90 Day Fiancé (2014–…): Season 9, Episode 12 - Different Ex-pectations - full transcript

Mohamed considers a new sponsor. John butts in, and Thais doubles down on keeping the truth from her dad. Bilal's ex pushes Shaeeda about the prenup. Kara and Guillermo reach a compromise. Miona refuses to budge on wedding locations.

..90 Day Fiance...

How are you doing? How are you?

Leandro is one of my best friends,
who is also my ex-husband.

You, Kristin and Leandro, we could
all go dress-shopping together.

Why don't you go with your mom?

'I don't want he choosing
my wife's dress.'

Someone is being pressured to do
something that they don't wanna do.

You are impatient and you are
wanting everything right away.

Like... Like? Like an entitled

I've told you a million times,

you shouldn't even talk with anybody else
about our problems before you talk to me.

I don't even know what to do.

At about 4am this morning, Guillermo got a
phone call, saying that his brother passed away.

To be far away from your family,

to have this...

crazy experience...

I always wanted another baby.

Is she gonna sign a prenup? Are
you gonna be protecting your assets?

You need to have this in place,

because you think you know
somebody, but you really don't.


I was not agreeing
with the prenup.

This is not OK. Getting married
is not something you hide.

Thais' dad needs to know
that we're getting married.


You haven't even told your dad?

Let's get married now
and FaceTime with my dad.

Like, this is crazy.
No crazy. This is crazy.

Rope swing! That's it.

Hold on.

Mohamed and I have
been arguing a lot,

but I'm trying to keep those
issues away from Tharan.

So tonight we're all gonna
go do a little family event

and take Tharan
to his Ninja class

and expose Mohamed to something
that Tharan enjoys and likes.

Let's go.

Go, go, go. Go
and get your rope.

Nice. Good job.

Come on, Tharan. Good!

Nice. And then
right across here.

Down here.

Tharan, he absolutely loves
parkour and he loves the Ninja Gym.

I know loads of dance moves.

Oh, good job.

It's good for him, as far as
like having Down's Syndrome.

It's like therapy,
like PT or OT.

That was perfect.
Tharan, you're doing great.

Tharan has a lot of energy.

Go, go. Go, go, go!


Good job and time.

You did good.

Right, dude, remember -
Watch out for Mohamed.

..after that vault - Good
run... jump back up.

You missed it.

Ohh! You're good? Right here.

I see this stuff around me.

I think, I'm curious if
there's something that

I will not be able to do it.

So that will be very
challenge to me.

Because I want to do it.

And the log.

Whoa, super good jump, Tharan.

Good steps. Nice.

You got it, Tharan.


I think that's his best move.

I think, in the Ninja Gym,
you need to be strong

and you need to... to
have the technique to do it.

It's not like lifting weights.

It's like...

blah, blah, blah, dun-dun-dun.


All right. Yay,
everybody, good job!

I'm very excited to
come back here soon.

I surrender!

Let's get Mommy?

Bye-bye, Brock.

OK, let's go.

That was a good day.

I love being able to see
my boys out there, it's fun.

My heart definitely does melt when I see
Mohamed and how good he is with Tharan.

That makes me
feel very grateful,

because this is where it
really counts, this is my family.

But there is still some
very significant things

that we need to figure
out before the wedding.

So, unfortunately, babe,

we're gonna have the push the
wedding back, like a whole other month,

because the one
venue that I wanted...

fell through.

Are you kidding me?

Everybody is booking up
these venues super fast.

I don't really care
about the place.

Well, I do,

because I don't plan on getting
married more than one time, so...

Oh, my God, why we can't
have it in our own backyard?

Or something?

On a dirt patch in the backyard?

Why not?

Like a dress, a white
dress, on a pile of dirt?

No, thanks, sorry.

You know, like,

I wanna be...

allowed to work.

And this takes already six,

maybe eight
months after I apply.

And I can't leave without
my green card, as you know.

We need to get married first,

so we can apply for my adjustment
of status and then my green card.

That's very frustrating to me.

You need to be a little
more understanding

that there's things
out of my control.

Maybe you don't
wanna get married.

Let me know, so - Oh,
please... I know from now.

Well, if you're gonna act like
that, maybe I should think about it.

Yeah, so I can start
packing my bags.

That's rude.

I really want something special.
I mean, this is our wedding.

Even before he got here, I would send him
pictures of venues and things like that.

That's my understanding.

So why we don't...

get married at the courthouse

and we can file my paperwork?

Why? I wish that
you could just...


take into consideration,

..like I want this
to be special.

Like, I waited. I didn't even
think I was gonna get married.

If she doesn't wanna file this
paperwork, why is she bring me here?

I don't understand.

I don't...

I just don't think
he's getting it.

I don't think he's
just getting that...

this is a very
special thing to me.

I mean, it's... For me,
it's once in a lifetime.

I like practically
waited a lifetime.

I didn't think that it was
ever going to happen.

So the fact that I even want
to get married is a huge deal.

I do understand. I
don't think he cares.

I think he cares about, like,
that paperwork getting done.

You're just really... You're not
gonna, like, take things that far,

because you're gonna
regret what you say.

I'm pretty excited, man. Pretty
excited. Never been here before.

Pat, what's up? All right,
you guys made it. What's up?

Let's go. A hard day's work.
What's up? Great. How are you?

After you, gentleman. After you.

Let's go.

Well, to a good week.

Cheers. To a good week.
To a solid week, guys.

Cheers to that, right there.
You know? Not too bad, right?

'It's been about a week
since we got back to Dallas.'

I think, overall, Vegas was...

just... OK.

It was really nice, you know, to be
able to get Thais to meet my family.

We did have some fun, but finding
out that Thais hasn't told her dad

the real reasons why she's here,
kind of put a damper on the entire trip.

The more I think about this whole
situation, the more I just can't stand it.

It's really just starting
to eat away at me.

Well, it's nice that Thais let
you out of the house for once!

Yeah. Are you allowed to have that
beer? Does she know about the beer?

I'm allowed to have the
beer. Just a couple of sips!

No, no, things are different,

she lives here now.

Now I go home and
I'm going home to her.

Where like before, like...

that wasn't the case,
like I'd go home and...

like, I'd call her or whatever.

Or she'd call me. Things
were completely different. So...

Like now... Are you on a
two-beer limit? Or like...?

No, I'm on a whatever-I-want
limit. I'm not driving.

I got to say, we went
out, had some Karaoke.

He was lit, I was lit. Yeah, last
weekend. Yeah. We had a good time.

John had his
little girlfriend over.

She's a friend. That's a girl.

That's a friend.
Yeah, that's a friend.

Had her over. We enjoy that.

What's Thais doing now?

Um... I have no idea. Taking care of
Theodore. Taking care of the house.


How was... How was Vegas?

Vegas was a lot. What do
you mean? Like, everything.

She tried to, like, drag me to a
wedding chapel and get married.

Ha! Yeah.

That - What?! Yeah, that
was kind of interesting.

That's very interesting.

I was in jeans. I was like, yeah,
that's how you marry a stripper.

And then, like, when she met,
like, Matt and Carlos, I found out that

she hasn't even told her dad
that, like, we're getting married.

I don't like that.
No, I don't either.

A little shocking. I
don't like that at all.

She doesn't want to
disappoint her dad.

But what's disappointing?
Disappoint what, bro?

Are you the disappointment?


OK, so what's the

I'm sorry, I don't wanna get...

You know, I'm gonna sit
back, you know, keep the calm.

I don't know any explanation
why she would not tell her father.

Like, that's your father.

Like, why?

Why? I don't understand it.

You're a great guy.
You make a good living.

You care about
her. You love her.


does he not accept you?

No, I think he accepts
me, I think it's just...

What do you mean, you
"think"? I mean, I think.

If he doesn't like you, can
you not read the energy?

No, no. He definitely likes me.

Are you sure? Yes.
A little hesitation there.

No. He does like me.
No. He doesn't like it.

I definitely don't feel
like Thais' dad hates me.

We've gotten lunch together,
we drank some beers together.

I even got him a
Father's Day gift.

So, you know, I feel like our relationship
is... you know, as good as it could be, like,

living in different countries

and not really speaking
the same language.

When is she gonna
tell her dad about this?

Like, before we get married. I already
told her, I'm not - Before you get married?

Yes. I'm not getting married until
her dad knows. What does she say?

She's like, we
could tell him after.

And I'm like...

that's just not an option. No.

No man would like that. Exactly!
That's what I've been trying to tell her.

So why the fuck
are you doing it?

I'm not doing it.

You are! Yeah.

You are. You're
gonna cave. No, I'm not.

You're getting grey hairs! I never
even noticed you had grey hair.

I don't have grey
hairs. Right there!

No, I don't. It's right
there. It might be the light.

Don't blame the light.

You guys aren't
understanding what I'm saying.

I will not, I will not marry
anyone, without their dad knowing,

because that, to
me, that is man code.

That is a man code that you
cannot break, no matter what.

I think he needs to tell her dad,
but I don't think he's going to.

I think he's gonna
do whatever she says.

I think he's totally,
just head over heels.

He wants to marry her, he wants to be with her.
It's hard to stop a train once it's moving.

I think a lot of
things, a big red flag.

A red flag.

I can't look at you and
say it's not a red flag.

It's a red flag. A red
flag. But guess what?

I'll grab that red flag.

I'll fucking
shake it in the air.

I'll turn it white.

Do you want me
to talk to her father?

No, I definitely don't want you to talk - I can
talk to him. If she doesn't tell him, I will.

Somebody has to have
the testicular fortitude

to fucking put it out there.

Doesn't matter if she tells him

or if I tell him or
if we both tell him.

Her dad is gonna know
before we get married. Period.

Bro, this whole fucking shit.

Like, it gets more twisted

every day, bro.

I see you guys together, you
know, I think she loves you.

But then I'm sitting back and
I'm just like, does she love you?

'I'm not gonna lie to
you, I got my issues.'

People can be fooled, even the
smartest or the strongest men,

which he thinks he is.

But I love him,
that's my brother,

and I'm watching out for him.

This is the one red flag that
I've seen and I'm gonna handle it.

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position:50% You want a massage? A massage? A massage, yes.

A massage, yes.



Who's that?

Just a second. Come on, come on.

Hey. How are you? How
are you doing? It's good.

Hey, Avi.

Avi, here's your...


How are you doing, boy?

Where is Ari?


Baby, are you OK? You stay
for a long time from the bathroom.

Yeah, I'm OK.

Kind of. Yeah?

What is going on? Are you
ready for dress-shopping?

Honestly, I'm not really
feeling well. I don't wanna...

I don't wanna go.

You know I leave tonight.

So, are you sure you don't
want to go today, dress-shopping?

I'm just really
not feeling up to it.

What's wrong? What are you
feeling? Just like something?

I don't know, I just feel weird.

You feel sick?

Not like sick.

Just... Like, not like
myself, I don't know.

Maybe a little sick
to my stomach.

Feeling vomit? Maybe
a little nauseous.

I'm gonna ask maybe a
too-intrusive question, but...

when was the last time
you got your period?

Oh, my gosh.

Have you guys been
trying to have another baby?

I'm not... I don't
want to talk like this.

Like, it's private. Like... OK.

Not like for, for this question.
It's not my place to - Yeah.

I can't be pregnant.

That's just...

I'm not ready to
have another baby.

Maybe we can get for you, like a
check for you, for your feelings?

Yeah, I'd love you to buy
me one, but you can't drive.

I can go with Bini

to the pharmacy
and get you that.

A pregnancy test.

All right, then.

My future husband and my ex-husband
are gonna buy me the pregnancy test.

I think I'm just gonna go back
to bed, because I lose at life.

Going to get a pregnancy test
with Bini is gonna be very interesting.

I give you the key.

Feels kind of weird doing that.

And I can imagine
that Bini is feeling

very uncomfortable
with me around,

in this moment.




Mm? Nervous? Mm.

All right, I shouldn't be holding
this bag, you should hold it.

Yeah, yeah.

Your future.

Let's find out.

Yeah. So... And know
what's happening.

Pray to all the gods
for whatever you...


..you'd prefer right now.


Hey. How are you feeling now?


We had an interesting
conversation in the car.

Really? What about?

Let me ask you something.

How do you feel about
having more babies?

How many babies
you would like to have?

Maybe, in the future,
maybe one more.

One more?

Because I heard that there is
interest for many, many more.

How "many, many more"
are we talking about?

I want like ten baby.

I tell you, Bini, one more.

That's what she
said. I don't think so.

Looks like my ex-husband knows
me better than my future husband.

I'm just kidding.

Like, he stay with
you like ten years.

Like, I'm just like three years.

Like, for some, but just,
but for you, both of you,

like, you don't have
feeling before, like for baby.

Me? Right away,

just we, every time,

I want, I need
family, I need baby.

You're gonna
potentially have to find...

another baby
momma to carry them.

That's fine.

Like, you know, the babies, they grow
up, like, you know, they help each other.

Yeah, that's the way I grow up.

This is America. Siblings
don't help each other.

Yeah, they help
each other. Why not?

Wow, yeah.

I can testify for that.

I should have known
better than to mess with you.

I-I-I think, in general, no woman
would like to have that many babies.

Oh, hell, no.

I mean... We've been
together almost three years.

'You'd think Bini would have told me about this.
Maybe before we were right about to get married?

That's kind of like
a deal-breaker.'

These fundamental things that are so
important that we just don't agree on.

It's like, how do
we get past that?

All right, let me take
this damn darn test then.


Hey, Ari.

Oh, God.

What do you think? Go away!

2 00:23:33.480... 00:23:35.480 align: middle
50% This is beautiful, though.

Yeah, this already feels a little
bit more peaceful, driving out here.

I try to take Miona on hikes and stuff
like that, she doesn't really like it.

Yeah, it takes
some getting used to.

Today, I'm going on a
hike with Grandma and...

I definitely have
a lot on my mind.

Last night, we had a really

rough conversation
at our dinner table.

And, right now, Miona and I...

are not talking, so...

definitely difficult.

When I first saw Miona and decided
that I wanted her to be my wife,

I saw a really, really
bright future for us.

One of the reasons why I fell in love with
her, honestly, is her tenacity, her hustle,

but since Miona has gotten here,

I haven't seen that.

She's just complaining
about living in South Dakota.

Rather than just
work on her brand.

Her... You know, her dreams.

I miss seeing you by yourself.

That never happens any more.

I want just some
time to talk with you.


My grandma is a
gangster. You know?

She definitely is always there for
me and she'll do whatever it takes.

She understands me in a unique
way that not most people would.

And my grandma loves to hike.

So it's kind of been something we've
done throughout our lives together.

I'm hoping that this hike will
just kind of help me clear my head

and relax a little bit.

How about these
rocks? That's cool.

So we can actually
have a conversation.


I'm getting old, Grandma.

Yeah, right

So tell me how you're doing.

How are you doing?
Are you getting married?

I don't know, Grandma.

Yeah? Why don't you know? You heard
the conversation last night at dinner.

It was just hard
trying to figure out...

what it is you want.


when I talked
about joy last night,

I really struggle to
see that with you two.

And I guess my concern for you,
my grandson I've loved for so long,

is I want you to be in love.

And I don't see the brilliance
of you shining as much.

It worries me. It worries me.

My grandma and my parents
telling me that I'm not the shining light

that I normally am, definitely, it
doesn't feel good hearing that.

I do love Miona. That's not...
That's not the question for me.

It's just getting
on the same page.

I need somebody who can be
this wild, imaginative entrepreneur.

When I met her, Grandma,
she was doing that.

She already had 30,000
followers in her little small town.

She knew how to take pictures.

I love the way that she marketed
for herself and the clothes she wore.

She spoke Serbian. She spoke
English. She speaks Russian.

She speaks
Spanish. Like, fluently.

She doesn't smoke. She doesn't drink. She
has all the qualities. I see the potential.

I don't know, I've seen so many great moments in
her that I love so much about her that I think that

her and I can create
an amazing life together.

But right now, she's
relying on me to...

really, you know, help her

get the lay of the land.

I mean, it is hard. She doesn't
have a green card, she can't drive.

It's just the balance of, like,

I dedicate time...

and more effort and love

into Miona and my relationship.

But I put my dreams
on the back burner.

I got a dream, man. I wanna marry
this music, I wanna marry this art.

And that's... That's
so important to me.

Since Miona has been in America, I really
haven't had the time to commit to myself

and the space to
work on my music.

I'm the star of my movie.
She's the star of her movie.

I would love for her to be my
co-star and for me to be her co-star.

However, if it's not compatible
and we can't get on the same page

and make the movie,
then what are we doing?

When I'm not performing or
doing something artistic, it just...

it's hard for me
to... to be joyous.

How long has it been since you
felt good about writing a song?

Or doing a recording? Or even just spending
time thinking about your own music?

Definitely not in these
last 90 days, goddamn.

You say you wanna marry the music
and you wanna marry the art. Mm-hm.

Do you think it's in her to
give you the space to do that?

I have to have that conversation. I've
never had that conversation with her.

You got to have that talk, because
you're not gonna be a happy man,

I don't think, if you don't
have that space to create.


Don't just go with the flow

and not take care of your
own aspirations in the process.

Right. Just decide. Make a choice.
You have to be clear with Miona.

If we're gonna get married, this is what I need,
in order to be successful with what I wanna do.

I have no idea if Jibri is
gonna get married or not.

I'm so confused right now. Last night and the
beginning of today, when we were chatting,

I thought for sure it's done,
he's not gonna get married,

but then I saw him just light
up when he talked about Miona,

which is what I wanna see, if
you're gonna marry somebody.

Don't forget your
hat. Yeah, I won't.

So I'm totally at a loss and...

But then, that's often
the case with Jibri.

I don't know what he's
gonna do until he does it.

So I was thinking...

if you decide to get married...

OK. If you decide to get
married, you and Miona,

what would you think if I
officiated at your wedding?

That would be kind of dope.

Then I would be there.

That would be pretty dope,
that would make me feel good.

Yeah? That would be fucking
dope. That would be cool.

If you decide to. Yeah.

It's an option.
Yeah. How's that?

That sounds like a
cool... It would be fun.

Yeah, I need some fun.

It's definitely time to decide, like,
am I gonna get married or am I not?

Because it's
crunch time, legally.

So it's time for me
to make a decision.

It's all about the fun. You know?
Yeah. What else are we here for?

Welcome to a real rodeo! I haven't
been to a rodeo since I was like little.

Oh, look, they have, like,
food and they're, like, grilling.

I'm excited for all this.

We got to get you some
proper boots. You know that?

It's been a really heavy week in
our house since his brother's passing.

So I want to take him
out for a little bit of fun.

I'm gonna take
Guillermo to the rodeo.

In some way, yeah, it
looks like Venezuela.

In what way? In the way that,
actually, we have this kind of event.

Like horse riding?
Yes. Actually...

Like competition? Competition.

The truth is that, actually,

this is not my first rodeo,

because, in Venezuela,
we have something

that is a little bit similar.

us, it's like really important.

Actually, I have family...
They are really good in...

What is...

I think it's five horses,

with five guys or girls,

trying to get that...

..by the tail.
By the tail?

And then they run together. God.

Then they have to make the...

..flip over and they get points

when the legs...

go... up.

I think I don't wanna hear that
any more, it sounds aggressive.

It is aggressive. For the...

Are you excited? Yeah.
Like a real cowboy, huh?


Shit. You wouldn't
catch me in the ring there.

It's wild. Wild.

Are you hungry? Yeah.

They have chips.
Look at those nachos!

Oh, some big nachos. That's
the difference. With all that cheese!

We don't see that in Venezuela.

When I go inside the rodeo

and I see so much people

buying hotdogs, burgers...

and nachos,

in my mind, it's that
American... countryside,

definitely very different
than in Latino America.

Two hotdogs and a
chili-cheese nachos, please.

All right. Thank
you. There you go.

Thank you so much. Thank you.
You're welcome. Enjoy the programme.


Good, right? Just like
saltines. Actually, yeah.


Thank you, really,
for taking me.

I just wanted to, you know, bring
you out of the house and kind of

get you away from all the heavy
stuff that's been going on, all the...

You know, just taking the fresh air and be
calm and show you a little more of Virginia.

This week, after my brother
passed away, I appreciate a lot Kara,

because she has been there
for me, in every single time.

She actually helped me

to get out of the house.

I know that I cannot
be stuck in the house,

because that's gonna put me

in a really bad place.

And I appreciate that a lot.

I've been thinking a lot about what
you want, what makes you feel good

and what makes you feel happy.

And I know we've been
talking a lot about you want

a slightly larger ceremony or
wedding than just a courthouse.


What I've come to is I think that we should
do something, like, maybe in the middle.

Like not a huge
extravagant wedding.

But like something...

sweet and cute,

with a ceremony where
people can come and watch us.

And I'll wear a dress,
like a proper dress.

And you can...

say all the things you wanna
say in front of all my family.

I mean, it makes
me feel excited.

Maybe it is the right thing to
do if it's gonna make you happy.

Especially with your brother passing. It, like,
puts everything into perspective a little bit more.

About maybe, you know, living in
the moment and making the most of...

the time you have, when you have
it, instead of planning for the future.

You know what I mean?
Of course. I mean...

It would be so nice.

'Kara surprised me with
something really good for me.'

Kara agree to have a...

a good wedding, because...

..that's how I want it.

I feel that it's going to be like a
dream. It's gonna be very cute.

It's gonna be very sentimental.

This wedding is
gonna be very special.

You know, it's
gonna be a stretch.

OK. We could say, financially.

But now we're like very close.
Now trying to put together, like,

kind of an entire
wedding is like a lot to do.

And trying to do it on a
budget is a lot to accomplish.

But I don't want you to worry, because it's
already like stressful enough. Life. You know?

So we're gonna just not think
about the money and just...

live life.

'We have three weeks to plan an
entire wedding. It's kind of insane.'

I am feeling completely

And excited. But mostly overwhelmed.

Are you tired?

A little bit.

Ever since Atlanta, you could feel
the tension

and the energy is quite sour.

When Bilal gets upset,

he stays quiet, he don't
look you in your face.

And then, after, you start feeling
all the negative vibes.

It's just not what I envisioned
my marriage life would be like.

You wanna see me fly it?
Yeah, fly it.

I'm not gonna fly it in here.

The kids are home, so I wanted to,
like, go out and enjoy some fun

and try not to think about the
elephant in the room, the prenup.

Seeing that the kids are here,
probably all of us could do something.

I mean, there's actually
nice blue skies outside.


What do you think about us
doing something like yoga?


Listen, I know you're
not feeling up to it.

You're looking very
down and mellow and sad,

but I assure you,
when we are done,

you will feel so
much more better.

Mm-hm. And that's what I want.


I'm feeling just...

..not like myself, I don't...

I don't feel like we're
vibing, we're on that level.

I mean, we have
some pretty big issues,

like the prenup and baby talk.

You know, it's just... It's

Are you in for
doing yoga with us?

Yeah. Look at you,
dressed up all sporty! Yeah.

She's ready.

Let's go ahead.

A good spot right here?

Yeah. As flat as it gets.

Zaynah, Yusuf and
Bilal, it's nice to have you.

I'm pretending this
is my yoga class.

So go ahead and cross your
legs in Sukhasana Easy Pose.

And take your palms
and plant it on your knees.

We try to forget about

our worries, our problems

and just stay where you are.

Are you hearing how
peaceful the wind sounds?

Mm-hm. So peaceful.

I just heard but a fart.

Let's lift our hands
all the way up.

A big inhalation.

Extend it all the way
up towards the sky.

Exhale. Take those hands,
bring it all the way forward.

Dig into the ground.

You can go ahead and bend
your forearms, cross your hands

and place your
forehead on your arm.

If it's too challenging,
just stay where you are.

Forehead on...? OK.


So, right now, you are stretching the muscles
in your spine, releasing lots of tension.

Come on, Bilal, you can do it.

I'm doing it. He's
not flexible at all.

He's doing good.

I really wasn't feeling it, but
it actually kind of helped out.

I won't tell her that. Nah.

'But, Shaeeda,
she shows me a lot.'

Inhale. Drop the belly
down. Lift your gaze up.

Her skills and, you know,

we've actually had some
yoga sessions before.

Virtually, as well, because
she does things virtually.

She's absolutely amazing.
Like, she's the best at that.





I'm just going to walk around to
make sure everyone's doing it correctly.




Drop the ass. Exhale.


Two more times.


Last one.


Now let's press into the palms and step
both feet back into Downward Facing Dog.


Take all your
weight back like this.

You can balance on your tippy
toes, with your heels lifted off the mat.

Don't lift that foot up, Bilal.

Bend your knees down.
Bring your knees down.

Bring your knees together. Just
sit in Hero Pose and just relax.

Just to have Bilal and his
kids come into my yoga session.

But, at the same time, it made me
feel good to see Bilal smiling again.

I don't want us to fight. If I can
just put a smile on his face again

and get us back on the right
track, I will do whatever it takes.

That brings us to the
end of our yoga session.

Guys, you have defeated
the whole purpose of yoga.

A standing ovation.

Thank you.

Now let's roll the mats
up. You are the bomb.

Thank you.

So how do you feel?

Um, I feel all
right. I feel better.

I feel better.

It's always great to see
them playing around.

Hold on, OK, OK, OK.

When things stress me out,

when you stress me out,

I like to get away and just...

be quiet.

You know? Breathe.

Get breathing, you know.
So, like, that part helped a lot.


did I get my man back?

You seem to be back in your
usual - You never not had him.

It's just that, sometimes,

you say and do things...
and forget how that felt.

Can't we just kiss and
make up? Yeah. So...

Thank you.

Mm-hm. Let's go.

I love Shaeeda very much,

but love isn't blind, like...

I don't love to the point of
view where I lose my head.

'Even though we make up,
you know, we argue very much.'

Right now, we are not
ready to walk down that aisle.

All right.


What you got going? You cooking?

Yes, cooking. Ah!

Dinner for Patrick? Uh-huh.

Yeah? What do you make?

Stroganoff. Oh!

It's from Brazil. OK.

Do you need any help?


How is everything going for you?

OK. Yeah? Good.
Do you miss home?

Hm? Do you miss home?

Uh-huh. You talk to your father?


Every day. Every day?

So since we're asking
questions, I just...

I learned something...

and I'm just curious.

Your father doesn't know
that you're getting married?

Yes. Does he?

No. No, he doesn't?
Doesn't know.

So he doesn't know?
He doesn't know, yes.

He doesn't know. OK.

So... why?

Because it's my choice now.

You can't get married,
then tell your father.

You can't do that.

You're gonna do that?


For now, yes.

No. Why?

Doesn't make sense.

Makes sense for me.

Well, you know, there's more people
involved. Not just you. You know?

No. "More people"?
Me and Patrick. Right?

Well, yeah, your family,
our family. You know?

I had the conversation with my
brother, so I just wanted some answers.

I'm definitely worried
about her intentions.

Why wouldn't she not
wanna tell her father?

It's not like my brother is a
scumbag. That's what baffles me.

If my brother was a little piece of shit,
I'd be like, all right, I kind of understand.

But, honestly, I have
no goddamn clue.

I can't, uh, make...

Cook and... Cook and talk, at
the same time. At the same time?

And I... Multi-task?
I'm freaking out.

That's called "multi-task".

Huh? I'm teaching you English.

Don't burn the chicken.

'Very frustrating, because...'

Talk, talk, talk,
talk and I can't...

You put in mustard and ketchup?!

I'm nervous. Are... Don't be
nervous. I'm not judging you.


I'll give you this, it's
an interesting recipe.

I think this chicken
might be done.

Shut that off right there, because
she's gonna overcook that.

What are you doing?
No. No, no, not ready.

It's not done? No.

I think so. No. Yeah.

I can try. If bad...

OK, let's see.

Just try.

I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try.

It's so good.

Hello! I'm home.


I am making stroganoff for you.

For us. Really? Uh-huh. For us.


I got to be honest.

She overcooked the shit out of
the thing. It was like eating rubber!

Rubber with ketchup and
mustard, mixed together.

Well, this looks good.

What do you think?

It's good.



Why you told John
about my father?

About not, not telling him?

Why you tell him?

Well, because he's,
he's my brother.

But it's a secret for us.

Well, no, it's not supposed
to be a secret for...

It's not supposed to be a
secret for anyone. It's not...

..important to anyone here.

Just, just to me.

And him. Yeah. It's important
to him. It's important to me.

OK, to us.


Not John.

I just care about my brother.

So, you know, I just, you
know, I have questions.

Thais, I, I really think your
father is gonna hate Patrick,

if you marry
without telling him.

That's what I'm really
worried about. Like...

I think your father is gonna have some
resentment towards my brother for that.

He's probably gonna blame him.

Yeah. Because he's the man.

Yeah. No matter
what Patrick says,

it's not gonna matter, because he's the man and
he should have said something. To be honest...

I'm very tired.

I don't want to talk about it.

It's not his business.

It's mine. Well,
he's my brother.

It is. He's my business.

All right?

That's my brother.


I'm trying to give you your space
to figure it out, but I also think,

like, John made a good point.

OK. Good night for you two.

Thank you for dinner.
You're welcome.

Well, that didn't go to plan!

Come here.

Oh! The moment
of truth. Hey, babe.




Oh... well...

I am so relieved.

If you live in Ethiopia, you
doesn't think about it just like that.

That's true, but, you know, we're
not living in Ethiopia right now, so...

That answers that question.

We only have about a
month left on his K-1 visa.

It seems like we want totally
different futures, so I don't know.

Honestly, it's
like very stressful.

OK. I think it's a good
moment for me to go.

So I guess this is goodbye then.

Yes. I have to go
back to New York

and from there
to Indiana, tonight.

OK. So, yeah. Thanks
for this crazy day.

Well, thank you for...

Are you leaving now? ..giving me
all this excitement and the scares.

Finding out that Ari is not pregnant is a relief,
because they are not financially stable yet.

OK. All right, Leandro. OK.

Bye, Leandro.

Bye. Bye!

Bye! Bye.

Oh, you're coming with me?

I'm taking this little guy with
me! Come on, come on, Avi.

Come on, let's go, let's go.


Well, bye, guys. Bye.


How are you? How are you doing?

You made it. Yes. Good.

You want some coffee?

Since I arrive, me and Yve
are having a lot of fights.

Oh, it smells so good.
Yeah, it's pretty tasty.

Things not going
well in my relationship,

so I have a lot to talk to Rafay,
because he's the only person

I feel that he
understand me well.

So, how are you doing?

Yeah, that's good.
How's life treating you?

It's just a little
complicated, sometimes.

I'm sure, yeah, so with your...

um, situation, I guess
you're staying home a lot.

Right? With your family?

Well, I'm staying
home a lot, a long time.

What do you do all
day? I'm watching Tharan.

Oh, yeah, OK. Yve's son.

I can't even go for
a walk or something.

You have to be with Tharan
the whole time? Yeah.

But Tharan is in his dad's.

Any... Any news about
being able to work?

Or legal status?

Driver's licence? Nothing.

What do you mean nothing?
Like... Nobody's helping you?

What about Yve? Isn't she...?

Oh, goodness. Oh, that's rough.

Yeah. Is there something

keeping her away
from these things?

It's a big day.

I actually... I...

I want to enjoy this
day with her, as well.

But, for me, it was
more important

if we got married sooner

and I applied sooner, because...

Oh, that's true, but...

We don't need to wait for
three month till the wedding.

If you get a marriage licence,

we can apply.

That's true, right.

Sometimes, people are selfish.



I feel that Yve is holding
this paperwork over my head.

Because she...

for the first time
in her entire life,

doesn't have to
worry about her son.

She can work in
any time she wants.

And I feel that she's just
thinking about her life.

Is she... Is she having
any issues with you? Like...

She's always complaining.
What's her complaint about you?

She's complaining everything
about being responsible for me.

Oh, that she has to be
responsible for you. Yeah.

I see. That's not a
good feeling at all.

I'm coming here, you know, like,

I have dreams...

and I have family.

And I feel responsible
for my family in Egypt too.

Mm, yeah. You know, the
only thing what makes me

feel better...


to take care of my mother.

Oh, yeah.

Does she understand how much...

you're feeling bad not
being with your mother?

All right, it will be OK, brother.
I know it's really hard for you.

I think he's lived kind of a
sheltered life, to a certain degree.

I know his father passed away
many years ago when he was young,

so he has really just
been there for his mother

and now to not be there for her,

I think it's really
hitting him pretty hard.

I'm not too sure that he knew exactly what
he was getting into, by taking this step.

Mohamed, I hate to ask this, but what if
things don't really work out with you and Yve?

What would you do?

I really don't know.
Like... You know?

Oh, boy. "Another sponsor"
means another wife?

Is there somebody that you know
that can be a sponsor for you?

Just an idea. Right.

It will help you move things along
quicker, if somebody else can jump in.

If she's under pressure
and she can't do it.

I don't know.

I want to be in America, but I
sacrificed being with my family.

So, if she's not
going to understand

and not going to help me,

that's, that's not
gonna work out.

You know, I mean...

sometimes, you can't change
your situation that quickly.

Don't just stay boiling and
cooking like that all the time.

That's not a good energy
to have. You know?

Sometimes... I hope
you do OK, brother.

Let's go get something sweet.

Something sweet?

Yeah, a little bite to
eat. It's a cool little place.

'After the family dinner, it's
been really stressful for me.'

When Jibri and I are not on the same
page, it makes me feel even more lonely

in America, because he's the only one I
have here, he's the only family I have here.

I think it would be much easier,

if we lived alone
from the beginning.

Thank you so
much, appreciate it.

And not have like...

judgmental parents-in-law,

talking my fiance out of
getting married with me.

Why are you looking
at me like that?

You were looking like
you were stealing my soul.

Yeah. Ooh!

Geez. Thank you.

This looks like
a lot. Thank you.

The drink, what was the drink?

Oh, this is a root-beer float.

Oh. Thank you.

Can I try that? Yeah. You
never had root beer before, huh?

No. OK.

I think it's the
best thing made.

You guys don't
have this ingredient.

One of the ingredients, you
guys don't have it over there.

Let me see your
face when you try this.

Oh, my...

Yuck, yuck.

Really? A root-beer float?

Why would they put ice cream
in that? They ruined it with that.

Hold on. You just took a drink
of root beer and it was creamy.

At least give it one more chance
for redemption. No, no, please don't.

It's gonna ruin everything else.
Just try this - No, no, no, no, no.

Please don't. Really? No.
No, no. No. You're missing out.

That was gross, no.
This is American culture.

I don't care. I going to try this. Oh, you
disappointed me. That's OK. More for me.

Yeah, eat your little tiramisu over
there, you little bougie European.

Anyways... This is better. Let
me wash my mouth out from that.


How dare you
disrespect the root beer!

OK, anyways.

I talked with my grandma
a little bit the other day

and she is concerned for my
mental and emotional health.

And she gave me
some food for thought.

She noticed that
we're always together.

Do you agree with that?

Um... We're always
up upon each other.

We talk a lot, yeah.

OK. So I want...

a lifestyle where we're able
to give each other space.

We're not always
all up on each other.

You give me space and I give
you space when you need it.

And we respect that.

So, if I'm in the studio, in LA,

and I got to be there
for 12 hours straight,

you're gonna have to
figure out what you're doing.

I can't be thinking about
you in the back of my mind.

So please don't be a distraction for me,
please, please. If anything, keep me focused.

That's the type of wife that
I imagined myself to have.

So, if we can't get on the same page,
I'm telling you, it's not gonna work.

We're gonna set
ourselves up for disaster.

Jibri couldn't work on his
music for the last month or two,

because we had so many
other things happening right now

and I understand that
that's important to him.

So I definitely need to learn how
to be independent a little bit more,

but staying in Rapid City,
makes it really difficult to do that.

I don't wanna go in circles.

It's you and me.

Or it's just me.

Are you gonna
be able to do that?


I'm willing to give it a shot.

I understand that my family sees red
flags and I know that they have concerns,

but I'm not willing
to let go of Miona.

'We've put in a lot of work.'

I'm definitely not
completely sure if...

..being married is

the lifestyle for me.

But I'm willing to take the risk
with Miona, because I love her.

I'm not ready to give up,

but we also don't
have a lot of time.

We have five weeks, until
our 90 day period is up.


Talk to me about what's going on.
Where are you at with the wedding?

I'm going back and forth.

But I don't want to still
compromise on getting married here.

You're so stubborn.

You're stubborn.

There is options in California.

We can do an elopement.

A California elopement.

Nice weather and
not buffalos and snow.

When have you ever
compromised with me?

I don't want a spoiled
princess, I want a queen.

I'm trying to build an empire.

Give me a queen wedding.

Oh, my goodness.

I still want to have the wedding,
but in the way that I imagined it.

I still am not ready
to compromise...

It's important for me. I
don't want to be freezing.

Don't snow on my wedding. Oh, my God, that
would be catastrophic, if it starts snowing, no.

So that's something
that I'm sticking up to.

And I just hope that
Jibri is gonna accept that.

OK? Are you gonna think
about the wedding thing?

I'm gonna think about it. I am not
going to tell you a yes or a no right now.

I'm not. OK.

Because I know the consequences of this.
We're not giving it the proper time and stuff.

I'm gonna be hurting
the ones I love.

If they want to be a part of it, sacrifice
a little bit for your son and come there.

If they're not ready to do that
and if they're still pressuring for

their imaginary version of a perfect wedding in
Rapid City, then I don't know what to tell you.

It's my wedding,
it doesn't - Stop.

Stop. Stop with the "my".

OUR wedding.

Thank you.

Jibri wants his parents to be there at
our wedding and, of course, I want them to,

but the situation is, kind of,

becoming difficult for us, because
there is a lot of opinions involved

that shouldn't
be involved at all.

I don't want to be
rude to anybody,

but I really don't have
time to listen to this...

stupidity any more.

If you would stop stressing
them out with your doubts.

That will just make us even more problems
on the existing problems that we have.


It feels weird when you walk
on this side of me. I don't know.

You know pancakes,
right? Pancake?

Yeah. Like breakfast?

Yeah. Like that. Food.

So there's a famous breakfast place
in Princeton. PJ's Pancake House.

They have all kinds of food and stuff.
It's a very famous place in Princeton.

You didn't get to see
too much of Princeton yet.

Yeah, I wanted to show you,
it's just we've been a little bit busy.

But there's a lot of
really cool places. Like...

Did I tell you? You know
who Albert Einstein is? Right?

Who? Albert
Einstein. Who's that?

He's a famous scientist. Yeah.


Anyways, he lived in Princeton.

He's dead now, but
he lived in Princeton.

And, um, he would, like, wander
around the town sometimes,

kind of like lost.

And my great-grandfather would
be driving by, like in his truck

and he would see him and he
would pick him up and take him home.

I think, sometimes, he would
forget how to get to his house.

Anyways, so my mom
always tells me that story,

of my great-grandfather picking up
Albert Einstein and taking him home.

He's a very famous scientist.

Last night, Leandro left

and, today, my
mom is watching Avi,

so Bini and I can spend some
much needed alone time together.

This the place?
This is the place.

Yesterday's pregnancy scare revealed
that we aren't on the same page.

Because he's avoiding
conflict. As usual.

It's clear that we're far apart on some
issues and we really need to talk about them.

Do you see the table? Like,
these tables are like super old.

Even when I was a kid, it
was like this and I think maybe

when my mom was a kid or in high
school, they carved their names and stuff.

Let me find your name maybe. An
ex-boyfriend? Like, you write something here?

Huh? Huh? Yeah, right.

I never came here with Leandro.

Why? He's not...

I don't know, I just
never came here with him.

Thank you.

How is it you're feeling? You're
still uncomfortable or what?

You like him.

I don't like him. Not just...

I don't think you don't like
him. I think you don't know him.

You should try and
be friends with Leandro.

'I'm smiling, but I don't
like when he be here.'

'Like, for me, when he's
coming in my relationship,

it's very disrespectful.'

Like, I talk with Ari, like so
many time about for Leandro,

but still Ari, she doesn't
understand me, about my feeling.

I don't think
she's... listened to me.

I'm not happy for that.

Are you happy
you're not pregnant?


Extremely. So happy.

Extremely, extremely, I'm
so mad you're not pregnant.

Why? We don't have
any money for another kid.


You already have two kids.

I can't do ten kids.

No, baby, I can't.

I don't remember us saying that.

I don't agree with you.

You and me, we
want different things.

You want more kids.
I don't want more kids.

I don't get along with your family.
You're not happy about Leandro.

Sometimes, I think you and me
are really, really, really different.

And it's gonna be so
hard to stay together.

I know, but that can't be the
answer every time we talk.

"Oh, I don't like this conversation, I
don't wanna be stressed, let's not talk."

How do you fix a problem
if you don't talk about it?

I wanna marry you, because I
love you and we have Avi, but...

I'm not even sure... I'm not sure
even who I am. You know? What I want.

Like, it's kind of scary.

This isn't the first time that I have this
feeling of, like, I need to know myself better.

Even when I was married to Leandro and
he got into his PhD programme in Indiana,

I felt really trapped with this idea that like,
"OK, I'm gonna move to Indiana for HIS dream."

So I went to Israel

to go figure things
out for myself.

'And I don't want that
history repeating itself.'

We just have to think about all these
things. We're gonna get married soon.

I wanna make sure before we get married that
you're sure that you wanna get married, be with me

and you're sure
you wanna stay here.

I don't know, just I don't know.

Well, you should know,
because it's coming very soon.

I'm saying just...

I know.

'Bini and I are at
a difficult juncture.'

We have to get married soon, if
we wanna keep our family together.

But neither of us are excited to get
married with the way things are right now.

Based on the last 60-ish
days, there's no indication that

we're gonna make a significant
change before the time runs out.

You look like you're
gonna fall asleep.

What are you stressed
about? Everything.

How are you?

I'm good.

We've almost got
the same type of hijab.

Oh, my goodness.

Bilal is working.

But my goal is to build a
relationship with Shahidah,

because she is the
mother of Bilal's children.

So now I'm nervous,
I'm sweating.

There you go.

Thank you.

I was a little worried when you
called, asking to, like, talk to me,

because, you know, I just
want everything to be OK.

I was like, "OK,
did I do something?"

No. Um...

I just felt like we needed
to have a conversation.

I think so, too. Especially with
the fact that Bilal and I co-parent.

Mm-hm. And it's a very
positive co-parenting experience.

Yeah. And so...

with you coming aboard,
I want to get to know you.

I agree.

Because you're
his... you know, his ex.


You guys are gonna be in
each other's lives forever.

Well, not only am I his
ex, I'm his friend, too.

So I don't know what
Bilal has told you about me.

But as far as what I can tell
you about myself, I'm very stern.

When it comes to my kids.

And so what I want
is the best for them

and what I want them to be around
is someone who is the best for them.


I am still thinking positive.
Probably she's nervous.

But she seemed to
come in with an attitude.

She's not making eye contact,
so I knew something was wrong.

So I haven't done, like, my research and
my background on you or anything like that.

Just to make it clear, you
have nothing to worry about.

I'm from Trinidad. I grew up in
a strict Islamic household. OK.

I know about family, I have a lot of
siblings, I have a lot of nieces and nephews.

I've connected with your
children since Trinidad.

Mm-hm. Yeah, she did say that.

I want to build a
relationship with your kids.

I do feel a type of way, in regards to
Bilal not setting up a meeting with us.

Early on, when she first came.
I think that that's very important.

She needs to understand where I
fit at in the dynamics of everything.

So I know that

there has been some talk

in regards to a
prenup agreement.


It may not be my
place to speak on it.


But I'm coming from a place
of protecting my kids' assets.

And the generational wealth,

you know, that he has.

I have to know that, you know,

you're not here for
just what he has.

Well, I have a life in Trinidad.
I'm very known in my community.


Um, I had my own yoga studio.

Just Google me. You'll see a lot of
things come up, what's in the newspapers.

So me trying to get what he
has, has nothing to do with that.

But I understand you have concerns,
a mother protecting your children.

Yeah, I do.

I don't know how well you know
Bilal or how long you've known him,

but I know it isn't
ten years or 15 years.

No, no. Putting in, you know,

the work that you see
that he has produced.

And so, you know, the kids
have been here. I have been here.

So I'm coming from that point of
view, where he needs to protect

himself and for
the children's sake.


Well, I think that's a conversation
Bilal and I definitely need to have.

And I think we haven't reached
an agreement when it comes to that.


I think I ruffled her
feathers a little bit,

but I didn't come here

to, uh, play games today, it
was about letting her know

that I stand for my kids.

So this was not a fun and games
day for me, this was a conversation

that needed to, that
we need to have.

Are you good?

I mean, it is what it is, I
guess, at this point, but...

I am just praying

for everything just to go
right for the whole situation.

I feel completely
caught off-guard, like...

where did this, this
hostility come from?

I think it took her by surprise

to see a new woman
in Bilal's home,

who is now becoming the
woman of the household.

I realise that this
prenup is big business,

but, sweetheart, you are
lecturing the wrong person.

I am not some little girl on the roadside that
Bilal picked up, by talking on social media.

I'm an accomplished
woman in Trinidad.

Everything feels different now. I think
it's like, "Welcome to America, Shaeeda."

I just don't want
it to be something like this that can,

you know, draw us apart.

So we really have to... We really
have to come to some sort of...

We really need to communicate and
come to some sort of understanding,
when it comes to this prenup.

Did you really like that food?

The stroganoff?
Yeah. Yeah, it's good.

Get out of here, that's love,
that's love talking.

So how are you gonna go about that,
over there?

What do you mean?

How are you gonna convince her she
needs to tell her goddamn father?

Well it's... It's not an option.

That's what you think. The way
she's talking, it's an option, bro.


It doesn't make sense that
Thais is upset that I told John

some of the issues that Thais and I
are having, with her not telling
her dad.

He's my brother
and we live together.

If I'm gonna tell anyone...

it's gonna be him.

I mean... I got to be honest, bro.

I'm just worried.

It's something that we've got
to figure out

and we really don't have
that much time left, cos...

It's coming up, bro.
Yeah, the wedding is...

The bachelor party. A surprise.

You don't even know.
We're gonna have, like, 100 hookers.

There's no bachelor party.

It's just like a small one.

The odds of a stripper being hotter
than Thais is slim to none.

So why would I want something

not as hot as something I got
in front of me?

Sometimes, when I go to the grocery
store, I get rocky road,

sometimes I get mint chocolate chip.

You know what I'm saying? Flavours.

Hello. You... What you guys can do
is, like, you guys can...


I was listening, OK.

Over there? About what?
You need to take care of your life.

What are you talking about?
I was listening. Everything.

Listening to what I say?


What did I say?

You know, you know.
I'm asking.

You know.
I don't.

What you was say.
I don't know.

You need to take care of your life.

I don't know, I forget.

You don't say nothing, nothing
about, nothing, nothing?

Yes, that's what I'm trying to say.
You just say nothing.

No way.

John was talking about a bachelor
party. That's what big brothers do.

That's what big brothers do.
This is my...

This is my...


Zero plans. John didn't know.

I hate, I hate bachelor parties.
John didn't know. I hate.

It's not for someone
that I want to... It's not.

I think bachelor parties ridiculous.

I told Patrick all the time,

if Patrick have bachelor party,

I will kill him
and get back to Brazil.

That's it.


with strippers?


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Exotic dancers.


I don't need to...


We'll clean up later.

She got very defensive.
It was just negativity.

But the thing is, man, my brother is
gonna rock with her, no matter what.

So it's like how can you step in
and interfere with that?


You know, I already know how this is
gonna go,

so that's why I'm gonna throw
a bachelor party in her face.

'You know, I'll do the best for him.'

Where there's a will, there's a way.

John was talking about me.

Behind my back. OK?

Yeah, we were talking about the
whole situation with you and your dad.

My dad is my business. OK?

No. We're getting married.
Your dad is our business.

I'm sure, until you tell your
dad, John's gonna ask me again.

You'll say, "John...

everything is fine, OK.

Don't worry."

But it's not fine.

And, you know, John is not saying anything
about, like, you being a bad person.

He's more concerned about the whole situation blowing
up on me, because your dad's not gonna like me.

You always defend your brother.

I'm not defending him with
anything, I'm just telling you that...

No-one thinks it's OK that
you haven't told your dad yet.

It's difficult, because...

I always lived my life alone

and no-one...

..talk about me or about my life

or about what my attitude is.


Well, welcome,
welcome to marriage.

I thought it will
be different things,

we will be different.

It makes me to thinking
more about our relationship.


I mean, that's why
we got 90 days.


..90 Day Fiance...

I just talked with your
mom. How was it?

Pretty good, actually.

I mean, this is, like, bullshit.

You and I need
to hear from Jibri,

if this is really

what he is deciding to do.

Yeah. Or if he got talked
into something again.

I'm just like late,

like my period is late.

Oh, my God.

My dad only has one rule for
us and that's not to get pregnant.

I don't know how I'm gonna be able
to face your family if you are pregnant.

That's nice. You
wanna hold it up? Yeah.

Shouldn't I take the picture,
with it in front of you? Yeah, yeah.

In his mind, everything will just work
itself out. And that's not how life works.

We both bottle stuff
up. I do the same crap.

It's something I'm working on.

You got to hatch that out, man.
I don't wanna see a sinking ship.

I brung up having, you know, the prenuptial
agreement, so here is a hard copy.

He has trust issues.

I feel like I have to pay the price for
everything that has happened to him in his past.

You're just looking at me as
if I have some secret agenda.

Do you ever plan on...

on divorcing me?

Like a little kid. Like a idiot.

You telling me
every time what to do.

I don't know if, whenever we get
married, if you're gonna get better.

What are you doing?
Why are you doing this

two days before
our wedding? Why?

It's not really the time

to be asking those questions.

If you're not
confident marrying me,

then don't.

Look, Yve, I have dreams.

If you loved me, you would understand. I
have dreams too. To have a nice wedding.

That's your fucking dream.

I have another dream.

OK, so it's all about you.

Well, then, go.