90 Day Fiancé (2014–…): Season 8, Episode 10 - The Devil's Work - full transcript

Mike and Natalie try therapy. Jovi's dad questions Yara. Tarik and Hazel worry about Harrey. Stephanie upsets Ryan with her psychic's prediction. Andrew has another plan. Rebecca is jealous when Zied gets female attention.

Previously on 90 days fiance...

I'm still trying
to figure her out,

Like, I just don't understand
her sometimes.

I think we have to work
on other things

Before we plan a wedding.

Melanie's not fully accepted

My relationship with zied yet.

Didn't you and your ex live...

Down the hall?

The governor
just ordered a shut down

For the whole state.

We're quarantined.

At least we have the time

For us to make a dating profile.

Are you wanting to look
at everybody

Or just your type?

Brown girl...



Is she joking with me?

She's joked with me
about this before.

One line means not pregnant.

I know that I'm pregnant.

Our options are serbia
and trying again out there.

We are running
out of time on our visa.

You want to know the truth?

I was sitting there
after I threw you out

And you know,
when I met your cousin harris,

He was so nice to me.

He spent the night
with me that night.

It's like
a big ball of fire
or something over there.

So tell me the word of the day.

What new wonderful word
did you learn today?



Why'd you say that?

Got you a candle.

You scare me sometimes.

'cause you're...
I think you're a little bit...

You're a little bit pyrotechno.

You like, you like
playing with fire,

I see it in your eyeballs.

It's okay.

I don't have a suit,
so it's okay.

We're in the same boat.

I think
there's other important stuff

Besides a wedding dress
right now.

- How do I feel?
- Mmm-hmm.

That we need
another 45 to 90 days.

We have a lot to work on.

I don't want it right now.

'cause I'm not interested.

What do you think
needs to be talked about?

I know, but I'm asking you,

What do you feel like that
we need to talk
to a psychologist?

It is important for us
to work on our relationship,

But I'm not ready
to go to talk
to someone else about it.

'cause I don't want to.

Why can't we talk to each other?

No, I don't wanna do it.

I've been trying
to work with her and stuff

And talk to her
and communicate with her

And work on things with her
and real issues with her.

She wants to go see a counselor,

And, like, it's like,

"so, what? Are you going
to listen to him?"

I'm not going to go
spend a bunch of money

Just to have a simple
conversation with natalie.

I don't know. I just,

I just don't really have
an interest of going.

I don't think by us, by going
and talking to somebo...

We have some issues
that are beyond talking.

So why do you think
by going to someone else

They're going to understand?

If you can't explain to me,

How are you going
to explain it to them?


I think we're gonna need more
than psychologists.

How are you feeling?

Ah, we're almost home now.

Are you excited to meet my dad?

Yara hasn't met my dad yet

Because he has the same
kind of job as me,

So he spends long periods
of time away from home,

But he just got back...

And I haven't
told my parents yet

That yara's pregnant
because it's still too soon.

We should wait a few more weeks.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's up?

What's up?

- How you doing?
- Finally get to meet yara.



Nice to meet you.

When yara arrived
in this country,

I was at work and I haven't
had the opportunity

To meet her yet.

I'm concerned, well,

If it's actually gonna work out.

So we get to have this little
get-together tonight.

And I know
you're not totally excited,

But I think we're going
to have fun tonight,

Just a little, little dinner.


I haven't been 100% honest
with yara

About what's happening tonight.

We're expecting
between 50 and 60 people,

And, um, she may be surprised.

So, yara, how you like it
over here so far in the us?

How you feel about living
in new orleans?

Yeah. There are
some parts of new orleans

That you should not be walking
around all by yourself.

And I've seen pictures,
and I've seen the...

Kind of type of clothes
you wear.

That's very dangerous,
very dangerous.

They, they'll get the wrong
impression real quick.

The pictures I saw of yara
in jovi's facebook page

When they're on vacation,

They're showing
a little more skin

Than what I would like
for her to show.

I just wanted to let you know.

It's... I don't know
how it is in ukraine.


Did you, uh, did you ever
think you'd be in america?

It was her dream
before she got here, I think.

What? To come to america?

'cause everybody from ukraine
wants to come to america.

Like a lot of ukrainian women,

Just trying to get a guy
to get them to america.

Am I right?

So you said it wasn't
your dream to come to america,

So after y'all get married,

Do y'all plan
to stay in america?

Does that concern you, gwen?

Does that concern me?



She wants to go
to another country,

Move jovi to another country,
so that's a problem for us.

Also in the future
if they have kids,

I mean, this could be hard
for us to see our grandkids.

I am afraid
that once they get married,

That she's got that hold,

And she will take them
away from us.

We may lose our son, y'know?

I don't want
him living in europe.

I thought we would take
one step at a time.

It's too early, I think,
for her to make a judgment

About new orleans and louisiana

Or america in general.

Don't want to move to eu...
And no, especially

Don't want to move somewhere
where it's cold.

Well, I mean, figure it out.

You only got a couple
of weeks to figure it out.

After that, ya'll gonna
be married,

And it's kind of late
to make a decision then.

How is harrey holding up?

Harrey has a fever?

If you just had to say,

How many thousands of dollars
do you think I've spent?

A whole hell of a lot.

I don't money out my ass.

You're gonna drive this
just like a car.

You haven't driven a car?

You've never driven a car.


Hazel and I's 90 days
are halfway over.

And we're officially on lockdown

Because of coronavirus.

Okay, take your foot off,
take your foot off.

I'm happy that we're safe,

But after working on a visa
for two years,

This is not the dream scenario.


Like, I promised her
a happy, wonderful 90 days,

But covid-19
had a different plan.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, mmm-hmm.

Mmm, ah!

I thought about this so much.

Every time I come out
and work in here,

All them years, I was like,

"man, one day hazel's goin'
to be working out with me.

And now you're here,

Only crazy thing is
we have to stay here!


So what about in the philippines

Where harrey is and his dad?

How is, how is harrey
holding up,

Like, is he sad all the time?

Harrey has a fever?


Alright. It's okay.

You know, a mother,
especially in this time,

Hears that her young son
has a fever,

And she's thousands
of miles away,

I know she wants to be there.

Okay, it's all right.

I do feel guilty,
because she's here, for me!

This, this is a heavy,
heavy, heavy situation.

Okay, okay.

So many people want to move
their hips so much,

It's really boom,
boom, boom, boom.

Shift your weight,
shift your weight.

It's the second day in belize

With my 27-year-old
fiance, ryan.

And we're really having
a great time and laughing

And for the first time, I feel
really connected to him again.

The less you move
the better, okay?

Yeah, maybe a little bit
like more like that.

You're getting there.

It's just been
a whirlwind of emotions

Since I've been here in belize.

You know, when I met
your cousin harris,

He was so nice to me.

So I had him come and he spent
the night with me that night.

See? There you... See?

There you go, baby!
There you go!


See? See? I mean,
you look like you're dancing.

You're going to be
the number two champion

In the world, sweetie.

We could, we could do
a doubles thing, you know?


Couples competition.

There we go, see?

Ooh, ooh, ooh.

Oh, I can piss
my pants watching you.




Give me high five, baby doll.

Whoo! There we go.


Yes, that'd be nice. Thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

Oh, okay.

Right now, we're really
rebuilding our relationship,

And I'm feeling very optimistic.

You actually burned
some calories down there.

Good, good, I'm glad, sweetie.

- Good, I'm glad.
- Yeah.

We have.

Yes, we have.



- Right, right.
- Right? So, yeah.

What's your mom think
about you wanting

To come to michigan?


What does she think
about you and I together?

I know she has me blocked
right now.

Before traveling to belize,

I was mad at ryan
for other things.

I can't even remember
what, now, of course.

"you know,

Your mom doesn't
appreciate me.
I'm going out."

And then he started
yelling at me.

So I said, "I'm going
to call your mom

And ask for the money back."
I really didn't mean it.

I was just pissed off

And, then I looked
and his mom had blocked me.

And it wasn't like I was asking

For all the money
I've ever given you guys.

It was at one time.


She didn't reach out
and say, "thanks."

And so, I'd write,
"hey, darla,
did you get that money?

Yeah, thanks." and that's it.

When I share my money,

I mean, I kind of expect,
"yeah, I appreciate that.

Thank you."

No, it wasn't,
"yes, thank you very much,"

She was like, "yeah, thanks."
and I had to reach out to her.

And so that's when I said,

"hey, if she's not going
to be grateful."

Well, I'm gonna ask her
for the money back.

I'm trying to help out,

I'm trying to keep
the lights on,

I'm trying to keep the cable on,

I'm trying to keep them fed
and I'm trying to keep

A roof over their house,

But if they want to keep
me blocked, that's fine,

Because I haven't spent
any money since then.

If you just had a say,
how many thousands of dollars

Do you think I've spent?

A whole hell of a lot.

I don't money out my ass, there.

I mean,
I work hard for my money.

Please, tell me you understand
where I'm coming from.

Okay. And you mean
that sincerely?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I'm sorry that your mom
feels that way.

You know, I never meant
to disrespect her.

We're tossing around the idea
of going to serbia.


I have invested all of me
in this relationship

Financially, emotionally.

I think you should
just not waste the money.

I've been in mexico
for almost two weeks

And I'm packing up
to go home to california.

It's really sad because I wish

Amira was here with me
to, to go home.

I had set this whole thing up
for her to be here, and...

And she's not going back
with me.

I'm going home
to an empty apartment.

I'm going home
to a world of confusion

Because I still don't know

What's gonna happen
with this visa.

Andrew was supposed
to be arriving with a amira.

However, it didn't work out,

So I want to give him a big hug

Because I know
he's really been very upset

About this situation.

- Hey, babe.
- Hey, mom.

How's it going?

It's... It's gone, you know.

- I bet.
- Yeah.

I appreciate you coming down
and picking me up.

- Should we go?
- Yeah.

Let's get out of here.

I miss amira.
I miss her every day.

If this visa expires,

Uh, I miss my opportunity
to physically be with a amira.

And that is the biggest
and hardest thing of it all.

So what's going on
with amira right now?

She's going through it, man.

I mean, that's really tough,
it's a lot.

Has she talked
about the detention at all?

Not like in great detail.

You're still hopeful?

I have a lot of confidence
in our love.

But it's...

We're on a ticking clock.

We're running out of time,
you know.

We're tossing around the idea
of going to serbia, you know.

It just, surprises me.

I'm surprised she would feel
brave enough to go for it.

I think her going to serbia

Is actually
gonna be pretty easy.

Amira could go
through serbia for 14 days

And she could enter
the united states.

But amira is carrying
a bit of trauma

From her experience,

So it is difficult
to even discuss

The serbian option
at this point.

Serbia and France
are going to have

Open travel to each other.

- Serbia?
- And she's, she's...

From what I see,
serbia seems to be doing

Really good with it all,
so there's a chance.

And you're both willing
to take the chance?

If she's willing to do it,

I just want to do
whatever makes her

Feel safe, secure, comfortable.


I think that if amira wants
to go to serbia,

Then she should go,

But I think you should
just not waste the money.

I'm desperate for other options,

I really am.

Like, this is
an optional last resort,

Because we are,
we're out of time.

Is it a good step
to take, though?

That's questionable.

Hell or high water,
I just want to be with her.

There's nothing inherently
dangerous about the plan.

I'm confident that she
would be able to enter serbia

And not have
the similar problems

That she had in mexico,

But I would be nervous
if I were amira,

Going through that, and I think

That's ultimately gonna
be the hard part.

Unfortunately, it's really
our only option

At this point.

I'll get a hold of you tomorrow.

- All right. Perfect.
- All right.

- Bye.
- I love you.

Love you.

This is not the night
I envisioned.

It really is sad
to go to bed alone tonight.

Hey, buddy.

I missed you, too, buddy.

I really thought that
I'd be sleeping peacefully

Next to my fiancée.

At this point,
I feel like a single man.

This stuff was supposed
to be for amira.

It's an iphone, $500 debit card.

This is a bear
I brought to las vegas

The first time we met,

And she named the bear garett,

And we call him gerbear.

So yeah, it's a little sad
being here without her.

I have invested all of me
in this relationship

Financially, emotionally.

I've given a significant
amount of my money,

Not only for the visa,
for the travel,

For the vacations, for the ring.

Well, all of it
has been incredibly expensive.

And I'm going to do
everything I can

To figure out a solution.

And I'm going to exhaust
every, every outlet.


Bye, bye.


So I got something for you.


I got you some tattoos.

They're not real.

You can take them off any time,

But I think it stays maybe
four or five days.


What do you think?

See how you look
with some tattoos like me.


I know zied doesn't feel
at home here yet,

But, you know,
we had so much fun

Together in tunisia.

He always found a way
to relax me

In different situations.

Wait, wait.

Oh, my gosh.

What do you think?

- That's funny.
- You did it!

Being muslim, tattoos
are completely forbidden,

But he actually
likes my tattoos,

So I... It feels good
to make him laugh

And, and have a good time.

Because I'm really nervous
about dinner

With tiffany and micah.

Oh, my gosh!
Look, see if you match now.

His and her skulls.

Do you like it?

I like, yeah.

You look sexy.

So do you want to wear
these tonight

When we meet my family
for dinner?

You know, cover it up.

- Yeah.
- It's just for me.

It's just for you.

You're welcome.

How long you'll have
to stay married

'till she doesn't have to leave?

- Three years.
- Then that's how long you are going to be married.

None of y'all know right now,
but she's pregnant.

And you finally meet yara?

- Yeah, I did.
- You liked her?


Just the...

That's a pause right there.

So for now, we're gonna

Try to get you comfortable
in america.


I need to figure out
with myself to...

if you are okay.


Tonight is our engagement party,

And I wish yara
would have picked

A different date in the bring up

The possibility
of us moving away

And leaving the country.

I don't want my parents
to have this on their mind.

They're already
not a 100% convinced.

I'm not being suckered in
by a foreigner, you know,

They still have their concerns.

I'll have to go. I've got
to get things decorated.

Yeah, I'm ready to go too.

Crawfish is rolling already,
they told me so...

We need to get to dylan's asap.

Let's go.

See you later on.

- Mmm-hmm.
- Have fun.

It was really nice meeting you
and I'll see you later.

Yes, see you later.

Since yara's been in america,
I have not had a lot of time

To spend with my friends,
so my dad and I

Are going
to my buddy dylan's house

For a crawfish boil today
with my friends from the bay.

It's going to be
a good little getaway.


Oh, no, she can't go nowhere,
she has no license and that.

She can't find my car keys.


So, what, what do you think?
You like her or not?

That's what I was about to ask.

Did you like her?
What do you think?

Yeah. I'm...

A little concerned about...

Living in another country
besides here and all.

That's kind of concerning to me.

Yeah, budapest is a great city.

It's fun for three days

To go there and have a vacation,

But yeah, there's no way
I'd ever live there.

She's got negative thoughts
on louisiana so far.

You know, I get it. I feel like

It doesn't matter
'cause she's away from home.

She's away from her family,
away from her friends.

So I think anybody
would be in the same position.

I think if I threw you
in another country tomorrow,

You would feel uncomfortable,
you would be calling dad

And saying, "hey, like,
get me out of here.

I want to be back home."
because, right now,

Yara is away
from her comfort zone.

- True.
- But she's gonna have doubts.

She's gonna be considering,

Like, "okay, maybe I want
to live somewhere else." and...

You don't feel
like it's doubts about you.

- Yeah!
- You feel like that's about...

Where she is.

Correct. I think just time
is the only thing

That's gonna get her past that.


- That's the only part
I'm concerned about.
- That is true, that is true.

- No, you're right.
- That if the time

Does tell that she doesn't
wanna be here.

But there's no other choice.

But within these 90 days,
that's it.

And I'm okay
with taking that risk

To marry, you know,
to marry the person I love.

It's the only option, I think.

You know, it's frustrating
hearing my parents' concerns

About yara
and I getting married.

I know they're being protective,

I understand
their point of view,

But I wish my parents
would be more understanding.

- See y'all later.
- Bye.

- There you are.
- Glad y'all could join us.

The fish is not ready yet?

A crawfish boil.

It's pretty routine
for cajun culture.

There's not a whole lot to do
in south louisiana.

So get a group of people
together, everybody hang out,

Have a few beers
and boil us some seafood.

We catch
these little red mud bugs

And we set them up in a pot
with corn, sausage,

Vegetables, and we boil 'em
really spicy

And then you peel 'em
and eat 'em.

Hey, y'all ever thought
jovi'd be the first

One out of us married?


Who got the longest time?

Four months.

We had six months
and it was over.

I put you at 18 months.

Only because she got
more stuff to see in the us.

Oh, so nobody got it
going on forever.

Oh, that's up.


How long y'all have
to stay married

'till she doesn't have to leave?

Three years.

Then that's how long
y'all gonna be married for.

Three years and one month.

Oh, you know,
my friends are giving
me a hard time.

They're like,
"oh this isn't gonna last.

You're not gonna make it
more than six months."

And the whole time
I'm thinking in my head,

"none of y'all know right now,
but she's pregnant."

So when they find out
yara is pregnant,

They're going to be like,
"I told you,
this is gonna happen."

You think this is the girl

That's going to stop
the jovi-ways?

What do you mean jovi-ways?

The jovi-ways!

Strip joints and...

Strip clubs throwing one's
little napkins in the bar.

I mean, you go out every night.

I don't go out
every night anymore.

I was at one point.

You have to say
I chilled out a lot

In the last few years.

The jovi-ways are very...

How to put this elegantly?
Wild and eccentric?

He's always normally out
every night strip clubbing.

So she must have
some special power

If she can tame all of that.

Did you finally meet yara?

- Yeah, I did.
- You did.

- You liked her?
- So...

Just so...

That's a pause.

That's a pause.

Tell us how
you really feel, monty.

In my opinion,
I think she wants to live

In another country
besides the united states.

Y'all ever talked about going,
moving to another country?

I told her I'm not moving
to another country,

I'm not moving to another state.

We're just gonna have
to see, is what you said.

We just got to see
how it works out.

I'm like,
we don't have much time.

Once you get married,
it's too late.

I think over time she'll adapt,

She'll feel a little bit
more comfortable here.

And she meets
some friends and everything...

Correct, even
she's met a few people,

But it's not people
she's been hanging out with

On a daily basis.

It wouldn't be fun for me.

I understand she's unhappy,
but yara's given my family

The impression that she wants
to move back to europe.

To be honest, you know,
I love to travel,

But I don't... I can't see
myself living anywhere else.

That is good.

I'm hoping over
the next 45 days,

Yara comes to appreciate
new orleans and she's happy.

That's the most
important thing for me.

- They're good.
- Yeah, they're good.

It's got a good,
good bit of kick to it.

But I do understand
it's a possibility,

If she continues
to hate america,

Maybe she wants to go back home.

However, now we have a kid,
we have to think about so.

Of course, we're gonna do
whatever we can

To make it work.

Can't do this if
you move out of the country.

And they don't have these
in ukraine,

I can tell you that.

I heard the lady is in town.

- She's here.
- So how's that, then?

Uh, it's going.

I heard a little fear
in your voice there.

Yeah. I'm not 100% ready
to get married.

So, want to go on a date?

I kind of whole one cut
right here.

Are you okay?

Cutting everything up,
wherever you want...

Gonna be a weird night, or what?

I will set a timer and sit down.

Cheers, booboo.

Come here.

Let's go get drunk tonight.
Let loose.

Like, let loose?

Don't be so serious,
don't be so tense.

Like, let loose.

I know we have problems
we need to work on,

But damn, like, let's just
relax and chill. You know?

Let's, let's have some...

Let's have some fun and get
to know each other, you know?

Beer number two.

Oh, no. There's only one left.


She wants to go see a counselor,

But I don't want to go
to a therapist.

It's a communication issue
that we need to work
on together.

But instead,
she just brings it up

Like all the time.

Like, I just...

That is just annoying
and frustrates me.


- Hi, welcome in.
- Hi, jane.

Come on back.

Jane cuts my hair a lot.

And there's very few people
I really talk to, so yeah.

She knows a little bit
about me and natalie.

Holy moly.

Yeah. Look at how long that got.

You're almost a member
of bigfoot's family now.

Close, huh?

At least you're tall enough
for it.


I hear the lady is in town now?

She's here.

How long she's been here?

- Six weeks.
- Oh.

So you waited long enough
to come back and see me.

But of course,
you have to spend
a lot of time with her.

Yeah, I got...
I got sidetracked.


So how's that been?

- Uh, it's going.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- That was a little hesitant.

I hear a little fear
in your voice there.

Well, there's quite a change
and transition going on.

You know what I mean?

I know last time
we kind of talked about,

There was some little bit
of a difference of opinion

On some things.

- How is that?
- Still the same.

I mean, you can't just
rewire that in six weeks.

This is true.

So what are you guys
disagreeing about?

The sky being blue.

It can't be that bad.

Oh, I don't know.
I saw the ring.

I'm giving her
the ring back, so...

Giving it back? What do
you mean giving it back?

Like, she had it and then...

She gave it to me
and I'm giving it
back to her, yeah.

There's a story there, boy.

I went to ukraine to visit her.

We got a big old fights,

And she took the ring off
and threw it in my suitcase.

And then you just left?

Yeah, my flight was
that night, I had no choice.

Yeah. I'm not 100% ready
to get married.


You'd think that her being

In the same country
with him finally,

That would maybe solidify

The fact that they want to
get married more, and instead,

It seems like
he's more unsure than ever.

It kind of threw me off

Because as far
as I was concerned,

That was basically the goal
of what they're trying to do.

So, want to go on a date?

Just kidding.

So, do you think a lot
of this could just be

Some tension, maybe?

You know,
just from peeling back layers

- And layers and layers...
- Peeling and peeling back.

And she'd just sort of sit there

And like nothing's right.

Yeah, do you think
it's because the little
bit of language barrier?

Um, no. She understands english,

She understands english
very well.

I just... I just don't know.

Has she, like,
come up with any, like,

Things she thinks
will help make that better?

Yeah, she wants
to go to therapy.

I mean, people go to counseling

Before they get married
a lot of the time.

That's something
you could look into.

I would say it sounds
like you guys

Have a lot to talk about still.

And I know
that that's kind of hard,

To talk about the things
that bother you,

The things you're worried about.

You know,
just all your concerns.

And then you guys
can come together,

And you might find that a lot
of those things are the same.

You might find
some common ground

To work on together.

I know, talking about
your feelings is disgusting.

Natalie and I
are two unique individuals.

We don't fit exactly together
like puzzle pieces,

But I want us to grow
stronger together

With our communication,

And be able
to recognize each other

And our differences.

So I guess
we'll go on open-minded
and we'll see how it goes.

It's a well-known fact
that hairdressers

Are low paid therapists.

I'll give you a very big tip.


While I'm working,
he can get all the stuff

Out of the storage unit
move it into the apartment.

I'd love to help.

This young hot girl seems
way overly focused on him.

Are you gonna let her
help you move?

You really want to tell
my parents tonight

At the party
that you're pregnant?

Like, I think maybe
it's better to wait for that?

I just want everybody

To be able to enjoy
the party tonight.

And yara is just
making things so hard.

Alright. Are you ready yet
or not? I'm ready

To just go to the party.
I don't wanna do this anymore.

And I want to talk about it.
If you want to tell them...

Boo, can we turn this down some?

Turn it down
a little bit, please?

Just a little bit.

No, no.

with this coronavirus thing,

It has made things that were
a little bit stressful,

Um, extremely stressful.

Like yesterday,
seeing hazel, you know,

Kind of break down because
her son harrey had a fever.

It was kind of terrifying.

So, you feeling a little
bit better this morning?


Have you tried to talk
to harrey and his stepmom?



Is he feeling good?

- Is he there?
- Harrey!

There he is.

He's good.

How are you?

Very good, you used
your english.

I'm good.

Tell him to get orange juice,

To drink orange juice every day.

And he will get sick less,

It'll keep him from getting...

then ask him. Can he...

Can he go outside
to play and all?

I'm going
to show him an exercise,

Since he can't go out.

Tell him it's called
jumping jacks.

Harrey. Like this. Like this.

Can you do it? Jumping jacks.

There you go. Yeah,
there you go.

Harrey is just
a little ball of energy.

I've been with him
during two trips

While I was in the philippines.

He's the sweetest little guy
in the world.

And so seeing him
on the phone is bittersweet

Because I miss him
and I know hazel misses him.

Come here, boo.

- Say hi.
- Hi.

- Good job.
- Yeah.

He's going to be your brother.

It was the plan to get him here

Within a year of her arrival.

Yeah, that complicates


This place, so beautiful.
The food, I promise...


My daughter tiffany
and her fiance micah

Decided to get some friends
together and invited us.

Oh, there they are.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Hi, tiffany. How are you?

- Good, how are you?
- Micah, how are you?

- Congratulations.
- Thank you!

So, I'm hoping this will
be an opportunity for zied

To connect a little bit
more with my family.

So how's everything
in america going so far?

You liking it?
America, you liking it?

Yeah, so good.

- Very good?
- Yeah.

He hasn't seen too much
of it yet while I'm working.

Zied has still only been here
just a few days.

...He really doesn't know
what's going on,

What he's doing.

He could be
playing us, I don't know.

But we decided to come out
to dinner tonight

Just to talk some more
and bring some friends
out with him.

So kind of sit in
and see how everything is.

So far, what's
the biggest difference

That you see in america
to where you're from?



So what would they get
in tunisia for that?

They'd probably get more than
six months in jail for that.

I've never met anyone
from tunisia or north africa,

For that matter.

He's different,
but in a good way.

So in tunisia, do people go
like hunting for their food?


I'd go, I'd go turkey hunting.

You know, zied,
he's a really friendly guy,

He can talk to anyone.

But this young hot girl seems
way overly focused on him.

I've kind of had him
to myself all this time.

And now, on top of everything,

I notice that I'm the only one
at the table of my age group.

And I understand,
I know I signed up for this.

But in reality,
it makes me uncomfortable.

So what you've been doing
since rebecca work so much?

Right now, the only thing
we have in the apartment
is the mattress.

So possibly while I'm working,
he can get all the stuff out

Of the storage unit
moving into the apartment.

My family has lots of trucks.

So, if you need like
a truck bed, I'd love to help.

That's so nice, hannah. Thanks.

You're going to let her
help you move?

You're gonna let her
help you move?

She is offering to help you
move the furniture.

Oh, no, you don't need it?

- No, thank you.
- That's fine.

I mean, she was just
being nice about it.

It's not exactly in his culture

To have a single woman
over at his apartment.

It seems like my mom
is just really insecure

About the fact
that a pretty woman

Is trying to help zied.

Hannah's not meaning to be
disrespectful whatsoever.

Hannah is just trying
to be genuinely helpful.

I don't think
it's gonna end good

If she's starting
to be possessive like that.

She's just offering help.

I'm not trying to step
on any toes here,

Just seems like
you guys could use

Maybe another set of wheels.

I appreciate that.

I think we're gonna head out.

- It was nice to meet you.
- Thank you.

- Welcome to america.
- Thank you.

- Bye, zied.
- Bye, bye.

- Bye, bye.
- Bye.


That was interesting.

- What?
- That was interesting.

Do you understand that
you're in america now, okay?

Women are not the same here
as they are in your country.

I'm not thrilled
about going to counseling.

But it's probably time
to try something different.

I've kind of put
all my stuff on hold

To try to make you feel
the most comfortable.

But I'm unhappy.

Oh, yeah, everything is my beer.

But I'm not drunk.
I haven't been drinking.


Not too bad.

How do you feel?

Today, natalie set up
a couples therapy session.

Me and natalie
are definitely having

Communication issues, you know.

I'm trying to work on it.

But I mean, it's just,
we're not having much success.

And I'm not thrilled
about the whole idea

Of going to counseling.

But, you know, I was talking
with jane yesterday,

You know, it's probably time
to try something different

That we're not doing.

I said let's do it.

Maybe get off my shoulders

And off my chest
and we'll see how it goes.

Okay, I need to prepare myself.

And I see you in the car.


Hi, I'm doug.

Hi, natalie. Good to meet you.

- I'm mike. Nice to meet you.
- Hi mike, good to meet you.

Come on back, this is the way.

Okay. This is the spot,
take your favorite seat.

So what you want to get out
of our time today?

She set the appointment,

Let's see what she wants to do.


Okay, okay. How about you, mike?

I think we're lacking
communication, severely.


So it seems like you both
agree that you need some help

Talking to each other
and arguing less.

Is that right?

What do you most
want mike to know

About how you're doing
inside right now?

And you can look at him
when you tell him.


what do you really want
to make sure that he gets

That he hasn't gotten so far?

What's your thought about that?

I try to make you
the most comfortable.

I've kind of put
all my stuff on hold

To try and make you feel
the most comfortable,

But I mean,
at the end of the day,

I'm still struggling internally

Because I'm unhappy.

So what just happened?
You shared some big pain.

And then I note a couple
of things are going on

For you that you want
to hear her pain,

But also you're in pain too.

What's one thing that you want
to share to each other

About why you all are together.

Why are you here? Why are you
putting forward this effort?

This is a hard situation.

So tell him.
Tell him that directly.

Did any of that sink in?

I don't feel like
the question was answered.

What would you want to hear?

Why did you come here?

Are we still in love?

Are we still in love?

We're not in love right now.

You often ask me why,
why I don't want to talk

About marriage
and a wedding right now.

You're halfway here
because we're not in love.

Honestly, do you feel
like we're in love

As much as when we first met?

Things have changed a lot.

There you go.

That's all I wanted.

We can never work
on anything if...

We can't communicate.

You give me pain too.

First step to me,
you got a problem.

The problem is
we're not in love anymore.

I don't want to make
all these plans.

And it's not there,
then maybe we just need

To come to a conclusion
that it's not there.

So, you had this love

And now you don't feel it
as much for each other.

From my view,
how we work with that

Is we need to uncover
what the truth is.

What the truth is
in each of your hearts,

In your relationship,

What each of you want
and need in your lives.

And what you want
to do about that.

I need to hear your voice.

No, definitely later,
not just now.

My ideal world?

Well, in my ideal world,

I guess, falling in love
and getting married.

Okay. That's about that.

Thank you very much.

Have some kids, raising
a family, enjoying life.

Don't know.

I'm done.

Wow. I like this dress.

How much money
you spent on that dress?

Oh, my god.
A few thousand dollars?

- Mmm-hmm.
- I hope not.

Are you ready for the party?


This afternoon, jovi
goes out with his friends

And, of course,

Jovi leave me alone
in his parent's house,

Who I basically
even don't know yet,

So I just don't feel

But jovi sometimes
can forget about me

And just be concentrated
on himself.

I know. I agree.

And it's too long.

With that?

I don't think that will work.

How are you feeling?

I gave you food
as soon as you got here.

I was trying to bring you
food to eat.

I was trying to bring...
I thought I was doing
something nice.

All right. Sorry.

Let's find you
something else to eat.

You really want to tell
my parents tonight

At the party
that you're pregnant?

Like, I think maybe
it's better time...
is better to wait for that?

We still haven't even seen
a doctor or anything.

I just think-

We'll see a doctor in a...

We can see a doctor next week.

I feel like I want to wait

Until it's the right time.

It's still early.
She just arrived.

Yara is telling my parents

That one day we may want
to leave the country.

And if they can't see
their future grandchild,

They're going to be devastated.

Alright, are you ready yet
or not? I'm ready
to just go to the party.

I don't want
to do this anymore,
don't want to talk about it.

If you want to tell them,
you can tell them.

Let's go. We're already late.

I just want everybody
to be able to enjoy
the party tonight,

And yara is just making things
so hard.

I don't know
why she's so angry at me.

I just feel like maybe
because she's upset,

She sad,
she's away from her family.

She's looking for things
to fight about.

But I don't know what I can do
to make things right with her.

Are you excited for the party?


You're just excited
about the way you look, right?

So you don't care so much
about the party, I guess.

How did I make you mad?

Because I didn't get you food?
That's why?

I asked you, what do you want?

And you don't tell me...

I'm not lying.

What am I lying about?

Oh, yeah,
everything is my beer now.


I took like five beers.

But I'm not drunk.
I haven't been drinking.

The way you're talking
like you are right now,
yeah, of course.

When you're talking
like you are right now,
of course I think you are.

I just can't understand
why she's trying
to pick a fight.

She should be happy,
we're going to a party

For her to celebrate,
for us to get married.

Not so lucky.

Remember maria, the psychic?

She sees us getting married
and then you leaving me

For a younger woman.

So it was a great day
at the beach today with ryan

Hula hooping, laughing, joking.

I am so relieved
to have told him that I slept

With his cousin harris
over a year ago.

And we seem
to put that aside now.

But we still
have not been intimate.

He is promising me
he hasn't been with anybody

Since when I saw him last.

But I have a feeling

That he definitely has been
with others

Since we haven't seen
each other in many months.

I've been checking
in with maria
and she has reminded me

About what the cards
have said about ryan.

This is not necessarily
the best card in the deck.

The chariot.

There is another woman
around him.

I'm telling you now,
you've got to keep
an eye on him.

You betcha. Thank you.


You betcha. You know what?

I don't want to stare
at myself all night,

So take off your mask.

So, you tired at all
from the hula-hooping?

You were good.
No, you got good at the end.

Anyway. Remember maria,
the psychic?

And remember, we had a little
phone conference with her.

One thing I never told you
is that she did say

That she sees us
getting married.

She sees you coming
to the united states,

But also that she saw you

Leaving me for a younger woman.

But she's gotten things
sometimes right on the nose

As far as names,
as far as dates.

So, it's just tough
when she tells me

That she sees us getting married

And then you leaving me
for a younger woman.

No, she doesn't know you,
but she picks up on.

I'm just telling you.

I don't give her
any information.

I'm telling you, dude.

Also, she did say
that she sees your mother

Pressuring you
to want to have a baby

So that you might end up
with someone else besides me,

Maybe a co-worker.

But it's your mom
that you look to for advice.

Well, yeah, but did you
just hear what you said?

You're not
for any babies right now.

I just said, right-

When you said
right now, that's...

Okay. But that's not
what you said.

Perfect. You know what, sweetie?

That's enough.
I don't want to fight...

I don't want to fight
with you, you know,

Guess I always
do wonder when she says

It's going to be
a much younger person.

You and I are 25 years apart.

I know this doesn't seem
like it when we're together,

But we are 25 years apart, so...

Oh, I think we're going
to start getting rained on.

- What?
- Mmm-hmm.

We'll see what happens
this evening.

Maybe I won't get laid
again tonight,

But I'm hoping he makes up
for last night.

Yes, I'm hoping. Who knows?

You owe me,
so let's get back to the room.

Don't you lie to me, ryan.


Ryan, I need you to sit down.

Hey, ryan.

Are you afraid
of the truth, ryan?

Why would you do that to me?

With whose money? Ryan?

Oh, my god.

Are you kidding me?

Off and die, ryan.

Next time on 90 days fiance...

We took a test today.

No, no. You're kidding me.

You're kidding me.

And what's the more happy?

Are you crazy?

How do I know

That you aren't going
to want children

At some point?

- I do. Yeah.
- Yeah.

I'm not talking about now, baby.

I'm talking about in the future.

Harris, can you hear me?

I need a good,
solid friend right now.

Can you come here and see me?

I lost him.

I don't know what to do.

My life is a show.

Your beauty is ugly.

It is, okay?

Just because you think
you're the most
hottest in the world

Doesn't make you
a great person inside.

It doesn't make you
a great person.

Welcome to pregnancy, guys.

I don't want to hear
it anymore. I'm over it.