90210 (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 15 - Strange Brew - full transcript

Naomi tries to bond more with Mark as she helps him prepare for the opening of their own restaurant, but soon discovers that the preparation and cooking of food is more hectic then she imagined. Dixon persuades Michaela to join his record label as his new talented star and asks her to sing at Naomi and Mark's restaurant grand opening party. Meanwhile, Annie begins having romantic feelings for Liam once again as she continues to ghost write her life story, while at the same time Liam tries to brew his own type of beer which gets a negative reaction from everyone who drinks it. Elsewhere, Navid is asked by Campbell to escort his fiancée around where Navid accidentally discovers that Campbell is using Navid as a shield so he can cheat on her. Also, Silver and Adrianna decide to use Mark's old food truck as a documentary-on-wheels set where they try to interview random people with their life problems.

Previously on 90210...

That was actually pretty great.

I own a music label.

Are you saying you can make me a star?

Annie and I have a half brother

who was given up for
adoption before we were born.

What make you think you can even
find this person in the first place?

Because I already did; he's right here.

He's our half brother?

I talked Naomi into letting me have

her brother's old food truck.

We could do something awesome.

If... you want to be my partner.


Welcome to Armitage Books.

Your blog has a real shot

of finding the audience that it deserves.

Look at us.

Between cooking meals and housework,

we're like an old married couple.

Pretty soon we're going to be arguing about

copper plumbing and area rugs.

Oh, this one's still a little dirty, honey.

Maybe I like it dirty.

- Liam, this is so wrong.
- I know.

Why doesn't peanut butter
need to be refrigerated?


Well, you know, most stuff just
says, "refrigerate after opening."

Peanut butter doesn't say that.

Which is weird, huh?

You okay?

Yeah, yeah.

I... I just got lost in my reading.

Oh, cool.

Hey, if you're taking a break,

would you mind putting
some aloe on my back?

I think I got sunburned today.

Uh, this is a mistake.

I know, I should've worn sunscreen.

I'm not talking about your sunburn.

Uh, what makes you think I
was taking a break anyway?

I was working, Liam, until you strutted in

wearing half a wet suit,
babbling about peanut butter.

I went surfing and I got hungry.

What's wrong with that?

Well, what's wrong is that
I'm trying to do something

really important with my life,

and you are doing what you always do,

which is waiting for life to happen.


Look, I get that you went through a lot

with the kidnapping and PTSD,

but that doesn't change
the fact that you need to

figure out what you're doing
with your life that isn't,

you know, hanging around
the house shirtless.

So, rub your own back.

I have some place to be.

Hey, look who's awake.

Hey, surrogates get to sleep in.

It's part of the benefits package.

Wait, you're not even pregnant yet.

So, I'm practicing for when I am.

Oh, well...

Since I'm not pregnant, or about to be,

- I started working on your track.
- Oh.

Take a listen. Tell me what you think.

♪ Open my eyes now... ♪

There's no way that's me.

You... you tweaked that audio.

No, no, that's all you.

Uh, you got some nice pipes.

So, what's next?

Well, first, we're going to try you out

- in front of a live audience, okay?
- Okay.

Naomi's restaurant opens in a few days.

You want some coffee?

Yes, please.

Cool. There you go.

Then, play at a few local
clubs before your showing.

Lay down some tracks while you're pregnant.

And then, after the baby's here,

we release the album.

- Seriously?
- Mm-hmm.

You can make all that happen?

Ah, hell yeah.

Except the whole baby thing.

Let's just leave that to Silver and Teddy.

So, what did Silver say when you told her?

I didn't.

I thought you two talked and decided

that you're going to do your own things?

Yeah, but I'm guessing that Silver's idea

of me doing my own thing
is, like, going to school

and working at a coffee shop.

Not riding in a tour
bus and singing in clubs.

Yeah. Yeah, I didn't think of it like that.


Look, Dixon, this music thing,

it's so totally awesome.

But my brother vouched for
me to get this surrogate job.

I can't let Shane and Teddy down

and I don't want Silver thinking that
we're sneaking around behind her back.

No, no, no, you're absolutely right.

So, I'll talk to her, be up front with her.

Let her know that this is your dream.

That your singing career will
not interfere with her baby.

Then we'll be good.

Thank you.


Ooh, here's something
we can do with the truck.

How about mobile pet grooming/psyching?

Is that actually a thing?

Not yet,

but lots of single people have dogs.

And single people want to know

if they're ever going to
meet someone and fall in love.

That's where we come in.

I'm sorry.

At least it's better than my ideas:

uh, mobile florist or,
ooh, traveling masseuse.

Those aren't bad.

What... but they're not us.

Okay, I bought Mark's old food truck

because I wanted to stop
obsessing over the baby thing,

but, really, I just want to find something

that I'm able to focus on.

Okay, well we'll keep thinking.

Ooh, a monkey truck.

Who wouldn't love a truck full of monkeys.


Oh, my God.

Naomi, what's on your legs?

- Is that denim?
- So working-class.

Next thing you know, she'll
be wearing scrunchies.

I am too tired to insult you back.

Guys, I volunteered to
help Mark unload supplies

at the Offshore this morning.

And when I get there, he practically

forced me to unpack everything
for the restaurant opening.


You'd think he'd know
"unload supplies" really means

hang out and get to know
your long lost sister better.

Yeah, I know.

I've been following him around for a week,

and I don't even know his apron size.

Naomi, the restaurant
opens in a couple of days.

You guys haven't even
had a chance to breathe,

much less bond.

The whole point of doing
the restaurant thing

was so we get to know
each other like family

without all the crazy baggage
I have with my mom and Jen.

We're nothing like family at all right now;

we're co-workers.

So, why don't you try to
get together outside of work?

He lives in a place called Sylmar.

I don't even know if that's in California.

Wait, why does my brother
live in a crappy apartment

when I own an eight-bedroom mansion?

Can you imagine how close we'd be

if he lived right down the hall?

I cannot hang out with you guys.

I have to move Mark in

with the sister of his dreams.

Okay, my next book is going to be about

the psychological torture of
watching someone read your work.

It's very good.

Uh, thank God.

It's sexy and real and surprising.

That twist where Annabelle fantasizes

about having an affair with her roommate,

I did not see that coming.

Yeah, that just kind
of came to me recently.

Everyone in the office is
talking about your story, Annie.

We can't wait to see how it ends.

Oh, um, actually, that is the end.

I mean, it's based on me, and
that's what really happened.

Which would make a perfect
ending to your diary;

perhaps my career in publishing.

But this is not the
end to the best-selling

erotic adventure novel that
hits book shelves in one month.

That feels soon.

I know I am not the writer here,

but can I pitch you something?

What if this is not a book about sex?

What if this is a book about love?

You want me to cut out the sex?


Maybe your ending just
needs to go a little deeper.

Maybe Annabelle realizes
her sexual adventures

are merely masking her feelings for Leo.

I mean, she did take a bullet for him.

I think you misread my work.

But Annabelle and Leo feel so right.

They aren't.

Trust me, Annabelle has
been down that road before,

and it was not a happy ending.

Annie, I know this is completely personal.

But writing, you know, a lot like life,

is a search for truth.

If there are feelings
this book has brought up

that you're avoiding,

you're going to have to face them.

Well, um, thanks for
the suggestion, Amanda,

but it's my story.


I suggest you figure out how it ends.

Navid, wait up.

I need a favor.

Oh, dude, are you serious?


Final exam's bad enough, all right?

Right now I couldn't
help you pass an eye exam

without getting an ulcer.

Look, I know helping us out on
that test made you uncomfortable.

I promise, that was a one-time thing.

Okay, cool.

Uh, what's the favor?

All right, six months ago I got engaged

to a great girl named Sonja.

Problem is, seven months ago,

I broke up with a crazy ex named Elise.

She keeps calling me
and wants to meet tonight

to get closure on our relationship.

Well, it sounds like
you moved on pretty fast.

Really, Mom?

Oh, sorry, I get it.

I've had my share of
complications with ex-girlfriends.

Okay, then you understand
that I have to talk to the ex?

One please.

But Sonja has tickets to some event

and I obviously don't want to blow her off.

So, can you help me out?

Okay, but you could be making a mistake

sending me on a date with your fiancée.

I am pretty charming.

Actually, that's why I'm asking you.

Sonja's always getting
hit on by douchebags.

You're cool, she'll like
hanging out with you.

Plus, you're one of the only guys I trust.


Yeah, you have integrity.

I wasn't going to mention this yet,

but after I graduate, Cronus
is going to need somebody

to step up and lead.

I was thinking of recommending you.

Wha... wow, seriously?


Brothers helping brothers
is what Cronus is all about.

♪ I can be your shining star ♪

♪ I will follow ♪

♪ No matter where you are... ♪

- Hey.
- * I will follow *

Oh, um, Silver.

I thought you were coming by later.

Oh, yeah, well, I thought I'd
be out working on the truck.

Turns out, to get a business up and running

you should probably have an idea

of what business to up and run.

Wait, you guys still don't have an idea?

No, and every idea we come up with

somehow is worse than the last.

In summary, I have

no career, no direction

and really no prospects.

What did you want to talk to me about?

Oh, about people and their dreams,

but... we totally shouldn't
talk about that right now.

Um... hey, how about

I help you brainstorm, huh?

On the truck? Yeah.

Yeah. Um, you know, maybe you guys

need to stop thinking so businesslike

and use the truck to
chase down your dreams.

Like, ever since I've known you,
you wanted to be a filmmaker.

Yeah, but... what does that have to do

- with a former food truck?
- It could be

your own movie studio on wheels.

What, we'd, like... roll around town

getting on-the-spot interviews?

- Ade's really good on camera.
- She is.

A documentary truck.

I can't believe I didn't think of that.

Yeah, see? Like I always say,

every dream takes the first step.

- Like, uh, take Michaela, for instance...
- Hey.

Sorry, it's Ade.

Yes. New idea.

I'm gonna tell her everything.

You're a genius. Thank you.

Okay. I just talked to Dixon.

What do you think about this?

So, what if we...

Thanks for letting me crash here.

The commute to the
restaurant was killing me.

Hey, what are, uh, half sisters for?

Besides, a roommate is
just what Liam and I need

to break up the, um...

the monotony.

Go ahead.

You brother-stealing little bitch.

You pack Mark's things up, and
you send him to my house right now.

Oh, I can't do that; I need him here.

You need him?

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm the one who found him.

I'm the one who begged him to stay.

I'm the one who invested a fortune
into his restaurant opening,

so that I could develop a
relationship with the long-lost brother

you didn't want anything to do with,
so please tell me why you need him.

Look, I didn't know you were
gonna ask him to move in with you

when I invited him to live here,
but... I need him as a buffer.

As a...

- Hi.
- Hey.

A buffer from what?


Door's fixed.

I'm gonna head down to the Offshore

and help out Mark a little
bit, but we'll be back.

Your turn to do laundry.

- Bye, Liam.
- See ya.

Oh, I get it... you have the hots for Liam.

Well, uh, look at him!

What am I supposed to do?

Jump his bones six ways to laundry day.

I can't, okay? Liam and I are friends

and roommates... we're
finally in a good place,

and sex would totally ruin that.

And besides, it's always a huge
mistake to sleep with an ex.

Unless you don't want
him to be an ex anymore,

in which case it's called
getting back together.

Oh, no, that can't work. Unless it can.

- Not if it's not what I want.
- Unless it is.

Naomi, stop. I am under a huge
amount of pressure right now

to finish this project,
and all I want is to stop

being distracted by Liam's torso!

Mark moving in may not
be the best plan, but...

unless Liam gets really fat

or my mom comes into town,

it's the only one I've got.

So find a different way to
get to know your new brother.

Mark's staying here.

We squeezed in two extra tables... not bad.

- Thanks for your help.
- Oh. Thank Annie.

She gave me a lecture

about not sitting around
waiting for life to happen.

I usually tune her out, but...

something she said just stuck in my head.

Hey, what's going on with
these empty beer vats?

I was gonna try to get a
brew going before the opening.

But I'm not gonna have time.

Oh, yeah? Hmm.

I was actually playing
around brewing my own beer

before the bar burned down. Brewed about

a keg of it... just needs to be bottled.

Why don't you try out a
small batch at the opening?

People like it, the vats are yours.


Yeah, I... I've got that
small space downstairs.

I... I... I guess if it
works out, I could actually...

open my own micro-brewery.

Make it happen, bro.

All right, yeah. Thanks, that'd be great.

Hey. That half brother
of yours, he's a keeper.


Looks like you and Liam are bonding

like you're related and have
known each other forever.

Just getting some help setting up.

It's hard to believe, but I think

we might actually be ready for
this opening tomorrow night.

Good. Because tomorrow
you and I are spending

the entire day together,

- outside the restaurant.
- I don't know, there's still a ton of details.

No, there's not.

I handled everything.

I'm really excited about us

opening this restaurant together, but...

I want us to be more than
just business partners,

- I want it to really feel like we're family.
- Is this because

I called Liam "bro"?
That's just a guy thing,

like slapping each other on the butt.

Doesn't mean anything.

Getting to know you would...

mean something to me.

Okay. After everything you've done for me,

I can do this for you.

Relaxing before the opening can't hurt.

Yay! Okay, leave everything up to me.

Tomorrow we make memories.

I hear this hotel has a great new bar

and since Campbell is
paying for this night,

I say we order a few very expensive drinks.

Yeah, we're gonna need
them after "An Evening

of Avant-Garde Russian Theater."

- I'm sorry it was so boring.
- What?!

What are you talking about?

I loved their fresh take on despair.

Yeah, I'm getting front-row
seats tomorrow night.

Well... assuming there is a tomorrow.

You know, Campbell said that
you were somebody I should meet,

and I'm really glad I did.

I mean, don't get me wrong,
I love all the Cronus guys...

At first I wasn't sure I fit
in, but I'm glad I joined.

And now that I know what a
cool fiancée Campbell has,

you know, I'm starting to like him more.

Good. Well, why don't I get those drinks.

And you want to see if
you can get us a table?

Yeah, I'll do that. Okay.


Amusement park lines... not
the relaxing day I thought.

You sure you don't want to
go sit in traffic instead?

Come on, this is something we totally

would've done if we grew up together.

I thought it'd be a fun way
to get to know each other.

Tell me something about yourself.

Okay, let's see, uh, I
hate waiting in lines,

I hate talking about
myself, I love puppies.


Oh, look... they have jumper passes.

You pay a little extra and you go
straight to the front... no waiting.

What kind of jerks pay to skip
the line? Total one-percenter move.

You're right. That's so not me.

I would never throw money at a problem.

Is that Marc Jacobs? I love your sweater.

- Uh, actually it's Tom...
- Ford?

Tom Ford?

There you go... we have
something in common.

Good fashion sense.

It's not Tom Ford. Tom Hegarty.

He had a garage sale last weekend.

I got this sweater and a
pretty sweet bowling ball.

Designer clothes are such a waste of money.

I couldn't agree more.

- Yo.
- Oh, hey.

Hey, Sonja said she had a
great time with you last night.

Thanks for helping me out.

Yeah, she was a... she's a nice girl.

- Mm-hmm.
- Uh... so, uh,

how did things go with your ex?

Great. We talked.

She got the closure she needed.

I even got home early.

- Oh, really?
- Yep.

So you two just... talked?

Yeah. Yeah.

Hey, listen, Sonja said

you're going to your friend's
restaurant opening tonight?

- Mm-hmm.
- She really wants us to go, too, but I'm busy,

so I can't make it, and I was wondering

if maybe you could keep an eye on her,

- since you're gonna be there anyway?
- Where are you gonna be?

In my room... I have a ton
of homework to catch up on.

Even the head of Cronus has to take
a break from all the socializing

and crack a book every once in a while.

Pretty soon you'll know
exactly what I'm talking about,

Mr. Future Head of Cronus.

- Eh.
- Thanks, man.

I owe you, all right?

Yeah, okay.


It's time to practice my interviewer face.

Does this lipstick say, "Ooh, interesting,"

or... "I share your pain."

It kind of just looks
like you ate a Popsicle.

So, what is

this whole documentary thing about again?

Big stories of everyday people.

We drive around, we get people to talk

about their hopes and their dreams,

and then we find something amazing.

This was your brother's genius idea.

Well, thanks for letting me tag along.

I needed to get out of the house,

and... maybe hearing about
other people's stories

will help me get over my writer's block.

Why don't you just write about
your steamy lust for Liam?


- Wait, who told you about that?
- Naomi said you stole Mark and used him

as a sex buffer.

Half brother as a chaperone.

- That's a desperate move.
- You must want Liam real bad.

No, I don't.

Okay, I do a little bit.

But not really. I think.

- I don't know.
- Well, I know that lust is not confusing.

Real feelings are confusing.

This is my interviewer face

for, "You're not telling
us the whole story""

Okay, fine, fine.

I keep thinking about sex with Liam.

Go on.

No! Look,

I was sure that by getting
through this thing I'm writing

it would stop,

but it hasn't. I know I don't want

a relationship with Liam,
so why do I keep thinking

about having sex with him?

Because sex with Liam
would ruin your friendship

and your living situation,

therefore a really great way
to run away from your feelings.

Oh, my God, that is exactly
what Amanda said about Annabelle.

Okay, I don't know who those girls are,

but, um, even if you did
have feelings for Liam,

there'd be nothing wrong with that.

Yes, there would.

Liam and I have tried to
make it work a hundred times.

If it were meant to be, it
would have happened by now.

What, like my documentary career?

I've started it a hundred times, too,

but it doesn't mean it's
not gonna work out this time.

Exactly. As pathetic and as hopeless

as this truck idea is,

it can work if we try.


What are you doing?

Cosmetic counters do this all the time.

People stop for something
that they want, and then

we get what we want in return.

It proves that dumb ideas
can work if you keep trying.

Free makeovers!

Get your makeover! Free
makeovers over here!

- Yo.
- Hey.

I thought I heard you upstairs on the mic.

You deejaying the opening?

No, no, um, I'm actually doing a little...

showcase for Michaela, so I was upstairs

setting up some equipment.

Hey, dude, do you have an extension cord?

Uh... yeah, yeah, let me get you one.


Wait, wait, you mean surrogate Michaela?

- Mm-hmm.
- I didn't know she wanted to be a singer.

Neither did she, until I
discovered her raw talent.

- You did?
- Mm-hmm.

What's Silver think about that?

Why does everybody keep
asking me about that?

Because she wasn't in a good place, okay?

So, now she's out having
a great day, thanks to me,

so when she gets to the showcase,

Michaela will get on
stage and seal the deal.


if you really want to make Silver's day,

you should buy her a
beer made by yours truly.

Handcrafted using only
the finest ingredients.

Okay, well, uh, you
got the commercial down.

I hope this lives up to the hype.

Yeah, man, me, too.

I got to find something that I love

and just make it happen, you know?

Damn, dude, is that the board

that you showed me last week?

- Yeah.
- Yo, it is sick.

We got to take it out for a test run, man.

Yeah, yeah. Another time, though.

Today, we drink.

The Liam Court Brewing Company presents...

Court of Appeal.


Get it?

- 'Cause it's appealing?
- I get it, I get it.

Go on, man, try it. You're gonna love it.



Um... I... I think there's
something wrong with it.

What? No. I followed the recipe exactly.

You just don't know how to drink beer.

You don't sip it like a latte.

Uh, I don't think anybody's

supposed to sip that, dude. Try it.

Maybe it just needs to ferment more.

Look, I'm... I'm not trying to be harsh,

uh, but...

Court of Appeal deserves the death penalty.

This is amazing!

The long wait was totally worth it.

Plus, I got to hear about your
junior high obsession with Hanson.

Oh, come on, you have to admit
that song was very catchy.

I don't even know who they are.

Yeah. Fine, you know what?

This was stupid idea.

Hey, look at that.

We agree on something.

Naomi, look, it's not
that I don't like you...

Why should you?

Just because when I found out you existed,

I couldn't stop thinking
about what it would be like

to have a brother.

You know what? You're right.

We need to get back because we have

to open the restaurant tonight.

Uh, if traffic's light, we'll be fine.

It's just a soft opening.

What do you mean "soft" opening?

When you invite a few friends
and family to a restaurant

to work out the kinks before you go wide.

You know, what we're doing tonight.

It's the industry standard.

Why are we stopping?

Sorry, folks,

we have a sick passenger.

You'll need to hang tight
while we hose out the gondola.

Oh, my God.

That's a mess.

You might not want to look down.

No, I'm not talking about that.

I... might have invited
more than a few people

to the opening tonight.

How many more?

- A hundred.
- A hundred?!

I'm not prepared for that.

We're totally screwed.

I'm sorry.

Hey. Hey.

I got your message. I opened the bar,

but they're starting to get hungry.

We don't have enough waitstaff
or food for this crowd.

This is a disaster.

I'm said I'm sorry.

Are you gonna stop complaining long enough

for us to figure out what we're gonna do?

We can't feed a hundred people
from the full menu, so...

we go family style.

Everyone on the floor gets a soup,

an entree and a dessert.

Same food for every person.

It's the only way.

Okay. What do you need from me?

Grab an apron and roll up your sleeves.

You wanted to make some memories?

You're gonna have
nightmares about this night

for the rest of your life.

I love this color on you, Noreen.

It really makes your eyes pop.

You look beautiful.

I hope you have some place
special to be tonight.

Actually, turns out tonight's
my first anniversary.

Your first anniversary?


That sounds interesting.

Would you mind telling us about it?

Uh, I'm not sure it's documentary material.

My husband and I met in high school.

And you just got married last year?

Way to make him wait.

No, we didn't wait.

We were off and on for years.


Yeah, I...

I knew what I wanted

when we met, but he wasn't ready.

So, he went off and joined the Navy,

and I swore I'd never get
hurt like that again, so...

I did everything I could
to convince myself he wasn't

the one... I even got married.


it was always him.

That sounds just like...

a movie.

So, what brought you two back together?

Finally, we both wanted the same thing.

It'd felt like we tried a
hundred times to make it work.

But sometimes it takes 101.

I need to find Liam.

That's the newest beer
from Court Brewing Company.

Supplies are running
low, so you want to grab

this great tasting brew while you can.

I'll try one. How much?

You know what?

I'm so confident that you're gonna be back,

the first one's on me.

- Thanks.
- It's a recipe that dates back to 1700s England.

Maybe it should have stayed there.

Hey, man,

we've had some complaints about the beer.

Oh, well... I don't know, I mean,

once you get used to it,
it's not the worst thing ever.

Okay, it sucks.

Can't have bad beer at the opening.

We're having enough trouble
already. Get rid of it.

Naomi, hey.

Uh, are we ever gonna get our food?

We're... we're starving.

The soup is coming right up.

Here, have some chips.


have you guys, set a date?

No, Campbell wants to work for the company

for at least a year before
we really settle down.

Oh. What company?

He didn't tell you?

Well, my father runs one of the biggest

investment banking firms in the state,

and he's putting Campbell
on the executive track

right after graduation.

Wow, it takes guys years to get that far.

Yeah, well... I'm excited for him,

but he's gonna be working really hard.

Yeah, I can imagine
Campbell's gonna be having

a lot of, uh, late nights.

Well, that's okay.

It's important to build your career.

You know, he'd probably put in

a good word for you at the company.

He loves going that extra
mile for his Cronus brothers.

It's practically his mantra:

brothers helping brothers.

You know what? You're right.

Campbell is working so
hard, he's probably ready

for a little study break.

What do you say we go
surprise him right now

with some of these, uh, delicious chips?


- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Everything will be out in just a second.

Dixon, thank God.

The kitchen is backed up,

the crowd is going crazy.

I need you to get Michaela
on stage right now to sing.

I... I can't, I haven't talked to Silver yet.

If you don't get her on stage,

these people are going to kill someone,

and that someone is gonna be you

because I will get on the mic
and tell them it's all your fault.

Okay, okay, fine, fine, you got it.

Thank you. When you're done,
I need you take out the trash.

Hell, no.

- Okay, o... okay...
- Hello?

I meant, "Hell, yes."

Thank you.

She's playing.

It's okay.

I'm gonna go look for Liam.

This place looks different.

It's amazing.

I can't believe after a whole day

we only got one interview.

It was a good one, but still...

Hey, it was your first time out.


your one interview made
quite the impact on Annie.

Yeah... yeah, you're right.

I should probably thank
Dixon for getting me started.

Like he said, every dream

begins with a first step.

Hey, everybody.

Is that Michaela on stage?

So, this is kind of a dream of mine

to get this chance, so...

well, thanks for giving me a shot.

♪ Open my eyes, now ♪

♪ Am I awake or dreaming? ♪

♪ It feels so real ♪

♪ But can it be, suddenly ♪

♪ I've got a feeling ♪

♪ Everything is changing ♪

♪ Time to start believing, 'cause ♪

♪ Nothing's impossible... ♪

Hey, Naomi, have you seen Liam?

He just left with his stinky beer.

I'm so glad you're here.

I oversold the opening.

We're barely holding it together.

If we don't pull this off,

Mark is gonna hate me forever,

- and I need you.
- But I...

Get table nine ready for a six top,

keep the front of the house clean.

Oh, and we eight-sixed the salads.

Wait, is that even English?

♪ I'll take you places ♪

♪ So keep your eyes on me ♪

♪ We're almost there. ♪


This was amazing.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

Look, it means so much
to me that you're cool

with me doing this with Dixon.

He thinks it's a really good
first step before we start

getting serious in the studio.


- You're recording with Dixon?
- Yeah.

I mean, he said he was gonna talk to you

and make sure you were cool
with me pursuing my dream.


Oh, God, please tell me he spoke to you.


Just give me one second.


Hey, Silver.

Uh, how was your big day?

Not as good as yours.

I spent all day on a truck

and I got one interview.

You just found your new recording star.

Oh, uh, look, I... I can explain.

No, you don't have to, 'cause I get it.

Michaela's my surrogate, but you decided

to talk her into a singing career,

because, I don't know, what could be better

for my unborn child than
long nights on a tour bus

going from club to club?

Silver, I wouldn't do that.

Yes, you would, Dixon.

Because you don't care
about what's important to me

or anyone else, you only care
about what's important to you.

The pep talk?

About following my dreams?

It makes sense now.

You weren't talking about my dreams,

you were just talking about yours.

Last of the entrees coming up.

I need my avocados now.


I said now, not next Thursday.

You want them faster,
I can throw them at you.

Hey, the toilet's backed
up in the men's room.

Handle it!

Me? Come on.

Dixon, how could you
just forget to tell her?

I... I didn't forget.

I was just waiting foe perfect time, okay?

I screwed up, I know.

Silver must be so pissed.

This baby thing is her dream.

I know.

And that's why I'm gonna
fix this. One second.


Hey, um...


Look, Silver's not picking up

my phone calls right now,

and I really need to get a message to her,

so, uh... is the camera
equipment still here?

Yeah, it's in the truck parked out front.

Oh, perfect. Thank you.

Hey, hey, that's not hot fudge

you're slapping on there, it's argan oil.

It's extremely rare.

You drizzle it.

Okay, you know what, Mark?

I've been busting my ass for you all night.

How about a "please" and "thank you"?

Please get out of my way.

Thank you.

What are you doing?

I'm sitting down.

I'm tired. I haven't eaten all night.

I feel like I'm gonna faint.

You know what? You can serve
your stupid desserts yourself.

Yeah, well, I'm not gonna
have a business, thanks to you.

And I'm not the one with the
mansion and the designer clothes

and the line-jumper pass.

This actually meant something to me.

I can't believe I used to daydream

about what my brother would be like...

how he'd always be there for me

and how he'd always have my back.

And then voilà, I meet him and...

he's a total douche.
I c... I can't breathe.

I can't breathe.

M... my throat.

My throat, Mark.

Hold still.

What are you doing?


Just breathe.

What just happened?

I might've just saved your life.



Clean up on aisle nine!

Oh, my God.

I was trying to make my beer taste better.

Marshmallow whip almost did the trick.

Are you drunk?

What? No.

It's not like I drank it... all.

Spilled a bunch... most
of it... on my clothes.

But, hey, lucky for you, it's
my turn to do the laundry.

Hey, come here.

Oh, okay.

You smell like nice soap.

Hey. Hey.

You were right.

When am I gonna figure out what I want?

O... okay. Okay, uh...

if we're about to do what
I think we both want to do...

then we have to finally get it right.

I know we've tried this,
like, a hundred times, but...

if we're both ready
and want the same thing,

then I want this to be our 101.

I think I still love you, Liam.


Sorry I wasn't able to help
you finish the desserts.

It's fine.

At least no one else
had an allergic reaction.

The paramedics gave me
some more antihistamines.

- Who's allergic to argan oil anyway?
- You.

And me. Which is why I always
have epinephrine nearby.

Well, I guess sharing the
same weird allergy means we...

have at least one thing in common.

Might even make us family adjacent.

You know how you said you thought about me?

How you wondered who I was?

The truth is... I thought about you, too.

- You did?
- Yeah.

My parents told me I was
adopted pretty early on.

They said all the right
things about how I was special

because they chose me, but...

sometimes I couldn't help but wonder

what the rest of my family was like.

Are you anything like I thought you'd be?

Definitely not, but...

I did think about you.

I'm sorry I ruined your restaurant opening.

Hey, we got through it, right?

Yeah, not before you went
all Gordon Ramsay on me.

"I need my avocados now!"

And you were like, "Help
me, I can't breathe!"

Oh, my God.

I think we got that family
memory you were going for.

Wait, if you're allergic to argan oil,

why do you use it in your cooking?

Because it's the best.

I only use the best.


You and me are totally related.

- Knock knock.
- Hey.


You left so fast you forgot your camera.


Not exactly a banner day
for my film-making career.

Or my baby-making career, for that matter.


I know it was a hard day.

But giving Noreen that
makeover felt really great.

It feels really good giving
people their dream moment.

You could do the same thing for Michaela.


I think you should watch this.




Okay, so, this is a documentary

about people's life story, right?

Well, my story is...

I screwed, okay?

I should've told you about
Michaela from the beginning.

I guess I was just scared
that I might lose her

because she might be my last chance.

Just like she is for you.

So... I... I figured out a way

to make all of our dreams come true.

No tours, no clubs.

I want us to make a music video.
And I want you to be the director.

'Cause, honestly, Silver,

you're one of the most
talented people I know.

Hey. Drunky.

It's almost 11:00.

Oh, this hangover makes it official.

My beer is terrible.

Well, at least you tried.


Did we talk last night?


The engagement's off!

You're not the person
I thought I knew at all.


- You really sold me out.
- You sold yourself out.

You were the one who was
caught studying with your ex.

Hey, you can forget about Cronus

and everything that goes along with it.

You're done.

Yeah, I figured. You know,

I bought into the whole
brotherhood business.

But I don't need help
from a brother like you.

What, you think you're better than me?

Yeah, I do. For the simple fact

that I don't have to lie, cheat

or scam my way through life.

Wow. You're really a nice guy.

But I got news for you...

nice guys finish last.

Oh, man, this swell has been dope lately.

You ready for me to school
you, Mr. Court of No Appeal?

Man, keep talking. I'm gonna
be dropping in on your waves

- all day.
- Whoa, whoa. Touchy. Look, I'm just joking.

So what, okay? Brewmaster isn't your thing.

Then what is?

I mean, I know this whole

beer thing was not my life's work, but...

I don't want to be what
Annie said, you know? That guy

that's just sitting around
waiting for life to happen.

You know, I... I want to
find something that I love.

Something I'm... really
passionate about, you know?

Yeah, yeah. Well...

while you're waiting to find
that, maybe you should...

get busy making me one
of these custom boards.

Dude, I'm telling you,

that thing is so sweet, man.

If I had money, I'd pay for it.



How much?

Wow. Annie, once again
your writing surprises me.

I was up all night working on it,

and it took me a while, but...

I think I finally found the
ending that I really want.

Well, it's better than I expected.

When Annabelle tells Leo
how she feels and they kiss

and then he sweeps her up in his arms

and rides off with her on his motorcycle?


It feels perfect 'cause it feels true.


But, um... it's not.

At least not right now.