90 Day Fiancé (2014–…): Season 8, Episode 18 - Tell All Part 1 - full transcript

90 Day Fiance couples come together for the first time. Yara is upset to learn more about Jovi's bachelor party, the real reason for Mike's hesitancy about marrying Natalie is revealed, and Amira refuses to speak with Andrew.

[shauna] starting tonight
on 90 day fiance,

- Standby, here we go.
- An unforgettable tell-all event.

Everything is on the line.

You called off the wedding.

- [exclaims]
- I am so sorry.

[shauna] emotions run high.

I'm sorry you had to see that. But it's the
past and there's nothing I can do to change it.


I wanna bring in
mike's mom, trish.

[trish] I'm here.

Trish, did you tell
mike's neighbor tamara

To stand up at the
wedding and object?

I asked her if she would, yes.

I feel like a piece of [bleep].

[narrator] from
surprising revelations...

Minty, when was the last time
you and tarik communicated?

-[chuckles] -you
need to clarify here.

No, I don't, well, I don't
ever remember telling...

Boy, that was fast.

Ooh. [sighs]

[shauna] to epic confrontations.

Sarah never got a chance
to tell her side of the story.

But we have her here today
to set the record straight

About what really
happened the night

That mike slept
over at her house.

Sarah, natalie said
that mike was shirtless

- And you're about to get in the shower.
- [exhales]

So, nothing romantically happened
between you and mike that night?

I would never call her a liar,
but the story seems bogus to me.

There seem to be
holes in her story.

[shauna] nothing is off-limits.

But that makes no sense.

[andrew] just don't show me on the
camera. I'm gonna go home, guys.

- This is not acceptable to me.
- [whistles]

[shauna] get ready for an
extraordinary two hour event.

Can I get a ride
back to my hotel?

- [andrew] I'm going home.
- Whoa.

[woman] can you give
me a sound check, please?

[brandon] no.

The only stress
in my life right now

Is julia is just upset or
angry about my parents.

They just don't get along.


I'm nervous about what
people are gonna say about me.

I have a feeling they've
got some stuff to say.

I think everybody's just like,
"why are you a mama's boy?"

You know, it's
like, it's not it.

[jovi] I hope they've
got a bar here.

[jovi] yara and I do fight a
lot but the past is the past.

But, yara can get
mad at anything.


[brandon] welcome,
welcome. Have a seat.

[both laugh]

- [speaking in russian]
- [laughs]

[both speaking in russian]

I don't know what the hell y'all are
saying, but it doesn't sound good.

[laughs boisterously]

Zied and I have come a
long way in our relationship.

[rebecca] I think that the
main challenge we have is

We need to work on
communication more.

[rebecca] hi.

- Hey!
- Hi.

Oh, thank you! Thank
you, I appreciate that.

The worst thing that I have
seen about zied and I online is

Sometimes I get
called an "old hag,"

By people who are
obviously uninformed.

But still, I hate that.

When did you arrive
to america, zied?

March 8th? Yeah.

- Nice.
- Nice.

Are you enjoying it?


It's been interesting and hard

And there's been
happy times, sad times.

And a lot of stress too.

- Oh, mike is here.
- [rebecca] hey, mike. What's up?

[mike] how're we
doing, everyone?


[woman] fifteen
minutes to go everyone.

I have bad feelings about
how everything manifested.

And the way in which
things happened.

I'm trying to find a
healthy way through this.

I think it would be nice to
have a conversation with amira.

I question why everything
happened the way that it did.

And so, I would love answers
as to why she chose to do

The things that she chose to do.

[yara] you don't?
[rebecca] I do.

[brandon] I do too.

Oh, my gosh.

- Hey, andrew.
- [yara] hi.

[andrew] what's up, guys? Hey.

[andrew] I guess I'm going
to sit over here. [jovi] all right.

I don't know.

[mike] I'm getting a little
bit of silent treatment.

You know, I'm
kind of used to it.



We just came in and, yeah,
we got two separate rides here.

I am a little bit
worried about natalie.

I actually reached out
and she didn't respond.

Maybe I shared something
on instagram that she didn't like.

So, I want to see
what's going on.

[speaking in russian]

I feel like maybe I should
have learned russian.

[speaking in english]

[rebecca] thank you,
yeah, we love you guys.


- I saw tarik and hazel in, like, a split-screen. So...
- [gasps]

I don't know.

[woman] can you hear me?

[tarik] things have
been a little bit dicey.

Because of the
subject matter at hand

So, I figured it would
be safer for us just to

Take some time in separate rooms

So I don't get hit in
the head with a plate.

You know what I'm saying?

[man] okay, okay.

[shaun] ready for
another big show.

Hi, shaun.

Look at you, you look beautiful.


[shaun] can tarik
and hazel hear me?


[woman] light on set,
please. Here we go.

[woman] five, four, three...

Welcome, everyone,
I'm shaun robinson

And I'm so excited
to be here with almost

All of our 90 day couples.

Tonight, we'll be joined by their
friends and family and we'll hear

From a few
unexpected guests too.

Stephanie and ryan though
will not be joining us today

But we hope they're
each doing well.

And I just wanna let everyone know that
amira will be joining us later from France.

Tarik and hazel, I'm
sorry you could not be here

At the studio
with the rest of us.


[shaun] tell us why you and
hazel were not able to join us today.

[tarik] well, we found out

That someone who we

Had contact with,
tested positive for covid.

So, we went immediately
into quarantine mode.

[hazel speaking]

You know, so we're still
in the house together.

You know, but we're
just in different bedrooms.

Wow, that has to be really
tough. Hazel, how are you feeling?

- [laughs]
- [shaun] oh.

It's like we're
having to video chat

Just like it was two years ago
when she was in the philippines.

I'm glad that you're
at least able to join us

-Via video chat. -Yeah.

Jovi and yara, congratulations
on being new parents.

How has that
adjustment been for you?

Jovi, have you been good at
changing little myla's diapers?

Yeah, I'm doing it all.
I'm changing diapers, like,

Day number two in
the house, I got, like,

Pooped on, like,
projectile [bleep] in my face,

- All over my neck...
- That was weird.

She was getting you back for
all that partying you were doing.

- Probably.
- I guess so.

Oh, julia, you're crying.

You heard what he said
about the party thing, right?

[all laughing]

Brandon and julia, now
that you guys are married,

Have your parents' house rules

- Toned down a bit?
- Mm-mmm.

Wait, there are more rules,
now that you're married?

Wow, we're gonna
get more into that

But hey, andrew, I'd like to get
you to join in on the conversation.

First of all, how are you doing
since your break-up with amira?

It's, uh... It's been a
process of healing, you know.

We haven't spoke or
anything like that, and so...

It's really just about
moving forward and, um...

Yeah, uh, I...

I'm optimistic about the future.

[shaun] that's good.

Okay, we're going to, um, come
back to that. But let me circle back

To you, mike and natalie.

I'm gonna be honest
about something.

The last time

- Uh, you were part of the tell all.
- Mm-hmm.

[shaun] um, that was...

A really rocky discussion

Between the two of you.

Let's take a look.

[voice breaking]

Let me ask you again.
Do you love mike?

[shaun] very rocky.

And I gotta say, I was shocked

That you two
were still together.

I was really surprised.

Natalie, on a
scale of one to ten,

Ten being great,

One being awful,

How are things
between you and mike?

[inhales deeply, exhales]


Mike, what is the
number for you?

I'm gonna say a seven.

Seven, okay.

Uh, what is preventing
it from being a ten?


Now, natalie, you
fought really hard

To get your
engagement ring back.

Are you wearing it today?
I don't see it. Where is it?

[shaun] where is it?

[shaun] it's home?

Why'd you leave it at home?

[shaun] okay.

- [chuckles]
- okay.

Who believes that
natalie left her ring

Back home

So it wouldn't get stolen?
Just raise your hand.

Natalie, you can raise
your hand too, if you want to.

Okay, oh, wait you actually,
you actually got, like, almost half.

[shaun] but you believe she left it
at home, so it wouldn't get stolen?

[all laughing]

Natalie, when you arrived
at the studio this morning,

You seemed like you were a little
upset. What was bothering you?


[shaun] was there
any, you know, conflict

Between you and mike that, that contributed
to how you were feeling this morning?

- [inhales] mm.
- I don't think that's true.

Natalie, why did you and mike arrive
separately to the studio this morning?

- [shaun] you don't want to answer?
- Mm-mmm.

Why don't you want to answer?

[shaun] okay.

Mike and natalie, looked like things
were finally in a good place with you two

And then we saw a very distraught
natalie reveal that mike had called

Things off on the morning
of the wedding day.

Let's take a look.

Oh, you ready for those?

Ready to try those?

- Okay.
- All right.

[mike] it's the night
before the wedding

And me and natalie are just gonna
enjoy a nice, quiet dinner at home

Before we become
husband and wife tomorrow.

- You. Right there.
- Mm-hmm.

What you doin'?



- [sobs]
- [car engine starting]



[exhales] it's hard to watch.

That's exactly what
I was about to say.



[shaun] you called
off the wedding

That day. The
morning of the wedding.


[shaun] why? Why did you do it?



You called off the
wedding that day.

The morning of the wedding.

Why? Why did you do it?

[inhales, sighs]

[mike] the actual night
before the wedding, um...

I got into my own head.

I went down to the river.

And I was gone for
about five or six hours.

And, which is by our
house, and I was just, um...

You know, scared. I was
overthinking things, um...

I just felt a lot of
pressure, um...

I was just feeling lost and...

I mean, you know,

I was just not ready
to get married that day.

[sighs in
exasperation, sniffles]

That's cold, bro.

I got cold feet, I got
scared, like, I know, like,

I'm not, I'm not trying
to justify it anyway.

I feel like a piece of [bleep]

That I...

That that went down that
way. I do, I feel horrible.

[shaun] natalie?

It's tough. That was tough.


What were you thinking as
you were watching that back?

[voice breaking]

[sighs] mike, man, I, ugh...

- [sniffles]
- I'm sorry.

I feel horrible. I
honestly do, like, I, uh...

[shaun] it was such a 180...

I could've went the rest of my life
without watching that right now. Honestly.

It was such a 180. I mean, you
seemed like you were really happy.

I was not ready to
get married that day.

I said I, to you, that I was, I could not
get married to you that day. I'm sorry.

- And I was just trying to be sincere.
- That's selfish, bro.

That's selfish.

I did.

And, natalie thought I went off
and cheated on her, the night before.

-[sighs] -and that was
weighing on my head...



I just, I needed some time to
go think. So, I went for a drive

Right up from the house.

I got back. You were very angry.

You assumed that I went
and slept with some woman.

The night before our wedding.

Natalie, who do you think
michael cheated on you with?

Yeah, bachelor party.

So, mike, how do you
feel knowing that natalie

Often thinks you're
cheating on her?

I don't like it. I
don't like it at all.

I don't like it, like, I don't like the feeling
at all, like, I'm there with her everyday.

As much as I possibly can.

I mean just over and over
that [bleep] weighs on my mind,

Like, do I want
to deal with this,

Like, I'm here for you
everyday, like, you know.

We've gone through all these
struggles and all these uphill battles

And still, even
quarantine and everything.

I was six miles away from
the house, right up our road.

Didn't even go anywhere.

Yeah, but, but, you know,
but when we go hiking up there

There's no, you can't get
radio, there's nothing out there.

We're in the middle of a forest.

[jovi] I just wanna how you would've
felt if she would've did that to you.

If she left for four hours in the middle
of the night with no phone service.

The night before your wedding,
I mean that's pretty tough.

I understand, it's a two-way
street. I just needed to step away.

We've covered a lot but there's still
more to come with mike and natalie

That you won't believe.

Including how his mom played
a role in his change of heart.

Right now,

Let's move on over
to jovi and yara.

Hey, guys, what is the toughest
thing about being new parents?

The toughest thing about being new parents
is the road we took to getting here,

I believe, you know.

Um, yara arrived in america first and when
she arrived, she got pregnant immediately.

So having that, on top of
getting married in 90 days

Just put a lot of
pressure on us.

Yes. Yara, what about
you? What's been...

The most difficult,
challenging part of this?



Yara, do you think that jovi knew
how much you were struggling?


It's been a tough road, I mean, I
was away for work for a long time

And she had to live on her
own while she was pregnant.

Honestly, it was a tough
road for her to overcome.

So, your family has
not met the baby yet?

So how long do you think it will be
before your parents can meet the baby?

We're hoping, like,
within the next two months

That her mom has her visa approved
to come to america, but right now

Even to get a tourist visa
is still taking a long time.

So, right now, a
lot of video chats?

- Unfortunately, yeah.
- [shaun] yeah.

It's not the same thing.

[shaun] yeah.

So, I wanna take a look
back at some of the things

That brought a little
conflict into the relationship.

Starting with that
bachelor party

- That you had.
- Oh, here we go.

They made plans to
get married in las vegas

And yara gave jovi one last time

To live it up with his
friends at his bachelor party

So he could get it
out of his system.

But just how far did
jovi take that free pass?

Let's take a look.


[all laughing]

- Ooh.
- Whoa.

[all laughing]

Oh, [laughs] [bleep].

Yara, at the beginning of that
clip, you guys were holding hands.

That's the first time
you saw that, right?

You've never seen that before?

Ooh. [exhales]

-Oh. -[bleep]


Let's see what happened
when jovi took a lie detector test?

- Have you ever slept with a stripper?
- No.

- That's a lie.
- [gasps]

[shaun] and later...

[jovi] you're not
ready to have a baby.

You said you can't
even take care of the dog.


So, jovi, what
happened that night?

I mean you saw, my friend forced
me into going up there, clearly.

So, jovi, you guys go upstairs

And then what?

I had a dance, I came back downstairs,
continued to have fun and then I went home.

- So, it was a private...
- Yeah, a private dance.

Describe what happens
in a private lap dance.

Oh, come on.

Every guy in here knows what
happens in a private lap dance.

- Brandon?
- I've never been to a strip club.

[shaun] uh, okay, uh, tarik. Explain
what happens in a private lap dance.

Why did it come to me?

- [all laughing]
- [yara speaking]

Uh, yara, what happens...

In a private dance is,
you know, you go upstairs

And, you know, you sit
down with a girl and you...

Discuss things, like,
politics, you know, physics.

All above board.
Nothing crazy happens.

A private dance in a strip club in
america is not that big of a deal.

[shaun] well.

For some people, I guess.
Everybody has different opinions, but...

- Right.
- Girl takes her top off, dances on you

For however long the song is,

Four minutes, five minutes.

Then you go back downstairs.

Thank you, julia.

Damn, bro.

Yeah. Thank you.

[all laughing]

Jovi, if there happened
to be cameras,

What will we see?

[jovi] I mean, not much.

A girl getting naked, giving a lap
dance like normal strippers do every night.

- No I don't do this every night.
- Strippers do every night.


No part of her body touches
any part of your body?

-I mean she kind of grinds up on
the guy and everything... -fully naked?

No, just top off.

- And like a little g string?
- Yeah.

Yara still isn't happy.

Jovi, how does it
make you feel to see

Yara so upset right now?

Not good. I don't wanna
see her upset, but...

It did happen, but...

The past is the past.
We're married now.

Um, but now she knows and
at least we have that behind us.

I have a question. If
the places were changed

And she was in a male strip club

And you just saw some
guy grinding up on her

And finding out that she went into
a private room with a male stripper,

How would you feel?

Good point. I would
not be happy at all.

And why wouldn't
you be happy, jovi?

I don't know I just feel like, guys
going to strip clubs is just, it's normal

Okay, well, there's one person
that we haven't heard from

Who was heavily involved
in your 90 day journey.

And that is your mom, gwen.

Hi, gwen!

Hi. How are you?

Oh, I'm fantastic. First of all,
congratulations on being a new grandmother.

Oh, thank you. It's wonderful.
Wonderful. She's beautiful.

So, gwen, we've been having
a lot of talk about strippers.

I was watching.

And I really wanted to
grab him through the screen

And kinda shake
him a little bit.

Do you wish that your son
had just stayed home that night?

Absolutely. Jovi has
been on a bachelor party

For ten or 12 years.

- Oh man.
- I mean, he's had his bachelor days.

He's been to many strip clubs.

No need to do that right
before you get married.

[shaun] all right, we're going
to dig into this a little bit more.

Let's see what happened when jovi was on 90
day bares all and took a lie detector test.

- So we could get to the bottom of his racy past.
- Have you seen this yet, yara?

Hey, john, you
wanna wire him up?

Y'all are really trying
to make this interesting.

- Yeah, uh-huh, we wanna make sure.
- Want me to stand or...

- All right.
- Okay.

Okay, got it.

- Feel like I'm getting arrested over here.
- [shaun laughs]

- Have you ever slept with a stripper?
- No.

- That's a lie.
- [gasps]

- Jovi.
- That's so harsh.

What a first question.

- You couldn't have warmed up to it?
- Oh, my gosh.

- Jovi!
- [all laughing]

Y'all could've warmed up to it.

- Would it be a bad thing if yara found out?
- Of course.

- True.
- Wow.

- Uh-huh.
- [all laughing]

Damn, mike. I
thought y'all had it bad.

[all laughing]

Never take the polygraph.

I was very surprised
that you took the test.

But, you answered honestly on a
few questions and some questions

The person who gave the test said
that you were not answering honestly.

- Yeah, the machine must've been broken for those.
- Okay. [chuckles]

Okay. So, yara, did you...

Did you know this?

Jovi, this is the part where
you say, "I'll never do it again."

Yes, sir, you are correct. I will never
do that again for the rest of my life.

'cause you're my wife
and I love you so much.


[gwen] I think jovi...

Could've actually been a
little more compassionate

As she was hearing those words.

-Mm-hmm. -I mean,

I'll always have
talks with him, but

- He doesn't always listen.
- You're always having to talk with your son, huh?

'cause I don't want
my son to be that guy.

I want him to be
the husband that

She wants to hold his hand
not take her hand away from him.

[shaun] so, gwen, is there anything
that you want to say to your son right now?

I probably can't say on tv.

[shaun] ooh, gwen.


I'm a little disappointed.

What do you want me to say?

I'm sorry you had to see that.
I'm sorry you had to see that.

But it's the past and there's
nothing I can do to change it.

Yara, do you accept
that apology from jovi?

-[sniffles, sighs] -I think
yara's heard enough.

[shaun] all right, gwen, um,

I know this has been a rather
awkward conversation for you

- Thank you so much for joining us.
- Thank you.

All right, stay safe.

Um, okay.

We're gonna take a quick break.


I mean, I don't know.
I would never, like,

Go to a club like that

And I don't see the point
in getting all worked up.

I know. Well, I
don't have a need...

Yeah, I know.

[sighs] what's the point.

[yara speaking]

[brandon sighs]

[shaun] coming up...

Maybe I was even looking at
property to buy, houses to buy.

Apartments to rent.

What! Oh, so julia's
the bad guy here.

Oh, my gosh.

[tarik] dang.

[shaun] and later...

Michael said he was going to buy
her a plane ticket to go back to ukraine.

It was just days before the
wedding when he told me that.

[laughs] [bleep]


[woman] quiet on set, please.

Here we go in three, two...

Welcome back,
I'm shaun robinson.

Let's move on over to
one of our youngest couples

Who sometimes felt
like their relationship

Was more of a
foursome than a duo.

Brandon and julia.

Finally. You got
married during covid.

- Congratulations.
- [both laughing]

How are things between you
and brandon's mom today?

I do this... [laughs]


Oh, my gosh.

How many of you think...

Brandon did not do a good
job standing up to his parents?

Bro, listen, you're
representing virginia.

You gotta get out
and live your life.

It's time to fly out
that nest, man.

First of all, I would never
have brought yara to america

If I was still living
with my parents.

Why not?

'cause, it's just
impossible, like...

I mean, not be rude but julia I don't
know how you made it there so long

- In that situation.
- [laughs]

I understand the
frustration, yeah.

Do you blame brandon for
putting her in that position?

Kind of. Like, y'all could've
planned things better

Before you brought
her to america.

Maybe I did.


Maybe I was even looking at property
to buy, houses to buy, apartments to rent,

But maybe...

Oh, julia's the bad guy here.

- What?
- You sound like yara actually, right now.

Oh, my gosh.

[shauna] so, brandon, you were
ready to move out of your parent's house

But what you could afford
wasn't up to julia's standards?

Mm-hmm. Yes.

But I did also... I did have
to put the pressure on her...

- No, yes...
- Look, we won't move into the best place

In the world, like, we don't have
that much money together yet,

But we will.

We'll have to watch our dough, pinch our
pennies, like, everyone else in the world.

And listen, when you're in that
situation, it also makes you work harder

- To get more things for yourself.
- Absolutely.

If you always have a
safety net under you,

You're never gonna
have the same amount.

You don't learn
that responsibility.

When you realize those hardships, like,
I'm not gonna be able to pay this bill

Or this bill this month, can
I skip this one, you know?

Like, can we really
go out tonight and eat?

No, you know.

I told her, it's not gonna be the easiest
thing, we're not gonna be the best place

Right away, but we'll get there.

And, you know what I mean,
we'll work our way there.

No, I mean...

But, listen, you know what, when you
make the choice to live with your parents,

You're in their home and you
will take whatever they give you.

We couldn't possibly talk about
brandon and julia's relationship

Without including brandon's
parents, betty and ron.

They were very persistent about
what they thought was best for their son

And his fiance and were surprised
when brandon didn't always take their side.

Hi betty, ron. How're you doing?

- Hi, shaun. How are you?
- Hi, shaun.

Okay, you guys have
taken a lot of heat.

A lot of heat. Do you
think you deserve it?

People that might not be in our
situation may look at it from another side

And think that we're
controlling or doting or whatever.

Betty, we know that julia
was a go-go dancer in russia.

But you thought at one point,

That she may have
been a stripper.

I didn't want other people
to perceive that she was.

Because when you hear
the word "dancer," you just

Sometimes automatically your
mind just goes in that direction.

- And people are always gonna think the worst.
- The worst.

Even I did at first.


She was a dancer. [laughs]

I mean...

All I knew was dancer. And I
had to, okay, so were you on, like,

What kind of, were you
doing, like, shows, like,

Just explain to me what
kind and you know, she did.

So julia, do you
understand why...

Betty and ron,

Were concerned that people would
perceive that you were a stripper?

Yeah, I'm good, strippers
are normal people.

That's hard to do, right?


Betty, a lot of people
thought that that's why

You instituted those
rules in the house.

Separate rooms
until you're married.

That wasn't why we
instituted that rule.

That rule would have
been for anybody.

We've never let brandon
bring anybody to the house

And sleep in his room, ever.

So that wasn't just
because of being julia,

Um, it was just because the
fact they weren't married yet.

I think we've always only had our
son and julia's best interests at heart.

And for me it is a
little harder to let go

And let him transition
into being a husband

Rather than just a son.

[all laughing]


[all laughing]

Well, that's fine, I
don't mind paying

But then they can
also start paying rent.

- Yeah.
- [man] I agree. That's crazy.

Well, I mean, if you're
gonna live at home...

I've never had a problem with,
like, working around the farm

Doing my share because
I'm not paying rent.

You think julia's just
complaining too much

About the work she's
doing around the farm?

The work she's
doing sucks, I get that.

[shaun] okay.

Julia, do you think
of everyone here

That you had the hardest time?

But what about betty?

Do you think betty was too
meddling in their relationship?


Oh, my god, the night
that you told your parents

That julia is really not happy,

She's going to
go back to russia,

I don't know, I didn't feel
like you handled it very well.

[shaun] let's take a look.

- Julia and I need to leave.
- Leave what?

- Yeah, we... yeah.
- The farm?

She's not happy being here.

Don't make a stupid decision.

- It's not my decision. It's...
- [both] it is your decision.

You're my only
son. You're my baby.

[sobbing] I don't
want you to go.

- Yeah, I think that's part of the issue.
- I know.

That makes me feel sad.

Maybe we can stay
in the same room?

If that's the compromise I have
to make to have you guys stay...

It's a step in the
right direction.

[mike] what?

I just felt like
when he spoke up

And wanted to move out

That you both got very
angry and manipulative.

She went into mom guilt mode.

That was genuine.

I was really...

That hit me hard

Just because she'd only
been here not very long,

And I just felt like for
that to happen so quickly,

I don't even think she had
a chance to give it a chance.

I mean, with all
the rules, though,

How did it surprise you
that she wanted to move out?

[ron] let me say this, rebecca,

At no given time were
they made to stay there.

- And that is true.
- They could move out

Any time they wanted to.

It was okay with us.

It's just we were
trying to help them out

So they could get
financially strong

Well, ron, it really didn't seem

As though it was okay
with betty for them to leave.

I did feel like maybe julia was
trying to pressure him into moving

Because she wasn't
happy at the farm.

You know, we wanted to gain
a daughter and not lose a son.

[shaun] all right, so marriage
and sleeping in the same room

Hasn't solved the problems.

Julia, do you still
want to leave the farm?

[brandon] I said
many times, at no point

Do you have to do any
work you don't want to do.

[brandon] no, she took
over my responsibility

And then I didn't have
to come home from work

After a long day, a
very long day at work,

And continue with
working around the house.

Not that I...

I did it a long time
before she came.

So I didn't mind doing it.


[brandon] and that's...

That's fine, and I told
her, like, if it's too much,

I'll go back to doing it.

No problem. I did it before.

Uh-huh. I know.

She did the chores

So they could spend
more time together.

It wasn't.

You know, everybody
think like, "oh, poor julia.

Everybody feel bad for me
for working on the farm here."

[shaun] coming up...

Let's get to the
bottom of something

On everyone's mind,

The birth control drama.

[betty] oh, god.
[ron] here we go.

Okay, I'd like to clear this up.

[shaun] and later...

If I wanna look better,
get rid of wrinkles and...

[producer] we are rolling in...

Are you saying that
julia's being fake?

You also didn't stop us
from saying it, though.

- Uh, yeah.
- She rode that wave.

- Yeah. No, you're exactly right.
- Yeah, you did.

I'm hearing a lot of
opinions about this.


Okay, now that we have the dirt

On cleaning up around the farm,

Let's get to the
bottom of something

On everyone's mind,

The birth control drama.

[betty] oh, god.
[ron] here we go.

Yes, my son's fiancee
is coming into town.

She has not been on
any form of birth control.

And so one of the
things that I'd like to do

Is let her come in and
maybe speak with you.

I just think that
they need to be

On some kind of birth control.

You're going to take
proper steps to make sure

That there are no children yet?

Make sure we find a
way for you to go with me

Maybe to my doctor
and talk about options.

[brandon] move out of the house.

Do you think, betty, that
that was crossing the line?

[betty] okay, I'd
like to clear this up.

So I just wanted her to
be informed and educated

As to what her options would be.

I never wanted to tell her
she had to go on birth control

Or that she had
to do a, b, or c.

And for me to tell her wasn't
really going to hold water

But if she were to talk to a
professional, being my doctor,

Then maybe that would lead
some, you know, credence

To the fact that, yes, there
are other options for her,

But did she ask you to do that?

Uh, so...

So I will say this,

If she said, "no, I don't
want to talk to your doctor,"

Okay, that's fine.

But I think that she's a very
smart and logical person

And that it wouldn't hurt
just to talk to somebody.

We knew, talking with them, that they
didn't want to have children right away.

She said that she wanted
to wait two or three years.

- So...
- Let them figure it out.

But, no, this, it's
awkward and weird.


[yara speaking]

So did you need your mother
to get involved with that?

I think that's the point
that we're all trying to get to.

[jovi] I feel like her opinion's
okay if he's living in her house.

[mike] you know
what, I say, you know,

It was all new love and stuff.

You guys, you were jumping
around doing all kinds of stuff.

You'll figure it out
as you go along.

You know, you're grown adults.

Uh, you know what you're doing,

You know where to stick things
to do this and that, you know.

-[both laughing] -you
know the consequences

Of what comes in
and gotta come out

- You know, right?
- [laughing]

What kind of sex
talk is that, mike?

[all laughing]

[shaun] tarik, what did
you have to say about it?

Well, my question never
really got answered.

I just asked if julia
asked for the doctor call.

That was my question.

That was before she got here.

[both laughing]

Yeah, you're not ready
to have a baby, julia.

[brandon] a dog is a
lot like a baby, though.

Twenty-four hour a day
job. Okay, small steps here.

Well, actually, you
can't let the baby outside,

- Then the baby will go.
- [laughs]

- Right, no, you can't let the baby outside.
- [all laughing]

Yara, you and jovi had
an unplanned pregnancy.

Do you think that julia is
being naive about birth control?

You said you can't
even take care of the dog.

- That's what we were all saying.
- [all laughing]

All right, that was a lot.

We're going to say goodbye
to betty and ron right now.

Thank you for joining us.

- Thank you so much.
- Bye-bye, take care, bye-bye.

[shaun] coming up...

I would never try to
object to his wedding.

He's a grown ass man.

Why would you want to see
two people get married when...

[bleeps] that.


[shaun] and later...

Who else wants to admit

That they've had a little
nip, tuck, or enhancement?


[all laughing]

Welcome back to 90 day
fiance: The couples tell all.

I want to bring in
mike's mom trish

And his neighbor tamara

And find out their
perspective of what happened

The day that mike
called off the wedding.

Hi, ladies, how are you?

[both] good, how are you?

[shaun] I'm fantastic, um...

Tamara, were you surprised to
learn that mike called off the wedding?

Yes, I was.

[shaun] why?

Uh, they were happy that night

And then the next day I
don't know what happened.

So she was saying that you said
something about a bachelor party.

You did not say
anything like that?

No, I didn't.

No, I don't remember
saying a bachelor party

'cause he don't
have nobody there

To have a bachelor party.

I might have said that,

But I know he didn't
have a bachelor party

Because he don't know anybody.

All right, let's go
to mike's mom trish.

Trish, what do
you think happened

That led mike to
call off the wedding?

[trish] um...

Several different things.

I think that

He didn't believe that natalie
had a lot of respect for him.

Um, she was constantly
trying to change him.

Trying to tell him what to
do, how to change his life.

And the jealousy factor, she
does have a very big jealousy factor.

So, that he called
off the wedding,

I'm kinda not surprised.

Okay. Natalie,

Do you think you
are jealous person?

Mike, do you think you've given
natalie a reason for not to trust you?

- No. No.
- Here's the deal.

Here's the deal.

When they... Here's my deal. They
fight and fight and fight and fight.

And I had no idea it had
gone to the point to where...

Michael was thinking
about calling this off.

And michael called me and said

That he was gonna
call off this wedding

And that he was going
to give her money

To go back to ukraine
and buy her a plane ticket.

I said...

I called...

No. I...

I had no intentions
of sending you home.

I know but, mike, that's
what your mom just said.

She said you talked and
you said you were gonna

Call off the wedding and give
her money to go back. To ukraine.

That was after she left,
we talked. Wasn't before

It was just days
before the wedding,

When he told me that.

This timeline is
just a little, uh...

Challenging. I'm
sure for you, natalie.

Natalie, does all of
this add up to you?

Not the evening...
Not the evening...

Not the evening before.

All right. Trish,
walk us through

The timeline of the
week before the wedding

From your perspective.

He called me one day and
said that he was gonna call it off,

And he was going
to give her money

To go back to ukraine and
he was gonna buy her ticket,

He was gonna get her money. He was
not just leave her high and dry anywhere.

And I said, "well, I
think that's a good idea

Because you guys, your
relation ship is very sketchy

When it comes to really getting along
and maybe making it down the road.

No, I told her
what I'm telling you.

You wanted to leave.
You wanted to leave.

It was three days. Three days, the
same day. The same day you left.

Then a couple of days later,

He calls me and he tells me "well,
we're gonna go ahead and get married."

And, of course, I was
not happy about it.

Uh, I feel like, they fought and
fought and fought all the time.

And after he had
told me everything

And she'd come back
to the house from seattle,

And he said we're gonna
go ahead and get married,

That's when I got
upset about things.

All right. We know mike's
mom had serious reservations

About her son getting
married to natalie.

What we did know is that she almost
stopped them on their wedding day.

We have some never
before seen moments

That reveal what mike's mom did.

I got a call last night
from mike's mom

And she asked me
if I would stand up.

And while they
were getting married,

And when the preacher
asked if anybody here disagrees

That they shouldn't get married,

Stand up now

And she wanted me to do that
and I told her I could not do that.

Yeah, I'm shocked. I'm in shock.


Natalie, I am so sorry.

- Trish.
- Yes.

Is what tamara said true?

- Did you tell her to stand up at the wedding and object?
- Yes. Yes.

I asked her if she would. Yes.

- Whoa.
- [bleep] up.

Well, you know,

When all they do
is fight, fight, fight

Day after day and
it's a total disaster,

Why would you wanna see

Two people get married
when it's such a mess?

Mike, I know you're very
respectful of your mom.

Wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for her.

Yeah, yeah. You wouldn't
be here if it weren't for her.

You got to be very respectful.
I just wanna to know, mike...

- Yeah.
- How does that make you feel?

I have mixed feelings about it.


It makes me angry

That she would do that.
Especially ask someone else to do it.

I can understand her concern.

Uh, but it wasn't right for her
to ask someone else to do it.

Tamara, I wanna know how...

I don't know if anybody's
ever been asked

To do something like that, to
stand up at a wedding and object.

Um, did you think
about doing it or was it,

You know, tough to tell
trish that you weren't going to.

No. I told her
right off the bat.

I couldn't do that because
I've seen that they were in love.

They're... I was around them.
I seen the sparks, the love.

So then, they get married.

Seems like mike was very
happy on his wedding day.

So do you still wish they
had not gotten married?


Um, I...

I think it is pretty
sketchy. Um...

I think that

When she comes
here and she wants

To change everything about him
and change his lifestyle and change...

Who he is and what he
does, and everything else,

I'm not real thrilled with that.

Because he's an
adult and he can make

- His own decision.
- [natalie] exactly. I agree with you.

- Yeah.
- You're his mother.

If she had done what you asked,

- You would be stopping the wedding.
- If it was your child...

You're right.

- And that's not your place.
- [trish] if it was your child

And you've seen your
child being treated badly

And what not, wouldn't
you not be happy?

I have three grown
children. I have a son.

I would never do that.

I would never try to object to his
wedding. He's a grown ass man.

And they love each other, no matter
how much [bleep] they go through.

Obviously they're
sitting here together

And now holding
hands through all of it.

- Exactly.
- Yeah, so.

We made our decision.

Tamara you were
shaking your head.

Are you confident that
they're gonna make it?


I'm with them all the time.

I could see they were in love.

And then I don't
know what happened.

I hope they work it out but I
don't know what's going to happen.

[shaun] okay.

Well, okay. Ladies, thank you
so much for joining us today.

I know it was a
difficult conversation

And I appreciate your honesty.

We're gonna take a quick break.

Rough. Man, I got through
a committee up in there.

I can't choose between
my mom and my wife.

My mom is my mom.
My wife is my wife.

It's not... I'm not
choosing one or the other.

One gave me life and one I'm
married to and I love. I love them both.

[indistinct chatter]

Are you good?

You all done?

[shaun] coming up...

What do you think about
rebecca's new body?

Did you want her
to look younger?

Holy molly. That's cold, bro.

[shaun] and later...

There's amira.

[amira speaking]

[woman] all right.
Let's go, everybody.

Have a seat. We're
gonna start back up.

[man] okay.

There is a lot more to
come with mike and natalie.

Later, we'll have
someone from mile's past

Who's caused a lot of
trouble between these two.

You won't want to miss it.

Right now, I want to spend
some time with our couple

Who not only had huge
cultural differences to overcome,

But a huge age difference, too.

Despite insecurities
and a skeptical family,

Rebecca and zied proved
their love was the real deal.

Zied, the whole age issue,

- The age difference between you and rebecca...
- Right.

[shaun] lot of people
made comments about that.

- [zied] right.
- [shaun] what is the age difference again?

What is the...

- 21 years?
- [zied] or 20 years, years. Like that.

[rebecca] 21 years. Yeah.

- [shaun] 21 years.
- [zied] yeah. Uh-huh.

I don't, like... When I look
at them, I don't see 21 years.

Yeah. Y'all look great together.

My oldest daughter's
husband was older than him.

[shaun] right?

You look amazing.

- Thank you.
- You're always beautiful.

But have you been doing
something a little different?

[rebecca] yes. I'm
known as the filter queen.

So, recently I
actually got dysport,

Which is the same as
botox, and lip injections.

It was a 50th
birthday gift to myself.

- Okay.
- [rebecca] so, I used to have

The really strong lines right
here. And forehead lines.

And they're almost
completely gone.

So I'm gonna keep doing that.

So, the lip injections...

And natalie, you were
looking really hard.

I wanna go back
and get one more set.

Thank you. Oh, stop it.

[shaun] zied, did you like
rebecca's lip injections?

[all laughing]

[rebecca] yeah, he... As
soon as we came out...

He was outside for,
like, the last part of it.

And as soon as I come
walking out, he was like,

"so sexy." he loved it.

And I got a mini tummy tuck.

I had all of that extra skin from
where I'd lost weight removed.

And then I had, um, the
micro laser liposuction.

It's a lot less invasive
then regular liposuction.

It was amazing. I'm not even
posting before and afters yet

Because I'm still swelled up.

- You don't look swelled up.
- It's not...

[natalie speaking]

Thank you. Yeah, I'm
down two pant sizes.

- [woman] yes.
- But once it's all done with, it'll be a lot more.

So, who else wants to admit that they've
had a little nip tuck or enhancement?

You want to do your nose?

No. No.

Screw what they think.

You are amazing
and you're gorgeous.

And there is no reason...

Now, if you personally
wanted to do it, that's different.

- Yes.
- [rebecca] but don't listen to anybody else telling you

- Anything about your nose.
- Thank you.

[shaun] yes.

[shaun] yes.

So, you had your nose done?

[shaun] yes.

[shaun] yeah.


Julia, what about you?

[yara speaking]

[yara speaking]

[yara] no, I say...

But if I want to look better,
and I want to, you know,

Get rid of wrinkles and...

- [julia speaking]
- Be a little skinnier.

Going to the gym
does not reduce...

Does not get rid of excess skin.

[yara speaking]

[julia speaking]

[yara speaking]

Zied, what do you think
about rebecca's new body?


Oh, boy.

Did you want her
to look younger?

[shaun exhales]

[shaun] uh-huh, okay.

Were you happy with
me before? I mean...


So is this something
you've been thinking about?

Like, have you said, "I
need to do something

That makes me look a
little bit younger than I am?"

Like, in the filtered photos.

I'm just the kind of person

That would go in and really
start rearranging my face.

[shaun] yes.

Like, I feel like
that's a little much.

If I want to get
a few injections

To make the wrinkles
go away, that's one thing.

But of course, it doesn't hurt
that you know, you get sexier.

- I think that's human nature.
- [jovi] yeah, absolutely.

He's gonna get it, too.

What are you gonna
get done, zied?

[julia speaking]

He's been going but
he wants to do it quicker.

- [zied laughs]
- [jovi laughs]

[shaun] well, we know zied
loves rebecca's new look.

Let's see what
her family thinks.

Rebecca's daughter, tiffany
and her husband micah

Have never held
back their opinions.

Let's bring them
into the conversation.

Tiffany and micah,
hi, there. How are you?

- Hello.
- Hi, good. How are you?

- Hey.
- [shaun] fantastic.

What do you think about
your mom's new look?

[tiffany] I love it. She seems more
self-confident and that's all I could ask for.

Do you think that
being married to zied

Had any influence
on her decision

To get cosmetic surgery,
because of the age difference?

Um, she's a pretty
strong-willed person,

But I think that it
might have helped her

Feel more self-confident

Since she is with a much
younger man, I think.

But I definitely don't think

She did it for like, his
approval or anything.

Rebecca is certainly
a strong woman,

But even strong women
can have their insecurities,

And jealousy reared its
head when rebecca thought

Tiffany's friend hannah
was hitting on zied.

Let's take a look.

While I'm working,

He can get all the stuff
out of the storage unit

And move it into the apartment.

My family has lots of trucks,

So if you need like, a
truck bed, I'd love to help.

[zied speaking]

[tiffany] that's so
nice, hannah. Thanks.

Are you gonna let
her help you move?

She is offering to help
you move the furniture.

Oh, no, you don't
need it? That's fine.

Do you think that you
would have reacted differently

If tiffany's friend had
been a little bit older?

Oh, I would have been a
whole lot more pissed off

- If she was older.
- Oh, really? Why?

Yeah, because an older
woman would know better, 100%.

We wouldn't do that.

You think tiffany's
friend was just like,

Way too flirtatious?

A hundred percent.

I was actually a
little bit surprised

That tiffany was okay
with what she had said.

Maybe tiffany didn't
hear everything

That she was saying to zied,
but she interjected herself

Into the conversation
for a solid 30 minutes.

Tiffany, did you
know any of that?

I'm very good
friends with hannah.

Um, she really was
just going to help zied.

She was just being
friendly. She wasn't trying

To mean that like, in a
malicious way whatsoever.

But I think the fact that
she is a very pretty girl,

Uh, affected how my
mom felt about it, for sure.

She was hitting on him. Like,
there's... You can't deny that.

She was not hitting on him.

She was definitely
hitting on him.

That's just her face, mom.

[shaun speaking]

I understand that
you two fought,

You had an argument
leading up to the wedding.

[rebecca] what did I do?

It's still a naked
woman in a hot tub.

- [yara] oh, my gosh.
- [jovi] dang.

[shaun speaking]

That makes no sense.
I'm gonna go home, guys.

This is not acceptable
to me, and this is unfair.

Oh [bleep].


Do you think that you
would have reacted differently

If tiffany's friend had
been a little bit older?

Oh, I would have been a
whole lot more pissed off

If she was older.

She was hitting on
him. You can't deny that.

She was not hitting on him.

She was definitely
hitting on him.

So if we were the same age,

Do you think she still
would have done it?

Yes. She was offering to help.

Yeah, but she was
also hitting on him.

Down here, I thought

That was just like,
southern hospitality.

Yeah, that's just complete
southern hospitality.

You didn't see the
look on her face?

[tiffany] she was
not hitting on him.

That's just her face, mom.

- Zied, was hannah hitting on you?
- [zied speaking]

And then she looked at him

And got this creepy-ass
smile on her face.

And she was doing
that on purpose.

She was just gonna
solely be helping.

She was trying to
get under my skin.

I'm telling you.

[tiffany] she wasn't hitting
on him, I promise you.

She has way more
respect for people than that.

Then why did she come
up afterward and apologize?

Because she didn't
realize what she was saying

Came across the
way that it did to you.

So once she realized
that she had upset you

And had made you
feel a certain way,

That's why she
came to apologize.

I think you're just looking

Really deep into it when
there's nothing there.

- It is what it is.
- [tiffany laughs]

Um, so I understand
that you two fought,

You had an argument.

And zied, you ended
up sleeping on the couch

The night before your wedding.

-[zied laughs] -what
did you argue about?

We were staying at the
wedding resort at that point.


So we were on the deck
of the cabin, on a swing.

-Let me defend myself
a little bit here, -okay.

Because what I came
out there to say was,

"hey, you wanna go
get in the hot tub?"

And instead of
answering me, he said,

"this place looks like it
would be a horror movie."

[zied speaking]

[rebecca] yes, but I
sat there for a second

To wait for you to
like, recover from that.

And then I didn't
know what to say.

And then what did I do?

I got naked in the hot
tub and waited on him.

Oh, yeah.

- [jovi] oh.
- And he didn't join me.

[zied speaking]

It's still a naked
woman in a hot tub.

[yara speaking]

- [rebecca] let's not fight anymore. Get in the hot tub.
- [zied speaking]

So, zied, why didn't
you get in the hot tub?

You just wanted to
make her mad, right?

I get it.

[zied speaking]

So you missed a chance
to be in the hot tub with me

The night before we
got married. All right.

Just as long as we're clear.

[shaun] all right, rebecca.

I'm going to go to
your daughter, tiffany.

Tiffany and micah,
let me ask you, uh,

You guys have
had a lot of doubts

About this
relationship in the past.

Do you think this
marriage is going to last?

Um, we obviously were hesitant

Because she's done this before.

So that was kind of a
red flag for everybody.

- Uh...
- A stress point.

- [tiffany] yes, exactly.
- [micah] yeah.

And so, how harsh
micah was on him,

-And how harsh I was
on him, -mmm-hmm.

[tiffany] if I could go back,

I would do the same exact thing,

- Because it's shown us...
- [micah] yeah, I wouldn't change anything.

Uh, I know a lot of people
wanted to get on me.

What I care about
is your morals,

What I care about
is you being a man.

And that's what
I was looking for.

And by the way, I just
want to add, that micah,

He was just protecting my mom

Like I wanted to protect her.

And I don't want to
say we gave him tests,

But he handled the certain
situations very, very well.

And zied proved
from very early on

That he really is here
for the right reasons

And he really does
absolutely adore my mother.

- [micah] yes.
- [shaun] all right. Well, wonderful.

Tiffany and micah, thank
you so much for joining us.

-We really appreciate
you coming on -of course.

And sharing your opinions.

- Thanks, guys.
- Thank you.

Stay safe.

- All right, bye-bye.
- You, too.

We've covered a lot, but
there is so much more to come.

We're gonna take a quick break.

Okay, so a two-minute break.

[brandon humming tunelessly]

[rebecca] there's amira.

[amira speaking]

[shaun speaking]

But that makes no sense.

Just don't show
me on the camera.

[amira speaking]

I'm just gonna go home.

[whistles disappointedly]

[amira speaking]


[amira speaking]

But that makes no sense
because this is a tell-all,

And we're talking
about the story,

And we're going through
the graveyard of it.

And I think we kind of have
to do that in the same room.

Just don't show
me on the camera.

[producer speaking]

I'm just gonna go home.

Like, I don't understand
why I am not allowed

To simply engage
in the conversation.

People have had to face
really difficult conversations

With people who are
adversarial to them.

I've literally come here
for the conversation.

[producer speaking]

Like the same treatment equally

Feels like if we're
both here equally.

I'm gonna go home,
guys. I'm sorry.

This is not acceptable to me,

And this is unfair.

Can I get the sound guy?

And can I get a ride
back to my hotel?

[whistles disappointedly]

This is unfair,

And I'm not gonna
accept this style here.

So I will go home
if I'm not allowed

To have this kind
of conversation.

[man speaking]

Okay, well then I am gonna...

[man speaking]

[andrew] this isn't a
fair agreement at all.

No, man. I'm out, dude.
Like, I want my ride.

[andrew] no, I'm
going home, guys.

[shaun] next time on

90 day fiance:
The couples tell all.

- Damn.
- [natalie] uh-oh.

I would never call her a liar,

But the story seems bogus to me.

I think they're both lying.

[julia speaking]

[shaun] minty and hazel,

Has there been intimacy
between the two of you?

So, let me explain.

[shaun] what happened?

If you guys can't get amira
and me in the same room,

Talking at the same
time, I am going home.

You must have been terrified.

If I went missing
for three days,

My phone would be dead.

If that's true, that is insane.

Natalie, I want to go back
to a fight that you two had

About mike's friend, sarah.

You actually thought
that they were intimate.

[shaun] we have sarah here today

To set the record straight.

[mike groans]

[shaun] sarah, natalie
said that mike was shirtless,

And you were about
to get in the shower.

So nothing romantically happened

Between you or mike that night?