ABC Weekend Specials (1977–1995): Season 10, Episode 4 - The Mouse and the Motorcycle - full transcript

A lonely boy befriends a talking mouse who falls in love with his toy motorcycle.

Man: Honey, you know,
I bet I got to fix
that darn starter.

Woman: Honey,
it's not the starter.

Where are we?

Well, looks like
the Mountain View Inn.

[Bang bang bang]

Oh, it's probably
the fuel pump.

No. It's the head gasket.
That's always been--

It's not
the head gasket.

I done did it.

Did you see a garage
while you were driving?

I didn't see one,
but I bet there's
one around here.

Look at this place.
Look at this motel.

at this place.

I don't
believe this.

I don't, either.
Do you?

I bet it is
the head gasket,

Are you sure there
aren't any other kids here
that I can play with?

Oh, I'm afraid not,
son, but I think

you and your folks
are going to like
this place.

Of all the hotels
in the area,

this was
the finest hotel

in the Sierra

Now it's just
the oldest.

Honey, I'm gonna try
and find somebody
to fix the car.

OK, honey. I hope it
doesn't take too long.

I'll call you
when I know.

I guess we have
no choice.

I'm sure it's full
of dust and mice.

I wouldn't mind
a few mice.


Vroom vroom...

Man: Oh, yes, we have
a dining room.

It's open at 7:00
in the morning
for breakfast,

and then we have
lunch and dinner.

Woman: Is there anything
other than the kitchen?

I put your bags
on the bed,
Mrs. Gridley.

Oh, it's
a lucky thing

adjoining rooms
were available,

what with the weekend
coming up and your car.

Mom: Yeah, well,
I was hoping to spend

the week in San Francisco,

but never mind.

Here we go.
Thanks, anyway.

Man: Thank you
kindly, ma'am.

Oh, if you need
anything, just
ask for Matt.

That's me.

I do a little bit
of everything

around here.

Mom: Keith?

How about
some lemonade?

I could really go
for an iced tea,

and we can wait
for Daddy down in
the dining room.

OK. Just let me park
my motorcycle.

That's really good.






ringing faintly]



ringing loudly]


[Insects chirping]




Uncle Lester?


Uh! Ohh...




Uh, uh, uh!

Uh! Ohh...


Well, Ralph,
this is another fine mess

you've gotten
yourself into.


Why didn't I
listen to Mom?

We must all
search for food,

but we have to
be very careful,

because the world
is full of dangers,

like owls that like
to eat mice

and cats, too.

They can
sneak up on you
before you know it.

And there are traps
baited with good
things to eat.

And we have to look out
for poison, too.

That's right,

and that
includes round,
white pills

that look good
to eat.

They're helpful
to humans but
poison to mice.

That's what
happened to your
poor father.

Well, I can take
care of myself.

And someday, I'm gonna
go down to the kitchen
and the dining room

and outside
where there are
seeds and berries.

I'll find lots
of food for us.

No, Ralph. Your poor
cousin Victor

thought he could take
care of himself, too.

He jumped
into a wastebasket

because there was
a sandwich in it,

and he couldn't
get out.

He got dumped out
with the trash

and was never
seen again.

Mom: ...fixed
till the day after

You could do it--

Honey, if they don't
have the part, they
don't have the part.

The day after tomorrow
is the best
they could do.

I know, but, Frank,
another night
in this place?

My motorcycle!

Somebody stole
my motorcycle!

Frank: No, nobody stole it.
You probably just forgot
where you put it.

No! It was right here.

Honey, we can look for it
in the morning.

But right now
it's night-night.

Put on your PJs
and go to bed, OK? OK.

Good night.

Good night.

It's got to be
here someplace.

Wait a minute.

The wastebasket.




What are you
doing in there?

Are you OK?

Hey, did you...

Nah, you couldn't have.

Couldn't have what?

You can talk?

Couldn't have what?

Ridden my motorcycle
off the nightstand.

Well, I didn't
exactly ride it off.
I was coasting.

The phone scared me,
and I fell.

Hey, that's neat.

You riding my motorcycle,
I mean.

I wish I could
ride one,

except my mom won't let me,

even when I grow up.

When I grow up,
I'm going to go

exciting places,

all the way down
to the first

And someday
I may even
go outside.

Not if you keep on
falling into wastebaskets.

Here. I'll let you out.

Hey, where are you going?

I'll let you sit
on my motorcycle.

Really? You mean it?

Sure. And I'll
even bring you
something to eat.

You mean food?

I'll take a peanut butter
sandwich on rye bread.

And my sister and mother

will have blueberry
muffins with jelly
on the side.

I'll get them
from the dining room

in the morning.

Our own personal
room service.

Nyah ha-ha!


You're OK.

So are you.

Gosh! What
a set of wheels.

Mom: Keith?

Ralph: Oh, no! No!

Keith, you're supposed
to be in bed.

I'm getting ready, Mom.

See? I'm taking
my clothes off.

OK, but I'm
just going to
pick these up

and put them
over here

where you can
play with them
in the morning,

all right?

Now, come on.
It's been a long,
hot day, honey,

and everybody
is absolutely

And things will
be much better
in the morning.

In fact, you know
what Daddy said

we were gonna
do tomorrow?

We could go see
the state's

What is that?
Is that a mouse hole?

Oh, Mom,
it's just
a knothole.


look like
mouse holes.

It's been

Mice are not
my favorite animals.

OK, come on.

Come on, honey,
into bed with you.

Let's go.

OK. Good night.

I'll check in
on you later,
all right? OK.

And no more playing
with your toys.

OK. Good night, Mom.

Hey, where are you?

Where did you go, mouse?

I'm here.

And the name
is Ralph.

OK, Ralph,
how would you like
to ride my motorcycle?

Wow! You mean it?

But your mom said--

She said I couldn't
play with my toys
anymore tonight,

but she didn't say
anything about you.

Come on.

All right!

do you ride it?

You've got to
make a noise.

Whenever I play with it,
I make a noise.


Is that what you mean?





Wrrrr! Wrrrr!


Wrrrr! Eeeh!

Boy, are you lucky.

That looks like
so much fun.

Yeah. I'm getting the hang
of this thing.

Watch this.








What did you think
of that?

Great! Really great.

Mom: Keith?

I bet I'd better
go to sleep before
my mom comes back.

Uh...Who's going
to look after this baby
while you sleep?

Oh, it'll be OK.

Just park it over there.

Well, I was wondering.

How about letting me
take it for a spin

out in the hall?

You know, open it up,
see what it'll do.

It's late.
Nobody will see me.

Mm, I'll tell you what.

I'll use it
in the daytime,

and you can
use it at night

if you promise to take
good care of it.

You've got a deal.

Wrrrr! Wrrrr!

I'll leave
the door open a crack

so you can
get back in.


[Arf arf arf]


Man: What?

[Barking continues]

Middle of the night.

All right, Schnitzel.
I'll take you out.

[Arf arf]

[Arf arf arf]

Middle of the night.

[Arf arf]


[Grrr arf]


Let me get my robe on.



This little fellow
by any chance
belong to you?

a little

You better put that
motorcycle away

and get yourself
home before they
come back.





There's a mouse!

I can't believe it.
A mouse.

It's OK, Mom.

Everything's OK.

What's wrong?

What's going on?

Honey, there's a mouse.

It was chasing me
on a motorcycle.

On a motorcycle?

Yes! Frank, yes.
It's under the bed.
It went under the bed.

Look there if you
don't believe me.

Oh, Mom, I'll look.

No, be careful, Keith.
They bite.

Come on, hurry!

See, Mom? It's
just my motorcycle.

Yeah, I know.

But there was
this mouse on it,

and it was going,

Honey, I think
you're just tired.

I think you're
real, real tired.

Frank, don't
"tired" me.

There are mice
in this place,
and I know it,

and I want us out
of here.

Um, maybe it was just
a shadow or something.

This place is
sort of spooky.

I bet that's
what it was.

We're going.
We're going, dear.

We're gonna get
that car fixed.
Good night, Keith.

Good night.

It's OK.
Everyone's gone.

Ha ha!

Thanks, pal.

You'd better
be more careful.

I don't want anything
to happen to you
or my motorcycle.

Don't worry about me.

And now that I have
a motorcycle,

I wouldn't
think of letting
anything happen to it.

It's my motorcycle
that I'm letting you use...


Uh, yeah...

that's what I meant.

I got to get home now.

See ya.

And if that woman complains
to the management,

they'll set out traps
and poison

and who knows what all to
try to get rid of us.

I've told you, Ralph,

humans don't like us.

Keith does.

He's going to bring us
a blueberry muffin

and a peanut butter


Just like
room service?

Well, don't believe
everything you hear.



Keith: Ralph.
Hey, Ralph.

You in there?

Hi, Keith!

I brought you
your food.


Just break them into pieces
and push them in.


Uh, thanks!

What is going on
now, Ralph?

Room service.

One little spin around the room
won't hurt.

No way.

Besides, you
should be sleeping.

Mice are supposed to sleep
during the daytime.

Not until
after we eat,

but we can't
do that till my uncle
Lester gets here.

Oh, I wish my mother
hadn't invited him.

He's always
telling me what to do.

Dad: Come on, Keith!


I hope you let me win
at least one.

We'll see
about that, Dad.

All right.
All right. All right.

We're all going to go
play ping-pong downstairs.

What are you
gonna do with
our motorcycle

while you're gone?

Our motorcycle?

Well, I'm gonna put
my motorcycle in the drawer

so it won't get knocked
into the wastebasket again.

Aw, have a heart.

At least leave it
where I can get at it.

Forget it.

might see you
riding it.

Gosh. Can't a guy
even look at it?

I bet you like to look
at big motorcycles.

Yeah. I guess I do.

Oh, OK.

I'll leave it
under the bed.

But you've got to
promise not to ride it.

Cross my heart.

Dad: Keith,
we're waiting.

Coming, Dad!

Remember, just look,
don't ride.






[Knock on door]

Woman: Maid!


Oh, it's--ohh! Uh...






Uh! Ohh! Aah!






Whoa! Yowww!


Ohh...where am I?

Oh, no! I got to
get out of here.

Oh, no!

Oh, no.
The motorcycle.

Where is it?

Well, I guess I'd better
get out of here myself.

Where is that
nephew of mine, anyway?


I'm worried.

It's not like him
to be late for

Maybe he's riding
his motorcycle,
Uncle Lester.


At his age?

I'm going to
have to have
a talk with him.


Well, may we
eat now?

I'm not hungry.

You go ahead.

Not hungry?

Ralph, I told you not
to eat between meals.



Dirty mice.


And I lost
the motorcycle.

how could you?

Just as well.

He's too young
to be riding
one of those things.

But the boy
will be angry.

That'll be the end
of our room service.

Ralph. Hey, Ralph,
you in there?

I guess I'd better
go tell him.

Hi, Keith.

We didn't play
ping-pong for
very long

'cause I'm feeling
kind of sick,
but here.

I brought you
a crash helmet.

I made it out of
an old ping-pong

Try it on.

It's really neat,
but I can't take it.

But I want you
to be safe
when you're riding.

Thanks, but...

well, uh...

I sort of lost
your motorcycle.

What? You rode it?

Ralph, you promised.

I know! I know!

But the vacuum cleaner
almost got it.

I had to rescue it.

Then I got caught
in the sheets, and oh!

I bought it
with my own money!

I should've known
you weren't old enough

to be trusted
with a motorcycle.

Boy, I feel
even worse now.

I guess
you want this back.

No. You keep it.

Does that mean
you're not mad
at me anymore?

Sure, I'm mad that
my motorcycle's lost,

but it must have been
an accident,

because you liked it
as much as me.

Besides, sometimes I get
into trouble, too.

You do? Really?

Yep. Mom says I don't
think things through,

that I'm trying
to grow up too fast,

but I want to
grow up fast.

Me, too.

Then I'll take
that trip down
to the first floor.


Oh, boy, am I
feeling lousy.

See you later, Ralph.

I hope you feel better.

Oh, Mrs. Nelson.

We have mice again.

Look at
these sheets.

There's holes
in them everywhere.

Now what are we
gonna do?





We're in big trouble,

and I mean
big trouble!

The maid found holes
in the sheets

and told the manager!

Oh, no!
Oh, no!

Oh, yes!

He's ordered
traps, poison,

everything he can
think of to do us in.

And a cat!

A cat?
A cat?

A cat!

We're doomed, and it's
your fault, Ralph,

entirely your fault.



How's his fever?

It's up to 103.

We've got to find
some Temp Quit

to bring this down.

I've checked.
Nobody in the whole
place has any.

I can't believe this.

I mean, we're gonna
have to wait

till the drugstore opens
in town in the morning.

Mom, I feel hot.

I know you do, honey.
I know.

I'll get you
a cold washcloth
for your forehead.

Thank you.

I'm really worried
about him.
His fever is so high.

I looked everywhere.

You'd think somewhere
there'd be some
Temp Quit.

Temp Quit.

Mom, where exactly
did Dad find that pill?

Under a bed.
Someone dropped it.

Ralph! It's enough
they set traps

And poison--

I know.

Pills are
poison, too,

but only if
we carry them
in our cheeks.

Maybe there's
another way.

Keith would
help me
if I was sick.

I've got to find
that medicine

Now, you get those
yummy, little mice,
or else.


There's just got to be
some medicine around here.

Aw, rats!

There must be
some Temp Quit in here.

Just my luck.

The maid cleaned
under this bed, too.

[Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!]



Hey, wait!

Well, well.

I thought I
heard something
scurrying around.

Aren't you sweet?

Such cute,
little paws.

Please, let me go.

Ugh! This is disgusting!

And those darling,
little ears.

Please, you got
to let me out.

I'm on
an important mission.

My kindergarten class
would love you, but...

I guess I'd better
not try to take you
back to Wichita.



Ooh. Ahem...


[Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!]

Oh! Oh!

Oh! Oh, no!

[Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!]







Hey! The first floor!


So this is
what it looks like.

Yikes! A cat!






Could that be?

Temp Quit.

I knew I'd find
one somewhere.

Yippee! Hooray!


Now, I got to figure out

how to get that cat away

and get the pill upstairs.

Hmm. Hmm.

Ah! I know.

I sure hope

he doesn't think
of looking on this side.


[Door closes]

Psst! Hey. Hi.

Wake up. Wake up.


I got some
medicine for you.



It's downstairs.

All I need is
your ambulance,

and I'll
have it here
in a jiffy.

Uh-uh. You already
lost my motorcycle.

Trust me. I know
what I'm doing.

Come on.
You want to feel
better, don't you?

I sure do.

Oh, all right.

Listen, I know
you're feeling awful,

but you'll have
to put me on the floor

and open the door
for me.

Oh, OK.

[Ralph imitating siren]

Here goes.

[Arf arf arf]

[Arf arf]

Man: Man's best friend.
Give me a break.

Schnitzel, not again.

[Imitating siren]

2:00 in the morning,
bark, bark, bark.

You're supposed
to sleep at night

and bark
during the day.








[Arf arf arf]

Schnitzel! Whoa.


Schnitzel, come back!

Oh, into the night.

Schnitzel, stop that!

Worked like a charm.


[Imitating siren]

[Tires screech]

One pill coming up,


Nngh! Rrgh! Rrr...

Uh! Uh...

Uh...rrgh! Uh!

Arghh! Oh...

Man: Schnitzel,
what do you
think you are,

a night watchman?

I'm getting very tired
of your silly excuses.

Oh, you wake me up.

You drag me
through the mud.

I get scratched by a cat.

Enough is enough!


Temp Quit!
I don't believe it.


Keith, I found
some medicine.

And, honey, you
left your toy
in the hall,

but, anyway,
I can't believe this.

I'm so glad, sweetie.

All right, say ah.

You're going to feel
a lot better.

I still can't believe
finding that pill.

Open the door,
and there it is.

Ralph, are you OK?

Way to go, Ralph.


Please, Ralph.
Tell me again

how the owl
almost got you.

And how you
got rid of the cat.

That's a good one.
Ha ha ha!

Ralph, we're
so proud of you.

[Knock on door]

Oh, hi.

Sorry to bother you,
young fella,

but does this
belong to you?

Oh, boy!
You found it!

Yup, in a hamper
full of dirty linen.

You don't
suppose a certain
irresponsible mouse

happened to
lose it there,
do you?

Thanks so much.

Is that you, Matt?

Oh, yes, Mr. Gridley.

Our bags are ready.

Matt: All right.

Frank: Yeah. We just
got a couple over here,

and I'll take
this one.

Matt: All right.

Hey, Ralph, how would you
like to ride my motorcycle

before I leave?

Really? You sure
you want me to?

In fact, how would you
like to ride it every day?

Boy, would I!

Then come with me.
You can live in
a cage in my room.

Live in a cage?

Would you want to
live that way?

I guess not.
I'm sorry.

But there's another way
you can ride the motorcycle

as much as you want.

You can keep it.

I'll just save my allowance
and get another one.

A going-away present.

Oh, boy!

Time to go, Keith.

I'm coming, Mom!

You know,
I'll never forget you.

I know.

I'll miss you,

So long.

Good-bye, Ralph.

Mom: Keith, come on.

Keith, let's go.


What's wrong, Mom?

That's the mouse
on the motorcycle.

Did you see that?

He was wearing
a crash helmet
this time.

Well, if he was
wearing a crash

he's a very
responsible mouse.

Honey, I think
you may still be
a little tired.

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