A Friend of the Family (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Mary Ann prepares for a high-stakes showdown; Pete works double time to find Jan, disobeying direct orders; worn down by fear and secrecy, Jan nears a breaking point.

- Do you know where
they were headed?

Could you tell? That's him.

The girl that
Bishop Paulsen saw.

- It was someone
else's daughter.

- You could've stopped it.

- He had repented.

- Thought I was doing
the right thing.

- Her mother passed tragically.

- Well, we're proud
to support the work

you do for the White House in
any way we can, Mr. Tobler.

- You take care
of my Janice now.

- You need to get him talking
and let him lead us to her.

- It is pure hell, Mary Ann,
not knowing where she is.

Oh, just thinking about all
the awful things that might

be happening to her out there.

- You are an evil man.


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Anything you want.

- Yeah, I'll take a hot dog.

- A hot dog?

Anything in the world, and
you wanna have a hot dog.

Okay. Don't tell your mother.

What are you gonna put on it?

- Now, you wait here, and
I'll be back in a jiff.

All right?
- All right.

- All right.

- Hello? Brobergs.

- Hi, Mary Ann.

- Hiya, B.

It's nice to hear your voice.

- I think you'd be even happier
when you hear why I'm calling.

- Oh, is that right?

- A contact of mine spotted
Jan across state lines,

a real surprising
location for her.

- Why should I believe

a single word out of your mouth?

- You'll listen 'cause you'll
have nothing if you don't.


I'll tell you everything,
but only in person,

'cause I know these
lines can be tapped,

and I don't want my words
being twisted against me.

- They're not tapped.

- Oh, sure they are.

You've got a recording device
right there next to you

in the kitchen.

Did Gail tell you that?

You never mind that, Mary Ann.

You just come in person.

And you come alone,
no police, no Bob.

I've had about enough of him.

- That's a lot of conditions.

- Well, I'm doing you a favor
telling you everything I know.

And I need to feel like
there's a little trust.

- Of course, there is.

- What do you say we meet
at the Crossroads Cafe

near Ogden City?

Noon on Saturday.

- That's a week
away. Why not sooner?

- Well, I'm busy.

I'm scouring the Earth
trying to find Jan.

- You said you
knew where she was.

And I know you can't
leave the state

because of your parole.

- Mary Ann, Mary Ann,

the only thing
that matters to me

is finding Jan.

If that doesn't work for you,
then we don't have to meet.

Crossroads Cafe, Saturday.

Give me strength.

Give me strength.

Give me strength.

Give me...
- Janice?

Are you OK?

I heard you the last few nights.


it sounded like you were crying.

- I wasn't crying.

- You miss Lebanon?

- I miss where I'm
from before that.

And I miss my family.

I used to act in all
the school plays.

So I miss that.

- There's this play
at the boys' school.

I wanted to audition, but
I was too shy to go alone.

It's "As You Like
It" by Shakespeare.

- I can't talk to boys.

- Says who?

We're at boarding school.

Beautiful car.

How you doin'?


Hey, can I help you?

- What the hell are you doing?

- Whew.

Thanks for holding this for me.

- Bob, you know
you can count on me

when you're down on your
luck, but that don't mean

you can store guns
on my lot now.

- Well...

I asked you before if
I could store it here.

You said yes.

- I don't remember that.

- Maybe you're losing it, Joe.

- I got the FBI
calling me again,

asking if I know where Jan is.

- Yeah.

You know, as a matter of fact...

- I don't wanna know.
- No, no, no, no.

No. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Joe. Joe.

There's something I've been
meaning to talk to you about.

I wanted to say thank you.

For when you turned
me and Jan in,

in Mexico.

At the time I was angry.

In the end, I'm just
grateful, you know?

Because we're in a
much better place now.

All those obstacles, I think
they brought us closer.

You know, I feel like we
really know each other now

as lovers

and also as friends, you know?


As partners.

- Bob, you get that girl
pregnant, you're screwed.

- Well, it's hardly an issue.

I don't know where she even is.

Anyway, she ain't even
got her period yet, so...

It's always good
seeing you, Joe.

- Hey, find somewhere else
to store your shit, Bob.

I don't want nothing
to do with this.

I'm done.

- Sure thing, toughie.
Whatever you say.

- Mary Ann.

Detective George
Shail, Ogden Police.

Sorry for the short notice.

I appreciate you coming down.
- Of course.

I'll do anything to help.

- We've been watching Berchtold

since Agent Welsh
put him on our radar.

A lot of us have
young children, so...

What we need you to do

is tell us if this is the
girl you saw with him.

- Yes, that's her.
- All right.

We'll show her a photo of Jan.

Officer Jensen?

- Carly, do you
recognize this girl?

Ma'am, what is your relationship

to Robert Berchtold?

- Uh, is...

Is this because of the Brobergs?

Because I know all
about them, you know?

They will not rest until
his life is ruined,

no matter how many
stories they tell.

It's really something.

You know...

Bob has his struggles.

But he's a good man.

He's always there
when I need him.

He's helped me in
countless ways.

And he's just been a
complete angel with my Carly.

- We just need to know what
your relationship is to him...

Friend, boyfriend?

- He's like a family member.

What do you think
about Bob, honey?

- He's so much fun.

We do everything together.

He's my best friend.

Thanks for coming right over.

- I am really not supposed
to be here right now.

Mary Ann, you cannot go
see Berchtold by yourself.

- He's worried about
being recorded.

If I go in person,
maybe he'll actually

give us something we can use.

- The only thing that
he is worried about

is getting a legal
marriage on the books

to protect himself
from prosecution.

He needs your consent.

If you go and meet
him in person,

he may use force to try to
get you to sign those papers.

- It's a public place.
- Oh, Mary Ann, that's...

- My daughter is out there.

I can't just wait.

It's a personal piece.

If you must go, take it.

Mary Ann, it's for protection.

Please, don't just shoot him.

Hey there, movie star.

Come on.


OK, you ready?

Come on.

It's so nice to have the
whole day to ourselves.

So how you doin', Dolly?

- I'm good.

- Oh, I get it.

Well, we all get
the blues sometimes,

even yours truly,

shocking as that may be to hear.

But it's a beautiful day.

So what are we gonna do next?

Go to the Chinese Theater
again or Hollywood Wax Museum?

- Uh, I... I don't
really mind either.

You can pick.

- What's with you? Huh?

It's not the wrong time
of the month, is it?

- I still haven't gotten it,
if that's what you're asking.

- Good.


Zeda and Zethra were concerned.


- They asked you
about that? How come?

- Well, if you don't get
your human period, then...

you can't be pregnant.
- Oh.

I haven't had one this entire
time and I'm not pregnant.

- Oh, exactly.

- Exactly what?

Is that right for a
half-human like me?

- Uh, you know,

biology's a whole other
ball game on their planet.

So, you know, I'm
thinking wax museum.

- How do you know stuff about
biology on their planet?

- Zeda and Zethra talk
to me all the time.

- All the time?
When did that start?

You know what?

Dolly, I don't tell you
about all this stuff

because it's traumatizing,
OK, and I don't

want to burden you with it.

So I bear it on my own.


- OK.
- OK.

And don't bite your nails.

You'll bite them
down to nothing.

How about another
driving lesson, huh?

- Yeah, all right.

- Here we go.

- Uh-huh. Stay to the
right, stay to the right.

Oh, that is great, Dolly.

That is great.
You're a natural.

- This is a pretty neighborhood.

- Yeah.

- It looks different
now that I'm having fun.

- What do you mean different?

Different from when?

- Oh, I don't know
what I'm talking about.

- When have you
been here before?

- Um, I...

It wasn't a big deal.

It was just an
audition for a play.

- A play?

What kind of play?

- Just a school one.


- So why wasn't
it on campus then?

- It was at a different school.

- A boys' school?

Are you telling
me you auditioned

for a play at a boys' school?

- I didn't even talk
to any of the boys.

- You expect me to believe that?

- Well, B, it's true.

- Were you even gonna tell me?

You were at a school
with boys and men,

and you think that's OK?

You think it's OK
for the mission?

- I wasn't even the
one who wanted to go.

- You know, when you lie,
you don't just hurt me.

You hurt your own soul.

Stay to the right.

And worst of all,
you hurt the mission.

Do you even care about
the mission at all?

- Of course, I do.

You know it's all that I think
about all day and all night.

I can't even sleep.

I'm doing everything
that they're asking...

Hey, Dolly!

- I think that's hard.

We're all OK.

- OK, well, you're.
- Yes,.

- OK. Take care.

- Scoot over. Move over.

- Do you think I have
to go to the hospital?

- No, I don't think you
need to go to the hospital.

It's a bump on the noggin.

And even if it was worse,
I couldn't take you.

You know that, right?

- I just...

I feel kinda dizzy.

- Well, thanks to Mary
Ann and Bob's treachery,

we're not even
safe where we are.

If a cop had driven by...

You know, thanks to your
parents and my parole,

I can't leave Utah.

So a hospital record in
the state of California,

that sends me
right back to jail.

And then where would we be?

And I told you to watch
the road, didn't I?

I told you to watch the road!

And what if I'd lost you?

- I'm really sorry.

I didn't mean to upset you.

- You're my angel on
this Earth, Dolly.

Here you are, hurt, and
you're worried about me.

You know, I didn't wanna
have to tell you this,


the reason that Zeda and
Zethra have been contacting me

is 'cause they're
angry with you.

- They said that?

- Yeah, they're upset that
we're not married yet.

And they think that you're
not trying hard enough.

- But I am. I am trying. I...

- They've started to
talk about what to do

because you've lost faith.

And they may not
wait till you're 16.

They may take Susan and make her

take your place right now.

- They said that?

- And the scary thing
is, she's so small.

She's so small having
a baby could kill her.

Because they've been
clear from the start,

if it falls to Susan,

you'll only have
yourself to blame.

- Now, that is why we
have to get married.

All right?

When this trip is
over, I'm going to get

those last ducks in a row
to make sure that happens.

But you're with me on
this, right, completely?

No distractions, no slacking.

Total focus.

Say it.

- I'm with you...


- I hope so.

- And please, Heavenly Father,

guide Mary Ann.

Might she know what to say

so that you'll tell
us where Jan is.

Please protect her.

- Please bring Jan back

so that we can be
together again.

Heavenly Father, I
promise to return

to the path of righteousness.

God, please.

Give me another chance
to be her mom again.


- Amen.
- Amen.

All right.

Why don't you pass
me your plate, honey?

- Hi, Mary Ann.

Take a seat.

Can I get you anything?

- No, thank you.

- Mmm.

- I'm here by myself.

- Mm-hmm.

- Where's Jan?

- You know...

I think Jan is going through

a very difficult time right now.

I'm dating a new woman.

I'm not sure you heard that.

- Is that who I saw you with?

- Yeah, she's got a daughter.

Carly, good kid.

Good kid, very artistic.

- That's sweet.

- Yeah.

Well, I think Jan must
be jealous or something,

because the strangest
thing happened yesterday.

- What happened?

- Well, Carly left the
house to go to school.

And these four hippies,
hippies with long hair

in an out-of-state car
start riding alongside her.

One of them shouts
out the window, says,

"Are you Carly?"

This poor girl is so scared
she doesn't know what to say.

And he says, "If you're Carly,

"I've got a message
for you from Jan.

"You stay away from Bob.

He belongs to Jan Broberg."

- Good heavens.
- Yep.

My girlfriend, Carly's
mother, she's, you know,

she's real upset.

She says, 'All the
trouble you're in,

now you go and get involved
in something like this?"

I said, "I didn't have
nothing to do with it."

Jan has got her heart set
on us getting married.

And she just will
not stand the thought

of anyone getting
in the way of it.

Are you sure I can't
get you something?

- Where is she?

- Let's take a walk.

- Where to?

- Well, I'm parked
right out front.

Come on.

- We haven't been this
close a while, Mary Ann.

You know, I miss it.

- All right, B, tell me
where my daughter is.


Well, you just sign this...

and I'll tell you where Jan is.

- You think I came here
to sign a piece of paper

so you can marry my daughter?

- You just sign on
the dotted line.


We're all tired of doing this.

You sign and you bring her home.

OK, you don't even have
to tell Bob about it.

I spoke to a new lawyer who
said we can get this done

with only one signature.

No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.


You don't get to take this
and act like it's evidence.

You just sign, OK?

You sign and you end this.

- Over my dead body.

- Well, let's not make it
come to that, Mary Ann.

- Tell me where she is.

- Fine.

You don't want to sign it?

I'm done talking.
- You're not done talking.

You're gonna tell me
where she is right now.

- I don't think you
understand what I mean

when I say I'm done
talking, Mary Ann.

What I mean is...

I don't have much
use for you anymore.

- You won't hurt me.

It'll mean you can't have Jan.

- You are so lucky
I need you alive.

- Right back at ya.

- Don't you fuckin'
threaten me, Mary Ann.

Do not threaten me.

Get out of this car.

Get out of this car and you
don't come crawling back to me

until you can put
your own ego aside

and you do what's right for Jan.

Get out!


- Which stairs
did you fall down?

Sofia, could we have a moment?

Was it when you were out
with your father last week?

- I was with my
father, Mr. Tobler.

But I didn't fall down.

We got into a car accident.

Well, you see, he was
on his way to a meeting

with a really important man
in the government, and...

you know, he still needs people
to think we're in Lebanon

with the CIA and everything.


he just... he couldn't
take me to a hospital,

otherwise there would
have been a record.

I'm sorry, but you
have to understand.

My dad is the only thing
that's standing between

the United States
and the communists.

- Thank you for
trusting me with this.

- I've never seen
anyone do that before.

- I don't have enough
fingernails left.

You know, you shouldn't have
told the nuns about my head.

- I'm sorry.

- Yeah, well, don't
talk about things

that you don't know about.

- I was just worried about you.

- Well, I'm fine.

- Is your dad hard on you?

Is that what it is?

- Mr. Tobler is the only person
who truly cares about me.

He's the only one who's helping
me do what I need to do.

- You call your dad Mr. Tobler?

No, Janice, wait.

Something's going on and...

- I don't want to
be friends, OK?

Just please stay away from me.

Everyone around me gets hurt.

- Hello? Brobergs.

- Mary Ann?

- Jan, honey, is that you?

Jan, where are you?

- I tried to call earlier,
but the line was busy.

- Tell her we miss her.

- We miss you.

It's so good to hear your voice.

- Ask her where she is.

- I owe you an apology.

I wasn't all there for
you when you needed me.

Are you OK?
- Ask her where she is.

- How are you, honey?

Where are you?

- Did you sign the
marriage papers yet?

Look, I know you
don't like this,

but B says that I can't see you

until you sign them.

- No, I haven't
signed the papers

because I'm not going
to sign the papers

because your father
and I don't want you

to marry that man.

- OK. Bye, then.

- No, wait, wait,
talk to your sisters.

Come on.

- Hi, Jan.

- Hey, Karen.


Has anything weird
been going on?

Have you seen any UFOs?

- UFOs?

No, we haven't seen any.

Why are you asking about this?

- No reason.

Is Susan there?

Is she OK?

- She's fine.

She's right here.

Do you wanna talk to her?
- Yeah. Now, please.

- Hi, Jan.

- Hey, Susan.
- We miss you.

How are you?

- I'm doing really good.

I just miss your
voice. That's all.

Wait, hold on.

I need to put in more coins.

I need to put in more coins.

- It's nine quarters and a dime.

There are only six areas
in the United States

that are $2.35 from
Pocatello, Idaho,

five small municipalities

and Los Angeles.

- How many schools do
you think are in L.A.?

- That's your job.

- Her name is Jan Broberg.

- And why exactly are you
looking for this girl?

- We're checking all
the schools in the area.

She here?

- No.

I'm sorry. I haven't seen her.

Good luck.

- Thank you, Sister.
- Thank you.

- Right this way.

- Hello?

- Hello, Mr. Tobler?

It's Sister Ramona with
Flintridge Academy.

I know you said to only call
this number in an emergency,

but I just wanted to tell
you that I have never lied

to a police officer in my life.

They came here saying that
they were looking for Janice,

but they had a different name.

It all seemed very strange.

So I told them that
she wasn't here.

But if those were real officers,

then I don't want
to mislead them.

- I'm sorry, it's
the wrong number.

Watch it, man!

- Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Hi, Sister Ramona,
it's Frank Tobler.

Sorry, I had to tell you
that was a wrong number.

I'm concerned there
was a compromised line.

But I'm calling you back
now from a secure line.

So, you know, you
did the right thing.

You did the right
thing not believing

those police impersonators.

And, you know, the
U.S. government

thanks you for your service.

But you just...
You hang tight, OK?

And you tell Jan...
You tell Janice

I might have to,
uh, come take her

out of school for
just a little bit.

But you don't worry,
because we will prevail.

OK, bye now.

- Go with him.

Hi, buddy, no, no, no.

I need this phone.


Hello, operator.

This is agent Peter
Welsh with the FBI.

I have a subpoena to search,

and I can stay on the
phone with you for as long

as it takes till I
verify my identity.

Now, what I need is the location

and the number of
the call that was

just placed from this pay phone.

- Excuse me, can I help you?

- We're looking for Jan Broberg.

- I told your colleagues
there's no one

here by that name.

I'd like to see some
identification, please.

Robert Berchtold.

This is the FBI.

- Fuck!

- We have a warrant
for your arrest.

- Fuck!

- We are not here to judge
your innocence or guilt.

We want to extend
to you the courtesy

of surrendering yourself
without incident.

I want you to
immediately exit the RV

with your hands held
high over your head.

Leave any weapons
you may have behind.

Robert Berchtold.

Exit the vehicle now.

- Jan Broberg?


- Jan Broberg...
- Jan!

- We're taking you into
custody as a runaway.

- There's gotta be
some kind of mistake.

My name is Janice Tobler.

My father is Frank Tobler.

- Robert Berchtold, put
your hands high in the air

where we can see them.

- How you doin', fellas?

- You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you

in a court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney.

If you cannot
afford an attorney,

one will be appointed for you.

Do you understand the rights
that I just read to you?

- Yes, I do.

- I'm not Jan Broberg.

- As you know now,

our daughter was
kidnapped a second time.

We kept the truth
from the public

for strategic reasons

and also private reasons,
which we now regret.

We made mistakes.

But that is just one of the
things that happens to you

when you are targeted
by a predator

of Robert Berchtold's abilities.

- Try not to go too
hard on your folks

when I get you back.

They love you.

I don't know what you've
been through, Jan,

but the faith that
allowed him to manipulate

your mom and dad and all of you,

it's the same faith that's
gonna get you through this.

Guess what?

I got your favorite in
the glove compartment.


- I don't like those anymore.

- You're very important
to a lot of people, Jan.

Don't forget that.

- Well, I wish I wasn't.

- When's Jan getting home?

- Any minute.

- Hi, Janny.

It's so good to have you home.

- We got all your favorites.

We even stayed home from school.

- I'll let you all be.

- Thank you.

- Well, the woman
of destiny returns.

- Jan, honey?

- Can we come in?

- Is there anything
you wanna talk about?

- I'm not your daughter.

I never was, and
I never will be.

The sooner you learn to
accept that, the better.