A Different World (1987–1993): Season 5, Episode 5 - In the Eye of the Storm - full transcript

The Pit becomes a refuge when a hurricane approaches Hillman; Ron tries to convince Freddie to play a demo tape of his band on her radio show.

Freddie, on the air.

Brothers and sisters,
you're listening

to "Freddie in the morning,"
whzu campus radio.

And now for all
my transcendental friends

this one is for you.

The migration of the whales.

How romantic.

Tonight we'll watch
the dance theatre of Harlem

leap across the stage.

Tomorrow is
the national gallery.

And Sunday...

I'll be here
closing this suitcase.

Why did you open it?

I wanted to make sure
I didn't leave anything.

Honey, after we're married

we're discussing
this wardrobe fetish.

You won't be saying that

after you see my new negligee.

Black chiffon, all Lacy on top.

Ooh, ooh, ooh,
I think we got it here.

Off to D.C.

I interrupt the whales to bring
you this special report.

Hurricane Gary
has changed its course.

All airports are closed.

The hurricane is
now headed for hillman.

All non-essential vehicles
should be off the highways.

Black Lacy chiffon negligee.

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All right,
bus number seven leaves

from the pit in ten minutes.

Everyone assigned to bus
number seven, please leave now.

Honey, why couldn't we have
been on the first bus?

Come on, jaleesa.

You're a military wife.

Toughen up.

I don't care about the army.

As soon as everyone is
evacuated, we'll get on our bus.

Come on, honey.


Yes, yes?

Look, I know it's a hurricane,
but jaleesa is hysterical.

Look at her.

You seen her like this?

I don't think so.

Stay close to her, all right?

You have such
a calming effect on people.

Dad, dad.

I taped 12 windows and doors
at the end of each hall.

Son, why did you tape the doors?

Oh, I figured
doors, windows, same thing.

Moving on, moving on.


Make sure everyone has

flashlights, sleeping bags
and warm clothing.

Got that?

Uh, Kim.

Dismantle the computer.

I don't know how.

You're smart.

You'll figure it out.

What can I do?

Hold this.

Okay everybody calm down.

I'm here.

Colonel Taylor, thanks
for covering for me.

Where's everybody going?

Wind surfing, baby.

We need a safer location.

We're going
to the roanoke armory.

I can't spend
my first anniversary there.

It's too dismal and dark.

There's no privacy.

This is a hurricane!

Did you expect the ritz?

What can I do?

Make sure the water and
electricity is turned off.

Can I help him?

No, Terrence, you stay here.

What should I do?

That's good, that's good.

Okay, colonel, I'm here for you.

Which bus am I on?

The last one.

My furniture is going
to be okay.

My house is going to be okay.

We are all going to be okay.

Damn! Look.

This hurricane is snatching up
everything in sight!

Did you see that, girl?

Brad, Brad!

Brad, our house!

Our house!

What, honey?

Now calm down, jaleesa.

Now calm down.

Calm down.

Excuse me.

Hillman is on a delta.

Tomorrow our house
could be in Tennessee.

You want your jacket now?

People, hurricane Gary's
expected to hit hillman

in less than three hours.

Go to your designated shelters.

Blowing debris
can injure and kill.

Ron Johnson, hope you're
listening from your convertible.

I always listen
to "Freddie in the morning."

Love those whales.

What do you want?

This thunderstorm
is the perfect opportunity

for my band x-pression

to express itself
to a captive audience.

I'm not using a disaster
to hype your tired little band.

Even mother nature
needs to party.

If she were having more fun,
she wouldn't act this way.

Ok, take your trash and
get out of here.

This is not trash you
environmental zealot.

Now play it and maybe
your listeners will wake up.

My listeners don't want
the pseudo-musical stylings

of a bougie,
no-talent, chauvinist

sawed-off cro-magnon runt.

Leave that short thing alone.

Is eensy-weensy Ronnie sensitive

about his itty-bitty size?

Take that back

you mix-matched,
rainbow coalition

freckle-faced mutt!

I am rubber, you are glue.

Everything you say bounces
off of me and sticks to you.

You obviously grew up
in a white neighborhood.

Why is this bus so late?

We've been waiting
for an hour and a half.

This is no time for tardiness.

Go do some calculus
or something.

Excellent idea.

I didn't bring my books,
Mr. Wayne.

Mr. Gaines, you got to get
on that bus.

You can't stay in the pit.

I'm going down with my ship.

You can't do that.

I'll be fine.

You're getting on that bus!

No, I'm not!

What is up
with Mr. Gaines, Kim?

He's old, he's stubborn,

Why is that bus so late?

I don't know.

Is this storm getting worse?

It's my first hurricane
too, okay?

Yeah, but you know everything.

We should be at a hotel room

the Lincoln memorial.

Overlooking your lingerie.

Is that all you want me for?

Don't be silly, whitley.

Of course that's all
I want you for.

Close your mouth, baby.

At least we're together.

Hey, maybe we can find a nice
quiet spot at the armory.

Near the artillery.

Boom, boom!

Pop, pop, poop, poop!

You counter-cultural
types are alike.

Five years from now

you're going to be living in
mansion, wearing a fur coat

and driving a big gas-guzzling,
air-polluting luxury car.

Five years from now

you'll be in a police lineup
with the other flashers.

Don't knock flashing, baby.

It's the only way you're
ever going to see anything.

Get out, you nasty little wart.

I have a broadcast.

Let's go, Reggie.

Hey, where's my engineer?

He broke out of here
over a half-hour ago

but you couldn't see
beyond your flapping lips.

"Evacuate the building. Bye."

What is...

"the hurricane is packing winds
of up to 100 mph.

"Hillman college has been
declared unsafe.

"Evacuation procedures
are now in effect.

All buses leaving
from the pit."

Ron, did you hear that?

That little pig!

My man is out there.

As thin as he is

that wind will blow him away.

This isn't the movies.

Oh, honey.

Oh, thank god you made it.

Mr. Gaines won't leave the pit.

He won't be alone.


The roads are washed out
we have to stay here.

All right, stay calm, stay calm!

That's just a warning signal

just to take cover, that's all.

We're all going to die!

Calm down!

All right now, people

none of us were planning
to be here.

Especially me.

But the pit, being below ground

provides excellent protection
against the wind.

However, there is a chance
of flooding.

I can't swim.

The force of the flood
will probably kill you.

Should I sandbag the back door?

No, no.

You are not very good
with doors.

Honey, honey, you're digging
your nails into my arm.

Oh, I'm sorry.

But it's just not fair.

I finally got
my life together and...

Why is it every time
something good happens to me

something else takes it away?

I don't know.

Neither wind nor rain
nor hurricane

will stop us from celebrating
our anniversary.

In style.

It's hard to believe
it's been a year.

One day we'll tell our children

how we survived this calamity.

All nine of them.

And they'll all be girls
just like me.

I got married early.

Went to school late.

I'm going to die soon.

What a life.

To our future.

what if we don't make it?

Baby, I'll meet you
on the other side

and I'll be wearing a blue hat.

I hope Freddie's okay.

I tried calling

but the line's down.

Well, wherever she is

she's better off
than la toya Jackson.

If you had played my tape
and shut up

we wouldn't be trapped.

Your Karma
brought down the power line

in front of the door.

If you had jumped out of
the second story window
like I told you to

you could have opened it
from the outside.

That's it!


Ah, I knew you couldn't
keep your hands off me.



Trauma, trauma!

I never thought I could hurt
another human

but you're not human,
you little beast!


Don't make me
go Bruce Lee on you.


Listen, brother.

I don't believe in borders

but if you cross this line,
your butt is mine.

Are you talking about that line?


I read you from newsweek,
October 2, 1989.

And I quote:

"Hugo is a killer.

To stay is to die."

Boy, put that paper down.

We can't die here, Dwayne.

I wanted to live

to see my parents
get back together.

You could live to be 100
and you might not see that.

You know what?

I always wanted
to buy my parents

a beautiful house
with lots of rooms

so my pops could hide
from my moms.

Good idea.

There's so much
I haven't done and seen.

I haven't been to Egypt.

I haven't seen the pyramids.

Damn, I've never been
to the hoosier dome.


It's the hoosier dome.


you know what your problem is?

Your girdle is too tight.

You should loosen up.

Come on, just have some fun!

Do the... do the...

This is not you.

This is the alcohol speaking.

Well, neither one of us
is speaking to you.

Can I speak with you
in the rest room?

But there's a hurricane coming.

We can't do that.

Jaleesa, jaleesa, honey,
you're drunk.

Well, what do we have
for this man, Don pardo?

Come on, let's go.

Damn, Reggie ate
all the granola bars.

Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup!

I'm starving.



Yum, yum, yum.

Beef jerky?

I don't eat animals.

This isn't just meat.

This is salt, dextrose

monosodium nitrate
and other additives...

Not to mention, it's made
by non-union meat packers.

You cannibal!

Damn skippy.

Right now, it's all you can do

to keep from ripping this
out of my hand.

I'd rather starve.

Oh, you will.

A little salty though.

Hmm, pity.

Mmm, mmm.



So refreshing.

So tasty, so filling.

Oh, my god!

Kim, if any of us
should be injured

are you medically equipped
to treat us?

When is this storm going to end?

Hey, Kim.


You know how long
I'm to cook these teeny taters?

How should I know?

I'm not the galloping gourmet.

I'm not Willard Scott,
and I'm not doogie howser.

I am not your superwoman!

She's just having
an identity crisis.

The hurricane is here.

No, no, that's just water
to sober my baby up.

I'm your baby?

Yes, baby.

And you love me?

Yes, I love you.

Don't you remember
what I told the preacher

when he said, "in sickness
and in health"?

Don't you know that
you have tested

both of those today?

But not even a hurricane
could keep us apart.

You're my world.

What's your name?

Then I go shopping in Paris.

Then you can buy me
a beautiful diamond tiara.

And then we'll go
to the big ball in versailles.

Baby, I want to spend
my last day

walking down the aisle.

Oh, pookie.

Picking up my Ph.D.

Well, thanks a lot.

I had you in versailles
with me...

Relax, Mrs. Wayne.

You're right there with me.

I don't need a tiara.
I don't need a big ball.

All I need is you.

Say it loud.

All I need is you.

Give me some help over here,

I got it, dad.

Get off me, Dwayne!

You don't want to see this.

Get off of me!

My coat!


Right here, baby.


Are you scared?

No, are you?

I used to be.

When I was a boy

I wouldn't sleep
unless Mickey was on.

He lit up my nights
for 17 years.

And my mother used to sing
this song to me.

My mother read to me
from chaucer.

"when that April
with his showers soote

the drought of march
hath perced to the root..."

Never heard of mother goose
at your house?

My parents thought fairy tales

were eurocentric, sexist,

But I did have a bootleg copy
of sleeping beauty

I used to read at night
with a flashlight.

My parents were right, Ron,
I'm all screwed up.

I guess that's why
I've waited so long.

I'm still waiting
for my prince charming.

You mean, all sleeping beauty
has done is sleep?

Yeah, I'm still waiting
for my prince charming.

Oh, my goodness.

Oh, so bright in here.

Honey, I think I had
too much to drink.

Much too much.

Do you think anybody noticed?

Only the people in this room.

I'll get you some coffee.

Mission accomplished.

Good work, Dwayne.

you ought to watch him.

Learn something from this man.

Oh, colonel, I did the watching.

Terrence fixed the generator.

What, my Terrence..?

Yes, he did.

I was just fooling with it.

I've underestimated you, huh?

Son, I owe you an apology.

That's all right.

This reminds me of my son,

All my life, I thought
he was good for nothing.


That's it.

When daddy took
my credit cards away

you were there.

When Santa mugged me,
you were there.

What happened
to "all I need is you"?

That was before
they sacrificed my coat.

Look at this philosophically.

Those little animals
that were taken

to make up your coat

they were plucked
from mother nature.

When he stuffed the coat
in the window

they were returned.

When are they going
to return it to me?

It's hard to believe
it's been a year.

Excuse me, whitley.


About your coat...
I'd like to pay for it.

Go fix the generator.

I got this.

Ladies and gentlemen,
that means the worst has passed!

Shh, what's that sound?

The hurricane has moved on!

Great, we're rescued.

Ron, what did we just do?

I don't know.

But it was kind of nice.

Ron, this is just between you
and me, right?

Red, I won't tell a soul.