90 Day Fiancé (2014–…): Season 9, Episode 11 - How to Marry a Stripper - full transcript

Kobe's happy proposal comes undone. Thaís lets a huge secret slip. Ari's ex is back and so is Bini's jealousy. Shaeeda questions her future with Bilal. Yve and Mohamed clash about kids. Jibri's parents bluntly assess his relations...

Now that you got that win, you can
get back to what's important,

and that's focusing on me and Avi.


If we're getting married,
I would like a nice ring.

You talk about the ring
more than anyone.

Just in case he can't afford one.

I cannot believe she bought a ring.

I feel that we should not have
a prenuptial agreement.

I feel as if you don't trust me.

I do not want to marry
without some protection in place.

God forbid, if we didn't work out,

do you want to take
everything that I have?

We'll enter the reception area here.

I will be so happy,
I will definitely cry out loud.

It makes sense to have
just a courthouse ceremony.

Do you have emotions,
do you want to have your family?

Of course.
You are going to have them!

Why do you need to know
how much money I have?

Because I will be your wife!

You just take the card - go.

I'm done with this conversation.

I don't feel any support
from your parents.

They don't want to come
to our wedding. Absolutely fine.

That shit's a red flag.
Do you want this to work?

If it's going to be like this, no.

I want you to accept who I am -
I'm not Islamic and I'm not Muslim.

You know who I am since two years
before I even come here.

If Yve not going to accept who I am,

I'm not gonna be here
after the 90 days.

You're wasting my time now.

(SIGHS) Mattress time!

Mm! Look at this one.

Don't put your feet on it.

Oh, my God, Kobe!

I know!

I just want something
that will fit the three of us.

I want something we can afford.

Ever since Kobe's gotten here,
he's been sleeping in his own room

down the hallway from me and Koban

cos all three of us
can't fit in our bed.

Even though
I'm the only one working,

and we don't have the extra money,

if spending a little more
and getting a bigger bed

will make him happy, I'll do it.

Oh, my goodness!


They're going to kick us out!

Oh, my God!
It's vibrating!

What did you do?
I didn't do anything!

Seriously, it's vibrating!
Oh, my gosh.

Oh, my God, look - I turned it on!
You turned it on?

Are you kidding me? We could
have fun on a bed like this.

Lay on it.
(GIGGLES) Oh, my God!

This is how I sleep,

this is why I need a bunch of room.

It means a lot to me that
Emily has finally decided that

we can get a bigger bed.


She's starting to consider my
feelings, and I'm happy about that.

We might have to buy it
for this vibrating feature.

It's not just the sex,

it's about spending the night
with Emily and my son, I'm excited.

Yeah! (LAUGHS)

I can't wait.
I'm so happy you're so happy.

Yeah, man!

DAVID: We're here.

All right! I just hope
we find something interesting here.

Hi. How you guys doing?

How can I help you guys today?

We're here to find my sister
a ring. All right!

I feel like we are finding
common ground for the both of us.

So, it kind of depends
what you're looking for.

Of course, you've got
your round style, princess cut.

Kobe and I had a talk about finances.

I know he came to the United States
with not a lot of money.

For Kobe to buy a diamond ring is
just stupid.

I'll show you something here.

I feel sorry for him, cos I know
Emily wants things her way,

so I decided to help Kobe
find a ring, keep him in check,

not spend all his money
on a diamond he can't afford.

These would be your halos -
see how the stone is going around?

White gold. I don't know much
about those things.

Maybe you can help me, I don't know.

She's given me
a little bit to work with.

This one -
simple marquee with the halo. Yeah.

It's pretty, but it's kind of simple
for Emily, right? Yeah.

I'm really nervous for him.

She has her heart set on sparkle,
the bling.

And hearing that she bought her
own ring, and she hasn't told him,

it's just crazy.

Yeah, OK. She wants something
a little different.

She really cares about
the carat count. OK.

I favour these cos they're flashy,
a lot of fire. Beautiful.

Really pretty.
Price range, real quick -

this one here is $7,000.


That's a whole lot of money, man.

In Cameroon, with this amount of
money, you can get a piece of land,

start a business -
you can change somebody's life.

I'm really working on a budget.

I'm looking for a ring
in a range, like, $1,000.

You can go for stuff like this,
or using a bunch of smaller stones

versus one big centre.

This one here is $1,500.

Pricingwise, this has got
a lot of diamond for the price.

It's beautiful. That looks like
something she would like.

Wow, it's just so beautiful.

Here's another thing.
If I gave you guys today 30% off...

..with tax, that puts you at $1,052,
out the door.


I think I can go with that.

All right,
let's write that up, then!

Yay, you bought a ring!

Yay (!)

7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

But I love Emily, and I'm ready
to give her whatever she needs

just to make her happy.

Congratulations, welcome to America.

I just hope she loves the ring.

Oh, man!

I've been here for one month,

and um, it's been a...
it's been a rocky road.

We would have our disagreements
and our fights.

And tonight, Bilal decided
to drop a prenup bombshell on my lap.

I am so upset right now.

At his sister's house, I told Bilal
I wanted to rest and be alone.

What's goings on, sister? (LAUGHS)

Did that startle you?

Working on a little sum-sum -
you don't need to see. What's that?

A design for Shaeeda.

You decided to do the dress? Yeah.
I was thinking it was a bit much,

but let's go ahead.
It cuts out a lot of that...

Just get it custom-made.

So, what's going on with you?

Um, you know.

Um, we did a Ferris wheel,
and it was cool,

and then
she started to get really nauseous.

Cos of the height? She was scared.
Yeah, everything like that.

I was like, "You know what?
I literally just got an email

on prenuptial stuff."

I was like, "Here,"

something to take her mind
off of being up in the sky.

Not a good move, bro -
not a good move.

In hindsight, I definitely
would not have done that.

I don't understand -
why is it a major big deal?

She's always just so, like, anti.

I could see the whole idea of
just the word, like, how people get.

I could see how she would have
some feelings about that.



OK, so, he took me for the whole,
like, sky view of Atlanta.

It was really nice. Then he presented
me with the prenuptial agreement.

You remember?

Uh, yes.

Remember, back home,

I told you guys that
he brought up a prenup for me?

From day one,
you all could testify that

I was not agreed with the prenup.


Thank you. Thank you!


The reality is - marriage is, yeah,
you have a love component for sure,

but you also have
a business component too.

When people don't
talk about finances...

The number-one reason why people
get divorced is because of finances.

I've got a question for you.

Mm-hm? What if
she doesn't sign the prenup?

You know, that's a question that
I've been baffling with.

It's something that I always said
I need to have happen.

I don't want to let love go,

but again, I'm not...
I don't think blindly either.

To be quite honest,
I have to think about it.

I'm not sure
if I'm signing that prenup.

Should I say,
"OK, I want to have kids before 40?"

I don't even know where
her mindset is.

She tends to be
a little bit argumentative

over some of the smallest things.

She's distant,
which makes me even more wary -

need to have something in place."

I feel like every person who's
loved me or who I've loved back

has left me.

I don't know what's going to happen
at this point.

You all give me so much courage,
and you give me the right words.

You have our support 100%,
we're here to support you.

OK, sisters, it was a pleasure
talking to all three of you.

OK, bye.

I don't know.
I don't know what to do.


It's really kind of weird,
because I can see her side,

but I also see his side.

Some of the things he's saying,
he's got some valid points there.

I really don't know
what will become of all this.

We could get to the wedding date,
but it might not happen.

The last couple months has
highlighted that

Bini and I are very different people.

Since we came to the US,

we haven't had time
to focus on our relationship,

the focus has been on Bini's fight
and that new job.

We should have
more than a kid in common,

we should have a life in common.

It's worrisome, we're not
going in the same direction.


How you doing?

Long time no see.
Yeah. You look good!

A little bit moppy in the head -
your hair.

I could really use some advice
right now,

so I called my best friend, Leandro,
who's also my ex-husband.

We have about a month left
on the visa.

Oh, wow!

That means that you have to
get married very quickly.

Sometimes I think, if I didn't have
Avi, I wouldn't even get married.

I don't know if I look taller
or you look shorter.

AND I have heels on.

Oh! Wow.

I married Leandro, like,
when I was 19.

We were together
for almost ten years.

Me and Leandro are really compatible,
but it didn't work between us.

I was so devastated. I don't like
to end things in a negative way,

so we have this great relationship.

We have crazy stuff in common,
we can laugh and talk for hours.

He even came to visit Bini and I
in Ethiopia.

Hey, Andro!

This is your Uncle Andro.
Hello, hello!

You could have had a baby like this,
but you missed out.

I'm so excited that you're here,
you get to see Bini in the US.

Yeah, yeah.
Isn't that weird?

The beginning is difficult,
just like when you came.

When I came, I couldn't understand
anything in English,

and my head hurt for two weeks.

How's everybody doing?

Everyone's good.
Avi's good - he's so big.

Bini, he's like, adjusting.
My parents are good, they're working.

Um, just life as usual, basically,
well, for them -

for us, it's weird being here.

Even for me, it's like,
reverse culture shock.

Oh, yeah?
Yeah, you've been out for a while.

I didn't think about that.

Do you want to get something to eat?
Yeah, yeah.

Bini's going to come meet us,
he's with my mom now.

Leandro also immigrated,
from Argentina to the US, like Bini.

He knows me - he knows my behaviour
and he understands me,

so hopefully, he can give me insight
into my relationship with Bini.

Are you hungry?
Yeah, a little bit.

What do you recommend? Bini will
want salmon - he likes salmon.

Have you bring him to diners?
Yeah, he's seeing things slowly.

How is he managing?

It's harder for him
than it was for you

because Argentina is so different
from the US

but it's much more similar than
Ethiopia. Yeah.

Hey! Wow.

What is that - on the cheek?

How you doing?
How are you?

Good. Nice shirt.
Thank you.


We were just talking bad about you.

Just talking shit.

So, how was the fight?

It was good.

Uh, 33 seconds.

In 36 seconds, you ended it?

That is...

He ended it the same way that
I think he ended you. Oh, God!

Nice. Up, 1, 2, 3.

Wake up, wake up!

You got me by surprise
with that one.

So, do you have anything planned
for another fight?

Yeah, I have fights soon. Maybe two
months later, I have another fight.

Maybe you can help me for practice,
what do you think?

I... I bet you can find people that
are better prepared. (LAUGHS)

He definitely did. He found someone
to help him practise.

Yeah, who is that?
This girl at the gym.

Oh, a girl?
No, no - she's good, we do workout.

She's nice.
He neglected to tell me

that he was training with a girl
at the gym. Mm.

It doesn't seem that
you communicate enough.

I used to make that mistake.

I'm just telling you.

I learned it through time
with other relationships too.

Already, we talking about it, like,
for this situation.

I'm just telling you as an advice.

Now that you're here, you've happened
to come at a time that

Ethiopian new year is coming up.

What do you do to celebrate it?

I want to take my family
maybe to Ethiopian restaurant,

we eat Ethiopian food, something.

It would be really cool for you
to come and celebrate it with us.


If you want, you can come.
I think you are busy, huh?

You know, her family is my family,
so, yes,

I would like to participate.

Your family is my family.
Yeah, we're family now.

Yeah (!)
This is going to be fun.

What do you think, it's good?

Want some orange juice?

I try to buy the ones like in Brazil
- this is all natural. Uh-huh!

We've only been living in Dallas
for a few weeks.

Between living with John,
the housewarming party,

turning off my location, and
Thais and I fighting about finances,

we've been arguing a lot.

I'm trying to turn things around

and be more open and considerate
to Thais's feelings

and thinking about ways we can
have fun again, just the two of us.

I know this is kind of crazy,
but I think we should go to Vegas.


Really? Ohh! What do you think?
I'll buy us a flight.

We're going to go tomorrow.

Yeah. Is that OK?



I've wanted to bring you there
for a while. Uh-huh?

My little brother,
he lives in Las Vegas.

You'll get to meet Matthew

and then his husband Carlos.

Yeah, it's going to be a lot of fun.
Las Vegas, mm-hm! (SQUEALS)

Las Vegas!

I don't believe we are here!

I moved to Vegas
when I was in high school.

My mom ended up getting a job there.

I lived there for almost 14 years.

It means a lot to me
for her to see where I grew up,

meet people that impacted my life.

I'm excited to share that with her.

Aaah! (LAUGHS)


You can send that to your dad.

Your dad's not going to believe it.

Ah, look at these girls! Wow.

What is them? (LAUGHS)

They make money, dressing up crazy.

Oh, my gosh! (LAUGHS)

OK, we made it.

We can rest a little, then we're
going to meet Matthew and Carlos.

Are you happy? Ooh!


When I lived here,
my mom, at that time,

her... her drugs were really bad.

So, I left.
Then my little brother, Matthew,

he, you know,
stayed with the family.

I felt bad,
because I was his big brother,

and wanted to stay, but it just
wasn't the place for me to be.

I'm really excited that you get to
meet another family member. Yeah!

My little brother, Matthew,
was a big part of my life.

Him, John, and I shared a bedroom
together from seven years old

to 13 years old.

things between John and Thais

have not gone the way
I've wanted it to,

so I'm really hoping that she has
a better connection with Matthew.

I feel like my brothers
have my best interest at heart.

If they're seeing Thais for being
something that I'm not seeing,

I need
to take that in consideration.

I can't be blind to the fact that
maybe she isn't who I think she is.

Hey, guys!

Look at this guy. Thais.
Nice to meet you.

What's going on?

Hi, brother. Hi, nice to meet you!

You guys get to meet.
How are you doing?

I'm good, how are you?
Good, how are you?

Welcome to Las Vegas!
Thank you!

Oh, my God - Las Vegas so different
Brazil, oh, my God! (LAUGHS)

Very, very different.

Yeah. Even Texas too, no?

Texas is different.

Did your family ever expect that
you would move to America?


When we first started
seeing each other,

it was like, "I want to go
to the United States with you,"

like the rest of Brazilian girls
are. Yeah.

It's good that you're here for him.
It's worked out.

As long as you trust each other,
that's the important thing. Yeah.

Does her family like you?
Yeah, I think so.

Do they trust you?

Jealous? Jealous. (LAUGHS)

Is he jealous like,
"I don't want her to marry Pat?"


She's his only daughter.

I'm in complete shock, I had no idea
she was keeping that from her dad.

I don't want to argue
in front of Matt and Carlos,

but it just kind of
spun my world around.

what else is she not telling me?

Welcome, guys. How you doing?

Good, how are you?
Good, thanks. How can I help you?

We want to sign him up
for a membership. OK, perfect.

Mohamed and I haven't being
seeing eye to eye since he arrived.

It has me thinking that
we have to find a middle ground.

If that doesn't happen,

I'm not sure if this is going to
work out in this moment.


We decided to go to the gym together
and release some stress.

I just want to get back to that
place of connection and romance

and love that we had.

Am I allowed to wear this shirt?

Am I allowed to wear this?

It's fine?

I'm surprised! (LAUGHS)


For me,
her outfit was too revealing,

but I don't need to be
fighting with Yve today.

I love her, so I'm trying
to understand her culture,

but it's not something easy for me

I never been out of my country.

So, I'm wishing that she's going to
understand my culture too.

You push, push.


Same like
you're taking your stress out.


It's better when you go, like,
15 second quickly,

and after that... OK. We're just
going to walk today though.

Maybe we can jog later.

Anyway, I know you've been
frustrated with me,

but we have just a little over
two months to plan the wedding.

I hope that
things will get a little smoother,

and you know, we can kind of, like,
work together.

I think so too.


So, I know that we talked about,

that I always wanted another baby.

I think that Tharan is going to be
a really good brother.

We've spoken about
having a child together.

I just feel like Mohamed would be
an amazing father.

He's just so great with Tharan.

I would really love to share
that experience with him.

The reality is, I'm worried about
the timeframe and my age.

It might not be something
that could happen.

Like, what do you think about,

if I don't convert, and the child
is going with you, and sees I'm not?

If I'm doing yoga, having a class,
and they're around,

like Tharan is in the morning,

if the child is more interested in
what I believe and what I'm doing,

what's going to happen?

What if they choose to not be that
at a younger age

they're exposed to what I do?

Yeah, but you can't take me out
of the equation if we have a child.

What if they say,
"I want to go with Mommy?"

Well, that makes me, like, worried.

It's not that simple,
because I'M not Muslim.

I don't think
that's fair for you to say.

I am definitely shocked.

I want our child to be able to pick

what they want to believe in
at some point,

and I don't think that he has
a realistic perspective on that.

So, I don't know whether
I am OK with this.

So, we met with Jibri
earlier this morning, privately,

and talked with him
about some of our concerns

about them getting married.

But we haven't really
had this conversation with Miona

at all before.

I don't know how
she's going to respond.


OK, well, maybe I don't want
to stay for dinner. Just kidding.

We don't need knives - no knives
on the table tonight! (LAUGHS)

I want to be here
cos I love my grandson.

I want what's best for him,
I want to be a part of it.

I think it's going to be helpful
to have you here.

Then, like,
if stuff gets really stressful,

he has another person to talk to.

What do you think?

I mean, how do you feel about us
having this conversation

with you here, for real?

I mean, I know
you just joked about leaving, but...

I'm glad I'm here.

I also think I can sometimes be
the calming energy in a room.

That's true, that's true.

At the same time, I think it's
a conversation that has to happen.

I haven't gotten a chance
to know Miona very well.

I want to love her
because Jibri loves her,

but I don't see Jibri being
as buoyant, as bubbly

as he often... as he mostly is.

I know they've gone through a lot
to get to this point,

dealing with visas and, you know,
all of that.

But if I was going to get married
to this woman I love,

I would be on cloud nine,

and I don't see that happening
as much.

You know,
I want what's best for both of them.

I don't want either one to do
something that, two months later,

they're going to regret.

I don't want to speak for Brian,

but I think that we both um,
have that worry

that things are going to blow up.

I would rather that
things get dealt with now

than after he's legally tied...

..in a relationship that

I don't know if he really wants
or not.

Hard time.

I'm glad you're here
for me and Brian,

cos if stuff starts to happen,

I think you can also help...

Temper things a little bit?

I have no idea how
Miona's going to react

to what we're going to say.

(SIGHS) OK, calm.

BRIAN: Hey, guys.
Hey, Pops, how you doing?

I'm doing good. How about you?

Your mom and grandma are
in the back. Hi.

After you.

I'm definitely feeling stress

from the difficult day that
I've had today.

From the conversation I had
with my parents

to the pressure I'm feeling
from Miona.

Hi, Miona. Nice to meet you.

At this point in time,
she's telling me that

it's going to be over
if we don't do it now.

I just don't know what to think,
there's no progress being made.

Looks delicious.
Looks very good.

Very, very, very good.

Jibri and I had an amazing
relationship before he came here.

He was never so, like, doubtful.

I'm trying to see what's different,
and the only thing I'm finding

is that
he's listening to his parents more.

I don't want that.

You start, please.

This looks very good.

Bon appetit.
Yes. Thank you, Brian.

Thank you.
You bet, you're welcome.


OK, so, I can't pretend things,

I need to be honest about things.

Brian and I have concerns
about you guys getting married.

Jibri, I don't understand why
you are continuing to go along with

something that you've told me
you've had a lot of concerns about.

Some of the decisions I've made in my
life haven't made the best decisions.

I understand that
this is something big,

and you don't want us to get married
and get hurt. No.

My thing is,
if this marriage is stressful -

we're not even married yet -
how is it going to be

when there's something
REALLY stressful?

What concerns me is,

it's this pressure to make this huge
decision in a short amount of time.

I see a lot of stress, I haven't
seen a lot of joy about it.

But maybe I just haven't seen that,
I haven't been around as much.

Me changing completely my job,
me leaving my family,

me coming somewhere where
I'm going to be immigrant,

we are doing all this
so we can be together.

What would happen to both of you,
in this relationship,

if you don't get married?

Miona said to me in the park,
she'd leave my ass.

Yeah, probably.

It's confusing to me that,

on the one hand,
you guys say your love is real

and that
you're going to be together,

but if the wedding doesn't happen,
you're leaving him,

which doesn't seem like it's
the commitment you laid out before.

It doesn't seem like
he's committed either.

If their relationship is so fragile
that they can't wait,

then I don't think that's
a marriage that will last, right?

If they're setting themselves up to
be married for 30 years, 40 years,

50 years, what's 2 years

to make sure that this is exactly
what both of them want?

I think
if someone is being pressured

to do something
they don't want to do,

that isn't grounds
for a healthy relationship.

I think you pressure me, yeah.

The conversation I had with you
today, you said,

it's going to be over
if we don't get married now.

Right now, I'm just... I'm frustrated.

I don't like you being inconsiderate

about this beach wedding
you have in your head,

calling it YOUR beach wedding,

you saying that if it's not how you
want it, you're not going to have it.

You are impatient, and you are
wanting everything right away,

like an entitled millennial,

like you want everything
in a microwave.

I don't think that's fair. Also...

I'm interrupting you right now.

I think...

I absolutely want to encourage you
to say how you're feeling... Right.

..and about what's going on for you,
but I'm also not going to sit here

while you're almost
calling her names.

No, I'm saying, the mentality -
not Miona -

the mentality that
it's not going your way,

I just don't like that mentality.
I didn't say that.

I just don't like it.

I told you million times.

You shouldn't talk to anybody else
about our problems

before you talk to me.

Second thing of all,

it's not everybody else's wedding,
it's OUR wedding.

I've been doing my best,
trying to stay respectful

the whole night
and not show emotions,

but I'm on the verge of crying
the whole night.

I'm definitely feeling ready
to get out of there.

If it means leaving him there too,
that's... that's fine.

I don't think there's much else
to talk about tonight.

BRIAN: Yeah, I think we're good.

EMILY: ♪ Date night with my baby! ♪

Oh, my goodness!

I'm superstoked
to have you-and-me time.

Me too. You look so hot, you know?


Maybe tonight,
we're going to get it on.

I mean, that bed is, like,
a game-changer. Yeah.


I've been so busy trying to get
all the wedding plans intact,

and I'm still working part-time,
so, it's been so crazy.

Tonight, Kobe is taking me out
to dinner, which is a sweet gesture.

Oh, wow, such a gentleman!

He got my parents to watch Koban.
It's so thoughtful.

He hasn't done anything
this romantic since China.

Happy date night.

Oh, my gosh.
Have you ever tried sake before?

Sake - what's sake?
Like, Japanese alcohol.

We should do a cheers to date night.

Mm! Whatever you want.
I'm here for you, babe.

I'm so excited
to take Emily out for dinner tonight

because I'm going to be proposing
for the second time.

This time around,
I got her a very beautiful ring,

but still,
I'm really kind of nervous.

I spent a whole lot of money,

and I hope she feels like
she's getting the ring she wants.

OK, here we go - cheers.

Oh, gosh!

Who ARE we now? We used to be able
to party all night. (LAUGHS)

I love this.
This was a romantic thing to do.

I'm full of surprises.
Yeah, apparently!

God, I don't know!
I'm just asking.

Oh, thank you! That's so sweet.

Thank you so much.

Look at you. Free champagne!

That's what you get everywhere
you go when you come with me!

Royal treatment, yes.

What the fuck?

Oh, my God!

Kobe! I love it.

Who came up with this?

I have to dip it in my water,
hang on.

Oh, my gosh!


Will you marry me?

It's so pretty!

Are you going to
put it on my finger? Mm.

Emily, will you marry me?

Oh, my God, of course!


I can't believe he pulled this off,
I really cannot.

He had planned it with the waitress,
put it in the champagne glass.

When you least expect it,
and then boom,


I'm so happy!
I don't want to eat any more,

I want to go home and fuck!

I love it!

Are we going to have sex tonight?
ALL night.

Babe, it's so pretty.

I cannot believe you did this.

(LAUGHS) I did not know
you were going to get me a ring.

Of course! I told you
I was going to get you a ring.

Realising Kobe has done so much
to make this night so special,

I'm starting to feel really guilty.

A few weeks ago,
I bought myself a ring just in case

because I didn't think
he could afford a real diamond.

I'm shocked you got away with it,
and I didn't find out.

I'm just so happy that
you love the ring.

I love my ring, I love it, I do.

I mean, I bought my own ring!
I didn't know what to do.

I wasn't sure
I was going to get one.

But right now I feel really bad,
because he has a lot of pride,

and he's not going to like it.

I never meant to hurt his feelings.

Oh, man.

Do you want space for
milk in your coffee, sir,

or you want it black?


Thank you.
Yeah, of course.

Last night, Guillermo got
a phone call from his family

saying that his brother,
Jose Joaquin, was in the hospital

with renal failure.

In the Dominican Republic,

Jose Joaquin had to move in with his
middle brother in a different city

so they could care-take for him.

He's been going through dialysis
for about a year

prior to him being hospitalised.

Last night,
things took a turn for the worse,

and they didn't think
he was going to make it.

Saying that he wants to get better

and he really wants to go out
from the hospital.

Guillermo's mom is in Venezuela.

He has both brothers
in the Dominican Republic.

Now that he's here,
everybody's really spread out.

To be going through something so
serious and have everyone be so apart

is superdifficult.

In some way, this is one of the
worst things of being an immigrant.

Everything is so beautiful until
something happens to your family.

And not just being an immigrant,

being an immigrant that actually
cannot go back.

Yeah. Just make me understand,
nobody think about the bad moments.

Nobody think that, if someone die,
you cannot be there.

The whole family was actually
thinking that

he was going to die yesterday.

Everyone wanted me to talk to him
before, just in case. Mm-hm.


When I was little, I was actually
superclose with Jose Joaquin.

We spend beautiful moments.

If I could think how I will feel
if my brother could die...

..it could definitely be
one of the worst things.

I don't know, babe, you know.

I don't even know what to think,
I don't even know what to do.

At about 4am this morning,
Guillermo got a phone call,

saying that his brother passed away.

He was doing better
when we heard from him yesterday,

he was having coherent thoughts
and speaking clearly.

We talked about,
if this were to happen,

what ifs and all that kind of thing,

but I don't think any of us
expected it to be so soon.

I'm still in shock just because
it's my brother. I know.

Right now, I cannot even say,
"I lost my brother."

It IS my brother, I don't...

Yeah, Chiqui, yeah.
And he always will be.

It's like,
someone really close died...

..so fast

because they got sick. It's just...

We can't even understand, you know?
Yeah, it's surreal.

Honestly, I don't think
he'd want you to be sad.

I have good memories of him,
you know what I mean? Just fun.


And he'd never have a shirt on.


Big belly. Yeah -
big belly, no shirt, chillin'.

My brother was the kind of person

who could do whatever is possible
to make everyone feel happy.

Because he was so proud of me.

And he love you.

I love him too.
So much.

In the beginning of the
relationship, when we start dating,

of course I talked to my brother
about Kara.

I ask,
"Is this the right thing I'm doing?

I'm getting married really young.
What do you think?"

And he was actually
really supportive.

Having his support is like...

..everything is going to be OK.

Makes me want to be the best
in this relationship -

to love you, to support you.

I will be that man that
I always said

and I know he wants me to be.

And that's it.


Love you.
Love you.

Thank you.

I hope to see you soon! (LAUGHS)
Oh, very soon. Take care.

At dinner with my brother Matthew,
Thais says out of nowhere that

her dad doesn't know about
us getting married.

And, you know,
I don't know what's going on.


I'm liking. I loved! (LAUGHS)

Oh, um, there was one thing...

..that I didn't really understand.

I think you said that
you didn't want to tell your dad

that we are getting married.

What does he think?

I don't...

I don't told him because I...

Why would you want to do that?!

Why? Because...

..it's difficult for me.

You know, my dad is so
jea... jealous.

I don't think it's a good idea.

Your dad might think, right now,

you're here
just because I think you're hot

and just want to have a lot of sex
with you.

He might think that I have you here
for wrong reasons.

If you tell him that, you know,
we're getting married,

then he might feel better,
because then he knows we're serious.

I know, I know.

Your dad is the most important
person in your life,

and getting married is a big deal.

I would feel really bad
to marry someone

without their family or their dad...

..knowing I'm marrying them.

Traditionally, I can ask your dad
for, like, his blessing.

His what?
People do that.

You will ask him?
Yeah, I can. Yeah!

You don't need.
Of course!

Well, I mean, I want him to know!

There is not a single person that's
close to me that doesn't know

Thais and I are getting married.

I don't know what her intentions are

It's definitely scary. Maybe she is
just here for a free vacation.

Maybe she'll just go back to Brazil
when she doesn't like it.

Maybe she's telling her dad
the truth,

and I'm the one just being an idiot

she wants to come here
and get married.

It's my choice, and I...

DAVID: Look who's here.

Tada, tada!
Hi, buddy!

Oh, my gosh.
"Oh, my gosh" is right.

Hi, Dad! Nana, hello.
Hi. How was dinner?

What's new?

Check out the rock my honey got me!
Oh, my gosh.

Emily, that's beautiful!
I want to hear all the details.

I love the ring.

Kobe definitely put a lot of work
into pulling off this proposal.

I get home,
my family's all happy and smiling,

clearly know it happened.

It's so pretty, I love it.

To love. Congratulations.
To love. Thank you.

Should I put my ring in here
and show them how it happened?

I don't want to see that.

I can't believe
you didn't notice it. Seriously.

As I was sipping,
I was like, "What the heck,

what is that dinging noise?"

Then I looked, like, "Oh, my gosh!"
I couldn't even cry.

I was so surprised that
he fooled me.

VICTORIA: You had to drink it all
to get it? No, I took a chopstick.

Then I dipped it in water,

cos I thought it'd be sticky.
It would have been.

It's beautiful. Good choice, Kobe.
Yeah, good job.

Seeing a new side of Kobe

and realising he went to all the
trouble to go out and find the ring,

set up this nice date,
and give it to me,

I'm feeling really, really guilty
now that I bought my own ring.

It's, like,
really weighing on my conscience.

I don't really know
when to tell him about it.

I feel like, the sooner the better.

I'll tell him now
and get it off my chest

and it can be done with.

I mean, I guess I should confess
something. KOBE: What?

I bought my own ring
in case you didn't buy me a ring.


Because I liked it.

The jeweller gave me
a really good deal.

They were like, "Return it
if something else comes," so...

Are you returning it?
Yeah! I have to return it.

You're giving me an impression like
you felt like I couldn't do it

or I couldn't afford you
an engagement ring. Kobe...

I worked so hard for us
to have quality time together.

She coming up with another ring,
it's like,

You don't trust my words,
you don't take my words.

I'm going to take it back tomorrow.

I love my ring.
Sorry if it upset you.

Like, after a beautiful moment
we've had...

..I feel so insulted.

Like, seriously,
it was really hurtful.

This is the first new year's
that you're going to have here.

Yeah. Yeah, it's the first. (LAUGHS)

Today is Ethiopian new year.

It will be a new year. It's
very special for me, for my country,

for my religion.

Happy new year.

Oh, wow!
Beautiful, huh?

Happy new year!

Happy Ethiopian new year!

Happy new year.
How are you, Leandro?

I thought I don't have to say it
in Ethiopian.

Tonight is a very special night, we
are celebrating Ethiopian new year.

It's especially significant for us
cos Leandro is celebrating with us.

Leandro has been in our family
for more than ten years,

so the entire family has
tight relationships with him.

It's going to be great.

It's delicious food.
Wow, look at that.

Looks good.
This one's for me and Leandro!

(LAUGHS) It is.

Tell us everything that's here.
This one is doro - chicken,

and this is lentil.

Different than Argentina.

Beef, beef, and beef.
Yeah, exactly.

I like Argentinian food!
I do too.

Empanadas Benedetta, tartas.

But there is no much.
Oh, matambre - oh, God!

Choripan! Oh, my God.

OK, Mom, you ready?
I'm ready.

Which one?
I need lentils.

I'm Italian - I need lentils.

In Ethiopian culture,
they do gursha,

when they feed each other. It's
a sign of respect and affection.

Gursha is not about only new year,
gursha, like, any time.

That's why you have to do, like,
the gursha.

OK, Ar - feed me. (LAUGHS)
OK, Dad - open up!

JANICE: Wow, you fed Daddy!
Leandro, should I fed you?

Yeah, feed him!
I'm good, feeding myself (!)

You are my brother now.
In Ethiopia, we will feed you.

When in Ethiopia,
do as the Ethiopians do.

I can do that.
You're going to feed him?

That is a lot to stuff in!

No, just... You have to...

I'm going to... I'm gonna die!

You're too skinny.

It's good, like, strong.

He tried to choke him, Ari!

He's fine, don't worry.

Leandro, be careful.

I'm going to keep an eye on that.

I'm going to feed you.

I never like to do the big ones,
but for you...

Let's torture Bini
the way he tortures all of us, OK?

It's your turn! Let me feed him, Ar.

Don't feed me small, I like big.
I'll try my best.

I'm not the best at rolling.
JANICE: Don't give you small?

It's not my culture.
You have to bring, like, big.

I feel like Bini is a tinish macho,
as they would say in Amharic -

"tinish" meaning "a little bit".

He could tone it down a little bit,
he could just be nice to the guy.

It's cos he's feeling threatened.

Make it big.
JANICE: Oh, my God, Ari!

I'm going to make this the biggest...
One layer!

That is spicy, no? He has a huge
mouth, he can handle it. (LAUGHS)

OK, baby.

That is so much.

JANICE: He's not choking.
I did it wrong.

Mom, look at it - it's very tiny.

You know?
She has tiny hands.

Hey! How are you doing?

How are you? Hello, hello.

Kristin, come over here.
What did I miss?

Oh (!)
Sit next to me and Pedro.

They tried to kill each other.
Oh, boy!

No, I feed him.

What else do you do for Ethiopian
new year - do you have champagne,

do you wait till midnight,
what do you do?

Actually, we drink, like,
traditional drink,

like, honey wine.

The other thing,
we change a new thing,

we change the paintings,
the house new.

Everything is new,
not just happy new year.

New changes for the year,

like, you start telling the truth
all the time.

ARI: I like these changes.

What are the changes that are going
to happen in this relationship?


Ari, like, sometimes,
she don't have patience.

But Biniyam, maybe you should just
try to tell her everything.

What about if she yell at me?

Why would there be any yelling if
he's doing what you want him to do?

If he tells the truth. If you make
a mistake, you take responsibility.

You have to make a deal - if he
tells you the truth, you don't yell.

A relationship, like,
is not perfect.

My mom-in-law, she have good idea,
just only, you have to try.

OK. Well, what about you?

I can't fix it alone.
No, I will fix it.

I'm focus on you and Avi too,
don't worry.

Soon, we're getting married.

I thought, you, Kristin, and Leandro,

we could all go dress shopping

Why I'm not coming there,
why would me and you...

You're not supposed to see your wife
in their wedding dress.

Why don't you go with your mom?
It's better if you go with a girl.

When you guys got married,
did you wear a dress?

Leandro picked that dress.

Wait - did I? You picked
a bright, hot-pink, very low-cut.

JANICE: He's going to pick the bra
that you wear under the dress.

You have space in your luggage?

Uh, I mean, a little bit.

We're headed home today, and I'm not
quite sure what I'm heading home to.

You probably could get more in there
if you, like,

fold it up a little bit better,

Here, I'll just put the shoes
in this one. Yeah.


Don't worry about that.

But um,

I was thinking, if I can have
a conversation with your lawyer.

About what?

I was thinking, I need
to put a timeframe on this contract

when it comes to having children.
What are you talking about?

Like, having kids before 40 for me.

You have your contract,
have the things that,

you know, protecting yourself.

I have to do the same with me.

Are you going to abide by it?

That's interesting.
You go from not even knowing

if we're going to get to the...
the end of the line, or marriage,

as far as having a wedding.

You want to make sure that
things are good and right

in a relationship between us
before you...

I could say the exact same for you.


Could you please be very gentle?

You're just yanking on the zippers
and stuff like that.

Do you have everything packed?

Good, OK. Let's get to rolling.

You got your ID, your wallet?

Oh, thanks.

You have my passport, right?
I do not have your passport.

You don't have my passport?

Didn't I give you my passport
to put away? Yeah, I put it away.

That means you have it.
No, I don't have it.

Come on!
It's put away.

It's put away?
I don't physically have it.

It's right here in the bag.
OK - you have my passport!

Yes, babe,
your passport is in the bag.

Remember, when I put it in there,

I told you I was
putting it in the bag next to mine?

We've got to get to the airport.
You guys about ready?

Yeah, I'm ready.

You through yelling at me?
I wasn't yelling!

I was hoping that this trip would
reignite our romance,

would help us get down the aisle.

The trunk should be open.

But right now,
it feels like we're further apart.

I... I honestly don't know
what's going to happen next,

I just don't know.

I really hope
everything works out with you guys.

I can see there's a little tension
going on -

you guys are really quiet.

I hope you enjoyed your trip, and
you get to work things out. Mm-hm.

You know?

You guys want to come and visit?

Love you. Thank you so much
for the ride and for everything.

Love you too.
Thank you, Nefertari.

Coming to America, I was expecting
my fairy-tale romance,

like, the American dream.

I thought Bilal was the man

I'm supposed to spend
the rest of my life with.

It hurts me to say this,
but I'm not sure any more.

Watching football.

What do you think you want to do -
go walk The Strip, go to casinos?

Uh-huh, casinos.

OK. You going to tell him that
you're going to get married?


The more I think about
this situation,

with Thais not telling her dad,
the more I just can't stand it.

It's really immature.

I don't know if she thought I was
going to let this go, but I'm not.

Thais's dad needs to know that
we're getting married.


This is not OK.

Getting married is not
something you hide,

you're supposed to
have your family involved.

It's time to change the plan.

OK, then,

You think we're getting married,
then you tell him after?

I will call my dad and say hi,
and you can't say anything, OK?

You can call him alone.

I'm not going to be a part
of this lie, this is YOUR lie.

That's what I thought our plan was,
but if we do this the wrong way,

your dad's not going to
want anything to do with us.

Yes (!)

Um, take right.

All right.

What type of place are we going to?

Is it a bar, is it a store,

where are we going?
You will see.

After the argument about her dad,
Thais feels bad,

and she wants to take me somewhere
for a surprise.

Almost there.
Is this it?

Yeah! (LAUGHS)


Oh, this is fucking funny (!)

Why fucking funny?
You want to get married right now?

Looks beautiful, looks nice!


Come on, come on! Let's get married,
let's get married! No.

Let's get married, please!
No, no.

I don't want to get married tonight.

What's the matter with you?

You haven't even told your dad!

Let's get married now,
and FaceTime with my dad.

We're not marrying now.


No. No, not tonight.

Like, this is crazy.
No crazy!

No, this is crazy.
We are here in Las Vegas.



This isn't how
I imagined getting married.

I want to have a real wedding.

Even if it's a small one,
I want it real.

This is how you marry a stripper.
You deserve better.

Let's go.

I know that there has been talk
in regards to a prenup.

I have to know you're not just here
for what he has.

I have a life in Trinidad,
I'm very known in my community.

But he needs to protect himself.

Unfortunately, we're going to have
to push the wedding back a month.

Are you kidding me?

Maybe you don't want to get married.

I can start packing my bags.

You can't get married,
THEN tell your father.

Yes! For now, yes.


Why you told John about my father?

It's not his business.

He's my brother.
He's my business.

I'm not really feeling well.

What are you feeling, feeling vomit?
A little nauseous.

When was the last time
you got your period?

Oh, my God!


You're so stubborn, Mimi!

It's MY wedding, it doesn't have
anything to do with... Stop. Stop!

But I really don't have time

to listen to this stupid idiot
any more.