A Different World (1987–1993): Season 4, Episode 18 - The Cash Isn't Always Greener - full transcript

Whitley is forced to bunk with Dwayne and Ron for a while when Jalessa's sister comes to visit. Dwayne gets a job offer from Kinishiwa company where he spends his summers.



I love that sound.

Jaleesa, are you trying
to freeze me to death?

I'm trying to get you
out of that shower.

You've been in there
over ten minutes, and
I have to go to work.

I'm tired of your time clock.

Whitley, I am sick of
you using all the hot water.

When my sister gets here

you will limit your shower
to five minutes.

Oh, no, I won't.

I'm not playing cinderella
to you two evil sisters.

I'm out of here. I'm leaving.

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Don't you have a bath to take?

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

we want to determine

the area beneath the parabola.

What equation would we use?

Y = 3x squared.

For area, we need
to determine the, uh...



Yeah. That's right.

So... we need the integral

for x = 1 to 5 of 3x squared dx.

Yes. Correct.

Body slam. Boom!

Ah, a volunteer.

Terrence, calculate
the area, please.


Not "y."

"X," my brother.

Put that video game down
and pick up this chalk.

It's your turn.

All right.


The integral of 3x squared dx

which we don't care about...

Is x cubed

which we care about
three times less.

Then plugging in 5 and 1

we get 124

and this big old
ugly shape right here

which nobody cares about either.

I care, Terrence.

And so do I.

Hi, dad.

Okay, people,
let's call it a day.

Don't go home
and forget this stuff.

We will talk later.

Yes, dad.

You'll talk, I'll listen

I'll promise,
and we'll talk again.

Let me have this.

Colonel Taylor,
he knows the work.

He's just lost interest.

The boy is lazy.

Why can't he be more like you?

Phi beta kappa

accepted into the hillman Avery
Ph.D. program...

That's wonderful.

There's still hope.

He's a freshman.

Remember me freshman year?

Oh, that's not a pretty picture.


You're a senior now,
and it's coming together.

Actually, sir,
it's quite overwhelming.

I have this interview
with kanishiwa

this afternoon.

For three years, I was sure
I wanted to work there.

But since this grad school
acceptance, I don't know.

I really enjoy teaching.

Well, teaching has its rewards.

Unfortunately, money
isn't one of them.

See you, colonel.

Right. I'll get
back to you.

Okay, bye-bye.


Hi. Hi.


I've watched you develop
for the past three years.

It's no secret
you're our top candidate.

No, it's not.

My mama's telling
the whole neighborhood.

Well, I think
the only open issues here

are money and perks.

Perk me. Perk me.

For an engineer of your caliber

we're willing to increase
our starting salary

by 15%.

Why, yes... that sounds
very equitable, sir.

We know you're being wooed
by competitors.

I never felt more popular.

But just remember, Dwayne

we think of you as part
of the kanishiwa family.

You are the future
of the company.




What would it take to turn
this maybe into a yes?

A company car.

Your choice of locations,
here or abroad.

Relocation expenses.

Of course, an expense account.

Stock options.

Country club membership.

and royalty percentages

for your software designs.

I didn't think
your boss was so bad.

You would think again

if you had to work with her.

That woman gives evil
a bad name.

Well, hello.

Hi, Mr. Gaines.

This is my sister, Danielle.

Mr. Gaines...

One of the nicest people
you will ever meet.

I didn't know I was all that

but I can take a compliment.

I've had plenty since I changed
my eau du Cologne.

I bet you have.

You're more charming
than jaleesa.

Watch it now.

Keep your hands
off my boyfriend.

Men that cook are hard to find.

That's right.

Hi, pooky.

How was your interview?

Yeah, homie,
give the gory details.

It was pretty ugly.

That's how corporations operate.

They tease you and tease you

but when it comes to cash,
they don't want to please you.

Ron, they were eager to please.

How eager?

I could pay off my student loan,

get a new washer-dryer for mom,
get dad a good piano,

and finally, I could finally
afford you.

I'm getting chills up my spine.

Hold the chills, baby.

I haven't accepted
the offer yet.

Of course you will
accept the offer.

You better
wake up and smell the money.

I have other options
to consider.

What other options
could there possibly be?

Flipping burgers?

Terrence, can I talk
to you for a second?

You haven't been in class lately
even when you been there.

Is there anything
I can do for you?

Yeah. You can tell my dad
I'm dropping out of school.

Yeah, right.


No, I'm serious.

College isn't for me.

You should be the one
to tell him.

He likes you.

Jaleesa, your niece,
her mouth never stops running.

She wears me out
with all those questions

just like you used to.

Look here. Look.

She even looks like you.

Alyssa is cute.

And stubborn, like her father.

You're talking about
your husband...

And at least you have one.

One big pain in the butt.

Aren't you and Steven
getting along any better?

Don't get me started.

I am here to have a good time.

Kimmy, Kimberly,
Kimmy, Kimberly.

What are we going
to do this evening?


I know.

Boogie break.


I was doing my Bobby brown.

Dorm rules.

No loud music after 11:00.

How about a nice, quiet facial?

I had an alfalfa and onion
treatment this morning.

That explains it.


Whitley, as much
as we love your company

we have to study.

Yes. We are not on

the Princess-passing-through

This Princess is a pauper,
just like you two.

Go to Dwayne's.


I know when I'm not wanted.

Want me to stay?


Okay, well, you don't
have to ask me twice.

I'm going to Dwayne's.

You are too much.

If I had given
that guy my real name

him and his gold tooth

would have tracked me
back to California.

Hi, mommy.

Hi, aunt jaleesa.

I love you.

Send mommy back.


Baby, it's me.

I can't find the iron.

I'm not surprised.

You didn't tell me
I had to change the vacuum bag.

Do you hear him?

I love you. Call me.

That's your husband.

Jaleesa, Diane Kendall here.

The meadows presentation
has been rescheduled for Tuesday

so pack your bags.

We're off to Atlanta. Ta-ta.


Ooh, Atlanta.

That sounds exciting.

Diane makes Atlanta as exciting
as general sherman did.

Your job is so challenging.

My biggest dilemma is
whether to buy fresh or frozen.

You're a great mother,
a wonderful wife

an all right sister.

You're experiencing new things.

You travel,
you meet exciting people.


It's always business.

I have no personal life.

You have a career.

You're independent.

I'm also alone.

Sometimes I wish I was alone.

You know, I've been thinking.

I want to go back to school.

Well, don't think. Do it.

Steven isn't exactly
behind the idea.

Why not?

He says he wants me
taking care of Alyssa

but he wants somebody
to take care of him.

You have to do
whatever is necessary

for you to be happy
with yourself.

I know you're right

but sometimes I wonder

just what would
a 32-year-old mother do

in a classroom?


You don't think it's too late?

Danielle, it's never too late.

Yeah. You're right.

You're right.

I am going to get my degree.

That's what I'm talking 'bout.

Jaleesa, thank you.

I am taking my baby,
and I'm leaving Steven.

No, no, no.

Danielle, that's not
what I was talking 'bout.

A Ph.D.

Big money now.

More money later.

Help mom and dad.

Lose whitley.

What in the hell are you doing?!

Weighing out my life options.

Job offers like this

don't run up and jump
on a brother's back.

Yeah, but with
an advanced degree

I'll have more options.

With all the money
you'll get from kanishiwa

you could buy
an advanced degree.

You need to be more like me...

Get yours and keep on stepping.

Come in.

Pooky, can I bunk on your sofa?

Freddie and Kim
are having a big party.

Baby, you don't need an excuse

to come stay with me.

Mi sofa es su sofa.

Now, Dwayne, I don't want you
sneaking in here

in the middle of the night
and stealing kisses.

Tell me something.

Why would I have
to sneak in here

and steal something
that already belongs to me?

All of me doesn't belong to you.

Not yet.

Aren't you a little old
to be playing with marbles?

I'm planning out my life.

Am I in it?

Of course. You're easy.


You know what I mean.

Everything else has two sides...

An if, a but, an either, an or.

This job offer
doesn't feel right.

What couldn't feel right
about being a corporate leader?

How many black men
are in that position?

That's true.

As a captain of industry

you can create jobs
for other people

and scholarships

and we could buy anything
that we want.

Did you say "we"?

I meant "we" in the "you" sense
of the word.

You're speaking French.


Yes, of course I'll hold.

Baby, it's Hiro watanabe.


The c.E.O. Of kanishiwa

calling from Japan.

Tell him kumbawa.


Oh, yes, sir.

No, no. Hi.

I was wide awake.

Yes, it's a generous offer.

A very generous offer.

Am I going to accept?


Yes. I'm going
to accept.

Yes, sir.

I'll accept.


Sleeping whitley.


Stop, Dwayne.



Hi-ya, waki!


Dwayne taught me that.

How did you know it was me?

I know my man's touch, boy.

Say auntie.


Say "auntie
with a cherry on top."

Auntie with...

I can't hear you.

Auntie with a cherry on top!

Ah, that's my girl.

He tried to get me.

Where you been, pooky?

Since I decided
to take the job offer...

There is a god.

I went to the mall
to spend some money

to see what it felt like
for the sake of spending.

You could have just gotten
a blow-by-blow description

from Bruce whit-Lee over there.

I wanted to experience it
for myself.

And it felt good, didn't it?

Oh, baby,
it was better than good.

When I walked in there,
I was... Dwayne.

When I left I was
Mr. Wayne!

With little salesgirls
following me out.

The tramps.

Say, what's that
on your wrist, brother?

This is called a watch.


That is beautiful.

You like that, huh?

Did you get me anything?

But of course.

Thank you, Dwayne.

Oh, they're beautiful.

I love you.

Oh, good.

Say, homie...

Did you get me something?

Oh, man, I forgot to pay for it

and they made me leave it
at the store.

Cheap black man.

Hey, come on, man.

I'll get you next time around.

What does the future
kanishiwa executive

want for breakfast?

Oh, let me think.

While he's thinking,
I'll have some strawberry crepes

some pancakes and whipped cream.

Only thing I'm going to whip
for you is your heinie.

Watch it. I might like that.

Yes, well, my plane arrives
at 9:00.

Okay, Steven.

See you then.

You too.


I'm glad to see you decided
not to leave Steven.

No, I didn't.

I decided to wait until
I get home to tell him.

Danielle, a degree
is not worth a divorce.

Jaleesa, whose side are you on,
mine or Steven's?

I'm on your side.

You are my sister.

But you are a fool.

You can still keep
your family together

and go to school.

Not if Steven stands in my way

the way Lamar stood in yours.

Well, if Lamar was
as faithful as Steven

maybe we could have
worked it out.

Then I would have
everything I need now...

A career and a family.

You can have a husband.

You just haven't tried.

I have been looking.

In all the wrong places.

Now when is the last time
you've been to church?

Jaleesa, you never know
when the man of your dreams

might be handing you
that collection plate.

Okay, fine.

I promise to go back to church

and find myself a husband

if you promise
to work this out with Steven.

You've been together
twelve years.

Don't remind me.

He's probably afraid
if you go back to school

you might outgrow him.

Now that is pretty insightful
for a cold, corporate woman.

Well, take it
from a woman who knows.

A man as good as Steven
is hard to find.

So don't you ruin my family.

Okay, but I am going
to get my degree.

And you better stop snuggling up
to that briefcase of yours

and work on your own family.

All right, come Sunday

I may be sneakin'
with the Deacon.


Wait a minute.

Pray for me.

Here you go.

I won't be needing this.

Terrence, you can't drop out.

Why not?

There's nothing for me here.

I'm not a good student.

Nothing I try feels right.

My roommates don't like me.

Mr. Gaines tried to ban me
from the pit.

And the women...

They call me super flea.

So you're a little unpopular.

That's no reason
to make a stupid decision.

That's all that I've learned...
That I'm stupid.

If you were stupid,
you wouldn't be here.

Sure I would.
My dad works here.

You're one of the smartest kids
in class.

You don't try.

No matter how hard I try,
I'll never be like you.

That's wrong.

You're exactly like I was.

In fact, you're cooler.

When I was a freshman,
I was so unpopular

nobody wanted
to call me anything.

I'm supposed to believe that.

It's the truth.

Ron has pictures.

He's going to sell them.

My smoothest line was

"hey, baby, how'd you like
to go out for hoagies

"with a handsome brother

who scored 800
on his math s.A.T.S?"

That's weak.

So is your attitude
about school.

But it seems like

everybody knows
what they want to do.

I'm majoring in confusion.

That is my point.

Use this place to figure out

what you want to do.

I hadn't really thought of that.

That's 'cause I'm the teacher.

Dwayne, would it be okay

if I talk to you about this

from time to time?

Yes, sure.

Oh, even next year
when you're at kanishiwa?

Yeah, I'll make sure
my secretary puts you through.

Hi, sweetie.

I invented a new dish,
pasta kanishiwa

with an extra-rich sauce.

Mmm, that's good.

That's going to be
the only thing rich around here

for a little while.

What are you talking about?

I'm going to turn down
that kanishiwa offer

and go to grad school.

What brought on
this rash decision?


Terrence wanted to drop out
of school today.


So he didn't because of me.

Is that a good thing?

We need more black professors.

I know that.

But why do you have
to make the sacrifice?

I'm not sacrificing anything.

I'm furthering my education.

Besides, kanishiwa
will always be there.

And they'll want me even more
when I have my Ph.D.

And so will you.

Money, money.

Don't count on it.

But if you're happy,

I'm happy.

You better be.

I love you.

I love you.

But I might have to trade you
for a man with a bank account.

On second thought,
money isn't everything.