ALF (1986–1990): Season 2, Episode 7 - Oh, Pretty Woman - full transcript

ALF learns the concept of Earthly beauty pageant. Since Lynn, having been dumped, is suffering from low self-esteem, ALF enters her in Miss Southland pageant to prove she is pretty and uses the prizes to lure Lynn to participate.

(man on TV)
'And our next contestant
is Miss Tasmania.'

'Okay, Miss Tasmania,
your question is'

'what do you say
to people who claim'

'you're merely
a beautiful face and body'

'without a brain?'

(Miss Tasmania)
'Thank you.'

[audience applauding]

What are you watching?

I think it's
a United Nations meeting.

That's not the United Nations.

- It's a beauty pageant.
- Are you sure?

A minute ago, they asked
the ambassador from Spain

"What she would do
for world peace?"

She's not the ambassador.
She's a contestant.

Oh. Well, I guess that explains
why the ambassador from Sweden

was juggling.

[theme music]

[music continues]

[audience applauding on TV]

On Melmac, the judges paraded
around in swimsuits

while the contestants sat
in the audience.

Well, why were the judges
in swimsuits

and not the contestants?

The judges had better bodies.

Hey, Kate. I'd like
to see you do that.

Plate spinning
was never my sport.

Oh, hi, sweetheart.

Hey, you're home early.
Where's Rick?

Yeah, where's that jerk
with the earring?

He's still at the dance.

- Honey, is something wrong?
- No-no, nothing is wrong.


Lynn, what's the matter?

ALF, will you turn
that thing off?

But it's the losers'
production number.

ALF, can't you see
that Lynnie is upset?

Oh. Sorry.

Lynn, what happened?

Rick and I were at the dance.

We're having a really good time

and then Cindy Bennett
showed up.

And Rick asked me
if he could dance with her.

So I said, "I suppose."

So, he danced with her,
the whole night!

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.

Cindy Bennett.

Is that that blonde cheerleader
in your yearbook?



I mean, she's not
as pretty as you.

Rick's a jerk
for doing what he did.

You know, I don't even
blame him. Cindy is gorgeous.

Any guy would want her
instead of me.

- Oh, Lynn, that's not true.
- Yes, it is.

Oh, honey, I know
that you're upset

but you know, these kind
of things happen all the time.

Great, you've given me
a lot to look forward to.

That's not what I meant.

Let-let me tell you
a little story

that might make you
feel better.

When I was in high school,
I was at this dance

and this really cute-looking guy
came over

and started
talking to me.

Well, we spent
the whole evening together.

It was wonderful
until I found out

that he had left his date
to be with me.


And even though
I kept dating him

I always felt that
what he did was wrong.

Thanks, mom.

- I feel much better now.
- Sorry.

Excuse me but what happened
to the girl who got dumped?

It's not important.

Well, not to you.
You got your guy.

I think what your mother
is trying to say in her own..

...special way.. that, you know..'re too good for Rick.

Well, I didn't get that at all.

It sounds to me
like she's being punished

for something Kate did.

Don't you have a pageant
to watch?

I'm trying to help Lynn.

Well, you're not.
Watch your TV show.

Fine! If you need me, Lynn,
I'm here for you.


Do you think I'm pretty?

Oh. Well, of course, you are.

You are a beautiful young girl.

You have to say that,
you're my mother.

Dad, if you were my age,
would you ask me out?

Well, if I were your age
and you weren't my daughter

and if I weren't married
and if I had a car back then...

See? Dad won't even ask me out.

- Willie..
- Of course, I would.

Lynn, you're a wonderful girl.

You've got a great personality.

Thanks, dad.
That's the kiss of death.


I suppose you're gonna
blame me for this.

No, of course not.
This isn't your fault.

I know. I just wanted
to hear you say it.

Watch your pageant.

[audience applauding on TV]

Oh, hey, look!
There's John Candy.

No, wait, that's Miss Bulgaria.

Alright, what do you give me
for a Mickey Mackerel card?

What are you guys doing?

Trading bouillabaisseball cards.

What's bouillabaisseball?

It's baseball in Melmac.

Instead of a ball
they throw fish guts.

Fish parts.

The guts are sold
at the concession stand.

Sorry I asked.

These are neat. Did they come
with bubble gum too?

Yeah, two flavors
Tabby and Persian.

[telephone rings]

Hello? Yes?

The Miss Southland Pageant?

I-I'm sorry. I'm afraid
you must have the wrong number.

No, that's for me.

You'll have
to excuse Aunt Sophie.

Sometimes she's here

and sometimes we don't know
where she is.

What's ALF doing?

I think that he's entered
a beauty pageant.


Yeah. Uh-huh.

Yeah. Oh, great!

Yeah, no problem!

Thanks. Ta-ta.

Are you gonna be Miss Southland?

No, unfortunately,
the contest isn't open

to professional models.

I entered Lynn.


Hold that thought, Kate.

You're wearing that?

There's a dress code
for taking out the garbage?

Brian, take it out for her.

Our little beauty shouldn't be
seen carrying trash.

She was ugly enough
to take it out yesterday.

- I'll give you a dollar.
- Okay.

You owe Brian a dollar.
Lynn, you should change.

The lady from Miss Southland
will be here any minute.

- What are you talking about?
- Connect the dots here.

I entered you
in the Miss Southland pageant.

What? ALF, why would you do
something like that?

Well, isn't it obvious?

Tell her why, Kate.

Because, he's an idiot!

Thanks for clearing that up.

Lynn, I saw how upset you were
after that dance thing.

And I figured
if you won this contest..

Hey, you'd feel better
about yourself.

But why didn't you
ask me first?

I was afraid you might say no.

You were right.

See, Kate, I'm not an idiot!

I'm not entering
the contest, ALF.

But, you'll win!

ALF, I want you to call the
pageant people

right this minute. Tell them
that Lynn is withdrawing.

See, even my own mother knows
I wouldn't have a chance.

Oh, real supportive, Kate.

Honey, that's not what I meant.

Look, I'm not exactly
beauty contest material.

Sure you are! Hey!

You should have heard what
they thought about your picture.

What picture?

The one from your
sweet 16 party.

Oh, ALF, I looked terrible
in that picture!

I still had my braces on.

Don't worry.
I whited them out!

Oh, great.

Now, before the contest
coordinator gets here

I think we should
go over your application.

What application?

The one on the desk.

ALF, why did you say
my talent was clog dancing?

Well, it's not singing.
I've heard you do that.

I have never clog danced
in my life!

Oh, it's easy.
I mean, what do you do?

You just clog up a sink
and dance around it, right?

ALF, you don't
clog up a sink to clog dance.

Then, what's the name
of the dance

where you do clog up a sink?

There isn't one.

Well, I suggest we call it
the funky ALF.

I'm not sending in
that application.

Well, too late.
They already have a copy.

Forget the contest, ALF.

Fine, give up the scholarship.

- Scholarship?
- Give up the car!


What kind of a car?

Well, I'll give you a hint.

It's spelled with a Z.

I guess it wouldn't hurt
to meet this woman.

I think I'll go change.

ALF, just what kind of car
is this?

Used. That's spelled with a Z,
isn't it?

[instrumental music]

And that's not all that beauty
pageants have to offer.

They also teach you about life,
help you develop poise

and they lead to lots and lots
of wonderful opportunities.

In fact many of our girls have
gone on to become hostesses.

Not-not waitresses, mind you.
But hostesses.


Of course I can't promise
you will become a hostess.

I won't get my hopes up.

Listen, do you really think
I have a chance of winning.

Well, of course you do.
Oh, you're such a pretty girl.

And you have such a lovely

Although it doesn't seem quite
as bright

as it does in your picture.

Oh, Lynn's built up a bit of
plaque since then.

I see.

Oh, before I forget,
it says on your application

that you're a clog dancer.

Do you need any special
equipment for that?

No. You just clog up a sink
and I'll dance around it.



Oh, oh, you're just joking.

Ah, there's never a dull moment
with ol' Lynn around.

Well, I guess I have
all the information I need.

I'd better be going.

I start my shift in half an hour

and customers won't know
where to sit if I'm not there.

Oh, Miss Bartley, before you go

can I ask you a question?

If I don't win is there some
sort of a consolation prize?

Oh, yes, each contest wins a
copy of the Miss Southland

home game
and a big pumice stone.

Oh, then I guess I can't lose.

Right. Have a pretty day. Bye.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Well, what do you think?

Well, now that we know her,
she might give us a good table

at the pizza bar.

No, no, I mean what do you think
about me entering the pageant?

Well, Lynn, you're not really
considering it, are you?

Sure, why not?

Well, I don't know,
I-I guess I always thought

that beauty pageants were
demeaning to women.

Well, maybe you're right, Willie

but one contest
isn't gonna hurt her

as long as she doesn't take it
too seriously.

You're not gonna take it too
seriously, are you?

Mom, I'm clog dancing for a
pumice stone.

How serious can I be?

I guess it could be fun, maybe
even a learning experience.

- There's nothing to lose.
- Just the registration fee.

- How much?
- $200.

I guess you know what
my reaction's going to be.

Yeah, but I don't think I care
to hear it.

[instrumental music]

Come on!
Keep those clogs moving!

That's it! Pretend
you're mashing boll weevils.

ALF, we're not
getting anywhere here.

Sure we are.

A week ago, we didn't even know
what clog dancing was.

Now, we're both
sick to death of it.

That's it.
I'm taking a rest.

[music stops]

There's no time!

We only have six hours
until the pageant.

My feet are killing me.

Alright. Alright.

We can work on your
saccharine smile, instead.

No! No, please, no more smiling.
My face is gonna lock up.


ALF, you're taking this thing
way too seriously.

- I wanted it to be fun.
- Hey, you know what's fun?

Cramming for the interview

Now I jotted down a few things
that the judges might ask.

Oh, no.

Let's start with the As.

"What do Americans
and Australians have in common?"

I don't know.

I'll give you this one.

They both want world peace.

Question number two.

"What do Americans
and Albanians have in common?"

They both want world peace?

Very good.

Question number three.

- "What do Americans..."
- ALF!

I don't want to go through
a zillion questions

that are all the same.

You don't want to do anything,
do you?

Why do I even try?

I mean, I go out of my way
to help someone

through a rough period
and do they appreciate it?

No, they just complain.

You know,
maybe Dear Abby was right.

Maybe I do care too much.

Alright, ALF,
what's the next question?

- Are you sure this time?
- Yes.


"What do Americans and Alpha
Centaurians have in common?"

- They both want world peace.
- No! Eaah! Wrong!

The Alpha Centaurians
have world peace.

- What they want is shoes.
- Shoes.

Come on, now.
Think before you answer.

Question number four.
"What do Americans.."

I don't believe this, 96
stations, and not one of them

is carrying
the Miss Southland pageant.

- Well, what do you think?
- Oh, Lynn!

You look...stunning!

Thanks, daddy.

Brian, don't you think
your sister looks pretty?

If I say yes, am I gonna
have to take out the garbage?

- No.
- Then I guess she's pretty.

Thanks, Bri.

So, dad, do you really think
I have a chance?

Are you kidding?
You'll do great.

Now, is this the same Willie
who said that beauty pageants

were demeaning to women?

Yeah, but that Willie didn't
have a daughter

who's going to win!

ALF, you haven't said anything,

Please, Kate,
don't spoil the moment.

What do you think, ALF?

Well, as Grandma Shumway
used to tell me

"If you don't have
anything nice to say to someone

don't say anything at all."

Then she never
spoke to me again.

You don't think I look good?

Well, not as good
as you usually do.

- What do you mean?
- Let's take it from the top.

Your hair.
What happened to it?

I got a permanent.

You mean, it's gonna
look like that forever?

No, no, just till it grows out.

Yeah, that's what
they said about

this orange dye job of mine.

And that dress.

You look like
you're 22 years old.

I was hoping for 25.

Why don't you go the distance
and try to look as old as Kate?

You're gonna go the distance,
out the door.

ALF, we think she looks nice.

I do too, but she's lost
that natural glow.

Now she just looks..


I'll take that as a compliment.

You know, maybe it's the makeup
and everything

but I really think
that maybe I do have a chance.

You know, I wanted
to take a photo of you guys

but now I don't know if I could
fit all of Lynn's hair in it.

- Well, let's give it a shot.
- Oh, good idea. Come on, Bri.

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Right over here.

Oh, wait a minute.
Uh, ALF, that's my new camera.

Uh, maybe I should
show you how it works.

If I can hot wire your car

I can certainly work a camera.

- You hot wired my...
- Will you stop talking?

You'll ruin the picture.

'Alright, come on,
everybody, get together.'

And ready!

One, two, three

'four, five, six... '

What are you doing?

On Melmac, we count to 21

before we take a picture.

Come on, Lynn,
we'd better get going.

We don't want to keep
those judges waiting.

Sweetheart, we're gonna be back
in two hours, alright?

If you have any problems,
you call Mrs. Ochmonek.

- '..thirteen, fourteen..'
- Goodbye. Good luck.

- Thanks, Bri. Love you.
- '...fifteen, sixteen..'

Seventeen, eighteen
nineteen, twenty, twenty one!

[camera clicks]


[instrumental music]

I wonder where they are?
It's been over two hours.

Well, why don't we
play another game?

- How about hide and seek?
- Yeah, why not?

Okay, close your eyes
and count to ten.


One, two

three, four

five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten.

Okay, Brian.
Try to find me.

'You're supposed to find me!'

Well, where are you?

'You have to look for me.'

Why would I wanna do that?

Haven't you ever played
hide and seek before?

Yeah. There you are. I win.

- We're back!
- What happened?

- Where's your crown?
- The winner has it.

Well, get it back from her.

ALF, Lynn didn't exactly win.

- Who beat you?
- Everybody.

The hair, huh?

ALF, I didn't lose
because of my hair.

And do you know that there
were four other clog dancers

including one girl
who flew in from the Ozarks?

Lynn, you did your best.

You should really
feel good about that.

I know. I just...I just,
I really thought I had a chance.

Look, the other girls just
had more experience than you.

They've probably entered dozens
of these contests.

I guess. You know, I just
feel bad about coming in last.

Well, you know, if something
happens to those other 32 girls

that crown goes to you.

Thanks, dad.
I'll remember that.

If you don't mind,
I'm just gonna go

into my room for a while.

Gee. Maybe I should go
talk to her.

I was the one
who entered her in this thing.

The least I could do is to try
to get rid of my guilt.

[instrumental music]

[doorknob rattling]

It's locked, ALF. Go away.

'How'd you know it was me?'

Everyone else knocks first.

[knocking on door]

Alright! Alright!
I am coming, ALF.

Now how did you know it was me?

Look, I don't think
I wanna talk right now.

You know, my Grandma Shumway
used to say that

people should
talk about their problems.

She was very wise.

She used to go around
warning people

that Melmac
was gonna blow up.

And she might have escaped
the explosion too

if we hadn't had her committed.

Do you know I actually
got to the point

where I thought I might win?

Must have been nuts.

You would have won

if it weren't
for that crazy hairdo.

It wasn't the hair.

The other girls were gorgeous.

What are you talking about?

You were the prettiest
girl there.

How do you know?

Well, because you're
the prettiest girl anywhere.

Come on.

I mean it.

Lynn, I've been everywhere.

From one end of the universe
to the other.

Through countless galaxies.

And in all my travels

I've never seen
a more beautiful girl

than you.

Thanks, ALF.

[clears throat]


Furball, Willie?


ALF...that was very nice.

- Hey, it's the truth.
- I know.

I was just coming in
to tell Lynn the same thing.


Well, ALF's right, you know.

You should have won.

My clog went flying across
the stage.

So what?

Yeah. As long as
no one was killed.

Look, I don't know
what sort of a scoring system

those judges were using

but I do know
they didn't judge you

on any of the important things.

- Like what?
- Like who you really are.

A girl who's warm and caring

and...who we love.

So as far as I'm concerned,
you won that contest.

I don't think anyone
else even came close.

- Thanks, daddy.
- Yeah.

This is beautiful.

Don't move.
I'll go get the camera.

ALF, it takes you forever
to take a picture.

Don't worry.
I'll start counting now.

One, two, three

'four, five..'

[instrumental music]

- Hi, ALF!
- Hi.

Hey, Kate.
Do you think I'm good-looking?

Yeah, sure.

Well, if you were my age

would you go out with me?

Well, if I were your age,
and, uh, if I weren't married

and if we were
the same species...I guess so.

Yeah? Where would we go?

I don't know.
How-how about a "Rocky" film?

Nah, he hasn't been funny

since he broke up
with Bullwinkle.

What else you got?

That was it, ALF.

You know, it doesn't sound like
you put much thought

into this date.

That's because I haven't.

Well, fine! Why don't we just
forget the whole thing, okay?

- Fine with me.
- Fine.

Probably wouldn't have
worked out anyway.

People would have just stared.

[instrumental music]

[theme music]

[ALF laughing]