A Family Affair (2022): Season 1, Episode 14 - Episode #1.14 - full transcript

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Well, that went well, didn't it?

Don't you think
Cherry was too calm?

Is that weird?

It's scary.

Let's just go.



You're quiet again.

When I talk too much,
you get mad.

Now that I'm quiet,
this is how you react?

Becca, I know when your
being quiet it means something.

Out with it.

Cherry Red sure is
something, huh?

She talks like
she's your mother.

Well, now you know why she's
so important to our family.

I want to be important
to you too, Dave!


Babe, you are important to me.

Why would I even bother
having you here

if you weren't?

Who's that you're texting?


Uh, no one.

Do you really have
to bring those home?

Cherry gave me these.
How could I say no?

Give those back.
It's embarrassing.

Why? What's wrong?

I don't want those, okay?

Let's just go.

Cherry, I'll expect those

deliveries next week, okay?

Okay. I'll send them right away.

I look forward
to receiving them.

Thank you, Mrs. Cruz.


Excuse me.




What are you doing here?

Uh, I'm talking to some
suppliers for our resort.

They're staying
at another resort

so I decided to go meet them.

Is Becca here with you?


I'm here.


Let's go?

Ma'am, we can't leave yet.

We have to wait
until the weather's better.

Cherry, what did he say?

Can you leave now?

He said it's too dangerous.
The waves are too rough out there.

If you want, we can grab
a bite while waiting.

There's a place nearby
that serves good food.

It's my treat.

I'll just wait here.

They might leave
and I'd get left behind.

Are you sure?


It's raining! Let's go!
You'll get drenched here!

Wow! Someone's in
a good mood today.

You seem inspired.

Here's your water, sir.

I-I'm so sorry, sir!

Wait, let me wipe that for you!

Sorry! I'm so sorry!

Oh! Sorry, sir!
I'm so, so sorry!

It was an accident!

You're fired!


Sir, I didn't mean to do it!

I'm so sorry! It's water!
It won't leave stains!

Why do I have to lose my job
because of it? I'm sorry!

Please don't fire me.

I'm just joking.

You're lucky
I'm in a good mood today.

No one's getting fired.

I'm just excited to work.

Well, if I were an Estrella
and my family were that rich,

I'd always be excited
to work too.

I'd wake up happy each morning.

I'll leave before you fire me for real.

Bye, Sir Drew.

Hon, where are you?

I'm at your house.

I went to the city
to buy something,

so I decided to drop by.


Are you with someone?


Since I'm not with you,

you might get bored.

Actually, Cherry and I
saw each other here.


Yeah, she was talking
to some hoteliers.

We just happened to meet.


I'll be home soon, okay?

Yeah. Bye.


Okay, that's fine. No worries.

Take care, alright?

I love you.

I love you, too.

All of a sudden,
they're together in Barlig?

What a coincidence.

And uh…

Your point is?

Oh, nothing.

I just feel like the forces
of fate are conspiring

and letting those two meet
without us around.


I don't think it's fate.

How are you and Cherry?

We're okay.

We are better than ever.

How about you and Dave?

How are you two?

Oh, and uh, by the way,
Cherry's on her way home.

You have nothing to worry about.



Can I be honest with you?

You said…

…we should say
what we need to say

to put an end to
all the fighting.

I just want to get this
off my chest.

What do you mean?


These past few days…

I'll admit,

I've been a jerk.

Especially to Paco.

Maybe it's because…

Because I envy him.

Why would you envy him?
He's your brother.

Because I should be
the one in his place.

And I regret…

…that I let you go.

That I left you.

Cherry, you're right.

We should be honest
about our feelings.

Not just to other people,

but to ourselves, as well.



I still have feelings for you.

I still love you.



I'm glad you decided
to meet up with me.


I guess I'm just
bored with life.

You? Bored?

- Yeah.
- Isn't your life simple…

…and exciting?

That's what you think.

We all tend to make wrong
assumptions about other people.

But I'm not wrong about you.

You're a simple man
with simple dreams.

You go where the fun is.

So, you mean to say,

I don't have any ambitions?

No, that's not what I meant.

I just meant that
you want a simple life.

I mean, the world
is too complicated

to not want the simplest
things in life, right?


Do you believe in
the message of the song

Love Will Keep Us Alive?

With the right person,
and the right mindset,

love will keep us contented.

C-Cherry, look, just--

Please, just hear me out.


Please, just…

Sit down. Please.

Paco's right.

He has every right
to be mad at me.

I've made mistakes, too.

And I regret all of them.

Even if I still have
feelings for you,

it doesn't change the fact…

…that you're
my brother's wife now.

I've moved on.

I know.

And we're happy, Dave.

I love Paco.

Of course.

I want to take care of
my present relationship.

Because this is
what's important to me,

not our past.

I understand.

But Cherry, I just…

I had to tell you.

Because maybe…

Maybe if I could
tell you how I feel…

then maybe I could also learn…

…to let go.

Like you.

Cherry, I'll go with you.

No, I can go home by myself.

Just go,

before the weather
acts up again.

All the more reason
for me to go with you.

I want to make sure
you'll get home safe.


Cherry! Are you okay?

Just hold on, okay?

Hold on!

Mister, can't we land
at the nearest shore?!

We can't, sir! The waves
are stronger there!

Cherry, just hold on
tight, okay?

- Love, pick up.

Please, love.

Cherry, hang on!


- Aah!
- Cherry! Cherry!



Mister, please help him!
He fell off the boat!



Help! Help him! He fell off!




Dave, hang in there!



Dave, please don't give up!



You're insane! Don't die on me!

Don't you dare die on me!

Oh, gosh.

You know, you're insane.

I didn't expect that.

I told you.

Don't challenge me to a dare
because I will do it.

I should've told you
to steal a plate.

Do you want me to?

I'll go get one right now.

No, don't!



You even stole a spoon?!

Then I'd just pretend that
I had nothing to do with it.

This is nothing, Seb!

I could steal a tissue box,
utensils, anything!

I can't.

You watching porn?

Of course not.

Why are you so defensive?

I'm not.

I'm checking the requirements

for this university's
online classes.

I'm going to enroll.

Who knows? I might end up
getting my college degree.

Why didn't you finish college?

Long story.

I'm willing to listen.

I got involved with
some bad company.


The point is,
they were bad influences.

So, I ended up
not finishing college.

So, you'll finish it now,

so you won't get caught.


I mean, get caught up.
You know, so you won't be late.

It's never too late
until it's too late.

I don't get you.

Just remind Mr. Carandang
of our meeting with him.

Okay, sir.



Are you okay?
What happened to you?

- I'm fine.
- Are you sure?

Oh my god. Dave!

- Babe.
- Hey.

Come here.

Babe, I'm glad you're safe.

- Ugh…
- How are you feeling?

I'm glad nothing bad
happened to you.

But Dave,

please don't do anything
as risky as that.

The situation was dangerous.

I couldn't just ignore Cherry.

And why not?

Because you love her?


Can we please not talk
about this again?

I stayed here because
you wanted me to.

But please don't wear
my patience thin.

I just want to
get this off my chest.

I've been a jerk,
especially to Paco.

Maybe because…

…I'm jealous.

Why would you be jealous?

He's your brother.

Because I should be in
his position right now.

I regret…

…letting you go.

Cherry, I still have
feelings for you.

I still love you.


Dave, don't die on me!

Someone's dead…

Dead… Someone's dead…


Dead… Someone's dead…

If our plan for
integration works,

it'll be a huge cost-saver.

It'll cut down our costs
on fertilizer and feeds.

Who knows? This might
save us enough money

for the canning factory.

- Are you okay?
- Huh?

You seem lost in thought.

You haven't spoken a word.

I'm thinking of what
happened at the boat.

Dave and I almost died.

I know.
That must be so awkward.

Imagine dying…

…with my brother.

- What's wrong with that?
- Nothing, really.

Just imagine how
Paco would take it.

Knowing him,

that's probably
the last thing he wants.

You and Dave dying together in the end.

You're silly.

- Thanks for dropping me off.
- Take care.

Drive safely.

I'd really like to lean
on a modern luxury feel

that's very minimalist.

So, mostly cream
or neutral colors,

especially inside the rooms.

I want it to feel warm.

What do you think?

Look, hon, it's your call.

I trust you.

Really? You trust me?


I trust you too.

Here are the floor plans

for the ground floor
and the second floor.

Cherry, I still have
feelings for you.

I still love you.

- Hello, love?
- Love.

Where are you?

I'm just finishing
some errands.

I'll see you at
the center, okay?



- Mister Lando, how are you?
- Oh. Sir.

Where is Ma'am Cherry?

Why are you looking for her?

She's teaching me
how to read.

I see. Is that what you
want to read?

Let me see.

I can teach you
while Cherry's gone.

What do you think,
Mister Lando?

What is it that
you want to read?

What happened to Heidi
was not an accident.

Freddie was behind it.

It's really Mama's

Heidi Magwayen…
This is Cherry's mother.

What are you doing here?

Don't touch me!

You're evil!

Get away from me, you devil!


What would you do
if you found out

that someone did you wrong?

I could probably
kill that person.

Why did you come home late?

I got lost.

Can we talk?