A Family Affair (2022): Season 1, Episode 39 - Episode #1.39 - full transcript

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What happened here?

Why did he die?

Why did he die, Paco?

Who killed him?


I put a pillow over him.

I didn't think
he would die of heart attack.

He's been seething with anger.
He pointed a gun at us.

You're lucky
he didn't shoot you.

He almost did.

That's why I did what I did.

So? Are we just going
to chat here?

What else can we do?
It happened.

And this is the first time
I met my husband's mistress.

Are you going to send me
to jail?

What I did was self-defense.

The police will decide that,
not you.

Take them, including Seb.

He was there
when the crime happened.

Ma'am… [SIGHS]



Sorry, Seb.


Take them now.

I'll come with you, bro.

Who's inside?

Open the door.

Estrella is in there.

- I said five minutes only.
- That's too long already.





Estrella escaped.

Bro, do you want me
to call Colleen?



I did a lot of mistakes
towards Colleen.

I didn't know
how to face her anymore.

Seb, I know Colleen.

She loves you so much.

She will forgive you.

But I have to atone for my sins.


Why did you do this
in the first place?

Your problems are piling up.

There's no reason, brother.

I just did.

[SIGHS] Maybe I can't do
anything good.


Maybe I just miss…
the life I have when I was free.

But… But no matter where
you look at it, it's wrong.

I am wrong.

There's no excuse.

But, bro, I'm trying to fix it.

Colleen and I are mending it.

I was trying to stop…
before the video spread.

So whoever did this,
he is such a mean person.

He ruined not only my life.



I ruined my life, brother.

It's all my fault.

It's all my fault.


- Hello?
- [POLICE] Sir…

Your brother escaped.



- That one's fast!

Oh! It's fast.

- Let's go. Let's go.
- I go with the red.

Go, go, go!

I do this when they look at me.


You can't help but avoid them.
There's more.

[YOUNG CHERRY] Oh, it fits well.

- Did you just guessed my size?

- Thank you, Dave.
- Only Dave gets a thank you?

Of course I'm grateful
towards all of you.

- Group hug.

[YOUNG CHERRY] Thank you.

Won't your older brother
join us?

Leave him be. He's a kill joy.

All right, follow me.

Hey! It's raining!
Let's take cover.

It's fine! Rarely do this.
Let's go!

- Hey! You might get sick!

Let's have fun for once.

You guys are fools.


- Let's hold hands! Let's go.

Last one to arrive has poop!

- Last one to arrive has poop!
- What?

- It's Paco!




Dad, I want you to meet them.

- This is Seb.
- I'm Seb.

This one is Drew, my youngest.

- Hello.
- I take care of him.

And you met Dave before.

- [DAVE] Hello, sir.
- [JOSE] Dave.

We're happy to finally meet you.

- Thank you to all of you.
- Yes, sire.


What are you doing here?

Who let you out of jail?

Tell me, Cherry.

Are you happy
with what's happening to me?

No, Drew.

No, Drew.

Because that's not enough
compared to your sins.


What happened to you?

Why do you want
to see me suffering?

What happened
to my sister Cherry?

A lot, Drew. A lot.

What about you, Drew?
What happened to you?

Where's the innocent Drew
that I loved?

Was it really the drugs
or it's your real personality?

I don't know, Cherry.

I really don't know.

You did not lack with love.

Your mother died early
but I was here.

I took care of you.
I loved you like a real brother.

And your brothers are here.
They loved you.

But what did you do?

You wasted everything.
You throw them away.

Stop! Stop.

Can't you see, Drew?

Everything you're doing,

everything that's been happening
to you is your fault.

[JOSE] Maybe you're the worst
among the siblings.

[TORI] I love you
but this is what you'll ever be.

You hurt the people
who love you.

You waste their love for you.

Me? Tori? Your older brothers?
You hurt us.

Stop it!
I don't want to hear it!

I changed because of you.

You hurt me too much.

You hurt me, Drew.

[JOSE] Where is your father?

[DREW] Shut up! You shut up!

You! You! You!

[TORI] You will never change.
Enough now.







Enough, Drew. That's enough.

That's enough. That's enough.
That's enough.

I'm a bad person.

I don't deserve to live.

I don't deserve to be loved.

I'm sorry, Cherry,

I'm so sorry.


It's me…

I killed your father.






Dad! Dad! Dad!





I was high that night.

I was scared that he might…

tell on me to dad.

That's why…

Don't tell me
how you killed my father.



I'm so, so sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I will accept your punishments.

If you want me to suffer,
then so be it.

If this is the price
for all my sins.

- I'm so sorry.

That was my father, Drew.

I understand.

I will wait…

for your forgiveness.

I will not get tired…
asking for your forgiveness.

Drew, I can't…

I don't know
if I can forgive you.


Drew! Drew, what happened?

- Dave…
- What happened?

What did you do to him?

I did not…
I did not do anything.

Why are you always blaming me?

Drew. Drew.

It's my fault, Dave.
It's my fault.

Stay away from Drew.

Stay away from my brother!

- [DREW] It's all my fault.
- Drew. Drew. Drew.

Find my brother.

But don't hurt him.

- Yes, Mayor.
- Find Drew.

Thank you.


What happened
after he pointed the gun at you?

- I've been repeating this.
- Seb.


I can feel the gun on my head…

I was scared.

I thought he's going to kill me.

But Belle escaped
from getting tied up.

And then she pushed
the governor.

When the governor
wasn't breathing anymore,

Florabelle got scared.

She did not mean it.
It was all self-defense.

I thought
he was going to kill Seb.

Is that why you hit him
with the crane?

Where did your bruises
came from?

Isn't it obvious
that he beat me?

He always beat me
when he gets jealous.

He's an animal.

Ma'am, how did he die?

I put a pillow over him.

I'm not sure
if it was the cause.

Why don't you check it
so we'll know.

The woman admitted
that she killed him.

Then there's no case
against my client?

No. Until the investigation
is final,

Seb is still an accessory
to the crime.

[SEB] Where are you taking me?



Bell, what happened to you?


Why did you bring Seb here?

What are you going to do
with him?

I just want to hear a story.

About how you cheated on me. Ha!

Do you want to watch
your sex video together?

No! No!


Gov, she's a woman!

Be thankful that your brother
is an ally of mine.

'Cause if not, I would've
treated you worse than that.

Really, Gov?

You're being like this
because of a woman?

You're going to sacrifice
your name and position?

- I thought you're smart.
- Shut up.

Shut up!







Maids! Bring the first aid kit.

- Drew…

She knows the truth.

Paco is right.

I needed to tell the truth.

I need to pay for my sins.

- Drew, Drew…

Drew, you don't have to pay
for everything.

Drew, you're not safe here.

I don't know
what might happen to you

if you stay here
even for just one night.

So you'll stay with me, okay?

At the resort.


Good news. You can go home now.

- Go home?
- Your case was dismissed.

Florabelle took all the blame
so she'll face the case alone.

You're free, bro.

Bro, I don't know
how to face Colleen.

I'm scared of losing her.

I know, bro. I know.
That's fine.

For now, let's go home.

Let's get out of here.







I know you're still mad.

But please, open the door.

Let's talk.

Colleen, please.













You're here.

How's Seb?

I don't know
what he's feeling but…

he's not okay.

Drew escaped.

He was here last night.


Where's he now?

I don't know.

He left immediately.

Maybe he's with Dave.

You texted me.

Do you have something
to confess?

I just want to know…

how can you forgive us.

I also don't know.


I could've told you if I know.

Or maybe it's better
not to tell you.

You can suffer finding out.


[PACO] Cherry, please.






Forgive me, Colleen.




[SIGHS] Paco, I don't know.

I don't know.

All I know is that forgiveness
is not forced.


- Love…

How can you love me again?


I really wanted to forgive you.

Because I never thought

that we're going to have
this kind of life.

I wish I know nothing.

I wish I just love you again.

I wish we're just happy.

Like before.

But crimes between us
are unforgiveable.

You did not confess to me.

You did not ask for forgiveness.

You fooled me.


If you can keep the secret,
you will, right?

And now you want me
to forgive you?

To love you again?

Because what?

Because I know the truth now?

Tell me, Paco.

How can I forgive you?

The wounds are painful.

And even if my wounds heal…

It'll leave a scar.






Are you there?

Brother, it's Colleen.

What happened?

She's gone, brother.

Colleen is gone. She's dead.

She took her life because of me.

Seb… Wait for me. I'm coming.




[SIGHS] What do you want?

Whiskey? On the rocks?

Seb, what are you doing?

Where is Colleen?

In her room.

Take a seat.
I'll get you a drink.


Seb, that's enough.

What do you want?
I'll get you a beer.


Seb… Seb.

That's enough. Enough.

That's enough. Enough.


I should've died instead.

I should've died instead!

I just want to die!

Seb. Seb. Don't say that.

Don't ever say that.

- Listen to me.

Colleen… She did what she did.

You had no hands
with her decision.

- It was her decision!
- No, brother! It's my fault.

She took her life because of me!

Because of me! Because of me!

- Seb..

Hey, hey. Go on.

Cry it all out. Let it all out.


What is it?

Paco is asleep.


Did she left Seb
because of what happened?

If I were Colleen,
that's what I would do too.

She's gone.


What do you mean?

She took her life.

[SEB] Colleen is gone, Che.

I'll give Colleen
a beautiful funeral.

So when you see her again,

she's the most beautiful.

Thank you, Che.

Are you sure?

I investigated who released
Seb's sex video.

What did they say?

It was Cherry.

I'm sorry I failed you.

[SEB] Colleen never
gave up on me.

And I took it all for granted

He has a scandal.
Do you want me to cry for him?

- Get out of here!

You just want to gossip here.

Seb! That's enough.

How can you do this to Colleen?

You released the video.

We're destroyed.

Are you happy now?

You deserve it.