90 Day Fiancé (2014–…): Season 9, Episode 13 - The Elephant in the Womb - full transcript

Emily takes a pregnancy test. Patrick demands that Thais tell her dad the truth. Guillermo gets cold feet. Sheeda questions Bilal's motives behind asking for a prenup. Mohamed issues an ultimatum. Miona tells Jibri's mom they are ...

Are you excited?

All the heavy stuff that's been
going on, I've been thinking,

you know you want a larger wedding
than just a courthouse?

It's going to be a stretch.

Doing it on a budget is
a lot to accomplish.

We have three weeks
to plan a wedding.

I'm feeling completely overwhelmed.

I know that there has been talk
in regards to a prenup.

We haven't reached an agreement
when it comes to that.

I have to know you're not here
for just what he has.

I don't want to still compromise
on getting married here.

You're so stubborn, Mimi!
There is options in California.

We can do elopement.

When have you ever compromised
with me?

I don't want a spoiled princess,

I want a queen.
Give me a queen wedding.

Check out the rock!

He came to the United States
with not a lot of money.

For Kobe to buy a diamond ring is
just stupid.

I bought my own ring in case
you didn't buy me a ring.

I feel so insulted.

We're going to have to push the
wedding back a whole other month.

Are you kidding me?

That's very frustrating to me.

Does she understand
how much you're feeling bad,

not being with your mother?

I'm just worried
how you're going to convince her

she needs to tell her goddamn father.

My dad is my business, OK?

It makes me thinking more
about our relationship.

Yeah. I mean, that's why
we've got 90 days.

That sounds good. We're still
trying to figure all that stuff out.

I'll let you know as soon as we can.

It's been a few weeks
since Las Vegas.

Now that I know
Thais hasn't told her dad

that she plans on getting married,
it's caused a lot of stress

in our relationship.

She knows, if she doesn't tell him,
then, I don't want to get married.

All right, I'll talk to you later.

I'm really hoping that
she's going to come around

and do the right thing.

I still have to plan a wedding.

Matt just called me.
Ah! Matthew, your brother?

Yeah. He said he's going to
be in Orlando with my siblings

the 22nd of February.

For... You know that's the date that
I want to get married.

So, what do you think?

Get married in Orlando?

22 is my lucky number.

Matt and Tiffany,
she's my older sister,

are already planning
a family vacation in Orlando

right around this time.

2/22/22 just seems like
the perfect date to get married.

For me, like,
I want my family to be there. Mm-hm.

And they can't travel all the time.
Does that make sense?

I wanted to get married
in Las Vegas, you know?

But, you know, we didn't.

Because you... you like...

..to control everything.

This has nothing to do with that.

You don't care about my feelings.
I do care!

Why do you think
we're having this conversation?

If I didn't care, I would just book
everything, and that would be it.

I'm the one paying for it,
so, I could do that.

Just, everything is your way!

I don't like that.

Orlando's going to be great,
we'll have everything there.

We'll have a DJ, really good food.

It'll be a good time.

Uh... eh.

How are you feeling?

You look so pretty!


I'm so happy
to hang out with you guys.

I'm happy that
we were able to get together.

I also miss speaking some Portuguese.


Mm-hm, it is.

All the time, I'm with Patrick.

I need... Oh, my gosh!
You need girl time.

Moving here, just having your fiance
- you need to get away. Uh-huh.

You have two rings.

Oh, yes.
Now, tell - what about this?

Ooh! Is this an engagement ring?

Ah, that's pretty!

Soon, I will have another,
another one.

Did Patrick pick this out
or did you pick it out?

Ah! Uh, he.

He picked it out? That's so sweet.

He proposed me in Mexico.
I saw your pictures in the cave.

So pretty.
Were you expecting him to propose?

No, no, no.

No idea?

That is so cool!

How is the wedding planning going?

we are getting married in Orlando

because his family.

How about your parents,
are they coming? Uh...

My father doesn't know about...

..I'm getting married...

..to Patrick, and... Yes.

I know.

Oh, my gosh!

And he don't like...

He don't like uh, Patrick because

he think
Patrick is like American man, and

If I got married
and didn't tell my dad,

he would not be happy,
especially with the husband.

I don't know how it is in Brazil,
but... No, in Brazil, it's the same.

You need to communicate
with your parents!

She's planning to get married
in a few weeks. Doesn't seem like

she's ready for it.

I think you need to tell him.

It's difficult.

He's still going to love you
no matter what,

even if it's not what he wants.

But now

I want to get married or...


He's really controlling.
Controlling, yes.

He even chose the make-up style
for her.

That's controlling!

Are you open, do you tell him,
"I want to have a say in this?"

Yes, I did.
You did?

Yes. It's difficult for me.

One side, I love Patrick.

And that other side,


She's going to have to move forward
or not.

That's a big decision to make.

I think
you need to put your foot down.

What are you doing?

I'm just chilling.

I was thinking, like,

you could come with me, while Mom
watches K, to run an errand.

Why, what's so special?

It's for the wedding!

It's not going to take very long.

All right. All right, come on.
Where are your shoes?

Oh, my goodness!

It has been hard for me to believe

the woman I'm going to get married to
had a back-up ring.

It's trust, you know?

I trust her
but she has no trust on me.

But that doesn't mean
I don't love her.

What errands are we going to run that
you couldn't do it by yourself?

I feel like
it's just a lot going on.

Certain things, especially this one,
I just want you to come with me.

Kobe and I have had
a rough couple of days.

I've already returned the back-up
ring, I did it immediately.

I feel bad for even buying it.

Now, I don't want to
add more stress to Kobe,

especially when we only have
a few weeks left in our 90 days.

But there's something that
I need to address with him.

Is there something
you're not telling me?


..I'm just, like, late.

Uh, like, my period is late.

So, I think we should
go to the pharmacy,

and, like, take a pregnancy test.

Have you ever delay in your period
and stuff?

Yeah, like, delayed a couple days,
not a couple weeks.

Oh, my God.

Nah, you can't be pregnant.

Why can't I be pregnant?

After all the precautions and stuff.

Kobe, you're the one who told me

you didn't want me to take
birth control. Yeah!

Yeah! So, not taking birth control
can obviously lead to a birth.

What did you say when I was like,
"I'm taking my birth control?"

I refused. I gave you a reason why.

I've seen women
who are on birth control,

and when they wanted to conceive,
it was difficult.

They just told you that?
Oh, my goodness!

Why did you say, pull out?

I pulled out when we started,

and then you told me you have
this application on your phone, like,

"I not ovulating right now,
you can come in me."

I don't know how to face your family
if you're pregnant.

I'm living in your father's house,

and, you know, it's just too much.

Well, you can't work.
The pressure is all on me to work

and save all the money.
It's just too much right now.

But... Let's wait
until we get to the pharmacy.

Too much for you,
but it's even more for me.

You don't even understand.

I love babies,
I want to have a lot of kids,

it's just not the right time.

We're not even married yet, we're
living in my parents' basement.

Let's go.

On top of that,
my dad only has one rule for us,

and that's not to get pregnant.

For sure,
you better not get pregnant. OK.

It's fine - we're not going to have
any more kids in this house.

Here they are.


Should have got condoms.

Cos I really don't want to, like,
bring these home

and risk someone finding them.

Oh, OK

It's hard enough, trying to
figure out our relationship together.

Do you guys have a bathroom?
Yeah, right back there.

But the hardest thing for me
right now,


So, if Emily's pregnant right now,

I don't know how we're going to be
able to handle this.


With the passing of Guillermo's
brother a month ago,

it puts it into perspective
how important family is

and celebrating with family
and making memories,

so we've decided to make the shift
to a larger wedding.

My guest list
went from four people -

me, my mom, my brother,
and Guillermo - to 40 people.

Now that we're doing something
a lot bigger,

I'm all in, and I want to make sure
every little detail is perfect.

In the past three weeks,
I've tried on wedding dresses.

Do you feel like a bride in that?

Um, I mean, I think so.

But it's not the wow one yet?

I think it's too much, actually.

We met with an officiant.

There's one thing that
you will learn,

and never forget this phrase, OK?

Happy wife, happy life.

I'm just kidding -
communicate, work together.

I found a place
I thought would be appropriate,

but Guillermo didn't like it.

I imagine this as the wall.

Pipe and drape in the centre
with the flowers and the officiant.

That's what I have in my mind.

What do you think?

I have a question.
Every time.

It looks small for me.

I've been go, go, go
on all the details,

and the wedding is only
two days away.

Do you...
Is that for me?

No, it's for the wedding guests.

We're going to put these little tags
on them

so they feel cute and fancy.

Guillermo has not really
helped with anything.

I mean,
he's there for me emotionally.

Fix it so it looks cute.

Does it look good?
It looks great.

I don't trust him with it.

It's unfair
to ask him to do these tasks

when he doesn't know where he is.

He barely knows, like, the city.

Does he know how long it takes
for the cake to get to the venue?

He doesn't know where the venue is.

It's fucked up that I have to do
all this by myself, essentially.

You picked up your suit yesterday,
right? Yes.

Did you try it on?
I mean, I tried the pants, you know?

Are you nervous?

I'm stressed out.
Can I help you with something else?

Make sure you have an English
and Spanish version of your vows.

I will have them!
Your hair cut.

Yeah. All the pieces to your suit -
pants, socks, belt,

vest, button-down. Cufflinks.
Do you trust me?

Do you trust me?

Yeah, but you're making me nervous.

It's easy for you to tell me
not to be stressed out.

How do you want to look
on your wedding day?

I'm going to have my hair cut.

Uh-huh, but when?
I mean, today!

Who's taking you to the venue?

Who's the people?

I don't know yet, I don't know
people here! I will just ask.

You should just trust me in some way.

It just makes me worried,
we're getting very close.

Being worried is one thing,

but something very different is
having that pressure.

This whole thing is pressure.

I will get my hair cut,

Everything's going to be OK.

Translated in English and Spanish.

Is someone going to check the
English, make sure it sounds right?

OK, it's YOUR wedding. If you want
to recite something poorly,

with poor grammar...
So, you are telling me that

my words are going to be poor?

The only thing I'm telling you
right now

is that everything is going to be OK,

and you are
putting words in my mouth.

I appreciate a lot that Kara is now
making me a bigger wedding,

but I thought that the
controlling Kara was gone, I mean,

Now, everything is
starting to come out again,

and it's actually making me question,

is this going to be like that

is she going to try to control me?
I'm not a little kid.

If you feel good about that, then,
go ahead.

I got my shit organised,

I just need you to have YOUR shit


This place is so beautiful.
It is, isn't it?

The best part about living with
Bilal is that he is supercaring,

he is a super-romantic individual.

This is a good spot, right?

He has a very nice picnic
at the park planned for us today.

I'm looking forward to this time.

This place reminds me of a place
called Queen's Park Savannah.

People come to Trinidad
just to go there.

Are you missing home?

I am missing home so much,

just being here,
getting all nostalgic,

thinking about picnics back home
with my family. Yeah?

There you go.

Got some bubbly -
some sparkling peach cider. Mm-hm.

Want to do a toast?
Yeah, go ahead.

What do you want to toast to?

New beginnings.
New beginnings.

Being grateful.
Mm, being grateful.


So, babe,
Shahidah stopped by the house.


Of course,
I was happy to welcome her.

I felt as if
she came with an agenda.

Agenda? To bully me
and intimidate me in my own house.


Yeah. I was not um...

What was said or what was...
So much was said.

..that made you feel that way?
She let me know, numerous times,

she's the mother of your children.

And she was like,
"I'm not going anywhere."

And I was like,
"Why is she telling me this?"

I don't expect her to go anywhere.

She was very defensive -
"I'm not going anywhere."

When I looked into her eyes,
she was fierce, she was mad.

You know, I'm a little,
kind of, taken back. Yeah.

Because she's had nothing but

and great things to say about you,
as you had with her.

I was hoping that you guys would have
a really good relationship.

Part of our conversation,
it got a little personal -

she started to talk about
our prenup.

She seemed that she had more
concerns about our prenup than you.

She was letting me have it -
"Girl, there needs to be a prenup.

We have kids together,
I need to secure our children."

This attitude,
this type of behaviour,

it's not settling good with me


Well, the prenup conversation,
that's a conversation for you and I,

nothing to do with anybody else.

But marriage is a contract.

When you get married,
you're signing a licence.

It's not to say that
marriage has to be a business,

but it is saying that you go into it
with your eyes wide open.

Well, I will...
I will definitely think it over.

I just don't like people who are not
part of my household

counting my fiance's money.

I am frustrated, I'm annoyed.

I want to talk about my encounter
with Shahidah at our home,

but Bilal brings up the whole
conversation with the prenup again.

At this point, he has just ruined
our romantic date.

Hi, Mom.

Whatcha doing?

Paperwork. What are YOU doing?
Nothing, just blowing sage around.


Our wedding plans are currently
to elope.

Miona is going to talk to my mom
about the plans.


Miona's taking it upon herself
to speak to my mom.

She wants to build
a better relationship

since everything's awkward
and tense.

We're going to see how it goes.

I just want my mom and Miona
to gel better than they have.

Who doesn't want their mom
and their fiancee to get along?

Hi. Can we talk?

You working on something?

I can do it a little bit later.
How are you?

I'm... doing OK.


Mm, Jibri and I have been
talking about these wedding plans.

We decided to uh,
to make the big wedding later...

..and to save money for that,
where my parents can come,

probably a year from now at least,
until I get my paperwork.

OK. And for now, we've been
looking at eloping options.

I can get nice pictures,
I can look pretty, that's important,

but beach wedding and all that, big,
where we can spend money,

we can save for the later.

So, you're hopefully going to know,
pretty soon,

where you're going to get married?

We're maybe looking at
Joshua Tree National Park

because it's pretty, and it's
really cheap to get approval. OK.

So, I wanted to see
how you're feeling about that.

I know how much it's important for
Jibri that you don't feel left out.

We would love to be there,

but because it's not going to be
in the state,

we don't have enough notice
to make it to that,

so, we'll plan on the one that
happens in a year.

Um, so...

The last time that
you and I have really talked

is at the dinner, where we...
that was pretty tense,

and where Jibri and you were
having some conflict,

and Jibri was stating,
he didn't want to get married.

So, I guess I'm wondering, how are
things going between you two.

If you're
talking about this wedding,

there must have been
some kind of understanding.

Yeah. I'm going to let him
speak for him. OK.

For that night, I just chilled out,
I didn't want to talk with him

until the emotions calmed down.

But he said
he doesn't want me to leave.

Um, as long as you two are
feeling like this is uh,

a healthy, good decision
for both of you, then I...

..I will support that.

From that conversation, I got
the best that I could out of her.

I wanted to make sure that she knows
that we respect her feelings,

but I'm not going to let her
influence my decisions

in our wedding and marriage,

and both her and Jibri
need to accept that.

I think that
most of the adults around us

think that most of our decisions are
not smart

with the career, where we're going to
live, everything are not smart.

I'm not going to say it's not smart.

I think both of you are
intelligent adults.

I'm going to say, I think you both
kind of choose a hard path,

and sometimes,
it's hard to witness that.

Yay! I'm superexcited
we finally get to see the venue.

Now we get to figure out, like,
see where the seating is,

then do a little more planning

of, like,
where things are going to be.

Mohamed is upset
because I pushed the wedding back,

but the venue that I had found
fell through.

So, today we're going on our tour
for the new venue.

I hope that Mohamed is more excited

and that it'll kind of
help him understand

how important this wedding is to me.

Oh, my gosh, look!
That's it right there.

Oh, my God!

I don't want to cry right now.

This has just been such a hard road.

I can't believe it's finally, like,
going to happen. Oh, my God!

Yve has passion
about her dream wedding.

It's so beautiful!

Here we are.

Oh, my gosh!

Oh, my gosh!


This is like a castle.


Seeing just the splendour
of this magical place,

that we could get married here
is so exciting.

I feel like finally - finally! -
this is real.

Oh, my gosh,
this is the dining room!

Oh, my gosh. I saw the pictures,

but I can't even believe
how gorgeous this is. Uh...

Oh, my gosh!
I get to marry my king in a castle.

Look, babe!
It's a mirror.

They already have the candelabras.

Remember? I was like, "It looks like
they have candelabras,

maybe we can get some more
to kind of go with the table,"

but this already has it.

Oh, my gosh!

So, you and I will sit right here

instead of me there and you there!

I don't want to be
far away from you.

Oh! This is what I wanted to see -
the kitchen.

Maybe we could set the cake up here.

Oh, my gosh, these are the exact
same trays I was going to get!

We got it already. No, we got
the plates that go with this tray.

Maybe the appetisers here, then that
can go where the wedding cake is.

It'll be under that chandelier.
Oh, my gosh!

It's gorgeous, baby!

Now the race is on! The final
details all have to get done

in a very short time.

We'll have to put that list together

and make sure that
everything is done.

Time is of the essence,
to say the least.

Oh, my gosh, I'm so excited,
I'm so excited!


What do you think?
Did you ever imagine, like,

that we would... that this would be,
like, something... No.

So, um, I know that
we kind of need to discuss

what the actual ceremony's
going to be like.

I was going to have my friends
do it, who are ordained.

They're not coming from a specific
religious background.


This is a big deal for me, to, like,
have this moment.

I understand that Yve wants to have
a perfect wedding,

but she should compromise.

Let's get married now, so we can
apply for my adjustment of status,

then we can have
the wedding she wants.

I cannot explain to you how it feels
to feel that you're stuck.

I... I don't know why
I'm getting emotional about it,

I just feel like... I don't know.

I know that,
because of Mohamed's faith,

he would want to get married
in a mosque,

but I just don't feel
that comfortable doing that.

I know, for me, on my wedding day,

I don't want to feel judged
by somebody saying,

"Oh, my gosh, look - she's wearing
a dress that's showing this or that"

or, "It's too tight,"
I don't want bad vibes.

I do understand that
Mohamed feels that

his life is on hold,
but it's not just about him.

It hurts my feelings
cos he's not the only person here.

I would just like to be
taken into consideration too.

Hi, welcome to Salon Trifecta.

I'm about to get my hair cut,

and it's going to be for my wedding,

Another day to get many emotions.

Is this your first time here?
First time.

Kizzy's great, you're in good hands.

When I was living in Dominican
Republic, I tried probably, like,

seven different places,
and they were so bad.

Almost after three years, I found one
that it was really good for me.

I hope this lady is good because
it's going to be for my wedding.

Hello, how are you?

Nice to meet you, I'm Kizzy.
Nice to meet you.

Have a seat. Thank you so much
for receiving me, I appreciate it.

It's really important for me because,
in two days,

I'm about to get married.
Oh, congratulations. You nervous?

I'm really, really nervous -
REALLY nervous! OK.

I'm the type of person that
likes to look good.

Kara know that
I know how to take care of my hair,

she should trust me to get this done.

I mean, I know how to make my hair.

First of all,
I like to get you shampooed,

so I'm going to have Trish come out
and get you shampooed. OK.

How are you?

Good, and you?

My hair could be a little bit boring,

but, you know,
I think it's my own style.

I like to, you know,
make it like this.

I call it sabrosito.

It's kind of like, at the same time,
military thing, like...

How long have you been in the
United States? Around two months -

two months and something.

I don't take it to a point,
like the girls,

like, five different products for
their face and this kind of thing,

you know.

I'm more, shampoo and acondicionador
- the conditioner.

Then, to make this style,

I use a little bit of wax.

Um, and then, I just let it go,
just try something.

To make this hair...

..probably, like, five minutes.

The faster I go, the better it looks.

If I take too much time,
it doesn't work, something's missing.

When I'm actually rushing,
when I'm, like...

..when I'm late is when I'm feeling
the energy and stuff, it looks good,

I don't know why.

All right, you are all set. Get over
to Kizzy's station, she's ready.

OK, thank you so much.
Nice to meet you.

It's my pleasure, thank you.

Hello again.

How was your shampoo?
Really nice, I feel fresh.

I think that's the main reason
people come here, is that shampoo.

You say that you're nervous.
What makes you nervous?

It's going to be
a really important day.

In some way, I want to look
really good and really nice,

like she says, you know?
What's she like?

She's a beautiful person. She likes
to sing, she likes to dance,

she likes to talk a lot - she's
definitely better talking than me.

How long have you been dating?
We are about to have three years.


So, it's about that time.

I got married, like,
seven years ago.

We're not together any more.

Would you give me any advice?
Um, communication.

Communication. Communication is key,
I feel like, in relationships.

Respect. Yeah,
I like to talk about respect too.

My fiancee sometimes
is a little bit controlling.

In which way?
She likes to do whatever she wants,

but in the same time, she likes
to tell me not for many things.

I mean, she really like to go out,
and maybe it's too much.

Since I arrive in America,

a lot of things that
Kara had been doing

has been making me feel
some type of way.

I didn't expect that we were going to
be fighting for so many issues.

She wants to control everything I do,
what I buy.

I really wanted to have, like,
my computer.

A computer? I don't know that
that's a thing we can do.

It's my money.

A computer doesn't make any sense
right now, you don't need it.

Or how much she goes out,
having party with her friends.

Ooh, that gets the blood flowing!

Do you fight more
when Kara's drinking? Absolutely.

It's so bad to say that,
every time that you drink,

I know almost exactly how
it's going to end - drunk,

not remembering what happened
last night.

I remember the beginning of it.

Or she's even making plans
when I don't even want to go.

You make me go out
almost every weekend.

Before you do something,
you should ask me.

You made a plan.
I did not make a definite plan,

I told her I'd let her know.

But I think that everything is going
to be better once we get married.

You can't expect it to change
once you get married,

cos once you get married,
there's no point in changing.

If there's a problem,
if there's something to say,

don't hold back - don't, you know,
wait for it to escalate

before you explode,

you've got to communicate
with your partner. Right.

The fact that he feels like
she's controlling,

along with not liking the fact that
she likes to go out all the time,

that concerns me because
it's not going to get better.

He only has two days,
so here we are.

A lot of times, that stuff
don't get better, you know? Yeah.

You just learn to deal with it
and accept it. Right.

But is it something that
you really want to accept?

Before I got here,
I was feeling very calm.

I was feeling nervous
about the haircut,

but now, I feel a little more nervous
about the wedding.

I don't really want everything
to just be the same.

If we have problems,
I want the problems to get better.

It has been a challenge because
we have to get married before 90 days

because the kind of visa I have.

You have to do everything
really quickly, you know?

There's some stuff that
I need to think about.

After that conversation with Kizzy,

I definitely think that
if Kara doesn't change

how she is right now, we're not
going to work out in the future.

Well, good luck to you.
Thank you, really.

No, but I heard they got
a bunch of stuff, so. Mm.

Are you going to take pictures
of these suits,

then send 'em to her
till she approves? Of course.

Maybe you fly by, grab it, be a man
and do it on your own, you know?

No. I got the taste, bro!
I got taste, I'll help you out.

Thais is being really difficult
about getting married in Orlando,

but I've been moving forward
with plans for our wedding.

I want it to be at a good venue,
have a great party,

and make sure all my close friends
and family are there.

Here we go.
All right.

Oh, what about pinstripes?
Pinstripe's kinda...

The vertical lines make you slimmer.
Does it? I don't know about that.

This is pretty clean.

That's nice.

You want to hold it up?
Yeah, take a picture of that.

Shouldn't I take the picture of it
in front of you?

Yeah, that's probably a better idea,
good idea.

That's why I brought you. That's
the idea, man. All right, bam!

It's a good colour!
I don't know, I like it.

I gotta say, he's pretty lucky
to have me along today

because my taste is uh, impectuous.

Not only that, it's been tough for us
to spend time together alone,

and to ask him questions without her
being around or being sneaky.

All right.
All right!

I hope to spend some time together

and ask him, you know,
tough questions.

Go ahead
and button the neck of your collar.

Urgh! I've got kind of a big neck.

John, I want you to do the...

The button?
Arms are too big.

Can you still pinch the skin?

Man, I don't know -
that's pretty fucking tight, bro.

You got more delicate fingers?

I'll try.
All right, you try it.

I don't know how you suck in a neck.

There we go.
Hold your breath.

Doesn't feel that bad.

No? With your shirt, you want to be
able to fit one finger in here.

This is fitting you nicely
through the neck.

What size is that?
An 18.

You've got strong shoulders,
strong arms,

so we're giving you all that room
through here.

Through the body, we'll
take it in through the side seams.

The arms feel a little big -
I like tight arms.

You need a little bit of room
through the arms for movement -

you're dancing and eating
and drinking. I guess that's true.

But if it's a little too loose,
that's an easy alteration.

I've got a tent going.
Don't worry.

We'll put on the jacket.
It's all about the jacket.

On camera, got it.

Start doing photos.
Look into the thing.

All right.
You need to unlock this.

This size right here
looks really good.

I will try one other size
just to compare. OK.

Everything sinking in?
You got the jacket on.

It's coming fast, isn't it?

Yeah, superfast.
It's just, you don't have a choice.

We have 90 days to get married -
fast is just how you have to move.

No, that's how YOU move.

Well, it is how I move.

Sometimes it's just good
to slow it down, think about things.

Yeah. I've never...
You guys' communication,

you still working on that,
she's working on her English? Yeah.

Are you guys able to really
sit down and communicate,

do you guys understand everything
you guys want out of this?

The big stuff,
it's easy to communicate,

it's just the little things -

you know, figuring out what
she likes, what she doesn't like,

especially to the wedding.

All the new things we do
are new words for us,

either in English or in Portuguese.

If it's two years down the road
and she doesn't still speak English,

we're going to have problems.
Does she know that?

Of course she knows! We haven't had
a lot of time to talk or hang out.

We talked about that -
communication is an obvious...

We both agree
it's something we have to work on.

Has she told her father yet?

No, she hasn't told her father yet,
but that's coming. When?

When you're married?

The problem is,
there's only a couple weeks left.

He should take that time,
but that man ain't slowing down.

If anything, it's going to go faster,
knowing him.

He sees the finish line,
and in his mind,

everything will work itself out.
That's not how life works.

Let me ask you a question -
are you happy?

I mean, we've had our bickering
about getting things set up.

That's cos she thinks
I'm taking control of everything.

But I also know that
we don't have a lot of time.

Things have got to be done
a certain way. Got to be done quick.

Yeah. For example,
we did the make-up artist.

She sends me the make-up artist,
I'm like, "Cool, book it."

I book it, sign the contract,
and it goes into this big thing -

"I didn't even talk to them!" It's
driving me crazy. Communication.

Yeah, it gets frustrating.
I think I'm just...

It's a non-stop dose for me.

The last two months has been,
paying for everything,

living in a new city, the house,
manage everything at work,

making sure
she's happy and comfortable.

It's too much for me,
and I can't do it forever.

Does she know that you're going
through all this? Not everything.

Can I tell her that
I'm having struggles?

What about
the struggles she's having,

leaving her family,
not knowing the language?

Right now, it would just
feel like a lot to drop on her.

It may be a lot,
but how important is it, you know?

John's definitely right -
I'm not telling Thais how I feel.

With everything going on, I don't
want to throw extra stress on her.

And that type of communication,
it's hard for me.

For some people, it's very natural
to talk about their feelings.

For me,
it's natural to squat 600lbs.

I don't know how people are
weak as shit, but they are.

We both bottle stuff up.

I know exactly how you are,
because I do the same crap. Yeah.

But I'm not the one getting married.

How are you supposed to
have a successful marriage?

It's something I'm working on.

"Working on"?

You got to hatch that out, man.

OK, I brought another size
for you to try.

He's delusional if he thinks
it's just gonna happen.

You got to put the effort in now,

and make sure that
she does tell the father.

If they don't work things out
and break down what the issues are,

and the communication and everything,
how's it supposed to last?

It's supposed to be, you know,
your forever.

This is definitely the right size
for you.

Boom - ready to get married.

What up, bellacita?

Shahidah and Shaeeda
had an opportunity to meet,

a chance to talk about some things.

Shaeeda informed me that the meeting
really didn't go well at all.

I think
Shaeeda's making valid points.

She feels that
certain topics are just for us.

The fact is, prenuptial agreement,
we have to get that signed

before we get married.

What's up, what's up?

I know I brung up
having the prenuptial agreement.

I know that
last time we had a conversation uh,

it didn't go very well.

Um, I could have personally not
presented it to you in that moment.

Um, I know you said it was hard
for you to read on a little screen,

this and that, et cetera, et cetera.

Here is a hard copy
for you to actually look at.

I am still against this prenup,

but Bilal, he's not backing down.

My heart is going boom, boom, boom.

Despite how hurt and affected I am,
nothing can change your mind.

Why are you so hurt?

Because prenups are never fair.

Never fair?
It's never fair.

How do you...

So far, you're presenting me with
what you want to protect,

what you have for you.

Those are the things that
we had before you.

But now that we're together,
it's about building upon that.

You know,

Coming from Trinidad, starting over,
I feel an infant in America

cos I have to start from scratch.

This prenup shows me
how hard I have to work here.

It's about us building together.
You know what, Bilal?

If I want to be a stay-home mom,
I can't do that.

With this prenup,
if I'm a stay-at-home mom

and something happened to us
and we don't make it,

what's going to happen to me?
I have to go back home

because I take care of your
children, I didn't build myself.

This prenup shows how hard
I have to work in the United States

so I can get something for myself.

If we were to split up or divorce,

whether it's one year, 10 years,
or 25 years from now,

nothing in the prenup covers me.

It says
Bilal will remain with what he has,

and whatever I accumulate
in our marriage has to be joint.

That's what I read,
and I didn't like that

because I had something back home.

I left my family behind,
I closed up my yoga studio

just to come across here.

I cannot even work
until I get my Green Card.

It doesn't make sense to me.

Let me ask you this -
do you have a plan on...

..cheating on me?

Absolutely not.
Do you have a plan on divorcing me?

No. OK, well,
this right here doesn't matter.

All this means is that,

if you go back on your word
or what you just said to me,

that's the only reason why this
right here will take an effect.

Does this prenup have any
silent-party influence?

I don't know what you mean by that.

That's a saying we say in Trinidad -

too many hands in the broth,
it spoils the entire thing.

Now it's like...

..looking at me
as if I have some secret agenda -

trying to take what Bilal has.

That has nothing to do with anything.

You sure? You asked me.
Can I answer your question?

That has absolutely nothing to do
with anything whatsoever.

But I have two children that
I have to protect as well.

I can't just say, "Oh, well, let me
just have a blind eye at love."

That doesn't...
That wouldn't be smart!

I just...

Can you see how
I give up everything?

My love, my bellacita...

Do you see where I'm coming from
when I say that? I get it.

This is not the sexiest conversation
to have,

but it's a conversation
that is needed.

This right here is something that

says that you won't
take me for everything I've got!

Literally, I don't...
Just see it from that standpoint.

I feel as if Bilal doesn't trust me.

When he got married,
he was thinking, like me,

it was going to be forever,
and his wife left him.

I think he has some trust issues,

and I feel like
I have to pay the price

for everything that
has happened to him in his past.

I want to show the prenup
to a lawyer.

I'm not going to sign a document

that does not give me
certain rights in it.

Are we done?

If you want it to be done,
we're done.

Unless he puts these things
in the prenup to protect me,

it will leave me no choice
but to go back home to Trinidad.

Hey, babe.

- Oh, sleepy?
- Yeah.

I just talked with your mom.
How was it?

It was pretty good, actually.

It was the sage.
I don't know!

I haven't talked to Jibri,
so this is just from Miona.

She wanted to share that
she's going to compromise,

and postpone the big wedding
for a year.

OK. So, they're going to wait
for a year to get married?

For the big wedding,

where everybody can come,
where her family, where we can come,

and that it can be, like,
how she wants it.

What did she say?

Um, I mean, I told her that
we are just going to elope,

and that they are more than invited
to come if they want to.

Later, when I make that beach wedding
that I wanted so much,

I'm going to make sure that
everybody is invited.

She said that yeah,
I don't think they going to make it

to this elopement.


Does she have to go back to Serbia,
then, or...

No. Sorry -
go ahead, you talk, I'll listen.

You're under the assumption that
the wedding,

the actual legal wedding for her K-1
visa isn't going to happen? Yeah.

No, it's happening,
is what she's saying.

The smaller wedding is not
going to be here in South Dakota.

They still don't know where yet,

but she mentioned
Joshua Tree National Park.

Doesn't seem like a compromise
to me.

She seemed more positive about it
a little bit, you know?

She seems more accepting.
That's progress.

All right. I love you.

I appreciate you.

So, I just dropped it.

I said, if this is what
they both are deciding

as what's best for them,

then we're going to support them
the best way we can,

which we said we would.

Um, I mean,
I'm trying to be positive -

I'm trying to be positive.

Um, I feel like this is,
like, bullshit.

Um, I don't know of a single person

that supports this marriage.

I mean, honestly, I feel like um...

I don't want to support a train
wreck, I guess is what I'm saying.

I know.

But I don't want Miona,
or how we feel about Miona,

to come between
our relationship with Jibri.

So, let's be as supportive as we can
right now.

You have to walk slowly,
cos I am in very tall heels,

and I have to take little steps.

How do you feel?

It's our last date night
as unmarried people.

How are you?
Good, how are you?

Should I give y'all some time?
Can I order a drink?

Can I have a margarita?
Salt or no salt?

And I will have a margarita.

Kara and me,
we're going to have dinner tonight.

It's going to be a very special date

we are two days about to get married.

We can start with something.

I would love to try the ceviche.

At the same time,
after having my hair cut with Kizzy,

I definitely feel that...

She put that question in my mind.

I want to just find out -

I want to find out
how it's going to be in the future.

Thank you so much, thank you.

All right, babe.

For a good time,
being your boyfriend...

..and lover.

Thank you so much.

It's been an absolute pleasure.

Beautiful kisses.


Beautiful love.

And I'm excited to be your family.


Same, same, same - all the same.


Forty-eight hours
of singularity left in your life.

How do you feel about that?
How do I feel? I feel great!

I wonder how
the day itself is going to go.

I hope it all comes together
the way I imagined it to. Yeah.

Is there anything that you're
worried about, day of the wedding?

I'm not worried.
Listen, I'm superexcited.

It's our wedding, it's going to be
a beautiful moment for us.

In the same time, there's one thing
that has me, like...

..a little bit nervous.
I have been talking with people.

Who you been talking to?


We talk about you going out
and spending so much time out.

Sometimes I don't agree with you,
you push me to go out.

Yes, sometimes, sure.

I know that we have been working

and we have been trying
to fix those problems.

But in the same time, I don't know
if actually, whenever we get married,

those problems are going to be away
or if you're going to fix it,

if you're going to get better,
change them.

That's a little concerning,
cos I just feel, like,

overwhelmed with, like,
love for you.

I love you, I respect you.
Nobody's perfect.

I'm not saying I'm not in love with
you and I don't want to marry you.

My question is,
is that going to be forever?

Are you not going to change those
things like, when we go out,

I want to go home,
then you are supermean?

Things like, you telling me every
time what to do or what to not do.

It's infuriating
to have him bring up these topics

two days before our wedding,

and expect us to just
mosey off and get married.

What are you doing,

why are you doing this
two days before our wedding?

Why would you do this?
It's annoying and rude.

It's completely out of left field,
it's fucked up.

Are you really questioning me
about these things

two days before our wedding?

Don't you think you should have
had this figured out?

Don't you think
I'm going to have questions?

before you propose to someone...

I proposed to you, like,
more than a year ago.

What are you talking about?

A year ago,
you felt different or more secure?

We were living in DR!

It wasn't how everything is now.

I'm in your city, and I have
an understanding that here,

you feel very more comfortable...

..with the people, going out.

I think we have to separate it
in three words -

respect, understanding,
and communication.


What did you say - respect?

I respect you.
Oh, so, you don't feel respected.



And how do you feel disrespected?

You put me like a little kid,
like a idiot.

I don't put you like an idiot!

You treat me really bad
in front of your friends. Uh-huh.

That's why
we're having this conversation.

We're almost
to the end of the 90 days, and now,

he's questioning things.

I feel like, yeah,
it's a short amount of time,

but I've always been honest
about who I am.

That's why I felt comfortable
being engaged and moving ahead

with someone - he seemed to be
on board and understanding

and loving of who I am.

I feel like
he fell in love with that concept,

but now that
it's hitting him in his face,

it's scaring him
and he's having cold feet.

It's not the time to be asking
those fucking kinds of questions.

Yeah, take some time,
don't marry me if you feel that way.

If you're not confident marrying me,
then, don't.

Right now, I don't even know.

How do you not know?

Because you cannot give
a simple answer!

Give me a simple answer!

I don't know how more simple
I can make that.

I am who I am, I like what I like.

The time to ask someone
to be different

is not two days before the wedding.

I have a question! I mean...

What is that?

You don't know! You don't know.

Let's just go home.

Let's go.

You need time to think, let's go.

Come on, why are you still sitting?

I don't understand what...

It's going to be two months
since I arrived to US.

I don't think Yve understand

what I'm feeling about my situation
right now.

Babe, why are you sending me this?

If I don't get the paperwork done,
you're going to get another sponsor?

I'm trying to figure it out.
You can't do that, babe!

I'm your sponsor,
I'm your petitioner.

You can't just come to this country
and get another sponsor!

We have to get married first before
the paperwork can even be turned in!

So, let's get married.

We are, hello

I never said that!

I never said that,
I never said that -

"You're going to get here,

and we're going to get married
instantaneously, the next day."

I don't want to go to
the courthouse, that's not special,

I want to have a wedding!


Thanks, because you don't care
about me wanting something special.

That's messed up
that you would even say that.

How would I not care for you

if I waited all this time
and paid for these things?

Everything's on me.

If you cared about ME, you wouldn't
stress me out like this.

I have been explaining to you that
getting married legally

doesn't have anything to do with
having a wedding. I would like...

That's selfish.

No, YOU'RE selfish!

You want everything like you want.

You want everything like YOU want!

You don't take into consideration
how busy my life is.

I have to juggle taking care of you,
taking care of Tharan,

adding more expenses.

You knew that
I'm not going to be legally to work.

I'm just telling you,

I can only handle so much, OK?

Do you have such a bad life
over here?

I'm already helping you
with your son.

That's not too much to ask!

I've done a lot - a lot - for you,
so it's just not cool.

I don't need to hear from you
either, negative things

that are stressing me out. You like
to talk about yourself a lot.

Excuse me?!
"Excuse me," what?


I've never seen this side of Mohamed
before. I'm kind of, like...

It's hurtful and it's not cool.

It's making me feel like,
why are you doing this to me?

You're not making me feel like
you would treat somebody like this

who you love.

If Mohamed can't see that this is
a hurtful thing that he did to me,

that makes me feel concerned.

I'm going to get this started.

Start what? I'm going to make
some Brussels sprouts.


Do you want to try this acai?

We got the acai for you.

Even after talking to John
about the wedding,

I'm still giving her space to figure
out the conversation with her father

cos I don't want
to have another fight.

She knows how I feel,

and I do feel like
she's going to do the right thing.

There isn't any other option.

How was your night out?

With the girls?

It was good. Um,
I talked to them about our wedding.

Oh, yeah?

And about, like,
you are very control.


I think I'm getting an unfair stick
with the wedding,

cos it's not like
you can really help me.


Yeah, but you don't speak English!

Are you going to call the places
yourself and get everything done?

That's a big part...

There's a difference between
being controlling

and getting things done.

We did talk about it!

Jesus Christ.
I told you, "Patrick, wait,

I will speak to them,"
and ten minutes later, you

I'm trying to do you a favour!

You want to talk to people, you want
do all the talking? Go ahead.

It is my natural instinct
to hold my feelings in

and just figure all this stuff out
by myself.

I really feel like
this wedding's on me,

I have to figure this out.

It can't be that important to her
if she won't even tell her dad.

Couple need to speak and agree

and do something together.

No shit!


Oh, my God! How many fucking times
do I have to say -

I don't want to do everything!
Trust me, I don't. I do enough.

Do you really think I want to
wake up, make your breakfast,

get you ready, get Theodore ready?
Oh, so, I do nothing?

Then come home, and sometimes,
I make dinner AND work? Come on!

AND pay for everything.

Do you really think, like,
I want to do that forever?

Yeah. I mean, we both do.

How am I supposed to think
you even care about this wedding

when you won't even
tell your dad about it?

Like, that's not fair.

You communicate? You won't even
tell your dad about the wedding!

You're not telling your dad
the truth, what we're doing!

Ever since Vegas,
that's bothered me.

I'm not trying to control you.

I know it feels that way though,
and sometimes I feel I am,

but I don't want to feel that way.

I'll be better at including you
and everything,

but I do want you to agree to
talk to your dad about our wedding.


I'm hoping he's happy about it.

Tell your dad,
and we can figure out the rest.

Oh, shit.

Oh, my God.

So, uh, both of them.

Two lines.


Like, I'm seriously pregnant -
that's two tests that say positive.

So, what are we going to do now?

Being pregnant right now

is not a good thing for us.
It's not the right timing.

We're still figuring out our
relationship, our parenting skills.

We're in my parents' house,

and it's the one thing they told us
not to do,

was have another kid in their house.


I can't believe
this is really happening.

We're not going to tell anybody,
we're not telling my family.

Um, until I'm, like, showing.

Oh, shit!

They've already spent all this money
on the wedding.

I want it to be a fun time,
and tell them afterwards, OK?

I'm just so afraid

At least we're here, and
not in Africa or China, you know?

What are you even feeling right now?

It's already happened, it's not like
something we can change.

It's already happened.

Are you happy or not happy?
You're not answering the question.

It's just so heavy right now.

There's more pressure on me than
there is on you -

I'm the one that
has to make the money

and get us out of the house.
For now.


I thought he would be a little bit
more excited, cos he wants kids.

I get it, not a good time,
but I can tell by his tone of voice

that he wasn't happy about it.

Honestly, it hurt my feelings.
It takes two to tango,

and obviously,
I didn't make a baby by myself.

Does Mohamed think he can
come to this country and just, like,

I'm replaceable? It's very hurtful!

HE'S putting doubts in my head!

I am questioning
how sincere Mohamed is.

What he said to me is not
very loving and caring,

and actually, it's cruel.

This sponsor thing,
I just trying to help our situation.

Why would you say that to me?
That's like saying,

I'm just going to come over here

and find another person to marry."

That's not what I said.

Well, you should think about
what you're saying.

You don't know the Immigration
rules, I'm telling you.

You don't, apparently,
know the rules either!

Yes, it does!
It's just rules.

You're not helping the situation

You're not helping by sending me
messages, making me feel bad.

I already told you
what we need to do.

I am searching to make sure
this information is right.

Go look up this AGAIN

and see if you can instantaneously
get another sponsor.

I'm not sure yet. Why are you
sending me shit like this?

You're causing me more stress.
But I can know.

Things had to get rescheduled
because of the venue.

I don't care about the wedding!
I don't care.

OK, then, go down
to the County office or the judge,

and get married by yourself.
I'm not replaceable!

You want to have a wedding,
that's why we waiting.

This is affecting my life.

You saying this to me is making me
feel like you think I'm replaceable.

Do you love me?
Look, Yve...

If you love me, you'll understand.
I have dreams and goals.

I know that, but I have dreams too -
to have a nice wedding!

That's your fucking dream.
I have another dreams.

If I'm not allowed
to work in this country,

So, it's all about you?

Well, then, go.
All right.

I'm not...

We're done, if you leave.

I'm not going to Egypt, and going to
marry you out there. I don't care.

Wow. Apparently, I AM replaceable.

Oh, my gosh,
she looks like a princess!

Ari, you look like a princess!

We're going through the motions
to plan this wedding,

but I'm not even sure that
we're going to get married.

If you want to ask me, "What's
the schedule," that's one thing,

but to question the relationship
is a lot.

It's just been a lot of tension.

I don't know how he feels about
getting married.

He's making me do an ultimatum -

"If you don't change,
maybe I won't show up."

He, like, freaked out and told me
he was going to get another sponsor.


I have done a lot
to make compromises.

Mohamed isn't open to
what's important to me,

and that makes me question
getting married.

Can you think of me,
how hard this is for me?

This sounds crazy to me.

You love love,
but you put business first.

When I first came here,
it was like a storybook love,

Cinderella love.
That never exists.

I gave up so much to come here,
but I'm prepared to walk away.

This Cinderella stuff, it's not real.

We talked about the deadline of how
long you guys would stay with us.

So, you're kicking us out,
is what you're saying.

My parents are on some bullshit.

It's a slap in the face,
a little bit.

I feel like I'm 15 again. I feel
like you're being 15 again too.

Kobe, Kobe!

My brother...

Emily doesn't want me to tell anybody
about the pregnancy,

but I need to relieve myself
from this load.

She's pregnant again.