longer by up to 4 inches

and wider by between 1 and 3 inches

I has been very surprised if it makes very much of a difference

to the size of the erected penis

very surprising indeed,but go ahead and surprise me

if you increase a lot,I will be millions of interest

let's get it to the base of the penis and top it on the head

and keep it extended,be careful,Dale

John will be trying the 6.99 Enlarge Development Cream

with exact ingredients indluding ??

this cream allegedly stimulates penis growth

Ok,John,let's see,OK,it's 6.5 inches

we will give you this Development Cream

take a little and apply to the penis

every day the next few months

we will see how you get on

finally,Phil will be trying Boi Toyz Penis Pump at 24.95

the vacua sucks the air out of the surrender

a proved remedy for membrum ?

It can help to increase length and girth

Ok,Phil,last but not least

we will give you a quick measure

and you are 5.5 inches

so what we are going to give you is this

jsut a basic pump,create vacuum around the penis

alowing more blood flowing

and you use that for half an hour and an hour every day

in next few months,we will see if it makes any difference at all

we will announce the results later in the program

which surprise me two of these methods do pay what it worth

if artifical remedies aren't your think

here Dr. Cadell with the more natural solution

my top tip to getting a bigger penis are to stretch exteral skin

that you have,evry man has it

at the base of his penis

just stretch it as you would spike

pull it every day,it's ganna to feel pretty good

and pull it toward your navel

then hold it for 10 seconds

then put it down to your feet

ant hold it for 10 seconds

over to the side and the other side

and by the way,it need to be flashy when you are doing it

enjoy your bigger penis within 3 months

now sex maybe fun and extremely pleasurable

but if you are not carful

you can have health consequence

such as genital warts,and the virus that cause them

HPV,or Human Papilloma Virus,

is the most common cause of sexual transmit infections in the world

and it's responsible for genital warts

jsut the mere mention of genital warts induces disgusting people

because they see pictures of them,they look terrible on them

psycholy,people are shocked and ? on them

when they discover these longs and bongs growing down below

how akward are you find?

disgrace experience,and very painful as well

26-year-old Jamie,not his real name

caught genital warts following a one night stand

he only felt ? about this experience enormously

I was going out with a girl at that time

everything is going fine naturally

I haven't been exactly faithful

you always feel it's not gonna happen to me

but even a one occasion,it can happen to you

patients likely pick up the wart virus don't develop warts

you think actually less than 1 percent people

pick up the infection,develop warts

so that many people who pick up HPV wart virus in the skin

doesn't turn into a wart,they carry it for some time

then they loose it again

genital warts can be passed from one person to another during sex

and by skin-skin tansmition with someone who has the wart virus

they say there are about 100 different types of wart virus

the wart you get on your hand,the wart you get on your feet toe

it will pass from one to one within your family

although genital warts are highly contagious

common warts that are carried on the hands and feet

will strangely and likely pass to the genital area

shortly after his one night stand

Jamie noticed that something was quite right

I'm going to talk on one day

and notice that my pain wasn't going on a differet correction

and I looked around it and I found these slung

couldn't say anything I'm going to find

it's up on my urethra

Jamie didn't have any external side being infected

but in most cases see wart on the skin

so what should you look for?

warts,if on the genital,testicle,

color flower ??,sometimes small round

if it quite flahy on the penis as well

this is typical case of a young man

and you can see he got obvious warts on the forskin

in man genital wart tend to develop

in the damp or moist area of the genital area

you usually get them on the head of the penis like that

for some having warts is hugely embarassing

men seem to find it particularly difficult to seek medical advice

they pain as a solution on the wart

or that she spray them with liquid nitrogen

on the same way,??

lead ??

which lead the wart off or kill it right down

unfortunately for Jamie he has to go through 3 moths of treatment

to get rid of the warts

quite difficult to treat,because they ?

the any way that could possible to treat it with liquid nitrogen

??,it was extremely painful

that is what I describe it

Oh,my ? got seen it with a white hot needle

it acutally took me on the threshold of pain

if ?,you have to go back to the clinic

especially when you could see this thing hasn't disapear

and you never when it can stop

most warts are easy to treat

but should we worry about the aftermath?

this is not a serious medical condition

it is the cosmetic ?

this type do not cause cirvical cancer

so we have to emphasize young women

if they develop genital warts

they are not at increased risk of cancer

and they don't need ? more after than anybody else

if you have warts,it's important to keep your genital clean

the wart ? can irritate you

and remember,the wart virus and linger on the skin

for at least 3 moths after treatment

and you can pass it on

so always use condom with your partnerns

still to come

the shocking ? penis ? and reattachment from Thiland

sex therapist Lou Paget has advice on

how your man can give the best oral sex

and the results of our penis enlargement experiments

we will find out if any lotion or contration make any difference at all

End of part two

Part Three

welcome back to a girl's guide to 21st century sex

coming up,the results of penis enlargement experiments

did the cream and ? acutally work?

and Hollywood sex therapist Lou Paget has advice

on tips of how you man can give you ultimate oral pleasure

now though most men already know

that the penis is an incredable organ

but did you know in surgery

it can in some circumstance be reattached

surgery in Thiland has developed pioneering technique

to fix the ?

John Wing Boby knows only too well after his wife cut off his penis in 1995

a revenge attach for years of demostic violence

but after having his penis reattached

Boby re-roled himself as a porn star in the world wide sucess

cases like that are rare in the west

but Thiland is the penis ? cutter of the world

every year Doctors reports more than 10 terrific cases

of wives cuting their husbands penises

in April 2005,out in the Bangkok suburb

an unassuming couple bacame the latest media grabbing cases of penis ?

Siriporn has been married to Araa for 6 years

and he always considers herself to be in a ? normal relationship

but during a demestic round on evening

her husband suddently confessed to having a mistress

later that night in a fist of rage

she excerted a terrible avenge on him with a perilous scissors

I was in so much pain,I was cry out

I want to go to toilet all the time

Siriporn had cut the shaft of Araa's penis from both sides

she had cut through the tissue serving the major artery in veins

Araa's penis was still attached in his body

but it was hang on precariously from the ? skin

he ran downstairs in agony

luckily for me,the police came out and take me to a hospital

when I go there,I was inject with a pain

at the hospital,Dr. Somboon,the special surgeon,was called to the emergency room

I had 3 cases during my 14 years of practice

but I had heard at least 10 cases a year of penis cutting in Thiland

the actual procedure takes between 4 and 6 hours

depending on how much vessel he want to reattach

the operation is not a simple one

the vessel,nerve and tissue all needed to be attached

and timing is critical

the urethra is the first rejoint

to allow future passage of urine in ? fluid

next the blood vessels are repaired and patched up

finally the nerves of the penis are restored

and enormous amount of blood is ? initiate

but the area tends to block quickly and bleeding some juice

well preserved penis has been attached back to the owner

after 15 hours after the attack took place

much of ? are more than jsut a victim

If I could change what happen, I would

I am very regretful

when I was in hospital,I know he was suffering badly

I feel sorry for him,feel bad about what I had done

Araa was fortunate,his penis was successfully reattached

but it still left him with some physical problems

there is still staring,when we make love

his forskin can't go back because it hit with a scar

it can only go back as far as the scar

after the procedure you can't get in erection

for 5 to 10 years down the line

you probably suffer the ? earlier than normal patients

surpringly,Araa and Siriporn married ? the attack

he was able to forgive her

and realized that he love her despite what she done

now the average women take about 20 minutes to climax during oral sex

and cunnilingus is many women's favored kind of forplay

if it's done properly

sexual satisfaction is something all women try for

here Los Angels sex educator Lou Paget with the advice

teaching your man how to give the ultimate oral sex

tonight you are going to receive a step by step guide

for your man giving you the best cunnilingus you ever had

what I'm going to show you is

one of the best oral sex technique for women that I ever heard of

instead of having a women

the man between a woman's legs like this

the man is on the side

he then use his index finger and put it on the perineum

so finger is placed there

the man's tongue strokes in a back-and-forth motion here

and he can be pulling this up a little more

his fingers here,his tongue is stroking here

when his tongue is stroking in the right place

he get an immediate feedback kissing the right place

because he can feel with this finger with your orgasm contraction

if a man wants to

he can also use more of a sucking up motion

and then using,like your tongue has two surfaces

it's the back tastebud surface which have more ?

and then this

and the underneath surface also can work it advantage

if his tongue is getting tired

he can put his tongue up ther like this

and keep of the touch,and then do what they call the wet

so he is staying in contact

but he is still going back-and-forth

because it's the constant warm and moisture of the mouth

that is the thing which is crucial for most women

he can do the letters of the alphabet

he can use his head back-and-forth

the more important thing is

mantaining the constant contact and not having the woman dry out

that is your step-by-step guide to give your man

instruction on how to give you the best cunnlingus you ever had

now for the last couple of months

the three men has each been trying to increase their sizes of penis

Dale was given a Jes Extender

John,the enlarge develpment cream

and Phil,the Boi Touz Penis Pump

they given this attractively

I got the pump

I don't think it makes my appearence any larger

just recently I got my partner and looking for a bit fun

really not opmistic with it that isn't worked

in fact,put money it isn't worked

I haven't sex since I begin using it

I don't feel so much abvious effect

it's come off,if you do anything

mostly,reject it,go ahead and sitting down

after 2 months we called our volunteers back together to compare results

we just going to measure you again,to see if any change

so that is 6.5 inches

so there has been enlargement,does that surprise you?

yeah,a little bit surprised,this contration has take effect

OK,Dale,you have the Jes Extender

that's 5.5 inches,so there has been no change,whatever

does it surprise you? Not at all

Ok,John,now you have the development cream

Ok,7.5 inches,which is the most surprised one

does it make look seem bigger,feeling different to you?

I wonldn't see a few diffence though psychologically

because you think the point ganna to work

it will be useless if it doesn't work

only two of the products show improvement after the test

over the months' trail,both the enlargement cream and the penis pump

gave 19 percent increase in penis cells

well,quite surprised,I have to say

that's interesting

I have been very interested to see

how control your measuring works

because that is a big result

isn't it?

I bet there is a big ganna the right pieces for themselves

do you feel better for that?

I doubt it

our mission on a girl's guide to 21st century sex

is to get you experiencing and enjoying better sex

we give you all the tips while I assume you posiblly need

but ultimately it's up to you

to express youself and put it into practice

so joint us next week,cause we continue our journey

to the facts,the myths and the science of human sexuality

next time in a girl's guide to 21st century sex

the holly place for women seeking ultimate orgasm,the G-spot

how to slow down your partner's orgasm

and have longer lasting sex

and we review the truth about pregnancy

the best position to accomodate your bone

while it could be good for the baby

and how orgasm went pregnant are likely to be the best you ever had