A Different World (1987–1993): Season 5, Episode 18 - Kiss You Back - full transcript

Whitley and Byron are getting serious, but Whitley still has feelings for Dwayne. They end up sleeping together when Dwayne arrives at Whitley's place to discuss their relationship. Kim finally goes out with Ron to a club but ends...

You know I think judge
Williamson has a crush on you.

That's just 'cause
I cut his meat for him.

You never did that for me.

You have teeth.


I can't believe

you got him to contribute
$2,000 to my campaign.

That's quite a feat.

Mama would have gotten ten.

She really knows

how to make people
part with their money.

I can't wait to meet your mama.

But I'll leave
my wallet at home.

She'll like you.

You think so?

Especially if she sees you
in this tuxedo.

Thank you
for a wonderful evening.

Oh, no, no.

Thank you.

Well, I'll see you tomorrow.


- Good night.
- Good night.

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Good night.

Now it is.

With or without the suspenders?

You got a job interview?

Much, much more important.

I have an interview with Kim
for a boyfriend position.

Oh, well make that
move right now baby!

I didn't know you had it in you.

Neither did I.

It just feels right.

If you want to get close to Kim

you better change
a little more than your 'do.

Well, I got it covered.


That's a buck a bunch.

I got some candy.

Oh, a sampler, man?

Proof of cash money
in my bank account.

Is that my passbook?

Yeah, but she's not
going to look that close.

What makes you think
she's going to look at you


Come on, alfalfa.

What's wrong with me?

Nothing, except for
you got a rep

that's been rivaled

only by a few polygamous cults.

I told you
I'm starting anew for '92

with my quality-versus-quantity
clause... Kim Reese.

She is not a woman
to be trifled with.

Don't commit
unless you're really ready.


This, this from a man

who went and made a u-turn
at the altar?

That's right.

Therefore, I know
of what I speak.

And if I wasn't ready,
you damn sure ain't good to go.

Oh, man, come on.

You're just mad because
you're going to be alone...

Avec nobody but your sad,
sorry, solo, fat

ashy-foot-having self.

Kim and I, on the other hand

we'll probably
be spending a lot of time

with Byron and whitley

but, of course,
that's none of your concern.

You damn skippy it's not.

Oh come on brother,
you're talking to me...

The only person that knows
you cried when it was over.

If you tell anybody,
you're a dead man.

Lena James?


Why would these children
name themselves

after an instrument?

Lord knows his mother
didn't name him that.


Your ex-boyfriend?

Very ex.

He wants to get back together.


No, no, I don't want to talk.

Yes, it is like that.

Uh-huh. Later.


I guess he knows
where he stands.

Seriously, I ain't got time
for nobody's love.

Then there are those of us

with much time
and no one to love.

What about Ron?

What about him?

You know what, Kim?

You need to stop playing
that disinterested role.

Do you want me
to throw myself at him?

The way Ron gets around,
odds say you won't have to.

Oh, that's rude.

I'm just being
straight up.

Kimberly Reese,
today is your lucky day.

Or not.

You know I was thinking...

Oh, a new hairdo.

I like it.

Where was I?


Yeah, I was thinking that...

You know...


I'm sorry. I...

I can't seem to find the words
when I'm trying to be sincere.

What do you have
to be sincere about?

Well, you.

Um... Kim, would you like

to partake
of a little repast with me?

A very sincere proposition.

Well, I meant it sincerely.

Then I sincerely accept.

You do?

Where are we going?

Actually, I hadn't
thought about it yet.

I figured I'd just
get over the first hump.

Well, you got a date.

Find a venue.

Tomorrow, my chariot and I
will pick you up at 8:00.


Thanks, Fred...

Kim, what could you see
in that foul little man?

He's a womanizer
and a freeloader.

narcissistic, childish.

He's a leech, a misogynist,
a carnivore...

Okay. Once you get
past all that...

I mean, he's endearing

kind of charming.

You know what I mean?

We've lost her, honey.
Dial 911.

Come back.

Ron is not perfect

but can you name a man who is?


And Wesley snipes and Mel Gibson

and that fine Michael Jordan.

Mel Gibson?

All right!
Hold it!

We'll just garner support
on the health care issues.

Now, I understand
that hutchinson has
some new funding plan.

He does, but so far
I can't get any details.

He will reveal his plan
noon Saturday

at the children's hospital.

How did you find out?

My mama's maid, queenie

rides the bus with mamie
who works for Mrs. Hutchinson.

I can get a draft
of his speech if you like.

Well, I'm glad
you're in our camp.

Byron, Jerry's calling.

We'll get people to picket.

Make sure he hasn't had
a campaign conversion.

Dwayne, I don't really know
how to say this, but...

I hope this situation
isn't too awkward for you.

No, not at all.



Byron is a great guy.

He's good for you.

Yeah, he is.

He is that.

Well, I'm glad
you're so comfortable

with the situation.

How else would I be?

How else indeed.

Whitley, I've got a meeting
with ingrams' liquor.

I'm trying to discourage them

from targeting Americans
of African descent in their ads

but it's in D.C.

So that means we can't...

Or I can't go to the concert.

Well, that's okay.

You can go with somebody else.

The tickets are yours.

I'd rather take a rain check.

Or you could...
Come to D.C. with me.

I don't... I don't
think I should.

You sure?

No, but I don't think...

I understand.

I'll call you
before I leave, all right?


You'll be missed,

Well, I hope so.

The time allotted
for you to dial has expired.

Call again.

Want to help me?

You are dating

an incredibly handsome,
charismatic, future senator.

My heart bleeds for you.

I know, Kimmy.

What is my problem?

Here I am, sitting, fuming

because that crusty-eared
clown, Dwayne

isn't the least bit concerned

about my relationship
with Byron.

You are not well.

How can I be?!

Everywhere I go
I see his stupid face

or his stupid picture

or there's some stupid memento

from our stupid
misbegotten relationship.

Maybe you need time to heal.

Oh. We broke up
four months ago.

So why is his picture still up?

I look good in it.

And why are you still
clinging to that bunny?

I don't know.

Maybe it's 'cause
Dwayne was my first.

Maybe it's because
of the way it ended.

I really want to...
I want to commit to Byron

but this thing with Dwayne,
it's so unfinished.

Then finish it.

Hey, hold it

Michael Jackson.

Taking an overnight bag

is definitely one way
not to get any.


Hi, Dwayne.

It's me.

Me, who?


Whitley, hey.

What can I do you for?

A little conversation.

Go ahead. Talk.

Face to face. Can
you come over?

Please hold.

It's whitley.

She wants me to come over
and talk to her.

Can you believe this?

This is it.

The door's open.

Get your big foot in there.

What are you waiting for?

You wanted to clear the air.

Well, get your glade and go.

I hear you.

Hey, man, thank you.

It's about time
you took some advice

from a brother
who knows what he's doing.

You're the greatest.

Hey, whit, I can't
make it tonight.

Something more important?


No. Let's just make it
another time.


All right.

Some other time.

I wanted to bring you
to someplace posh

but my cash flow
is not currently flowing.

Don't apologize, Ron.

It's got personality.

Yeah, y-vetta's yams

will make you want to jump up
and smack your mama.

Let me get the seat.

After you.

And, despite the atmosphere

I did manage
to bring the ambience.

Oh, good.

I thought
that was an overnight bag.

Kimmy, I told you...

Ron Johnson is turning over
a new, chivalrous leaf

just for you.


Hey... oh.

Where have you been hiding?

Uh... not hiding...

Just not getting
out much lately.

Gennifer, I'd like you to meet

my lovely companion and date.

This is Kim.

Kim, gennifer.


So when do I get me chance
to sing with you?

He promised me a gig

and gave it to some other girl

who probably couldn't sing.

You should ask the people
who came to see me.

Oh... you sing with him.

Peachy. Well,
why don't I go get a menu...

Although I'm sure Ronald here
has it memorized.

I eat here a lot.

Uh, evidently.

So what's good
other than the waitresses?

See, that's what
I like about you...

Positivity. You can always
turn things around.

That's what I like about you.


People can say a lot of things

but they can't say
you don't make them laugh

and you're cute.

Little "near-bubbly?"

To the brim.

Oh, yeah.

To the brim...

The Greens
are particularly tender tonight.

We'll keep that in mind.

Well, here's to...

Ron? Ron Johnson?

Oh, my god!

It's totally cool to see you!

Another aspiring songstress?

Brooke. Oh, Brooke.

I'd like you to meet
my lovely friend and date.

Kim, this is Brooke.

Totally cool to meet you.

Ron gave me
my first tour around campus.

I guess you can call it that.

He's... quite the guide.

We've got to hurry up and eat.

We're going dancing.

What was your name again?

Like, morticia!

Morticia, that's it.

Well, bye.

Call me sometime, okay?


Yeah. Okay, Brooke.

Maybe we should order.

I'm sure gennifer is anxious
to get back over here.

Did I hear me name?

Gennifer, could you give us
a minute, please?

Take as long as you like, luv.

All these interruptions

make a man need to go
to the little boy's room.

I'll be right back

because tonight is very...




That Ron Jackson you're with?


That's right.

Brought you here too, huh?

Cheap brother.

Well, don't worry,
the evening gets better.

Ready for the main course?

I'm ready for the check.

We haven't even had
a chance to eat yet.

I've had enough, thank you.

What did I do?

You've been quite busy, Ron.

Are you talking
about gennifer and, uh..?

You can't even
remember their names.

That's because
they meant nothing to me.

I never told you I was innocent.

I don't want to be buried

under the bones in your closet.

Uh Kim...

You're not going to be buried.
I told you I'm cleaning all
those bones out. I'm...

I'm turning over anew
just for you.

People don't change overnight.

I can.

I'm flexible.

Look at this.


That's easy to say, Ron,
but a lot harder to do.

Come on, Kim.

I'm sorry.

Enjoy the Greens.

But, Kim...

Who is it?

I came to talk.

That's nice.

Wait, didn't you want to see me?

That was then.

That's your problem...

You want what you want

when you want it.

Who doesn't?

Okay. This conversation
is long overdue.

You said enough when you took

that woman out

before we were to be married.

Did you ever stop to think
that maybe what happened

happened because
you don't listen to me?

You didn't listen then,
you're not listening now.


I started to get nervous
about the wedding.

I needed to talk

but you wouldn't talk to me.

Well, indulge me, Dwayne.

What did you have
to say for yourself?

I just wanted to make sure

that I was doing
the right thing.

You should have been sure
before you proposed.

Whitley, I made a mistake.

Am I supposed to pay
for your mistakes?

I packed your things up

and I just want you
to take them and go.

If that's the way you want it.

These are not mine.

You ate off of them.

Why should I bear the burden
of all those memories?

Well, I'm sick
of paper plates anyway.

Thank you, whitley.


I was hoping this wouldn't
be such an awful ordeal.

Oh no.
Yes, you did.

You love melodrama.

It's what you live for.

You are always picking on me.

Pick, pick, pick,
pick, pick, pick.

You know, I do miss that.

Picking on me?

No, the wonderful way you have
of making yourself the victim.

I am the victim

of your erotic,
uh, erratic emotions.

That's my girl.
Go ahead.

I'm not your girl.

I did not mean as in girlfriend.

Or as in fiancee.

Ok, I don't want to go there.
I'm just saying

that there's always going
to be something about you

that makes me think "my girl."

Whether you like it or not

you're always going
to be my girl.

Well, it was a wonderful ride,
Dwayne, but...

This is where I get off.

This is the first Christmas
present I ever gave you.

I can't...

Believe you're going
to give this back.

It's kind of hard
to look at bunny anymore.

Okay, well, I guess...

You got to do
what you feel is right.

Me too.

Dwayne, you're still here?

I made up some grits
with extra butter and pepper

like you like them, baby.


Sit on down...

Ooh, you look radiant.

I feel hung over.

Well, I've been known
to have that effect.


Hey, come on.

Last night was wonderful...

Come on.

And the breakfast
looks delicious

but you have to understand...

I understand.

Someone's knocking on the door.

Here we go.

Guess who?

It's Byron.