90210 (2008–2013): Season 4, Episode 21 - Bride and Prejudice - full transcript

Naomi's friends worry that she is rushing to get married, so Naomi and P.J. (guest star Nick Zano) decide to throw a small party so everyone can get to know him.

Previously on:

- How's that cute surfer boy of yours?
- You mean Caleb?

He's already in
a committed relationship.

He wants to become a priest.

Our relationship
has been one big lie!

Get your crap
and get the hell out!

She took
everything in the register

and all the money
in the production company.

Hey, is Dixon home?

Dixon went on tour
with Haley Reinhart.

I can't believe he left
without telling me.

I appreciate you
coming with me

last week to take
the cancer test.

I'm so sorry.

You have to tell her
about this marriage clause.

I can't,
I don't want her to think

that my feelings for her
have anything to do

with the fact
that I could lose everything.

I'm engaged!

Keep staring at that,

you could go blind.

You're leaving me?

I got a standing match and lunch
at the Jonathan Club downtown.


I can cancel if you'd like.

No, go have your fun.

I will patiently
wait your return.

You have no way
of knowing this,

but I've been searching
for you my entire life.

If you hadn't come just when you
did, I don't know where I'd be.

I am...

I've been meaning to talk
to you about something.

Um, it's a weird
family thing, actually.

Come on.
You can tell me anything.

How do you feel about

legally changing your name
to Hillingsbrook?

It's a big deal
to my parents

to have the family name
and keep the tradition alive.

Naomi Hillingsbrook.

I like the sound of that.

What do you say,
Mr. Hillingsbrook?

- You want to come back to bed?
- Mm-hmm.



Well... that was unexpected.

Oh, my God!
Is that what time it is?!

What, do you not
have an alarm clock?

I work in a bar.

Annie and Naomi
are going to be at my place

in like, two minutes.

I'm going to be
so late.


I think your top
is on backwards.

What? Oh no.

I really got to go.

Hey, um, about last night,
that was...

Something we are never ever
going to talk about again,


Okay, good, great.

We'll just pretend, like,

it never happened.

Hey, you can't just pack up

and leave without
talking to Dixon.

Why not? Dixon did.

Well, okay, he made a mistake.

You know how important
music is to him.

More important than me?

Dixon had a stroke, okay?

I gave up music to save his life

and he still chose his career
over everything else.

I just... I want to get
my stuff out of here

while he's touring around
with Haley Reinhart.

- It's over.
- And this is my blender.

Ade, when I told you

I was excited
to go to Princeton,

you knew I was lying.

Because you knew I loved Silver
just like I know you love Dixon.

Okay, apparently
we are both idiots

because we love people
that don't love us back.

Well, Silver just texted me.

She wants to meet for lunch.

And I don't know if we're
getting back together,

but at least the door
is still open.

Okay, well, the only door
I'm interested in right now

is the one out of here.

Fine, if that's
how you feel.

How y'all doing?

Where is she?

What do I look like?

Her nanny?

Oh, oh.

Hey, that-that's my phone.

where are you, Silver?

Oh, hello, Caleb.

No... it's Naomi,

Annie's beautiful,
but engaged, friend.

Did you want to speak to her?

I'm not here.

Actually, sh, just
stepped away.

Probably off
praying somewhere.

You two have
a lot in common.

I will tell her
you called.


I'm pretty sure
you're going to burn in hell.


I'm sorry I'm late.
I was at...

at yoga class.

In the same clothes that you
wore to Raj's funeral bonfire.

Oh, my God. You're doing the
full-on walk of shame right now.

You got back together
with Navid.

Oh, you so did.

Oh, come on, Silver.

I mean, it's you. It's not
like you're going to have

- skanky bar sex with some "rando."
- Yeah.

Yeah, it was Navid.

I knew it.

Honey, why are you
being so weird?

You guys were meant
for each other.

It's like me and Liam,
except in a good way.

You're right.
I saw him last night.

And I realized
how much I missed him.

We've been through
so much together.

And he's always
been there for me. I...

I always imagined
that he'd be in my life.

What can I say?
I love him.

And he adores you.

That is the second best news
I've heard in the last 24 hours.

What's the best?

I'm getting married.

All I can say is "wow."

It's beautiful.

And I'm going
to need my bridesmaids

to clear their
social calendars.

PJ and I will be tying the knot
in two weeks.

Two weeks?

Yes, it was PJ's idea.

He wants me to have everything
I want.

It's going to be fabulous.

Why two weeks?
What's the rush?

You're not pregnant,
are you?

Oh, good God, no.

Yes, it's a little rushed,

so it won't be quite
as big as I had hoped.

But that's the thing
I love about PJ.

He can pull off
the most extravagant things

at the drop of a hat.

Hey, it's Navid.

I'm supposed
to meet him for lunch.

Unbelievable. He wants
to meet at the Offshore.

What's wrong with Offshore?

I just need to leave now.

Well, your dress
looks beautiful.

You may go.

- Thank you.

Um... we need to talk.

It's about PJ.

What about PJ?

Okay, uh, I should have
told you this a while ago.

But I only found out
because of the charity work

and PJ told me
not to say anything.

And then I came home
and you were engaged.

would you spit it out, please?

PJ has to get married
in two weeks

or he'll lose
all of his money.

It's written into
his trust fund.

That's why he wants
to get married so quick.

Is that all?


What do you mean,
is that all?

Annie, PJ is very wealthy.

Wealthy families are weird.

You're nouveau riche.

You haven't had a chance
to get weird yet.

What you have
to understand is

anyone with PJ's wealth is going
to have a complicated trust.

Besides, it's a lot of money.
Who would want to lose it?

Okay, but doesn't it
make you wonder

Wonder if what?

If I'm not getting everything
I've ever wanted in a guy?

PJ is smart
and charming, handsome.

I could have my perfect career,

my perfect guy,
my perfect life.

That's what I always dreamed of.

He did tell me
that you were the one.

He loves me.

And I love him.

And it is not about the money.

Not the money.


Hey, just getting back
in the water? Sweet!

Yeah, there's a
big south running.

So, I thought it was a good time
to get back out there.

Sure, I always felt like the
ocean has something of a...

healing quality.
I know it does for me.

- Can I ask you a question?
- Yeah, sure.

Is Annie pissed at me
for some reason?

Nah, I don't think so.

At the wake, she said she was
having problems with her friend.

I thought she was really
talking about a guy.

Is she seeing someone?

No, she's not.

Called her a couple times
and she's ducked me,

so I thought...
maybe it was something I said.

Oh, no, probably not.

But she's at the house
if you want to stop by.

Well, thanks.

How are you doing?

How do you think
I'm doing, Caleb?

My husband just died, okay?
Live sucks right now.

Ivy, if you ever need to talk...

You know, I appreciate that,

but I don't really know
what there is to talk about.

It's not going to go back
and change anything.

It is what it is.

Life is short,
and then it ends.

So, I'm just going to do
what I want to do.

If you don't mind right now,
I just want to surf.

You came to the right place.

It's firing out there.

Have fun.

Are you kidding me?

Naomi's getting
married in two weeks?

She said she's okay with it.


Well, I've heard of guys
marrying for money,

just not with
their own money.

Hey, congratulations,
I guess.

What's got her knickers
all in a twist?

We were just talking
about your wedding.

You have to admit,
it's all pretty sudden.

All right, first you
and Silver. Now her?

Could everyone stop being
so worried about this?

PJ and I know what we're doing.

We appreciate the concern,
but this is happening.

Hey, we're all excited for you.

You just have
to realize that,

except for me,
no one even knows PJ.


That needs to change.

I think we should arrive at the
church in a Rolls, don't you?

Honey... we have a problem.

You don't want a Rolls Royce?

No, that's fine.

- So, what's the problem?
- My friends are.

They think that I am rushing
into this wedding with you.

And I was thinking about it
and I realize,

it's because they don't
know you.

They don't know us.

Okay, so what do you suggest?

Well, maybe we could do

a small little

Something intimate, where they
can get to know the real you.

An engagement party?

That's perfect.

I know just the venue.

Okay, it can be fun,
but it has to be casual.

I will start planning it
right away.

No, no, no, no, no.

You cannot plan
your own engagement party.

That's as pathetic as wrapping
your own Christmas presents.

I'll take care of it.

You would do that for me?

Of course...

And I'll get Wilson to help.

Yeah, so my dad got
the criminal charges dropped.

- Yeah?
- But the university wasn't so cool about it.

You got suspended?

More like expelled.

My dad is pissed.

Gave me a month to get a job
or he's going to cut me off.

Yeah, that's
pretty harsh.

I'm just glad I kept up
with my rent here.

I can't afford
to live anyplace else.

Well, there's plenty
of space here.

Dixon went on tour
with Haley Reinhart.

Well, if it's a music thing,
how come Ade didn't go with him?


They kind of broke up.



Professionally or personally?



Yeah, I wouldn't
really say interesting.

It's more, uh,
sad or tragic.

Tragic for Dixon.

I mean the whole reason
he got together with Ade

was because she made
his music better.

And because
he loves here.

Uh, apparently not.

Because he's the one
that moved on, right?

Which is crazy because,

have you checked out Adrianna?

Yeah, I have, uh...

pretty sure
their relationship isn't over.

As soon as Dixon gets back,
I think they'll be okay.

Maybe, or Dixon's loss
is somebody else's gain.

No, I'm cool. I have
to meet Silver for lunch.

But thanks.

In this case,
your loss is my gain.

Cheers, buddy.


Hey, I'm glad
you're here.

I just wanted to talk
about last night.

I'm actually going
to meet Navid

and we agreed not to
bring up last night.

Yeah, um...

Look, I think we both know
that what happened was, um...

in the moment.

Yeah, I mean, we were both
pretty emotional.

Yeah. And I know
you probably think

I was on some crazy rebound
after Vanessa.


You need to know
that for me...

last night couldn't have
happened with just anyone.


I think I have feelings for you.

And with what
you're going through,

you should have someone
to be with.

Um, but I have someone.

It's Navid.

Liam, I want Navid.

Look, if you want me,

I'm standing right here.

- Hey.
- Hi.

What are you guys
talking about?

Um, the test results
came back.


I have the cancer gene.

Oh, Silver, I'm...

I'm really sorry.

You said to me you wished that
I'd stopped you from leaving.


I'm asking you now to stay.

But not just as my friend. I
want more than that.


I want you.

I want you to move
back in with me.

I want us.

Cartoons and cereal...
breakfast of champions.

Uh, Caleb...

What are you doing here?

Naomi let me in

and I saw Ivy surfing.

She said I should drop by.

Ah. You been ducking me,
Annie Wilson.

You know I got a big Surf
for Good fundraiser coming up.

I could use your help.

Yeah, I'm sorry.
I've just had a lot going on.

I've been really busy.

Yeah, you look super busy.

I haven't returned your calls.

It's just that
Naomi's getting married

and I've been
helping PJ organize

this big engagement party,

which is happening today

and I haven't even
gotten her a gift yet.

I mean, what are you supposed
to get the girl

that's about to have literally
everything, right?

Are you all right?

I know this year's
been really rough on you.

So I was worried when you
stopped returning my calls.

I thought
we kind of connected.

- So, if you need to talk...
- I don't.

I just really need to stop
being distracted by everybody.

Okay. That's cool.

I guess we'll just talk about charity stuff
when you have time.

I'm going
to take off.


Annie, are we okay?

We're good.

I just really have to get going.

And how is his Holy Hotness?

What makes you think it's okay
to invite him over

when you know
I'm trying to avoid him?

And remind me

why you're trying
to avoid him?

Uh, because I like him.

That almost makes sense.

It makes sense because I know

he could never feel the same way
about me.

You sure?
What if he did?

Ivy, he's becoming a priest.

Well, when I found out Raj had
cancer, it didn't make sense

to fall in love with him,
but I did.

Love finds you, you know?
You don't get to choose.

I don't know.
Dude, life is short.

If I were you, I'd hop on that

before he's gone.

I see you got
your old job back.

I'm helping Liam.

Vanessa cleaned him out

and broke his heart,
so, he needs me.

At least somebody does.

Yeah, that's too bad about
what happened with Liam,

but, uh, I'm actually
here to see you.

I think Dix did you a favor.

What do you mean?

Well, between you and me,

I think you're
the real talent,

and I think
you should go solo.

Okay, that's sweet, Austin,

but I already tried that.

You ever try going country?

Trust me.

Okay, you put
a little twang

behind that that
beautiful voice of yours,

get the right person
behind you,

and boom,
you got magic.

And who exactly
is the right person?


My dad is Judd Ridge,
Nashville legend.

There isn't a door in that town
I can't walk through.

It's a whole new scene.

It'd be a fresh start
for you.


listen to this,
and tell me I'm wrong.

Ade, I need to get
my job on, okay?

And you need to get back
to doing what you do best.

I can make that happen.

I don't know.
What's Dixon going to think?

Do you really care
what Dix thinks?

You know what? No.

- I don't.
- Don't think.

- You're golden.
- I'm in.

- Yes, you are. Ow!
- All right, beautiful.

See ya.

And last but not least,
you've got the champagne, right?

Dom Perignon. 15 cases.


And I have just one last favor
to ask you.

Go ahead.
PJ ordered

this big ice sculpture
that they need to pick up

and take down to the party.

Can you take care
of that for me?

Yeah, but those things
are kind of heavy.

It sounds like
a two-man job.

That's why I got you
a helper.

Oh, really? Who?

I heard about Vanessa.

Man, that's rough.

You okay?

Yeah, well, having a girl
that I thought loved

lie to me
and steal all my money.

It was definitely
not what I expected.

Yeah, that's got to mess
with your head.

Yeah, I'll be okay.

You know what
helps with that?

Some sloppy down-and-dirty
rebound sex.

Whoa, whoa!

Hey, ass-wipe, watch
where you're going next time!

Did you see that guy
cut me off?

By the way,

I wanted to apologize again

about coming between you and PJ
about the trust fund thing.

I don't know why I assumed

that it couldn't
be true love,

but I'm really sorry.

Honestly, it's not
that big of a deal,

but apology accepted.

You look gorgeous,
by the way.

Okay, now you're starting to lay
the apology on a little thick.

I mean it.
You look really pretty.

What are you using?

It's Rimmel ScandalEyes

It is from London.

I've been seeing it everywhere.
I had to pick it up.

Let me try.

Speaking of scandals,

what's going on
with you and Cardinal Caleb?

It's a mess, actually.

I think I really
hurt his feelings

when he came by
this morning.

And then I got
into it with Ivy.

She thinks I should just
tell Caleb how I really feel.

And what do you think?

I think that if I tell him
I'm crushing on him

and he responds the way
I think he will,

then it could be the most
humiliating moment of my life.

I get that.

Don't you think you'll feel
better if you just come clean?

I mean, you were convinced

that things between me and PJ
were going to be ruined

if you told me
about the trust fund,

and look what happened.

I'll think about it.

There is something
I've been meaning to ask you.


Annie Wilson, will you be
my made of honor?

Me?! Are you sure?


You've been an amazing friend.
PJ loves you.

You're the reason
that we met each other.


Yes, I'd love to!

Okay, no crying.

You're going to ruin
your mascara.

Thank you.

And thank you for helping keep
this get-together understated.

Finally, everyone
is going to see

that PJ and I love each other.

And it's not just
because of his money.


this is the intimate gathering
we talked about?

I wanted to make
a statement... for you.

So everyone knows
how important you are to me.

For that,
I'll spare no expense.

♪ Woo, this morning,
in a rush to get ready ♪

Um, that's Mayer Hawthorne.

PJ, this is too much.

♪ On my shirt, it hurt ♪

♪ I ran to catch the bus
to be on time... ♪


I'm so glad
you could make it.

Naomi, I want you to meet one of
my old friends, Richard Buxton.

We went to boarding school

Well, I just couldn't
wait to meet you...

the girl that bagged
the elephant.

Excuse me?

Talk about getting it in
under the wire.

We've all been wondering
who the lucky girl would be.

I approve, Preston.

You found an
absolutely charming way

to have your cake
and eat it too.

Positively gorgeous, darling.

It's a pleasure

to meet you.
Thank you.

Um, have a drink
with me, Preston.

I'm gonna...

♪ ...Love me ♪

♪ And everything was all right ♪

♪ Outta sight... ♪

Caleb, uh...
what are you doing here?

Apparently, Naomi told PJ
that I was in the seminary

and insist that I be here.

Something about
a christening.

I don't see
any babies around,

so I'm thinking
it's the boat.

Looks like he thought
of everything.

Speaking of thinking
of everything,

did you find
that gift for Naomi?

Oh, no. No, I forgot!

And I'm the maid of honor,
damn it!

We can't have
the maid of honor

showing up
without a gift.

You're always looking out
for me, aren't you?

They're South Sea black pearls.

Polynesian legend says
they bring good luck

to couples in love.


You're not gonna find
a better gift that says,

"This was a love
that's meant to be."


I thought you needed a gift?

I do, but I can't.


Annie, you can tell me.

Well, what's wrong is...
I don't know.

I feel like I'm falling in love
with you!

Which I know is never ever
gonna work.

And to be honest,
it's kind of killing me

trying to be your friend.

I'm sorry, but it's the truth.

I have to go.

Naomi, your handsome fiancee
is up there alone.

What are you doing?

Silver, how do you know
Navid's the one for you?

I don't know.

I mean, I just do.

But I don't think

you can ever
really be certain.

Sometimes you just gotta

trust your feelings
and jump in.

I'm not really
helping, am I?

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.


It's the trust fund.

At first, it really
didn't bother me,

but then PJ threw
this big, lavish party,

and now everything seems
to be to be about

"sparing no expense."

And it's just left me

Is it the money
or is it love?


The fact is, the only reason

someone wouldn't tell you
the truth

is because the truth
would destroy you.

But I love him.

The more important thing...

does PJ really love you?

Uh! Hey, there
you guys are.

Have either of you
seen Navid and Liam?

Liam and Navid are together?

Oh, man, take a look
at this thing. Whoo!

Okay, I'm sorry,
but this is beyond cheesy.

Cheesy and heavy.

- Hey, help me tie this down.
- Oh, man.

You got it?

So how's Princeton?

It's great.

It's a dream come true.

So what does that mean
for you and Silver?

To be honest,
I'm not really sure.

I mean, I want to be
there for her;

There's no question
about that.


Hey, you've known Silver

through all this
cancer gene stuff.

She's moving so fast.
I'm not sure she's ready.

You think she means it?

Well, she's been emotional
for sure, but you know,

no one should have to deal with

what she's dealing with
at our age.

What do you think I should do?

Hey, that's tough.

You know, on one hand, you
and Silver are great together.

Everybody knows that.

Silver's amazing.

I think every guy would want
to be with a girl like her.

I feel a "but on the other hand"
coming on.

Well, it's just you guys
have a long history together,

and not all
of it's good.

I mean, you've broken up
and gotten back together,

what, like,
three times now?

I mean...

I guess it's good

you always work back
to each other in the end,

but that on-again,
off-again deal

usually ends badly.

I'm just not sure that it's
worth giving up your dreams.

So, what are you saying?

I guess I'm saying that...

I think you should go
back to Princeton.

Let's get this back.

This feels so weird
being here without Dixon.

You feel weird?

This is my ex-girlfriend's
engagement party.

Well, we can feel
weird together.

Whoa, whoa,
whoa, ladies and gentlemen.

It looks like we got some real
talent in the house tonight.

Adrianna Tate-Duncan,

Where's Dixon?

Should we get up here
to sing a song together or what?

I'm by myself.

That's okay.
Come up yourself then.

No, no, I couldn't.

Oh, come on!
Go on.

It's the perfect chance to
try out that song I gave you.

And sing a country song
that I've never sung before

in front of all
these people?

I can't do that alone.

Well, maybe you don't have
to do it alone.

You trust me?


Well, come on.

Yes, all right!

Hey, everybody!

Put your hands together

for the very talented
Miss Adrianna Tate-Duncan!

Okay, well, I would like

to dedicate this song
to someone very special.

Austin, thank you so much
for believing in me.

♪ Standing right
in front of me ♪

♪ Right where you used to be ♪

♪ Memories all I can see ♪

♪ Drifting in the sky ♪

♪ And now I have to go ♪

♪ But I need you to know ♪

♪ I love too much, and so ♪

♪ I have to say good-bye ♪

♪ But it's better to have
loved and lost... ♪

My fingers are going numb.

Dude, it's so cold.

Just go. Just go.

♪ I wish I could believe
these words ♪

♪ While my lonely... ♪

♪ Oh, so lonely... ♪

♪ Teardrops fall... ♪

♪ Teardrops fall... ♪

♪ I wish I could believe
these words ♪

♪ While my lonely teardrops
fall. ♪


Thank you.

Told ya.

Navid, hey, I gotta talk to you.

Yeah, hold on a second.

Are you frigging
kidding me?

What are you
talking about?

You and Ade.

I mean, what type of a guy

hits on his roommate's

No, it's not like that.

I wasn't hitting
on my roommate's girlfriend.

Oh, really?

Or were you turning
Dixon's loss into your gain?

Listen, for the record,
okay, he left her.

So you can
just back off!

Oh, dude, don't tell me
what to do!

Oh, my God!

Nice. Very mature, man.

We were singing
a song together.

That's all.

I'm sorry I messed up
your party.

It's not a real party
until something's broken!

Everyone, enjoy.
Drink up.


What are you doing?

I'm going out.

No, you're not.

Yeah, I am.

There's a reason
no one's in the lineup.

It's nuts out there.

Okay, thanks for you concern,
Caleb, but I think I'll be okay.

I know you're upset
that Raj died,

but getting yourself killed
because you're angry

and can't deal with the pain
is not gonna bring him back.

You got to trust that God has
a better plan than this.

Okay, tell me what kind
of god of yours

gives a 22-year-old old cancer?

Because if that's part
of his whole,

his whole plan thing,
then screw him.

Get out of my...

What is your deal, Caleb?!

I'm not letting
you go out.

Yeah, and I'm not gonna listen
to you!

I mean, who the hell
do you think you are

to tell me what to do
or how to feel?

You have absolutely no idea

what I'm going through
right now, okay?

So just do me a favor
and leave me alone!

Ivy, you've got
to let me help you.

Now you want
to help me

like you've helped Annie?
You are unbelievable.

You have no idea that
you're torturing her, do you?

You're such a hypocrite.

You're clearly in love
with the girl

and you can't even admit that
to yourself, can you?

We're not talking
about me right now.

- Oh, right.
- We're talking about you.

And you need to listen to me.

You know what, Caleb?

You can't stop me
from doing what I'm gonna do,

and you can't watch over me
all the time, all right?

Nobody can.
Oh, unless maybe God can.

That is, if he's not too busy
working on his wonderful plan.

Dude, what just happened
back there?

I'm sorry. I thought

I saw Austin hitting on Ade
behind Dixon's back.

And I thought it was
totally messed up.

I didn't mean
to make a scene.

Hey, you guys okay?

Yeah. I can't believe
I broke that ice sculpture

that took us, like,
four hours to get here.

Yeah, what took you guys
so long?

We got stuck in traffic.

Yeah. At least it gave us
some time to talk, right?

About what?


What'd you say to him?

Silver, he was
just being a friend.

I asked him for advice.

He made me realize

that I need to be with you.

I don't want what happened
to Dixon and Ade

to happen to us, okay?

Talking it through with Liam,
he made it crystal-clear...

you and I belong

It's in our history.

And no matter what's
thrown in our way,

we always find a way
back to each other.

And because of that,

we can overcome anything.

I love you, Silver.

There you are.

You okay?

Oh, look at me.

I haven't been back in town
a couple days

and I've already started
a fight,

destroyed a piece of art
and ruined your party.

Guess I'm an ass, huh?

Yeah, I really know
how to pick 'em, don't I?

Oh, watch it, bird legs.

Looks like you really
moved up in the world.

I'm just surprised
you ended up with, uh, him.

Why do you say that?

You, with Mr. Billionaire
Perfect in there?

I don't know.
You're just so independent.

I didn't think all this stuff
was that important to you.

Yeah, well, it's...

... not, really.

Hey, maybe I'm wrong.

Hell, I don't even know PJ.

But, uh...

forever's a long time, Naomi.

So promise me something.


Promise me he really loves you.

I mean truly.

'Cause at the end of the day,
that's all that really matters.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I have an announcement.

Where's Naomi?

Now, it's customary

when you acquire a boat...

or, more accurately
in my case, a ship...

... that you properly
christen the vessel.

So everyone, please, turn
your attention to the stern.


I bought this boat

because I thought it
so perfectly symbolized

the journey we're
about to embark on.

I can't wait to go on
this adventure with you.

You make me
the happiest man on earth.

Would you please
do the honors?




I'm sorry. I can't.


Naomi! What is wrong?

Preston, I know
about your trust fund.

I'm sorry.
I was trying to protect you.

I didn't want you
to think it was...

And I didn't.

I told Annie I didn't care.

But... maybe I just said that

to make myself feel better
about us

because the truth is...

there's no way to separate
your money from who you are.


Wh-What are you saying?

I'm saying...

... if I marry you,
I'll go the rest of my life

never really knowing if
it was because you loved me,

or because of all of this?

I'm sorry, Preston.

I can't marry you.

All right, I messed up.

All right?
I messed up.

I should have
told you the truth.

But I'm marrying you

because I love you,

not because of the money.

But it's a lot of money.

What should I do?

I don't know.



Are you all right?

Yeah, of course.

I just had to get out of there.

I mean, a champagne fountain?
How tacky can you be?

Sorry. That was me.


He said he loved me, Annie.

Like it wasn't
all about the money.

But all of his actions
screamed that it was.

And I just kept trying
to convince myself

that I was fine
with everything, but...

So that's it?

It's over?

I have to be sure
he truly loves me, so...

I guess it's up to him.

But, uh, I'll be fine.

Really. You should go back
to the party.

And-and make sure
they're mopping up

the pieces from
the ice sculpture,

'cause it'll warp
the walnut floors, and...


Yeah, okay.


Thank you.



After what happened today,
I didn't think

I'd be seeing you around here
for a while.

I meant what I said.

What's that?

It feels really good

having someone who
really believes in me.


I want you to be my manager.



Are you sure
you're ready to go solo?

I won't be solo if I have you.

All right.


Caleb, what's wrong?

I haven't been
honest with you.

I haven't even been honest.

No, no, I-I knew
about your faith,

and I knew you were going
into the priesthood,

and I knew we
couldn't be together.

I'm the one who's been at fault.
You've been the honest one.

No, I haven't.

Ivy Sullivan?


Social Services.
You need to come with us.

Excuse me?

It's a warrant
declaring you to be

a danger to yourself.

It's been filed by Caleb Walsh,

a grief counselor
familiar with your case.

You have got to be kidding me.

I'm sorry, Ms. Sullivan,
but it's the law.

I'm afraid
you don't have a choice.


What are you
doing here?

I came to say thank you.

For what you did.

Not saying anything.

And, I guess...

this is also good-bye.

I'll see you around, then.

Yeah. I'll see you.

Why'd you do it?

Why-why'd you
keep us a secret?

I just wanted you to be happy.

You are happy, aren't you?


Yeah, I am.


No, wait, Liam...

Stop. This can't happen.

I know.

But don't tell me
that you don't have feelings.

Don't ever tell me that
because you and I both know...

that it's not true.