90210 (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 12 - Here Comes Honey Bye Bye - full transcript

Naomi and Max seek the help of a marriage counselor, who advises Naomi to work on herself which leads her to plan a toddler's beauty pageant. After going on countless interviews, Max realizes that what he really wants to do with his life is attend a program at MIT. But Naomi doesn't want to move to Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Megan can't afford to stay at CU for the next semester unless she gets a scholarship. She refuses to accept help, and won't work for Dixon, in spite if his insistence. So Dixon goes behind her back and sets up an anonymous scholarship for her. But that plan backfires when Adrianna discovers that it was her hard earned money for Dixon's label that he used to fund the scholarship. Navid attempts to enroll at CU in order to pledge to be tapped by a secret society. Navid also learns that Teddy's embryos are Silver's one and only chance of having a baby, he goes to Teddy and demands that he let Silver have them. Reluctantly, Teddy agrees. But when Silver visits Teddy's lawyer, she realizes that there's a catch. Silver must find a surrogate mother, meaning she can't give birth to her own baby. Liam gets kicked out of a boxing gym because he sparred too violently as he continues to take out his anger and frustration over his kidnapping. Also, Annie learns that Riley is undergoing experimental back surgery in order to walk again. With Dixon's help, Annie rushes to the hospital in the hopes that she can stop him. When she arrives, the surgery is already complete. He seems perfectly healthy until later that night when Annie calls to check on him and learns that he suffered a blood clot in his lung and passed away.

Previously on 90210...

Dr Sukaly, I got my donor's signature

giving up his paternal rights.

I really need to get my forms back.

I realized I made a mistake.

That's why we called the donor.

- You forged my signature?
- Teddy...

- I can explain.
- No, you can't.

I need to speak to one of your
guests, Max Miller. It's urgent.

WOMAN: I'm sorry. Mr.
Miller never checked in.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller?

I'm wondering if you maybe heard from...

- Max.
- DIXON: Do you think, just because

you cheated on me that
you'll be able to walk out

of my new company? You
signed a contract. I own you.

Where's this coming from?

No talking.

Dixon, we need to talk.


I'm starting to take us,
together, more seriously.

I don't know what to say.

I act like this whole wheelchair thing

doesn't change anything,
but I know that it does.

Eventually, she's either gonna feel like

she can't take this on anymore,
or that I'm holding her back.

Dr. Bronson, I've changed my mind.

I want to go through
with the spinal surgery.

I'm not insane. (groans)

ASHLEY: I'm doing this for you.

You'll be traveling in this.

- You're gonna put me in a box?
- If you won't let me protect you,

you leave me no other choice.



ANNIE: What you went through...

- I can't imagine. Are you sure you're gonna be okay?
- Yeah.


Have a nice day.

What the hell's wrong with you?

And while I was busy trying
to get Max's job back...

Which I asked her not to do...

Max was supposed to be in Iceland,

at an international geek conference.

Instead, he was hiding
at his parents' house,

watching Star Wars in footie pajamas.

MAX: Thermal underwear.

The basement has a damp draft, so...

I rest my case.

Look, I... I know that
I shouldn't have lied

about going to Iceland, but...
she keeps trying to run my life.

This morning, I found a business card

in my pant pocket for a spiritual advisor.

NAOMI: Who was single-handedly responsible

for Madonna's comeback.

Max, your future affects
me, too... we're married.

Marriage isn't about

picking a... a single life course.

It's about being happier together

while pursuing your own dreams.

Do you have a career, Naomi?

Absolutely. I'm an event planner.

She hasn't planned an
event since my wedding.

My... my other wedding.

Is it possible you're
overly-focused on Max

because you're having a hard time

establishing your own
identity in this marriage?

No, no, no... I'm not
the one who ran away.


This is about Max.

I'm here to help.

I love... I love you, Max.

I... I want you to be happy.

In that case, it sounds
like what Max needs is

to be able to make his own decisions.

Okay. That's fine.

WOMAN: Great.

Naomi, I suggest you spend
some time focusing on yourself.

You may be surprised to find
you need it as much as Max does.


From here on out, it's all about me.




Please stop.

Look, I'm sorry to ambush you,
but I went to the beach house.

Dixon said you've hardly been there,

and you haven't returned any of my calls.

'Cause I don't want to see you.

Look, when your Uncle Charles insisted

that we destroy the
embryos, yeah, I freaked out,

and yes, I... I forged your signature,

but I went to the clinic

so that I could get the
paternity rights waiver back.

I would never have gone through with it.

"It" meaning what? Silver,
what exactly was your plan?

Steal the embryos, get
knocked up and run away,

hoping I wouldn't hear about it?

That's kidnapping. It's a felony.

Just like forging my signature.

If I pressed charges,
you could go to prison.

You're my best friend,

and deep down, you know
that we can work this out.

Otherwise, why are you still in town?

Because my lawyers are
drawing up a petition

to destroy the embryos.

(techno musical intro plays)

♪ 'Cause, baby, when you
look straight into my fries ♪

♪ You can't get away without a side ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm a shake charmer. ♪

(music stops)

Okay, that's good. Thank you.

Look, I went to your launch party,

and I apologized for being late.

How much longer are
you going to torture me?

This isn't torture, Ade. It's income.

I invested all the money

Annie gave me into getting
studio space and equipment.

Like it or not, you signed a contract

giving me the rights to
exploit you "in all markets""

I can't release you
till I'm out of the hole.

Well, I'll be singing
denture jingles by then.

I promise you that every
cent of my commission is going

to pay off the label's debt.

If you don't believe me,
you can call the accountant.


Morning, babe.

Hey, Adrianna.

Nice to see you, too.


Yeah, uh, don't worry about Ade.

She'll come around.

She's, uh, actually a nice girl...

when she's not cheating on me,

or trying to kill Silver,

or pregnant and on drugs.

I just can't imagine why things
didn't work out with you two.

Anyway, Adrianna's the least
of my problems right now.

What do you mean?

I just got my tuition statement for CU.

My dad didn't have life insurance,

and there's no way my
mom can pay for school.

Without a job or three,

I might have to move back to San Diego.

But hey, maybe we can be pen pals.

Whoa. No, no, no, no.

We'll find you a scholarship or something.

No, I just came from
the financial aid office.

They're trying, but even
loans are hard to get

this late in the year.

Okay. Well, um, come work here for me.

Dixon, the label's in debt.

I'm not going to be
anybody's charity case.

- But I just want to help.
- I know,

but the best way you can help
is just to stay out of it.

And I'm a big girl. I
can take care of myself.


Here's, uh, another one, just in case.

I thought maybe you would...

Awesome! This can be
the smothering pillow.

Liam, I'm fine. I told you.

Plus, I have finally uploaded
the homecoming photos,

so if I weren't feeling better already,

I definitely would be now.


Ugh. The one day I decided

not to shave my legs. (laughs)


I must have missed that one.

You okay?

I'm fine. Yeah, I'm not the one
that got shot by Ashley, right?

I think I'm just gonna go to the gym.

I'll catch you later.

Hey, man.

How you holding up?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Uh... pff!

- Well, hey.
- Hmm.

I brought over some of your
stuff from the beach house,

where you could still stay
and let me take care of you.

Thank you, but I feel like

I should be here for Liam, you know?

I'm worried about him.


He, uh, did it up with this
whole nursemaid routine, huh?


Actually, those are from Riley.

"To the cutest shooting victim I know."

You guys must be getting

really serious, huh?

Yeah. He is.

At Navid's Christmas party,

Riley basically said he
was falling in love with me.

And you said...?


- Oh?
- I didn't know what else to say!

I mean, I really like Riley,
but do I want to get serious?

Guess I'll have to decide

before he gets back
from his family vacation.

Uh, Annie...

Riley's not on family vacation.

Yeah, um, a few days
ago, a trainer told me

that Riley went out to
the San Jose Spinal Center

to get experimental surgery.

What?! Why didn't you tell me?

You were kind of busy
getting shot. (scoffs)

And plus, I didn't know it had
anything to do with you at all.

Look, around Christmas, Riley was worried

that you weren't taking
the relationship seriously

because of his handicap.

And I basically told him that was true

when I said I didn't know how I felt.

Oh, my God.


Please pick up.

Damn it...

San Jose Spinal Center?

Hi. Riley Wallace, please.

He's already prepping for surgery.

Well, uh, th... this is...

Melinda from his insurance company,

and we're having difficulty
processing his claim,

and we can't authorize the surgery,

so can you just tell him

to hang tight for a couple days?
Thank you.

Annie, did you just lie to a hospital?

He can't do this until I talk to him.

Let's go.

You're driving me to San Jose.

(groans quietly in pain)

MAN: Hey, congratulations.

The bag's dead.

Had a rough couple of days.

I'm just trying to work off some stress.

Seen you a lot this
week. You don't talk much.

- I'm not here to talk. I'm here to hit stuff.
- You ever

think about hitting something
that actually hits back?

All the time.

Well, I got a fighter that
could use a sparring partner.

If you're comfortable getting in the ring,

- I'll pair you up.
- Yeah, absolutely.

Rules are simple.

Rounds start and end with the bell.

No knocks to the head or the groin.

Carlos has a big match later
and needs an easy warm-up.

Now, we're working on
holding down his left,

so I want you to throw
low and right when you can.

Here we go, Carlos.

Touch gloves, fighters.

(bell rings)


Keep it low. That's good. Good.

That a boy.

Good. Keep it low.

Keep it low!

That a boy.

Keep moving.

Watch your head! Watch your head!



What the hell were you thinking?

I don't know.

(speaking quietly)


(theme music playing)

I was just throwing punches

trying not to get hit too hard.

Before I knew it, the guy on his ass.

I mean, I feel bad for
flooring him, but...

man, it felt good.

Sounds like a better outlet for anger

than hitting tennis balls.

Oh, am I glad to see you guys.

All these business school prerequisites.

Man, that last class was brutal.

Couldn't have been any worse

than my conversation
with Silver this morning.

Ah, sorry, man, spare us the details.

Silver's our friend, too,
and things tend to get

a little complicated in
the Silver baby situation.

We're Switzerland. We remain neutral.

Well, I don't blame you guys

for wanting to stay out of it.

The whole situation is a nightmare.

Well, hey, if hitting
tennis balls doesn't help,

join me at the gym sometime.

Speaking of which, I got to run.

See you guys later.

He's pretty chipper for a guy

who was almost shipped
to Mexico in a crate.

Man, I wish my life looked so good.

I'm trying to make a comeback,

after dropping out of Princeton.

Oh, so I applied for the
honors business program,

Mm-hmm. But they don't accept

applications mid-semester.

Uh, so without some serious pull,

my chances of getting in pretty much suck.

MAN: Teddy Montgomery.

No way. I didn't know you were back

on this coast, man.

Campbell Price. Hey,
this is Navid Shirazi.

- What's up?
- Hey.

Campbell was

- an old classmate of mine from boarding school.
- "Classmate"?

That's cold, Monty.

We were partners in crime and,

according to the Dean of
Students, "total asses."

Which I still don't think

is very nice thing to call the two guys

who sent a stripper to
your mom's funeral, but...

- Ah, the good old days.
- Uh-huh.

Hey, I'm head of Cronus now.

You should come to our next meeting.

Actually, I'm just in town
visiting friends, so...

Mm. Too bad.

We're about to sacrifice a virgin.

(laughs) I'm kidding.

Like I know any virgins.

Yeah. (laughs)

All right, man, good seeing you.

- Good seeing you, too.
- No!

That's the Cronus Society.

Well, that's that secret elite group.

Well, basically the,
uh, west coast version

of Skull and Bones.

Exactly. A bunch of douchey guys

using their connections to get ahead.


That's exactly what I need.

- What?
- Later.

Late... later.

DIXON: Okay, so, look, I'll
be back tomorrow night, okay?

I need you to unlock

the door for the sound mixer...

oh, and if Ade has any gigs,

just tag along, rep the label.

It's glorified baby-sitting.

(laughs) There is nothing "glorified"

about baby-sitting your ex-girlfriend.

She hates me.

Is this some elaborate trick
to get me to work for you?

No, no! Not at...

look, I know you won't take any favors,

but can you at least give one?

I... I really need your help, Megan.

- Please?
- Fine.

Only as a favor.

I'll see you when you get back.

Thank you.


We don't have time to stop for dinner.

You know, I really wish you
would have told me about Riley

when you first found out.

Look, I was just trying
to protect you, okay?

But, I guess just like everyone else,

you don't want me to.

What are you talking about?

Okay, look...

when I first got into my accident,

you broke down a wall in
my house and moved in, okay?

Wh... when I was addicted,
you paid for my rehab.

When was the last time you

let me do anything for you, Annie?

So, what, you're mad at me for helping?

I'm not mad at you.

I... I'm mad at Megan.

She can't afford her tuition

and she might have to leave Los Angeles,

and she won't let me help her.

Look, I... I know we
barely started dating,

but when you meet the
right person, you just know.

And you'd do anything to keep them.


Like, uh, impersonating an insurance agent

and driving all night, huh?

Something like that, yeah.

Come on. Let's go.

(Dixon sighs)

(engine starts)


I know it's not your birthday,

but I am gifting you the Naomi Clark

Makeover of the Century. (laughs)

Now, strip.

Hi, Naomi. Whoa!


Are we going somewhere?

Like a hooker convention?

(laughs) Okay, look, my
marriage counselor said

I need to give Max some space,

but I'm dying of boredom.

God knows, you have nothing going on,

so I was thinking you could distract me.

Tut-tut, just because
you're gonna be a mom

doesn't mean you have to dress like one.

Actually, I'm not.


Going to be a mom.

Teddy changed his mind.

Oh, my God, Sil.

Are you okay?

It's a lot to process.

But, actually, I'm almost relieved.

I've spent so many months not knowing

if I would ever even
have this baby, that...

at least I finally have the answer.

Way to put a positive spin on it.

Besides, you know what?

Teddy's not the only
guy out there with sperm.

Maybe next time you can find a hot he

who will inseminate you
the fun way. (clicks tongue)

Yeah, totally.

That could be my new project.
Step one: dress sexier.

You seriously don't have any better way

to give Max space other
than Project Baby Daddy?

Actually, I have had quite a few

job offers lately.

You know, they e-mail me...

one of them was a beauty pageant

that the director's fallen out of,

and... I don't know, it's so plebian.

You know, they don't even
have a celebrity judge.

Maybe you could help.

Oh, and why would I want to do that?

Because once you see all those women

in their bikinis,

you will be reminded
of all the baby weight

you never have to lose.

Okay, when you put it that way...

- Yes. Why not? I'm in.
- Mm-hmm.

- This one?
- No.

(chuckles) It's too long.

I know.

Why do you have my stuff?

Sorry, but you can't train here anymore.

Carlos had to forfeit
his fight this afternoon

because he was seeing double.

Look, I didn't mean to hurt him.

He'll be fine.

But you're lucky it wasn't worse.

Come on, man, I'm sorry,
I... I'll stick to the bag

until I know what I'm doing.

This isn't about knowing the rules.

You clearly have some
stuff you got to work out

and I can't afford
you're gonna work that out

on one of my fighters.

I'm sorry.


ADRIANNA: I'm doing this as
a favor for my friend Naomi.

You really don't have to be here.

Trust me, I'd rather be
at a dentist appointment,

but I promised Dixon
I'd represent the label

at every gig you book.

I'll stay out of your way.

(gasps) Ade!

Thank you for pitching in

at the last second.

No problem.

So, which pageant is this?

Oh, well, it's a funny story, actually...

(girls screaming, squealing, shrieking)

Little Miss Tinseltown.

And you forgot to mention
that detail when you called?

Look, if I knew what this was,

I would have never signed up for it.

But having said that,

spending time with them,
they're actually really cute.

(laughs) Oh, my God.

Look, Silver's helping out, too.

If she can stand to be around
the little monsters, so can you.

(sighs) Okay, what do you need me to do?

Just sing one teensy
little song with them,

and I promise, I will owe you one.

Am I even being paid for this?

I'm sorry, but I can't let Adrianna work

for less than her standard rate.

Plus the added risk of contact

with germy little "prostitots"?

We'll need hazard pay.

That's not really my call.

You can speak to the pageant officials.

Happy to.

As soon as you stock Ade's dressing room

with her favorite...

- Cheese plate.
- Cheese plate.

A... and fruit.


I will have Silver go to that

little stinky French place you like.


- what was that?
- I'm pre-law at CU.

It's not too different from arguing a case

with my contract law professor.

Except Naomi has better
shoes and a smaller mustache.


Hey, uh,

Campbell, hey.

- Uh, Navid Shirazi.
- Yeah.

- We met yesterday.
- Oh, yeah. Good to see you.

Hey, uh, that's funny

that we should run into
each other so randomly.

(laughs) Teddy has been
trying to convince me to join

the Cronus Society, but, uh, you know,

just because I'm a National Merit scholar

doesn't mean I'm some
sort of genius or anything.

I'm sorry, man, Cronus isn't really

an academic club, so...

Maybe give MENSA a shot, though.

- All right?
- Uh, wait.

But I... I thought, uh,

the Cronus Society was full
of, uh, elite overachievers.

Yeah, it is.

Cronus has it all.

Except for fun.

That's why I wanted to get Teddy in.

I mean, his dad's a movie star.

- Oh, yeah.
- Hook us up

with a little excitement,
but it didn't pan out.

So... good seeing you.

Hey, uh, uh...

I know movie stars, too.

Well, have you ever
seen Corporate Invaders?

Excuse me?

I'm looking for Riley Wallace.

He's in room 14.

You go.

I'll park the car.



What are you doing here?

I love you.

Well, I guess I should
send flowers more often.

I... I mean it. I love you.

I didn't know what to say at Christmas.

I mean, you're rude, and obnoxious,

- and you make very inappropriate jokes...
- Whoa,

slow down before I run off
and try to marry myself.

But there's nobody like you, Riley.

And if you're getting this surgery

because you think I can't love you

exactly the way you
are, then you're wrong.

Annie, I'm glad you came,

but I sort of already had the surgery.

What? That's impossible.

I called the hospital and told them

your insurance didn't clear.

That was you?

Listen... number one,

it's an experimental surgery,

so it's not even covered by insurance.

And, number two...

you're the first girl

that's ever committed fraud for me.

Yeah, well, I guess the thought

of losing you made me kind of insane.

But you didn't lose me.

I'm right here.

And, since I'm all
drugged up on painkillers

and being sincere:

I love you, too.

I may be planning a mere kiddie pageant...

please don't get me started
about how horrible that is, but...

it is going to be the
best damn kiddie pageant

- anyone's ever seen.
- Yeah.

What we need now are some cupcake bras.

Mommy, mommy!

Sorry, she thinks you're the judges.

She's sucking up so she can win.

Come on, honey, let's go.


I'm fine. I'm fine.

If you want to back out right now,

I will not be mad. I'm fine.

Really and-and totally fine.

If anything, that was...

that was an affirmation
that I dodged a bullet.

Um, I got to go.

I have 75 corsages to
make by tomorrow morning.

Sorry about that.

WOMAN: Hello, Naomi.

Rachel, what are you doing here?

My best friend has a daughter competing.

And when I heard that
you were running the show,

I couldn't resist stopping by.

(weak laugh) After all, I had to see

what you gave up New York for.

Oh, no, no. I didn't... give up
New York for toddler pageants.

I gave up New York for love.

Oh. I didn't realize it
had to be one or the other.

The girl who I hired has done

an amazing job with New York.

In fact, I'm sending
her to Tokyo to open up

our next offices. Oh, that's so lovely.

Frankly, I'd always

envisioned that kind of a future for you,

but I'm so thrilled that you've
found what makes you happy.

Of course. I married the love of my life.

What more could I possibly want?

Well, then... congratulations.

So good seeing you, Naomi.

(chuckles) Good to see you...


NAVID: Hello!

- Ah, hey.
- Hey.

What's this?

Yeah. Uh, I'm making kiddie corsages

for Naomi's beauty pageant.

Wow. Wow. It'll be fun.
What's up with you?

I was just seeing if I could
borrow some shot glasses

for a thing I'm throwing tonight.

Got a couple hours. Need help?

Definitely. Yes. Thank you. Jump in.

All right, what do I do?

Um, take a bunch like this.

(wire cutter snips) Just three?

Wrap that around it.

NAVID: So, uh,

how are things?

It's been a while.

Everything's great.

Look at me, I'm a children's florist.

Yeah. Nice.

Aah! Great.

All right, hold on. Hold on.

Aw. Aw. There. All better.

It's funny to think I'll never
get to do this for my own kid.

I'll never get to do
this... for my own kid.

(voice breaking): I keep
saying that I'm fine.

I'm trying really... hard
to be fine, but I'm...

- I'm not fine.
- Hey, come on, Silver.

I know Teddy backed out.

- We can still find someone else.
- No, I can't.

The doctors said that I... (sighs)

I can't do another IVF.

The hormones could kill me.

Those two embryos were my only
shot at having my own kavi.

Does it matter?

What I did to him was so messed up.

I don't...

I don't think I'm ever
gonna get pregnant or...

ever have my own baby.

And it's all my fault.

So, I checked out of the hotel...

Do you guys need a second?

No, I should probably
check with Dr. Bronson

- to make sure the lab's ready for you anyway.
- Okay.

Hey, man, I'm, uh... I'm glad you're okay.

You're not gonna try to... kiss
me, too, right now, are you?

No, no, no. But I will apologize.

When I told Annie about the surgery,

I wasn't expecting her to
go crazy and call the clinic.

Well, can you blame her? I mean, I'm...

kind of irresistible.

(chuckles) Okay, yes, your
sister went temporarily insane,

but she did it for the
right reasons, you know?

She thought that her...

incredibly handsome boyfriend
was gonna bite the bullet,

so, sometimes in situations like these,

the ends justify the means.

Okay, time to get poked with needles.

RILEY: Wait to be

impressed with how manly I can be.

- RILEY: All right, man.
- All right. See you.

Uh, yes, is this the
CU Financial Aid Office?

Yes, yes, um...

I'd like to set up an
anonymous scholarship

for one of your students.

MAX: You ever gonna reopen this place?

'Cause I could really use a beer.

Help yourself.

- They're cold.
- Thanks.

Nice suit.

Yeah, I've been on seven
interviews in the last 48 hours.

Do I go with the small start-up
with huge growth potential

or do I play it safe with
the established conglomerate?

My biggest decision
today was whether or not

to murder this alien with
an ice pick or a crowbar.

♪ Crowbar.

That's my game!

- Our game.
- Yeah.

(laughs) Look at...

look at tiny strong Liam
with his little shovel.

I'm supposed to be stocking
the fridge for Navid's party,

but I'm getting a strange
satisfaction out of seeing

- how many ways tiny Liam can kill these aliens.
- Mm.

You want to play?


Don't... don't use the
fire hose... it's a trap.

What's wrong with the
fire hose? I already...

(Liam groans)

Yeah. (sighs)

So pathetic.

MAX: Man, this is fun.

I mean, I spent so much
time writing this game,

I never actually got the chance to...

- try the final product.
- Yeah, well,

sure beats polishing your résumé
and talking to conglomerates.

(quiet laugh)

You're absolutely right.

Dude. Dude, dude, d... (groans)

You let the oracle die.

I'm sorry. Here. Here.

You're better at it.

I got to go.



Ade, you will enter stage left,

and that will be right after
the cotton candy clouds part.

Sounds great.

Not as great as Tokyo, but
that little girl is probably

a sad, lonely wretch who
hasn't gone on a date in months.

What? Who?

What? No one.


Oh. The juice boxes need restocking. Yay.

MEGAN: Oh, yes.

Thank you so much.

Good news? I just got a scholarship

that will cover my
tuition for next semester.

I was this close to
selling fries, like you,

except from behind the
cash register with a tacky

polyester uniform.

Not that you care. At all.

Sorry. Uh, sound check's in 45 minutes.


And congratulations.

The scholarship sounds great.

Thank you.


I'm sorry I have been such a bitch.

What happened with me and Dixon

has nothing to do with you.

I know it sounds weird coming
from his ex-girlfriend...

but you're actually pretty cool.


You're not so bad yourself.

(knocking on door) Come in.

We need to talk.

(chuckles) Okay, look, I'm sorry.

I didn't realize this Cronus Society thing

meant so much to you.

I'll call Campbell and
put in a good word for you.

Yeah, that's, um, not why I'm here.

Do you have any idea what
Silver's going through?

No, and I don't care.

She's lucky I'm not
dragging her ass to court.

She's your best friend, Teddy.

Do you really think she
would've forged those forms

if it wasn't her last
chance at getting pregnant?

What are you talking about?

Silver can't have any more babies, okay?

If you do this, she'll... she'll
never have kids of her own.

Hey, I get that you're mad,

but if you still go through with
this, what you'll do to her...

is so much worse.

ADRIANNA: * It's a game
you're gonna lose *

♪ 'Cause, baby, when you look straight ♪

♪ Into my eyes

♪ I got you in a spell

♪ You're hypnotized

♪ Don't try to run away
from some of your lies... ♪

Max, what are you doing here?

- Aren't you supposed to be off finding yourself?
- Yeah.

I, uh... I figured out what
I want to do with my life.

Liam and I were playing
the Corporate Invaders game,

and it was fun; it was the
kind of fun that I haven't had

in a year... I mean, not since
I... I gave up my whole life

to... to think about stocks and mergers.

Well, we both gave up things
that were important to us, Max.

Yeah, but why? Did we have to? I mean...

I mean, I used to love working,

when I was in my dorm room writing code

because I wanted to,

not because the-the
shareholders needed a product.

What... so what are you saying?
You want to go back to Caltech?

N... no... MIT has this amazing program

I've always wanted to be a part of and...

and they're willing to
take me mid-semester.

- MIT?
- Yeah.

- That's what you figured out?
- Yeah.

That's what I was giving you
all this space for? That is...

that's the grand life plan?!

How can you be mad that I
want to go back to school?


You don't want to go back
to school! You want to...

you want to go back to
hanging out in your dorm room!

You want to go back to
exactly the way your life was

before you married me!

- That is not true.
- Yes, it is.

That's why you ran off,

and went and hid out
at your mother's house

- because you're acting like a child, Max!
- A child?!

Yes, a child! I'm surrounded by children!

If I'm acting like a child,

it's because you're treating me like one.

Oh, my God!

Hey, hey, thanks for the insight, Naomi.

- Maybe you can cut the crusts off my sandwiches, too.
- You know what?

I am sick and tired of
thinking about what Max wants.


What am I supposed to do there, huh?

Plan pilgrim dinners?

I don't want to go there with you, Max!

I don't want to go there!

I want to go to Tokyo, and
I want to be a princess!

(wry chuckle)


Wow, well...

I guess you should go.

NAVID: Cronus, welcome to the Offshore!

If I could have your attention, everyone.

Uh, please don't forget
about the ice luge.

It's slowly melting. Uh,
we have darts, we have pool,

and a serious game of backgammon, so, uh,

please, make yourselves at home.

Hey. It's a great party, right?

It's a little overcrowded.

What are you talking about?
There's, like, 30 people here.

We had, like, twice as many
people at the Christmas party.

Oh, shoot. I'm sorry.

Uh, I forgot that was the
day you were kidnapped. Sorry.

Hey. Liam Court, right? Oh.

Um, you mind if I get a photo?

Whoa. Hey.

A "no, thanks" would've done it.

(sighs) I'm sorry. I...

- Dude, are you all right?
- I'm fine.

It's this party that sucks.
I'm bored out of my mind.

Bored? How can you be bored?

Got all the darts and
icy drinks we could want.


I thought you promised
something different.

Is just another bar,
except without chicks.

That's what I'm saying.

Any suggestions?


Actually, I may have an idea.

Let's go.

Dude, what are you doing?

- Yo, guys, let's go.
- We don't, we don't have

to leave the bar, I mean...

Come on.


Teddy, what are you doing here?

I talked to Navid.

Look, I didn't, I didn't
ask him to talk to you

and I don't expect anything that
he said to... change your mind.

You shouldn't.

But I can't do it.

I can't take away your
only chance to have a baby.

Oh, my God.

Thank you.

Don't thank me.

If I could find a way
to go through with this

so I would never have to
see you again, I would.

But as much as I hate you right now,

I can't be as horrible
to you as you were to me.

- Teddy...
- Just...

just be at my lawyer's office tomorrow.

What's this?

The absurdly large check

I squeezed out of the pageant officials.

I figured you deserve to be
the one to present it to Dixon.

Remind me to tell Dixon
how amazing you are.

Do... do you know where
this brings our total?

No idea, but I'll meet
you out front in ten?


(gasps happily)


Hi, it's Adrianna Tate-Duncan
from Unfaithful Records.

I just wanted to let you guys know

that I just received a check for $15,000.

What does that bring our total to?


How is that possible?

We just got paid for
that fast food jingle.

No, thank you.

I've heard all I need to.

NAVID: Liam, now, what
if there's an alarm?

Then we'll run real fast.

I heard clubs like yours usually have

some kind of initiation or...

ends with the new guy
getting his ass kicked.

Like the cloak and paddle routine?

That's not really our thing.

Well, maybe this will be your thing.


Think anyone can take me?

I can.

Then, let's go.

Let's make this more interesting.

I'll put a grand on Court.

I know this isn't what you meant

when you said you wanted excitement.

You're right.

This is better.

Being an upstanding pillar
of society gets old quick.

The guys are dying to be a little bad,

and your buddy Liam has just provided us

with the perfect opportunity.

All right?

Let's go, Court!

(cheering and applause)

MAN: All right!

Yeah, whoo-hoo-hoo!

Who's next, huh?

- You're back.
- Yep.

So, uh... how'd everything go?

It was great, actually.

Turns out, Ade and I
make kind of a good team.

Mm! So, uh, does that mean

you're reconsidering working for me?

Not necessary.

The financial aid office called.

A last-minute scholarship
came through and I got it.


Wow, th... that's great,
babe! Congratulations.

Hey, I was just telling Dixon
how great you were up there.

Yeah, not as good as you were.

Tricking me into thinking we were friends

so I'd humiliate myself
for your tuition money?

W... what?

Yeah, what are you talking about?

I worked my ass off,

and you used that money to set up

a scholarship for your girlfriend.

I talked to the accountant.

Oh, my God.

Ade, it's not like that.

I am such an idiot.

I can't believe I trusted you again.

Starting tonight, I will do

whatever it takes to
get out of your contract

and out of your life.


Okay, look, um, I... I can explain, okay?

I... I was... I was just
trying to take care of you.

Okay, y... you're happy
you get to stay, right?

I mean, the ends justify the means.

How could you do this

after I told you how important

it was to me to take care of myself?

Megan, I don't want to lose you.

It's too late.

I won't take your money.

I... I'm turning down the scholarship

and I'm going home to San Diego.

No! W... w... wait! Why?

Why is it so hard for you
to let me take care of you?

This isn't taking care of me, Dixon!

It's lying to get what you want.


(phone line ringing over speaker)

WOMAN (over phone): San
Jose Spinal Center.

Hi, it's Annie Wilson
for Riley Wallace, please.

Hi, Annie. It's Dr. Bronson.

We met this morning.

Is everything okay?

Well, late this afternoon,

a clot traveled to Riley's lungs.

W... what are you saying?

Riley's okay, right?

I... I was just there.

He's fine.

I'm sorry, Riley passed away.



You came back.

To say I'm sorry.

You're right, I, uh...

Well, I was acting like a kid.

I shouldn't have run
away to my parents' house.

I love you.



But I don't know if it's enough.


Therapist said I... might
have lost my own identity.

Maybe she's right.

I deserve to find out

what I want to do with my life.

So do you.

MIT was always your dream.

Well, we're supposed to be
supporting each other's dream.

All we seem to do is hold each other back.

I'm sorry that I, I can't be
the adult that you need me to be.

That's not just you, Max; it's me, too.

I've been on my own since I was 16.

I've been pretending to
be an adult so long, I...

I'm not.

I'm not an adult.

And I was mad at you
for acting like a child


I never got to be one.

So... what do we do now?

I don't know.

I don't know.



I got your text message
telling me to come right over.

What's going on?

He's dead.

Riley... he's dead.


CAMPBELL: Court, Shirazi.

Senator Bravman called in
a glowing recommendation

for you, for the honors business program.

You should get your acceptance any minute.

- I... I don't even know Senator Bravman.
- Sure you do.

He's one of your brothers.

Welcome to the Cronus Society, gentlemen.

Hi, I'm Erin Silver.

I'm here to sign the custody agreement.

Where's Teddy?

Please take a seat.

Uh, Mr. Montgomery thought it best

that I handle the paperwork.

Sure, of course.

I am just so grateful
that he's giving me this,

I'll sign anything.

Actually, custody can't be determined

until the surrogacy
paperwork has been filed.

I don't understand.

Mr. Montgomery has stipulated

you hire a third party to carry the child.


No, that can't be right.

I'm sorry, but my client

was clear about his intentions.

No, he can't.

The whole reason that I'm
going through with this

is because I want to carry my own baby,

not have someone else do it.

Take as long as you need.

I'll be in my office.