A Family Affair (2022): Season 1, Episode 33 - Episode #1.33 - full transcript

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Aren't you hungry?

I ate earlier
at the municipal hall.

Why are you staring at me
like that?


- Are you okay?
- Of course.

I'm fine.

I'm really fine.

What about you?
Are you really okay?

Have you read the letter?

Just eat. Don't waste the food.

A lot of children go hungry.



I did it because I was scared.

That if you knew…

you will hate us.

That you will despise me.


Eat now.

It's bad to make your food wait.



See? I told you
money is easy here.

If you need more, just ask Q.

Since he trusts you now.

Sure. I'll risk everything
and then I'll leave.

I'll never return.

Sunrise. There's always
a second chance.

I like that.

Second chances.

I don't know anymore, Drew,

if there will be hope
that you will change.

Or if there's anymore reason
to protect you.

Leave, you bastard! Leave!

Before I forget
that you're my brother.




You're spacing out.
Are you okay?

Are you sure?

Love, I'm sorry.

I won't get tired
asking for forgiveness.

Can you forgive me?

Don't hug me.

From now on, you can't hug me.



Love, I know you're mad at me.

It's good that you know that.

Just thinking about
you touching me irks me.

And I don't want you
in this room.

Sleep outside.

Isn't that what you want?
That I stay here?

Bear with it.


Attorney, the ranch is still
in my name, right?

Yes, Cherry.
Dave gave it all to you.

We agreed to transfer everything
to the four brothers.

There's a lot of disagreements.
What is the status now?

Well, so far, we just finished
the survey again

because you want to divide it
equally into four.

There's no development yet?

Well, there's already a draft
for the transfer.

Good. Now, burn it.
We don't need it anymore.


I will not transfer
the title to them.

If anyone asks,
tell them it's my decision.

If you say so, Cherry.

Thank you, attorney.

Ma'am, here's the financial
statement of the ranch

and your husband's
bank transactions.

- Thank you.
- [WOMAN] Excuse me.

What-what are you doing here?

How did you find us?

It's easy if you're an Estrella
and the wife of the mayor.

People will talk.

- What do you need?
- The truth.

I want to know why you received a huge
sum of money.


Cherry Red?

[RAMON] Earl, buy her a drink.

I'm not here to drink.

I want to know about the transaction
between you and my husband.

Can you see my situation,
Chery Red?

This is my connection
to the Estrellas forever.

And the money
that your husband paid me…

That's for cutting ties
with them.

They are the reason
why I am like this.

What do you mean?

Sir Freddie tried to kill me.

Because they ordered me
to dispatch your father's body.


Babe, relax.


Becca, what's wrong?

Are you okay?

What is it? Babe?

[SIGHS] Let's go home.

We have an appointment
with the OB Gyne.

I'm feeling dizzy.

- Let's go home.
- Dizzy?

All the more
that a doctor see you.

Maybe that's because
of your pregnancy.

[DOCTOR] See you next week.

Mrs. Estrella?

Doc, my wife
is not feeling good.

Maybe because of her pregnancy?


Dave, is said let's go home.

Is that because of her

- But, Mr. Estrella…
- Dave, let's…

Mrs. Estrella?

Bring her inside.

- Becca?
- Sir.


Who killed him?

Was it sir Freddie?

You know who did?

The youngest Estrella.


Yes, it was Drew.

Drew killed your father.

Did his brothers know?

Dave knows.

Because he made sure
Drew gets away.

Paco knows.

Because he paid me
to stay silent.

And Seb?

I think he knows.

Cherry Red, all Estrellas know.


Based on the ultrasound,

she turned out
to be false positive.

And she has tumor
on her ovaries.

I'll leave you two.


Looks like you know now.


Why, Becca?



You know why.

I want to know why you pretend
that you're pregnant!

Because I love you.

Because I don't want
to lose you.

Because I thought
I was pregnant.

But I am not.

You could've told me.
You can tell me the truth!

Oh, don't be a hypocrite, Dave.

Don't you ever lecture me
about truth.

When you hide a lot of things

in our relationship.

All throughout. All this time.

[RAMON] Forgive me.


It's not what I want.

I hope you can forgive me.

I know you're a good person.

You're not like them.

I know you can forgive…
what I did. [COUGHS]

Does it hurt?

I'm sorry.

It's easy to ask
for forgiveness.

Just like buying for a candy.

I know you, Ramon.

Back at the ranch,

I thought I can trust you.

Even the Estrellas.

I trusted all of you!

what they ordered me to do.


What if I throw you to the sea?

What if I push you
off the stairs?

I'm sorry, I was just ordered
to do that as well.

So? Can you forgive then?

It's easy to ask
for forgiveness!

You bastards!


Hey! What are you doing
to my brother?

That's nothing compared
to what they did to my father!

You are like them.

I'm like them?!

No, you are the same!


[EARL] We also had a rough time.

They tried to kill us!

I don't care!

Enjoy the money you received
for hiding the truth!

That's what's important
to you, right?

Money for your principles!

Money for a person's life!

I hope you can sleep
with that money.


But I'm not going
to blame you, Dave.

It's also my fault.

I hate…

how I mistook a drop
of your affection as love.

How I believed…

that one day…

that I could really
make mistakes

and you could love me still.

I hate how I make you believe…

that I'll never leave.

That however bad you treat me,

I won't leave you.

And I hate how I hated Cherry

all just because you love her.



I wanted that baby, too.

No, Dave.

You wanted it because you
thought you don't have a choice.

But I can see in your eyes now

that you're mad because you were
fooled and you married me,

not because
you won't have a child.

What do you want me to do?

What do you want?

I want you to do me a favor.

What is it?

Once I walked out that door,

don't ever talk to me.

Don't ever call me.

Don't ever text me.

Don't do anything.

Hire a lawyer to arrange
our annulment

and to divide properties.

I'm leaving, Dave.

And this time,

I'm running
after my self-respect.

I'm freeing myself
from you, Dave.

I've had enough.

I've had enough.

I deserve better.




[RAMON] Drew killed your father.


[RAMON] Dave knows.

Because he made sure
Drew gets away.


[RAMON] And Seb?
I think he knows.

Paco knows.

Because he paid me
to stay silent.




Cherry Red, all Estrellas know.






I won't stop until that person
pays for what he's done.

Even if that's the last thing
I'll do before I die.




Where are you taking those?

Ma'am Becca is asking for them.

She want them in a box
for transport.

Where is Becca?

The attorney did not say.

They said they'll pick
these up tomorrow.



Where is Dave?

He said he's on his way.

Are you okay?

Are you with Drew?

Drew is not here.

Che. I see you came home.

Drew is always not present.

I keep calling him
but he's not answering.

Paco, did you call him?

I did but he's also
not answering.

Let's go.

Let's go eat.
I prepared for you.

Take a seat.

I prepared a lot. Let's eat.

Take a seat.

Go on, Dave.
I cooked your favorite.

Suit yourself.

- Umm…
- Go on.

Love, your favorite.
Get one now.

Eat a lot.

You might be surprised
why I prepared this.

I just missed you.

Too bad Drew's not here.

How are you?

What have you been doing?

Since my accident,

I haven't been able
to take care of you.

Is there anything
you want to tell me?

Maybe you want
to tell me something?

Tori, please.
Open the door, it's me.

Sir, I need to talk to Tori.


It's fine, sir.

Drew, if you're drunk or high--

I'm sober.

Please, listen to me.

It's tiring to love you, Drew.

I know. That's why I'm here
because I also had enough.

I want a new life, Tori.
A fresh start with you.

After you said that you hate me?

I did not mean that. Okay?

I'm… I'm so sorry.

That's not true.
I'm so sorry, Tori.

[SIGHS] Tori…

You're the only woman
I love this much.

And you're the only person
that made me feel…

that made me believe
that I deserve a second chance.

Please, I want to be
with you, Tori.

Second chance, Dew?

How many chances
have you received already?

We're always like this.

Please, Tori. Please.

I love you.

What's that?


You want a second chance but
you're hiding something again?


What about you, Seb?

Are you still having an affair
with Florabelle?


What about you, Dave?

Are you and Becca still
pretending that you're happy?

Are you done manipulating
your new wife?

- Are you okay, Cherry?
- Of course.

Is there a reason for me
to not be okay?

[PACO] Love, take a rest.

You can't tell me what to do.

Where is Drew?

Maybe he is taking drugs again.


No one leaves.


- Seb, just listen.
- Listen to your brother, Seb.

Is that drugs?

I can't take this anymore, Drew.

Tori, this is our token
to get out of this place.

Away from those people,

from my brothers,
from your family.

Drew, I love you.

But I will not leave my family
to tolerate you with your vices.

I will not use again, Tori,
I swear.

I'm not using anymore.

I just need the money
to start anew.

This is the last time.

I need to finish this.

After this, we will leave.

Don't give up on me.

Don't give up on me.

You grew up like that
because you were spoiled.

You're jerk of a father
raised you.

You act like you can control

That's what you learned
from your father…

being a liar.

- Cherry, this is enough.
- Enough?

If no one will control you,
then I will.

I'll put you straight.

Cherry, what are you
talking about?

Please, enough.

I will say when enough
is enough, Seb!

Not you or anyone of you.

Me! Me! Me! Only me!

That's how much I love you.

I won't let this family fail.


By the way,
I talked to the lawyers.

The ranch's title hasn't been
transferred to you.

Since Dave gave
everything to me…

it's still in my name.

That means…

if you want to get your part…

I will decide your lives.

This is the only way
to save this family.

Eat now.

What's happening to Cherry?
Why is she acting like that?

Cherry knows.

What does she know?

She read the letter.

What is your problem?
What is your problem?!

We had… We had
an understanding.

What have you done?

I can't lie to my wife anymore.

I can't take this anymore!

What do you expect?
What do you expect?

- That she will forgive us?
- I don't know.

I don't know.

But I know that she deserves
to know the truth!

How dare you?

How dare you!

You are the one who lead this
entire thing of fooling her.

- She thinks of us as liars!
- And then what?

The important thing
is she knows now.

- She knows about Drew?
- No.

- But I want to tell her that--
- [DAVE] No, no, no!

Don't ever tell Chery
about Drew.

- Don't waste my sacrifices.
- What are you saying?

Your sacrifices?

- We all sacrificed.
- I lost Cherry.

To carve this damn secret.

What do you mean?

You're saying
that you haven't moved on?

I thought you and Becca
are happy?

You're having a child.

- We're over.
- What?

She's not pregnant.
She broke up with me.

And I don't want
to talk about it.



We're all miserable now.

[SCOFFS] And you?

Really? With Florabelle?

Seb, you're adding
to our family's problems.

I'm breaking it off.

Breaking it off?

- Yes.
- Fix it.

Fix it before it becomes
a scandal.

Psst! Don't fool Colleen.

- Don't be like us.
- I know.

I won't. She deserves better.

The women in this family
deserve better.

Dear, what are you doing?

I'm cleaning the dead.

I'll clean the dirt
in this house.

[CHERRY] If you don't want
to find him, I'll find Drew.

- Come with us!
- Let me go!

- Where are you taking him?
- Don't touch her!

[CHERRY] You are like this
because of that drugs!

You know nothing.


You are a big liar.

I know it's hard to believe
for now

but, Cherry,
I want you to be happy.

Shame, because you will suffer
for loving me.

[CHERRY] And you will never know
what hit you.


love hurts.

[LAUGHS] In mysterious ways.

[CHERRY] I'm just starting.

I'm getting back at them.