90210 (2008–2013): Season 4, Episode 1 - Up in Smoke - full transcript

Naomi has spent the summer dealing with the shocking news of her pregnancy and quickly discovers she doesn't have the status at college that she did in high school. Annie receives some unexpected news that keeps her in town, while Liam returns from his summer away ready to commit to Annie. Dixon finds himself without a roommate or a place to live, while an unexpected visitor tests Navid and Silver's relationship after they move in together. Adrianna comes back to town looking for redemption, which she soon learns will be hard to earn back. Ivy and Raj struggle to deal with Raj's health getting worse, while Teddy struggles with coming out to his family.

Previously on 90210...

Everything is just working out so perfectly.

We made it through high school, I inherited
a fortune and we are going to live together.

- I don't want to go to college.
- All this time you've just been pretending
that you wanted to have a life with me?

I wanted to let you know, that I got a
job. It's on this deep sea fishing boat.

I really do hope that you find
whatever you're looking for.

And, after you've found it,
you can come and find me.

Ivy and I are engaged. Because
I'm starting chemo next week,

we wanna get married in the next few days.

My parents forbid me to see you again.

You're an adult now, and it's...
it's your decision, and... no!

They sacrificed a lot for me.
I can't fight them.

I have to tell you something. Max I'm pregnant.

You didn't tell anyone I'm pregnant did you?

I mean... I don't want...

to have to answer questions until
I actually starts getting fat.

I'm... still getting used to the idea myself.

You know, hmm...

we can do this.

You know? We actually wanna be together.

It's like getting an accelerated
degree in physics.

It's... it's exactly what I wanted it to be.

Only faster.

I love you.

I love you.


So, your test results came in.

You are not pregnant.

I had a blood test.

False positive happens sometimes.
Otherwise everything looks good.

No baby is good.

Are you kidding?

It's... it's...

It's the best news ever.

Talk about dodging a bullet.

We almost threw our lives away.

Oh! I could still go to MIT.
You can go to CU.

We could go on with our
lives like we planned.

I swear, I am never having
unprotected sex again.

Fasten your seat belts.


Fasten your seat belt.

Bad dream?


Bad memory.

Love sucks.

Welcome to Los Angeles, folks.

This is it.

The end of summer.

Oh, don't look at it
like the end of summer.

Look at it as at it as

the beginning of the rest
of our lives.

Say hello to college, bitches.

I'll cheers to that.

Woo! Cheers to that.

Okay, pause: question.

What exactly is suikawari?

It's end-of-summer
watermelon bashing.

It's big in Japan.

Perfect. I've been working
on my serve all summer long.

Check out Ivy.

I don't think it's
that easy. Look.

Come on, Ivy!

Go, Ivy!


My God!

Raining watermelon.


No, darling.

Refreshing is that right there.

Shawn Berry.

Captain of the CU football team.

Also known as

the future Mr. Naomi Clark.

I'm going to go play.

I want to play, too!

You guys see any football games
last year?

Starting quarterback this year.

It's going to be fun.

Got a towel
for a fellow classmate?

You go to CU?

Incoming freshman.
Naomi Clark.

Good luck at CU, freshman.

Yo, DJ 526?

He could make any sound
a great mix.

Like Silver drinking
that drink right there?

He can make that into a hit.


You guys have no idea
how crazy it was

to tour with DJ 526 this summer.

Well, sounds like being
on a hip-hop tour

was way more fun than my summer.

Still no word from Liam?


I could've gone to Paris
with my mom and Ryan,

or gone to Ibiza with
Naomi on her "Max who?"

post-breakup binge,

but, no, I decided to stay here

and wait for Liam to sail back
on his stupid fishing boat.

The S.S. I Found Myself.

But you know what?
I'm done. I'm done.

Tonight I start driving
to Carnegie Mellon,

and fresh start, here I come.

Oh, no.

To fresh starts.

Fresh starts.
Fresh starts.

That guy...

he just gave me a towel.

I hope there's more
to that story.

Not his name, not his number,
not anything important.

Just a towel.

I am a nobody at CU.
Uh, you haven't started yet.

Well, I certainly don't plan on
starting at the bottom, Dixon.

Screw the dorms.
I have to move fast.

Step one,
buy the perfect party house.

Step two...

Ah. Throw the
perfect party?

Huh. Yeah.
See? Annie gets it.

Yo, we're up
for some house shopping.

I mean, Raj and I

are looking for a place,
so if anybody...

Yeah, 'cause it kind of defeats
the purpose of getting married

to move in with your parents.

I feel you, man. That's why I'm
shacking up with the old lady.

- Yeah!
- Old lady?


Well, that and my mom
sold the house,

...and moved to Switzerland.

Hey, speaking of moving, Dixon,

I got to stop by
my lawyer's office

to sign some inheritance
stuff before I hit the road.

I thought your new roommate
was meeting us out here

so he could drive
you to the dorms.

Yeah. His name is Taylor.
He said he's

going to meet me
by the equipment booth.

One second, y'all.


Uh... hey, um...

I'm-I'm looking for Taylor.

You got her.


Wait. You can't be

my new roommate.

You're a guy.

Yeah. Yeah, um...

There must be some
kind of mistake.

Nice try, weirdo.

No, wait...

Okay. Okay,
there's a problem.

Um, I really don't understand.

I filled out the housing
application myself.

Actually, uh, dude,
I was mad at you

for the whole Snoop Dogg
thing, and-and...

the form was just laying
right there, and...

I may have accidentally,
uh, sought retribution by

changing your gender

to female.

I can't live in a girls' dorm!

I'm so screwed.

I'll pack up.

Oh, hey, Aunt Nadira.

Yeah, of course I
know where Leila is.

Her, uh, flight
left this morning.

No, what do you mean,
she didn't get on the plane?

We called your mother and
told her your sister is safe.

Thanks, Uncle Amal.

Hey, you're supposed
to be in Switzerland.

What happened?
I want to stay here.


It's my senior year
in high school.

I told Mom a million times
how important that is to me.

She said that we can't

impose on Aunt Nadira
and Uncle Amal, but

maybe she'll let me stay
with you.

Uh... it's-it's not
that simple, okay?

Silver's place is small, and...

we had plans.
Plans for what?


That don't include a roommate.

Please, Navid.

Dad's the one in trouble,
but I'm being punished.

I just want to graduate
with my friends, like you.

Oh, my God, Dixon,
I can't believe it.

My lawyers said

that Marla's family
is contesting the will.

Annie, listen...
Dixon, please,

do not try and tell me

that everything
is going to be okay.

I have to defer a semester.

I am ready

to start my life and now I can't,

and-and it's not okay.

M-M-Maybe, maybe it is, huh?

You know, s-some things
happen for a reason.

What possible reason
could I have to stay here?

Ah, w-wait, wait, wait.


I'm ready.

Let's do this.

Okay, wait.

I haven't heard
from you all summer,

and now you just show up
and-and slap a...

a very, very pretty ring

on the hood of my car?

I thought you'd be happy.

You know, when I left,
I-I told you that I needed

time to, to think, to
figure out what I want.

Well, it's you.


But you had enough time
to think about forever

and you didn't have time
to make a phone call?

Okay, um, I know I
should have called.

But I'm here now and that's
all that matters, right?

I-I mean, I love you,

but that's not all
that matters to me.

I am so, so sorry,

but Leila--
she's a good kid, I swear,

and it's only a temporary thing
while we figure this thing out.

Navid, I get it.

My sister-- you know,
she took me in, too.

It's going to be fine.

It's going to be
crowded but fine.

Wait, you guys are going to bed?

What are you almost wearing?

I thought we'd go out.

It's midnight, and
you're practically naked,

so probably best if we all

just get some sleep.

Don't even think about doing it.

I am so, so sorry.


15 houses and they all suck.

How am I supposed to
make a name for myself

without a jaw-
dropping entryway?

I mean, it's barbaric.

No, you know what barbaric is?

Liam dropping a ring
on the hood of my car.

Actually, I think
that sounds kind of badass.

Besides, isn't Liam coming back
exactly what you wanted?

Do not be naive, Ivy.

No one finds true
love in high school.

Thank you for not making
that toast at my wedding.

Yeah, you can't expect
Annie to get over Liam

like you got over Max.

Can we stop talking
about high school

and high school boyfriends?

We are college girls.

When I find my perfect mansion,

I'm throwing a
perfect mansion party.

I am going to have
a big, huge bonfire,

and all us are gonna
throw something in it

that we want to burn because
we wish it never existed.

Too bad Adrianna's
still in Africa.


Silver, Silver.

All right, here goes.

If this house is
lame, I swear to God

I'm firing my real estate agent.


definitely not lame.

So many bedrooms.

Can Navid's sister live here?

Uh, hi, can I live here?

Of course you can live here.

Ivy and Raj are living here.

I'm living here.

There's a dipping pool.

Do you know how much
I love to dip?

Oh, my God, this is it,
this is the place.

Hey, stop scaring my pig.

Why did a pig just
run through my house?

Well, it's his house

until I finish with repairs,

then it'll be
the new owner's house.

Not yours.

But my real estate agent said
that this house is for sale.

I'm sorry, it's too late,
an offer's been made.

I think what he's trying
to say is that

the, uh, the house has been sold.

Sorry we scared your pig.

Let's go, Naomi.
Take care.

No, number one...


...I am buying this house,
and number two,

farm animals
do not belong indoors,

contrary to what
you might have seen

on reruns
of The Beverly Hillbillies,

and number three,
I'm most certain

that your employer would be

very angry if he knew
his handyman

was chasing away
significant counteroffers.

Wow, girls like you are
exactly why I'm so happy

to be leaving L.A.

Girls whose parents didn't
meet at the family reunion?

Spoiled brats who think
money buys everything.

It does.
Oh, yeah?

Which is why I'd hate
to have to get you fired.

I mean, how else
will you be able to afford

your Yosemite Sam costume
to go with that hat?

You know... that's
a good point.

I, you know, wouldn't want
to lose my job now, would I?

So I'll tell you
what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna call the owners

and see if they can't
make you a deal.

How's that sound?

Thank you.

No problem.

Hey, it's Austin.

Yeah, I'm at the house and a potential
buyer just walked in,

and from the looks of her,
she's, uh, she's loaded. Yeah.

Yeah, so what do you say to an
extra half a million dollars?


Bye, Dad.

Hey, congratulations, he said
you got yourself a deal.

So you're not...?

The help? No.

And my parents weren't related
until after they got married.


It was a pleasure doing business
with you, ladies.

All right.

You fellas look a little young.

How much will this get us?

Whoa, that'll get you the whole
damn bar if you keep it coming.

All right.

King's ready to step down.

Oh, nice.

Wife wants to retire
to the beach.


Hey, to women.

Apparently you got to be
drunk to understand 'em.

That's right.

Dude, aah!

Dude, hey!

Yeah, that's right,
I flicked you.

Because you flicked me up, man.

There's no more room
in the men's dorms.

I'm homeless.

I'm a homeless black man.

Here, hey, hey, I found this
for you at off-campus housing.

Two-bedroom beach house.

I would kill for a
two-bedroom right now,

okay, but no,
I am giving it to you.

It's not going to
feel like college

if I don't live in a dorm.

Oh, my God, what is up
with you and your sister?

You get handed
exactly what you want

and you're still not happy.
You think that's

what Annie wanted,
Mr. Let's Do This?

It was kind of lame,

you just showing up
out of nowhere and proposing?

You didn't even call her
all summer.

I didn't want to call her

until I knew
what I wanted to say.


Teddy didn't call his dad.

You guys aren't giving him
the look.

I didn't call my dad
because there are some things

you can't just blurt
out, like "I'm gay."

Or "Marry me."

What do you mean, yeah?

Come on, chicks dig romance.

At least write her a love song.

A love song?
I don't know.

I made a bigger production
when I asked Silver

if I could keep my
toothbrush at her place.

If you're set

on getting Annie to marry you,

at least do this thing right.


you're back.

What do you think you're doing?

Just hanging out, God.

Is there a boy in here?

Okay, u know if Navid were
to catch you like this...

All right, party time is over.

Time to come out

with your clothes on.


You're supposed to be in Africa.

Leila let me in.

I wasn't trying to ambush you.

I just got back and I need to tell you...
Get out.

Silver, please...
Just get out!

Get out of my place!

Get the hell out!

Scrub this place
from top to bottom.

A pig lived here-- two pigs.

I just started
unpacking in my room

and realized it was the walk-in closet.

Thank you so much for
letting me live here.

I can't believe you got
to move in so fast.

Ugh, after what that hick cowboy

made me pay,

I should have been airlifted in.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Um, I just have
to get ready for tonight--

the party and everything.

It's making me crazy.

But I did manage to think
of what I'm going

to throw on the bonfire.

My sophomore yearbook because
there is a picture in there

where I almost have bad hair.



We are absolutely loving
the guesthouse, most especially

the pot garden in the back.

Ten plants-- seriously,
dude, nice little touch.


Probably the cowboy.

He reeked of agriculture,

but since I'm

such a "brat,"
maybe I'll call his mom and dad.

He made me pay.

It's his turn.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.


Ah, the lost freshman look.

Very convincing.

Huh, well, that would be
because I am lost,

and I'm supposed to be
a freshman, just not here.

Now I'm closed out
of all the classes

that actually offer
transfer credit.

And you do not need to hear
about my whole life story.

Not without knowing your name.

I'm Annie.

I'm Jeremy.

Look, when I was a freshman,

I stood in the wrong line, wound
up joining the jock fraternity

instead of taking calculus,
but it worked out.

Sometimes when you
don't get what you want,

you may come to realize

that there's something
else that's better.

Hmm, you know what?

You're right.

Thank you.

And hey,


do you maybe want to go
to a party later?

I didn't know you hated her.

Did you really think

you were never going to have
to see Adrianna again?

Call me a dreamer,
but I was kind of hoping

she'd get eaten by a lion.

That's-that's not a
very realistic plan.

Yeah, well, neither is
the three of us living here

together, but I went
along with it.

Look, I'm sorry, all right?

I just-- us living here
and raising a teenager--

this is not what I planned.
Okay, so you know what?

We'll just... hey, hey,
we'll work this out.

House rules--

no more drinking,
no uninvited guests,

and tonight you clean up
the apartment.

What about Naomi's party?

That is so not fair.

No, Leila.

Do not-- don't go,
don't go in the bathroom.

Please don't get in there,
don't slam the door.

Okay, she's back in the bathroom,

you know, and I, I still got
to get ready for the party.

Look, just,
could you just--

no, take your time, um,

I-I have something
to take care of, um,

I'll meet you at Naomi's.


Hey, um, this is Dixon Wilson.

I'm calling
about the beach house.

It's taken.

I'm, I'm a nonsmoker, good
credit, no pets, call me back.

Nice try, nice try, but
I already left a message.

Looks like the bull
bucked you off, son.

Okay, Dad.

Um, see, the thing is,

a friend really screwed me over
and... I need a place to stay.

And I was supposed
to take my senior year off

and motorcycle
through South America,

but some skinny
Beverly Hills brat

told my parents
I was growing pot,

so, uh... I'm going to need
the place more than you.

So I guess we're just going
to have to see who gets it.

Hmm, yeah, we will.

You've taken on a lot
for a young man--

running the studios, now you're
taking care of your sister.

You need help.

Your father and I used
to do business together.

The business you were in
with my father was porn,

and it almost destroyed
my family.

Really? I mean,
the house

that you lived in, having
your family around you--

those were the bad times?

Your family is struggling

not because of me,
Navid, because of you.

You need me.

My family will be fine.

Oh, and Shirazi Studios

will never do business
with a guy like you again.

Remember to flex
when you take people's keys.

Yes, ma'am.

Hey, lose the gum.

Melanie, please,

more hip roll, less tuna roll.


Boys, you're not trying
to fly away.

Lightly, lightly.



Naomi, this is amazing.


Let's get the party started.

Thanks for coming, y'all,
let's go, let's party.

♪ Uh ♪

♪ Uh ♪

♪ You stole my heart
like a thief in the night ♪

♪ Stopped in your tracks
in the middle of the fight ♪

♪ Don't make it right,
let the brimstones burn ♪

♪ I'll let you live yours,
now let me have my turn ♪

♪ But you're wrong,
thinking you could stop time ♪

♪ A few hours ahead,
baby girl, not mine ♪

♪ Look ahead,
I know you see the stop signs ♪

♪ Blind men know
it's not green on time... ♪

Uh, maybe I forgot to warn you
about Naomi's parties.

She kind of has this rule
where you got to come dressed up

or not dressed at all.

Uh, I don't think
I'm gonna make it.

I mean, yeah, I'm not exactly

into the whole
mega-party thing, either.

So if you want to just stay home

and watch a movie,
I'm totally game.

No, you should go to the party.

No, dude, I don't
want to go without you.

Dude, come on,
just come for ten minutes.

I promise, once you're there,
you're gonna feel better.

I can't.
Look, Ivy,

we have been together
the entire summer,

and you spent your
honeymoon in a hospital.

I appreciate
the positive attitude,

but it's okay to admit
that I've got cancer,

and it's okay that I can't live
every moment to the fullest.

But you can.

Go to the party, have fun,

be with your friends.

I'm not gonna die
while you're gone.

Oh, God.

That's not funny.

Go get crazy.


Have fun.

All right.

What's everyone burning?

Well, I have narrowed it
down to my final report card

or a copy of Atlas Shrugged,

which totally moved
me at the time.

Wow, that was deeply impersonal.

Annie, come on.

You have got bigger issues

than a report card and a book.

Where are things
with you and Liam?

I don't know what he's thinking,

so I don't know
what I'm thinking.

Report card it is.

Oh, Annie,

very, very moving.



Oh, good riddance.

I hated that piece of wardrobe.

Yeah, that's 'cause

Adrianna gave it to me.

What about you, Ivy?

Yeah, um, I think
I'm gonna pass, actually.

I don't think I'm ready to
let go of anything quite yet.

Hey, Naomi, there's a cop
here to see you.

Oh, well, now the party
can get started.

Thank you.

Can I help you, Officer?

Would you be needing to frisk me?

We received a noise complaint
from your neighbors,

and your valet service

doesn't have the correct
parking permits,

so they've been asked to
find their shirts and go.

You're not a stripper?

Officer Atwood, LAPD.

You know you can't
have an open fire

within 20 feet of
a residence, right?

Put out that fire.


He would've been
a lot more fun if he was naked.

You want me to put the fire out?


I have one more thing
I have to burn.

Um, excuse me.


This is a private party.

No hillbillies allowed.

Oh, yeah?
Well, you know,

my new roommate invited me.

Yeah, and since you and
Dix here are good buddies,

looks like we'll be seeing
a lot more of each other.

Wait, "Dix"?


Thanks. Cheers.

That is a $200 bottle
of champagne!

It's not moonshine, you hick!

♪ I stand alone ♪

♪ I stand alone ♪

♪ I stand alone ♪

♪ The rain is phenomenal,
the way that it falls ♪

♪ Slam it down
like a domino... ♪

Well, hey, stranger.

No stranger than you.

Ha! Hilarious.


All right, so, how'd
it go with your dad?

It went great. He was, he was
totally fine with me being gay.

So, you didn't tell him.

We had lunch.

After he left, I sat

and wrote down everything
I wished I could say

without being afraid of hearing

the judgment in his voice.

Maybe I should just
stick this in the mailbox,

make it easier for everyone.

You are not gonna come out
to your family on a napkin.

Telling people that you're gay

is not about doing what's easy.

It's about... not
apologizing for who you are.

So, you're not doing
this for your dad.

You're doing this for you.

Can I at least get
really drunk first?

♪ The clothes
don't make the man... ♪

Theophilus London is amazing.


Reminds me of the
tour this summer.

It's just like, no
worries about life,

just making music.

Ugh, I wish I could be like that.

Catch you guys later.


Who's that?

A complete stranger
that I invited to Naomi's party.

It was weird.

I was just signing up
for classes at CU,

and then suddenly
I was flirting with him.

What is wrong with me, Dixon?

Maybe it means that you changed.

Kind of like how I'm
not going to college.

What?! No, Dixon, I don't care
what happens with Marla's money,

you are going to college.

It's not about the money, Annie.

Look, something
changed this summer.

I was backstage one night,
and the opening act was a guy

just like me.

The sound from the crowd,
it was just like...

I want that.

Well, okay, but that doesn't mean

that you don't go to college.

College isn't what I'm
excited about right now.

Music is.

Oh, there's gonna be excitement.

Can't wait to see
what Mom says about this.



Annie, please act like an adult!

Annie, come
on. Annie.

Why is Liam dressed
like a waiter at my party?

Annie Wilson,

I have something to say.

You are the first, the last

and the only woman
I have ever loved.

Walking away from you was
the biggest mistake of my life.

I want...

I want...

I want our paths to join
as one from now on.

Will you marry me?



The neighbors are gonna
just love this.

No, no, Liam, wait.

You said "no." I heard
you the first time.

Or should I say second time?

No, I... I said no
the first time

because I was mad

and your proposal
came out of nowhere,


But this time...

I know that people change,
but, I mean, this is so huge.

You don't just
decide to marry somebody

because you've had time to think.

Something must have happened.

I just, I need to understand
what's really going on.

What's really going on is
I'm leaving.

Babe, what are you
doing back so early?

Thought the party just started.

Well, you were right.


I shouldn't pretend
like you're not sick.

But I also don't want
to run off to a party

just because I can.

Or because it was maybe
the best party ever.

Dude, this was like a night in
Morocco, except there was sushi.

Sushi? Nice.

But you know what was
the best part

about the entire night for me?



Bringing it home to you.



Is that your fun tie
from high school?

You've been telling me for years
I should burn this thing, so...


There are things you hate
that I can get rid of.

But not my family.

I know. I know.

Silver, I'm responsible
for what happened to my family,

you aren't.

If you want us to leave...

I don't.

You were right.

My issue is with Adrianna,
not your sister.

I shouldn't have
taken it out on Leila.


Oh, my God.

My sister did not bring Adrianna.

Apparently she did.


When are you gonna
get the hint, huh?

I don't want to see you, I
don't even want you to exist.

Okay, then just listen, please.

I'm not trying to hurt you.

Hurting you was
the biggest mistake of my life.

I'm sorry for everything.

For ruining your chances at NYU,

for almost wrecking things
with Navid.

I will spend the rest of my life
doing everything I can

and try to be the friend
that you deserved.

Maybe I will never
earn your forgiveness,

but I need you to know
how sorry I am.

Are you finished?

You think switching my meds

and sending me on a bipolar
tailspin was a mistake

because I didn't get
into the college that I wanted?

I was going to kill myself.

I was gonna kill myself, Ade.

And if Dixon hadn't
shown up and tricked me

into going to the hospital,
I'd be dead right now.

All right, so I don't give
a crap how sorry you are.

You... You're dead to me.

Keep it coming, dude.


Well, you Beverly Hills kids
and your allowance.

Hey, I earned this.

Spent all summer
on a fishing boat.

This is the first
real money I ever made.

Yeah, I hear those boats pay big
'cause the work is so dangerous.

So I guess Annie really didn't
want a big, fancy proposal.

I almost rented a horse.

Look, Annie loves you, all right?

You just got to
tell the truth, man.

Truth is, talking about it
is not going to help.

Drinking will.

Yes, Officer, but I swear,

those were not my fireworks.

I am taking the noise
complaint very seriously.

No, no.
Please don't shut me down.

Hello? Hello?



What are you still doing here?

Well... you see,

I was supposed to be

motorcycling through Chile.

Climbing Machu Picchu.

But I'm stuck here,
thanks to you.

Well, I got news
for you, darlin'.

You mess with the bull,
you get the horns.

Really intimidating coming from

...the guy who just got out
of a very cold pool.

Police! Nobody move!

Oh, my God.
The bonfire.

Austin, help me
put this fire out!

Police! Nobody move!


Police! Nobody move!

Hey, you kept my pot.

No, oh, my God,
the gardeners are so fired.

Police! Nobody move!

What are you doing?
No! No! No!

You want to hide pot
from the cops.

You don't want
to throw it in the fire!

Whoa, that is
some serious weedage.

Whose narcotics are these?

What? No, they're not.
They're yours!

This party sucks!

I tried to talk
Adrianna out of coming.

I can't control
what other people do.

Stop it, Leila, okay?
I've been listening

to your excuses all night.

Now, you pull this crap again,
and I will put you on a plane

to Switzerland so fast, you
won't even know what hit you.

I hate you.

I have both of you!


Leila, okay, I know you don't
want to hear this, but I get it.

This isn't what you wanted.

Your senior year
is supposed to be

the best year of your life,
and it's falling apart.

It happened to me.

But... we can get through this.

You know, the three of us

Leila, please come out.

Leila, come on...



If this party was supposed to be
hello to the rest of our lives,

I want to go back to high school.


Naomi didn't even get
to burn her bad

yearbook photo.

I got to check this out.

So, what do you think it is?

Bad bangs?
A windy hair day?

It's a letter from Max.

She didn't even open it.

Oh, my God.

I think I found out
who called the cops.

The old people down the street.

You think they could just
turn down their hearing aid,

pull out their teeth,
and leave me alone, but...


Where did you find that?

It was in your yearbook.

The one
that you were going to burn.

If you want to put
the past behind you,

you should at least
know what it is.

If it'll wipe those sad little
clown looks off your faces,

then I will read the
letter. Here goes.

"Dear Naomi, I know
you don't want to talk to me,

"but I hate that I hurt you.

"Am so sorry for what
I said at the doctor's office.

"Neither of us
wanted a baby. I...


...never meant to..."

Oh, my God, Naomi, you were...

No, it was just
a stupid false alarm. I...

I don't have to read this.

Um, actually,
why do I want to know

why he's sorry, anyway?

You know what I'm sorry about?

I'm sorry about the fact that

I even let myself feel
to begin with. I mean,

the old Naomi
would never do that.

She would never fall in love.

Especially not with
some geek who didn't even

love me back.

You're gonna be okay.

Yeah. Of course I am.

I'm Naomi Clark.

And I have

better things to do

than just...
cry about little boys.

Can one of you help me
with the rest of this sushi

so that I can dump it
in the neighbor's pool?

Hey, don't.
Don't, don't.

I know she doesn't want to know
what Max was thinking right now,

but some day she will.

I would.

As we begin our flight this morning,

the captain has asked

that you turn off all
electronic devices at this time.

I needed someone to talk to,

and I sort of met your roommate.

Hey, Dad, it's Teddy.

It was really good seeing you.

I just want to let you know...

...I'm gay.

Where's my check?
Where's my check?

Good morning, boss.