A Different World (1987–1993): Season 2, Episode 10 - Radio Free Hillman - full transcript

Whitley is caught in the middle when Dwayne stages a sit-in at the dean's office.

£ I know my parents love me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from £

this is whzu

the radio voice
of hillman college.

You're riding with Dwayne Wayne

in his magical,
musical time machine

traveling through
time and place.

Today we're live from the pit...

Where taste buds go to die.

A little reminder:

On Friday

the music machine will take
a special musical journey

to honor the memory
of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Hold onto your hats

as we go back in time to 1976

when everybody had afros,
including Barbra Streisand.

Barbra Streisand had an afro?

Mr. Gaines

thanks for letting us
broadcast from the pit.

Nobody told me about
all these cords and cables.

I come out the kitchen,
nearly broke my neck.


I don't need "sorry."

I need a socket
to plug in my toaster.

Let's get him a toaster.

Do you know what this is?

A piano.

Dapper d's latest album.

Dapper d?!


Where did you get this?

My cousin.

Did he steal it?

No other dj in the country
has this.

You can be the first to play it.

Cue it up, Ernie.

Fasten your seat belts,
ladies and gentlemen.

Whzu... the first station
in the nation

to bring you
this musical sensation:

Dapper d's
yet-to-be-released album

"cleaning out the house."


Do me a favor.

Remember where you were
when you heard it

and the man that played it.

And the man
that gave it to the man.

£ I'm so afraid about
losing my cookie £

£ the word is out you
really want to paint the town £

£ I'm so afraid about
losing my cookie £
what are you listening to?

£ come on, baby,
let's drop our drawers £
Dwayne's radio show... shh!

£ let's do a little polishing
on these floors... £

is this his salute
to the gutter?

£ let's get naked
for your massage... £

this man's a filth-monger!

Trying to shock
respectable people...

What did he say?

£ don't forget the mirrors,
they need cleaning, too £

£ we can watch ourselves
while we're doing the do... £

the ladies are into this.

I cannot hear what he's saying,
but let's memorize it.

Crank it up.

What happened to the music?


We're off the air, man.


Give me that.

What happened to my show?

She what?!

We'll see about that.

What's going on?

Dean Hughes had me
pulled off the air.

You didn't tell her
it was my tape, did you?

They shut him down.

Why would they do that?

I can think of a few reasons...

Starting with people moaning
like heifers in heat.

I'll find out what's going on.

I'm going, too.

We'll all go.

Don't leave all this mess here.

Dean Russell's office,
please hold.

Dean Hughes' office,
please hold.


How long have you been holding?

Okay, I'll transfer you
right away.

Get ready.

Here you go.





Number, star.


You've lost another one.

If it's important,
they'll call back, right?

With you answering,
we'll never know, will we?

Randall, haven't you ever heard
of positive reinforcement?


Freddie, what are
you doing here?

I work here.

She's executive in charge
of shredding my nerves.

I need to see Dean Hughes.

She's sick today.

They're trained to lie.

She called the station
and had me pulled off the air.

How could she?

She must have called from home.

I need to see somebody.

If you'd like an appointment...

I don't want an appointment.

I want to see
Dean Hughes a.S.A.P.

I want to see her
sooner... p.D.Q.

They can't take you off.

What about the first amendment?

I have an opening
Thursday next week.

I'm not waiting

to find out why
my show was bagged.

I'm not waiting five minutes.

I'm afraid you'll have to.

Okay, fine.

I'll wait.

I'll wait right here.

That's right.

We will.

We will?

What are you doing?

Looks to me like
we're taking over your building.

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it's almost 6:00.

I have to lock up the building.

I have a spastic colon.

Go home and have some fiber.

Robert, come and study here.

It's a quiet protest.

Get off that phone.

That's your roommate.

It's his colon.

It's a free country.

You have every right
to be a chicken!

These are not for anarchists.

Randall, grow up and live.

Now hear this.

Now hear this.

Hillman college is
officially under siege.

Oh, lord.

Did you bring my sleeping bag?

No could do.

The popcorn maker
is for the greater good.

This is so incredible.

They say our generation
is apathetic

self-centered, materialistic.

Just look at us.

Do you know where I can
plug in my electric blanket?

Hey, hey, hey!

Get your feet
out of those drawers!

Everybody, listen up.

We are not here to party

because we have
nothing to party about.

We need people
to man these phones...

To be lookouts.

Look out

here comes whitley.

Whitley, yay!


Save your breath.

I just came here to drop off

this dinner menu
for the alumni winterfest.

By the way, Kimberly

Mr. Gaines is looking for you.

I forgot all about work.

He said if you're
not there in five minutes

you can kiss
your hairnet good-bye.

This is more important
than serving burgers.


Exercise your
constitutional right

to be unemployed.

Okay, everybody.

I think it's time
that we heard from the man

that had the courage

and the vision

to play the tape
that I, Ron Johnson, gave him.

The man without whom
there would be no protest.

Ladies and gentlemen

I give you Dwayne
"the time machine" Wayne!

Dwayne Wayne!
Dwayne Wayne!

Dwayne Wayne!
Dwayne Wayne!

They're clamoring for you.

Inspire them.

Inspire them.

Dwayne Wayne!
Dwayne Wayne!

Dwayne Wayne!
Dwayne Wayne!

Dwayne Wayne!
Dwayne Wayne!


Um... there's
a lot of you all.

First, I want to say
thank you for coming

all of you

and thanks for your support
of me and of my show.


And the first amendment.

And the first amendment...

Yeah, the first amendment

which guarantees
the right of free speech

and a free society.

He's right.

They censored his radio show.

What's next?

Our libraries?

Our newspapers?

Our letters home?


They may have
pulled the plug on my show

but they cannot pull the plug
on the constitution!

The people united
will never be defeated!

The people united
will never be defeated!

Attention all radicals!

I'm going home!

Do you leave peacefully

or do I have to lock you in?

I say lock us in!

That will get
the Dean's attention.

Lock us in!

Lock us in!
Lock us in!


Have it your way.

Lock us in!
Lock us in!

They can lock the windows

and they can lock the doors

but they cannot
lock out justice!

Justice now!

Justice now!
Justice now!

That bureaucratic twerp
locked me in the building!

Call the police.

Listen to that ruckus.

You know what this is?

An excuse to make noise.

Vernon, think of this
as a learning experience.

The only way you learn

is in a room with a blackboard

and a picture of the president
of the United States.

Don't be so sure about that.

This country was shaped
on civil disobedience.

Without it,
we wouldn't have rights.

What's going on in there?

Dean Hughes took
Dwayne's radio show off the air.

So they're throwing
a party for Dean Hughes?

They are protesting

like a bunch of hippie children.

What's the administration
doing about this?

They're meeting
at president bracey's house.

I know what I'd do.

I'd send the colonel up there.

Point a few tanks at the door.

Mr. Gaines, how did
we overlook you

for secretary of defense?

I hope the administration

doesn't come down hard on them.

Their heart is
in the right place

even if their bodies aren't.

I'm glad to see people gathered

for something
other than a party.

If a cause does sneak up on them

they might know what to do.

I've been a black activist
since I was 12.

I'm sure you really
helped the struggle.

I did.

When I was in junior high,
I formed ujamaa

which is Swahili for brotherhood
social change, and parties.

Those were exciting times,
the march on Washington.

I was across the street.

When I heard Dr. King's
voice so strong and clear

it was like we were
in a neighborhood church.

I was in boot camp...

Fort bragg, north Carolina.

The whole troop was huddled
around a transistor radio.

I was just learning how to walk.

Dean Hughes.

Now this is
a profile in courage.

The woman leaves her sick bed
to reclaim her building.

They have to clean it
before I claim it.

You got to go in.

There won't be no building left.

Everything is under control.

We're sending someone
to talk to them...

Someone closer to their age

who doesn't have
a temperature of 101.

Good luck, jaleesa.

Actually, Walter,
we'd like to send you.

You'd have better luck
with a tank.

You people don't know
anything about negotiations.

If you make 20 demands

they've got to give you 10.

Not if 19 are stupid.

What is so stupid
about co-ed showers?

Brother, you're lowering
the I.Q. Of our mob mentality.

The purpose is
to get Dwayne's show back

and to lift oppression
from all student media.

I find it very oppressive
to shower with just men.

I have a demand
to add to that list...

Get me the hell out of here.

What's up with the heat?

I played with the thermostat

five different ways.

It's the timer.

They're trying to freeze us out.

We're going to freeze to death!

Keep it down.

What happened
to my right to free speech?

You'll all die.


My silence has a price...

His electric blanket.


Go sit on a popcorn maker.

Two police cars are
circling the building.

It's the man!

Oh, great.

Now we can see what size
handcuffs everybody wears.

My dad will love this.

"Detective Reese, when's
your daughter coming home?"

"In five years."

We won't go to jail.

If we do, it won't
be for five years.

We certainly won't
get a police record...

I don't think.

I hope we do get arrested.

At least we'll get food.

We don't need food.

We have our cause to nourish us!

I wouldn't mind

a slice of pizza
to go with that cause.

We have been here for six hours.

Why hasn't the Dean phoned yet?

Somebody's coming!

It's the man!

Hold on!

Be cool!

Just remember, we've got
the truth on our side.

Then we lose.

I bet it's the Dean

and she's going to have
everybody's behind.

Walter, what are you doing here?

The administration sent me.

We don't even get a Dean!

When you get out of here

you'll have plenty of deans.

What is this about?

These are our demands.

"Restore Dwayne Wayne's
radio show.

"No censorship of student media.

And total immunity
for all protestors."

All right, I'll take these
back to the deans

and see if they'll negotiate.

Walter, how much trouble
are we really in?

Somewhere between a little

and "daddy, could you come
pick me up at the airport?"

We believe in what we're going.

For you sake, I hope so.

Oh, the door is now unlocked.

Take whitley.

Oh, no.

There has to be one sane voice

in this misguided mob.

I'm staying and talking
to each one of you myself.

The only way
to change the system

is to work within it.

Dean Hughes would be
glad to know I'm here.

Whitley, go home!
Whitley, go home!

£ I don't hear £

£ I don't care £

£ I'm not going to £

£ lolly-la-la... £

Freddie: I wonder what
they'll do to us.

You know what they did

to the kids who took over

this building in '73?

We can't worry about that.

We're in too deep.

What did they do?

A lot of them

were suspended.

The leaders were expelled.

Freddie, we're right, though.


We're also hungry.

I'm going to check that fruit

on Dean Hughes' desk.

I already checked.

It's wax.

I don't care.

Heavy lies the head
that wears the crown, huh?

Yeah, something like that.

A few minutes of dapper d

will give you
something else
to think about.

He's so hot,
you won't need a blanket.

Kim: I probably
lost my boyfriend

my job

and my parents will kill me.

But I know we're doing

the right thing.


We're doing the right thing.

Yeah... yeah.

This guy is too much.

Walter, what's
going on out there?

One Dean says

"give them
everything they want."

But he's in the minority.

The rest are split between
suspension and probation

and one Dean is
talking about expulsion.

What about
our demands?
What's the word?

Walter, can I talk to you?

Excuse me.

Have you heard dapper d's tape?

Just some of the meatier verses.

He's got weird ideas
about housekeeping.

The homeboy's a freak!

Didn't you listen
before you played it?

I wanted to be
the first to play it.

There wasn't time.

You didn't make time.

I know.
I know.

All right, Dwayne!

He's really giving it to him.

He is not backing down one bit.

Please don't make me tell
those people I messed up.

I won't tell them.

Then knock me out
and drag me out by my feet.

Can I get a rain check on that?

I smell eggs.

And bacon.

And sausage.

Spicy sausage!

Mr. Gaines:
Good morning, children.

Breakfast is served.


To get it, you must
leave the building.

I repeat, leave the building

to help yourselves
to these delicious fixings.


This is a cheap ploy
to break our solidarity.

It's broken.

Throw me up some bacon.

We are here by
the will of the people.

We won't be driven out
by the force of breakfast.


Good morning.

It's the Dean.

Dean Hughes, I just got here

to pick up applications
for grad schools.

You won't be needing them.

Why are there teeth marks
in my fruit?

It's been a rough night
for everybody.

And while you were here

trying to pretend
that your cause

would be enough to keep you warm

I've been doing
a little research on dapper d.

No radio station in the country

is playing
"cleaning out the house."

That's because
the brother's too deep.

About as deep as a cesspool.

Mr. D is not being played

because stations do not
want to lose their licenses.

That won't happen to whzu.

But what about our demands?

I demand you leave
the building before 8:00

or you'll be arrested
for trespassing.

We're not moving
till justice is served.

We're here for justice!


Ho, everybody.

Listen up.

A mistake was made.

Sure was.

Free speech.

Free speech!
Free speech!

Everybody, just be quiet
and listen.

We're all here fighting
for free speech.

When our forefathers wrote

"congress shall make no law

abridging freedom of speech
or of the press"

I'm not sure they meant go out
and make tapes like these.

Maybe they did.

What I'm trying to say is

I'm not so sure it was right
for me to play this on the air.

It was jammin'.

We slammed,
it was cool, I was cool.

But to play it
without listening to it first

that was wrong.

We slept here for nothing?

No, my brother.

What are you saying?

Here's what I'm saying.

Leave the building
peacefully and promptly

and no disciplinary action will
be taken against any of you.

All right!

What about his show?

Ah, yes... the show.

Mr. Wayne,
as of today

your time machine
is off the air...

For one month.

However, you will be permitted

to air your special tribute
to Dr. King.

Well, it's almost 8:00,
and I don't know about you

but I'm going to get
some biscuits.

Good work, babe.

Dwayne, I'm so proud of you.

You did it.

You were with me all the way.

I'm impressed.


What you going to do now?


Good, 'cause you stink.

Today is a very special day
for a lot of reasons.

We're honoring a man
whose non-violent protest

brought this country closer
to fulfilling its dream

and its promise.

Happy birthday, reverend king.

£...walk on through the wind £

£ walk on through the rain £

£ though your dreams
be tossed and blown £

£ walk on £

£ walk on with hope
in your heart £

£ and you'll never walk alone £

£ and you'll never walk alone £

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and nbc.

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