90210 (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 7 - 99 Problems - full transcript

Annie and Riley's relationship suffers when Riley gets upset at the fact that Annie doesn't treat him like her other boyfriends just because he is in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Adrianna finds out that she is performing at the Hollywood Bowl and thinks Dixon is going to propose to her after reading a text message on his phone. She then contemplates revealing that she cheated on him, but she doesn't when Dixon gives her a pair of beautiful diamond earrings and wants her to sign to his future record label. Naomi grows jealous when the replacement for Max's business partner is a hot young woman named Bryce and decides that she should be his partner instead. Silver is upset at the fact she still isn't pregnant and discovers that she may need surgery. Liam goes crazy after punching a paparazzi and getting arrested. His studio sends him a bodyguard, a female cop named Ashley Howard, but she later turns out to be an obsessed psychopath when she gets a picture of Liam tattooed on her back.

Oh, man, can you believe
this turnout tonight?

Of course l can.

This is my dream,
my vision, my party!

Well, l thought Dylan
was supposed to be on duty.

Well, he is, but he probably
got some hot date or something.

with a bottle of tequila.

lt's okay, the way
l've got this place wired,

it'll practically run itself.
Hey, man.

Yeah, well, l got
to hand it to you, Steve.

l didn't think
you could pull it off.

Everybody doubted me. Everybody
except Valerie. Hey, baby.


Yeah, she's a good one.

l'll say.

l'm taking it real slow.
Playing it real low-key.

Well, it seems to be working.

Yeah, everything's
working for me.

l'm hot, hot-hot-hot!

Don't touch me,
you'll burn yourself.

Come on.

All right, yeah, hey,
have a great time.


l'd like to speak
to the owners, please.

l'm sorry, they're not around.

ls there something
l can do for you?

Are you in charge?


Then this is for you.

What's this?

Fire Marshal.

You'll have to shut down
and move out.


Maximum capacity's 150 people.

We got these laws
for a reason, fella.

l heard about these laws.

l'm sure you're not trying
to bribe a County official.


l hoped you'd say that.

All right, kiddies,
the party's over!


Come on, Bussichio.
l told you l'd pay the fine.

That's not the point, Steve.

Having an after-hours club
is a good idea,

but it's not right
for the Peach Pit.

Not right?
Do you have any idea

how much money we cleared

before Fire Marshal Bill
decided to fill his quota?

Quota, shmota.

l can't afford
to shut down again.

And we can't afford to walk away
from the Peach Pit After Dark.

l'm telling you, not with the
word of mouth we have going!

Guys, why don't we
charge twice as much

and let in half as many people?

Or better yet,

why don't you just get
a bigger place?

Then we could have live music.

Wait a minute.
Are you saying

move the Peach Pit?
Are you out of your minds?

Well, you don't have to move it.

The rug store next door
is going out of business.

Nakoom? Hah! He's been
going out of business

the last five years.

l bet we can
get a lease dirt cheap.

Who can afford the lease

when l can't even afford
to pay the fine?

Well, what about
your silent partner?

What about him?

Well, all l keep hearing is
what a moneybags Dylan McKay is.

And Steve says
he never refuses you anything.

Ray, hi.


l, uh, l just came by
to bring you something.

Oh, it's so cute!

A baby pumpkin!


Oh, my God! lt's huge!

This is the biggest one
of the season

and that's the smallest.

So, it's kind
of an unmatched set.

Well, thank you.

That was very nice of you.

So, uh, if you're
not busy tonight,

maybe we could hang out and
decorate 'em or something.

Okay, great.

Donna, you're not gonna
believe this.

-Hello, Ray.

Look what Ray brought us.

The tiniest pumpkin
on the lot, and...

the pumpkin that ate
Santa Monica.

How big of him.

So, uh, l'm gonna go.

Okay, well, uh, about tonight?
What time?

Um, l don't know.

l might have to work,
so l'll call you later.


See ya.

Bye. Thank you.

Listen, if Andrea calls,

tell her there's
been a change of plans

and she should meet me
here in an hour.

Bring the baby.

Okay, but if she's coming here,
why are you leaving?

l have to pick up Erin.

Jackie had some
scheduling problems,

which is short for saying
''quality time with Mommy has

to wait till Mommy's had
her manicure.''


Are Mr. and Mrs. Walsh still
going to Palm Springs tonight?

Yes, they are, and l'm
going to be staying there,

so you can tell Mr. Ray
that l won't be bothering you.

Although, what you
see in him...

You were just leaving,
weren't you?


Thought so.

Right this way, my friend.

l'm about to blow your mind.

A little early for that,
isn't it, Steve?

Come on. Come on.
lt's over here.

Can we get a cup
of coffee first?

First things first.
You gotta check this place out.

l'm telling you
it couldn't be more perfect.

Habib, how are the women
treating you?

Al Nakoom, this is Dylan McKay.

lt's a pleasure
to meet you, sir.

The pleasure's ours.

Uh, Mr. Nakoom, could l have a
second with these guys, please?


Nat, what's going on?

The Fire Marshal shut down
our after-hours club last night

for exceeding our capacity.

Penalized for being popular,

The club is a cash cow, man.

But instead of selling the farm,

we're gonna milk it for all
it's worth and expand here.

We don't even have
to knock down any walls.

Well, no major walls.

You guys want to buy
Nakoom's rug store?

Not buy it, lease it.

For three one-year options.

Four months, we'll make
our investment back.

The rest is gravy.

lt could be a gold mine.

People need a place to go.

lt'd fill a void.

lt's money in the bank.

What are you two,
surround sound?

D, l don't wanna pressure you.

Take your time
and think about it.

But don't think about it
too long, please.

l absolutely need a tenant.

This time, we are really
going out of business.

l don't need to think about it.

These guys say it's a gold mine.

l said that.


l think it's a good idea, Dylan.

This may finally get
the Peach Pit out of the red.

How much?

The whole shebang: remodeling,

closing costs, permits,
a measly 150,000 bucks.

$150,000, Steve?

More or less.

Possibly more.

Probably less.

lt's a deal...

on one condition:
l gotta have a cup of coffee.

Coffee, please.

l'm buying for everybody.

Okay, Mel is going
to pick Erin up

at your place right after lunch.

He better be
on time for once.

Well, l could drop her
back by if you want.


He has specific instructions
about her nap and everything.

Where are my shoes?!

Mom, what's your
portfolio doing out?

Do you see my eyelash curler?

Would you stop for one second
and talk to me, please?

Honey, l am just so crazed.

About a manicure?

No, l'm working.

Beekman Mills is doing
a ''Fabulous at Forty'' campaign

to promote their new
cosmetic line, and they want me.

And Claude is doing the shoot,

but he has to leave town
Monday, so it has to be tonight.

l can't believe
you're modeling again.

Kelly, do not start.

Only if you promise me

that this isn't going to
be a regular occurrence.

Are you willing to pay my bills?
Because they

are a very regular occurrence.

Mom, you know
how bad it is for you.

lt's not worth it
in the long run.

Please, l may truly be
''Fabulous at Forty,''

but l am only a novelty act.

lf there is ever a big
demand for my age bracket,

then we can discuss this.

But for now,
it's a one-shot deal.

And l, for one,
would really like to feel

like l'm not completely
over the hill. Okay?


Good-bye, baby.

Oh, good-bye, baby.

Lucy, l'm home!

Good timing.

l just got back
from Dr. Tisherman's.


He gave us the green light.

Which means?

lt means we go ''have fun
the old-fashioned way''

and, uh, we go back
in six months

if we have nothing
to show for it.

Well, Mrs. Walsh,
l can't think of anyone else

l'd rather make a baby with.

Hey! Oh, hi guys.

Didn't see you
making out over there.

Don't stop on our account.

We wouldn't want you
to beat the traffic

to Palm Springs or
anything silly like that.

Brandon, relax.

Uh, maybe we better
put the bags in the car?

Yeah, l just have
to wait for one fax.

You see?

l told you it was a mistake

to bring that machine
into our home.

l just have to sign it
and send it right back.

l don't get it, Dad.

l thought you stopped handling

Dylan's finances
a long time ago.

l did, but until Dylan
completes the paperwork,

l still have to sign off on any
transaction involving his house.

So if this is just a formality,
why don't you sign

the piece of paper
and let us get on the road?

Because it's bugging me.

l mean, with all his assets,

why would Dylan take an equity
line out on his house?

Maybe because he's spending

his money
like there's no tomorrow.

ls he still bitter
about you and Kelly?

lt wouldn't surprise me.

But l hear he's
with a different girl

pretty much every night.

lt just doesn't make any sense.

l mean, you don't
want to take out a mortgage

on your home
unless you really have to.

Then obviously he has to.

Valerie, Dylan's a millionaire.

No, he's not.

Not anymore.

How do you know?

l just know, okay?

The truth is, Dylan's broke.

Erin, ask who it is first.

Hi, darlin'!

-Hi, darlin'!

Come here.

Erin, you must never
do that again.

Don't worry, Kelly.

She knows me by my scent.

How's it going?

Erin's fine;
Jackie's another story.

Go ahead.

Here l was hoping you would
tell me not to be concerned.

Why would you be concerned, Mel?

Didn't you once tell me

that you felt that all the
modeling you did as a kid

warped your... body image
and damaged your self-esteem?

Since when are you so worried
about Jackie's self-esteem?

l was talking about Erin.


Erin, Jackie,


the mother-daughter photo shoot?

Mother-daughter photo shoot?

You didn't know?

No, can't say that l did.

l am sorry,
but that little girl

who idolized Dylan
and loved him like a brother

was not a con artist.

No, maybe not Erica,
but l wouldn't

-put it past her mother.
-Neither would l.

Remember when l found 20
grand in Suzanne's bank account

after she'd told Dylan
she was broke?

That's right,
she said it was from

some insurance
settlement, right?

Yeah, and Dylan bought it,

hook, line and sinker--
with Erica as the bait.

l still can't believe it.

lt certainly fits with the way
Dylan's been acting lately.

l feel really terrible
about this.

To think we came this close

to putting our own money
in the deal.

l better get back
to the office.

Should l call the resort and
say we need a late check-in?

l don't think this is the day
to be going out of town, honey.

Great timing, Val.

l'm sorry, you guys.

-What were you doing
with Dylan McKay? -Jim.

We explicitly told you
to stay away from that guy.

l know. l'm sorry.

l shouldn't have said anything.

That's not the point.

Well, why didn't you
say something sooner?

Does anyone else
know about this?

No, l don't think so.

And please,
don't tell him l told you.

We were at the Peach Pit
one night, and Dylan was drunk.

He needed somebody to talk to.

l was there. That's all.

That's all?


he wanted to kiss me.

l told him
that's not what l had in mind.

But he was so drunk,

l don't think
he remembered in the morning.

Please, you have to believe me.

Of course we believe you,

This news is just such a shock.

l'm sorry, honey.

l'll try not to be home
too late.

Griffin. Hi.

What are you doing here?

Delivering these.

And this.

And hopefully,
sweeping you off your feet.

Metaphorically speaking.

Shall we? Or...

perhaps you should
get your wrap.


Uh, Donna, uh, sorry,
Griffin called

early this morning--
l forgot to tell you.

He wanted to know what
you were doing tonight.

l told him that you were
just gonna hang out

and help me put up pictures
and stuff.

Hope that was okay.

Hi, Griffin. How's it going?


Oh, my gosh, uh,

you-you want me
to go out with you right now?

What, you don't like
the flowers?

No, no.

lt's just l...
l sort of made plans.

Cancel them.


You won't regret it, l swear.

l have the entire
evening planned.

Reservations confirmed--
l have my father's keys,

so we're gonna
be going in style.

And the fact is, l simply
will not take no for an answer.

Have l ever told you
how beautiful you are?

No, but you...
can tell me on the way.

l just... l got to go change.

l've got to remember that ''won't
take no for an answer'' line.

-That was smooth.
-Mm, believe me.

She is not going
to forget this evening.

Come on, Ray.

Clare, listen, if Ray calls,
tell him l need

-to take a rain check, okay?

Don't forget this time.

l'll be gentle.



Do not-- l repeat--
do not wait up.

We'll see you tomorrow.


Hi, baby cakes!

l was beginning
to wonder where you were.

Where's your daddy?

l don't know.

Her father sent me instead.

Kelly, what are you doing here?

l should ask you the same thing.

Didn't we go through this?

No. You left out
the part where Erin

gets to follow
in my illustrious footsteps.

Honey, l was in a hurry.

Why are you bringing

a three-year-old
to a night shoot?

l mean, you're messing up her
entire routine, and for what?

How about for a down payment
on her college fund?

Or her orthodontia,

her teen tours,
her car phone...

Why don't you just sell her

into indentured servitude
while you're at it?

Okay, let's just take it
down a notch, here.

l honestly do not see
what you are so upset about.

l told you,

this is a one-shot deal;
they asked me

to do them a favor at the last
minute, and l feel honored.

lt's as simple as that.

Now if you are so afraid
that Erin is

going to be traumatized
by this experience,

why don't you stick around
and make sure she's okay?

-All right, l think l will.


That'll be helpful, actually.

l'm sorry if l overreacted.

Oh, come here, you.

And come here, you.

Griffin, when you said your
father gave you his keys,

l thought you meant to his car.

Just tell me one thing.

We're not gonna
parachute down, right?

No, no, we're gonna
land and everything.

l just, uh, thought it
might be a little difficult

to drive to Catalina lsland.

Oh, don't get me wrong,
l'm not complaining.

This is terrific.

You know, l've always wanted
to do something like this.

l just never met
the right girl to do it with.

So how do you know
l'm the right girl?

Because you have the
perfect body temperature

at any elevation.


l bet you're looking for Donna.

Yeah, is she around?

Something came up.
She said she'll call you.

Maybe l could hang around
for a while and wait for her.

No, l don't think so.

l kind of have a guest myself,

No sweat.

l'll just, l'll wait outside.

Ray, babe...

listen up-- l hate

to break this to you,
but she's out on a date

so you're going to have
to take a rain check.

You know how it is:

so many men, so little time.

Yeah, thanks a lot, ''babe.''

Hey. Don't go away mad.

Dylan, how are you?

Pretty good, why?

Do l look green or something?

Come on in back with me.

Come on.

Hello, Dylan.

Hello, Jim.
What can l do for you?

Listen, l know we've had
our differences in the past...

Must you always start
by stating the obvious?

Okay, l guess
it's best that, uh,

we cut to the chase.

Look, l've been made aware
of your monetary situation.

What ''situation''?

Come on, l just want to talk.

Yeah, but l don't want to talk
to you, and l certainly

don't want to discuss
my monetary situation.

You fired me
as your client, remember?

You're not my financial
advisor anymore.

You aren't anything.

Come on, don't be this way.

l might be able to help.

l don't want your help.



when you applied
for that line of credit,

the bank contacted me
and l did some investigating.

l'm sorry.

l've been racking my brain

trying to come up
with a solution.

Yeah, well, rest your brains,

'cause there is no solution.

Okay, the money's gone;
it's over.

You don't have any leads

as to where Kevin and Suzanne
might be hiding?

l don't have any leads

as to where Kevin
and Suzanne are hiding.

There, l said it.

-You happy now?

this doesn't make me happy.

l think it does.

l think you just can't wait
to tell me that l got everything

l deserved, everything
that was coming to me,

so why don't you
just skip everything else

and say it
and get out of my face.

l'm so glad l canceled a trip

with my wife for this.

-Talk to you later, Nat.

Oh, God...

Your new mission,

if you decide to accept it,

is to stick this entire
piece of watermelon

-Not a chance. No, no-no.
-in your mouth at one time.


Please, commander,
no more, please.

l'm not the commander.

l'm the all-knowing
watermelon guru.

Thanks to you, l'm a mess.

Yeah, you are.

Take off your shirt.
l'll throw it in the wash.

There's T-shirts
in the bottom drawer

if you're freezing.

Oh, that's disgusting.

Can you open the door
for me, please?

-Thank you.

l can't believe you.


Now l know why
we get along so well.

That is something
l would have done.

ln fact, that's
something l have done.

Mmm! l hope you don't mind
that l borrowed these.

What do you mean?

Well, you said,
''Make yourself at home.''

David, those are my handcuffs?


l don't have the key.

Yes, you do.

This is for my jewelry box.

l lost the handcuff
key when l was...

That's a different story.

Oh, my God!

Oh, great.

We better call a locksmith.

Uh-uh. Not so fast.

First, l get
to have my way with you.

Who could that be?

l don't know.

lt better not
be that Ray guy again.

Don't you move, now.

Very funny.




My dinner got canceled
at the last minute.

l suddenly realized
l've been so busy

l haven't even seen where
my daughter is living.

Aren't you going
to invite me in?

Oh, yeah, yeah. Sure.

Come in. Come in.

Oh. Why don't we go grab
a bite? l'm starved.

Great. Just show me
your room, and we'll go.

Oh, there's really
nothing to see, Dad.

lt's a total mess.

Oh, come on.
lt can't be that bad.

Uh... Let me straighten
up first, okay?

The view. Why don't
you look at the view?

lt's... it's really beautiful.
lt's really special.

Clare, it's dark out.

l'm going to go call
the restaurant.

Okay, Dad? Um...

l'll be right back.

Just going to make
some reservations, okay?

Just one second.

What took you so long?

My father is here,
and he's not leaving.

You're kidding. Your father?

l'm going to get expelled!

Hi. Hello.
ls this Marina Lock & Key?

You got it.

Yeah, we have a bit
of an emergency.

Could you come
over right away?

The address is
1610 Lighthouse Road,

apartment four. Okay?

1610 Lighthouse Road,
apartment four.

Yeah. Okay.
Thank you. Bye.

-Clare, you can't let him
see me. -Lie down.

-Shut up and lie down, okay?

Clare, what good is
this going to do?

David, unless you lie

perfectly still,
this may become

a very, very weird scene here.



Okay, Dad, come on in.



Told you it was a mess.

At least you've got
some pictures up.


That was Sun Valley, wasn't it?

Yep, it was, actually.

Boy, l'm starved, Dad.

Let's go to get something.

Did you get a reservation?

Uh... no, l didn't,
but they said

we wouldn't need one,
but we've got to go right now.


Okay, let's do it.

Oh, forgot my sweater,
one sec.

The locksmith'll be here
in a half hour, okay?

-Clare, wait.

Wait, Clare.

Who's going to open the door?

Ah, man.

Um... vanilla ice cream,

No, no, n-n-no.

She'll have the tiramisu.

You can have ice
cream anytime.

Well, okay, but you have
to eat most of it.

l can't believe this is your
first time on the island.

So when do we have
to leave?

Uh, depends on what
time we get up.

Excuse me?

We don't have to go
to sleep at all.

l mean, we can watch
the sun come up together.

Um, you wa--
you want to spend the night?

Well, l,
l didn't bring any clothes.

Well, you can wear
that again tomorrow.

l won't mind.

And we can always pick up
a toothbrush at the hotel.

-You booked a hotel?
-Well, l,

l did call ahead and
their best room is available.

Yeah, l bet it has
a king-size bed, right?

-One big ol' bed, huh?

and wait
till you catch the view.

You did say you wanted to see
this place during the day?

l meant some other time.

-You knew that.
-Well, l won't touch you.

How about that?

l'll be the...
l'll be a perfect gentleman.

Yeah, well,

a perfect gentleman wouldn't
have put me in this position

in the first place.

And a perfect gentleman
wouldn't have orchestrated

this little overnight excursion
without asking me.

Don't get so upset, all right?

You don't want to stay over.

l got the message.



gentleman needs his check.

Steve, l-l'm sorry.

l-l'm really tired tonight.

Maybe tomorrow?

l will.

Okay, bye.

lt's okay to come in?


Listen, Val, if you're
interested in Dylan,

why don't you just
cut Steve loose?

l told you, Brandon, there's
nothing between me and Dylan.

Steve's a good friend of mine

and l don't want to
see him getting hung up

on someone who doesn't
appreciate him.

l appreciate Steve.

He's a great guy.

He's, he's fun,
he's very outgoing.

Whereas Dylan is a loner with
a big chip on his shoulder

and absolutely
no sense of humor.

Well, maybe you just
don't understand him.

-And you do, huh?
-All l know is

it's really hard
to keep a sense of humor

about the way
the universe operates

when you feel
like the joke's on you.

Well, you wouldn't be the first
girl l shared a bathroom with

who thought she could heal
his wounded psyche.

And how would
your psyche hold up

if your dad blew up in a car
right in front of your eyes?

l don't think you'd be
Mr. Congeniality either.

Going somewhere?

Yeah, l could use
some fresh air.

ls that okay with you?

Just be careful, Val.



Clare, get in here.



There's a very good explanation
for this.

There, see,
don't you look pretty?


Sure you don't want a little
weave, honey, just for fun?

l'm sure.

l cannot get over
how gorgeous you turned out.

Of course, l don't know
why l'm so surprised.

You were
such a stunning child.

Thanks, Doreen, but l'm
not model beautiful.

Have you looked
in the mirror lately?

You should be doing
this shoot.

No doubt about that.

Well, l wasn't asked.

Well, probably your mom
didn't want the competition.

With your looks,
you'd leave her in the dust.

And Jackie never
could stand sharing

that spotlight with you.

Now, could she?

Uh-uh, uh-uh.

Jackie, hi, you look great.

How you doing, pumpkin?

Mom, what's taking them so long?

Patience, patience.

We're up next.

Well, you should have been
up first.

You have a toddler here.


How's it going?

Good, good,

uh, but Teresa has a plane
to catch, so l'm bumping her up.

You just relax, hang out.

Do you want something to eat?

Um, a Calistoga?

Claude, Erin's falling asleep.

She really needs to go next.

We'll wake her up.
lt's not a problem.

No, she's exhausted.

Look at her.

What can l do?

Take her home, then.

We'll, uh, try to reschedule.


What the hell are you...

You told me to look out
for her best interests.

She's not complaining,
she's fine.

-l'm sorry, but...
-l cannot believe you.

You didn't want me to do this
in the first place.

l should say
the same thing to you.

What's that supposed
to mean?

Why didn't you ask me
to be in the shoot?

Because you
would have said no.

-How do you know?
-You have been nothing

but negative since the beginning
of this thing.

lf it's so bad for Erin
and so bad for me,

then why in the world
would you want to do it?

Maybe l wouldn't have,

but you could have asked.

You could have shown me
that you thought of me

as something more
than your on-call babysitter.

Don't do me any favors.

l'm sorry if l imposed
on your time, Kelly.

Come on, sweetie, maybe
they can fit us in tomorrow.

Or maybe l'll just
go shoot myself.

How do we get ourselves
into these things, David?

''lnto'' is not the question.

How we're going to get out
is what l want to know.

Well, you'll be
a free man soon.

Good thing
the locksmith's open 24 hours.

Yeah, well, hopefully it
won't take him 24 hours

to get here this time.

Oh, by the way, Ray
stopped by earlier.

Oh, no, what'd he say?

Well, l guess he was pretty
bummed you stood him up.

Clare said it seemed
like he was about ready

to take his pumpkins
and go home.

He's a pretty intense guy,
isn't he?

David, l've got to go find Ray.


He smashed the pumpkins.

l've got to talk to him.

Donna, you're kidding.

Donna, don't leave.

Who's going to open the door
when the locksmith...




lt's me.

l've got to remember
to lock that door.

Are you alone?

'Cause if not, l'll go.

And what if l am?

Will you still go?

Look, l just want
to talk to you.

l think you've done
enough talking lately.

-l don't know what you mean.
-l mean l got

a visit from Jim Walsh
l could live without.

Can l help it
if he got a fax about you

and started nosing around?

You don't gotta give me
crap about a fax.

l know you told him
that l'm broke.

You don't lie very well.
l hate a liar.

Well, you've been lying
to everybody for months.

Pretending you're
still Richie Rich.

Why were you trying
to hide it anyway?

lt was only a matter of time.

So, what-- you did me
a big favor

by expediting the inevitable?

l don't think so, l think

you're mad
'cause you came in here

and caught me
with a girl the other night.

You don't know
how intimidating

Jim Walsh can be.

Oh, l know exactly
how intimidating

Jim Walsh can be.

What did he do, bully you?

What am l supposed to do?

l'm living in his house.

Hey, stand up to him.

l mean, Bren did.

ln fact she got pretty good
there in the old end,

you know, standing up
to Big Jim.

You know the Walshes were
really concerned about you.


well, if they cared so much,
tell me this,

why was l never good enough
for their daughter, huh?

At least Brenda had the guts
to call 'em on it.

You know, l am not Brenda!

l will never be Brenda!

Don't talk to me about Brenda!

No, you're not Brenda.

You're just pretending to be
and l think you like it.

l think, l think you like
living in Brenda's house,

you like sleeping
in Brenda's bed,

you got Brenda's brother

and Brenda's parents all there

in that nice cozy
little package,

instant family!

What's wrong with that?


Oh, hi.

You just missed Brandon.

He-he should be back
soon though.

What're you still doing here?

l mean, l, uh,

-thought you'd be gone by now
and... -lt's all right.

Uh, Brandon tried to call you.

We had a, um,
a change in plans.


Well, so did l.

ls everything all right?

Do you have any ice cream?

Oh, absolutely.

My mom was constantly
reminding me

that the camera
adds ten pounds.

So by the time l was seven,

l was so brainwashed

l wouldn't even eat
birthday cake anymore.

Finally, l just got
sick of the pressure

and l got fat.

To spite her l think.

But l stayed that way
for awhile,

till high school.

l just can't see your mother
putting Erin

through the same turmoil.

l'm sure she is really
looking at this

as just a one time thing.

lt just felt like she was

trying to sneak
something past me.

So what's bothering you more...

that she put Erin to work,

or that she didn't tell you
she was doing it?

l don't know.

Maybe it was
that she didn't ask me

to be in the shoot with her.

She claimed l would've just
turned her down.

You know,
that sounds exactly

like the excuse Brenda gave me

when she didn't ask me to be

in that mother-daughter
fashion show

at the high school.

The fashion show from hell?


That was the first time
l met your mother.

l'm sure she made a great
first impression on you.

Only Jackie would think
that she could

MC the show high
and nobody would notice.

You know, your mother has
come a long way since then.

l mean, think about
what she's been through.

She got married,
she had a baby,

she got divorced,

and through it all
she stayed clean and sober.

And she still manages
to look fabulous at 40.


if someone asked me to be
in an ad campaign like that,

ooh, l'd jump at the chance.

Like to try some
chocolate chip mint?

No, thanks.

Will you just, uh,

tell Brandon that l'll
talk to him tomorrow?


Who's there?


You scared me!

You shouldn't be walking around
out here alone at night.

Well, l'm not alone.

You're with me.

You have a point.

So, how was your date?

Ray, l'm so sorry.

You said you'd call me,

and then when l called you,
you weren't there and...

...And it was terrible.

l would've rather
have been with you.

Yeah? So why'd you go?

Look, he wouldn't take no
for an answer.

So he put the moves on you?


Hey, none of my business.

Look, l...

l just wanted to tell you
how sorry l was.

You came all the way out here
to tell me you were sorry?

You're crazy.

So, does that mean
you forgive me?

l trashed your pumpkins

and you're asking me
to forgive you?

Well, about that, you,

you know, you could've
just left me a note.

l guess it's my turn
to apologize.

No, you don't have to.

l don't know what came
over me, Donna.

lt's only 'cause l
care about you.

Maybe a little too much.

l don't think that's possible.

l would never push you

to do anything you didn't
want to do, Donna.

l'd never pressure
you into anything.

Well, that's good to know.

l just want to be with you.

lf you're going
to bawl me out again,

can it wait until tomorrow?

l'm not going to bawl you out.

'Cause Claude promised
he would squeeze me in tomorrow

and l have to look like l got
a few hours sleep.

Well, maybe you'll sleep better

after l say what l have to say.

Okay, on one condition.

You can't make me cry.
l'll be too puffy.

l can't promise that.


Just listen.

l realized that l've been
too hard on you.

l mean, even though
the modeling thing

didn't turn out so well
for us in the past,

you're a much stronger
person now

and a much better mother.

My eyes are gonna
be little pits.

l just wanted to say

that l'm not gonna put
my two cents in anymore,

not unless you ask.

But l wish you'd ask.


l have a confession to make.

The real reason
l didn't want you in the shoot

was a very selfish one,

because they asked for both
you and Erin, you know.

They did?

But then l pictured the ad,

and l thought
if anyone saw a toddler

and a young woman,

and an older women,

they wouldn't think
the older woman

was the mother of the other two.

They would think
you were Erin's mother,

which leaves me as...
the grandma.

l can't even say the word
without shivering.


l just wasn't ready
to be the ''older generation''.

Can you understand
that at all?

Come on, don't they say
''Life begins at 40''?

The slogan l remember is
''Don't trust anyone over 30.''

lt's funny.

Because l thought the reason

that you didn't want me
to be in the shoot with you

was because you didn't think
l was pretty enough.

Oh, no, was that
what you really thought?

Because you are
a very beautiful girl,

and l would be proud to show
you off as my daughter.

Fess up, Silver.
Come on,

in the beginning,
in the very beginning,

before Clare's father got there,

when you were a captive
in handcuffs

and at her mercy--

don't even tell me you weren't
a little bit turned on?

Steve, l can't even believe
you're asking me about this,

all right, it was a nightmare.

l live for stuff like this.

lmagine if she...

l don't need to imagine

l was there!

All right,
my wrist still hurts.

Was she pissed you
broke her bed?

Excuse me,

but anyone who drives
all the way to Monterey Park

to go to her favorite
Chinese restaurant,

then talks her dad into seeing
a double feature at the Nuart,

has no right to be pissed.

l mean, l could've died
waiting there for her.

You could've
chewed your arm off.

Shut up.

Hey man, you couldn't
have died.

Steve, l don't want to argue
about this anymore, all right.

l could have died,
and that's final!

All right, whatever
you say, bondage boy.

That's very funny,
just drive.


Guys, it's a little early,
isn't it?

l'm sorry, l'm sorry,

but you'll never guess
what l have here.

l've got
the preliminary sketches

to the new and improved
Peach Pit After Dark.

Great. Steve,
l'll tell you what.

l'll look at 'em later,
but thanks for stopping by.

Well, wait, can't
you look at 'em now?

Come on, pal,

l can't get any bids
without these plans.

We gotta strike
while the iron is hot.

Steve, we'll strike
while the iron is warm, okay?

Look, we're at a critical stage,
right here.

l don't want to waste any time.
That's why

l had to light a fire
underneath the designer's butt.

The guy was up
all night, Dylan.

He's not the only one, Steve.

This'll just take a minute.

Look, uh,

maybe we should do this
another time, Steve.

There's no time
like the present, David.

Yeah, well, maybe
we should, uh,

let Dylan look at these
when he's had time

to wake up.

Feast your eyes on this!


don't get the wrong
idea or anything.

Yeah, Val, l think
he already got the idea.

Oh, l get it,

joke's on me, huh?

On second thought,

why don't we just, uh...

cut our losses here, okay?

You know, l've got something
else for you, McKay...