90210 (2008–2013): Season 4, Episode 3 - Greek Tragedy - full transcript

After making an enemy in sorority president Holly, Naomi finds unusual allies who help her get revenge. Annie, short on money for sorority dues, must figure out a quick way to come up with the cash. Liam and Jane get closer, while Adrianna reveals a secret that causes Liam to look at her in a different light. Ivy becomes increasingly frustrated with her friends and lashes out at their lack of compassion, while Navid must deal with his uncle coming into town and trying to undermine Shirazi Studios.

- Previously on 90210:
- Annie Wilson, will you marry me?

(quietly): No.

So we're clear, this is a loan.

You're family, Navid, and
family should never say no.

I have this meeting with
Juice Randall tomorrow

and I only have two tracks done.

I'm gonna have to pull a all-nighter
and I'm already losing energy.

I got my ADHD medication
here somewhere. Here you go.

LIAM: You are a reminder of
what happened this summer,

but not just the accident.

See, I was supposed

to be comforting my friend's wife.

Instead, I started falling for her.

We've needed a bigger house for years,

and then you came along and stole it.

You're the other bidder.

You had me going through hell,

even though I never had a
chance to get into Kappa.

Your house was perfect for
Kappa, but you never were.

I'm planning revenge
on that bitch Holly.

What she did was awful.

I'm gonna go drop out of Kappa.

No! No, no, no, you can't.
I need someone on the inside.



Oh, look, the janitors got new uniforms.

I kind of preferred the old ones.

This one's very Sunset streetwalker.

Go to hell, Holly.

This is all your fault.

It may be my fault that you
terrorized the football team,

but it's your fault

the dean sentenced you
to community service.

(chuckles) Please, I don't need
you or your stupid sorority.


Well, I guess we'll see you at
the Greek Mixer tomorrow night.

Oh, wait.

We won't because it's
for Greek members only.

Too bad.

Missed a spot.





Later. (laughs)

You've been saying that all week.

There's no more later.

You've a bar to open.

Yeah, but this is more fun.

This isn't gonna pay the mortgage.

Well, as long as they don't
repossess the bed, we're fine.



we can't keep avoiding real life.

Get out there and scrub something.




You coming?

In a minute.

Nice coat. Does it come
with an igloo? (chuckles)

I stocked the walk-in with
eight-dozen cases of beer.

So you and Jane seem cute together.

How's it going with you guys?

Yeah, can we not talk about that?


Is everything okay?

Listen, with everything
that you did to Silver,

it's just kind of hard to
pretend that we're friends.

I mean, we've been working
together for a week.

You hired me.

As a favor to Dixon.

Look, I'm happy to
help you out with a job,

I really am,

but let's just keep
us at coworkers, okay?


(pop music playing)

(both laughing)

Don't make eye contact.

Yes! It is so good! Dude.

It's so... It's like Jay-Z meets

some crazy rave dance party
in the desert kind of good.

You did it in three days?

Yeah. Yeah, I've been
really focused lately.

And with Austin gone for a week,

I can get a lot of work done,

especially wit him not singing Garth

or sweating Taylor.

Taylor Swift is hot. Yes.

I mean, if you're into that
whole blonde, perfect smile,

perfect voice type of
thing, which I'm clearly not.

He's not making it
better. He has no idea.

So, um, do you guys think it's ready

for Liam's bar opening?

Definitely. Are you kidding me?

Don't-don't second-guess
yourself. It's perfect.

Yeah. All right, all right, cool

'cause the producer,
Juice Randall, he's coming,

and if he likes it,

there's no telling what could happen.

He could let me produce
a track on his next album.

Mmm! It's amazing!


Oh, uh, but I kinda
promised him some stage time

at the studio for a discount.

You know, the-the record
company kinda cut his budget.

No, no problem, man.

Just, uh, have him call
my, uh, my assistant.

Call me. (laughs) (Dixon laughs)


Knock, knock.

Hi. Hi.


What's in the box?

Oh, just some old junk.

How's my newest Kappa sister doing?

Uh, I'm okay.
You know, it's just a big transition.

Yeah, I totally know how you feel.

It's really hard leaving
behind family and friends.

And speaking of friends,

I'm sorry I was so harsh
with your friend Naomi.

That's not usually how I do things here.

Oh, no. (scoffs) Naomi?

I mean, we just went to school together.

We were never really that close.

Makes sense.


You're so sophisticated,
and she's so nouveau riche;

living proof you can't buy class.

Anyway, now that you're officially

a Kappa girl, it's time
to pay your house dues.

Uh, about that...

Look, I was supposed to
get this inheritance money,

and then things just
got really complicated.

You think there's any way
that I could get an extension?

Yeah, no worries.

We'll figure something out.

Actually, maybe you could do me

a favor in the meantime.

Kappa is hosting the
Greek Mixer tomorrow night,

and as you know, the house isn't
big enough to fit the crowd.

So I've been looking
for other locations.

I hear you know someone
who owns a beach bar.

Maybe you could hook a sister up?

Oh... I-I-I don't
know about that.

Liam and I are not exactly

on the best of terms.


But you know what?

That's no problem.

Yeah, it's fine. I should
probably talk to him anyway.

Thank you so much. You're the best.

Thanks. Bye.

I'll see you later.

(loud rock playing)


(music stops)


Uh, well, look, I just
came to ask a favor.

Not that I'm in any position

to be asking for favors

right now, but I wanted
to see if you'd be able

to host this thing for my
sorority tomorrow night.

I know, it's so weird I'm in a sorority.

But yeah, I know you guys
haven't even opened yet,

so if you're too busy,
I totally understand.


No. I mean, it's great.

It'll be, you know,

great to get people in the door.


It's... it's great.

Well, great.

But, um, that's not really why I came.

I mean, it is,

but it's not.

I miss you, Liam.

And I know that that sounds
crazy coming from the girl

who turned down your marriage proposal.


Right, yeah.

Look, I know that our
relationship has always been

really complicated,

but I don't know.

I thought maybe we could just

start over and see where it goes.

Uh, maybe you'll even
ask me again sometime.

Third time's a charm, right?


I need to talk to you.


- 90210 -
- Season 4, Episode 3 -

Annie, wait!

You proposed to me last week,

and you're already
sleeping with somebody else?

No, it's not like that.

I met Jane over the summer.

What?! So you were with her

before you proposed to me? Oh, my God...

I-I can't believe I spent
all this time missing you

and you've just been with her.

I wasn't with her!

I feel like such an idiot.

I can't believe that
you would do this to me.

You were the one that turned me down.

And it's a good thing that I did!

You said that you loved me
and that you wanted to spend

the rest of your life with me.

Were you just lying the whole time?

No, I did love you.

I still love you. Just...

You know what? Save it
for your new girlfriend.

You proposed to someone last week?

I'm sorry. I should have
told you about Annie.

We used to be together,

and then everybody decided
they wanted to go to college.

And I didn't know what I wanted.

I just, I knew

I didn't want that, you know?

So I left to figure stuff out.

And instead, I met you


things got... you know.

So I came back, and Annie was here,

and I asked her to marry me.

I guess I didn't really
know what I wanted.

You don't have to explain

anything to me.

Of course, you had a life before me.

I want to be with you.

We're two people in a lot of pain

after someone close to us died.

The truth is

we both have lives that are complicated

enough as they are.

I'm going back to Alaska.

Don't... don't leave.

I have to.

SILVER: Okay, for tomorrow,

you have a conference call

with some prospective clients at 9:00.

Okay. You have a lunch with the head

of Buildings and Grounds at 1:00.

And then Juice, who is Dixon's friend,

starts on Stage Four.

You really are doing a great job.

Thank you.

No, thank you.

Okay, why didn't you tell
me about your Uncle Amal?

What about him?

He's starting work over
there on Stage Seven.

I met him this morning.

He's a nice guy.

Oh, uh, right. I completely forgot.

I'm actually going to
go catch up with him.

Uh, see you at home?

Yeah. Okay.


The last one you
brought in was a beauty.

Keep up the good work.

What do you think you're doing here?

You owe me money, and I
haven't seen a dime yet.

So I decided that I will accept
rent-free stage time as payment

until you square up. e you
seriously shooting porn back there?

You know what, I don't
even want to know.

It was a huge mistake
asking for your help.

I will get you your money,

and you're getting the hell out of here.

Oh, thank you for the smoothie,

but any chance you have
some vodka to spike it with?

Rough day?

Rough month.

Well, lay it on me. Max detail.

I'm a psych major and I come
from a long line of head cases,

so there is nothing that you
could say that will shock me.

Okay, well, you know

my ex-boyfriend

who proposed to me, has
already found somebody new.

Guys suck.

And that is why you have
sorority sisters now.

Hey, I've got some friends visiting

from out of town tomorrow.

Why don't you come have dinner with us?

Take your mind off things.

Oh, I can't.

The cherry on top
of my sad sundae--

I'm broke,

and my parents are tapped out.

Can't even afford my sorority dues.

No worries.

My friends are totally rich.

They'll pay for everything.

Like everything.

It's no big deal.

So you'll come?

Sure, why not?

I mean, it can't get much worse, right?



Worst day ever.

What's up?

I tried petitioning the administration

to let me start my own sorority.

And apparently,

it's a whole process.

Whatever happened to the good old days

where you could just buy
your way into high society?

Girl, there was nothing good about
those days. You look horrible.

What have I told you about moisturizer--
twice a day keeps the bags away.

Yeah, I know, all right?

I just...

Raj is in, like, a
lot of pain these days,

and I can't, like,

do anything about it, you know.

I just... I can't,
like, make it go away.

It's just hard.

I know exactly what you mean about pain.

Holly is torturing me.

I mean, without being part of Greek life

I can't get into any
of the good parties.

Yeah. Yeah, no, I, yeah.

I mean, that's actually exactly
what I was talking about.

That's exactly what I'm going through.

WOMAN: Slice of pie?
Because my husband's cancer

equals not having a social life.


Would you like a slice of pie?


NAOMI: Oh, my God, that's it.

That's it.

So you're trying to
help save your charter?

That's what the sign says.

And do you have enough
here with your bake sale

to cover everything?

Oh, gosh no. We're in
the red pretty deep.

Would you like to buy
another slice of pie?

If you let me in your sorority,

I'll buy your entire charter.

You want to be in our sorority?

Look at you and look at us.

It's like before and after pictures.

I... I don't see the difference.

I've always wanted to be a Zeta Rho Phi.



What do say, am I in?

I don't think so.

Give her a chance. I like her shoes,

and she smells like lavender ice cream.


Yay! Yay!


As your new president,

I'd like to welcome
you to your new home.

We get to live here?

Cool. There's a pond for my snakes.

That's a dipping pool.

The only time there'll
be snakes in that water

is when we have frat guys
over for late-night soirees.

All right, ladies,

tonight is the first Greek Mixer

of the season, and with the fashion gods

as my witness, we will
make a good impression.

Good thing I brought my
fashion gods rosary beads.

You. I wouldn't change
anything about you.

Really? No!

See, sarcasm isn't always funny.

How is a guy going to know
you're flirting with him

if he can't tell you're being serious?

Those guys aren't worth my time.
(laughing) That's a good one.


you have an incredible body.

Bitch. It's almost as good as mine.

I dig the ink,

but I don't like skulls
or dead unicorns. It's art.

Well, then hang it at another gallery.

Alana, I
get it--

geek is chic, but I'm
calling my hair stylist.

You need a new look from the neck up.

And judging by the lip brow,

perhaps a little grooming
from the waist down?


You all are beautiful women.

I see a bit of me in each of you.

And I love that part of me.

And tonight, CU's going to love it, too.

(phone ringing)

Shirazi Studios. Silver speaking.

You know, actually I'm
going to have you speak

to Mr. Shirazi. One second.

Navid. Yeah?

Justin Bieber's manager

is on the phone.
They're shooting a video.

Stage flooded. They
need space immediately.

We're booked.

No, we're not.

Hi. Navid Shirazi here.

How may I help you?

All right.


That's very generous of you,

but it would cost us at least that much

to rearrange our schedule.

Add 20 grand

to that number and we have a deal.

Great. Well, I'll see you tonight.

What are you doing? We're booked.

What else am I going to do?

I need to make money somehow.

Let's put them on Stage Four.

No, no, no, that's where
Dixon's producer's working.

Yeah. I'll talk to him. I'm
doing Dixon a favor anyway.

Maybe he'll be okay

if I give him a good deal next week.

Look who it is.

You know, I'm impressed.

I rarely see people carry
their freshman 15 so well.

I need tickets to the Greek Mixer.

Are you as dense as you are undignified?

You can't go because you're
not a member of a sorority.

Not only am I a member of a
sorority, I'm the president.

Of what, the new money, no taste house?

Zeta Rho Pi.

You joined my big fat Greek sorority?

They're total losers.

Of course they're losers.
That doesn't matter.

All that matters is
that I'm in a sorority.

Anyway, I think you'll
be quite impressed

by their new look tonight.

Well, you're lucky it's a toga party.

Drapery hides a lot of flaws.

As do masks.

You should definitely keep that in mind.

Keep the change.

Hey. Got some take-out
if you want some.

Uh, no, thanks. I'm not really hungry.

Are you okay?

I actually just booked a flight home.

Things didn't work out with Liam.

Because you're pregnant?

I saw the home pregnancy test

in the girls' bathroom garbage.

What am I going to do?

I'm 20 years old.

And the baby's father is dead.

I can't do this alone.

You're not alone. You have Liam.

This isn't going to scare him off.

Exactly. He'll feel
like he has to be with me

even though he has
feelings for someone else.

Promise me that you won't say anything.


I promise.

My feet hurt, and we
haven't even walked yet.

Must I go over this again?

What is rule number one?

Sleep on your back so
gravity can fight age lines.

Close, but that's number five.

Number one-- it's better to
look good than to feel good.

That's right, Margene. Good job.

MARGENE: I know this may sound silly,

it's just, I don't usually feel pretty

and tonight I do.

Margene, it's because you are pretty.

All of you are pretty.

This is it, ladies.

Remember the
three Ps--

Poise, posture, and when
in doubt, purse those lips.

To Zeta Rho Pi, bitches.

ALL: To Zeta Rho Pi.

ALEXIS: I thought you
said this was a toga party.

MARGENE: Oh, my God.

Well, this is going well.

That bitch set me up.


Well, Madam President, what
do you suggest we do now?

Can we just go home? No,
we're not going anywhere

except into that party.

I just have to make a phone call first.

(people chatting, laughing)

This is so good.

It's like fire

but cold. It's like cold fire.

Cold fire. I know.

It's called raki.

It is very popular in Turkey.

We drink it on special occasions.

And in Turkey, every night
is a special occasion.

Well, I could get used
to the Turkish lifestyle.

You must come and visit.

It's my treat.

Thank you so much.

No, thank you.

Your presence is...

how do you say, priceless.

Well, gentlemen, this
has been really fun,

but we've kind of got to go.

Must we end so soon?

Mmm, yeah, we got to
get to the Greek Mixer.

May we join you?


I really don't want to go
to Liam's bar right now.

What if he's there with that girl again?

Who cares?

It's not like you're going alone.


Come on. It'll be fun.

Besides, if we don't
go, Holly will kill us.

Ugh. Come, Annie,

we go to Greece Mix.


Okay, we'll go to the "Greece Mix."


IVY: You are killing it!

(laughs) Yeah?

These aren't even the money tracks.

I'm saving those for Juice.

Well, I'm sure you'll do great.

(sighs) I better.

I got everything riding on this.

Tonight could make or break my career.

It's like life or death.


I mean, it's not really...

What the hell?

Oh, how tacky.

I think it's kind of cool.

I mean, in a totally tacky way.

(partygoers cheering)

I must say, I had my doubts,

but the palanquins are a nice touch.


The what? The litters.

The chairs held by the gladiators.

Who cares?

Everyone loves us.

That's the spirit, Margene.

Ladies, Zeta Rho Pi
has officially arrived.

(whooping and cheering)

Come on. Come on.

You Americans have a very curious way

of celebrating culture.

(laughs) Yeah, I never
really thought about it

like that, but yeah,
I guess we kind of do.

So do you want to
celebrate some Greek culture

with me out on the dance floor?

It is my honor.




How are you?


I know you just want to be coworkers,

but I can't help it.

I care about you.

And I know it can't be easy

seeing Annie kiss another guy.


Actually, it sucked.

I'm sorry.

I deserve it.

I hurt her.

That's what I do, right?

And I hurt Jane, too.

She's leaving town because of me.

No, she's not.

Yeah, she is.

She's mad at me 'cause I
didn't tell her about Annie.

not why she's leaving.

I told her I wasn't going
to say anything to you.

Well, she's leaving because
she thinks, by staying,

she'll mess up your life even
more than she already has.


Why would she think that?

Because she's pregnant.


It's Jim's baby.

She really didn't want me to tell you.

But I can't let you
think this is your fault.

Thank you.

Yeah, of course.

Um, hey, I'm sorry about
the other day, by the way.

Clearly, um, I was wrong about you.



Here's the money I owe you.

We're even now.

So you can take your porn shoot,

and you can move it somewhere else.

Navid, who said we were shooting porn?

Come on.

Your father and I were in the business

of providing for our families,

and I'd like to do
exactly the same with you.

What is this?

Stolen cars?

Wait, uh... you're running

a car theft ring on my stage?


We're running a car theft
ring out of your stage.

I'm calling the cops.

Navid, stop and think.

This operation is running

out of your stage
under your company name.

It's a Shirazi Studio production.

If anyone's getting arrested,
it's you and your staff.

You have a family to think about now.

Do you really think that your sister

would be better off if you were in jail?


Well done, Naomi.

You made Greek chic.

Kudos. I told you I'd find a way in.

Yeah, maybe.

But you're still in a loser sorority.

They're not losers, Holly.

Really? Then, why'd you
call them that earlier?

Did you say we were losers?

I didn't mean that.

Then, why'd you make them over?

I wanted to help you guys.

You wanted to help them,

or you wanted to help yourself?

Admit it, Naomi--
you were embarrassed

to be seen with them.

And you used them to hoist yourself

up the CU social ladder.

Is that true? You didn't
want to be a Zeta Rho Pi?

Tell them, Naomi. They
deserve to know the truth.

And by the way, ladies, love the togas.

You have every right to be mad at me.

Okay? What I did was wrong.

How could you use us like that?

I'm sorry, okay? I just
wanted to get back at Holly

because she made me feel
like such an outcast.

But I went about it
in all the wrong ways.

So you can have your sorority back.

I resign.

But for what it's worth,


...I was really proud
to be one of you guys.

So last night, my boyfriend told me

that he would do Megan
Fox if he had the chance.

And he works at that
coffee shop on Melrose,

so it could totally happen. What an ass.

You know, that's totally
grounds for breaking up.

I know, right?

Feel like my world is
crashing down around me.

Life just isn't fair sometimes.

I'm sorry, but if you seriously think

your world is crashing on down
around you because-- what?--

your boyfriend made some stupid remark

about some stupid actress,

then, girl, you got bigger
problems than your boyfriend.

Um, mind your own business, loser.

Right. What did you just say?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Sorry. I think my friend's drunk.

She doesn't mean what she's saying.

That's funny, because I'm not drunk,

and I meant everything I just said.

What was that? Nothing.

Just forget about it, dude.
You wouldn't understand.


Silver, I really,
really... I don't know--

I don't want to have some big
heart-to-heart, okay, dude?

My mom had cancer.

I remember what it was like.

You know, I once got so mad

at a waiter for complaining to me

that I threw my iced tea in his face.

It's just, like, I'm
looking around me, Silver,

and all I see are people
who have it so good

and they don't even realize it.

You know, they don't even know

how to appreciate what they have

while they have it, and
that just... I don't know...

I don't know-- it makes
me want to, like...

Hit someone?

Look, the good thing
about you and Raj--

when all of this is over

and he gets better--
and he will get better--

you're never going to take
anything for granted again.

Well, I just wish we could kind of,

like, fast-forward to
that point, you know?

I wish we could, too.

Hey, but until then,

you got me.

I'm here whenever you need me.

(clears throat)

You have a minute?

Uh, I'll be right back.


You were right.

About what?

To reject my proposal--
you were right.

Something did happen over the summer.

A friend of mine from the boat died,

and when he did, I spent
some time with his wife, Jane.

And I
started, um--

I don't

hav-having feelings for her,

I guess.

But I knew it was wrong,

so I ran away, and that's
when I came back to you.

Why... why are you telling me this?

Because you deserve to know the truth.

I mean, I-I went away last spring

to figure out what I wanted to be,

and I came back even more confused.

So you proposed?

Yeah, I know I went too far.

I just thought you
could make it all better.

You always do.

But I know it was wrong,

and I shouldn't have hurt you like that.

Then I saw you with
that guy, and I just...

Oh, please, that... that was so stupid.

I'm sorry. No, no.

It's just...


It seems like we keep
hurting each other.

I mean, if...

if it's this complicated,
maybe it's just not meant to be.


Uh, yeah, I mean, maybe you're right.

(chuckles softly)

I still love you, Annie.


- I always will.
- You, too.



Hi. Hey.

Where you been? Dixon's
just finishing his set.

Sorry. I just talked to Juice.

I totally screwed up.
He got really pissed.

Hey, guys.

Um... Hey.

Have you seen Juice? I-I
don't think he showed up.

Look, man, um, it's
my fault he's not here.

W-What do you mean?

I gave his stage space to
someone else last minute

because th-they were
willing to pay more,

and Juice got pissed.

That's why he's not here.

What the hell?

Do you know how much this means to me?

Yeah. Do you know how
much I worked for this?

Yeah, I know.

No, you don't!

Because if you did, then
you wouldn't have done it!

Dix, I'm sorry.


Are you okay? That's not like you.

What's going on?

I'm fine.

I'm just tired.

Haven't slept in two days 'cause
I been working on this set.

I'm really sorry.

Yeah, you should be.

I don't want you to leave.

I have to.

Listen, I've made a lot
of mistakes in my life,

and I have hurt the
people that I love most,

and I don't want to do that anymore.

I just want to be in
a good relationship,

where you can be open about stuff

and talk or whatever and be honest.

And I want that with you.

I'm pregnant.

I know.


She only told me because she cares.

Look, I don't know how
we're gonna live together

or run a bar or raise a baby.

Matter of fact, I'm pretty
sure it's impossible.

But I want to give it a try.

Most guys would run the
other way if they found out

the girl they were seeing is
carrying someone else's baby.

I'm not running away.

I'm done running.

I'm staying right here.

So, will you stay?

Annie! Annie.

Great night, right?

Ugh, not really.

I kind of just want to go home.

Too many drinks?

I totally understand.


this will make you feel better.

Uh, okay.

What is this for?

It's your... cut for the night.

From the guys.

Wha... Oh, my God.

They-They paid us to
hang out with them.

Bree, we are like prostitutes.

No, we're not prostitutes.

We're escorts.

It's totally legal.

My clients are basically tourists,

who just want to hang out
and get the local experience.

I keep it completely "G."

Well, at least I did

until you went and kissed that guy.

Well... If I'd known

you were gonna make out with him,

I totally would've charged more.

You tricked me.

I-- No,

I just, I wanted you to
see how fun we could have

before you got all... judge-y.

Well, it would not have been as much fun

had I known what was going on.

I mean, the whole thing is gross, okay?

This money is dirty.

Okay. Fine, I can take it back.

You know, there would've been more,

except I already took
out your sorority dues.

Just want this day to be over.

Why did you need the money so badly

that you bumped Juice for Justin?

I'm running a business, Silver.

You saw for yourself,
we're not turning a profit.

I have to change that.


But I feel like you're
not telling me something.

Can we please just drop it? No.

Look, I'm a part of
Shirazi Studios, too.

If something is wrong,
you got to let me in.

Come on, we're in this together.


No, you're right.


I have been keeping something from you.



I don't, I don't think we
should be working together.

So you're firing me?

No, that's not... You
just told me yesterday

what a great job I'm doing.

You were doing a great job.

Then what is this? It's...

I want to protect you.

Protect me from what?


What is going on?

Come on. I love you,
and I want to help you.

I know, and I love you, too,
and that's part of the reason

I can't tell you what's going on.

I just need you to trust me.



If you're here to get back at me

for what I did, I'm not
even gonna put up a fight.

You can yell at me, hit me,

throw me into the dipping
pool, whatever you want.

I know I deserve it.

You do deserve it.

But that's not why we're here.

MARGENE: We talked about
it, and we know you're sorry.

People make mistakes.

Part of being a sorority
sister is accepting each other,

faults and all.

I lied to you.

I ruined your night.

True, but I got a guy's
number, and he's taller than me.

Our babies would
totally rule the galaxy.


And my gladiator asked me out to dinner.

It turns out, we have
matching dead unicorn tattoos.

Sometimes the darkest nights

give rise to the brightest mornings.

Sometimes good comes from bad.

Despite all the bad parts

of tonight, it was actually

one of the best nights
our sorority's ever had.

And that's all because of you.

MARGENE: And so we refuse

to accept your resignation.

Guys, I don't deserve this. We know.



Now that our troops are in line,

we have a common enemy to attack.

We do?

Holly. She made us look like fools,

and she called us losers.

Another part of being a sorority sister

is having each other's backs.

So what do you say?

Should we give Holly a
dose of her own medicine?

I say the bitch is going down.



Find anything yet?

Look at this.


I knew Annie was hiding something.


It's a love letter from

Naomi's ex-boyfriend
breaking her heart.


This'll come in handy when
I'm bringing that bitch down.