90 Day Fiancé (2014–…): Season 8, Episode 19 - Tell All Part 2 - full transcript

While Andrew continues to fight to talk to Amira, she reveals new details about their relationship. Tarik and Hazel come face-to-face with their ex, Minty. Natalie confronts the woman she thinks Mike may have cheated with.

[shaun] previously on 90
day fiance: The couples tell all...

Natalie, you fought really hard
to get your engagement ring back.

Are you wearing it today?
I don't see it. Where is it?

Where is it?

So, do you believe she left it at
home so it wouldn't get stolen?

Guys going to strip
clubs is just... It's normal.

Jovi, this is the part where
you say, "I'll never do it again."

Yes, sir. I will
never do that again.

[sighs in exasperation]

I wanna bring in
mike's mom, trish.

I am here.

Trish, did you tell her to stand
up at the wedding and object?

I asked her if she would, yes.

I feel like a piece of [bleep].

I am so sorry.

[natalie breathing shakily]

My mom's my mom,
my wife's my wife.

I'm not choosing
one or the other.


Did you want her
to look younger?

[shaun] uh-huh. Okay.

[woman] there's amira!

But that makes no sense.

Just don't show me on the
camera. I'm gonna go home, guys.

This is not acceptable to me.


I'm going home.

I'm... I'm out, dude. Like,
I want my, I want my ride.

Nah, I'm going home, guys.

That's... This
is... That's it, man.

Like, I'm not going in
there unless me and amira

Are on the same stage
talking to each other.

That's how it's gonna go
down or I'm going home.

[crew member] right,
stand by, everybody.

All right.


Okay, um, okay, so,
the producer's telling me

Andrew, obviously,
is very upset.

They're talking to him right now and,
hopefully, he will come back and join us.

Um... Wow, what did you all think
about that? He wanted to face amira,

She's not ready to talk to him.

I feel like he took
the time to come here,

Amira's not here,

She doesn't have to see him in
person, that I can maybe understand.

Like, if they had a bad break-up,
whatever happened between them.

But to see him from a distance,
I don't think that's a big deal.

Okay, so, he said something that kind of
concerned me right before he walked off,

And I don't know if anybody
else heard it but me and zied,

But he said, "the only reason I came
here was to be able to talk to her."

Now, okay, that
didn't seem bad at first,

But the fact that she needed
to distance herself from him

And then, he only came here to be able
to confront her seems a little bit off.

I'm not sure why that bothers me

But something
about that isn't right.

That's definitely a
concerning comment.

- I agree with you.
- Yeah.

A conversation just like
everyone else has, you know.

How can amira and I have any
kind of consensus on what happened

If we can't even be in the
same room to talk about that?

And so, I'm not...
I'm not gonna do it.

If you guys can't get amira and me in
the same room, talking at the same time,

I am going home.

- [producer talking indistinctly]
- [shaun] okay, okay.

So, guys, we're gonna
bring on amira right now.

She knows that andrew has left and
we're not sure if he's gonna come back,

But we wanna give her the
opportunity to tell her side of the story,

And, um, hopefully,
we'll get some answers.

Amira? Are you there?
Can you hear me?

Hi, there. How are you?

I'm so sorry you feel that
way, amira. Just take it easy.

- It's okay.
- Yeah. Mmm.

When is the last time that
you had contact with him?

We watched your
journey this season.

You went through so much, amira.


[shawn] let's take a
look at what happened

When you tried to meet
andrew in mexico to quarantine

And enter the us to
start your 90 days...

[amira speaking]

[phone ringing]

[andrew speaking]

[phone line ringing]

I am absolutely devastated
at the news I just received.

Uh, amira's parents
told me that, um,

They told me that amira
is detained in mexico city

And I have no idea where
or who or how or what or...

I, uh, I don't know
what's happening.

[exhales deeply]


So, amira, what happened after
your plane landed and you got off?

[shawn] oh, my god.

You must have been terrified.

How long was it before they
released you from detention?

So... Did they tell you why
they were detaining you, amira?

- It's mexico, they don't care.
- [tarik] it's mexico, yeah.

Even in mexico... I don't know, it
doesn't make sense to me at all.

- It doesn't make sense to me, either. I don't get that.
- Thank you.

At what point did they tell you
you have to go back to France?

When you landed in
amsterdam, you had your phone,

Did you have
messages from andrew?

If I went missing
for three days,

My phone would be dead from
him trying to get ahold of me.

-Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. 100%
-and the other way around.

So, my question is the whole
three days you were in detention,

He knows you're in mexico city,

And then for three days,
there's radio silence?

You don't talk to him,
he doesn't talk to you,

And then when you got out of
detention and you got your phone back,

You had no messages
from those three days?

She said "barely nothing."

So, it was something. I wanna
hear his side of the story too.

I want andrew to be
here to explain himself.

chatter] -if that's true,

If that's true, that's
crazy, that's insane.

We're just really curious because
we wanna hear his side of the story,

But you don't want
him being here with us,

So it's kinda upsetting for everybody
here because we can't get that.

[andrew] hi.


Get 'em to tell amira that, man.

Because I literally
am here for the tell-all.

I'm not, dude. I'm...

I'm not walking
back in that room

Unless it's a room in which me
and amira are talking to each other.

Okay, I'm down.

I think she has figured out that
her words mean nothing to him.

[tarik] yeah.

So, when you say yell at you,

- Do you mean...
- Like, screaming at you?

[tarik] like, screaming at you?

Amira, I can understand you not
wanting him here if you're saying

He screamed at you often.


That kinda changes
my perspective on it.

[julia speaking]

Not the kind of guy
who's gonna yell.

[shawn] yeah.

I have to go home.
I'll take my jacket.

You're not gonna get it, man.


No, man. I'm...

I can't.

Okay, let me just
ask my producers.

He... What's going
on, is he coming back?

Oh, wow. Okay.

Okay. Okay.

Okay. Okay.

- Um, andrew has left.
- Damn!

- Wow.
- Oh, my gosh.

- Uh-oh.
- Okay.

[shawn] uh, he decided

That he wanted to
talk to you directly.

Obviously, that wasn't possible,

But, you know, we
wish him he very best.

All right, amira.

Many people thought that
after that experience in mexico,

You would just be
done with andrew.

But still you went to serbia in
hope of getting to the united states.

Why did you do that?

[woman] what?

Now the truth comes out.

- That's what we were missing.
- [jovi] yeah.

And then what did
you say to that, amira?

[rebecca] he told us a while ago

Because zied asked him,

"so why did she not
come to the united states?

Why are y'all not
together or whatever?"

He said because she
didn't get on the plane.

[jovi] there's so many
mixed stories, yeah.

[rebecca] which, if
you just hear about,

You obviously think
that that's her issue.

But if she's telling the truth...

[shawn] after you
returned from serbia?

Oh, my gosh!

Boy, that was fast.

That was very fast.

How did you know he
was on the site, amira?

You got a notification...

Amira, we're all so sorry that

You felt such pain
during this journey.

But let me ask you,
have you moved on

From this relationship?

[shawn] you are in
love with someone.

Who is this man?

Mr. Right. Okay.

Tell us about him.

[rebecca] where is he from?

- [jovi] are you coming to america?
- [all] yeah, where's he from?

[all exclaiming]

- Oh, my god.
- [all laughing]

Amira, we gotta talk.

[zied laughs]

Amira, I really appreciate you

Sharing your story
with everyone here.

Best of luck to you

And your mr. Right.

- [shaun] bye, amira.
- [jovi] see you soon in america.

See ya. [laughs]

[producer] okay. Five
minute break, everyone.

[russ] I need to stand up.

- Like a rollercoaster...
- That was rough.

- [whoops]
- that was rough.

I have no idea.

I would never call her a liar
because I don't know the story

- But the story seemed bogus to me, like...
- Yeah.

[jovi] I've traveled
to a lot of places,

- To a lot of very sketchy places...
- [brandon] yeah.

- And I've never had... -they don't pick
people at random and just detain them.


You don't detain
somebody for no reason.

There seemed to
be holes in her story.

And she was like,
"he sent no texts."

And next, it was like,
"he sent almost no texts."

I don't believe
either one of them.

I think they're both lying
about parts of the story, maybe.

[jovi] what y'all think?

Yeah, I agree.

[russ] she was like, she's
scared to death for her man,

She's never going
to be the same again.

And then she's like, "I'm
seeing another guy already."

Yeah, that was a little weird.

[jovi] I want to know
the truth, though.


[shaun] coming up...

To really understand how this
three-way relationship went wrong,

We need to talk
to the one person

Who's missing from
this conversation

And that is


Oh, boy.


[shaun] and later...

Tarik and hazel
aren't the only couple

Who've had to
deal with jealousy.

Mike and natalie have also been
dealing with jealousy issues of their own.

So mike, there's never been anything
romantic between you and sarah at all?


[producer] okay. Stand
by, guys. Here we go again.

[shaun] time to put the
spotlight on tarik and hazel,

The couple who wanted to
spice things up in a surprising way.

Hi, hazel.

Tarik and hazel, we saw you guys

Trying to navigate
being newly-weds

While trying to bring another
woman into your relationship.

Hazel, do you still
want to find a girlfriend?

No, no, no. I don't
have two girlfriends.

I have one wife.
Let's get that clear.

[rebecca] but once
you get married,

Isn't that the time that you
have made your choice?

Okay. Let me explain
to everyone, right?

So everybody can have a
little bit of education here.

Relationships that have
more than one person

Are not all always, you know...

The first thing people think is
threesomes, threesomes, threesomes.

It's all about sex.

That's not it

And it wasn't for us.

That's like asking somebody,

You know, who you met online

And you're chatting
with them for six months

When you meet them, right,

It's the first thing you think,

"I wanna try to have
sex with this person."

It's no different with us.

[tarik] yeah.

There are hundreds of thousands,

If not millions of
married couples

Who do exactly what we're doing.

I'm aware of that.

The term is polyamory...
Let me finish, please. [laughs]

And it is absolutely possible

That two married people can have

A girlfriend or boyfriend
of their choosing

And still absolutely have

A loving, moral,
upstanding marriage

Like everyone else.

She likes it. I like it...

So we do what we want.

[tarik] the thing about it is,

I have had wild days


This happened once before.

-Oh! -[shawn] okay.

Now we're getting
the real story.

It hasn't exactly been
a lifestyle, you know,

But, it has happened.

[shaun] okay.


That's great?


[all laughing]

[russ] sounds like they're
both on the same page.

You know, I mean...

Sounds like y'all
on the same page.

- [russ] it's just when and where is it gonna happen.
- Yeah.

That's what I've been
saying from the beginning!

I've been saying we're
on the same page.

All right, tarik and hazel,

I wanna talk more about
your shared ex-girlfriend minty

And how trust issues
from that relationship

Continue to creep in.

Hazel found out tarik was
still keeping in touch with minty

After they had
broken things off.

With this still unresolved,

The three of you
got on a video chat

And minty reignited
hazel's jealousy,

Especially when she saw
how tarik lit up during the chat.

- Let's watch.
- Oh, boy.

[phone ringing]

There she is.

Long time no see.

So how you been?

Uh... We're good.

We're trying to
find a girlfriend.

But we're not having any luck.

So I thought it
would be a good idea

To ask you,

Like what you think we should do

Because we got
a little bit of history.

Okay. To really understand how
this three-way relationship went wrong,

We need to talk
to the one person

Who's missing from
this conversation,

And that is minty.

Oh, boy.

Hey, minty.

Hazel, how does it
feel to see minty again?

Minty, what is your
opinion of hazel?

Tarik, obviously, hazel is
still feeling some kind of way...

- About minty.
- Yeah.

[shawn] hazel got very upset
that you were checking on her

During the pandemic.

I just had a "dumb man" moment

And just texted her
like, "are you good?"


I have never really
been able to lift that down.

Okay, minty...

You wanted to join
this relationship.

Um, why did it go bad?

Minty, when was the
last time you and tarik

Spoke or text each other?

When was the last time?

[shawn] yeah, when was the last
time you and tarik communicated?

[tarik] but now... But now...

There's clarification
that needs to be...

But how recently "now?"

Was it like a day ago,

Two days ago, three days ago?

We need to clarify here.

- [shaun] coming up...
- Do you want him to delete her number?

Wait, wait...

Tarik, how come you
haven't deleted that number?

We're kinda like friends now.

That is crazy.

[shaun] and later...

Natalie said that
mike was shirtless

And you're about
to get in the shower.

So nothing romantically happened

Between you or mike that night?

Minty, when was the last time

You and tarik communicated?

What happened?

[tarik] you know, after
we had this big blow up,

Hazel started a group chat.

That is crazy.

And she said, "yeah,
we've been through that,

But what we're gonna
do from now on...

Any time, for any reason,

Emergency or anything,

That you text her,
or she text you,

I wanna be able
to see everything,"

You know, because she
says she doesn't trust us two,

Minty and I.

Do you want him to
delete your number?

Yes, of course. A long time ago.

- [shaun] okay.
- Wait, wait wait.

Tarik, how come you haven't
deleted that number? How come?

Well because, since
that time, we have all,

We kinda worked out,
you know, the problems.

She's not gonna be in a
relationship with us any more

And we're kinda
like friends now.

I don't think hazel
considers minty a friend.

Hazel just said she wants
you to delete her number,

So now the big question
is, what are you going to do?

I didn't tell you I would
never delete her number.

And as a matter of fact...


[tarik] no, I don't... Well I
don't ever remember telling you

That I would never
delete her number.

What I remember telling you is...

Hey man, you should just
delete the number, man.

You gotta move on, man.


[shaun] okay. So,
minty, do you want

To still have communication
and contact with tarik?

No. We did not.

None of the three of us have.

Yeah. We met in
person for a weekend,

Right, all three of us.

But we never were intimate, no.


[shaun] uh, minty and hazel,

Has there been intimacy
between the two of you?

Tarik, did you want to have an
intimate relationship with minty?

No, I mean...

Nah. 'cause, 'cause, listen.

That is not why we met.

We didn't meet,
like to have sex.

Hazel, when I asked tarik,

Did he want to have an
intimate relationship with minty,

He said no, you made a
face like you didn't believe that.

I mean...

[tarik sighs]

Okay. So, we don't
follow anyone else's rules.

Okay, okay! All right.

Well look, different
strokes for different folks.

[shaun] all right.

Minty, thank you so much for joining
us and sharing your feelings. Take care.

- Thank y'all.
- [sighs in exasperation]

Tarik and hazel
aren't the only couple

Who've had to deal with
jealousy in their relationship.

Mike and natalie have also been
dealing with jealousy issues of their own.

Okay, mike and
natalie, I wanna go back

To a fight that you two
had at the last tell all.

The huge, huge fight.

It was about
mike's friend, sarah.

That was the time I said, "I
know this relationship was over,"

I said, "I was shocked."

Because that was
one of the most intense

Moments I think
that I have spent

At a tell all.

Let's watch.

[shaun] mike, what
is she talking about?

So, I have a best friend, she
wanted me to be like her best man.

Just the night
before the wedding,

I went back to the
house, slept on the couch,

Natalie was pretty much
assuming like we slept together.

[mike] cause her husband
was supposed to be there.

I didn't lie. I didn't...
That was the plan.

I wasn't naked.


[sighs in exasperation]

[shaun] well, uh,

Sarah never got a chance
to tell her side of the story.

But we have her here today
to set the record straight

About what really happened the
night that mike slept over her house.

- Welcome sarah.
- Hello.

How are you?

- I'm good. How are you?
- I'm good.

Sarah, did you think that natalie
and mike were a good combination?


Why not?

There's a lot of factors
that play into it, you know?

He's a jokester and
he likes to play around

And natalie is kind
of a serious person.


And then, there's the
huge cultural differences.

And it can be
extremely stressful, so...

[shaun] yes.

Sarah, when natalie thought something
happened between you and mike,

The night that he slept over,

On your couch, uh,
what actually happened?

Well, he flew in on Thursday,
I got married on Saturday.

He got in really
late Thursday night.

He came over to the house. I had,
uh, multiple people staying at the house.

And we hung out and
we went to bed, um,

My husband was
supposed to be there

But unfortunately, you
know, plans change.


So he ended up
staying at his place.

So, you knew mike was going
to spend a night at the house

But you thought that her
fiance was going to be there also.

Uh, when you found
out he wasn't there,

You actually thought
that they were intimate?

[shawn] sarah, did mike tell you

That he had told natalie
where he was staying that night?

What him and natalie talk about behind
closed doors, I don't get involved in,

So I just assumed it
was good between 'em.

I had never had any contact
with natalie at that point.

I'd never met her, I'd never
talked to her on the phone,

So it never even crossed my
mind that there would be an issue.

So he slept on
your sofa that night.

- Mmm-hmm.
- [sighs wearily]

Um, natalie said that when
they were doing their video chat...

[suspenseful music playing]

Mike was shirtless,

And that she heard you say you
were about to get into the shower.

Oh boy!

Sarah, natalie said that when
they were doing their video chat,

Mike was shirtless,

And that she heard you say that
you were about to get into the shower.

Um, to be honest with you, um, I
don't remember that ever happening.

If michael had a conversation with
natalie and he didn't have his shirt on,

I was completely
unaware of that.

Um, we had a very early morning,

It's not unlike me to
run through the house

Announcing that I'm gonna get in the shower
because I had a house full of people.

Hmm, exactly. [snorts]

All right. So nothing
romantically at all happened

Between you or mike, that
night or any other night?

No, no. We've
never been romantic.

So, mike, there's never been anything
romantic between you and sarah at all?

- No. Never, ever.
- [shaun] ever?

- Ever. Never.
- Feelings for each other?

No. Sarah, like,
is a sister to me.

- Like we were roommates and stuff.
- Brother and sister?

- Yeah, I mean, that's it.
- Uh-huh.

We're just like, just
really great friends.

- That's it?
- [shaun] that's it.


I'm a little
uncomfortable with it too.

Okay. And so sarah, what
do you think about natalie?

What are your opinions of her?

Um, to be honest with you, I...

I didn't care for
natalie in the beginning

Just because of, you know,
our introduction to each other.

It was not a nice introduction.

Tell me about the conversation you
and natalie had when you first connected?

[sarah] so, I was taking him
to pick up my wedding cake

And michael asked me if I wanted
to meet natalie over facetime.

And I said, "sure, why not?"

And she introduced herself and she
said hi, and she told me congratulations,

And then she asked me if, um, all american
women were whores or if it was just me.

-Oh! -No!

[sarah] she said it. [clears
throat] she said "whores".

Uh, and that was said
and then we proceeded

To have a screaming
match with each other,

Because I...

Didn't take well to
being talked to like that

And I said a lot
of horrible things

And she said a lot
of horrible things,

And at that point mike
hung up the phone.

Wait a minute, okay. Wait.

[sarah] she said it.

There was a lot of mean stuff said
and american whore got brought up,

And then she was told by her
friend that women in america

Can't have relationships with men
unless they're sleeping with them.

I think that's where
her insecurity came from

And maybe that's why
she jumped to conclusions.

But the first introduction was not a good
introduction and a lot of names were called.

Well, they're asking me what
was said and that was said.

- Um, so you're saying, you heard it, sarah.
- Yes.

And natalie you're
saying you did not say it.

Mike, did you hear
those words being said?

That conversation
got heated really quick.

[shaun] yes.

[shaun] right. Okay.

Sarah, do you think that
this is a happily ever after?

I don't know.

I don't know.

[shaun] okay.

All right, sarah. Thank you.

I know this wasn't really easy for
you, but thank you for joining us,

- And sharing your side of the story.
- Thank you.

- Good night, b.
- Good night, b.

I... I hope... I hope
this works out.

I really do.

I hope that you two find, uh, some
common ground and can get past this.

We too.

[shaun] okay.

Well it has been a
pleasure talking to all of you.

Thank you so much for joining
me and sharing your journey,

And your hopes and
plans for the future.

Good luck to everyone.

- Thank you, shaun.
- Thank you.

[all thanking]

Woo hoo! [laughs]


[mike] I do love natalie.
I am in love with her.

Uh, we have things
to work on, you know?

In a relationship you have
to make certain sacrifices

And sometimes it's not always the
easy path and the most comfortable.

It's about two people loving each
other and doing whatever it takes.

Hazel and I, we don't have
to follow anyone's rules.

In some ways I think
we have less problems

Than most of them did
and there's only two of 'em,

So, who's more [bleep] up?

Me and hazel and minty?

Or y'all? There's
only two of y'all

And you'll can't work out
problems between two people.

You didn't talk much today.

I feel like zied and I
definitely have some issues

That we have to
discuss with other people.

[rebecca] yes please.
I'm ready to go home.

When it comes to my family, it is
very important to me and zied both,

That they accept him
and that it's a happy family.

[zied speaking]

[rebecca] go back to the
hotel and sleep. Maybe?

[both laughing]

Maybe yes, maybe no.

[producer] good luck to
everyone in their journeys.

[julia speaking]

[brandon] I know julia really
wants to move out the farm, I do too,

But she's got to be more
realistic about what we can afford.

[yara speaking]

[julia] no.

[jovi] yara and I are onto a new
marriage now and I don't know.

Not sure what to expect.
I think it'll be interesting.

I mean, we do fight a lot.
So we'll just have to see.

But I have to work a lot
harder to make things work.

[yara speaking]