90210 (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 13 - #realness - full transcript

Naomi and Max co-host a charity football game which re-kindles old feelings.

Previously on 90210...

You signed a contract which gives
me full control of your music.

I own you.

I will do whatever it takes to get

out of your contract and out of your life.

SILVER: Dr. Sukaly, I
got my donor's signature

giving up his paternal rights.

I really need to get my forms back.

I realized I made a mistake.

That's why we called the donor.

You forged my signature?

- Teddy, I can explain.
- No... you can't.

Campbell Price. Hey, this is Navid Shirazi.

Hey, I'm head at Cronus now.

Cronus Society? Well, that's
that secret elite group...

With a bunch of douchey
guys using their connections

- to get ahead.
- That's exactly what I need.

You'll be traveling in this.

Gonna put me in a box?

ASHLEY: If you won't let me protect you,

- you leave me no other choice.
- No!



Had a rough couple of days.

I'm just trying to work off some stress.

I heard clubs like yours

usually have some kind of initiation.

(crowd cheering)

Who's next?

I'm sick and tired of thinking

about what Max wants.

I want to go to Tokyo, and I want

to be a princess!

MAX: I guess you should go.

Dr. Bronson, I changed my mind.

I want to go through
with the spinal surgery.

Late this afternoon, a clot
traveled to Riley's lungs.

What's going on?

Riley... he's dead.

Liam! What's up, champ?!

Yo, Navid, what's up?

Cronus guys want another fight.

Hey, keep it down, man.

You want to advertise
it to the whole campus?

Sorry, I just got excited.

Hey, we can't break into the gym again,

so we need to find a new place.

They're really into us, man.

Navid, it's some stupid secret club.

Who cares what they're into?

Hey, these people have connections;

they can open doors.

I can open my own doors.

Dude, come on, don't leave me hanging.

You started the whole fight thing.

They way you threw down,
hey, you were like a madman.

I'm not a madman.

And I'm not some sideshow
for your new fake friends.

So, what, you're just gonna bail on me?

Yeah, pretty much.

Navid, I got to go. I've got a meeting

with a director who's been hounding me.

Uh, I thought you quit
the whole acting thing.

I don't know what I'm doing, okay?

Look, the fight served its purpose.

It was fun knocking around those guys.

But I got to, I got to find a
new way to channel my energy.


NAOMI: Uh, this one's yours.

I think I'm gonna keep it.

Yeah, sure.

I always loved it when you wore my shirts.

So, uh...


Yeah, and... you looked
really damn sexy in them.

No sad faces.

Divorce sucks, but it's the right thing.

Yeah, no, it is; we're too young.

Yeah, and we're too impulsive.

Getting married like that
was so Britney Spears.

(sighs) They only way we're gonna thrive

is if we're apart.

And while we're dividing our assets,

we should actually go over our calendars.

I think there's a lot of things that

- we have committed to do together.
- Okay.

Um... okay.

This weekend is...

the After-School Achievers event.

I'll let you take that one.

What? Why would you do that?

I mean, you're the one who's into

raising money for after-school programs.

But you did all the planning for it.

I mean, getting Ade to sing,

and putting Liam in the football scrimmage.

Yeah, I guess it sounds
like it's our charity event.

Yeah, but...

we both also know that
we need a clean break.


Yeah, no, absolutely.

It's over; why should we linger?


Okay, I will do the
charity event on my own.

And, as I always say, no wallowing.

DIXON: Ade thinks I played her,

but I really didn't mean it like that, man.

Using the money from Ade's gig

to pay for Megan's
scholarship was pretty cold.

Well, no good deed goes unpunished, right?

Megan dumped me and Ade hates me.

Why don't you let Ade out of her contract?

Dude, I got calls out to everybody I know

in the music business just to try to

get my label started.

And, right now, Ade is my only asset.

It's like I'm hanging by a thread here.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Feel like my only asset
to the guys in the club

is that I'm friends with Liam.

Liam? That's what you have to offer?

Liam? I mean...

No offense or anything,
but... that's kind of sad.

I have plenty of stuff to offer.

Okay, so then stop whining
about Liam and show them.


So, just to be up front, I'm not even sure

I want to do another movie.

I just kind of fell into the acting thing.

Oh, come on. Look what you've been in.

Corporate Invaders?

It's not exactly high art.

Or even low art.

Or art adjacent.

(both laugh)

Well, to be perfectly honest,

you were not the first person I thought of

to play Joe Namath.

But I'm on the board of
After-School Achievers.

Oh, yeah? My friend
Naomi's running that event.

When I heard that you were playing

in the celebrity football game,
I started thinking about you.

And the more I thought,
the better the idea seemedem

Well, Joe Namath does have
more appeal than alien invaders.

And I can throw a football.

I guess I'll see you at the event.

(quietly): Yeah.

I'm gonna have to get you approved

by the studio, but if you want this,

you got a real shot.

(sighs): Wow.

Um, well, I'm... I'm
glad you thought of me.

I just need to take some
time to think it over,

make sure it's really what I want.

Read the script.

You'll want it.

NAOMI (sighs): Annie, I'm so happy

to see you out of the house.

Honey, retail therapy is very helpful.

Yeah, nothing like a good shoe clearance

to make me forget all about
my poor, dead boyfriend.


Trying a new approach: gallows humor.

So not working. (laughs)

Well, we're here for you.

Yeah, I'm free tonight,
if you want to hang out.

We can read my medical
report and have a good cry.


Well, you guys are sweet, but I'm fine.

Really, I am.

I'm just processing
still, trying not to dwell,

and doing a lot of writing.

I write songs when I'm
going through a tough time.

Ooh, when do we get to read?

Please tell me it's not poetry slam.

Ha! I bet it's nothing that embarrassing.

Of course not.

Okay, these pants are cut to practically

guarantee camel toe.

She'll take one in every color.

NAOMI (sighs): Girls, does this say

"sexy yet charitable"?

SILVER: More like
sidewalk sale in Palmdale.

Oh, my God, everyone's so
bitchy today. I love it.


So, guys, this charity
thing was Max's idea,

and now he's not coming.

Why not?

He wants a clean break.

We have a mutual, friendly separation,

and I don't understand why
we just can't be friends.

Well, give it a little time.

When Liam and I broke up,
we weren't exactly friends,

and now we're roommates.

Yeah, no, I know.

I just don't like the
idea that divorce means

we have to be out of each
other's lives forever.

(scoffs) I want to be out
of Dixon's life forever.

I don't know what it's gonna take

for him to let me out of my contract.

Just be glad you're not
having a baby with your ex.

Oh, wait, that's right, neither am I.

Teddy has decided that I'm
not fit to carry my own baby,

so I either have to get a surrogate

or put my embryos back into cold storage.

Okay, Teddy's a jerk.

But, you know what, you
can have someone else do it

- and keep your beautiful body.
- Yeah.

Sorry, Ade.

No, you're right.

It wasn't a walk in the park.

Okay, sad talk is making me exhausted.

Let's go get coffee.

Or antidepressants? Let's go.

Naomi's buying.

Um, you guys go. I'm gonna catch up.

(alarm beeping)

(theme music playing)


What the hell is wrong with you?

I wanted a dress,

and various other things.

Why do you even care?

'Cause it makes you look
like some trashy, washed-up

Lohan mess. And makes me
look like a bottom feeder.

Really? Then you should tear up

my contract and protect yourself.

Nice try, okay?

I already talked to the store, and they're

dropping the charges and keeping quiet.

This is staying out of the tabloids.

You just take care of
everything, don't you?

(clears throat)

Okay, Ade, look, I get that

our professional
relationship isn't working.

I get that, okay?

But do you think this is the
smartest way of dealing with it?

I'll pretty much try anything, Dixon.

You got to have a little faith!

Okay, well, I used the last of that

when I agreed to sell myself out

for your little trucker
girl's tuition money.

And I promise, I will make that up to you.

You have my word, okay?

- But you have to give me a chance.
- How?

Look, I'm working on something, okay?

And if it happens,
we'll both be out of this

with what we want.

Thank you so much. We'll be in touch.

She's your idea of a
surrogate? Are you kidding me?

Pretentious accent, man.

She studied at Oxford.

She grew up in Tarzana.

(sighs) Silver, you're
being arbitrary and stalling.

I thought you wanted this to happen.

I do want this to happen.

I just don't want my baby...
excuse me, our baby...

being carried by someone who I would

cross the street just to avoid.

But you haven't liked any of them.

My child is gonna be inside another

woman's body for nine months, okay?

I want to have a personal
connection with that person.

And I want them to have a good heart.

Okay, there is one other candidate.

I didn't bring her up

because I didn't think you'd like her.

- Shane has a sister.
- Pass.

She's great. And she has
a ton of student debt,

so this would be a great way
for her to earn some money.

Where is she at school?

American University.

In D.C.? Are you kidding me?

Teddy, how am I supposed to have a personal

relationship with someone who
doesn't even live out here?

She loves L.A., and she
comes and visits all the time.

You could visit D.C.

I mean, she's everything you want.

What I want is someone who is neutral.

Not someone who's on your team.

What are you talking about?

Silver, we're on the same
team. We want the same thing.

Sure we do.

Look, I have to go back to D.C.

So I'm gonna be there
for at least six months,

so unless we find someone now,

we're gonna have to wait.

Teddy, I'm not gonna wait six months.

Then at least meet her, okay?

She's in town for a week.

(door opens, closes)

Oh, see?

There's the last box of
stuff that you forgot.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. What is this?

Oh, silly me, I must have
grabbed the wrong box.

This is the one for the mad scientist guy

for the After-School Achievers event.

The one you were gonna do.

Let me take a look.

Let me guess, the guy

you were gonna replace me with dropped out?

No, he was six-foot-four
and looked like a felon.

I had to let him go because
he was too scary for the kids.

- What?
- What a shame.


Yeah, I mean, I have been having difficulty

trying to replace him.

I mean, it's really hard
trying to find someone

who's sweet and unthreatening enough...

To be a mad scientist, yeah.

To be a cute mad scientist.

Of all the times that you
have tried to manipulate me

with flattery, this is
by far the worst attempt.

Yeah, okay, we had a clean break.

I'm out of practice.

Come on, Max.

This was your event to begin with.

And we can do a much better job together.


Max, I'm okay with us getting a divorce

and you going to MIT.

I'm just not ready for us to be

out of each other's lives forever.

Can we just be friends?

Or at least perform science experiments

in front of large crowds together?

Fine. Fine. (laughs)

Let's go shop for scary chemicals.

See? This will be great.


It's a good call, Shirazi.

This place has some major eye candy.

Hey, just trying to mix it up. Cheers.

Cheers, man.

Keep it coming.

- Fight night was awesome.
- Right?

- Yes.
- Yes.

When is the next one?

Mm, and where?

Because word is getting around.

We need a bigger place.

And you got to bring Liam.

Where's he been, anyway?

Oh, I already found us a place.

Yeah? Where?

Uh, Shirazi Studios.

My family, they own this,
uh, whole sound stage.

It's tons of space.

She totally wants me.

I'd give her a ride.

Oh, yeah, man, me, too.

Wherever she needs to go.

(laughter) Oh, yeah?

- Bug man on campus, huh?
- Yeah, the biggest.

I don't think you got
the cojones to go for it.

Sure do.

Cojones grande.


- Yeah, I will.
- Nice night.

Uh, hi.

Excuse me. Uh, hi.

I'm Navid.

Yeah, nice night.

Yeah. Uh, okay, so listen,

you are awesomely attractive.

But... but I'm not trying to pick you up.

Oh, you're... you're not?

No, uh, well, I mean,
unless you're open to it.

How could I not be?
You're irresistibly smooth.

Oh, thank you.

(both laugh)

Uh, well, here's the thing:

um, these guys that
I'm with, uh, I'm really

trying to impress them, and so, uh...

yeah, I know it's lame...

but if I hand you my phone,
can you just dial some numbers?

No, it doesn't have to be your real number.

Uh, I just...

Uh... thanks.

Appreciate it.

Any chance it's your real number?

My phone's in my purse.

Why don't you come to my table,

we can see if it's ringing.

Love that.

(whispers): What?

Hey, how long has that
gray car been outside?

Huh? What car?

The one with the guy sitting in it.

The... some stalker,
paparazzo, for all we know.

Liam, we're in a really nice neighborhood.

People are just walking and biking

and coming and going and
sitting in their cars.

Don't be all jumpy.

Me, jumpy?

You almost flew across the
room when I opened the door.

I was deep in thought.

Anyway, that director called

looking for you, like, three times.

You know, she won an Oscar last year.

You might want to think
about returning the call.

And reading the script.

Yes, okay, I will.

When I get the time.

What exactly is it that
you're so busy doing?

You know, besides sneaking out at night.

You know what, Annie, we're roommates.

As in, separate lives. We
can come and go as we please.

There's no sneaking.

It's just, I know you.

And I know when something's not right.

(sighs) You know what,
I'm going for a walk.

Hey! What are you doing?

Looking for someone. What's it to you?

Liam! Liam! Oh, my God!

What the hell is wrong with you?!

Get away from my house, huh?!

Let him go!

Here you go. I'll just be a minute.

What is wrong with you? You have a problem.

Why? 'Cause I freak out a little bit

when there's a stalker outside my house?

He's not a stalker, he's
just looking for someone.

You better hope it's not a lawyer.

You are too trusting, Annie.

Liam, I get it, okay?

I was there, too.

I got shot, remember?

But we have to let it go and move on.

Not hold it in and freak out every time...

Where are you going?

I'm moving on with my life, Annie,

as if nothing ever happened.

I... I don't know. Maybe you're right.

Maybe I just need something to do.

Maybe it's this movie.

Who the hell knows?


(sighs) Are you okay?

I'm sorry about my roommate.

Uh, fine. No worries.

- I'm Kent.
- Annie.

So, who are you looking for, anyway?

I'm looking for a blogger.

Or at least my boss is.

A girl who writes
something called Undressed.

You said your name is Annie.

Just like Annabelle from the blog?

I work with Amanda
Barnard... Armitage Books.

She loves your writing,
and is prepared to come

out from New York to meet with you.

How did you find me?

We tried contacting you through your blog,

but, uh, you didn't answer.

And, well, it turns out
that some of our interns

are very good at tracking
down IP addresses.

And invading people's privacy?

You should take this as
a huge compliment, Annie.

Armitage loves your candor.

Like Amanda says,
writing about sex is easy.

It's the pathos that we're drawn to.

Well, my pathos is personal,
so if you'll excuse me...

You should give it some thought.

At least meet with Amanda?

She says your blog could be
the next Fifty Shades of Grey.


I get it, Dixon; you're
a startup operation,

you got one artist.

And I need a break.

See the videos I sent you of Adrianna?

I did.

You play that thing right,

you got a gold mine on your hands.

Yeah, well, uh, how would you like

a key to that gold mine?

Talk to me.

Look, Adrianna's come a long way, okay,

but it's rough working with an ex, man.

Been there a few times myself.

Yeah, so, uh, how would you like to

take over her contract?

Uh, I'm sure I couldn't afford

what you're probably asking for.

No, no, I'm sure you could.

Just, uh, send me a few
of your other artists...

less established or not...
and we'll call it even.

You trust my judgment with that?

You trust mine with Adrianna?

Look, I like what you've
done with her image,

and seems like she's
really cleaned up her act,

but my partners are gonna have to see

Adrianna gig somewhere
before they sign off.

Well, Adrianna's doing a
charity event in a couple days.

Perfect. I'll bring my people,

and if all goes well, you got a deal.

- Cheers?
- Salud.

ADRIANNA: I thought the shoplifting thing

would do the trick, but it didn't work.

Dixon's all over me
about this charity event.

What I should sing, what I should wear.

Maybe you should just suck
it up and get through it.

I can't, okay?

I hate being told what to do.

Especially by his big, round baby face.

Okay, don't let your anger spiral, Ade.

Like I should talk. I've
been so pissed at Teddy.

Okay, Teddy isn't
lording his power over you

the way Dixon is with me.

Are you kidding?

He's trying to make me use
Shane's sister as our surrogate.

Wait, Shane has a sister?


I've never heard of her either.

Now he's trying to jam her down my throat.

"Rand Gunn is coming tomorrow.
Time to step it up, Ade. D""


Who's Rand Gunn?

I don't know, probably some manager.

I'm sure Dixon's trying
to package me on a tour

with some of his artists.

A tour? Really?

Yeah, he gets to make
money while I slave away

for a year at country
fairs and amusement parks,

on a janky bus that smells like
cheese puffs, weed and funk!

Sorry, um, can he make you go on a tour

if you don't want to?

Yeah. The only way out of this mess

is to really blow it up; go big.

Okay, you're starting to scare me.

Well, maybe you should start thinking

along the same lines.

I mean, do you really
want your ex-boyfriend's

boyfriend's sister's
womb carrying your baby?

I mean, I would make a better surrogate.

I'm kidding.

Though, that would totally get me out

of my contract with Dixon.



WOMAN: Well, I'm glad you finally called.


Okay, okay.

Um, I never... been to Paris.

Whoa! I've been to Paris a few times.

And I haven't. Another shot for me.

No, no, no, no, that's not
how you're supposed to play.

I'm the one who's
supposed to take the shot.

(laughs): Don't be silly.

(both sigh)


That was good. One more.

So, um, how long have
you been staying in L.A.?

I'm just here for a job interview.

Oh. So, you're moving here?

Well, I don't know if it's gonna pan out.

But at least I didn't waste a trip.

- What do you mean?
- I mean, I got to meet you.



You are so cute.


Yeah... you're pretty amazing.

My friends, they, uh,

they didn't think I had a chance.

- Really?
- Mm-mm.

Oh, well, maybe you shouldn't
hang out with such idiots.

MAX: So, I thought the old

erupting volcano would
be a good place to start.

That's always reliable.

I like exploding soda bottles, too.

Kids love explosions.

This is like high school
science lab all over again.

Well, I have a bad
reputation for science phobia.

You refused to gather dirt samples.

And don't get me started on your rants

about the periodic table.

I was right about that;
they do need to come up

with better names.

Zirconium ishe only one
that you can remember,

and that's because it's synonymous

with tacky, fake QVC diamonds.

Imagine if it were called... Morocco.

Why Morocco?

It's somewhere fabulous and exotic.

That's an element that I
would want to know more about.

Oh, no, no, no!

- Oh, wow.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay!


You got it over-excited.

Yeah, this girl can't help it.


Hey. Hey, stop.

(both laugh)

- Hi.
- Hey.

Good morning. Sleep well?

I'm still asleep.

I didn't sleep at all.

Hi, Ade. Uh...

I'll-I'll see you later, Naomi.

What is that?

Max spent the night.

And what does that mean?

I think it means we have
an undeniable attraction.

Or it means you're just
horny and vulnerable.

No, it's way more than that.

What if separating now is a mistake?

I mean, we're married, right?

We're not supposed to just give up.

Clearly, after last night,
it's too soon to call it quits.

ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the
After-School Achievers Charity Event,

our special guest, Terrell Owens!

Hello, everyone!


I'm Terrell Owens. Thank you

for coming to the After-School
Achievers Invitational.

We're here for a great cause:

after-school programs in
sports, science and arts,

and to have a good time,
so everybody bring it!


LIAM: Hey, T.O.

- I'm Liam Court.
- I know. Corporate Invaders.

"I'm going to blow your brains out."

That's some good stuff.

(chuckles) Thanks, man. Well, um...

I'm quarterbacking the Hollywood Vines,

but I'm just pumped to be
on the same field as you.

Hey, I love me some me, too. (chuckles)

Look, I know this is
a scrimmage, but, um...

let's give these people
a real game to watch, huh?

Hey, I'll do whatever it takes to n.

Just air it out.

Sounds good.

Max. We're up soon.


So... about last night...

I know.


- It was a huge mistake.
- What?

I... I mean, I... I don't know
how it happened. It just...

well, I mean, I do.

It's... it's obvious that...

the attraction is still there,
but it... it was a huge mistake.

Yeah, huge. I mean, if
you're gonna make a mistake,

make a big one, right?

A big, harmless mistake.

No harm, no foul.

I'm into this whole sports thing.

I need to get ready for
our show, so I am gonna go.

All right?


LIAM: Hey! Ten-hut!


ANNIE: I hope this

movie thing works out for Liam.

Give him something to
channel his energy into.

Yeah, he keeps things bottled up.

(sighs) I know. I mean,

being held hostage,
that was really intense.

Talking about it would probably help.

He isn't very big on talking.

Or sharing personal stuff that's happened.

Maybe he doesn't want to relive it.

Yeah, I know how that feels.

But... people need to be able to talk

about the stuff they've been through.

The... pathos.

Ade said it best.

I mean, getting it out feels good.


Like what happened with Riley?

That. And other things.

I still haven't processed
what happened with Patrick.


That feels like forever ago.

Yeah, I'm, like, the
queen of delayed reactions.

Now my biggest fear is
Dixon finding out someday.

I mean, he would freak out.

Well, I mean, you don't know that.

Give him some credit.

Unlike, say, Teddy, Dixon's
not a judgmental guy.

And, you know, if it's
worrying you so much,

maybe you should just
tell him, get it over with.

(sighs) Yeah.

Maybe you're right.

Chemistry is really just about
how different elements react

when they're put together.

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide,

and when its temperature is
raised by plain old water...

(gasps) look at that...

creates this fog.

Sometimes the two elements freeze,

sometimes the two elements melt,

sometimes the two elements combust,

and sometimes the two elements

think they made a huge
mistake and they evaporate.

(kids oohing)

MAX: Oh, look at that bubble!

- How big can it get?
- And just like that...

(kids gasp)

poof, it's gone. (kids aahing)

Well, Professor Naomi,

not gone. You see, the matter...

the dry ice... now, that ice has gone

from solid directly to gas,

bypassing the liquid state entirely.

Yes, but, Professor Max,

where is it?

Can anyone see it?

- No.
- KIDS: No.

It's gone.

Dissipated into nothingness.

Basically, the two
elements had a 100% clean...

break. (kids gasp)

Well, nothingness, uh,
means anti-matter, and...

that's... a whole nother matter!

(kids laughing)

And all that really matters

is that the lovely bubble...

it's as if it never existed at all.

(quietly): Are you okay?

(quietly): Yes, I'm... just...

not okay, no.

Can you please finish this yourself?

And... that is a good way

to lead into our next chemical interaction.

She'd be a great look for us. Definitely.

Hey, Dixon!

- Hey.
- What's up, buddy?

My partners are here.

We're excited to see
Adrianna's performance.

Ooh, you're gonna love it. Promise.


Here she is. A... Ade. Ade.

- Ade, uh, this is Rand Gunn.
- Oh!

Hey. Sorry, I was in my zone.

Nice to meet you, Rand.

I sure hope my performance
doesn't disappoint you.

I have something very special planned.

RAND: Amazing.

ANNOUNCER: Third and long
for the Hollywood Vines.

With just 13 seconds left
to play, this is it, folks!

All right, they're leaving
a huge hole in the middle.

T.O., you work the sideline,
I'll hit you in the end zone.

All right? On one. Ready?

All right, green 58!

Set! Hut!


ANNOUNCER: With that amazing pass

and T.O.'s awesome catch, the
Hollywood Vines clinch the win

and $50,000 more to
after-school charities!

Who knew the star of Corporate Invaders

also had a golden arm?


(cameras clicking)




PIPPA: You undersold yourself.

Got quite an arm.

You okay?

Yeah, yeah. I'm...

just a little winded.

You're a natural.

Start growing your hair and
sideburns out, Mr. Namath.


All that's left is for you to
meet the execs at the studio

so they can sign off.

And they will. I'll see to it.

- Cool.
- Get ready 'cause this movie's

gonna change your life.

You thought you were famous before?

This is gonna send you
into the stratosphere.


Look, I'm sorry. I didn't...

No, you were just being honest,

which is fine.

I'm just a little surprised...

that you called last night a huge mistake.

That's not really what I meant.

Means everything between
us was a huge mistake.

That's why you wanted a clean break, right?

So, poof, it's gone forever

just like that stupid dry ice bubble.


Look, the only...

I just think that

I need to cut all ties for a while

because-because I care about you.

Too much, in fact, to be
just friends right now.


When you say it like that,
it sounds all sensible.

I mean, it doesn't feel good.

Yeah, I know.

I mean, I want to be friends, too.

We do have a very special...


Yeah, the science
metaphors are sort of dork.

The only way that we're
both gonna get some clarity

about what we need and who we are

is if we spend a little time apart.


I'm not trying to hurt you
or... or make you crazy...



It's just so abrupt,

you know?

I wish we could have...

some sort of... I don't know...

formal good-bye
or proper send-off.

I just want closure.

I know.

Me, too.


ANNOUNCER: Coming up on the main stage,

a musical performance
by Adrianna Tate-Duncan.

So... (clears throat)

you been thinking about Shane's sister?

Actually, Teddy, I have, uh,
someone I want you to consider.

She's someone that we both know well.



You can't be serious.


Silver, I love her to death,
but that is ridiculous.

It's no more ridiculous
than Shane's sister,

whom I've never even met.

At least Ade lives in L.A.

I don't think proximity is
the most important factor here.

Wh... what about stability?

Did you forget Ade switching out your meds?

She is completely stable.

And she's more than made that up to me.


Teddy, you're asking me

to consider a total stranger.



And did you talk to Ade about this?

Yeah, we dis... we discussed it.

We're not just having a pregnancy, okay?

We're having a child.

We need to be able to hear each other,

and to compromise.

You gave me someone to think about,

I'm just doing the same.

ANNOUNCER: The After-School Achievers

is proud to present on center stage,

Unfaithful Records recording artist...

Hey, Dixon. Uh, you have plans later?

Uh, depends on how this goes.

Okay, well, there's something

that I want to talk to you about,

if you have the time.
It's kind of personal...

Uh, hold on, hold on. Um,
she's about to come on.


ANNOUNCER: Please give her a hand.


Hi, I'm Adrianna.

And I have something very
special planned for you guys.


this is for you.

(clears throat)

♪ I don't... ♪

(clears throat)

(off-key): * I don't miss your kiss... *

♪ It left me cold as ice

♪ And I got news for you, Dixon! ♪

♪ I'm done with being ♪

♪ Nice... Okay. ♪

Uh, that's new.

♪ 'Cause now it's... ♪

She's lost her mind.

What the hell does she think she's doing?

Maybe she's going through something.

So, she has to go up there
and look like a trashy hooker?

Well... she's gonna blow
this for the both of us.

If you heard her side...

Annie, I can't take you
defending her right now, okay?

No matter what her reasoning
is, this is messed up, okay?

ADRIANNA: And guess what?

♪ I refuse to be a whore ♪

(crowd gasping)

♪ Babe, you don't want me anymore ♪

♪ You don't want me,
you don't want me... ♪

♪ You don't want me ♪

I got to go.

♪ Anymore. ♪

So, what'd you think?

Rand Gunn was here to see you!

Yeah, and?


And he wanted to work with you.

And I was gonna release you,

so you could work with him without me.

Wait, you were finally gonna let me go?

If his partners would've signed off,

he was was gonna take
over your contract, okay?

(sighs) (chuckles) He was gonna give me

a few of his other artists
to produce in exchange.

God, why didn't you tell me?!

Because you wouldn't listen!

Instead, you were too busy pretending

that I was the bad guy in all this.

When, honestly, Ade, you're the bad guy.

So, I'm done, okay?

You're released. You happy?

I... I can't even try to work with you.

Yes, Teddy, Adrianna was a dumb choice.

- Yeah.
- I know that.

Well, then why?


Because I want it to be me.

I want to carry my own baby.

- I thought we were past that.
- I'm not!

Getting diagnosed

with the BRCA gene was supposed to give me

all these choices, right?

Well, every choice I've had to make

has been about giving something up.

My breasts, my ovaries, my life.

Do I get to have a baby?

Should I wait till I'm married?

Should I just be a single mom?

I don't know, but it's
my choice, it's up to me.

I'm 20 years old.

I'm tired of giving things up.

I know, Silver. I'm sorry.

I can carry our baby.

Even if you hate me.

I don't hate you.

Silver, I was pissed, okay?

Still am.

And I felt betrayed, but
I... I... I don't hate you.

Then... let me do this.

Just let me do this, please.

I wish I could believe it was a good idea

for you to carry our baby.

I really do. I just...


just don't.

I'm sorry for that.

I... I'm not trying to be a dick.

Maybe not.

But I cannot bring a new
person into this world

coming from a place of fear and negativity.

That's not what we're doing.

We're just taking care of ourselves.

Of both of us.




If you think Shane's sister is the...

the perfect person,

then, yeah, I'm open to meeting her.

I'll let her know.

But if this works out, then...

I get to go to D.C. and visit
her whenever I want, okay?

There might be a little wrinkle with that.


She's open to moving to L.A.



Silver, no pressure.

If you don't like her,
she's not our surrogate.

I promise you that.

With Armitage Books behind you,

your blog has a real shot

at finding the audience that it deserves.

We have the best publicity
and marketing team

in the business.

Well, that sounds great, but I'm...

I'm sorry, I just can't.


This is a huge opportunity.

There are people in my
life that still don't know

about some of the things I've written.

Are you aware of what
you're giving up here?

Money, fame, exposing my
entire soul to the world...

yeah, I'm aware.

All right, Annie, you
can play coy all you want,

but you showed up to this meeting

when you could have e-mailed
a simple "No, thank you."

Which leads me to believe
that you have a price.

So, let's just get right
down to it, shall we?

What would it take to get you
to let us publish your work?

Your guarantee that nobody
will ever know I wrote it.

You want to publish anonymously?

You would be a smash on a book tour.

It's non-negotiable.

Well, if that's the only way.

I'll take a flier and publish anonymously.

- Really?
- Yes.

The material will just
have to speak for itself.

Welcome to Armitage Books,

Author X.



- Hey.
- Hi.

Come on in; she's already here.



Oh. Hi.

TEDDY: Silver, this is Michaela.

It's so nice to meet you.

You, too.


I'm really nervous. (laughs)

Me, too.

Good, good. Um...

I'm gonna sit.

(clears throat)


Uh... well...

I don't even know what to ask.

I mean, do you have any questions?

Look, Teddy told me

all about you and the whole situation.

Sounds complicated.

Yeah. It is.

But you should know that I really

admire you for what you're doing.

I mean, you have to be so incredibly brave

to trust somebody you just
met to carry your baby.

I'd really like the
chance to be that person.



(chuckles softly)

- Hey.
- Hey, man.

Ready to go?

Uh, check-in's not for an hour.

Want to come in and say
hi? Shane's sister is here.

We're talking to her
about being our surrogate.

- Hey, Silver.
- Hey.


Uh... hi. Hi.

I'm Navid.

Michaela. Nice to meet you.

Yeah. Likewise.


Knowing that was the
last time made it so...


I'm gonna miss you, Naomi.

A lot.

Did you bag that chick from the bar?

She looked like she was actually falling

for whatever line you gave her.

Ah, nah. Struck out.

Nice, man. (chuckles)

You just won me 300 bucks.

Well, look who's here. (crowd cheering)