A Family Affair (2022): Season 1, Episode 34 - Episode #1.34 - full transcript

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Where's Drew?

He has to be here.

Let's let him for now.

Let him?
Let him run off with drugs?

If you don't want to find him,
I will.


I know you're angry at me,
at Dad.

If you want to hurt me,
go ahead.

Do what you want, but please…

Please, let's fix this.

Can't you see, Paco?

I already am.

I'll fix every broken thing
in this house.

I'll clean up dirt
in every corner.

A lot will change,

so get ready.


I'm tired, Drew.

I'm so tired.

Mama Erl called earlier.

I didn't pick up.

I thought,

I don't think it's right

to waste my energy saving them.

I gave everything.

Everything they need. [SNIFFLES]

I just want peace.

Wait 'til I fix this,

and after this, let's get away,

What if that's not the last one?

What if there's more?

We'd just pull each other down.


I promise.

I'll fix myself.

I will be a better man.

I will fix myself.

Because you only deserve
the best, Tori.

Not the murdered Drew,

not the addict Drew,

not the youngest Estrella Drew.

You deserve the best of me.

I'm sorry if sometimes,

I lose to myself.

It's hard to battle
with one's self.

- But it's harder…

If I imagine…

That you're gone.

[EXHALES] So, just give me time.

Let me finish this one.

I'll come back to you.

And whatever it is,

we will fix it together.



Never letting go…

Let Batman handle it.

Second chance?


- Bro…

- Where's Drew Estrella?

I said, where's Drew Estrella?

- I don't know.
- Then find him!

Call him out here.

Tell him his mayor brother's
looking for him.




Your girlfriend? She's pretty.

She knows nothing.

Well, yeah, but you know.

One misstep, and she will know.

Don't you dare.


You know what they say?

If you're not doing
anything wrong,

what are you afraid of?

In other words,
why would you worry

if you're guaranteed to deliver?

If you're sure,
then be confident.


if you fall short…

then, let's talk to her
for the payment.

- I won't fail.
- You better not. [CHUCKLES]


Ciao! Hey there.

Nice to meet you.


- Come with us!
- Let go of me!

- Where are you taking him?
- Don't hurt her!

- Shut up!
- I'll call the police! Let go!

The Mayor called for him.
You won't call anyone!



What's this?

I know you're tired.

Have a seat.

Over here.

It's okay.

Let me be a wife to you.

It's fine.

How's the mansion?

I heard Cherry's come home.

Yeah. We had lechon.

I can't understand her.

It's like…

She's gone crazy.

Well, if your siblings
locked you in a weird place,

you'd go crazy as well.

Is she okay, though?

I don't think she ever will.

What a sad sentiment.

How about you?

Are you okay?

When was I not?

What's this? What are you doing?

I just want you
to remember this.

Me serving you.

Me being by your side.

Me, your wife.

Do you remember
when I came home tired?

Then you prepared all these
just for me?

- Give me your foot.

I'm sorry you're so tired.

I know I make mistakes.

But I want you to know,
in the end, it's still us.

That's how I remember you
as a husband, Seb.

A simple, caring

and loving husband to me.

And I want you to remember me
just as well.

Because in the end, remember,

I've always been a good wife.


Let me go! Let me go!

Let me go! [GRUNTS]

[DREW] Who are you? Hey!


Hey! Who are you?


Hi, Drew.

What's happening to you?

What's happening to you?

Why are you here?

Why not? It's my home.

Of course, I'll be here.

Where's Paco?

Paco! Paco!



He's sleeping.

Let him rest.

You're crazy.
You're out of your mind!

And you?

You're going crazy
from all those drugs!

Let me go. I'm leaving!


You're not leaving.

You're staying here.

If rehab couldn't fix you,

you will be, here.

Are you out of your mind?

You can't lock me up in here.

Oh, I can.

I'll have you guarded
until you fix yourself up.

You can't stop me.

I'll be leaving and you won't
hear from me ever again!


Did you really think it's easy
to run away from everything?

If you're forgetting,

I took care of you
since you were a child.

I know your farts and burps.

But how did you repay me?

You messed up your life
with drugs!

You know nothing!

That's what you think.

You can't do anything now,
so stop fighting.

Do my brothers know about this?

I'm only doing this
for your sake.

I'll fix your life.

The parts that your brother
wasn't able to fix.

You animal.


Don't leave me here. Cherry!
Cherry, please!

Don't leave me here!


- Ma'am, over here.
- All right.

Paco? What's happening?

- Auntie?
- Are these all Cherry's guards?

- Are you locking her up again?
- No, Auntie.

I'm not locking her up.
She's having Drew guarded.


[EXHALES] Auntie…

She's read the letters.

I have, too.

But you know Cherry.

She's a good person.
She forgives easily.

But if that was me…

I'll castrate every single one
of you Estrellas.

I hope you can forgive us
for hiding it from you.



I'll think about it, Paco…


Forgiving you.

I will be facing you eventually.

You and your brothers.

You're lucky Cherry's
the good one.

I'm not.

I understand.

I understand completely, Auntie.


You want to throw at me,
I'll accept them all.

As you should!

Cherry can easily ruin
your name,

you animals!

I'll save my daughter from you.

- I'll take her far away.
- Auntie, please don't.

Auntie, please. Please.

I'll support everything
she wants,

but don't take her away, please.

- Don't take her away from me.
- Why? Who are you?

Who are you to decide?

I'm still hoping
that she'll forgive me.

I'm hoping. I'll do anything,

to help us,
to get the old Cherry back.

What we had before.

Auntie, please.


I just said Cherry
is a good person.

But she's not an idiot.



How are you, Auntie?

What are you doing?


I'm cleaning up dead branches.

I'll clean up every piece
of dirt in this house.


Don't let it out on the plants.

Why not?

These are dead anyway.

Maybe from the lack of nutrition
in this place.


Let's go home.

Let's get away from here.

Let's go.

No, Auntie.

I'm not done yet.

I'm not done cleaning up.

When will you be done?

Once they've paid
for everything they've done.

But I wonder why.

It's hard to make
your loved ones pay.

[EBS] Maybe you're not supposed
to do it yourself.

Maybe you're supposed
to call the police.


The police can't do anything.

Especially now
that Paco's the mayor.


That's why we should go
and leave.

Stop that,
whatever that cleaning is,

so you can end your suffering
once and for all.

No, Auntie.

I'm just getting started.

The revenge starts now.

[CHERRY] Drew.

Eat up.

Look at you.

You're looking like a demon.

I don't want your brothers
to think I'm starving you.

The bag. Where is it?


What bag?

Give me my bag back.

Give me back my bag, Cherry!



What are you talking about?

There wasn't any bag.

There. Wasn't. Any.

Let me out of here.

And no one's leaving.

Especially you.

I'm running out of patience.

You're crazy.

You're out of your mind!

Am I really the crazy one?

If I really am crazy,
you should've been gone by now.

You should've been
on the seabed.



What's this again?

Why is it my fault now?


I never forced you
to come here, Seb.

Belle, I've got problems
of my own.

Please, don't add up to it.

Let's end this.

I'm not your problem, Seb.

Aren't I the one
giving you courage

for you to be able to face
your problems?



Do you want me to stop?

I'm here for you, Seb.

I'll help you forget.

I don't want to anymore!

I love Colleen, she's my wife!

Can we just end this now?


You always say that.

But you've never left me.

Why you don't you leave her

You're here because
she's lacking something, right?

You're looking for something
that she doesn't have.

Admit it.

I'm the one who makes you happy.

Not your wife.

Not your family.

But me.



Let me out of here!

Cherry! Paco!

Paco! Let me out!


Where's my bag?


Cherry! Paco!


I need to come back to Tori.

They might do something
with Tori.



[DREW MUFFLED] Let me out!

Please! Cherry!

Is that Drew?


- I thought he's okay?
- He's not.

[DREW] Where's my bag?

It's your fault
that he ended up like that.

- I'll talk to him.
- No!


Sit down.


Cherry, Drew is freaking out.

That's called withdrawal.

I know everything about him.
Don't worry.

You don't care about him anyway.

You just think of yourselves.

Especially you.

you know that's not true.

I always think about you.

- Because I love you.
- Love?

What kind of love is that?

You're a huge liar.

I know it's hard to believe now,

but I just want you to be happy.

Isn't that what love is?

What do you think this is?

Definition of terms?
"What is love?"

Well, I'm sorry.

You're just so unlucky.

You're gonna suffer
with that love of yours.

You won't know
what's gonna hit you.


Love hurts.


In mysterious ways! [LAUGHS]


[SEB] What are you doing?

I just want you
to remember this.

Me serving you.

Me being by your side.

Me, your wife.


I'm sorry.

I can't anymore.

Come on.
You're already kissing me.

But I don't want to anymore.

This is wrong, Florabelle.

This is wrong.

This has always been wrong.

- Yet you wanted it.
- Exactly.

That's why I'm ending it now.


I can't be doing this forever.


Seb, wait a minute.
Seb, no! Wait!

Bye, Florabelle.




[DRUNKENLY] You can't be
an idiot these days.

Stop that, Auntie.

The Estrellas
may have took you in.

But remember,

they're not your relatives.

They're not your siblings.

Drew killed your father.

Where's my bag?

Let me out of here!

Cherry! Paco!

Paco! Let me out!


[RAMON] Dave knows.

Because he helped his brother
escape that night.

And Seb probably knows.

Paco knows.

Because he paid to shut me up.


Can we meet up tomorrow?



[DAVE] Why do we need
to speak out here?

Why not at home?

I just wanted some fresh air.

For a change.

[EXHALES] And I don't want Paco
to know this.


What's this about?

I wanted to ask you something.

About what?

About the past.

What about the past, Cherry?

Tell me.

I'll give you one last chance
to tell me the truth.

About Drew.


- [DAVE] What…
- [FREDDIE] I've cleaned it up.

- [DAVE] What did you do?
- [FREDDIE] Threw him away.

- That's Cherry Red's dad!
- I don't care!

You'll shut up about it.

You have to pay
for what you did.

[DREW] But you're my brother.
You're on my side.

[PACO] Drew! Help!

- [FREDDIE] Take him to America.
- Why me?

- Do you want him dead?
- I love Cherry.

[FREDDIE] Who do you love more?
Cherry or Drew?


I need your help.

Is it about money?

I have a leaked sex video.

And not with Colleen?

[BELLE] You were looking for me?

Why do we look for someone?

Because they aren't around.

Make sure to not get caught.

I can kill for you.

[DREW] Let me go!
I didn't do anything wrong!

My bag! Where's my bag, Cherry!

What an idiot.

You all should suffer.

If you haven't learned.
With me…

You will.

- Hi, Dave.
- Cherry.

What are you doing here?
Is there something you need?

- You.
- Me?