90210 (2008–2013): Season 4, Episode 8 - Vegas, Maybe? - full transcript

Silver's video of Teddy's Vegas wedding is leaked to the press, and has damaging effects on his uncle's campaign. Liam's modeling career is taken to the next level by Shelia and Annie is determined to help Dixon, even though the help he needs comes at a high price. Meanwhile, Ivy and Raj decide to plan for the future.

Previously on 90210:

You're working for a
congressional candidate?

My uncle's running.
Uh, we could never be together

if you're going to work for him.

I don't have any proof
of the stolen cars,

but he threatened my girlfriend.

- Work with the police to get
the evidence we need. - I'm in.

This is about business.
Just let me back in.

I cannot trust anyone unless I
know where their loyalties lie.


They loved your picture so much

I think you could
work a whole lot more.

They paid us to hang out with them?

Bree, we are like prostitutes.

No, we're not prostitutes.

We're escorts.

Bree sent me here to
meet with just you?

I know we met in a way that makes you
uncomfortable, but I really like you.

I heard you say that you don't want your
heart broken. You can pretty much count on it.

You're just a girl
Austin's sleeping with.

You'll never be his girlfriend,

because Austin doesn't
have girlfriends.

So you're not an addict?
No, Ade.

Hey, I'll buy the
rest of your stash.

Mm, I love the smell of
cinnamon in the morning.

Hey, do not touch.

I am making breakfast in
bed for the birthday boy.

Don't you mean that
guy's making breakfast?

Ludwig is providing the breakfast,

I am taking care of the "in bed" part.

Well, delicious.

You're a really good girlfriend.

I know, right?

That sorority slut holly says

that Austin doesn't do
real relationships.

She couldn't be more wrong.

Hmm. Absolutely.

Just because you guys
started off having

hate sex motivated by revenge
doesn't mean you're not legit.

Okay. Austin and I
have been dating

just as long as you
and mystery moneybags,

and you two are pretty serious, so...

Good point.

Who am I to judge how
relationships get started?


Where are you going?

Pants off, back in bed!

I can't. I gotta catch
a flight to Vegas.

You're going to Vegas?

I love Vegas.

Well, that makes one of us.
I hate Vegas.

You made waffles!

That's sweet.

Listen, you know I'd love to
spend my birthday with my gal,

but my family's waiting.
Call you when I get back?

Did he really just take
a waffle to Vegas instead of me?

Hi, Silver.

"Teddy, I missed you!

"Thanks for taking a break
from the campaign trail

to come home and watch me work!"

All right, man, look,

the poll numbers are
stressing Marissa out,

she's riding me like Seabiscuit

to finish these videos for the website.
I get it.

Thank you.

Campaigning with my uncle makes
a tennis tour look easy.

But on the bright side, my
family is talking to me again.

They even invited me to
my sister's wedding.

That's great.

So who's the lucky date?

What, like a man date?

Oh. My dad would have a stroke.

Besides, I just haven't
really met anyone I like.

Since Shane?

He's a good guy, Teddy,

he's just passionate about politics.

And he was kind of a jerk about it.

But I miss him too.

Well, if you need a beard
for your sister's wedding,

my social calendar is woefully empty.

We're all going to Vegas!

Naomi's actually chasing Austin,

who just left to spend his
birthday with his family.

Oh, his family.
How dare he?

Austin may have put
the thought into my head,

but going by myself would be
sad and pathetic, so...

I want to bring my sad and
pathetic friends with me.

What do you think? Yay!

Uh... I guess "no"
is out of the question.

I could use a break
from all this work.

I'm in.

Patrick's out of town,
I could use a trip.

Looks like we're going to Vegas.


Oh! Bull's-eye!

Dude. Totally
spanked you, bitch.

No. No, no, no, no.
We paused the game for a sneeze.

- You can't throw during a sneeze pause.
- Hey, listen up.

Naomi's organized
a last-minute trip to Vegas.

Everyone's invited.

Uh, almost.
Sorry, Silver's going.

Yeah, yeah, I think
that'd be a little weird.

I haven't talked to Silver
since we broke up.

Yeah, and I don't think Vegas is
the best place for me right now.

Why? Silver doesn't hate you.

No, I... I mean, I...

It's probably not the
best place for Navid.

You know, he's going through
a real bad breakup, and...

Vegas is full of temptation.

So the easiest way to resist is
to have a good friend nearby,

so, good friend, I will be
on you like white on rice.

Oh, yeah, of course.

Because I might have to
drown my sorrows over Silver

in cheap prime rib.

Is that why you've been so clingy?

Yeah. I mean, why
else would I be?

Well, listen, cling to Navid in Vegas.

I already promised
Naomi we were in. All right?

This should be cool. Come on.

I've never been to Vegas
with money before.

Yeah. Vegas does sound
great right now.

I'm in.

We are not sharing a room.

Hey, I'll meet you guys at the airport.

Uh... hey.

Uh, it would be great
to see you there.

Right. Because it's
not a road trip

without Silver and I pulling
hair and falling into a pool.

Are you okay?

I mean, with everything?

Me? Yeah.
Yeah, of course.

I thought we settled
all that with your...

24-hour handcuff marathon.

I told you I'm drug-free.

I mean, it's not like the minute
I get to Vegas without you,

I'm gonna turn into
a drug fiend, right?

You're cute when you worry
about me, you know that?

Okay. I drop off
these three DVDs,

and then we are off to Vegas.
All right.

Oh, Silver! Good.

I need your feedback on some raw
footage from our last rally.

And then... you can look
over these still shots.

Actually, Marissa, uh...

Don't kill me, but I sort of
thought I had the weekend off,

and my friends are going to Vegas.

Vegas? Well, what am I
going to do without you?

You know what?

You've been working really hard.
You've earned some time off.

Oh! Thank you.

Thank you. I'll see you on Monday.

But... can you keep your cell
phone handy, and your laptop?

I'm sure you won't need it,
but if there's an emergency...

Absolutely. It'll be
like I never left.




So how's the campaign going?


So should we talk about
religion, too, or

stick to fighting about politics?

How about neither?


'Cause I owe you an apology, Teddy.

I get caught up in
the issues sometimes,

and I forget about what's important.


Although I admit, it's...

It's been hard to forget about you.

Yeah. Me, too.

So... maybe when I get back
from Vegas, we can hang out?

Yeah, that'd be great.



I think this is where, Shane, you say,

"Vegas? That sounds like fun."

And then Teddy, you say,

"Really? You want
to come with us?"

What she said.

Cool. Yeah.


How two guys ever figure out
how to date is just beyond me.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Where do you think you're
going, half-day Hassan?

After you drop off
my dry-cleaning,

I need you to go to the market,

and get me that cereal

with the little blueberries in it.

Yeah. When I said I want
to be more involved in

the family business, running
your errands isn't what I meant.

I'm going to Vegas.

And don't forget to walk your
dog when I'm out of town.

I, I, I get it.

You're frustrated. You want to
do something more important.

It happens...

...that I have a package.

That needs to be delivered
to an associate in Vegas.

What is it?

It's a very interesting thing called

none of your business.


You will be contacted
about the delivery details.

Until then, guard this with your life,

and do not open it.

If you want to gain my trust...

...don't screw this up.


Kat, it's me.

I think I finally got something

that'll take down my uncle.

Presidential suite, baby.

Oh, Naomi, this place is great.
This is great.

Don't thank me, thank the
guy with the million-dollar abs.

Wait, wait. You paid for this?

Dude, thanks for the suite, moneybags.

You know, you guys have
been paying for me

for a long time. It's nice
to finally return the favor.

Oh, I got dibs on this one.

I'll get the bags.
Uh, yeah, me too.

This place is dripping with bling.

Yeah, it's really...

How have you been?

You know, uh...



Okay. I'm gonna...


Hey, um...

Are you going to be okay

with, you know, your little problem?

Problem? Um...

What... what problem?

Well, come on, we're in the
gambling capital of the world,

and I know you have
a gambling problem, so...

I'm just a little bit
worried, you know?

Yeah, um... uh...

That's not a problem.

At all. I won't even
gamble a nickel.

As long as I'm with my
friends, I'll be fine.

All right. Good.


I called the three best
hotels on the Strip,

and Austin isn't registered
at a single one.

Hmm. Are you sure
he said Vegas?

Of course. It's not like he's
going to lie to his girlfriend.

You know what? He's
probably at one of those

Western-themed hotels downtown.

You know, where you rope
your own cow for dinner?


Do we have a butler?

Are you really texting a
picture of yourself to Austin?

Um, would you look
at me in this bikini?

It'd be selfish not to share.
Well, if you can't track him down,

that ought to bring him out of hiding.

Why are you waiting in line?

Uh, I was hoping to
get in one last swim

before I die of heat stroke.

Celebrities don't
have to wait in line.

Who's the celebrity?

Uh, that'd be you.

That's really nice of you,
but I can't leave my friends.

They can come, too.

We can...
Come on.


Yeah! Thank you.
All right!

Help yourselves to
complimentary drinks,

towels, and gift bags.

And if there's anything else
you need, just ask me.

All right, thanks.

Oh, man.

It's paradise.
Dude, I knew being friends with you

would one day pay off.




Hi. Did I catch you
at a bad time?

Marissa, uh, it's never a bad time

to get a call from your boss.
What's up?

Well, I'm putting together
a last-minute town hall meeting,

and I need some footage recut.

And I swear,

this is the last thing
I'm gonna ask you to do,

and then you're on vacation.

Yeah, for sure.
I'll get right on it.

Okay, thank you.

You are not seriously
going to do work in Vegas?

Apparently, I'm indispensable.

Yeah? Well, I'm hot.

In more ways than one.


I'm gonna go sit in the shade.

Hello, boys.


Wow. That body's impressive.

Yeah, yeah.
She's pretty proud of it.

I was talking about yours, bro.

I'd kill for abs like that.

What up?
Hey, man.

Came to the right pool, my dude.

This place

treats celebs like God.

Anything you need,
they'll get it for you.

Seriously, anything.

Actually, all I want to do
is just cool off.

Uh, are we going swimming or what?

I'm in.

Hey, Sally,

you gonna put down your murse, take a dip?

Your man-purse.

You haven't set it down
since we left L.A.

I don't want to lose it;
it's a family heirloom.

What, what, your grandma?

Grandma's murse!

Okay, okay, okay, okay!

You know what?
Let's go swimming.

Annie, can you please watch this bag?

I'm really glad you came with us.

I'm having a great time.

Me, too.

Would it be terribly antisocial of us

to ditch the group tonight
and go out, the two of us?

I think I can live with that.



No way!

The regional asset
allocation convention?

Um, you lost me at "regional."

Patrick is at that convention.

I'm totally gonna find him
looking fabulous

and surprise him.

Surprise the boyfriend in Vegas.

That sounds like a plan.


Hi. You found me.

Well, I got your 50 messages.

It wasn't hard.

What are you doing here?

Um, the group wanted to go to
Vegas, so I thought, why not?

I was going to surprise you
for your birthday

to see the look on your face.

And there is the look.

That was fun.

All right, I'll see you back home.


Yo, how about you come to
a poker game with me tonight?

It's invitation-only,
and there's an extra seat.

Oh, man, that sounds awesome,
but, um, I'm not 21.

This is more of a private game.

You got to be a somebody
to even get into the door.

Here. Check it out.

Cool, I'll think about it.

All right.


Okay, listen, I'm not in the
mood for practical jokes.

Where's my bag?

Dude, relax.

Annie asked me to watch it.

I covered your murse
with a towel to be safe.

It was here a second ago,

I swear.

This can't be happening.

No, you don't understand.

I need that bag.

Oh, no.

Some guy in a bikini must have
walked off with your purse.

- Seriously, guys.
- This isn't funny.

I'm a dead man.

I get the feeling
you're not happy to see me.

Of course I'm happy to see you.

I just, I just wish you hadn't come.

Austin, what is going on?

Why don't you want me
here for your birthday?

Because I don't want to
be here for my birthday.

- What? - Look, birthdays are a
big deal to my dad, okay?

He likes to just keep
them family-only.

Okay, no offense, but who cares
what your dad thinks?

It's your birthday.

Who does he think he is?

That guy.

My dad is that guy.

Judd Ridge, the country legend?


That's your dad?


Austin, why didn't you just tell me?

It's not just you; I
don't tell anybody.

What, 'cause it's too cool?

Hey, no, being a fan
is too cool, okay?

Listen, being his son
is something else.

Because, you know, it's
his fame, not mine.

I just stand in his
shadow when I'm with him.

Okay, okay.

Well, while I'm here,

could we stand in his shadow together?

You could at least
go for a drink with me.

Okay, yeah.

I mean, after a night out
with my old man,

I'm gonna need one anyway.

Listen, he's having
this birthday party

for me after his concert
that I can't get out of.

So why don't you swing by

and we'll, uh, sneak out,
have some fun.



I'd love to.


See ya.

I'm sorry we couldn't
find your bro-purse.

Yeah, take this
dry-cleaning ticket.

It's for my favorite suit.

I'd like to be buried in it.

Uh, whoa, hey.

Um, no offense, but these guys

look a little
out of your league, Liam.

Please. I spent all
summer on a fishing boat.

If I can hold my own
playing poker against

a bunch of tattooed longshoremen,

I think I can handle this crowd.

Yo, what up, kid?

Glad you made it.

How you doing?

Yo, I hope you brought
a fat stack with you, bro.

Uh, you know,
it's not really that fat, but...

Dude, you kill me.
Cash isn't good here.

The house will give you credit.

All right, poker room is that way,

lounge is that way.

And between you and me,

see this chick right here?

That's the concierge.

She'll hook you up
with whatever you need.

I call her
"the Drugstore."

Hey, you okay?

You're sweating.

What's up?

Oh, man, I'm a terrible friend.

I completely forgot about
your gambling problem.

We should go.
Yeah, let's get out of here.

No, no, guys.

Believe me, I have
that addiction under control.

Plus, it'll be positive reinforcement

to see you lose all your money.

Hey, my murse.

I have to go talk to that guy.

Yo, yo, yo.
Where do you think you're going?

I was gonna...
No, no.

Seat at this table is invitation only.

If Liam wants to bring
his little entourage,

you're gonna have to ask him.

Are you ready?

Buy-in's ten large.

Whoa, what--
that's $10,000, kid.

Dude, I got this.

What's the point
of me having all this money

if I can't have a little fun, huh?

Come on, entourage.

Are you sure?

Hey, lady, can I get a cup
of coffee when you have a sec?

Yeah, yeah.

How was it out there?

Oh, it was freezing,
but I kind of like it

when it's not that crowded.

Is that why you didn't go to Vegas?

Uh, I just couldn't
really imagine partying

while Raj is off getting
cancer treatment.

You know what I mean?

So instead, I booked
a ticket out tonight

to spend the rest of the time
with him until he finishes.

Aw, he's gonna be so happy to see you.

I was talking to him this morning

before he went into his treatment,

and I could just tell
how scared he was.

'Cause he was doing this
thing where he was trying to

joke around about being able
to handle the chemo on his own.

And I just...

I don't know...

I knew from the moment he said that,

that I should have never
let him go without me.


I think I know what you mean.

Hey, um, let's get out of here.

Huh? Why don't me, you
and your-your purse

go see a show or something, huh?

I can't.

Oh, I got to go.

Okay, so where we going?

No, we aren't headed anywhere.

Look, seeing Silver
was harder than I thought.

I just, I need some time alone, okay?

Yeah, yeah.

Um, no sweat.

Just hit me later.


I raise you.

I call.

Full boat.

That sucks.

'Cause I have a straight flush.


Hey. You win some,
you lose some, right?

What do you say we
go drown our sorrows

at a buffet or something, huh?

I don't think I can afford it.

I just lost $80,000.

Naomi, you are going to blow
Austin's mind in that outfit.

You are going to knock the wind
out of Patrick.


Silver, you look really pretty.

Don't look at me like that.

It just feels good to be dressed up

and not hunched over a computer.

Well, you deserve to have fun.

Thank you.
Any ideas?

Okay, this is Vegas.

Find a tall, dark, handsome stranger,

go back with him to his hotel room,

do the sickest things
you can possibly imagine.

If you can wake up
in the morning, look at yourself

in the mirror and not be
completely disgusted,

I'll be totally disappointed.

Okay, I was thinking
more along the lines

of Cirque du Soleil or Celine Dion,

but I forgot I was asking an insane person.

No, no, no!

I was out the door.

Hey, Marissa.


No problem. I can fax those
to you right away.

Sure. Bye.

Okay, well, looks like I'll be

the prettiest girl
in the office center.

Nope, not on the list.

Austin doesn't have a plus one.

There must be
some mistake, okay?

My boyfriend is in there
waiting for me.

Look, I'm not saying
you're not his girlfriend,

but are you sure
you're his girlfriend?

Okay, I'm sorry.

A bunch of cheesy impersonators
are allowed into, yes,

my boyfriend's birthday party,
and I'm stuck out here?

They're part of the show.
Now step aside.

Hey, Marilyn, um,

would you like to make
some extra money?

Hey, babe.

How you doing, sweetheart?

I miss you. I keep thinking
about all the fun things

that we could be doing
if we were in the same place.

So, what if all of the distance
between us suddenly vanished?

Mmm, well, that would be great.

Uh... oh, uh, listen, the person

I'm having dinner with just got here.

I gotta go. I miss you.

Do you have a lot of experience
putting on wires?

Only because I watched
the show The Wire,

and they...
they usually find the wire.

I well be watching from the car.

Anything happens,
I will be there in ten seconds.

Better hurry up.
My contact is here.

- What do you think is in there? I mean,
drugs? Body part? - Can't we just open it?

Look, if they notice the package
has been tampered with,

it could put you
and the drop in danger.

Okay? But I wouldn't have
come all the way from L.A.

if I didn't think this was important.

Yeah, well, whatever it is,
I hope it's enough

to put my uncle and his sleazy
friends in jail.

Just get me out of this mess.

Sorry. Housekeeping!

That was close.

Oh, good thinking.

Dude, I'm going crazy in here.

This place is making me
completely claustrophobic.

Seriously, let's just get out of here.

Yeah, well, it's a little
late for that.

If this doesn't turn around,
I am broke.

And I just don't mean my savings.

I mean, everything I own
in this world:

My bike, my bar, everything.

Listen, just do me a favor.

Do not let me deal away

my last hundred bucks on earth, okay?

Deal me in.

Marilyn, where the hell
have you been?!

I was just looking
for the birthday boy.

Very funny.
You're the birthday finale.

Get up there and sing!

♪ Happy... birthday ♪

♪ to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

The girl can't carry a tune,

but she makes up for it
with enthusiasm.

♪ Happy Birthday ♪

♪ Mr. Austin ♪

♪ Happy Birthday ♪

♪ to you. ♪

Happy Birthday, son!

Um, uh, what are you doing?

Okay, listen, I didn't have no choice!

The bouncer was a complete jerk.
He said my name wasn't on

the guest list.
I didn't put your name

on the guest list. I was hoping
to slip out of here and meet you.

Austin, if you don't want me
here, just say it!

It's not that I don't want you here.

I don't want us not here.

Austin, I didn't know

that you and Marilyn were acquainted.

Dad, this is Naomi, my girlfriend.

Nice to meet you.


Uh, dad, thanks for the party,

but we're actually gonna
sneak out of here and...

Oh, come on, son,
if your girlfriend went

to this much trouble to meet me,

I think she deserves
a little face time

with the King of Country!

Look at this, everybody.

My son got himself a
good-looking girlfriend!

Trust me, I'm as surprised as you are.

I'd have to be crazy
to think that my son could

ever reach the level of success
that I've reached in life.

But when I see this gorgeous
knockout on his arm,

I have to think

maybe a little bit of the old man

might have rubbed off
on him after all.

Let me ask you something, sweetheart.

Did he drop my name
when he first met you,

or did he wait till the first date

just to kinda seal the deal?

I know it's a shock to you, dad,

but sometimes I get by in life

just fine without dropping your name.

Oh, relax, son.
I'm just joking with you.

I reckon I forgot to hand him
down my sense of humor.

I guess so.
We're gonna get out of here.

Hold on, son. Your birthday is
a very special opportunity

for you to spend a little
one-on-one time

with dear old dad.

Not to mention I canceled my
second show to be here with you.

Do you know how much money
that cost me?

No, of course you don't,

'cause you think it's more important

to spend time with your girlfriend.

No, no, the two of you should do

the birthday thing together.
I will see Austin later.

Thank you, Nancy.

You're a real peach.

Come on, son.

It's your night.
Let's go.

I can't believe Navid is hooking
up with some random girl

in Las Vegas, unless...

Do you think he's been cheating
on me this whole time?

You're asking the idiot who
thought that it was a good idea

to surprise her globetrotting,
womanizing boyfriend

at a Vegas hotel bar.

Yeah, but come on,
how could you have known

he was some kind
of lying man-whore?

I mean, of course, I couldn't.

Well, whenever you're ready

to make the call and dump him,
I'll be here, probably just

right here in this spot.

A scotch, please.


What's wrong?
The date not go well?

It was one of the most romantic
evenings of my life.

So, why exactly is that sad?

What's the point of dating?

I mean, so I can fall in love
and break up with people

for the rest of my life?
There's no endgame for me,

no big fairy tale where a prince meets

another prince and they live
happily ever after.

Teddy, you can be exactly who you are

and have everything you want.

Gay couples get married,
they start families.

It's not about gay marriage.

It's about me being gay married,
you know?

I always pictured myself in
a regular marriage.

The wife, the kids,
the kind of happy family

you see in a catalog.

The kind of family my sister is
gonna have.

Things were so much easier

when I knew what my life was
gonna look like, you know?

Uh, what are you doing?

I refuse to sit here

and see the three of us be
miserable, all right?

This is Las Vegas, damn it!

This is the place where
dreams come true.

Oh, it's lovely, uh... it's
lovely to finally meet you.

My uncle has said wonderful
things about you.

Oh, you're, you're originally
from Las Vegas, right?

Give me the bag.

I know what you're thinking.

You came all the way
to Vegas to deliver socks.

You have an amazing ability

to read people.
This was a test, and you passed.

I'm going to tell Amal you're a
good soldier, you get the job done.

I can promise you, next time
it won't be socks in that bag.

Abs, we're waiting.

I'm all in.

You're either very brave
or very stupid.

And you can either beat four
of a kind or you can't.

Ah, screw it.
Too rich for my blood.

I fold.

Yes! Thank you, thank you!

I gotta go.

Yo, dude, you barely broke even.

Don't you want to stay and win
the rest of your money back?

Hell, no.

How'd you do at poker?

I survived, barely.

Sounds like my night.

Next time I want
to throw my money away,

remind me it's only fun if
it's, like, 20 bucks.

Whatever we're doing here,
it better have nothing to do

with country music.

Uh, Teddy and Shane
are getting married.

Oh, honeys.
Which one of you is pregnant?


I cannot believe I let
you talk me into this.

Guys, this isn't for keeps, okay?

There's no marriage license.
All right, I just want you

to see what it's like to stand
across the aisle from another guy.

Just think of it as
a no-stakes dress rehearsal.

So that when the time really comes,

it won't seem so scary
and unimaginable.

All right, gentlemen,
I have a 90-year-old couple

waiting to renew their wedding vows.

So you ready?

We're ready.

we'd like to say our own vows.
We would?

Just speak from the heart.

First of all, I'd like to thank Elvis.

This wedding would definitely
not be the same without you.

Thank you,

thank you very much.

Teddy, I know standing up
here is scary for you.

And considering I've seen
you cliff dive in Spain,

I know you're a guy who doesn't
get scared of many things.

Being brave doesn't
mean not being afraid.

It means being afraid
but doing it anyways.

Which is why I'm more
impressed with you right now

than I was in Spain.

That was absolutely beautiful.

Groom number two, what do you got?


Okay, so here I am, and yeah,
I'm freaking out a little bit.

Nothing about this is what I
imagined my wedding to be.

Everything's changed.

Except for you.

That video camera glued to your face.

Because what would
my wedding be without

Silver and her video camera?

Or without all of you
here supporting me.

No problem.

Accepting me, making me
feel like it doesn't matter

if this isn't exactly what I pictured.

So yeah,

I'm standing in a wedding chapel
in Las Vegas

being married to a dude.

By another dude dressed like Elvis.

I wouldn't have it any other way.


Brothers, by the power of this suit,

I now pronounce you groom and groom.


What is happening to me?

Babe, it's going to be okay.

I'm here.

Thank you.

I'm here.

To Teddy and Shane!

To Teddy and Shane!

Oh, man, it was the most beautiful
wedding two men have ever had in Vegas.

Well, I couldn't and wouldn't
have done it without you--

all of you.

Oh. Cheers to that.

Yeah, congrats.

Hey, uh, have you seen my brother?

Uh, not since I gave him my last
poker chip for safekeeping.

Liam, you gave my gambling
addict brother a poker chip

and sent him off
on his own in Las Vegas?



So how was

country music legend
Judd Ridge? Tell me.

The only thing legendary about
that guy is what a jerk he is.

It's Austin's birthday.

He made everything about him.

I mean, can you imagine having
a dad like that?

No. Somebody needs
to put him in his place.

Good idea.

Uh... okay.

Hey, Mr. Country Legend,
you may be rich and famous,

but the best thing
you have is your son.

Of course you wouldn't know it
the way you treat him.

Nobody even knows that you're
his father. He keeps it secret

'cause you are such a giant ass.

That was very touching, sweetheart.

Your girlfriend's got
brass balls, son.

Maybe you could
learn something from her.

I can't believe you just did that.

Yeah, I can't either.
Someone needed to.

And you thought it should be
you? What, do you think

I've been waiting my whole life for Ms.
Naomi Clark to stand up to my dad?

The way that man treats you.
Austin, I was just trying to help.

Then you should have
stayed the hell out of it.

I know my dad, you don't.

And you didn't help.

You just made it worse.

Dixon, are you here?

Oh, my God.


Well, I can explain.

What is she doing here?

Did she bring drugs
into our hotel room?

Annie, no...

Nobody invited you here, okay?
God, I cannot believe

how stupid all of us were

to think that you could not sink
any lower.

I'm sorry.
Hey, no.

You don't have to do that.

Annie, those are my drugs.

Look, the truth is, I've been
using ADHD medication

and I can't stop.

I've tried, but Adrianna's
actually been trying to help me.

So you knew that my brother
had a drug problem

and you said nothing?

How was I supposed to tell
you about Dixon's problem,

when you won't even speak to me?

Yeah, I did something
horrible to Silver.

But I'm tired of walking
around feeling like I'm

some terrible person when I'm not.

Okay, you know what?

It doesn't even matter.
What matters is helping Dixon.

I was there for him, you weren't.

Ade, you really don't have to go.

I'll be there for you
when you get back to L.A.

Hey, so did you talk to Austin?

I suggested we work things out in
the limo on the way to the airport,

but his dad is making
him stay in Vegas.

His birthday totally sucked.

Dude, I'm so sorry you lost all that money.
I'm not.

Guys like you, you've been
fortunate your whole lives.

You know how to handle it, but me,

for the first time in my
life I've actually got

something to lose, and it only
cost me ten grand to realize it.

I got off cheap.

I'm so hungover.

Did we get married last night?

Yeah. That was
very Vegas of us.

Listen, that trip was unbelievable,

but since we're going back
to L.A. and the campaign...

What happens in Vegas.
I completely agree.

Look, I don't want you to worry, okay?

There are a lot
of great facilities in L.A.

Wait, you mean rehab?

Annie, Annie, th-that's
crazy expensive.

Uh, I only care about you getting better,
okay? So let me handle this.

Hey, Patrick.
I miss you, too.

I know. I'm so sorry, Marissa.

I thought I already sent the videos.

But I'm sending you finished
ones right now.

Okay, bye.

Silver, hurry up.

I'm not going to hold the jet for you.

I'm coming.
Give me two seconds.


Interview 15.


Interview 14.

Okay. I need a vacation.