90210 (2008–2013): Season 4, Episode 12 - O Holly Night - full transcript

Naomi is asked by her new party planner boss Rachel to oversee her arch-nemesis Holly's birthday party, while Annie breaks into Jeremy's apartment in a desperate attempt to get the proof she needs to keep her inheritance.

Previously on 90210...
I think it's perfectly fine
that you're moving on

'cause it's exactly
what I'm doing.

Silver saw you kiss me in
vegas and now she thinks

There's something
going on between us.

This has to end.

I've been having a lot of
financial problems lately.

Would $5,000 help?

Ten would be better.
My lawyer said that

The only way your family
can overturn marla's will

Is if there's some evidence
that I defrauded her.

It appears there's
a necklace missing.

When I sold you
the necklace,

I didn't even realize that
it was a family heirloom.

Funny, the buyer actually
told me a very similar story.


Have you had a chance
to think about the internship?

I'm so sorry, dear,

I've decided to go
with someone else.

Come on.

I want you

To intern for my company.

What do you say?

Hey, darling.

What do you think?

Am I ivanka trump
or secretary-frump?

Well, unless you want to ride
side saddle, I'd say change.

Oh, my god, I forgot we
had plans to go riding.

My internship

With rachel's event
planning firm starts today.

How do I look?

Since when do you care what
other people think about you?

Since rachel picked
me out of a crowd,

And not just for my looks,
style, and raw sexuality.

She thinks I have
real talent.

Oh, is that right?

I think you have
real talent.

Oh, okay.

Come on, you have to,
it's mistletoe.

If you wrinkle this blouse,

My horse isn't the only thing

You won't see me riding today.



Why are you dressed like an
extra from brokeback mountain?

We were supposed to go riding
today, but naomi has to work.

The clothes are ready
for the holiday charity drive.

Could you put those bags

In holly's car?

Yes, ma'am.

You have him well trained.

Oh, he just needs
a firm hand. I think

It's really great
that you're doing

The drive for
the shelter.

Yeah, well,
I have a lot of free time.

I was hoping to be working
for my mother, but she decided

To hire a mystery girl
with "potential" instead.

Really, what does she do?


I saw this in
one of the bags.

You're keeping it, okay?

Okay. Later, holls.

Hey, austin,

One for you, one for you.

Oh, what's this?

It's an invite to ojala
for my birthday.

I know, me, jesus--
it's a big month.

Anyway, I was hoping

You could both come.

Uh, you were?

Yeah, absolutely.

The greek council's
going to be there,

And you're still
head of zeta.

We're actually looking
for a new treasurer.

I was thinking you would be
perfect to fill her shoes.

You would do that for me?

My mother always says strong
women need to stick together.


(holly and naomi chuckle)




Hey, jeremy, I'll be by
tomorrow to fix your sink.

Leave the key
under the mat.

Thanks, tony.
All right, buddy.


Look, if you don't
stop following me,

I'm gonna get a
restraining order.

I know that you bought
marla's necklace

So that I would look like
a criminal in court, okay?

Why are you doing this to me?

I'm not doing anything to you.

I-I'm trying to go home.

You're the one stalking me
and accusing me

Of conspiring against you.

You know that that money
is rightfully mine.

All I know is that
you're trespassing.

Good-bye, annie.


How do you know amal?

He's my uncle.

How long have you been
in business together?

We're family.

In a way, we've always been
in business together.

You know you, uh, look
cute in that shirt, right?

No laughing.

You need to be
prepared for anything

Amal's buyer could
throw at you.

That's the whole point
of these role plays.

Okay, but do you think
one of his thugs

Is going to think
I'm cute?

What if it's some hot cougar?

She could come
on to you,

Telling you what
great eyes you have

Or how cute your smile is
or, well, anything, really.

I-I'm just saying
you need to be prepared.

Point taken.

I mean, I-I do have
a pretty great smile.

Don't let it go to your head.


So remember, you'll be wired
just like in vegas.

As soon as you
record the proof

That amal is selling the cars
over state lines,

Get the hell out.

It's, uh, very 007.

It's also very dangerous.

Okay, if anything goes wrong,

I'm gonna be outside
with backup.

Got it.

Ready to go again?

Let's do it.

So where are you from exactly?

Silver: Are you seriously
asking me that?

What, y-you
didn't like lily?

No, I loved her.

Well, no, I mean
I-I hated her,

But that is
why I loved her.

I think wharton
was a genius.

All right,
who would have thought

Dating a lit professor
would be so much fun?

I guess I'm used to talking

About video games and sports
with the people I date.

Well, maybe you've been
dating the wrong guys.


So what are we doing

And don't tell me you're
taking me out to dinner again

Because you've taken me out to
dinner every night this week.

Okay, um, well,
how about a movie?

I hear they're playing it's
a wonderful life downtown.

Or I can cook at your place.

Uh, naomi's house has
a much bigger kitchen.

Yeah, full
of my closest friends,

Who I don't want to spend
a romantic evening with,

And we can't hang out
at my place

Until my ex moves out, so...

Okay, I would love
to have you over.

The thing is, the housekeeper
is on vacation.

I don't think we'd
even have a clean plate

In the place for
us to eat off of.

If there's
something going on,

Like you live
with a girlfriend...

My girlfriend is sitting
right here beside me,

And as far as I know,
we don't live together.


(phone ringing)

Oh, I have to take this.


Dixon: Rockefeller center,
eat your heart out, huh?

Are you using again?
'cause I got to say,

You seem a little too happy
about this tree.

No, I'm sober as santa
driving a sleigh.


It's just, I'm
in a good mood.

Besides, I wouldn't
do that to annie

After everything
she's done for me.

How is she?

Swimming in her inheritance,

Buying us two
tickets to paris

For christmas,

Um, not dating

Which part are you asking about?

All of it,

Except the being rich part
and going to paris.

Oh, yeah.

(both grunt)

I don't know,
man, it's just,

Annie was really there
for me over thanksgiving,

And it brought
back all these--

I don't know--
feelings and stuff.

Feelings, huh?

So, uh, feelings
of constant drama,

A rejected proposal,

Fake alaskan widow?

dude, don't do it.

You guys have
way too much history.

That's why they call it history,
'cause it's over, right?

Or because you're doomed
to repeat it again.

Anyway, look,
I'm gonna stay out of it.

(phone ringing)
here, cut some string.


Um, yeah, yeah,
that sounds good.

Yeah, can I
bring someone?


All right, I'll
see you there.


That was that guy who hosted
the poker game in vegas.

He's having some
party tomorrow night,

Wants me to come.


Me, you,
some hollywood big shots.

Let's go kill it.

Uh, yeah, actually, I
was kind of thinking

About bringing
someone else.

That's cold, brah.

to the working world, naomi.

How's it feel?

It feels amazing.

I totally understand
why people get jobs.

(both chuckle)

I actually had a couple ideas
I wanted to run by you.

Naomi, I love

That you came
with ideas today--

I mean, I really do--

But I don't need
your ideas.

What I do need is
a hot skinny latte

And someone to do
office work.

Now, make
a copy of these

And then run to the
coffee shop across the street.

Oh, and, um, you may want
to rethink the heels.

You're going to be
on your feet a lot here.

When you get back,
you can start filing these.

(chuckles nervously)


Is something wrong?

No, I'm fine, I...

Actually, no,
I'm not fine.

I don't know how
to work this thing.

I thought you said I had talent

And that I'd be planning
parties here,

Not pushing paper all day long.

20 years ago,

I started at the bottom
and I rose to the top,

And I am a better
person because of it.

Now, that's what I'm looking
for in my employees.

In two years, I'm gonna
need a team in place

To take over the l.A. Reins

When I open up the
new york office.

Now, I thought that you
might be part of that.

I don't know.

Maybe you're just another
spoiled beverly hills girl.

? ?



Christmas never looked
this good.

(both chuckle)

Come on.

(both sigh)

So, uh, remember
that surprise I had for you?

It's finally ready.


An early christmas gift?

Say it's a puppy.

Ha, that-that-
that's funny.

Actually, it's
a new track.

(gasps) awesome.

Yeah, I was just trying to
make sure that it was perfect

Before I played
it for you, so...

? is it wrong of me
to feel this way ?

? you know my man
would be betrayed ?

? but I can't stop the way
I feel when I see you ?

Dixon (on track):
Uh... Yeah...

Dixon: ? I smile when I see ya,
I miss the... ?

Uh... Jd's band thinks
it could be a hit.

So you stole my song and played
it for other people?

Um, I didn't steal your song.

I thought it was great

And I just put
a beat behind it.

Kind of like a
collaborative thing.
That song is private.

How is it private?

You played it for everyone
at raj's benefit.

Because I was
covering for you,

'cause you were backstage
with a bleeding nose.

Have you not been
listening to me?

I don't want to do
music anymore.

Okay, I'm sorry.

I get it.

Obviously you don't, or you
wouldn't have done it.

I can't believe that you're
putting your career ahead of me.

That's not true.

This is exactly why

I didn't want to get
into a relationship.

Whether it's drugs
or ambition,

There's always going
to be something

More important than me.

Naomi: The copy machine
can go just there,

But be careful of the floors!
What the hell
you doin', woman?

Ugh! Today was an
absolute disaster.

Apparently interns are supposed
to know how to do office work.

Who knew?
Most people, actually.

Well I'm not most people.

And since I have no experience
being "the help,"

I had to help myself by
recreating the office here.

I have to prove to rachel that
I can start at the bottom,

Else I'll be out on mine.
And speaking of--

Maybe we can copy that
little rump roast of yours

So I don't forget what it looks
like when you're at work.

Could you stop
thinking about me

And my body parts for
two seconds and help me?

You want me to stop
thinking about you now?

A couple weeks ago,

You almost set the state
of california on fire

Because I wasn't
thinking about you enough.

I can't win with you, can I?
If you want to win with me,

Help me figure out how
to make this work.

Come on, what...?
Dude, what the hell
are you doing here?

Hold it. Hold it.
How do you kill a zombie

If they're already dead?

Apparently with a
foot-long machete,


Mm! By the way,
you're out of chocolate.

Out of choc...?

Dude, my mom sent this stocking
from paris!

Aw, come on.

Oh, so, I have news.

I told some record label
buddies of mine about the song

You played last week,

And they want
to hear it live.

Are you serious?


Um, uh...

I actually can't play that song.

Uh, but I got this new joint
that I'm working on.

Oh, yeah.
You ever go

To a concert and you spend
all this money

And you get all excited to hear
your favorite songs live,

And then you finally get there
and the band comes on stage

And ends up playing
some new crap

From some new album?
It sucks, right?

You end up
drinking too much

And spending the whole night
running back and forth

Between the bathroom

And... And, uh...

What-what was I saying?

Something about my new stuff.

Oh, right.
I'm bringing my buddies

By offshore tomorrow night.

Don't make them spend the night
in the bathroom

Because you're playing
some new crap.

I thought I'd start moving
some stuff back in.

Why are you
not at work?

Uh, a hanukah thing
with the family.

Are you seriously lying
to me again?

It's not even hanukah yet!

I forgot you're half jewish.

Oh, it's... You know, forget it.

I don't need to hear
a bunch of half truths.

What is it with me
and guys?!

I mean, do guys just like
to lie to me?

What are you talking about?

Is this about the guy
you're dating?

What'd he do?

I should not have even come
here, okay?

No, no, no, wait!

Silver, whatever happened,
it's not your fault.

At least, not with me.

There's something happening
tonight with my uncle,

And once it's over,

I can tell you

And I know I haven't given
you any reason to,

But please, just, just trust me.

I miss you, silver.

I want to be with you.

What about that girl you kissed?

There's nothing between us.

Then when'd yo
wearing pink?


(phone rings)

Hey, patrick.

Hello, gorgeous.

I know it's last-minute,

But it turns out I have
to fly to hawaii tomorrow,

And I'd love you to come with.

Actually, yeah, escaping

To hawaii sounds pretty great
right now.


So, listen, full disclosure:

There's a girl I usually see
when I'm on the island,

And I'm still gonna see her...

...But I would love
to see the two of you together.

I'll make it worth your time.

Okay, listen, patrick, I...

Uh, let me, let me get back
to you, okay?

All right.

I thought you
guys broke up.

We did.

He found some things of mine

And he's
sending them to the house.


(clears throat) um, so,
there's this party tomorrow.

It should be
pretty cool.

I thought maybe if you
wanted to come with me...

Or... I want you
to come with me.

I just think I might
be out of town.

Oh, paris?
Yeah, that's right.

Dixon told me you
might be leaving soon.

Yeah, that's it, paris.

Are you okay?


Annie, come on. It's me.

I know you. You're not fine.

Listen, we have been
a lot of things,

We've never not been
there for each other.

(sobs softly)

It should have never been
like this, liam.

I, I know that I shouldn't have,

And it just all got
so complicated so fast.

I don't know
what to do.


That was... Wow.

Yeah, wow.

I didn't really think
we were gonna...

Yeah, me, neither.

I know this may
sound stupid,

But sometimes I feel like
if I had just said yes

To your proposal,

Then everything would
be okay right now.

Annie, I'm...

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

This was a mistake.


Not because I don't want
to be with you-- I do.

A lot.

Something is going on with you.

Tell me know what it is;
I can help you.

I can't.

Liam, you would never
look at me the same.

That is not true.
I'll love you no matter what.

No, I-I can't tell you.

Just like me proposing to you
wasn't gonna solve my problems,

You just being with me
is not gonna solve yours.

You're right.

You're right.
You can't fix this.

I need to solve
my own problems for myself.

Hey. We need to talk.

And I can't take you seriously
with that thing on your head.

Greg, look, I've been in
a relationship where someone

Couldn't tell me the truth.

And I'm not gonna
do it again.

I know you're hiding

So, what is it?

Do you have
another girlfriend or...?

I don't have
a girlfriend.

I have a wife.


It's a soon-to-be ex-wife.

We separated about a year ago.

The divorce will be final
in a few weeks.

Wow. Okay, uh, not what
I was expecting.

I didn't say anything

Because I thought
it would scare you away.

Is that why I can't go
to your house?

Do you still live with her?


I live with our daughter.

That's everything.

No more secrets.
No more lies.

That's me.

That's a lot.

I know.

Look, you're younger
than I am,

And you may not be ready
for a serious relationship.

And that's fine.

We can just have fun.

But I can't bring fun home
to my daughter.

I understand.

Just so you know...

I really want to bring you home.

I'm ready for something
more serious, if you are.

It's up to you.

Good morning.

Oh, do you like
the decorations?

I thought this place could use
some holiday spirit.

Your coffee's on the table.

And I rescheduled
today's lunch for next week.

They canceled.

Okay. Uh, may I have
five copies of this?

Absolutely. Would you like it
stapled, double-sided

Or three-hole punched?

Surprise me.

I see you're still in heels.

Yes. It would take
a little bit more

Than a rough day
at the office

To bring me
down four inches.

Oh! You know, maybe you really
do know how

To start at the bottom.

I always say that strong women
should stick together,

And with the initiative
that you've shown, I think

You might be ready
to work an event

I'm going to tonight.
Now, it's just a small party

But one that I'd rather be
a guest at.

Are you serious? What event?

It's my daughter's birthday
party at ojala.

The birthday party at ojala is
for your daughter?


I mean, lucky girl.

Yes, she is lucky.

Unfortunately, holly is
also painfully entitled.

Holly is your daughter.

Yeah, that's right, you two
worked the runway show together.

She really botched
that one, didn't she?


And naomi, really well done.

You just might be what
I'm looking for after all.

? ?

Yo, liam!
Wh kid?

Glad you made it.

Thanks for having me.

This is a pretty
sweet place you got.

Come outside.
Did you bring a date?

I was going to, but it didn't
really work out, so...

Yes. Well, this is
your lucky night.

I got top-shelf everything:
Food, booze, even girls.

They're like santa's
little helpers,

Except these girls
unwrap your package.

And you can
have your pick.

Uh, no, thanks.
I'm good.

Not that guys like us
got to pay for girls.

We have to pay for 'em
to walk away,

You know what
I'm talking about?

(both chuckle)


Hey, ladies,

This is my boy liam.

You might know him
from his famous abs.

I trust you'll
treat him well.

Of course.


Oh, you two
know each other?

Dude, you're a lucky guy.

Bree's so much fun.

I'll let you two catch up.

What are you doing here?!

What are you
doing here?

Are you in trouble?
Do you need money?

Because if you do, there are
better ways of getting it.

No, no. Look,

Not all of us can make
a living putting

Our pretty faces on
a billboard, okay?

The other 99% of us have to
figure out how to just get by.


Please don't tell anyone.

This is so not a big deal.

How is being a hooker
not a big deal?

I am an escort.

Escort, okay?
There is a difference.

I don't do any of the stuff
that I don't want to do.

Besides, ratting on me
could have some

Not-so-good consequences
for annie.

What is that supposed to mean?

Please don't make me
spell it out for you.

She wouldn't do that.


Annie met patrick because
he hired her to be his escort.

She is totally
his pretty woman.

She goes to his suite at the
wildemere, like, every day.

In fact, I heard she's leaving
with him for hawaii tonight.

I gotta stop her.


You're late.

Uh, the party doesn't
start for another hour.

It's a good thing.

We have to go over
our plan of action first.

It's holly's birthday,
not mission: Impossible.

If holly finds out
I stole her internship,

I'll never become anything
on the greek council.

And if I don't go to the party,
rachel will fire me.

Hence I'm two naomis tonight.

Well, great.
Maybe I'll get a chance

To spend time with one of them.

You have to stick close to holly

And keep her away from me
at all costs.

It's a pretty big sale.

Who'd you say this guy is?

I didn't.
Just watch and learn.

Nice try.

Terrence, my
good friend.

It's good
to see you.

Hey, let's get this done.

I got a plane to catch.

How you doing?

Who's the new guy?

Navid, this
is terrence.

Terrence, this is
my nephew navid.

Hi. How are you?

How long you been working
with amal?

Uh, we're... We're family.

In a way, we've always

Been in business

And how old are you?

Terrence, please.

This is not an

You can trust him.


Felt like I was in
a bad mobster movie.

I-I mean, not that you guys are
mobsters or anything, I mean...

I mean mobsters are bad people
and do illegal things,

And this isn't... (chuckles)

Well, not that people
who do illegal things are bad.

I'm just saying that...

Why are you so nervous?

I'm not nervous.

Sorry, amal.

Deal's off.


Next time,

Come without the kid.

Hey, wait a second. You don't...
You don't have to leave.

Let's go.

Terrence, please.
Damn it.

Please, we can work
something out.

Hey, uh, look,
I'm really,

I'm really sorry.

I don't

Why were you
so nervous?
I-I don't know.

Well, you have to
figure it out.


It's okay, navid.
We'll get them next time.

No, no, no, no,
no, no, no.

You go with the merchandise
and make sure it's safe.

? I've been feeling real good ?

? came a long way
from misunderstood ?

? far away from the days where
I wouldn't want to go home ?

? 'cause I was afraid
of the truth ?

? see, I was scared to admit ?

? that failing was in
the back of my head ?

? comes a point when lying
no longer works ?

? so you have to stand up
for how you want to live ?

? tonight is the night
is the night ?

? that we're losing control ?

? oh, oh-oh, oh... ?

You're not having fun.

Well, you know me.

This really isn't my scene.

Remember that time I took you
to the charity gala

At that malibu vineyard
and you ended up drunk,

Asleep and half naked
in a barrel of grapes?

Well, it's a little fuzzy,
but, uh...

Hey, I'm pretty sure
you weren't laughing then.

Well, people change, right?

I mean, look at you.

You're like a completely
different person

Since you met naomi.

Well, you know,
relationships change a person.

Not always for
the better.

Oh, well, I must say,
you have done a fine job.

Although I probably
would have gone

With classic roses
for the centerpieces.

Yeah, I thought about roses,
but given the season,

I didn't want the red to be
misconstrued as holiday-themed.

You're right.

Good job, naomi.

Oh, my god.
What are you doing?

You're supposed
to be with holly.
Oh, she's using

The little girls'
room, so...
Well, you should've

Gone to the little boys' room
and waited outside her door.

This is crooked.
I'm your boyfriend, not some
dog you can just order around.

Yeah, you know what?
You're right, actually,

Because a dog would
actually follow directions.


All right.
What are you doing?

What does it matter? Huh?

You'd rather I'd spend
the night talking

To my ex-girlfriend
than be with you.

I'm the only person
at this party

You're not trying to impress.

Okay, and in kentucky,
we have a little saying

You use when people
try to help you.

It goes a little something like,
"thank you."

Uh... Oh!

Who are you working for?

What are you talking about?

Search him.
Hey, hey, hey.

It's not what you think.

Take care of it.

No, no, I can explain, okay?


(knocking at door)

Where's annie?

Who the hell
are you?

You want to pay for girls

'cause you can't
get them yourself, fine,

But stay the hell away
from annie.

What, are you her boyfriend?

She's not who you think she is,
you know.

Annie came to me.

She asked me
for the money.

And she kept coming
back for more.

Where is she?

I don't know.

She told me she wasn't coming
to hawaii with me,

Then she left.
Wait, she turned you down?

She said it wasn't
going to solve

Her problems
and that we're done.

This is the last time
I'm getting involved

With a stupid teenager.

Go to hell.

There you are.

There's a problem
with the valet.

Apparently, he's
crashed someone's car

Into an electronic nativity
scene and beheaded mary.

Can you take
care of it?

Of course.

Wh-what are you doing?

You can't talk
to her like that.

Uh... Okay.

Fine. Can you take
care of it, please?

Of course.
Thank you.

I don't mind helping.
It's really not a big deal.

No, it is a big deal.

Mom, you can't
treat her like that.

She's my guest.

Oh, no, no,
no, no, no.

She's my intern.

You're the one
who took my internship.

Oh, she didn't
take anything.

She earned it.

You know, sweetheart,

You could learn a thing
or two from naomi.

I think she has a real future
at my company.

It's good you have
a future somewhere,

Because at cu, you're dead.

(frustrated sigh)


Holly, I'm sorry, okay?

I didn't know
she was your mother.

What do you want from me?

You took my house,
you took my ex-boyfriend,

You took my internship,

And now you've taken
my mother's affection.

Get your own life
and stop stealing mine.

I never meant
to take anything, okay?

It... It-it just happened.

Oh, like everything else
you take for granted?

You lead austin around
by the nose,

You pretend to be my friend...

I want to be your friend,
holly-- I want to--

But I am asking you, please,
do not have your mother fire me.

I need this internship.

And I really needed
to earn my mother's respect.

All I wanted was for her
to believe in me

The way she believes in you.

You win, naomi.

You know what?
You can have

My internship, and you can have
my mother-- they're all yours.



this is seth and felix,

Producers extraordinaire
and all-around good guys.

Seth and felix, adrianna,
fallen pop princess

And dixon's current
hot piece.

What are you
doing here?

Dixon's going to be playing
his latest track for us tonight.

By the way, love the pipes.

Glad you're back in the game.

Come on.
Everyone loves a comeback.

Come on, guys.

So you're singing
that song tonight?

I guess we both know

How important your
career is to you.

Hey, look, your music
is personal.

Okay, I get it.

But so is mine.

You really want to know
what I care about?

Just listen.

Um, good evening,

(feedback screeches)

Uh, hi.

Uh, my name
is dixon wilson.

Some of you guys know me;
some of you don't.

Um, I actually have

A new track that I want you guys
to hear, and, uh,

Hope you like it.

? I wrote a song this morning ?

? for my girl ?

? I need her to know
that she's my world ?

? don't want fortune,
don't want fame ?

? 'cause without her
I've got no game ?

? so from my heart ?

? I need her to hear me say ?

? I... ?

? I messed it up, messed it up ?

? yeah, I messed up ?

? I messed it up, messed it up ?

? and it blew up ?

? see, I'm a fool undercover ?

? singing songs like a sucker ?

? hoping I'm not out of luck ?

? baby, I messed it up,
messed it up ?

? yeah, I messed up ?

? I messed it up, messed it up,
and it blew up ?

? see, I'm a fool undercover
singing songs like a sucker ?

? hoping I'm not out of luck ?

? I messed it up ?

? please forgive me, baby ?


? I really messed it up, yeah. ?


(applause, whooping)

Dude, that song blew.

(laughter, groaning)

You just committed
career suicide.

Yeah, and I don't care.

'cause all I care about is you.

Kiss him!

You heard her.


(cheering and applause)

? ?

Hey. You seen annie?

Uh, yeah. She just
left with her bags.

Think she's going to
the airport with dixon.

I just called dixon--
she's not with him,

And she's not answering
her phone.

I don't know where she is.

I-I just... I think
I really screwed things up.

She was upset, and we...

We kind of hooked up.

(scoffs) wow.

Way to mess with the head
of your ex-girlfriend.

You taking lessons
from navid?

I wasn't trying to make
her life more complicated.

She wouldn't tell me what was
going on, and... Now I know why.

Annie's been working
as an escort.


That's insane.

Yeah, bree told me.

She was working
the party I was at.

You have classy

That... That doesn't even
make sense.

She got marla's inheritance.

Why would she need money?

I don't think she ever got it.

I overheard her at the
fashion show talking to jeremy,

And I think he's trying
to screw her out of the money.

You don't think
she'd go after him?

I don't know what she'd do.

I just... I know it feels
like it's my fault.

(cell phone ringing)

Leila, this is not a good time.


I'm on my way.

? ?

I knew you were a gold digger,

But I never pegged you
for a common thief.

Get out of my way.
Give me the necklace.

No. It's mine, and you know it.


Then I'll take it.

You're not very bright, are you?

You're trapped!

(pounding on door)

(pounding on door)

You think you can
stay in there forever?

Huh? I'm gonna
get that necklace!

Then I'm gonna call the police!
And tell them what?

That you broke into my house
to steal a necklace?

It's mine! And you know that
marla wanted me to have it.

So what?

In case you haven't
noticed, she's dead.

Well, don't you care
about what marla wanted?

Why would I care about her?

She sure as hell
didn't care about me.

Well, maybe if you spent
some times with her...

I mean, she was a pretty
incredible woman.

I really loved her.

You loved her so much
you sold the necklace

Before her body got cold.

I sold it so that my brother
could go to school.

How did you even know

That I didn't have it?

My lawyer said you had trouble
coming up with the necklace.

It was the only thing
standing between you

And half of marla's money,

So I knew you must
have sold it.

I bought it as a little
insurance policy on the estate.

You set me up.

And you fell for it.

You know, I'm just sorry
the old bitch isn't here

To see me take all of
her money from you.

(phone beeps quietly)

Go ahead.
Call the cops.

And when they get here,
I will play them this.

Jeremy (on recording):
You know, I'm just sorry the old
bitch isn't here

To see me take all of
her money from you.

I already e-mailed
the file to my lawyer.

You bitch.

That's "rich bitch" to you.


Hey. You have to lay down.

They beat you up pretty badly.

I'm sorry I wasn't there.

Did you get what you needed
to convict my uncle?

No. Nothing that will
hold up in court.

Amal isn't what's
important to me right now.

What's important
to me is you.

Look, I care
about you, navid.

I knew ever since
that kiss in las vegas.

Hey. I care about you, too.

Kat, I do...

But I care about silver more.

I love her, kat.

I mean, that's
the whole reason

I did any of this
in the first place...

Was to protect her.

I'm sorry.

I can't believe you're
leaving for paris.

I'm gonna miss you.

I'm gonna miss you, too.
You should come with me.

And leave all this behind?

Before you go...

I haven't been completely
honest with you.

You know that song of
mine that you sampled?


It's about my daughter maisy.

Do you know it's been
almost three years

Since I gave her away?

I mean, she walks and talks

And opens gifts on
christmas morning...

She's a real person that
I never got to know.

It's all right, though.
I mean...

You did the right thing,
and you gave her a better life.

Did I?

I mean, I didn't think I was
going to be a good mother

Because I wanted
this music cr.

Now look at me.

I gave up my
daughter for this?

I could have kept her.

Come here.

It's okay.

See, that's what I mean about
my music being personal.

The only thing
I have left of her...

Is that song.

And I'm not going to sell it.

I get it. You don't have to.

I do miss music, though.

I know I did it
wrong the first time,

But if we collaborate and
it's just about the music,

And not about fame, or money,

Or any of that stuff...

...Then I'm in.

You're in?


(knocking on door)

Hey. Uh...

My daughter's sleeping.

What's going on?
Is something wrong?

Sorry. No. Um...

Everything's actually clear

For the first time
in a long time.

I want to be with you.

Like, really be with you.

I want to give
us a real shot.

Even though I have a kid?

You were honest about it.

I could use a little
more honesty in my life.

? ?

Austin, I know I've been
a terrible girlfriend,

But I have some really naughty
copies of some really naughty

Body parts to make up for it.

I actually think I might
have pulled something

Trying to get
the right angle on my...

Oh, my...


? ?

Hey, liam.

I just saw that you called.

An , , thanks for...
Well, for everything.

But I wanted to tell you
that I solved

My problems all by myself,
just like you said.

I leave
for paris tomorrow, but...

I was hoping that maybe
when I get back,

We could pick up
where we left off?

No more drama, no more secrets,
just us.

You and me.

? ?

I never stopped loving you,

Merry christmas.


Yes, help, please.

There's been an accident.

Uh... I need an ambulance at the
corner of wilshire and fairfax.

It was a hit and run.

? ?

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