A Different World (1987–1993): Season 4, Episode 4 - Whitley's Last Supper - full transcript

Kim moves into high gear for practice med-school exam, While Whitley downshifts her spending.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

mirror, mirror, on the wall

who could survive
without a mall?


Delivery man said
this was for you.

Be careful with it, Ron.

That's an expensive topiary
you're manhandling.

Put it on the coffee table.

Why can't you get
a nice geranium

like most people
instead of Barbara bush here?

I'm not most people.

Whitley, what in the hell
is that?!

This is blind justice,
a horticultural allegory

of my father's
distinguished career

as a judge.

His dog will like it, too.

Speaking of which,

that outfit is making me
sit up and beg.

Down, boy!

This is a special occasion.

My father has ventured
far away from home

without his baby bride.

This may be the end of the line
for that gigolette Monica.

But they just got married
last year.

I know, but there was a
tone in his voice

that I haven't heard since he
broke up with mama.

Maybe that tone
was bad fiber optics.

Please, Ron.

I know my daddy,
and he was upset...

The kind of upset you get

when your relationship
has soured.

Just call it
daughter's intuition.

Your father's marriage
is on the skids

and he's coming to you
for consolation.

That's the kind of relationship
that we have.

And after I've reassured him

that he never needed
that gold digger,

I'll hit him up for cash.

That's beautiful.

I think I'm going to cry.

I know it may sound mercenary

but I need the money
to decorate my new condo,

and flee this domicile
of the damned.

Hello, jaleesa.

How was your day?


Need you ask?

She look like...
Aunt Esther.

Now see, muttley,
the old jaleesa

would have ripped
that little moustache out

hair by hair
after a comment like that.

But before you is the new
and improved jaleesa,

who has just been told
by her supervisor

that she has
a personality problem.

I could have told you that.

You are such a little...

Constructive critic.

Thank you very much
for that positive input.

Guess you didn't get
that promotion.

I don't know yet.

But in my supervisor's
subjective opinion

I am short-tempered,
quick to criticize,

a taskmaster,

and I don't work well
with others.

She actually suggested

that I make
an attitude adjustment.

That is so wrong of her.

That is exactly what I said.

Don't you know you're too
old to change?

I'm running late.

Fetch that plant for me, Ron.

Hey, Ron.

Get her home by 11:00.

Very funny.

Whitley, you look like
you got a hot date yourself.

As a matter of fact, I do...

With an older,
distinguished man.

Who used to burp her.

Thank you for the plant, Ron.

Have a good time, electra.

Bon soir, mes amis.


What are you looking at?

The door is over here.

Oh, I knew that.

What, did you think I was..?

I know... you were.

Kinu, what are you
talking about?

Never mind.
It's nothing.

Oh no, every time you say
"it's nothing," baby

it's always something.

Can we please have this
conversation inside?

Baby, you make me feel like
I'm doing something wrong.


Okay, all right, you know.

I was checking her out.

But she looked hot, you know?


They get mad at you
if you don't lie

they get mad at you if you do...

What, what?

What are you looking at?

During replication, the strands

of a double-stranded
DNA molecule

separate from each other
when bonds are broken

between their "a"...
Nitrogen bases

"b"... five-carbon sugars

or "c"... phosphate groups.

Or "d"... break for dinner.

"A"... nitrogen bases.

Time out. I'm a little
low on cash,

so can I get an I.O.U. For
a b.L.T. For my DNA

before I need an I.V.?


Come on, just a few more.

Kim, we have quizzed you
for two days.

You know this stuff.

Yeah, so do we. I'm thinking
of changing my major.

The neurilemma of an axon is...

"D..." schwann cell.

Let that be our schwann song.

That's not funny.

Although sometimes
the body's need for oxygen

manifests itself
in hysterical laughter.

Time to close the books.

We're talking about the m-cat.

This test determines
whether or not

I get into med school.

We are not talking
about the m-cat here,

we are talking about
the practice test

for the m-cat.

Exactly. And how I do

is a direct reflection
on how I'll do

on the real one.

Don't worry, doc.

You're going to ace it,
so let's eat.

Ok, you eat and I'll describe
the digestive process.

I'm out of here.


A direct response to adrenaline
produced in the adrenal gland.

Kim, you did this last year.

You are over-studying.

There's no such thing.

Remember last year,
biology exam?

You blanked, the frog lived?

Help me study, or go away.

After you.


Oh, my goodness.

That girl's going to study
so long

she going to give her brain
a Charley horse.

I know.

I've been trying to tell her
to relax.

Well, don't tell her, make her.

He has a point.

Uh-oh, Lucy.

I feel another one of your
harebrained schemes coming on.

Yes, you do.

Are you in?

Yes, Lucy

but you can't sing at the club.


Hello, angel.

Hi, daddy.

I had this made
especially for you...

Blind justice.

That's very nice, sweetheart

only a cigar
would have sufficed.

No, it would not have.

How often is it

that I get my daddy
all to myself?

I know it's on short notice

but I felt it was important

to have a talk with you.

Glad you feel
you can talk with me.

I got a phone call the other day

that left me, well,
a little troubled.

Bon soir.


I am Andre,
and our special du jour

is roast rump of baby lamb

served with couscous
and minted peas.

I shall be back
to take your order.

Shall I check this for you
or serve it to table seven?

Yes, yes, please.

Be careful with that, Andre.

Take it from the bottom.


How could anybody take advantage

of such a warm,
kind and generous man?

And to leave you

in the Autumn of your years...

What are you talking about?

Oh, daddy.

I'm not a child anymore.

I can read those signs.

I just hope you made that Monica
sign a pre-nuptial.

You better hope I never get
another call from the bank

saying your account
is consistently overdrawn.

This isn't about Monica?

This is about you.

Well, my account
can't be overdrawn, daddy

'cause it's got
that little thingy on it.

That "thingy" covers up to $500.

You're way over that,

not to mention your spending
on your credit cards.

Are you ready to order?


Now, whitley, I have warned you

about your extravagance.

And I've listened to you.

I waited till summer
to get myself a fox...


Oh, child.

You spend money
like there's no tomorrow.

You are in your fifth year
of college.

You have got to learn
some responsibility.



No, no, no, no, no...

Now, look

these are just the bills
from last month.

Look at that.

Tanner prints,

Jade napkin rings,

China tea service...

I was decorating my new condo.

Well, the stores have agreed
to take it all back.

You wouldn't.

I have.

I suppose Monica had nothing...

Nothing to do with this?

As a matter of fact

I did discuss this with Monica.

She thought I was being
a little hard on you.

Well, listen to her.

She's your ever-loving wife,
for goodness' sake.

I'll still pay your tuition

and your basic living expenses,

and I do mean basic.


You will not be moving

into an expensive condominium.


Now, whitley...

Whitley, I am doing this
because I love you.

Give me your credit cards.


I saw your lips moving,
but I didn't hear nothing.

The cards, whitley.



I seem to have left them
in my other purse.


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Where is the neiman-Marcus?


The neiman-Marcus card, whitley?

We've had some wonderful,
magical moments together.

Remember the organdy
yves Saint Laurent?

The Charles jourdan pumps

that were the perfect shade
of canary?

I'll not say good-bye to you.

Only... au revoir.

Kim, I've been looking
all over for you.

My frat brothers and I were
having a party at my apartment.

We made a batch
of that funky cold Medina.

Freddie had one cup
and she's out cold.

Of course she's out cold.

It's 180 proof!


Did you call the infirmary?

No, I didn't want
to get her in trouble.

Let's go.

I don't believe her.

How could she be so stupid?

Well, she's in college.

Shh, shh, she's here.

Come back, Freddie.

Stand back.

She's still breathing.

Freddie, are you okay?


Hammer time!

How can you do this to me?

You know I have
an exam tomorrow.

That is exactly why
I'm doing this to you.

You know this stuff.

I want you
to have fun and relax.

And without further adieu

I crown thee the queen
of kappa lambda nu.

Because you're brainy,
you're beautiful,

and you're mine.


You may think this is funny,
but I don't.

Now, now.

Before you return
to your toils, your funkiness,

we'd like you to meet and greet
the pride of kappa lambda nu,

kappa lambda Lou.

Lou! Lou! Lou! Lou! Lou..!

Your funkiness, may I dance
with you one time before you go?

I guess I can stay
for a little while.

Crank up the tunes!

No, you can't
take that!

Ron, Dwayne, help me!

This is such an injustice!

Hold it, buster!

You better take it easy.

You had enough
or do I got to get rough?

Lady, would you tell your friend
I ain't got time to play?

We're movers.

This furniture
is being repossessed.


You take this chair,
you take me with it.

Hey, wait a minute, guys.

Put me down right now.

I mean it.

Hey, wait a minute.

Whitley, what happened?

My daddy took my credit cards
and all my furniture.

Why is this happening to me?

Calm down, baby.

It's not the end of the world.

It's just a reality break.

He's pulling the rug
out from under me.



'Cause he says
I spend too much money.


You do.


Wait a minute, I'm on your side

but the judge has a point.

You know what you need to do?

You need to come up
with a budget

to show the old man
how responsible you can be

when it comes to money.


Yes, budget.

It's time you worked it
into your vocabulary.

It's in the dictionary

somewhere between "broken back"
and "busted butt."

Wait a minute.

Where you going with this?

This is my couch.

Right, does that look
like something I would buy?

What... what is..?

Whitley, what is going on here?

Are you moving?

I have never seen Kim
have such a good time.

We had to make her go home.

Sounds just like
the tonic she needed.

As building manager,

let me share with you
my memoirs of your party.

Chipped paint,

stain on the carpet,

and the fire escape painted
in the kappa lambda nu colors.

I want it returned
to its original state... rust.

I'm sorry,
Mr. Gaines.

Not as sorry as you'll be

when you're
pushing paint brushes.

What are you laughing at?

I'm not doing it alone.

This was your idea, red.

You and your cousin opie.

Thanks a lot, cuz.

It was worth it.

We wanted Kim to relax
so she did.

Ooh, paging Dr. Reese,
paging Dr. Reese.

You're wanted
in surgery, Dr. Reese.

Kimmy, Kimmy,
tell us about the test.


I told you it was a stupid idea.

Talk to me, Kim.

I got a 36.

Out of 100?

Out of 90.

Below average...
Way below average.

No medical school will take me.

Wasn't this
just a practice test?

The people with low scores
are put on a waiting list.

I may never get
to take the m-cat.

But you knew the stuff cold.

Freddie, I was exhausted.

My head was throbbing.

I actually answered one question

"funky cold Medina."

Oh, Kim, I'm sorry.

We just thought we'd
get you to loosen up

so you'd do better.

Well, it backfired.

We'll explain it
to your professor.

This is your fault.

My fault?

It was your idea.

You shouldn't have
listened to me.

What can we do?

You can...

You can just...


Hammer time!

Just kidding.

I'm kidding.

I got an 88!

How was your day?

Great, thank you

and I'm still up
for that promotion.

As long as I keep working
on my attitude.

So I went to the mall,
and worked up a good one.

How do you like that?

Silk and lace.

Tell me, do they still have
that big, pretty escalator

at the department store?

When are you leaving, zsa zsa?



I haven't even asked you yet.

Whatever you could possibly
ask me, it's "no."

You do need work
on that personality.

You know, you're right.

Whitley, please get out.

I could cook and clean and
be your fashion consultant.

Don't need one.

Drive you to work?

It's only two blocks.

I can walk.


let's talk cold,
hard cash, okay?

You pay half the rent
and half the utilities.


Retroactive from the day
you first set foot

into this
domicile of the damned.

I don't have that kind
of cash, jaleesa.

You know what?

That fur is going
to look fabulous on me.

A sea of faces.

Uncaring faces.

What will become of me...

A woman alone
in a cold, cruel world?

Whitley, what's the matter?

You sound like a wounded animal.

That's exactly what I am,
a wounded animal

trying to make it to
the shoulder of the road

before being crushed under
the wheels of a big rig.

What are you talking about?

Did I ever show you this?


Daddy gave it to me
for my 16th birthday.

It's nice.






Get out of here.


Look at that.

Now that I'm 21,
he's giving me the ax.

I think you'll be
all right, whitley.

I don't know.

I do.

You got lots of friends
who care about you.

What if I can't do it?

What if I can't make a living?

It's a cold, cruel world
out there

without a co-signer.

Hey, you, this is a chance
for you to show everybody

how independent you are,
how strong whitley is.

I'd rather be weak
and taken care of.

I guess that's why you want
to become a corporate art buyer.

Huh, huh?

Stop doing that, please.

Dwayne, I just...
I feel so all alone.

You can always
count on me, baby.