A Family Affair (2022): Season 1, Episode 38 - Episode #1.38 - full transcript

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Please, don't. don't!

Why are you here?

Are you hiding something?

Nothing. [CRIES]

What is this?

You want Seb to save you?

Damn you!

Let's end this madness.

- Huh?
- Please, no.

I'm going to kill Seb.

No. No, please, no.

- Tie her up.
- [BELLE] No, please, no.


You, bastard!

You are so stubborn!

Gov wants to see you.

He wants to face you.

Don't take me to Gov.

He will kill me.

What do you think will happen
if you chicken out?

You think he'll stop?


The whole town is watching
your sex video.


- [MAN 1] Buddy.
- [MAN 2] It's Colleen.

She thought she hit the jackpot
with the Estrellas.

She's dumb about it.

They just played her. [LAUGHS]

Too bad, her looks
are replaceable. [LAUGHS]

She used to sell barbecue.

She's only with Seb
'cause she flirted with him.

Just another
ugly gold-digger. [LAUGHS]

[WOMAN] That's harsh.


[WOMAN] What a whore.


She thought she hit the jackpot.


[WOMAN] Well, her looks
are replaceable.

Colleen already knows.

She hates me.

Even me!

You don't know how badly
I want to beat you up right now.

I already told you,

this is going to be chaotic.

I'm involved.

The whole family
is involved, too.

Okay. I will face Gov.

But, please, go with me.

Don't leave me with Gov.

Don't let him kill me.



Where have you been?

I paid a visit to Drew.

How is he? Will he be out soon?


Paco strictly instructed
the police

to not give Drew
special treatment.


Paco, really?
Is he out of his mind?

He'll let our brother
rot in jail?

I need to get Drew out.

I'll call the attorney.

I think, right now,
Paco is doing the right thing.

Let Drew pay for his mistakes.

Even just a little.

Drug pushing is no joke.

More lives will be ruined
if he continues this.

Drew is a drug pusher?


He could use his time
in jail to reflect.

So Paco is right.

Let him discipline Drew.


Want to go for a swim?


I'll go change.

Boss. Boss.

- What?
- Can you please come here?

What do you need?

Can I borrow a cellphone?

I'll just call someone.

Mayor said to not give you
special treatment.

Please, boss.

It's very important.

After this,
I won't bother you anymore.



Where are you, Seb?


Come on, Seb.


Seb, are you
with that woman again?



[MAN] She thought she hit
the jackpot with the Estrellas.

[WOMAN] Too bad. Poor girl.


[COLLEEN] I will forgive you.

The decision is mine.
I make the rules.

You won't see
that Belle girl again.

I'll do whatever it takes.

Love, they want me
to work with Belle.

Did I do something wrong?

[SEB] Believe me, Colleen.

This is just work.

[WOMAN] We don't like cheaters.

Follow him.

[COLLEEN] Tell me, did you,
for once, love me?

Did you ever love her?

- Enough.
- Damn you!

Don't you dare touch him!

Are you with that woman again?


Why won't you answer?

Are you with that woman again?

[WOMAN] Well, her looks
are replaceable. [LAUGHS]

[MAN] She's too ambitious.

She's an ugly gold-digger.





Gov, good evening.

[GOV] Welcome.
Come in. Come in, guys.

Seb, please, sit down.

I've learned that you're
the best among the Estrellas.

Anyway, Mayor, leave us
so we can talk.

I won't leave my brother.

Come on, Paco.
Don't you trust me?

I'm not gonna hurt your brother.

I couldn't even hurt a fly.

Gov, what's my assurance
that you won't hurt my brother?


Mayor, I'm giving you my word.

Trust me.


I'm going to trust
that you won't hurt my brother.


You have my word.

When did I fail you?

Don't worry.

- Paco.
- Seb.

I'll just wait outside.
I'll be waiting for you.


- Gov.
- Paco, relax.

We'll just have a chat.

Seb, we have
a lot to talk about.


[SEB] Where are you taking me?


- Seb!
- What happened to you?


Why did you bring him here?
What do you plan to do?

I just want you
to tell me the story

of how you managed
to cheat on me.

Why don't the three of us
watch the sex of video together?

Don't! Please.


You beat up women?

[TORI] Don't worry about us.

We're alive. I'm alive.

Visit me when you have the time.

I want to see you.

I'm sorry, Drew,
but I can't visit you now.

We went somewhere far.


[SIGHS] I can't tell you.

But it's far.


it's better for us
to not see each other.

Let's fix our lives first.


Me, too.

I'm going to fix my life.

I've heard this before.

You just say it,
but you never do it.

Don't you trust me?

I do.

But you need to trust yourself.

That you can.

That's why I want you
to prove it.

Not to me, but to yourself.

I will prove it.

Then one day,
I'll make you proud.

I promise you.

Fine. Sure.

You don't sound sincere.

'Cause I know you don't mean it.

I love you,
but you're never going far.

You won't change,
so let's just end this.

I love you, but goodbye.

Really, Tori?

You don't trust me
to change myself?




I love you.





Why are you avoiding my gaze?

Is there something wrong?

Cherry, there's nothing wrong
with you.

Then look at me.


There's nothing wrong with you.

You are perfect.

[SIGHS] How insincere,
like them.

Them? Who are you talking about?

You and your brothers.

You're all liars.

Insincere men.

Won't you go for a swim?

Uh, sure. How about you?

No? So I'll swim alone?

[CHUCKLES] I'm going
to watch you.

- Take off your clothes.


You're the liar.

Take off your clothes.

Later, okay? Hmm.


[DAVE] Come on! [HOOTING]
Feels good.

Come on! Join me, Cherry.
The water's fine.

Come here.

Just five minutes, okay?
You're lucky I took you here.

Thank you, sir.




[SEB] I have no problems.

- I just want to make sure…
- [PACO] She's safe.

- But you won't get out of here.
- [SEB] Why?

Because you deserve to be here.

This isn't the only crime
you'll pay for.

[MAN] Where's your dad?

- What do you want? Money?
- [MAN] Shut up!

[DREW] You shut up!

- You!

- You!

[DREW] You!




[BOY] Seb?

Mom? Mom!


[CRIES] I was so scared.

I'm here. Don't cry anymore.



[PACO GRUNTS] I don't know
what more can I do

just to see you change.

What reasons do I have
to protect you?

[DREW] Respect.

This is how you see me.

An outsider.

You look at me
like I'm an addict.

I'm positive

like the sun,
even as it sets now,

it will shine again tomorrow.

With sunrises,
there are always second chances.

[DREW] I like that.

Second chances.


[DREW] I'll fix my life.

[TORI] I've heard that before.

You just say it,
but you never do it.

I'm sorry, Drew,
but it's better for us

to not see each other again.

I love you,
but you're never going far.

You won't change,
so let's just end this.

I love you, but goodbye.

[DREW] You don't trust me
to change myself?

[TORI] Nope. Bye.

[DREW] I love you.

Gov, gov. Please, stop.

Let go of Seb,
and hurt me instead.

You should stop.

Until now,
you're still defending him?

What did he give you
that you're acting this way?

You wouldn't understand

'cause you know nothing
about love!

I loved you, Belle!

No. You know from the very start
that we just used each other.


Gov, have mercy on her.

Shut up!

Be thankful I'm allies
with your brother.

If not, I would've done worse.

Really, Gov?

You're acting this way
for a woman?

You'll sacrifice your name
and position?

I thought you were smart.

Shut up.

Shut up!











I'm the one who's going
to kill you, you demon!



[PACO] Let's talk.

I have something important
to tell you.

Hi, ma'am. Here's your snack.

Thank you.

So what now? You won't join me?



You won't swim?
The water's fine.

- Cherry.




[MAN] Come over here. Hurry up!
Something happened to Gov.

What happened here?

What did you do?

Let's take him to the hospital.

Call an ambulance. Hurry!

What happened?

Seb, what did you do?


He was going to shoot Seb.

Cherry, are you okay?


Of course.



I love you, Cherry.

I love you so much.


Why, Cherry? What's wrong?

[CHERRY] Damn you!

Damn all of you!

You were all my family.

You're part
of the family, Cherry.

No one would hurt their family.

You're all liars.


- [DAVE] Cherry.
- Don't come closer.

[DAVE] Cherry.

I'm sorry. Okay?

[CHERRY] Sorry?

You should've apologized first

before you covered up
your crimes.

It's too late now.

So you must suffer
for all that you did to me.


He deserves to rot in jail.


He was my best friend.

But he was in cahoots
with you all long.

He doesn't deserve Colleen.

They should breakup.

And you, Dave? I loved you.

I loved you.

But what did you do?
You made a fool out of me.

I loved you, too, Cherry.

Cherry, I love you.

Now, you claim that you love me,

should I forgive you?

Love isn't a license
for you all to lie to me.

And Paco?

I love Paco so much.

But he betrayed me.

Why did he betray me?


All of you…

how could you do this to me?

So all of you deserve this.

All of you must suffer for it.

You should feel my wrath.

- [DAVE] Cherry.



[WOMAN] What happened here?

Why did he die? Who killed him?

Go on. Arrest them,
and take Seb with you.

[PACO] Like you, I was shocked
with what happened to Gov.

But it wasn't my brother, Seb,
who killed Gov.

[WOMAN] How did Gov die?

Why don't you figure it out
so we'll know?

Then, he pointed his gun at you?

- Again and again?
- Seb.

Sir Paco,
other than the sex scandal,

is it true that your
other brother is a pusher?

- It's not true.
- [REPORTER] But he was seen

in the house of a pusher.

[WOMAN] Mayor had a press con.
He was trying to save his name.

[CHERRY] You texted me.

You want to say something?

I just want to know
how you can forgive us.

If I had only known,
I would've told you.

Or is it just better
that I don't tell you?

Work hard to figure it out.