A Family Affair (2022): Season 1, Episode 44 - Episode #1.44 - full transcript

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I'm sorry I couldn't let you in.

Cherry might arrive
and cause a scene.

It's fine, I can understand.

I want to ask… [SIGHS]

Is Malaya my daughter?


You should ask her.


Cherry and I have a daughter?

Cherry and I have a daughter.

I didn't say that.



Cherry doesn't want you
to know about the kid

because she's scared
you'd take her away, too.

And I can't blame her.

Auntie, I wouldn't do that.

You know me, I…

Auntie, I'm not
that kind of person.

But you're a bunch of liars.

With what you've done to Cherry,
I don't know if I can trust you.

I understand, Auntie.

But I regret the things
I've done to Cherry.

Auntie, I want to be a father
to Malaya.

We can keep it a secret.

I'll send money
for her education.

I can provide for everything.

Whatever she needs,
I'll give it.


Goodness, you're making me
an accomplice.

You tend to do
those kinds of things.

Auntie, please.


Honestly, Cherry
is having a hard time

fulfilling Malaya's needs.

But I can't go against her,
this is what she wants.

She and Malaya
are the only family I have left.

Tell me…

Tell me what I have to do.

Paco, your lives were ruined
by lies.

If you want to go back
into their lives,

you have to promise
to never lie again.

No more lies.

Yes, Auntie. No more.

Oh, my, Cherry will get
mad at me. [CLICKS TONGUE]


Goodness. [SNIFFLES]

So, you and Cherry
have a daughter?

- Yes, Bro, that's right.

She's a young, energetic girl.

Just like Cherry
when she was little.

- Really?
- Just like when she got here.

She's exactly the same.


[SIGHS] But the problem
is Cherry doesn't want me…

to be part
of our daughter's life.

Come on, after all the bad
things we've done to Cherry,

she'd definitely want
to get the kid away from us.



I lost a lot, Bro.

Just because of the lies
we've created.

Not just being a husband,

but also having the chance
to be a father to our child.

My family, Bro.

I lost my family.

Bro, I think
you're forgetting something.

I almost became a father, too.

We tried again,
but it didn't work.


So, what now, are you still…

mad at Cherry?


Not anymore.

I'm still hurt,
but I'm not mad anymore.

So tell her to come home
because I'm not angry anymore.

- Is that good enough?

You make it sound easy.

[SIGHS] It's funny, isn't it?

We thought we've moved on,
but turns out, we haven't yet.

Maybe it's the same with Cherry.

Sign here, Cherry.

I'll have this notarized

before taking it
to the building management

so we can finally open
our canteen.

- I'm excited, Marga.
- Me, too.

I hope we hit it big.

Don't worry, I'll fill up
everybody's stomachs.

I'll cook all the best dishes.

You know, I admire you.
You're always a positive person.

Of course, I'm a fighter.

And I promise you,
I won't let you down.

I know, Cherry.

Anyway, I'm off. I need to go.

I have to buy more stuff.

- All right, take care.
- I will.


[CHERRY] There's no letter?


[CHERRY] Where's the letter?

The doctor said you're
experiencing mental distress.

If it's true that Dad
had something to do

with the death of your parents,

wouldn't it be easier for him
if he didn't let us get married?

Hey, what's going on?
Why are you packing things up?

Paco found me.

Paco already came by here
this afternoon.


Why didn't you tell me, Auntie?

Because I know
you'll react this way.

I told him you don't want
to reconnect with him.

You know how Paco is,
he doesn't know when to quit.

So let's leave now.

Get your things, Auntie.

Does this always have
to happen, Cherry Red?

You'll always run away
from them?

Should we spend
all our lives running?

Aren't you tired
of this kind of life, Cherry?

I'm tired too, Auntie.

But as long as Paco
doesn't leave me alone,

we can't do anything
but avoid them.

You can do something, Cherry.

Face them.


I can't do that, Auntie.

You can.

You'll manage.

You're brave.

You're braver than them.

[PACO] Cherry? Cherry?





Auntie, I want
to talk to Cherry.

I wish I can support you,

but not now.

Cherry's still in shock.

I know that, Auntie. I know.

But I don't want
to waste this chance.

For so long,
I looked for you guys.

I'm here now.

You might leave and hide again.

Just this once, Auntie.
I'm begging you.

- I just want to talk to Cherry.


That's enough, Auntie.



So we have a daughter?

I have a child.

She has
a beautiful name, Malaya.

When I saw her,

she reminded me of you.

She really took after you.

She's really energetic.


Cherry, I want to apologize
to you

for everything.

And I'm so sorry.

Stop saying sorry.

I'm still hoping

that you can forgive us.

- Oh, please, Paco.

Whenever I remember
everything you did,

my whole body
still trembles from fear.


Cherry, I hope that…

you let me make it up to you.

So I can pay for all my mistakes
and my shortcomings.

You don't need to do that.

I hope you let me make it up
to our daughter.

I hope you can let me
be a father to her.

I will take care of you.

I'll take care of you both.

We're not together
anymore, Paco.

So you don't need
to take care of us.

Cherry, I want to give
my daughter a family.

A family is still a family

even without a mother
or a father.

A family can still be a family
even without one of them.

Me and Auntie Everly.

We are Malaya's family.

Are you
still punishing me, Cherry?

No, Paco.

I'm just doing the right thing.

And I don't want Malaya to have
killers and liars for a family.

Cherry, please, I don't want
to lose you again.


I don't want to go back
to you anymore.

What about my daughter?

What do you mean?

Will you take her from me?

You won't get the kid.

If you ever dare to take Malaya,
I will not hesitate to kill you.

Hold on, Cherry.

You'll kill me?

You already broke
my trust, Paco.

You tell me.

How can I ever trust you again?

And please, can you stop
claiming the child?

Malaya doesn't know you.

And we don't need you
in our lives.

So, where do you want us to go?

Hm, can we go to the arcade?

- Of course! [CHUCKLES]
- Yay!

Hey, come on,
we'll be late for the checkup.

The doctor will get mad.
Come on.

Mika is running
through the woods.

A lion is running after her!

"Roar," said the lion.

"Ah," screamed Mika!

"Mom, Dad!"

Mom, I have a question.

What's your question?

Promise you won't be mad?

Of course. Why would I get mad?

What's your question?

Hm, do I have a Dad?


Of course. [CHUCKLES]

Is there a kid
who doesn't have one?

Where is he?

You'll get to know
your Dad someday.



"Mom! A lion is chasing me!"



Go to sleep, okay?


Sweet dreams.

Are you really going
to resist Paco?

I don't need him
in my life, Auntie.

How about Malaya?

Are you going to deny her

of the same thing
the Estrellas took from you?

She doesn't need a father.

Where's the Cherry who dreamed
of having a complete family?

I realized a family
is still complete

even without a father
or a mother.

And you don't need related
by blood.

Just like us.

We're not blood related,
aren't we, Auntie?

But you're my Mom.
We're a family.

What matters
is that we love each other.

And we keep no secrets
from each other.

That's what you call
a real family.

[HUMS] All right, Cherry.
All right.

If that's what you believe in,
then fine.

All I'm saying is Malaya
is bound to ask

about her father.

Are you ready
to tell her the truth?

Remember what you just said.

A real family keeps no secrets
from each other.


- Oh, okay.
- Have some of these.

-There we go.
- Sure.

I'm sure it'll be
at the pier tomorrow.

Okay, thank you.

Give me more.
We were waiting for this.

- Hm?
- All right.

I can't believe
you're taking work so seriously.

Why? You managed to stay clean.

That means I can be
responsible, too.

- You're so cocky.
- There.

You know,
I've been thinking, maybe…

Maybe we should sell this house.

Are you serious?

So many memories…

We're trapped in them.

I've had enough.

I think it's time.


I, uh… I think it's time.

This house is too big and sad
for all of us.


- Come on, let's eat.
- Let's eat.

Seb, where are you?

[SEB] Hey, Bro.
I'm out on a jog.

Just to clear my head.

Why, do you need something?

No, I don't, it's just…
The house is too quiet.

# Run, run, run after her #

[LAUGHS] That's my message
to you.

Really now?

But I'm serious, Bro.

You spent a long time
finding Cherry.

It would be a waste
if you just let her slip away.

Especially now
that you have a kid.

I'm not planning to let her go.

And I refuse to be kept away
from Malaya.

You did everything
for this family.

But because you
protected us… [SIGHS]

…you lost
what matters to you most.

You deserve a chance
to be happy again, too.

I do?

Bro, you'll only love
someone like this once.

So if you love her…

fight for her.

Don't give up on her.

Give it all you've got so…

So you won't have
any regrets in life.

Go after her.

Go after her
even to the end of the world.

And if you get tired,

we'll just be here.

We will always,
always support you.

Thank you, Seb.

[MAN] Passengers going to Cebu,
we're leaving, come on!

- You should--
- That's our ride. Let's go!

- Let's go.
- Come on.

- Careful, dear.
- Come on.

- Let's go, let's go.
- [MAN] We're about to leave.

[CHERRY] All right. Wait for me.

We're boarding now.
Where will we go?

- [MAN] Let me get that.
- [CHERRY] Okay.

- Watch your step.
- Ready?

Cherry! Cherry.

- Get inside now.
- Okay, let's go. Give me that.

[EVERLY] Come on, Malaya.


How did you find us?

I went by your place.
Please don't leave, Cherry.

I'm begging you, I'll give you
everything, just stay here.

You can't stop us.

You don't have to love me.

You don't have to love me.
Just don't leave.

This is what I need, Paco.

Think about it more.
How about my child?

She's fine.
She's fine without you.

At least let her know
that I'm her Dad.

Paco, we're not ready yet.

She'll just be confused
you met her now.

Cherry, you know me.
I won't give up.

I'll find you.
I'll find you both.

- I will never give up.
- Paco, stop it, please.

Please. Stop it.

Cherry, hold on, I just want
to be part of my kid's life.

That's all,
just give that to me.

Paco, I don't even want
to see you right now.

And you want to be part
of my kid's life?

Can't you really forgive me?

I don't know.


Sit properly.

Mom, why are you crying?

Is it because you said goodbye
to your friend?

[CHUCKLES] That's right, dear.

We should've let him come
with us then.

We can't let him come along.

We're going someplace else.


- [PACO] All right, come in.

If you love entertaining guests,

this house will fit
about 100 to 200 guests.

Looks like the Mayor's house
has witnessed a lot of events.

Oh, just call me Paco.
I'm not the Mayor anymore.

So where in Cebu do you live?

Oh, we live in Carcar.
We have a roast pig business.

Actually, we plan to expand
to cattle-breeding.

That's why we're here.

Looks like you have
a happy family, Paco.

I do.

Then why are you selling
this mansion?

Don't you want to keep
the happy memories you had here?

Well, all those
happy memories…

will be in my heart
for as long as I live.

[INHALES] And for sure,
you'll create

your own happy memories
here, too.

[GIGGLES] Oh, definitely.

- Definitely.
- Absolutely.

Okay, let's get upstairs.
I'll show you guys the rooms.

[THERAPIST] What does this
picture remind you of, Dave?

Tell me.
Just to sharpen your memory.

I was 19 then.





- [CHERRY] Well, come on.
- Let's go.

Won't your other brother
join us?

Don't worry about him,
he's no fun.

then do what I do.

My brothers and I…

we loved camping.

Even just out in the yard.

- [CHERRY] It hurts!

- Come on! This rarely happens!

You guys are crazy! [LAUGHS]


Let's form a circle!


- [CHERRY] Hey, wait! Come on!
- [PACO] Start moving!


And there was one time where…

Seb had a huge bruise.

Dad scolded all of us.

Except for Paco.

How about this one?

It's, uh…

Paco and Cherry's wedding.

What else can you remember
from this?

I was with, uh…

the person that I loved.

And what else?


Looking back, it…

It was a beautiful wedding.

It was fun.

There was a lot of laughter.

And most importantly, I was…

I was with my whole family.


- Welcome to the family.
- [CHERRY] Thank you, Dad.


[COLLEEN] Hey, congratulations!
You're so pretty!

[CHERRY] Thank you!

Thank you. [GIGGLES]

- [SEB] Come on. I'm starving.
- [PACO] You're a glutton.


They're all my family.

I was with
the people who loved me.

Truly loved me.

I failed them.

I failed them, big time.

And if I have the motivation

to be able
to move properly again,

it's 'cause I want
to make it up to them.

[SOBS] I miss them.


I miss them so much. [SNIFFLES]


God, I miss them.

I miss them so much.


Hello, Mr. Handsome.
How are you feeling today?

[CHUCKLES] He's fine.

[NURSE] The Estrellas
are really handsome!

- [GASPS] D-Drew.
- Yeah, Dave?

I want to pee.

Uh, all right, I'll take you
to the bathroom, okay?

Drew, I'm sorry.

I couldn't hold it in.

Don't worry, Bro. Don't worry.

I'll take you to the bathroom.

I brought some extra clothes.

And there are adult diapers
at the pharmacy.

Drew, I'm so sorry.

Look, Drew, y-you don't need
to do this, okay?

We can…

We can hire a caregiver.

No, Dave.

I'm here for you.

And I'll take care of you
until you can walk again, okay?

[CRYING] I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- It's okay, it's okay.
- I'm sorry.

It's okay.


Your brother is here, okay?
Stop crying.

- Calm down.

I'm just here.

If Dad was alive,

how do you think he'll react
with everything that happened?


My sons are better people
than me."

I bet he'll tell me… [INHALES]

"Stupid, why did you get
yourself jailed?"

Someone wants to see you.



[SEB] Paco.



[PACO] Cherry?