A Family Affair (2022): Season 1, Episode 37 - Episode #1.37 - full transcript

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- Drew!
- Drew! Drew!

- Drew! Stop it!

You destroyed my life!


Stop! I said stop!

- What's your problem?


Are you all right?



- Drew! Drew!


Cherry, are you all right?

Are you okay? Are you hurt?

I want him out
of this place now.

He should be behind bars.

That's how he'll learn.

Cherry, do you know
what you're saying?

Haven't you heard?
He's now a pusher.

Calm down, Cherry. Calm down.

Why should I calm down when I
was the one almost killed here?

He's not in his right mind.

He was already crazy ever since!

He should've been jailed
a long time ago.

What do you want me to do?

Do you want to punish us all?

I know you're angry
because of the letter. I know.

I'm angry
because you and your dad

still haven't learned
from all your sins.

Why do you talk to us
as if we're someone else?

As if we're not a family.

We all love you.

Cherry, you're not just my wife.

We're family
since back then until now.

You don't treat someone you love
like an fool.

It's not a family
if you make someone believe

that he's crazy,

or that he's delusional
or invalidating his feelings.

All the evil things done to him.

You know very well
that I didn't want this.

But you still did it!

What kind of a husband are you?

What kind of family are you?

How do you even love someone?

- Hey!
- Sir! You can't go out.

Let go of me!
I have to find Tori!

You can't go out.


Don't you dare follow me.

[WOMAN] Ma'am Cherry! Sir Paco!



- Drew! Drew!
- Hey, you okay?

- Where's Drew?
- Sir, he got away.


My brother is still in General
Luna. He's still around here.

He'll be easy to find.

He is not armed
but might hurt someone.

Please don't hurt him,
if possible.


- Good day, Mayor.
- Come in, officer.

We're currently watching
a suspected drug dealer.

He'll be arrested once
the entrapment is ready.


[OFFICER] Quentin Mariano, sir.

Your brother might've
mentioned him.

No. I don't recognize him.

If your brother's in cahoots
with this guy,

he might go there.




I can't take this anymore.

I can't sleep. I can't stay put
whenever I think about Seb.

It feels like my mind
will explode anytime

'cause of over-thinking.

Are they gonna meet?
Is he gonna go to that woman?

[EXHALES] My chest hurts
with his every movement.

Every time someone calls him,
every time he breathes,

it feels like
he's cheating on me.

Bestie, that's normal for people
who got cheated on.

[SCOFFS] Normal? But why do
I feel like I'm going crazy?

I still see them whenever
I sleep till the next day.

The day has just begun
but I already feel tired.


But that's how it is.

You trusted him.

And he broke it.

What does he expect?

That you'll still believe
everything he says?

I don't know anymore.

I'm sorry that I'm like this.

I've become so toxic. [SNIFFLES]

You're not the one who's wrong.

Okay. So how about this?

Follow him wherever he goes.

- Huh?
- Be there wherever he goes.

So that you'll know
what he's up to.

Do something
that'll put you at ease.

There's nothing else
we would want, right?

We only want the truth.

We don't want to get cheated on.

Follow him.




Thank you.


Good morning, Governor.

Oh, good morning!

Good morning to the best team.
Come in, come in.

Come in.
Do you want any tea or coffee?

- I'm okay. Thank you, sir.
- Water?

Okay. That's good.

Because I want you
to stay fit and healthy.

Because I'll give you tons
of problems.

What I'm trying to say is,

I've decided to run for the
Senate this coming election.

And I want you two to work
on my campaign.

So, I wanna make sure
that I'll win this.

- You can do it, right?
- Yes, sir.


- Hmm? Hmm?


Come on. Don't be shy.


How's our little baby here?

I don't talk to ugly people.

Oh, my…


She's lively.

Drew's baby is a fighter.

And because of that,
you won't get any food.





[OPERATOR] The number you have
dialed is either unattended

or out of coverage area.


What now?
Your lover's not answering.

So, what will I do with you now?

Seb, what is it?

Why didn't you tell me about you
and the governor?

[SCOFFS] What did you expect?

That I'm gonna tell the world
I'm his mistress?

Belle, don't you see? You've
created problems for my family.

Wow. Me?

You're blaming me?

It's all my fault now?

What I mean is,
you should've told me.

Like, what was that?

Ain't I awesome?

I was the one who flirted.
I was the one who made a move.

And it's all my fault.
Like, really, Seb?

So tell me, was I the only one
who felt good here?

Was I the only one
who felt happy?


- You know what?

I never regretted the times
we were together.

Because I actually felt happy.

And I know that you did too.

So, be honest, did you
even really loved me?


John! John!

Come out, John!

I said, come out! [PANTING]

What the heck is your problem?
What's all the fuss about?

Where's Tori?

Did she come here?

She's not here.
What are you talking about?


I just wanna find her.
She's not at home.

I'm sure that she's here.

Are you an idiot?

If she was here,
she would've come out already.

And wasn't Quentin your contact?
Then go look for him.

If you owed him something,

then for sure
they would've taken her.


Seb, tell me…

did you even really loved me
for once?


Yeah, Seb.


I wanna know too.

Did you really loved her?

What are you doing here?

Answer my question. [SOBS]

Did you really loved
this mistress of yours?

- Colleen… [SIGHS]

- Let's go home and talk there.
- No.

You don't make
the decisions here. I do.

[SOBS] Only I can.

Go ahead. Answer my question.

Stop it, honey. Come on.

Don't you dare call me
your honey.

- You bastard!
- Seb!

Stop touching him!
Don't you dare touch him!

[SOBBING] You filthy ass!

You're making him dirty too!

You wanna be on video?

Then why don't you become
an actress instead?

- How dare you!
- Hey, hey.

Who hurt you
when you were a kid?

Did your father leave you?

Or does your mother
not love you?

Why are you like that?

You're so stupid!

Of all the people you'll taste,

why a wedded man?

And of all wedded men,
why my husband? [SOBS]

Why did you pick Seb?

You don't have any conscience!

You're all filthy pigs!

You pig! [CRIES]


Every time I close my eyes…

it's you two I see.

What did I even do to you?

I never did anything wrong
to you two, right?


And you! You!
It's all your fault!


- Colleen! Colleen!



- Boss.
- [LAUGHS] Drew, my friend!

Finally, somebody shows up, eh.

- Where's Tori?
- Where's my money?

Believe me,
I'll return the money.

I have it.
I can also get from my brothers.

So, please, let me see Tori.
Where is she?

- [PANTS] Tori!

Do you think I'm an idiot?

If you can't give me the money,
then I can't give you Tori.

So, go away and don't come back
without the money.

Please, please,
just let me see her.

I'll be back
and bring the money.

I just need to see
if she's okay.

Mmm. Why? Wait, whoa.

Are you afraid
that I might touch her?

Whoa… What?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa! [LAUGHS]
- You can't touch her.

Hey, chill. Chill.



Don't you dare touch me!

Your brother won't save you!

You owe me money and… [GRUNTS]




just follow everything
I want you to do.

And there's nothing you can do
even if I touch your girl, okay?


I won't return your money
unless I get to talk to her.



Go! Shoot me.

If you kill me,
you won't get your money back.

Take me to Tori.


- Tori? Tori!
- Drew!


Hey, what happened to you?

Why did you let them punch you?
Why didn't you fight back?

It's okay, it's okay.
I'm fine, all right?

Uh, are you okay?
Did they hurt you?

Did they touch you?


I'm okay.

But I don't like it here.

They're so stinky and ugly.

What happened to you?

You made me so worried.

Let's leave this place, please.

I promise I'll get you
out of here.

I just need to pay
my debt first.

Of course, you should.


I'm also letting you go.

You deserve the best, Tori.
Only the best.

Not like this.

I'm very, very, very sorry.


We really can't be happy, huh?


I'm not allowed to be happy.

And I don't want you
to get involved in this.

How will you pay your debts?

I'll steal.

What's the use
of all those displays at home

if they're not being used?

Leave it to me.


Here we go again.

You do the work while I suffer.



Tori, I got this, okay?

I got you in this mess and I'll
get you out of it, all right?



[HENCHMAN] What do you want?

[COP] Where's Quentin Mariano?

What's happening?

There's no Quentin Mariano here.

- Wait. Just stay here, okay?
- You can't come in here.

We have a warrant of arrest.


I already told you there's
no Quentin Mariano here.



- Tori, we need to leave.
- Why?

We have to go.



Stop right there!



Freeze! Stay where you are!


You dare to escape, huh?



Run, Tori! Run!

- Go!



- You okay?

It's Drew.

What's with him? Here.

Sit down first.

What happened to Drew?

[INHALES] He hurt me.

He did?

He went crazy
before he left the mansion.

And he hurt me, Dave.

- [SOBS]

Cherry, do you want me
to bring you to the hospital?

No need.

But I don't know where he is.

Paco's looking for him.

Drew tried to choke me to death.

[SOBS] He wants to kill me.

- Was Paco there with you?
- Yes.

And he sided with Drew.

He even said that
you all considered me as family.

But, Dave…

there's no family
that wants to kill you, right?




Cherry, I'm sure
Drew was just in shock.

And Paco as well.

I don't wanna go home yet.

- Huh?

Can I stay here for a while?


Colleen. Colleen, I'm so sorry.

I'm really sorry.


I want an update. Where's Drew?

We still couldn't find him.

Until now?

I'll immediately let you know.

[SIGHS] Drew…



- Sabel? Where's Cherry?
- Sir?

I don't know, sir.





It's Paco.


Aren't you gonna answer it?

You answer it.

Why me?

I want him to know
that I'm here.





Why is Cherry's phone with you?

Why are you the one answering?

Because your wife's here.



Okay. Take them in.

Let's move fast
or they might catch us.

Let's go.


We're free, Tori. We're free.

Yeah, we're free, Drew.


So, I guess this is goodbye.


Take good care of yourself.

I will always love you.







Tori? What happened?

Oh, my god… [GRUNTS]

I'll take you to the hospital.


Hang in there, okay?
I'll bring you to the hospital.




What's happening here?

Ask your wife.

Cherry, come on.

- Let's go home.
- No.

I'll stay here.

Here with Dave?

I'm tired, Paco.

That's why
we should go home now.

Maybe you have forgotten
what Drew did to me.

Cherry, he's not at home.

He might even be in danger.

I'm feeling a different kind
of tiredness.


It's tiring loving someone
who doesn't even choose me.

Cherry, I don't have to choose
between you or Drew

or anyone among my brothers.

I love you all.

That's not how it looks to me.

I'm your wife, Paco.

Think about it.

I'll do the same.

I need some space.

I'll stay here for a while.

And you don't have to worry

because Dave's here.

Hold on, Tori. Hold on.

Wait! Wait!

- I won't fight.
- Stop!

He's the mayor's brother.
Put down your gun.

I will surrender.
I will go with you.

Just take care of her.

Don't leave me.

No, Tori.
You need to be hospitalized.


She got shot.


Be strong.

We'll see each other again,
okay? I'll make it up for you.

Come with us, sir.




Paco, are we good?

What do you mean, "are we good?"
Drew's nowhere to be found.

Where can we find him?

- What can we do?
- You wanna know?

We can tell Cherry everything.

No, Paco, no. We can't.


After everything that happened
to our family,

your conscience still
hasn't eaten you yet?

Paco, if we tell her,
we will lose her.

I'm losing her now!

Because of all the secrets
that weren't even my fault.

That's why if we can tell her
the truth right now,

let's do the right thing.


- Hello?
- [MAJOR] Mayor.

We've apprehended your brother.

Okay, we'll be there. Thank you.

- What did they say?
- They found Drew. Let's go.


You go there alone.

Dave will stay right here
to protect me.

- Are you serious?
- I'm not ready to face him.

And I hope you understand that.

I'll be back to fetch you.

You don't make the decisions.

Paco, can you bail me?

You say that as if I'm a genie.


What's the problem, Drew, huh?

Why are we back here again?

I don't have a problem, bro.

I just wanna make sure
Tori's safe--

She's safe.

But you still can't bail out
of here.

[GASPS] Why?

Because you deserve
to be here, Drew.


You're too old
for this foolishness.

We won't always be here cleaning
your garbage.

So, what now?
Are you pusher now?

I wasn't apprehended for drugs.

I was just there to save Tori.

You want to save someone so bad

that you don't see that you're
the one who needs to be save.

When will you grow up?

Why just me? Cherry set me up.

- Don't you know that?
- Don't point at others.

This wasn't your only offense
and you know that.

Don't you see?

A lot of people got involved.

Their lives were ruined
because of your stupidity.

What do you want me to do?

Admit all my sins?

That I killed Mr. Panyong?

Yes, Drew. Yes.

Maybe that will help resolve

You won't get out of here.

I'm sorry but you won't.


Colleen, honey? Are you ready?


I'm going to visit Drew
in prison.

You're coming along, right?


Let's go. Come with me.

I choose to trust you.


Thank you.

Honey, I love you so much.

I have to go, okay?


Not now.

Seb, Seb…

- [GOV] Open the door!
- [BELLE] Help me…

- Save me, please.
- [GOV] Open the door!

- [GOV] Florabelle!

- [SHOUTS] Florabelle!

- Open the door!



[MAN] Maybe you're the most
asshole among your siblings.

An addict and a pusher.

No wonder the Mayor
doesn't wanna bail you.

You're a big disgrace
to the Estrellas.

Our family isn't clean
to begin with.

I'm here for Drew Estrella.

You can find him over there,


You did all this!

You did this to yourself.

You set me up!

Even Tori got hurt
because of you.

If something bad happens
to her--

What will you do?
Are you gonna kill me?

Is that what you want?

For me to flip and kill you?

No, Drew.

All I want is for you
to be responsible.

And what is your point, huh?

Fine, Drew.

You're blaming me
for getting you jailed. Why?

Am I the addict?

Am I the one
who befriended drug pushers?

Am I, Drew?

Is it all my fault?

If something bad happens
to Tori,

I will never forgive you.

I understand you, Drew.

The pain is doubled
if your loved one is killed

by someone you also love,

rather than someone else.


[MAN] She thought she hit
the jackpot with the Estrellas.

The whole city is watching

your sex video!

I just wanna ask you…


…how you were able to fool me.


Gov, have mercy on her!


I love you
but that's your limit.

You won't change
so it's right that we do this.

I love you but this is goodbye.

[SEB] You're like this
just because of a woman?

Are you gonna sacrifice
your reputation and position?

- Shut up!


[CHERRY] All of you brothers…

you're all liars.


[STAMMERS] Cherry… Cherry…