A Different World (1987–1993): Season 5, Episode 16 - Bedroom at the Top - full transcript

When Whitley is promoted at work, she is faced with sexual harassment by her new boss. Colonel Taylor is thrilled to learn Terrence has finally chosen a career, until he finds out it's dance.

Hola, dwaynito.

Mr. Gaines,
I want the works.

I want a breakfast

that will put
a waddle in my walk.

A waddle in the walk.

Eating like a pig.

I guess you finally
had a good night.

Loud and wrong, as usual.

Men aren't the only things
that inspire jubilation.

There's such a thing
as achievement

professional success...


Control-top panty hose.

All substitutes
for the real thing.

At least I don't have
to seek my dates

at the a.S.P.C.A.

No. You just go down
to the local penitentiary

for a little jailhouse rock.


- That wasn't that funny.
- Ooh,

Love is in the air.

Yes, it is.

Today I'm meeting
the new v.P. Of finance.

If I can sell him
on this major art acquisition...

Could mean a promotion.


Hike up that skirt a
few more inches

and you won't even have to talk.

It's my brain,
not my considerable charms

that are going to take me
up that ladder of success...

Leading others
to heights of opportunity.

Look at the time.

Wish me luck, girls.

She can lead

but who's going to follow

a woman with bubble gum
stuck to her butt?



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Good morning,
Mr. Holtworth.

Ms. Abernathy
speaks highly of you.

I pay her well.

I hear you're from Chicago.

Yes, by way of Boston
and Cleveland and Detroit

all in the space of two years.

We soldiers of fortune
must go where the gold is.

But you won't have to travel far
for this one.


A pre-columbian
aztec masterpiece.

This vase represents
the god tlaloc.

Let me draw your...

Excuse me, but...

What is that on your skirt?


On the back.

It's kind of a pink blob.

Oh... well...

That would be bubble gum.

A post-columbian artifact.

Moving right along...

Please notice
the fluidity of design

the Harmony of proportions.

They're impossible to ignore.


And this vase will appreciate

at an exponential rate.

Yeah, well, it's definitely
a blue-chip investment.

Music to my ears.

I'll have
to run it by Mr. Krum

but I don't anticipate
a problem.

Well, I'll let you get back
to your number crunching.


I'd like us
to get better acquainted...

Over dinner?

D... dinner?

Yeah. It's after lunch
and before breakfast.

I'm on a diet...

The no-dining-with-colleagues

Yes, well, with your figure,
you don't need to be

on any diet.

This month's rent...

Yes, I like that.

Last month's rent,
and a little interest...

Here's a dollar.

A dollar.

So, what's this new gig, Ron?

It's in the private sector...

A service industry

with high emphasis
on communication.

Whoa. Whoa.
Is it legal?

I want to know if it's legal.

Baby, if our baby's a boy

what do you think
of the name "Earl"?

Earl Vincent Taylor.

No, no, no, no.

Earl sounds like somebody
who owes people money.

I need something
with a little more panache

a little more power.



Nobody reads anymore.

They won't think
of the African general.

They'll think of that crazy man
in silence of the lambs.

His name wasn't Hannibal.

It was Hannibal.

Dad, dad.

It's a very important day.

I've decided on a major...

What I want to do with my life.


That's my boy!
That's my boy!

Beverages on me

for everybody!

Did you hear that, jaleesa?

He's finally going
to do something.

Yeah, I heard him.

This class I've been taking

set me on fire.

Burn, baby, burn!

In 1994,
I'll receive my b.A.

All right.

In dance!

- In dance...
- In dance.

Well, that is
just wonderful, Terrence.

That's just wonderful.

Isn't that wonderful, honey?


Brad, you owe me $35.90
for the juice.

By the way,
what's the happy occasion?

I'll get that.

Honey? Baby? Baby?

Come in.

From my antique weaponry

I just bought it.

I wanted to follow up
on our conversation.

What do you think?


Mr. Holtworth,
I was wondering

what Mr. Krum's reaction was
to the aztec piece.

I haven't discussed it just yet.

Why not?

The other night,
as I was dining alone

I began to wonder

whether it was
as good an investment

as I thought.

Pieces like this
double their value...

Great lipstick.

In ten years,
and if we ever need cash...

Ooh! Your perfume is nice.

I know many museums
that would buy this...

Tell me...
What color are your panties?

Mr. Holtworth,
I'll have you know

that you're dealing
with a judge's daughter

not some yes-woman
who doesn't know her rights.

What you're doing is creating
a hostile work environment.

So, sir Lancelot...

Put your sword
back in its sheath

or I'll report you
to human resources so fast

you won't remember
what color your underwear is.

Miss Gilbert, I don't wear any.

I finished putting

the second story
on the doghouse.

You know, I really wish

you would calm down
about Terrence.

Jaleesa, I'm perfectly calm.

What? What?


I'm going downstairs

to tile the basement,
or something.

Hey, jaleesa. Dad.


You know, Terrence...

You're such
a gifted mathematician

when you apply yourself.

Dance just isn't
a thinking man's career.

It's so unstable, short-lived...

And if you think
that I'm going to pay for it...

You're unhappy because I
won't be the next Colin Powell.

I just wish
you would choose a career

that didn't involve
you wearing a tutu.

Dance isn't macho enough
for Bradford Taylor's son.

Come on son, put it there.

Let's see
if you still got it, boy.

Dad, you always taught me

not to buy into stereotypes.

Oh, by the way...

I'm minoring in hairdressing.

What did he say?

Ah, Ms. Gilbert...

E.h. Wright has decided
to go ahead

with the aztec purchase.

Halle... I'm delighted.

John was telling me

what a sensational
presentation you made.

He was very complimentary.

What else could I be?

Well, uh...
I'll just go out

and hunt up more masterpieces.

Ms. Gilbert

could I have a word
with you, please?

Excuse us, won't you, John?

Certainly. Again...

Ms. Gilbert.

Mr. Krum, is this
about my future here?


Now, John was...

Loath to bring this up

but I dragged it out of him.

Your romantic overtures

are making him
extremely uncomfortable.

My what?

He's a very proper man.

Any reference
to "swords" and "sheaths"...

Even in jest...

Unnerve him.

He's lying.

You didn't tell him
his sword was pointy

and call him sir Lancelot?

Oh! He took that
out of context!

Well, there is no proper context

for such comments
in this office, Ms. Gilbert

nor is there for your...
Provocative attire.

I don't believe this.

Ms. Gilbert,
you've got a good brain.

Use it.

Otherwise, you'll be out...

On another part of your anatomy.

Come in.

You wanted to see me?

Interesting look.

Makes it more fun
to imagine what's underneath.

I'm due at a meeting.

Oh, come on.

Please, have a seat.


I just wanted to break
the good news.

As v.P. Of finance

I'll be escorting you
to New York

to purchase the aztec vase.

I can't go.

I'm expecting
a death in the family.

Well, it will look
awfully irresponsible

if you don't go.

And... don't forget
to pack your toothbrush.

Excuse me.

Mr. Krum is waiting.


We're going to work
late tonight.

Yes, sir.

Honey, your outfit stinks.

I'm wearing it for a reason.

I think you understand.

You got bad taste?

I saw the way he was looking
at you, Ms. Lopez.

If we file a complaint,
we could get rid of him.

I got nothing to complain about.

Good job, lots of coffee.

A boss who harasses you.

Ay, cry me a river.

A friend of mine at my last job

filed a complaint
against an exec.

He got a slap on the wrist

and everyone looks at her
like she's a troublemaker.

If we don't say anything

this is going to go on and on.

Honey, I am looking to pay
my mortgage and feed my kid

not qualify for sainthood.

I can't work this way.

We have to.

Listen, if he gets too fresh

remember... you got knees.

Le das una patada bien fuerte.

I'd like dad to be proud
of me for a change.

That will only happen
if you're proud of yourself.

As a musician, I know
where you're coming from.

You'll do anything for your art.

Oh. Apparently so.

Lonely, lovely lady?

Stop your boo-hooing.

Just pick up the phone
and dial those tears away.

I'm Tyrone...

Hey, Ty.

And I'm waiting

on the other end
of the super-jam line

to have pillow talk with you.

Dial 1-555-f-r-e-n-d-l-y.


Wait a minute.

So this is the mystery gig?

You're a phone ho?

No. I don't
answer the calls.

I just do the ads.

It's acting.

Like a pimp.

Ron, you're a barnacle

clinging to the bottom
of the ship of life.

Don't you mean the love boat?

Go ahead and laugh.

My humiliation will only add
to the greatness of my art.

Now he'll do a rendition
of "what I did for love."

For $3.00 a minute.

Come on, t.

Hey, whitley, meet Tyrone.

If it isn't
the Dewey decimal centerfold.

I am not a piece of meat!

Hey, whitley, what's up?


Does this have anything
to do with that v.P.?

Is somebody bothering you?

No. Nothing is wrong.

He hasn't...

He hasn't touched me,
or anything.

He's just saying things.

Well, you're just going
to have to complain.

I would have done that

but he went in there
and told his boss

that I was hitting on him.

I don't believe this.

It's so nice to know

that women have
a position in business.

Too bad it's horizontal.

I know exactly how you feel.

At my first summer job

my supervisor
had a thing for me.

I couldn't walk by this woman

without her talking
about the shape of my butt

or what it would be like

to see me
in my athletic supporter.

When I didn't show her the goods

you know what she did?

She took me off the bingo
video game project. Man!

Who cares?

Who cares?

What will I do?

Let me go down there.

I'll straighten it out.

I'll talk
to this dude man-to-man.

We'll take care of it.

Dwayne, I can't have you
speaking on my behalf.

It will compromise
everything I've worked for.

What's left to compromise, whit?

People, time
to shut your mouths.

Let's move those derrieres.


That's all right.

Dr. Sutherland

colonel Taylor here.

I'd like to join
your little dance class.

Turn. Kick.

Good. Thank you.

Let's have it in threes.



All right.

And, uh, colonel Taylor.

Oh, come on. Please.

Come on.

Hit it.


Push, colonel.

I'm pushing.

And... uh-huh.

Oh, lord.

And... and stop.

Very good.
Very good.

Nice, Terrence, nice

but next time give me a little
bit more Katherine Dunham

a little less m.C. Hammer.


persevere, but not in my class.

Thank you, doctor.


You okay, dad?

Oh, yeah, fine.

Never better.

It was really cool
you came to class.

I just thought
I'd do a little recon.

See how you were doing.


You were good.

Son, you were really good.

Thank you.

But you're good
at so many things.

Couldn't you consider
minoring in something else?

I like philosophy.

Philosophy. That's good.

It won't pay the rent,
but it's a start, huh?

How much are these extra courses
going to cost?

I got it covered.

You got a job?

Ron hooked me up.

I'm now a spokesmodel
for 1-555-frendly.

A phone ho?

He's coming

and leave me out of this.

You have to make this short.

I have a lot of work.

That you do, sir.

Today I'd like
to present to you...

Not so loud, please.


A work by Juan de pareja

the black assistant
to Velazquez.

Note in this masterpiece
the drama of chiaroscuro.

The tension of the composition.

Don't you want a closer look?

Oh, so that's how it is.

How what is?

Now you're ready to play ball.


I mean, no. Not here.

Did you say "play ball"

as in cooperate?

John, I tried...

Oh, let go of me!

Well, it's very obvious
what's going on here.

Thank goodness.

Ms. Gilbert, I see
you respected my advice

on the dress code

but have chosen to ignore

my warning about making
advances on co-workers.

No, no, no.

He was hitting on me.

I have it on tape.

Obviously, it's a case
of fatal attraction.

Oh, no, no, no, buster.

I have it on tape.

Ms. Gilbert

haven't you
embarrassed yourself enough?

Hang onto a shred of dignity.

Watch this.

It didn't tape.

That's gweeber,
my mama's little puppy.

Ms. Gilbert,
this circus is over.

Why would I go to such lengths
if I didn't have just cause?

Far be it from me to make sense

of the machinations
of your fevered brain.

Well, did you ever wonder
when you were hiring this man

why he was transferred
three times

in two years?

Isn't that odd
for such a qualified executive?

Don't be too harsh.

She needs professional help.

Perhaps you did inquire

and they told you
there was a little problem

with some of the girls
in the office?

But what's more important...

A stray hand
on a secretary's bottom

or the bottom line?

That's very imaginative.

Are you willing to go on record

as having ignored
my complaint, sir?

We'd better investigate this.

Henry, Henry...

I want both of you to report
to human resources

tomorrow morning, 8:30 sharp

and if what you say
is true, Ms. Gilbert

you have my deepest apologies.

You know...
There really aren't many of us

in this corporate world,

We owe it to our people
to present a united front.

I don't owe it to anybody
to be somebody's concubine.

I'll see you tomorrow morning.

And wear something sexy.

Well, fine.

Let's just see
who they believe, okay?

You or me.

Man #1:
Did you not refer
to Mr. Holtworth

as "sir Lancelot"?

Yes, but...

Isn't it true that
you often referred

to your ex-paramour as "pookie"?

Yes, but...

What is a pookie?

Man #2:
If he was harassing you

why did you continue
to visit his office?

That was not...

Um, I can explain, sir.

What perfume were you wearing?

- How did you get your job?
- How tight was your skirt?

What is a pookie?

You've got to believe me!