90 Day Fiancé (2014–…): Season 9, Episode 1 - Ketchup to My Mustard - full transcript

Divorced dad Bilal plans to test his fiancee when she arrives. Kara heads to the Dominican Republic to pick up her young beau, Guillermo. Jibri hopes to sway his Serbian love to stay in his hometown. After two years, Emily welcome...

Give one, like, shout,
and just let it out, just once.

No, that's all you.
She's finally here, let's go!

We swiped right and I was, like,

This is the hottest girl
I've ever seen in my life.

Please be real.

We just arrived in JFK.


Oh, my!

He looks so good.

So good!

I'll be coming to Kansas City to
spend the rest of my life with you.

We've only spent seven days together.

And we're about to get married.

Does she really love you for you,
and not your money?

Because you think you know somebody,
but you really don't.

Mohamed was completely shredded.

He's half my age, but he said
he wanted to marry me.


Do you even trust me?

How do you not know?

We're getting married in two days.
I mean, are we?

You tell me.

One thing's for sure.
You better not get pregnant.


Damn, babe, you're ready.

I can't even believe we are doing
a pregnancy test right now.

You told me, "Oh, you're wearing
a bikini, you're naked."

I was not naked. I don't wanna be
judged, I'm a grown-ass woman.

You are going to be my wife.

I no crazy.
No, no, no, no, no.

Living with my brother
is gonna be really awkward.

I live here too.

I'm your family.
That's my family too.

You guys got to figure out whatever
it is. You and me come first.

Living with his parents, he's
definitely going to have to change.

I feel like I'm being given
an ultimatum. Exactly.

Do you wanna take
everything that I have?

The person I fell in love with
was the guy I met in Trinidad.

We treat you like a sister but you-
You don't treat me like a sister.

She don't respect us,
she don't respect him,

and I think she's psycho.

I'm not going to marry you guys,
I'm marrying Biniyam.

♪ CARMEN: Habanera

My name is Bilal, I'm 42 years old
and I live in Kansas City, Missouri.

I am what you would call
"hood bougie".

Bougie is high maintenance.

Kind of going just a little bit
beyond the norm, you know?

Instead of drinking your normal
bottle of water,

you may drink sparkling water.

I do appreciate nice things,
nice suits, I love watches.

However, at the end of the day,

I didn't grow up in the suburbs,
I grew up in the hood.

And that really makes me who I am.

I'm the type of person
that's listening to Tupac

while driving to Whole Foods.

I'm laid back, I'm energetic,

but obviously I do have my quirks,
like anybody.

I'm pretty...

..mildly conservatively...

minimally, OCD.


I'm putting this back in because it
doesn't belong out like that.

It belongs straight.

Being detail oriented
has for sure helped me

achieve some of the successes
that I have had.

Where I'm at right now in life,
you know, I'm very grateful.

Because coming from, you know,
where a lot of inner city kids,

specifically black kids,
some of us don't make it out.

You know, and I'm extremely fortunate
that I have been able

to achieve the American dream.

♪ Never been around wealth
now I'm surrounded

♪ Nice cars, got the mansion right
next to the fountain

I contribute everything that I've
done well in my life to my faith.

I was born and raised Muslim.

In a Muslim household,
you know, we pray five times a day.

And it's really
the centre of who I am,

it's the root of what makes Bilal,

There you go.


Right, awesome.

I am a real estate investor.

And I'm also a real estate agent.

Today I'm showing a client,
but it's not just any client.


This particular person, I definitely
know their needs, their wants,

and exactly, like,
what they're looking for.

What's going on?

Yeah, the neighbourhood looks good.
Do you like?

Your bathroom, full bath,
right over that area.

Today's client
is actually my ex-wife.

This is where the...
what they say "the magic" happens.

This is you and your husband, right?

Beautiful bedroom, spacious.

I love it. I love it.

Bilal's my ex-husband
and my real estate agent,

I really only trust him.

We're still maintaining a great
relationship, we're still friends.

I think we're better friends now
than we were when we were married,

but, yeah.

And then you have your beautiful
massive closet.

And you know I need closet space.
We know how you do.

We were married for ten years,
and we have two amazing children...


..our daughter Zaynah, who's 16,

and our son Yusuf
who is 13 years old.

Now, you do know that this is, like,
45 minutes from your house,

so you're gonna be
dropping the kids off?

It is...
It is quite a bit of a drive.

So we're gonna have to be
working out a schedule

where we can meet halfway
or something.


When we went through our divorce,
seven years ago,

it was a very rough time.

No matter how much you love somebody,
and how much you want things to work,

nothing can prevent a person from
waking up one morning and saying,

"You know, I'm not in love with you
any more."

And I felt like I was a failure,
you know, I failed my children.

So when I met Shaeeda, you know,
it was a gift.

♪ You light me up inside
and make me come alive

#You know you hit me like,
like, like, like

She's 37 years old,
she's a yoga instructor.

I'm sitting here enjoying
this beautiful weather.

And she's from Trinidad and Tobago.

Love you.

Now, Shaeeda have some mutual friends
on social media.

Out of the blue one day,
she got into the DMs

and she expressed
that she was interested.

You'll always be incredible
and beautiful in my eyes.

I thought she was very beautiful,

but her name, I was, like, it is way
too close to my ex-wife's name.

Their name is so similar

that I actually
avoided talking to Shaeeda

because of her name, initially.

But finally, you know,
I couldn't resist.


One of the things that I absolutely
love about Shae is just her drive.

She's an entrepreneur,
she started her yoga business,

she has the will
to want more in life.

And we were talking and things were
vibing well and then I was, like,

"I have to see you,
I have to see you in person,"

and that's when I made plans
to visit her.

The one and only.

Seeing her was really great.

She's very shy
when she doesn't know you.

Sometimes an uncomfortable shyness.

Stop being shy, stop being shy.

But the beauty of her is, as she
starts to be around you much more,

then she starts to open up.

I spent seven days in Trinidad,

so we only spent actually
seven days together physically

before we decided that,
"OK this is official."

I always kind of had like in the back
of my mind, an idea perhaps that,

"Hey, if she's what I think she is,

I'm going to bring a ring
just in case."

And just in case did come to pass.

She said yes, and we applied
for the K-1 visa,

so that we can start our lives here
in America as soon as possible.

I'll be coming to Kansas City,

to spend the rest of my life
with you.

Couple of months after I visited
Trinidad and Tobago,

COVID-19 took over the world.

So I have not physically seen Shaeeda
close to... close to two years now.

I have some pretty big news.
So remember Shaeeda?


It's been a long process
waiting for her visa,

but we finally got everything,

and she's gonna be coming in town
this weekend.

This weekend?

I knew a little bit about Shaeeda

but I really don't know too much
about Bilal's dating life.

If she leaves the socks
on the floor...

There's gonna be some issues.
..is she gonna be out?

She might have to sleep on the couch.

You know I am meticulous a little
bit. I am a little OCD.

Yes, you are crazy.

Yeah, crazy good, though.
Crazy is not always bad.


I'm not surprised it's taken Bilal
seven years to find love again.

Bilal's very picky,
and I wish them luck.

Obviously she'll be, you know,
at the house with the children.

You know, I definitely wanna make
sure that, we just on the same page.

And I appreciate that.
So do you feel comfortable enough

to where you will marry
this woman tomorrow?

Yeah, you know,
we actually, you know...

our Nikah spiritual union, you know?

There are a couple of things within
our religion that we do not do.

Like, we don't have sexual
relationships before we get married.

So Shaeeda and I thought that
it would be best to have a Nikah,

it's like a marriage,
it's a spiritual union.

Now, we're not married
under the laws of the United States,

but under the eyes of God,
we are married,

so she can live at my home,
we can be together.

How did you guys meet?
Really just through social media.

Brother, I know you be on Facebook
flexing and all that other stuff.

I really don't.
Yeah, you really do.

So does she... Do you think,
or do you know, or are you sure...

Does she really love you for you?

Because, you know,
we know you got your money,

we know you drive
a little Mercedes and...

Why it got to be a little?

Women can be blinded by the lights,
the glitz and the glamour

of what she thinks you have.

Even though you think I stunt,
I really don't.

The funny thing is, like, I purposely
like, don't show what I have.

Are you serious?

She's never seen my house.
She doesn't know what she's
about to be living at?

No, she doesn't see, like, you know,

even when we video chat,
you're looking at a wall.

I've never shown her some material
things related to my success,

because I wanted to see
if she was really in it for me,

not just what I have.

Unfortunately there are some people
who they would consider gold diggers

and there's a lot of things that we
still don't know about each other.

You know, you want somebody to love
you or be with you for you,

versus than what you have.
Yeah, I get what you're saying.

That's a, that's a...
That's pretty cool, though.

That's a good little game to play
but you crazy for that one.

Is she gonna sign a prenup? Are you
gonna be protecting your assets?

I think it's important
to have it in place.

There are certain things that I wanna
be able to protect for the kids.


You don't wanna marry somebody
and the next thing,

they got half of everything that you
have, and they never helped build
what you have.

I don't know
if she's using him for money,

I've never sat down and
had a conversation with her.

But I stand for my kids,
and just for their protection,

and so in the end I just hope
that he puts his paperwork in

to protect his assets,
as well as the kids' too.

You need to have this in place,

because you think you know somebody,
but you really don't.



2 00:13:56.520... 00:13:59.040 align: middle line:90% position:50%
Yeah, sounds good. You just let me know what you need,

and I'll be happy to help.

My name is Kara. I'm 29 years old and
I live in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I live, breathe
and dream about balloons.

We have two types of frames,
we can do the circular frame

or we can do a big
square eight by eight.

I make big balloon garlands.

I like being able to help people
celebrate fun times.

Especially now because people
can't gather as much.

If they can make an event
feel special

with this elaborate,
monstrous fricking balloon arch,

I think it brings a lot of vibes,
you know, to the party.

It's a lot of creative fun, but they
can also be really stressful.


Oh, shit.

This is something
that I came up with during COVID.

I think everybody had a thing
that they go into.

Because everybody had so much time
and mine was balloons.

But really,
I'm the Jill of all trades.

I've been a chef,
I've done barista-ing.

I have been a dancer
and been paid for that,

singer, I've been paid for that.

I recorded audio for audiobooks.

Massage therapy...
I mean, the list goes on and on.

When I was 20, I started
travelling all over the world.

I lived in four countries,
now I speak three languages.

I was partying, drinking,
and meeting tons of people.

You know, living my best life,

and I definitely was not setting
aside any time for relationships.

You know, like, I am the epitome
of party girl,

on, like, the highest level.

Then two years ago, I took a job that
sent me to the Dominican Republic,

and then I was literally
just sitting at a table,

working on my computer,
with my colleague,

and this waiter
strolled up to our table

and said, "Ladies, tequila time."

And I was, like, "Damn, he's cute."

And my colleague was, like, "Yeah,
Kara, he's cute but super young."

She thought he was like a young boy,
which he probably... I mean, he was.

But he's a beautiful young boy.

I mean, he was 21,
it's definitely legal.

Yeah, little cougar action over here.

And then we exchanged numbers,
started chatting,

and one thing led to another.

His name is Guillermo, he's 23 years
old, from Caracas, Venezuela.

And he's been living in the Dominican
Republic for the past four years.

I love you.

Guillermo is beautiful,
brown, chiselled jaw,

fat lips, I call them my pillows.

Even his grandmother says
how he has a sexy mouth.

And if Granny says it,
it's got to be true.

So I had the opportunity
through my job

to actually move down
to the Dominican Republic

and that changed everything.

Within a few days of me landing,

he was pretty much spending
every night at my house.

We even adopted our dog,
Chiqui Mama, together.

Guillermo has literally made me a
different person in a better way.

I've been in relationships but
I don't let them get that serious.

And so I think, before I was
a little bit rough and tough,

not letting people in and Guillermo
has nestled his little way

right into my heart,
and made me soft.

We had been living together
for about eight months.

He arranged for us to go
to this really beautiful hike

kind of through the jungle, and ended
up on this really huge rock.

And he just, like,
dropped down on one knee

and I started crying.

It was just so beautiful.

I don't think I ever thought the
tequila time guy would be my fiance,

you know?

Blub, blub, blub.

We decided to go ahead and move
forward with the K-1 Visa

so that we could start our lives
in the United States.

The job that I had going down,
fell through.

And the US has more, like,
job opportunities

and I wanted to start
a real estate career,

and I feel like I can do that better
here in the United States.

All right, Chiqui,
you ready to call Daddy?

It's time.
It's time for a video call.


You look so cute.

Chiqui is excited to see you.

She's good.

When I left Dominican Republic,

we had, like, a month maybe
before his interview.

And then COVID happened and
so what should have been a month,

has become a year.

It sucks, but after all of the time
apart, all the time waiting,

Guillermo has finally been approved
for his visa.

And I am so excited,
I just wanna scream,

but I know that we still have a
really big hurdle in front of us.

Are you worried at all, going to the
airport with your expired passport?

You are worried?

Guillermo currently holds
an expired Venezuelan passport,

and Venezuela right now is having
an incredibly difficult time

Are you already packed?
Do you have everything ready?

Almost ready.

Luckily the United States and
Venezuela have an agreement

that they are able to use that
passport only for visa purposes.

And you have your passport
and your papers and everything?

Are you sure?

Now I made you question it, no?

I have chose to go down
and kind of escort Guillermo

back from the Dominican Republic
because they say it won't be an issue

but I feel like,
what airline's gonna let you check in

with an expired passport and be,
like, "Yeah, sure, get on the plane"?

It's OK, I'm gonna be there. I'm
gonna be there in however many hours,

and we'll run through a list to make
sure you have everything you need.


If I didn't push Guillermo, I don't
think things would get done.

I mean, I had to do all of his K-1
paperwork and because he's so young,

I think that Guillermo may not be
taking this seriously enough.

Everything is gonna be OK.

You know, like, 23 is...
I don't know.

He, you know,
thinks he's ready to get married.

But sometimes I'm, you know, a little
concerned about how young he is.

So how do you feel, like,
about leaving

what's been your home
for the past five years?

I know.

My biggest fear is
that he won't like his life here.

You know, he's coming to a place
where he doesn't know anyone.

All he has is me.

So, yeah, it's definitely
gonna be different

and especially being pressurised
under a 90-day timeframe.

It definitely gives me some concern.

I got to go, actually.

Too fast.
Not too fast. I got to go, babe.

Honestly, if Guillermo and I didn't
work out, I would be crushed.

I just can't imagine
finding another person

that would make me wanna get married.

Chiqui wants to say bye as well.

All right, I love you. Bye.

2 00:22:17.760... 00:22:19.480 align: middle
line:90% position:50% (ENGINE RUNNING)

My name is Jibri, I'm 28 years old

and I live in Rapid City,
South Dakota.

I'm out there, I'm out the box,
I got a lot of tattoos and crazy hair

and dress like I'm from some other
planet sometimes.

Growing up, I was a jellyfish
in a small pond.

I was colourful and wild,
I didn't really fit in.

How you doing, sir?

My role since I was five years old,

has always been the jester,
the clown, the wild card,

the black duck.

And I didn't embrace that role
for a long time until I realised,

I bring a lot of colour
into people's lives.

This is who I am, and I am goofy and
I am wild, and I got a lot of energy,

what you gonna do about it?

I love to create, so whether it be
fashion, art, clothes,

but mainly music, that's my soul.

♪ One, two, three, let's go

All right, I'm gonna go stupid
on this one, bro.

♪ Because I've been stuck up
in a rat race

♪ Chasing material

♪ Life's like a merry go...

♪ Rat race

♪ Chasing material

♪ Damn, where my money go?

That's it.

I've been making a lot of solo music

But also I'm the front man
for a band named Black Serbs.

♪ Don't stop, don't stop

Black Serbs is a wild group
of young hungry artists.

We create space punk music,
which is punk rock

mixed with electronic hip hop.

♪ Everybody in the club searching
for love, love, love, love

There would have never been
the Black Serbs

if I hadn't have met my high school
best friend and bandmate David.

He is a refugee from Serbia.

It really had a huge impact on me

when David took me there
for the first time.

It was life-changing.

It was the first country that I
travelled to from the United States.

And the food was amazing,
the culture was amazing,

the women are absolutely gorgeous.

I've been to Serbia over ten times.

About two and a half years ago,
I was on tour with the band

and I had been single
for three months.

I was very adamant about
not getting any relationships

or hooking up with anybody.

But that's when I met Miona.

She's a makeup artist from Nis,
Serbia, and she's 23 years old.

♪ It's your birthday,
it's your birthday,

♪ Miona birthday,
doing it the right way

Miona's a small, sexy fireball.

She's got a temper.
She tells it how it is.

Yeah, it's corny but the first time
I saw Miona in person,

I had the butterflies in my stomach
and you know,

I started feeling, you know,
a bunch of emotions.

But she's my soulmate.

I love you.

Miona and I got engaged in Thailand,
it was super romantic.

I had a red suit on,
she had, like, a yellow dress on,

we kind of looked like
ketchup and mustard.

But we looked fly, though.

And I got down on one knee
and she said yes.

I left home at 17,

I lived in various places
all over the United States

and I ended up in Los Angeles.

But since COVID happened,
my band is not actively performing.

On top of that, Miona and I spent
a lot of money on travel

and then also
with the K-1 visa process.

I'm home.

So in order to save money...

How are you? Good.
Oh, you look cute.

Thank you.

..I moved back in with my parents.

So you've been gone for a while,
were you, like, getting ready?

Yeah, I got a workout in

and just keeping my stress levels
low, you know?

My mother, Mahala, is a strong,
bi-racial, kick-ass therapist

from Rapid City, South Dakota,
and she does not play any games.

We're so much alike and we butt
heads, but she's my super hero.

What are you cooking?

Bacon and eggs and some toast.

Oh, nice.

My parents had me
when they were both super young.

My biological father wasn't present
in the early years of my life.

Brian is my stepdad, he's been in
my life since I was six years old.

I think of him as my dad
and I refer to him as my dad.

When is Miona getting in again?
She comes in on Thursday.

Miona's K-1 Visa getting approved was
the best thing that's happened to me

since the pandemic started.

And after not seeing her for months,

Miona's coming very soon and I really
want her to feel welcomed

coming to South Dakota
and coming to my parents' house.

What does she expect?

I mean, does she know
what she's getting into here?

Yeah, I don't know what she expects.

I think South Dakota's
a good starting spot.

Only she's not too excited about it.

You know, she wants to be in Los
Angeles, and I told her, like,

South Dakota is underrated
and this is like a hidden gem.

This is Middle America,
she's got to see that.

Growing up in Rapid City,
as a bi-racial young man,

had its challenges.

Rapid City is a small town,

usually there was no black people,
no people of colour.

And I really struggled with that,
you know,

I was too white to be black,
I was too black to be white.

After leaving Rapid City, I did not
wanna come back for a long time.

But now that I'm older coming back,

I realise that this is my home,
and this did turn me into who I am,

and who I'm growing to be as a man.

I think it's gonna be OK.
I hope it's gonna be OK.

I'm really hoping that
by bringing my fiancee here,

she can really understand who I am,

and she can see
the beauty that I now see,

which I didn't see
when I was younger.

I'm nervous.

I mean, I'm...

nervous about her pressuring you
to move before you guys are ready.

Her presence on social media
looks like

she would wanna live
in Beverly Hills.

That's not what we have here.

I'm not sure how long it'll take
for you guys to make that much money

to be able to afford
that kind of life.

What if you can't?
What if you're here for longer than-

Don't project that on me.

Don't project the fear on me.
Don't project it?

We got to speak it into existence.

How much money do you have saved to
support Miona when she comes here,

since she's not gonna be able
to work?

Why are you worried
about the money situation?

I'm a hustler.

Is she a hustler?
Not like me.

I can sell anything.

So you're, like,
avoiding the subject.

No, I'm just saying,
I can sell salt to a slug.

OK, that's not-

I can sell meat to a vegan eating
vegetables, I can sell anything.

You are... You are totally avoiding
the topic but OK. I'm just saying.

I'm serious,
all it's gonna take is one song.

Have faith.

I am concerned about Jibri and
Miona's financial situation.

I want Jibri to be
happy and successful,

in his career
and in his relationship.

But I also wanna make sure
that he is choosing someone

who is gonna be a real partner,

where they both are, like,
lifting each other up.

And don't have as much drama as I'm
a little bit worried there may be.

Jibri, we're really excited...

..that you are saying that you're
happy and we're excited to see that.

To see you two actually in person.

I mean, what, we've talked to her,
three times, four times?

On FaceTime.
On FaceTime.

I mean,
you guys are gonna live here,

so we're gonna have some


How do you think she's gonna respond
when we sit down with her

when she comes, and we're laying out
what needs to be done

to be a part of the household?

I think it will be cool as long
as y'all don't lay it out, like,



Are you hearing us?


Y'all sound like the...
Charlie Brown. Wah-wah.

Oh, thank you. OK.


You learn from experience,
so go ahead.

Oh, what are you trying to say now?
Sometimes, we offer up advice...

based on what we know.

And you sometimes ignore advice.
Like when?

When you jumped off a bridge
onto a train.

That was for a music video,
but I should have got a stunt man.

My foot still hurts from that.

Jibri jumps in. He doesn't test out
the water, he jumps in.

I am nervous this is really
a stranger, moving into our home.

I think Miona
has a strong personality,

so you're adding three strong
personalities in one household.

It can be pretty... can be pretty
nerve-racking, I think.


I appreciate both you guys
letting me stay here

and supporting me on this journey
because I know it's a lot.

Thank you, Jibri.
It's gonna be OK.

I'm nervous.
I know.

I just... I don't know.

I do have doubts sometimes.

Most of the time Miona
and I have spent together

has been vacation time.

We've been in the honeymoon phase
up until this point.

So now we're gonna be together
every single day,

and this is not her country.

So it's not like I can say, "Ciao,"
and go about my business.

Not to mention,
it's gonna be interesting,

Miona and I living
with my mom and my dad.

I hope that we will make this work,

but it could be,
potentially, a lot of conflict.

2 00:32:26.440... 00:32:28.960 align: middle
line:90% position:50% So who's gonna catch more fish?

Y'all ready?
Yes. Yes, sir.

My ex-wife and I share joint custody
with our children, Zaynah and Yusuf.

And going out on the lake is
something my children and I

love to do very often.

Want to throw the anchor out?
Zaynah wants to throw the anchor.

No, I don't. Come on, somebody
got to throw the anchor out.

Get to it, get, get, get to it, get!


Geez Louise!

Family, to me,
is extremely important.

You know, outside of my faith it's
the number one thing that I value.

My children,
they're everything to me.

I hope it didn't get stuck
on something.

The kids knew that we'd been trying
to get Shaeeda to come here.

So now that we actually got
her ticket,

now's the time to really tell them
that she's actually going to be here.

I have some great news.

You guys know Shaeeda.
Yeah. Right.

She's coming.
Actually, she'll be here on Sunday.

This Sunday?
Yeah, this Sunday. Are you serious?

Oh, wow.

We finally get to meet her, like,

because we only, like,
talked to her a couple of times.


Having Shaeeda, my kids,
having a good relationship is vital.

There's a huge risk to have her here

because any time
I invite anyone into this circle,

you know my children,
like, that's a huge thing.

So there's a lot of pressure,
lot of unknowns.

You know, it's gonna
take some adjustment.

What should we call her when she,
like, enters the house?

I don't know.
What do you wanna call her?


Yeah, you can call her Shae.
She has nicknames? Shaeeda.

If you wanna give her, like,
you know, a pet name or something.

Something kind of cool, fly,

kind of like comes off your tongue
really nice.

Like butter.
Like butter.

It's up to you guys,
whatever you're comfortable with.


Obviously she's not your mother,
so she'll never be your mother,

your mother is your mother.

I don't think she'll come in and mess
up any of the synergy that we have.

You know, I think that was something
that was really important for me,

to make sure that
whoever came into our home,

that they would be an asset to our
family and not take away from it.


Definitely excited to meet her
in a couple of days.

A little bit of nervous too.

I feel like she brings out
a happier side in my dad.

And I love to see that.

So are you gonna marry her?

Yeah, yup. So that's the goal.

You know, we got 90 days to do that.

Team positivity.

There we go.


Hey, babe.

I'm doing good.

What's up, what are you up to?

Packing some stuff.

The house?

What's wrong with the white wall?
That means it's clean.

It's not really hide, it's just that,

hey, you're on your way out here

You know,
might as well see it in person.

It's all good.


Obviously, you know,
there's gonna be some adjustments.

On all of our parts,
I mean, you know.

A huge adjustment for the children,
you know,

and also obviously
a huge adjustment for yourself.

You stepping into, you know,
a mother role immediately.

What's that?

Yeah, which part?

I think if you go into it...
just be yourself.

You know, and be the loving person
that, you know, you are.

At one point, I've only wanted
to talk to someone who was...

who had children themselves, because
I know that they're a good mother,

I know how they treat their children,
et cetera.

So meeting Shae
and she didn't have any children,

that was a little concern for me.

If my children didn't like her,

I would be, like...
I would be crushed, you know.

And I'm not quite sure
if we would be going down at all.

I just think that it's a bigger
conversation definitely

for us to have, you know?


Shaeeda, she's, like,
all about children.

She wants to have children, like,

She'll send me some random DM
of a little baby.

Like, "Oh, she's so cute."

And I just respond usually, like,
"That's cool."

You know, I'm getting to
a certain stage in life now

where children are getting older,
I'm getting older, unfortunately.

So having more children,
it's not like 100 per cent no,

but it's definitely not like a yes.

Yeah, we'll talk.

Hey, Tess.

Aw, you look so pretty!


You're getting excited.

My name's Emily. I'm 29 years old
and I live in Salina, Kansas.

Good girl.


Growing up in Salina,
we always had a ton of animals.

Could get out of school,
jump on my horse,

go to the neighbour's house and
just ride till the sun went down.

It was, like, the best experience.

Come on. Come on, Tessy girl.

I feel the same way, girl.

But Salina is such a small town.

It's quiet, you know, it's quaint,
there's not a lot to do.

It's basically a one-horse town.

All right, you ready?

Oh, God. Smells awful.

I wanted to do
bigger things in life.

I wanted to travel.

I wanted to get out and just
experience life to the fullest.

When I went to college,

the wild child that loves
to have a good time came out.

I definitely wanted to, you know,
party and not study.

I was, like,
"Oh, you know, what's a degree?

I'd rather go hang out with my
friends and have a good time."

Nothing really holds me back,
I just do what I wanna do.

I was, like, "Do you wanna go
to Thailand for a month?

Sure, yeah, let's go."

"Oh, I should go to China
for the summer? OK."

So I was in Xi'an, China,
and I got the opportunity

to teach English there
for two months.

I definitely wasn't looking
to meet someone

and have a serious relationship.

I think I had about
two and a half weeks left

and one night I met Kobe.

And this is me in person.

He's 34 years old
and he's from Douala, Cameroon.

I love black guys, so of course I
found the only black guy in China.

But he's also an international
underwear model.

You know, obviously,
that's a perk too.

The night I met Kobe, we were
actually having a girls' night.

And I looked over my shoulder
and I saw this guy in all white.

He was, like, getting on,
like, his dance moves

and, like, his arms were huge
and muscular.

I was like, "Whoa, this guy's really
sexy, I've got to get to know him."

So, we hooked up that one night,
we had sex

and it was, like, really hot.

It actually, like, happened in the
shower on the floor for two hours.

Like, it was awesome.

I thought Kobe was just gonna be
a really fun one-night stand.

But things got really serious
really fast.

He was just so sweet and just, like,
a genuinely nice guy.

I knew it was somebody
who I wanted to be with.

I was, like,
"Wow, I really think I love you."

Like, even, so quick.

And we just did not wanna
leave each other.

That's when he proposed
to me in Xi'an.

Oh, my God.

Kobe and I had been engaged
for four weeks

and one night I was feeling
pretty weird, pretty different.

My boobs, like, really hurt
and that's when it occurred to me,

"Oh, shit, I might be pregnant."

I got a pregnancy test and I took it
about four o'clock in the morning

while Kobe was asleep.

And it showed up very positive
which was kind of a shocker.

I couldn't even believe that.

I think I bought four more
and took, like, four more tests

because I was freaking out.



I was really fearful
about his reaction.

But Kobe was, like, ecstatic.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom.

Even in second grade, I told my
teacher I did not need to learn math

as I was gonna be a stay-at-home mom
and take care of all of my kids.

We didn't plan
to get pregnant right away.

But we were so we decided,
"Let's do it

and let's do it together
in America."

Since everything
had been moving so fast,

I wanted Kobe to come to America
and meet my family

before making wedding plans.

So we applied for a visiting visa

and while we were waiting on that,
Kobe went back to Cameroon

and I went back to Salina
and moved in with my parents.

All right, you ready?

Which one do you want?
This one or that one?

Doesn't matter.

I was definitely nervous about
telling my parents I was pregnant.

They were already nervous enough
to let me go to China.

And here I come back with, like,
a very expensive souvenir, forever.

My parents were shocked
when I told them I was pregnant.

And I did feel bad.

I didn't wanna upset them or
disappoint them in any way.

My mom's really upset
because I wasn't married.

She didn't know Kobe, and she didn't
know how this was gonna work out.

How well do you guys really know...
You spent how much time together?

A couple of months?
Like physically, yeah.

I mean, let's face it, your track
record hasn't been great.

Yeah, I know.

But Kobe's a good one.

He's one who's gonna break it.

I hope so.

In my early 20s, I definitely didn't
have very good self-worth.

So I'd just, like,
hook up with guys.

I went for, like, the bad boys.

I mean, two of my exes
are incarcerated.

You know, it's one thing if it were
only you. But it's not only you.

You know, have to consider the baby
and what's best for him.

The week before my due date,

we found out Kobe got denied
his visiting Visa.

It was heart-breaking for me because
I always thought he would be there.



I was really emotional
when my son was born.

You're crying but you're happy

but you're crying
because his dad's not here.

So after Koban was born, Kobe and I
decided to file for the K-1 visa

so our family could be together.

And then COVID happened
which changed everything.


We all thought he was gonna be here
by Koban's first birthday.

But, you know,
no one was allowed to travel.

They weren't processing any visas
at that point.

So, it's been two years
since I've seen Kobe.

OK, buddy.
You want some grapes?

There you go.

Our son is now 17 months old.
He's never met his dad in person.

It's, like...
it's just sad that, you know,

his dad's not here to, like, change
the first diaper, or you know,

to, like, throw him the ball
or teach him French.

You know, like, it's just been
Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.

So it's definitely hard, you know?

Can you read me a story?

Oh, hey, Koban.



Come here!

Come here!

Hey, hey, you want to call Daddy?

Want to call him?

After being apart for so long,
we finally got an email
from the embassy.

We got the interview and then
he got his visa and now, you know,

he gets to finally come see me
and meet his son.

OK, let's call him.


Say, "Hi, Daddy."


Dada! That's your daddy!

Yeah, we've been playing all...

We've been playing all day.

He's, like, a wild man.

But... excited to see his daddy.

OK, are you done?


All right.

That's OK.

I am not gonna cry, I don't know
why you think I'm such a baby.

Oh, my God.

Aw, that's so sweet.

Knowing that Kobe is finally
coming to America,

to meet his son, to be with me,

I am getting so nervous
and so scared.

I haven't seen him in two years.

I look completely different.

OK, so I have to go nurse Koban
because it's time for him to eat.

When Kobe and I were in China,
it was definitely honeymoon phase,

we were able to go to the clubs,
to the bars and have a good time.

And now, like,
I'm not a partyer any more.

I've changed a lot physically,
when he met me I was super fit,

went to the gym every day.

Now I have a mom bod
and we have a son,

and I don't know
if the chemistry is still there.

I don't know if he's gonna
find me attractive.

I really don't know what he's gonna
think of me when he gets to America.

It's gonna be crazy.

I'm gonna hang up on you now.
Love you, bye.


2 00:49:15.960... 00:49:17.480 align:
middle line:90% position:50% (QUACKING)


I've been living with my mom and dad
for the last three months.

Moving back home...

I guess I'm back to 16-year-old Jibri

and my parents are giving me
tons of chores.

I hate chores, I do not like chores.

Oh, shit.

It's been ten years
since I mowed a lawn.

Come on.

It's just kind of
funny and awkward for me.

I feel like I'm back in high school.

Hey, Dad, I know you said you wanted
me to mow the lawn today.

But I'm trying to figure out how to
start the mower, it's, like, dead.

I don't know if it just runs off
a regular power cord,

so let me know, please.

But I love and respect my parents
and they give me...

most of the time great advice.

I respect the fact that they allow me
to stay here and save some money.

So I'm really hoping that Miona can
grow to appreciate South Dakota.


How are you?
Oh, you look like a sexy zebra.

Where you at?
You bought that for me?

Of course you're shopping.
So if you're going to be shopping,

don't just buy dresses and stuff.

You should buy, like, a robe and
sweatpants and sweatshirts and stuff.

Because it's gonna be cold
in South Dakota.

I know you don't like the cold.
But you got to, you know.

Maybe I'll buy you some cowgirl stuff
or something.


What you laughing about?
I'm being serious.

Hey don't spend all your money, OK,
today? Try to save some.

Miona's smart with making money.

However, she's not the greatest
with spending money.

And I definitely can't provide
for that Kardashian lifestyle

that Miona has been looking up to.

Because historically,
I haven't been smart with my money.

So that's one thing that I'm trying
to really work on for the next year.

So what's going on?
How are you feeling?

Are you excited about seeing
South Dakota?

Oh, OK. I get it, I get it.

See this is the thing,
the more we stay in South Dakota,

the more money we're gonna save.

And you're gonna be able to get
adjusted to the culture.

Not to mention, we could potentially
have our wedding here

and save a lot of money,
you know what I mean?

I know you want the beach wedding,
I know that's super important

but maybe just consider a wedding on
the prairie, you know what I mean?

We can make it nice,
have some horses.


I don't know how much money
Miona's bringing to America

and how much she's got saved.

Miona and I have not discussed
finances which is huge,

and it's very important,
especially when a lot of the pressure

is being put on my shoulders.

Los Angeles is a dream that is
obtainable but not right now.

And I hope that she can just
follow me in this direction

of staying in South Dakota, being
more conservative with our money

and understanding that we're thinking
about the long-term goal,

not just the present.

I know you don't wanna be here in
South Dakota but you can consider us

saving funds
and having a marriage here.

No, I'm not asking you to,

we won't be living in South Dakota
for the rest of our lives.

I'm just saying six to 12 months
and possibly getting married here.

Miona is thinking about herself
with the wedding,

and she's not quite thinking
about my perspective.

Because when she's often talking
about, "I want the city life,"

I hear her talking about I,
instead of we.

This is a marriage, now we're coming
together and we're joining, as one,

as a force, so this is where
we need to compromise

and sacrifice for one another.

I mean, I could be recording an album
with my band,

but instead I've moved back in
with my parents,

just to get Miona
to the United States.

Do you love me enough to stay in
South Dakota for 12 months?

So that was a no to my question,


Marriage is a super big thing.

So it makes me a little bit nervous

that we haven't completely figured
out how to compromise yet.

We need to stay in South Dakota
and we need to save money.

But I know that she's just really
excited to move on with our lives.

So I hope that she can have
some patience.

All right, bye, I guess we'll finish
this conversation later.

I just got to the airport,
I'm feeling excited,

and I'm sure the emotions
are only gonna multiply

while I'm waiting to board.

Today I'm flying to the Dominican
Republic to get Guillermo

and bring him back to the United
States with me.

I haven't seen Guillermo in over a
year, I can't wait to squeeze him.

And hug him, and see his little face.

Babe, I'm coming for you,

and this is the beginning
of the rest of our lives.

I'm going to fly down to meet
Guillermo in the Dominican Republic

because he has an expired passport
and that could be problematic.

I am literally a ball of nerves.

I'm just, like, getting more and more
anxious as the minutes go by,

but, we shall see how it goes.

I was part of the resistencia.

I saw so many things.

One day, a beautiful day,
I met Kara.

She's American, beautiful, talented.

And it was, like, "Damn!"

One night we were drinking
a little bit,

she was, like,
"So you wanna kiss me?"

I was, like, "Oh, my God."


And I was nervous
but in the same time,

like, "I won't lose
this opportunity."

That's the beginning.

When I met Kara,
I wasn't looking for a relationship.

Yes, I had little dates,

but you cannot even call them dates,

But Kara is, like, perfect for me.

Yeah, I mean she's... the one.

I haven't seen Kara
in almost a year.

It's feeling like a movie.

It's making me feel so nervous,
it's making me feel like...

Is she gonna still in love with me
when she see me?

Oh, my God.

How are you?


Love you.

Ahh! You look so cute.

How do you feel?

Better now.
Yeah? Yeah.

I'm so happy, I'm so happy,
I'm so happy.

Happy, happy. Yeah.
Beyond words, no words.

I love you.

I'm so excited right now, it's just
like, she's back home, you know?

Our home. Our home.

Now you're coming to my home
which will be our home.


I feel a little bit sad too,

I'm leaving friends,
but I will have new friends.

So it's exciting, it's sad,
it's many emotions

and in some way just because I'm
Latino, it's very dramatic.

I'm very excited, I just wanna hold
your hand and look at you.

And just...

I feel so happy,
like, finally back together. But...

So it's definitely
put a lot of pressure

because Kara and I have been
waiting for this for so long.

2 01:02:46.680... 01:02:51.320 align: middle line:90% position:50%
And I think we're almost ready, I just need you to toss the salad.


Who's that? Who's that?

God bless you.

Kobe arrives in a few days, and
I'm nervous because he's moving in,

not just with me and Koban,

but he's moving into my parents'
house with my entire family.

Oh, my goodness,
were you getting sleepy?

Here you go, buddy.

All right.

When I was younger, I didn't really
care what my parents thought,

because I was never in
a serious relationship.

But now that I'm older,
it's really important for me

that my parents approve of Kobe.

Ideally I wish Kobe would have known
my family before I got knocked up,

but that's just not
how things worked out.

Kobe is gonna be here so soon.

It's gonna be
a whole different world.

I mean, it's just exciting
that he's coming and you guys...

finally get to meet him.

It is exciting.

Finally meet the guy that's gonna be
in my life for the rest of my life.


We don't know Kobe at all.

The limited exposure we've had
to him has been on the phone.

So the judgement's still out there
to whether he's a good guy or not.

But Emily is our wildest child,
you know,

her track record is not that good.

So we're hoping Kobe is the guy
that is the...

is the real deal.


Yay, Daddy's coming.


Well, how do you think Kobe's gonna
be just moving into the house

with the big family right now, all
under one roof, in Middle America?

It's a big adjustment overall,
him coming here, you know,

we're all sharing one bathroom,
five adults and a toddler.

I'm definitely
the level-headed sister,

whereas Emily is very carefree.

Emily's dating life, it's crazy,

kind of different
flavours of the month.

And so when Kobe
came into the picture,

I never thought we'd be talking
about her marrying this guy.

So I just hope that
it's not just this fantasy.

You feel comfortable
that this is the right guy?

Well, yeah, I mean-
You have a kid together.

Mama, Mama. I know, that's
what I'm gonna ask him too!

Does he love his mama?

OK, when he gets here, you can have
that conversation with him.


Koban. Koban, do you want some
cheese? Are you all done?

This is how Papa feels inside.

That's another problem.
How's he gonna discipline this kid?

Well, how do I discipline him?

Well, you don't.

So, I don't know. He's just a baby!

I know but maybe there's some
cultural differences there.

I don't know what they do in
Cameroon to discipline their kids.

We should look that up.

Do you think he's gonna take on
tasks like changing his diaper and-

Oh, yeah. He already said that.

I mean, I'm the grandpa but I feel
very paternal towards Koban.

And I'm going to make sure
I step back

and let him have
that quality time to bond.

But it's gonna be
a little difficult.

I have some concerns about that.

Just because you have Koban together,
doesn't mean you have to get married.

You don't have to get married
in 90 days,

you don't have to get married just
because you have a baby together.

You got to do
what's right for Koban.

If it's not...
If you don't think it's gonna work,

don't be afraid to say,
"Oh, let's call this thing off."

I mean you and Mom got engaged
after, like, a month, so...

Well, that was back in...

I'm just saying.

That was back in the '80s.
Oh, my gosh.

We all hope it works.

We all are hoping he's the great guy
that, you know, you say he is.

But he may be a different person
when he comes here. Yeah.

I don't know that if Koban wasn't
here, if Kobe would still be coming.

And my concern is that she's not...

head over heels in love
with him when he comes.

Or something's not the same
and she marries him anyway. Yeah.

Gonna be a big, big change, and then
all of a sudden he's gonna be a dad.

Like, it's gonna be crazy.

And you're not gonna have the wild
life you had in China.

I know, that's what's crazy.

He doesn't know Mommy Em,
he just knows...

I know, he's gonna have to be
domesticated very quickly

as far as being a dad, taking care
of a crazy one-and-a-half year old.

Not being able to do
everything he wants to do.

He's gonna have to be
a stay-at-home dad for a while.

He knows that, obviously he wants
to have that time with Koban.

How do you think he's gonna adjust
living in Salina?

Do you think he's gonna stand out,
moving here from another country?

I mean, there is, like,
a lower population of,

you know, black people here.

It's gonna be a big adjustment.

Yeah, I don't know, I kind of
thought about it, like...

obviously now Kobe's here,
so he can watch Koban.

And then I could get a job
somewhere else.

When I got pregnant, nannying just
kind of felt like the right choice,

my son could come with me.

But being a nanny doesn't cover
all of our bills,

and because of COVID,
and moving from China

where he was doing underwear
modelling, to Africa,

Kobe hasn't been able to work, he's
not an underwear model any more.

So my parents have helped out
quite a bit.

So he can't work for 90 days, right?
Six months.

Oh, six months?
They have to get married in 90 days.

I'm picking up the tab for six
months, I mean, he's just...

I'm supporting everybody
for six months, right? Yep.

All right, but one thing's for sure,
you better not get pregnant.


OK, all right.

I heard you. OK, but you haven't
seen the guy in two years.

You know, I mean have you got...
Have you...

Mom, take over.

I have birth control,
I just haven't taken it yet.

Well, it doesn't work if you don't
take it. Well, I know.

It's fine, we're not gonna have
any more kids. In this house.

We are ready to move out, we just
can't move out financially.

Does he have any money saved up?

Kobe opened a cafe three months ago,
four months ago in Cameroon.

After you applied for your visa?

He invested money, in a cafe,

knowing that he was gonna come
to the United States?


Sounds like this guy doesn't really
know how to make money.

And doesn't have a really good
business sense about him.

And that's a big problem.

Yeah, he doesn't have a good track
record on the business side. No.

I'm a little leery
about this whole thing.

I think my parents are sceptical
about Kobe coming to the US.

So a lot has to happen in 90 days,
you know,

he has to prove that he's ready and
he's committed and he's all in.

If we don't work out, and my son's
father has to go back to Africa,

that would be so hard, you know.

So it's just a lot of pressure
to make sure that we work out.

He's gonna be here for 90 days,

I'll be able to tell right away
whether he's bullshitting or not.

He's gonna have to prove to me
that he can support you

and especially Koban,
and himself in America.

Without me being involved.

We'll see what happens.

This is supposed to go here.


I'm breaking stuff already.

My fiancee Miona is coming to
the United States in three days,

and I am super busy, and overwhelmed
getting ready for her arrival.


There we go.

I brought your shoes
you left upstairs. Thanks.

What are you doing?

I'm trying to set up
a clothing rack for Miona.

I know she probably got
a bunch of clothes.

I told her to get rid of some
of her old clothes that she had.

Like just donate them or whatever,

but then she went and made
a bunch of other clothes,

so she sewed up some stuff
and designed some clothes.

Are the clothes kind of like
what she puts on Instagram?

Probably. She likes to wear
what she likes to wear, you know?


So I'm wondering what you're kind
of thinking it might be like

to have the conversation with Miona
about the way she dresses?

Well, she's not gonna be naked, Ma.

Well, some of those pictures,
she's kind of just about naked.

When you are a guest
in someone's home,

then you respect what makes
everybody more comfortable.

I'm not saying that she needs to
cover up all the time, at all.

But based on what we have seen
on social media about Miona...

..is wearing things
that seem to attract attention,

that I think would be
sexual attention.

That makes me uncomfortable.

And I feel like I need to have
this conversation.

Mom, let me explain this for you.

The half-naked pictures on Instagram
and everything that you're seeing,

that's a persona, not the person
that you're gonna meet.

She likes to wear revealing clothes

just like I like wearing
crazy colourful clothes.

I wanna make sure that she's
respectful in our house.

Is that OK?
Yes. OK.

It's strange for me having my mom
talk to me about Miona

and trying to control
the way she dresses.

My mom considers herself a feminist.

My mom's from Portland, Oregon

and grew up going to nude beaches
with my grandma.

And I don't know why she's starting
to be a little bit more conservative.

And I think what she's doing is kind
of testing Miona with the modesty,

to see if she'll be respectful and
see if she can fit in with my family.

So I hope Miona doesn't insult my mom

and I hope my mom
doesn't upset Miona.

Cos I don't wanna be
in the middle of this.

How will we go about
talking with her about that?

How are you doing with communication
with her?


I've watched you on FaceTime, right,

and you and Miona were, like,
having a disagreement

and she called you stupid
in front of me.


And was starting to yell at you,
so... Yeah.

I wanna know if I'm trying
to have a conversation with her,

is that how it's gonna be?

Because if it is,
that's gonna be a problem.

Yeah, I hope not, I hope you guys
don't get in a big fight,

or she calls you stupid or something.

But... Did you just say you "hope"
she doesn't call me stupid?

I think she's used to that Balkan,
Eastern European way of talking.

They have a whole different
communication style.

OK, so that's fine about, like,
being direct.

I'm very direct too.

But that doesn't mean
that I wanna be insulted. Yeah.

I don't want that.
I know.

I wanna like Miona.

Yeah, I want you to like her too.

My family does not know
what to think of Miona.

They only see
the social media profiles.

So I hope they can give her some time

and get to know the real Miona
like I do.

So we're gonna talk about

responsibilities to each other.

I mean, we're a pretty close family,

and I wanna make sure
that if you marry her,

that we stay a close family.

If I marry her?

You don't think I will?

I mean, you have 90 days
to decide, right?


2 01:15:11.200... 01:15:13.640 align: middle line:90%
position:50% ♪ Big house on a hill, leather seats on my throne

♪ Yeah, we started from the bottom
but my team, we own

♪ We own, we own, we own
we own, we own, we own

Today's the day
that Shaeeda comes in town.

It's been a long process,
a long wait.

Feeling excited, but I also feel like
I need to get all this stuff done.

A little bit of my OCD is kicking in.

So I just wanted make sure that
everything looks good, looks perfect

for her when she first sees
where she'll be staying at.


Here I come.

How you doing?
I'm doing good.

Today is the big day.
I know, right.

Oh, my goodness.
These look nice! Thank you.

I like these.

It looks awesome in here,
and of course,

you got your little special touches.

My little OCD.

Nefertari is my older sister,
my family is extremely close.

As the youngest child,
I look up to my brothers and sisters.

We're spread out around the country,

so for this she actually flew in from
Atlanta to be able to help me out.

And to meet Shaeeda.

So how are you feeling?

Not really nervous,

because I'm so busy doing,
like, a whole bunch of stuff.

Adrenalin rush.
I'm excited.

I have not met Shaeeda
face to face, of course,

but Bilal, he really went through
a lot in is past relationship.

It took him five years
to kind of open himself up

to start to talk to other people.

And because of that,
I'm very... protective of him.

I'm hoping that this is the one,
you know.

I'm a little bit... edgy a little
bit, you know, on this whole thing,

but I definitely, you know,
wanna see the best for him.


How do you think
you're gonna be able to deal

with having somebody in your space?

It's definitely gonna be
a little challenge for me.

You know, because...

I am used to certain things,
a certain type of way.

So getting used to somebody else,
or she may feel like, I don't know,

"I don't know if I can live
with this guy."

Or, "I don't know if I could
stay here in KC or in America,"

whatever may be.

And honestly, I think, that's where,
like, the 90 days comes.

You know, because though
we had the Nikah...

But you know, that 90 days
really will solidify,

like, "OK, do we really want to,
you know, legalise things?"

Because, I may feel like, "Hey,
she's not ready to actually be in...

you know,
a full-time regular marriage.

So I know for a while,
you know, you were like,

you know,
you wanna have more children.

You know, you're getting older,
you know, and she don't have kids

so I'm sure she wants children,

She does want children.
Here's the thing.

Originally she said she did not want
children. Oh, really?

Which actually gave me pause.

And then she mentioned
now she wants to have children

and she's, like,
to the tenth power now.

Like, just so eager to have children.

That's what I wanna know. Whereas
for me, I'm the exact opposite now.

Because I have gotten older
and everything and, you know,

the children are getting older too.

I wanted them all
to grow up together.

And you know, like,
is she 100 per cent in?

You know, is she 100 per cent,
you know, down and all that?

Because you know, the worst case
scenario is I would never, ever want

to have children with somebody
and the next thing you know,
they wanna bounce.

I can see how you would wanna wait
even though she's, like you said,

hers is heightened as far as
wanting to have children.

And I know she's never
been married before,

but has she been
in a relationship at all,

where she's been close
to being married?

Because, you know, being 37,
that's kind of hard to believe

you've never met anybody
to get that close to.

She has, I think she's been engaged
actually, like, twice.

Engaged twice?
Yeah. Engaged twice.

That's pretty far.

It seemed like like every
relationship, she's the one
that's broken it off,

which, sometimes, that gives me
actually pause too.

So did she tell you the reasons why?
What was it?

I know one...
I don't know all the reasons,

like, I don't, like, pry too much.

Oh, well, I think you need to pry.

As far as the relationship,
I do see some red flags.

Like, you know, she's 37 and
actually never been married.

And then never really been
out on her own.

It does kind of heighten my senses
to know that she's been engaged -

actually engaged - twice,
not just talking to someone,

but talking to someone long enough
to be able to get to that point

to get engaged and
then you don't go through with it.

So I don't know what's up with that.

It was very hard for me
to see him go through the pain

of dealing with breaking up
in a marriage.

So I would definitely not wanna see
him go through the pain again.

I think that was enough
for a lifetime.

Do you feel like
if you get to the point

where you're really really unsure,
would you go through with it anyway?

I don't know, I mean, there's, for
sure, a lot of nervousness there.

It would be pretty pretty hard
for sure,

you know, for things not to work out.

No, love hasn't been very kind to me.

You know, I've had my heart broken,

you know, and...


You just deserve the best, you know.

You've been such...
You're just such a good man,

and I just wanna make sure that,
whoever it is,

you know, she better act right.

I don't care who, you know.

I'm thinking that it's her,
but I just don't want you to...

..get hurt again like you said.

Whew! So, anyway.

Let's go ahead and get the rest of
the gifts and stuff set up.

All right.

Trying to make me cry.

So, OK, you did a great job on this.

Thank you, thank you.
We got Kansas City showing.

Well, I hope she will appreciate
all of this. Trinidad girl.

I think that would also tell me
something, if she doesn't, right?

Because it's, like...

I mean, I don't know
what girl wouldn't like that.

I love to, like,
do things, for people.

But at the same time,
you wanna feel appreciated for it.


When Shaeeda comes in today, I got
one more big surprise for her.

We're not gonna immediately
come to, actually, the home.

So she won't see this house, she
won't see any of her surprises,

any of the gifts that I got for her,
until the day after she comes.

I'm gonna pick up Shaeeda,
in a van that's not mine.

It's a work van, so it's been used,
abused for a little bit.

And also, I'm gonna bring her
to my childhood home,

the home that I actually grew up in.

You're gonna actually get through
the whole night first

at the family house?
That's the goal.

We'll see if it's like...

"Would you be down with somebody
if they had less than?"

Are you willing to help build,

versus just coming in to something
that's already been built?

I think that's probably
something like

a lot of men probably think about.

You know? But you know, these days,
you do have a lot of women

who have a lot going on
for themselves too.

You know, but still,
a lot of men think about,

"Does she want me for me?"


I've had some successes and they came
with a lot of long nights, hard work,

a lot of tears, a lot of sacrifice,
sacrifices and sacrifices.

You know, you want somebody who is
willing to make sacrifices

and meet me too there.

Well, I'm definitely hoping she
receives this in good spirit.


I'm putting Shae to the test
a little bit.

Because, one:
I'm a prankster, I love pranks

and I love just making people laugh.

So I wanted to see if I can get
a rise out of her.

But, two: I wanna make sure that
Shaeeda truly wants me for me,

and not for what I have.

"Like, if I did live here,
would you still be with me?

Would you still want to be with me?"

Here we are.
We're here.

I don't think so.
I'm hoping that she'll find it funny.

But since the divorce,
trusting has been very hard for me.

When you have a broken heart,
you know,

you never wanna have
that experience again.

I think it's a testing ground
just to see that,

"If I lived here, would you still
wanna be with me?

Would you wanna help build
something with me,

versus just coming to something
that's already existing?"

Shaeeda's always been saying that

she'll be willing to live under
a tent as long as it was next to me.

Wow, home sweet home, right?

Let's see if that's really the case.

Come here, princess.
This season on 90 Day Fiance.

This is your red carpet, baby,
do a little spin.

Let me get a little photo.

Oh, my God!

We are home.

I am not comfortable having
to live like I'm in the 1900s.

A lot of things
that needs to be fixed.

There's a lot of things that need
to be fixed with your attitude.

What's your name?
Nice to meet you. Guillermo.

Tonight is my high school reunion

and I haven't seen my ex-boyfriend
Chris since we broke up.

We were in love bad.
But what happened?

Kara kissed another dude.

Babe, are you crying?

I never thought
I was going to feel this way.


Welcome to America.
Is it freaking you out?

Being in the presence
of that many women,

it's not something that he would
normally do in his country.

Like, is this freaking you out?

Got a lot of it going on.

Why are we here?

I told you I wanted to wait.
Oh, no.

No. This is how you marry
a stripper.


Keep your hands to yourself.

Cos I can literally pull over
right now.

And you'll be taking an Uber
for the ride home.

You thought I was joking.

Am I that replaceable?

Well, then, go.

We're done.

Welcome, Biniyam Shibre!

Hey, so you didn't think to tell me
you'd be training with a girl?

Bini's deceiving me.
Get out of my face

Get out of my face.

OK, I'm done.

Miona controls the relationship.

I'm gonna be his wife. I have
his best interests always.

No one's seeing the real Miona
and everybody's judging her.

The band broke up because of Miona.

I'm reaching my boiling point.

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