A Confession (2019): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode 2 - full transcript

Fulcher is faced with the possibility that a senior officer who committed suicide could be the man responsible for Sian's disappearance.

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I want to work on the basis
that she's still alive somewhere.

If we go big and go quick,
we could save her.

This is going to be bad.
Shut up, will you!

Wherever she is,
it's against her will.

And when we get her back,
she won't be the same Sian.

Becky Godden, her name is.

If you hear about her,
will you let me know next time?

She was earning good money
running a nightclub.

Why didn't you tell me?
I wasn't aware I had to.

Well, it's important,
cos I haven't seen her for so long.

Let me know if you hear from Becky.

That's Sian.
Why would you get in a car

that's going in the wrong direction?

It's luggage rails.

I'm Deputy Chief Constable.

I was up for the Chief at
Bedfordshire. And now that's gone.

Everything's gone.

Why, Debs?
Why kill himself?

Steve, you've got to take a look
at Ray Hayward.

What do you mean?
He gave me a lift home once.

I just remember his car
was an estate car

with them luggage rails on the roof.

KAREN: It's OK, Becky darling.

I'm going to stay with you
all night.

I do want to get well, Mum.

And I want to get off it.
I know you do, my lovely.

Make Kieran and Charlie
proud of me again.

BECKY: Please!
I have to have it! Please...!

No, Becky,
I am not letting you out!

No! No!

You can hit me as much as you like.

I don't want to be here!
It won't make any difference.

I hate this house!
And I hate you!

You manky cow!

No, we're OK.


It hurts my insides.

My belly feels so bad!

We've got to get you off this stuff.

Please, Mummy, just one more.

One more and then that'll be it,
then, and then no more.

No, Becky.


You bitch!
You fucking bitch!



Oh, God, Becky!

Where did you get that?!

I can't be your
little, sweet Becky...

..with the nails and the hair.

Gucci, Versace...

I can't do that shit.

How's it going?

She had a secret stash
I didn't know about.

She's lying up there
grinning like a zombie.

Thanks, Steven.

I don't think
we'll ever get her off it!

I'm gonna bloody talk to her.

We can't carry on like this.

She wants that stuff
more than us,

more than her brother,

more than anything else in her life.

We could try rehab again.

It's so expensive.

Oh, sod it.

We've got to do something.

STEVEN: She's gone!
Out the window!

She's running down the street!

I'll go after her.

Who's going to be there?

Rachel, obviously.


..Emily, Georgia.

Are any boys staying?
I don't know.

You're not staying if Rachel's
parents aren't going to be there.


You're too young, Sian.
I'm well old enough!

She's in a rush!

She's probably trying
to get away from her mum,

who wouldn't let her stay over
round her mate's.


Is this wrong, Jackie,
sending him to school?

He wanted to go.
And they said, if he did, let him.

Keep his routine
as normal as possible.

Er, I just wanted to reassure you,

we'll be keeping a careful eye
on Aiden.

Thank you. It's the news reports
I'm worried about,

him suddenly seeing her picture
on TV.

We'll make sure all the TVs
in the common areas are turned off.

Are you going to pick me up as well,

No, Mummy'll be here
to pick you up.

Myself and the rest of the staff
are praying for Sian's safe return.

Thank you.

I can't stand people
offering me sympathy.

I know they mean well,
but it just makes me want to cringe.


I don't want to be constantly
reminded of everything.

Will you tell me if the police
find Sian? Of course I will.

I'll see you later.

I think they will today.

TEACHER: Off we go.
Come on, then.

Are you ready?

Let's go!


WOMAN: Ray felt bewildered
by what had happened to him.

It got so bad he felt uncomfortable
just going out.

He started wearing
this daft woolly hat

so that no-one would recognise him.

He kept saying to me
that they were "gunning for him".

That's what I remember him saying,
over and over.

He felt abandoned
by Wiltshire Police.

Cut adrift.
I saw him on Saturday morning...

..and it was clear
he wasn't in a good way.

Were you with him on Friday night?

He was...

He was so hurt by it all.

Were you with him Friday night?


I went to bed early.

He must have got in late.

I don't really remember.

Did he leave any kind of note or...?

There's, erm...
There's some emails on his computer.

He mentions Brian Moore,
the Chief Constable.

Well, the gist of them is that...

..he'd lost everything...

..and that maybe
it was better for everybody if...

..if he wasn't around any more.


Excuse me.

A bloke's just walked into
Mere Police Station

and said he murdered
Sian O'Callaghan.

Is he on the system?

His name's Jeremy Sirleaf.

27 years old, unemployed.

They've got him in custody now.

OK, send Bob Cooper down there.
And also...

..we're gonna have to seize
Ray's computer.

There are some emails
we need to look at.

And we'd better search his car, too.

Right, OK.


So, how did you kill her?

I strangled her with a cord.

Why did you do that, Jeremy?

I enjoyed it.
It was a release.


What time was this?


When you killed her.


It was around midnight, I think.


Attention-seeking dickhead!

I knew he was
as soon as I clapped eyes on him.

His confession sounded like
something he'd read online.

He couldn't tell me
what Sian was wearing.

The clincher was he reckons
he killed her around midnight.

Oh, right, and we've got her
three hours later on CCTV

walking round Suju's.

OK, Bob, charge him with wasting
police time and head back here.

OK, I've got to go.

So, Steve,
you're looking at Ray Hayward?

Unfortunately, yes, sir, I have to.

He's facing allegations
of sexual misconduct.

His car roughly matches the one
caught on CCTV that picked up Sian.

And he's committed suicide.

And did you see his partner?

I didn't tell her that he was
under suspicion. How was she?

Er, angry about
the disciplinary process.

She said he felt hung out to dry.

Apparently, he mentions you
in a few emails to his solicitors.

Nobody's going to come out of this
looking good.


Transport Research Laboratory's
come back,

says the best fit
for the estate car on the CCTV

is a Toyota Avensis estate.


Did we get a result
on the forensics?

Whosever those knickers were,
they weren't Sian's.

DNA wasn't a match.

Shall we widen the search?

Have you been listening to me?

All right, let's get a VOD search

of all the Toyota Avensis estates
registered in Wiltshire

and let's get it to include
the M4 corridor as well.

I'll get this.
That's more like it.

Boss, you've got to come
and have a look at this.

I was viewing all the CCTV footage

and saw this on a camera
outside Barclays Bank.

I was pretty sure
that was a patrol car,

and I wondered
if it was fitted with ANPR.


We got lucky.

If you remember
from the previous footage,

Sian gets into that dark estate car

and it drives through frame
at 2:59:05.

At 2:59:25,

we see this on the ANPR camera
in that patrol car

as it approaches Suju's
from the opposite direction.

That's it. It's got the white thing
on the side. That's got to be it.

Yeah, the white thing's
a taxi decal. He's a cab driver.

The car
is a green Toyota Avensis estate,

registered owner
Christopher John Halliwell,

born 15th of the 1st, '64.

He and his car are registered
with Five Star Cabs in Swindon.

Thank God!
Ray Hayward's in the clear.

I was terrified he might have a
Toyota Avensis we didn't know about.

Good work.

OK, thank you.

Right, er...Halliwell has got
some previous convictions.

Mostly low level. The last one
back in '86 for burglary.

A string of aliases.

Er, no history of violence
or sex offences.

Works for Five Star Cabs,

a local company,
who say his last pick-up for them

was at 1:10 on Saturday morning.

Now, from Five Star's
tracking system,

we see he loops round and round
the city centre and at 2:14,

at the junction of Newport Street
and Tismeads Crescent,

he turns his GPS off.

Now, at this point, he's about half
a mile from Old Town High Street.

We have checked out the home
address. The car is on the drive.

But the surveillance team said

it's going to be very, very
difficult to put a lump on it

without setting off an alarm.
So it could be...

..we'll have to do
a full surveillance, old style.


Well, yeah,
we can pull him now, for sure,

and maybe recover some evidence from
his car or his clothes, his house.

But I've said, from the beginning,

that I want us work on the
assumption that this is an abduction

and that Sian is alive somewhere.

So we keep him in play.

Do you really think
she still is, boss?

I don't know.

But the moment that we arrest him,

his brief will advise him to go,
"No comment."

And if Sian is out there somewhere,

then we will never find her
and she will die.


So, we follow him...

..and hope he leads us to her.


We're her only chance.


I'll see you later.


It looks like
he's about to leave the plot.


He's approaching the junction
with Chalford Avenue.

He's turning right.

OK, we've got him.

He's heading down the hill.

Tracy, you should have a visual.

Right, I can see him.

You as well.

OK, let's go.

We're behind you.

OK, let's go.

We're in convoy behind Halliwell.

Let's see where he takes us.

This Sian O'Callaghan,

her mum lives with Pete the pilot
over the road.

Their little boy goes to the same
school as Chelsie.

Do you want any biscuits?
No, I'm all right, thanks.

God only knows what she's going
through, not knowing where she is.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Karen,
I didn't mean to be insensitive.

I'm trying not to think about it.

Not with her birthday coming up
and everything. It's just...

No, it's a difficult time
of the year, that's all.

Mum says,
do you want to go round hers?

She'll do a spag bol for everyone
on the night.

No. I want to stay here,
in case Becky comes home.

Of course.

Anyway, how was the wedding?
Oh, it was wonderful.

I've got a photo.

So, I did Tom's hair
and two of the bridesmaids'.

They give one of these to all the
guests. It's a really nice touch.

Oh, Tiffany looks beautiful!
I know.

Oh, God, Becky said she wanted Tiff
to be one of her bridesmaids.

You know,
when they were both little.

They used to dress up and play
getting married all the time.

He's pulling over with a fare.
We're stopped behind.

This is just a normal shift.

Stay on him
until the end of his shift.

He could still lead us to Sian.

What's he doing?

I think he's putting up posters.

can you confirm what they are?

I don't believe it.
They're missing posters of Sian.

Where is she, Pete?
Where is she?

It's going to be all right.


They're not really telling us

I suppose, really and truthfully,
I don't want to know anyway.

I just want them to tell us
when they're sure of something.

I don't think I could stand
any more guessing games.

You made me jump.

I saw you...checking yourself.

No, Pete.

Come on, don't be so silly.

It's this one.

I can feel something.

It's nothing. They go like that
sometimes when I'm due on.

Get it looked at.


What's he doing?

He's putting something in the bin.

I can't tell what it is.


Well, will you believe it?

He's got back in.
Can you see him?


Right, he's pulling out.

He's on the move again.
Exiting north out of the car park.

Yeah, we've got him.

Yeah, he's left something in that
bin. I'm going to have a look.


It was a set of car seat covers
and a perfume bottle.

There's got to be prints on those.

DNA on the seat covers.

Obviously, we've fast-tracked
everything with the lab, but...

..maybe we should pull him now.
Er, no.

No, we want him to take us to Sian.

Yeah, he's just coming out.

So frustrating.

He's dumped a bag
of potential evidence

and he's sure
we shouldn't arrest him?

The boss says we leave him in play.

He's taking the B4508,
heading west out of Swindon.

The cab company have said
he's not on a job.

It could be
what we've been waiting for.

You're too close.
Let's back off a bit.

We're coming into Uffington.

Shit, where the hell has he gone?

Which way, Tracy?
Straight on.

I'm sure he heading
for Barbury Castle.


What are you doing up?
I just woke up.

I was worried about you.

Have you found her yet? Everyone's
talking about it at school.


Not yet, no.
But I will.

I haven't told them you're my dad.


Steve Fulcher.

Boss, we lost him.

Are you kidding?

I'm sorry,
but it's so remote out here

we had to hang back or
he would have spotted us a mile off.

Well, how long ago did you lose him?

About half an hour ago,
near Barbury Castle.


We're going to keep looking.

That was him.

We have eyes on.
He's passed us heading west.

We're in pursuit.

We must be just behind him.

What's that?

Steve Fulcher.

Sir, we've picked him up again.
He was just outside Uffington.

He set fire to something
at the side of the road.

What was it?
It's difficult to tell.

Some sort of material. We've bagged
it up and we're bringing it in.

Do you want us to pull him?


No, just make sure
you don't lose him again.


Ah, you're in,

I want to put out
some press releases.

Bloody hell, I thought I was nuts
getting in this early.

I want three put out
during the course of the day.

The first one at ten o'clock

calling off the public search
at Savernake Forest because

"technological advances
mean that we are now able

"to rule out large areas
of the forest,

"narrowing the search area down

Is that true?

The next at one o'clock, saying
we're confident of finding Sian.

The third at five o'clock,

saying we're looking for
a green Toyota Avensis estate.

They're all through here.


Switch that off.


I can't tell you too much,
but things are happening.

And Steve Fulcher, the SIO,

has asked
that you don't leave the house today

or post anything on social media.

Aiden's at school.
I've got to pick him up.

I'd rather you didn't.
Jackie'll have to do it.

Can't you tell us anything?
Are you getting close?

Yes, we think very.

Do you think she's still alive?

We don't know.

OK, erm...

..Halliwell's previous convictions
predate the national DNA database.

So we have to find a way
to get him on the system.

We're going to his home address
this morning to take a swab.

Now, the story we've given him

is that we're taking a DNA sample
from every cab driver in Swindon.

So, as far as he's concerned,
it's just a routine thing.

Yeah, I also want to get a couple
of officers in the back of his cab

posing as customers, to strike up
a conversation with him about Sian

and put more pressure on him.

Can you make up a script?
Something along the lines of,

"I hear the police are close
to arresting someone."

Something like that.

We have to force him
to make a mistake. Make him panic.



OK, so, we've got some CCTV

from a petrol station
Halliwell visited last night.

Watch what he does
with the bag of jellies.

See how he moves it
over a picture on the counter?

We went in afterwards and checked

and we discovered that's a missing
poster, the picture's of Sian.

He can't stand
to be looking at her face.

In fact, he's in such a rush,

when he leaves,
he forgets his receipt.

He can't wait to get out of there.

Hasn't he got posters of Sian
in the back of his car?

Yeah, but he doesn't have to look
at them.

It's a different story having her
picture in front of you like that.

We're set up and in position.
We have eyes on the house.

Copy that.

I thought you might like a cuppa.

Thank you very much.
You're welcome.

I know I can't ask what it's about,
but is everything going to plan?

It's fine, thank you, Mrs Clemence.

Please, just carry on doing
whatever you'd normally do.

Oh, and tell your family
not to stare at over the road.

Got that.

Oh, ta.

It sounds hopeful.

Does it?

Sounds like they might be close
to finding who took her,

but they're still a long way
from finding her.

Find him, find her.


Have you booked
a doctor's appointment?


I couldn't care less about me right
now, Pete. I couldn't give a shit.

So don't ask me about it again!


Mr Halliwell?

Wiltshire Police.
We're here to take your DNA sample.

Your cab company
told you about this?

Oh, yeah.

We're doing it with
all the cab drivers in the area.

Yeah, I understand.

I suppose it's not fair they should
come under suspicion

as opposed to everyone else.

But there you go.
Shall we go inside?


This is just routine, Christopher,

but we have to ask.

Yeah, go ahead.

What time did you finish
on Saturday morning?


About one-ish.

I was home by 1:30, I know that.



OK, can you just put
the little brush in your mouth,

up against the inside of your cheek

and rub it up and down
for a few seconds?

It's OK, take your time.


Is there a problem, Christopher?

I'm just thinking about
my daughters, you know?

They live with their mother.

I can't imagine what Sian's family
are going through.

OK, that's enough.
If you can just hand me the brush?

Thank you.

And you're doing everyone else,

That's it.

Every cab driver in Swindon.


Do they have any ideas? No.
It just looks like a burnt mess.


..Sian had a handbag with her
on the night

that had a large beige flower
on the front of it.

Yeah, that couldn't be it, could it?

Did we get a result on
the perfume bottle? No, not yet.

It's been fast-tracked, but...

And the seat covers.

Excuse me.


Just finished at Halliwell's
and I'm bloody certain he's our man.

For starters,
his account of Friday night

was that he was indoors at 1:30,

when we know from Five Star

he didn't switch his GPS off
until 2:14.

Right. And his car was seen on CCTV
in the High Street at 3:00am.

Erm, what happened
when you took the swab?

He started fucking shaking. I swear,
there were tears in his eyes.

He said it's cos he's got daughters.
It was an extraordinary reaction.

What's he doing now?
He's about to start work.

The next press release
is due out soon. Uh-huh.

Do you still want to go through
with the undercover pick-up?

Yeah. But make sure
they don't overdo it, eh?


Yeah, are you all right, yeah?

It's such a shame
about that young girl.

I saw the posters on the back
of your car. Did you know her?

No, but I've got daughters
of my own. So...

You just want to do your little bit
to find her. Good on you.

RADIO: This is the news at one.
I'm Martin Baker.

Wiltshire Police
say they're confident of finding

missing 22-year-old
Sian O'Callaghan.

Thousands of people from Swindon
and the surrounding areas

have joined the search for Sian,

who's been missing since
the early hours of Saturday morning.

Police revealed earlier today

that they have narrowed down
the search area dramatically

and no longer need
the public's help.

A pilot,
who suffered a heart attack...

I've heard that
they're about to arrest someone.

Isn't that what
that policeman said, Ray? Yeah.

What policeman?

Well, we've had our car nicked.

That's why we have to get
bloody taxis everywhere.

We were talking with this copper
when he came to the house.

He said
it was just a matter of time.

RADIO: ..went into cardiac arrest.

The man, who has not been named, was
said to be making a good recovery.

A 22-foot metal statue that has...

OK, he's back home.

Right, a couple of hours before
he goes back on the evening shift.

Copy that.

Come in.

I've asked Pat to be here.

As Gold Commander,
he'll need to be across everything.

You've left Halliwell in play still?

It's our best bet
to recover Sian alive, sir.

I think that's becoming
increasingly unlikely now, Steve.

I'm not prepared to give up yet.
Are you?

These press releases
aren't actually true?

Er, not really, no.

They're designed to spook Halliwell
into leading us to Sian.

But if nothing happens,
my plan would be

to arrest anyway tomorrow evening,

What's the worst analysis here,
Steve? What could go wrong?

Er, Halliwell commits suicide

and Sian is condemned to death
as a result.

The last thing we want
is another bloody suicide.

If it's ruled that you pressured him
to his death,

it could lead to a manslaughter
charge. I'm aware of that.

Look, I don't believe I have
any other option.

I think my only call
is to go for it.

And take full responsibility
if it all goes horribly wrong.

I agree.

It's the best way
of recovering Sian alive.

Me, too.
And don't worry, Steve,

if the wheels do come off this,
I'll be standing beside you.

That will be all, Steve.
Thank you.

His partner's leaving.

she's just driving past us now.

The cab company says he normally
starts his shift around seven.

It's gone half eight now.

He's in the house alone,
but all the lights are off.

Can't sleep?

I can't either.

Will they find her?


It's OK...

Yeah, hello?

I'm really sorry, no-one's seen her.

No, sorry.

Right, listen,
if she does come in to your club...

Has my number come up on your phone?

Could you give me a ring,
then, please? All right.

All right, thank you.

Thank you very much.

I'm absolutely shattered.

Are you coming up?

I'll just do a few more, cos it's
the best time to get them, at night,

cos the clubs are shut in the day,
aren't they?

Not too late.

You've got me paying for it.

You've got me driving around
at all hours so you can buy it.

Just tell me,
what is so good about it?


It just feels lovely.

It makes me forget.

Mum, what are you doing?

I want to see
what all the fuss is about.

No, don't do it. I want to see
why this is so important to you.

Oh, God, it stinks!

Please, Mum, don't do it!


This is what you've driven me to!

Cos I don't know how else
to get through to you!

Oh, God...
Are you OK?

Oh, God...

Oh, it's horrible!

I feel sick!

I'm getting worried, Chris.
Go and get a closer look.

I can see Chris.
He's approaching the house.

It's locked up.
No signs of life.

Something's not right.


Steve Fulcher.

Sir, he's still not left for work.

It's four hours after the time
he normally clocks on.

Right. Can you see
any movement in the house?

Chris has been around the back,
there's no sign of life.

Do you want us to go in?

Call me the moment he comes out

or you get a positive sighting
from inside, all right?




Steve, I need you to sort out
an authority

for an intercept
on Halliwell's phone.

What, for tonight?
Do it now, yes.

He's topped himself.
I'll put money on it.


What if Sian's in there right now?

What if he's got her in the loft
or something? Well, how could he?

He lives there with his partner
and her kids.

Well, stranger things have happened.

OK, so we go in there,
break the door down,

maybe she's there,
maybe we save her.

But if she's not, then we've
shown out and she's as good as dead.

There's no middle ground.
And what if we've got the wrong guy?

What if there's
a perfectly innocent explanation

as to why she got in the cab?
What about that?


They won't give us the authority
for the intercept.

You're joking? They're saying
it can't happen tonight.


If he's about to top himself,

then the chances are
he's gonna call someone,

maybe one of his daughters, and
leave some sort of death message.

We have to know
if that's about to happen!

He's alive.


All right, he's up and about.

He's getting into his car.

He's pulling off the drive.
Thank bloody Christ.

Thank you.

Yeah, good news.

All right, let's see
where he's going so early, eh?

The car is stationary.

He's going into the chemist's.

Pete, you leapfrog me.
I want to see what he bought.

Right, how many did he buy?

Four boxes, all paracetamol.
24 tablets in each.

OK, thanks.

Erm, join up with the others,
await for instructions.

So we have to arrest him.

He's suicidal. Now,
because he's under surveillance,

effectively, he's under our care.

But we arrest
on suspicion of kidnap.

We always knew this could happen.

We have an urgent interview script

which I want carried out
at the point of arrest.

Before we bring him back here?
Well, yes.

We've still got absolutely
no evidence that Sian is dead,

and it's in there
in the kidnap manual.

In situations like this,

the life of the hostage
comes before everything else.

I want him to tell us where she is,
not hide behind "no comment".

Miss Redford?


Christopher Halliwell, I'm arresting
you on suspicion of kidnap.

You do not have to say anything.
But it may harm your defence

if you do not mention,
when questioned,

something which you later rely on
in court.

Stand back, please.
Thank you.

Something's going on!

There's, erm, something going on in
Asda's car park

and they're arresting someone.

It's all over Facebook.

That's got to be him.

It has to be him.

Stand back, please.
Thank you.


We want you to tell us
where Sian O'Callaghan is.

No comment.

We believe
that you've taken her somewhere

and that she may be in danger.

We want you to do the right thing
and tell us where she is.

How long did you work on him?

About ten minutes.

But he wasn't having any of it.

Refused to say anything.
It was pointless.

I'm bringing him back
to Gable Cross.

No, no.

Give me a moment.

I want to talk to him myself.

What do you mean?

Another urgent interview.

You can't do it twice.

Why not?
I've got nothing to lose.

The minute he gets back here
with a solicitor, Sian's dead.

You're breaching
every code of practice. Yeah.

You're breaching PACE, Steve.

Take him to the car park at Barbury
Castle, Tracy. I'll meet you there.

My gut says Sian's nearby.

I think you're making a mistake,

Debs, I'm going to need you.


Have you got your notebook?

Make a note
of everything that's said.

Erm, listen, Tracy,
can you keep an eye out

for any walkers,
anyone hanging about?

I don't want us disturbed.

Hello, Christopher.

Step out of the car, please.

Come this way.

I'm Detective Superintendent
Steve Fulcher.

I'm investigating the disappearance
of Sian O'Callaghan.

Are you going to tell me
where she is?