90210 (2008–2013): Season 3, Episode 9 - They're Playing Her Song - full transcript

Teddy begins to feel more comfortable in his own skin and decides to visit a bar in West Hollywood where he soon realizes he forgot his wallet and is forced to turn to Ian for help. Annie is ready to take her relationship with Charlie to the next level but is mortified when his friends catch a glimpse of her in lingerie. Now a single father, Ryan turns to Debbie for help and the two end up hooking up. Navid deals with the fallout of having turned his father in for employing underage girls in his pornography business by turning to Silver. Adrianna is oblivious to Navid's situation due to her new found fame.

Previously on 90210:

Oh, my God, I'm a terrible mother.

"Dear Ryan, I'm so sorry.
Jacques is better off without me."

She's gone.

I'm not gonna tell anybody
that we hooked up.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What the hell, man?

- Ahem. Sorry.
- Are you okay?

Fine, whatever.
I smoked a little weed.

I'm your guidance counsellor.
You can tell me anything.

I found out my dad
is a child pornographer.

We can totally hang out together
at the party.

But I can't take you as my date.

Ha, ha. Victor wants me to go
with Joe Jonas.

You don't deserve
to be treated that way.

And next up,
my favourite new song.

I can't stop singing it
and I'm guessing you can't either.

- Aah!
- Oh, my God.

It's your song.

- It's literally everywhere.
- Eyes on the road.

- Sorry, sorry.
- Well, turn it up. Oh, my God.

Hello to good times
Goodbye to bad times

You and I together

Moving on is so much better

Nay, yo.

Oh, hey, you just drove by
our beach.

Wait. Are we going to another beach?

I'm not allowed to get freckles.

Everybody chill.
We're going to the same beach.

I have to make a pit stop
and pick up Ivy.

"Ivy" Ivy?

Since when are you two friends?

Okay, wardrobe aside,
she's not as lame as I thought.

Uh, she cheated on my brother.

Technically, they were broken up.

And there were
extenuating circumstances.

Like what?

Like Oscar manipulating her

Trust me,
she really needs a friend right now.

- Eyes on the road!
- Oh. Okay, sorry, sorry.

- Will you turn this part up?
- Yeah.

Hi. Hurry, we're losing tanning time.

What up?

I don't think my board's gonna fit.

It's cool. You know what?
I'm gonna drive myself because, like...

No, no, it's okay.
We'll make it work. Right?

Yeah, definitely.

Lay it across so the surfboard
doesn't scratch my Bentley.


- Hey, let's see that board. Whoa.
- Ha, ha.

Sorry, I'm a little wet
because I've been surfing.

It's okay.

Just so you guys know,
I'm not, like, really big on tanning.

Oh. Me neither.
I'm not supposed to freckle.

- Okay.
- All right. To the beach, bitches.

Hey, do you wanna quiz me
on calculus?

- Uh, no.
- Okay, let me put it to you differently.

- Uh, will you quiz me on calculus?
- Uh, no.

Come on, dude.
I helped you, uh, do that thing.

- What thing?
- I can't think of anything right now.

I'm positive in our friendship,
I helped you with something.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey.


Just got back last night.

Went to visit my dad on set.
He's shooting that talking dog movie.

Little inside scoop,
the dog can't actually talk.

Look, you guys,
I'm sorry about the other night.

You mean driving high?
You could have killed us, man.

Yeah, I know. I screwed up.
It won't happen again.

- Cool.
- Yeah, whatever.

I guess we all make mistakes, right?

Uh, gotta go, guys.

You were broke
and I took you out to Mozza. Bam.

That was to repay me for updating
your lame-ass music collection. Bam.

Whatever. I don't care.

Glad you're back, Teddy. Getting tired
of hanging out with that joker.

- See you.
- Later.

- Oh!
- Oh! Sorry. Oh, ha, ha.

- Sorry.
- No, I'm... I was texting.

Yeah, ha, ha, I'm cramming.

- Right. Ahem.
- Yeah.

Well, I should go.

Oh, yeah, right. Yeah. Cool.
I'll see you later.


And I may be in the minority here,

but I think that the Sleepy Planet
sleep training programme

is better than the Weissbluth model.

I mean, it's usually one rough night.

But after that,
the babies sleep 10 to 12 hours.

Sounds great.

Well, this is a very impressive resum?.
Certified in infant CPR,

three years
at Ocean Hills Nursery School.

You must really love children.

I do.

And when I'm taking care of one,
that child is my top priority.

What's the saying
that the post office has?

"Neither rain nor sleet
nor gloom of night..."

I think nannies should have that too.

I mean, after all, parents
are entrusting us

with their most precious possession.

All right, well, this is good.
Um, we'll discuss it and...

I don't think we need to discuss it.
You're hired.

Oh, or you're hired.

Really? Oh, that's great.

- Can you start Monday?
- Absolutely.

I have your number.
I'll call you, work out the details.

Great. I'm thrilled.

It was really nice to meet you both.
Thank you.

You too. Bye-bye. Thank you.

Well, I guess the ninth one's
the charm.

Thank God. I was feeling
pretty hopeless after the seventh

and just suicidal after the eighth.

- Ha, ha.
- Seriously, I have been terrified.

Now that my suspension's over, I've
been going crazy trying to figure out

how to manage this whole
single-father thing.

Well, I knew we'd find
someone great eventually.

Thanks to you.
I mean, I don't know my Weissbluth

from my Planet Sleepyhead or...

- Sleepy Planet.
- Sleepy Planet.

What happened to rubbing
a little whisky on their gums?

- I'm so glad you're hiring a nanny.
- Ha, ha. Me too.

You know, for the first time since Jen
left, I don't feel completely panicked.

Just moderately panicked.

What can we do to bring you down
to mildly panicked?

Rub a little whisky on my gums?

- Ha, ha.
- Hmm?

The prodigal son returns,

and he may have aced
yet another calculus exam.

- Uh, what's going on?
- Dad's been with his lawyers all day.

- He looks mad.
- Why?

We don't know,
but, uh, he wants to talk to you.

- Me?
- Mm-hm.


- Probably it's...
- Dad? Uh, Mom said you...?

Did you talk to somebody
at your school about my business?

- What?
- To your college counsellor.

Did you say anything
about my business?


Yeah, maybe.

What did you say, exactly?

- Uh, I don't remember.
- Navid, this is important.

Did you say anything
about underage actresses in my films?

I might have.

Why, Dad? What's going on?

I am being investigated
by the authorities

for child pornography.

I could go to jail.

No, I had no idea the song was gonna
be this popular when I wrote it.

Spin magazine.

What was I thinking?

Uh, just about staying positive.
You know, like, no matter what,

staying open to the good times,
moving on from the bad.

Thank you so much.

Yes, of course.
Call any time with questions.

All right, bye.

They're doing a feature on me,
a four-page spread.

I do the pictures tomorrow.

My publicist Renee said it's gonna be
like this whole profile on me.

I mean, my likes, my dislikes,
my ideal date.

- Oh.
- Ha, ha.

My beauty regimen.

Can you not rain on my parade
right now?

- How am I raining on your parade?
- By judging me?

- Ade, I'm not.
- Navid, it is written all over your face.

Look, I know Javier wrote the song,
but I sang it. Okay?

Ade, stop. It's not about that.
I'm having family problems, okay?


I'm sorry.

Hey, what's going on?

Just my dad, he's...

Oh. I have to take this, okay?

Uh, fine.

Victor, hi.

Heh. Wait, are you serious?

Of course I can be there.

Yeah, I'll see you soon. Bye.

Ryan Seacrest wants to interview me
right now.

- Really?
- Ha, ha.

I guess somebody bailed last minute.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I know this is really bad timing...

No, no, no. It's okay. Get ready.

- Shoot, where's my lipstick?
- Ha, ha.

- Wait, do you wanna have dinner?
- Yeah. How about 8?

Yes! I found it.

Oh, tonight's totally not gonna work.

I booked studio time,
but how about tomorrow?

- Um, yeah. Sure.
- Okay, good.

That way, we can definitely talk.

- I'd like that.
- Ha, ha.

Me too.

I love you.

- I'm gonna be on Ryan Seacrest.
- Ha, ha.

- Aah! Ha, ha.
- Go, go, go.


Wow, what a great place.

Thanks. I lucked out.
Almost got stuck living in the dorms.

Hi. Is this the famous Annie? Hi.

Of course, if I lived in the dorms,
I might have had privacy.

Oh, who needs privacy?

Annie, these are my roommates.

- I'm Julia. And this is Wes and Aliyah.
- Nice to meet you.

- You too.
- Charlie, music.

- Oh, yes, ma'am.
- Oh, and chips.

- Get your own chips.
- I'm already sitting.

- So you're a senior, yeah?
- Yes.

Oh, I remember being a senior.

You should. It was last year.

I mean the feeling.
The excitement, the possibilities.

Going to sleep without 600 pages
of reading hanging over your head.

- You check out Bowser's reading list?
- All Derrida, all the time.

- Ooh. Intense.
- Long-winded.

- Brilliant.
- Totally brilliant.

Is Derrida a professor of yours?

No, uh, he's a French philosopher.

Charlie, we're boring her.
We're boring me.

So do you know where you wanna go
to college yet?

Oh, uh, no.

But I definitely want to apply here
and USC.

And Carnegie Mellon actually
has a great theatre programme, so...

- It's in Pittsburgh.
- Don't be a snob.

- I wasn't.
- You said Pittsburgh...

- You're reading into it, you always do.
- I wasn't. l...

Jeez, you guys. Take it down a notch.
You're not dating anymore.

True. Fight with her.

I don't fight with her.
That's what's so nice.

- Whatever. Got salsa?
- Uh, I'm sitting. You know where it is.


- Oh, hey.
- Hi. Um, I was just...

- I'm gonna come back later, okay?
- No, wait, wait. Hey, hey.

We need, uh,
to talk about what happened.

Oh, uh, what almost happened.

I think that'll be the best way for us
to put it behind us.

Otherwise, it'II... fester?

Yeah. I mean, you're right. Um...

- It's just that it was... It was so...
- Weird?

Incredibly weird.

I know.
Look, I was feeling really insecure

and that whole thing with Joe Jonas

You were there for me.

And I confused that
for something else

and I'm really sorry
that I made things awkward.

No, it wasn't your fault. Trust me. l...

I was in a strange place too.

And I guess every once in a while,
you know,

people are bound to go through this
with their friends and it's...

- Yeah, it's inevitable?
- Yeah.

I mean, hence the term
"friends with benefits." Ha, ha.

Uh, not that I got a benefit from you.

It's just... It's common, right?

Ha, ha. It doesn't mean anything.

Exactly. Means nothing.

- So we can move past it?
- Consider it moved past.

- Great, ha, ha.
- Awesome.

Because I can only handle
so much stress in my life.

My dad, he's kind of maxing me out.

Oh, no. Are things still bad?

Yeah. I'll be fine,
as long as I don't go home.

Figure I'll set up a cot here and...

Oh, use those emergency showers
in the science lab.

Ha, ha. Come on.
You guys are gonna figure things out.

You have a great relationship.


I screwed up bigtime.

Then apologise.

As a friend once told me,
"You don't wanna let things fester."

Sounds like a pretty cool guy,
your friend.

Oh, yeah, he has his moments.

Clearly, Hemingway's commenting
on man's relationship with nature.

But what is he saying
about man's relationship with man?

Hi. Sorry to interrupt,
but there's an emergency.

An emergency? What...?
What happened? Is he okay?

Oh, nothing happened. He's fine.

I have an audition.

An audition? Is that an emergency?

What happened to "neither rain
nor sleet nor gloom of night"?

- Miami.
- Wait, Erin.

And on page 92, Santiago says:

"You are killing me, fish,
but you have a right to."

Is he teething?

You should give him
something to suck on.

Thanks, but he's fine. Let's focus.

Uh, so he goes on:

"Never have I ever seen
a greater or more beautiful

or calmer or a more noble thing
than you." Yeah.

- Have you checked his diaper?
- His diaper's fine. Oh.

His diaper's... I don't know.
I'Il... I'll be right back.

Hey, Deb, it's Ryan.

Uh, I'm back up to completely panicked
and I don't know who else to call.

Um, hi.
Don't you know frowning that hard

will increase your future Botox bill?

- What are you reading?
- I'm about a hundred pages in

and I still have no idea.

Charlie and Julia kept going on
about how brilliant this Derrida guy is.

And Julia is?

Charlie's ex-girlfriend.
Really smart. Really cool.

- And really threatening?
- Really, really threatening.

Well, have you marked your territory
at least?

What are you talking about?

I don't mean have you peed on him.

- Ha, ha.
- I mean, have you locked him down?

Have you had
the "let's be exclusive" talk yet?

Oh, no. And I don't wanna push.

- Well, how's the sex?
- Between Charlie and Julia?

Judging by their chemistry,
it was probably pretty good.

No, I mean, between the two of you.


We haven't had sex yet.

Oh, my God, that's a problem.
He's a college guy.

If you wanna lock him down,
you have to give him the key.

- To your...
- I got it. I got it.

Yo, man, I've been running on empty
for ten minutes.

I told you, the service here sucks, kid.

Sorry, we just changed shifts.
Can I get you a refill?


Yes. Yes, I would love a refill.
Thank you.

Wow, I take back
what I said about the service.

I'll let her service me any time.

- Yeah, no kidding.
- So hot.

Girl like that will help me get over Ivy
for sure.

So do it. Ask her out.
You never know.

Sometimes hot girls go for ugly guys
so they can have the upper hand.

- Look who's funny today.
- Ha, ha.

- Iced tea, right?
- Yeah, thanks.

- Ahem.
- No problem.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Let me know
if there's anything else you want.

Oh, man, it's on.
She seemed really into you.

Heh. Yeah, hilarious.
Shut up, all right?

Whatever, do your thing.
Get her number, man.

I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna let you have this one.

I'm beat. I'm gonna head home.
See you guys later.

- Later.
- Peace, man.

How can I be expected
to keep every single document?

I'll call you back, Peter.

What is it?

l... I just want to apologise, Dad.

I was mad at you
when I went to the counsellor

and I never thought
that this would happen.

Well, maybe you should have thought
about it.

Do you realise what you have done?

- I'm trying to apologise.
- Too late for that.

My records are being subpoenaed.
I'm under investigation.

All because my ahmagh son
couldn't keep his big mouth shut.

You're not in trouble
because of my big mouth.

You're in trouble
because you broke the law.

- Get out of here.
- You need to stop blaming everyone

and take some responsibility for it.

Get out, now!


You coming in?

Are you ready?

Where's the underwear part?

- They're crotchless.
- I'm not going crotchless.

Ugh. Do you or do you not want
to lock Charlie down?

Oh, fine, fine.

I brought backup
because I know what a prude you are.

Okay, those are a bit better.

They go with these.

- You're crazy.
- Just take them.


Yeah, come in, Mom.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Mrs. W.

Hey, those aren't awful shoes.

- Oh, thanks.
- No problem.

I would rather shave my eyebrows
than wear them, but for you, they're...

Gotcha. I just wanted to know
if you were staying for dinner, Naomi.

Oh, um, actually we're gonna go out
for dinner

and then we're gonna go
and see a movie after, if that's okay?

- No problem.
- Oh, you don't have to be sad.

You can totally make dinner for me
another night.


- Take these.
- I'm not wearing pasties.


What about edible underwear?
I mean, I didn't actually bring some

because I wasn't sure
if they would spoil.

- But I could easily procure some.
- You know what?

I'm good. I'm good.

- Okay. Yeah.
- Okay.

- Hey. Come on in.
- Hi.

- Jack's sleeping.
- Oh, great.

- Hey, Mr. Matthews.
- Hey.

- Bye, Mom. We're heading out.
- Okay.

Hi, Ryan. Oh, it looks like you have
a little spit-up on your shirt.

No, that's just the pattern.
Ha, ha, never mind.

- It's nice.
- Bye, Naomi.

I'm very sorry I'm late.
I had to stay after school

- for the parent-teacher conferences...
- Oh, no problem.

Jack's been an angel. This way.

- You rubbed whisky on his gums?
- Ha, ha. Shh.

No, thank you for taking him. Really.

Oh, of course. And I lined up
some more interviews for tomorrow.

Don't worry,
none of them are actresses.

- You didn't have to do that.
- Honestly, it's my pleasure.

I need to stay busy right now.

The new manager of the Beach Club
doesn't start for another week.

No, but at least he's letting you
keep your job.

Well, I do have
personal-assistant experience.

I'll doubt he'll ask me
to alphabetize his nail polish.

Jen didn't make you do that,
did she?

It's okay. It was better than being out
there pounding the pavement.

- That was pretty bleak.
- Yeah.

I just never anticipated
how difficult it would be

to re-enter the workforce.

And then again, I never anticipated
having to re-enter the workforce.

No, no, I get it. I mean, you know,
I didn't anticipate this,

the whole single-parent thing, so...

No, I still can't get the hang
of cooking for one.

So on nights like this, when it's just me
and a big vat of bolognese,

it gets a little depressing, ha, ha.

Not as depressing as having
microwave popcorn for dinner.

Okay, that's it, you're staying.

- Oh, no, I wasn't trying...
- Please.

There's only so much bolognese
one woman can eat.

Well, okay.

Uh... Heh.

But we have a reservation.

I understand,
but it will be another 30 minutes.

Would you like to wait at the bar
until something opens up?

Yeah, we can wait at the bar.

Okay, uh, ha, ha...

Would you ask Andrew Jackson
to wait at the bar?

Is he with CAA?

No, he's right here, with his buddies.

Maybe this
will help something open up.

Oh, it will in 30 minutes.

Oh, uh, yeah, that's cool.

Keep it anyway.

That didn't go too well.

It's fine, okay? As long
as we're spending time together.


- Adrianna?
- Oh, my God.

Hi. How are you?

Hey, guys.
Oh, what are you doing here?

We're having dinner.
Well, they're having dinner.

I'm on a fabulous cleanse,
only clear drinks.

Water, vodka.
Honey, you're looking a little flat.

Fix her. You never know
when paparazzi are gonna jump out.

Remember, poof from underneath.

Oh, hi.

Oh, Navid, this is Renee.

Oh, right, publicist.

And Ilon and Ginny, they did my hair
and makeup for the Spin shoot.

- Very nice to meet you.
- You too, sweetie.

Nice hair. Extensions?

Ha, ha. Uh...

- No.
- Yeah, right.

- Where you sitting?
- Uh, we're actually waiting for a table.

- What?
- I'll handle it.

I tried. It's not gonna...

Excuse me.

That is Adrianna Tate-Duncan.

Oh, as a matter of fact, so is that.

It's the number one single
in the country.

Perhaps you've heard it.
It's her song.

I am so sorry.
I will have something immediately.

Forget it. They'll eat with us.
But you are comping our meal.

Of course.

This actually works out really well.

Chayo and Danny Goode
are on their way over.

Do you know them?

Bigtime producers.

We get them to collaborate with you
and game over.

Bingo. Dunzo.
Back up the money truck.

Oh, uh, do you mind?

No, of course not. Ha, ha.

- It's... It's fine.
- Perfect.

Wow, big improvement
over microwave popcorn.

Oh, well, I'm flattered.

And you should be. Yeah.
You know what?

Sometimes when I'm feeling real crazy,
I add a little bit of Cheez Whiz.

Oh, I didn't know
you were such a gourmand.

- Let me grab...
- Sorry.

- It's all right.
- Oops.

Seriously, though, I haven't had
a home-cooked meal in forever.

Ha, ha. Well, I haven't had
adult company in forever.

I mean, don't get me wrong,
I love my kids, but...

Hey, you don't have to explain,
you know, I work with teenagers.

- The adult company is very welcome.
- Ha, ha.

You haven't said "like"
or "totally" once tonight.

Well, the night is still, like,
totally young. Ha, ha.

- Oh, sorry, sorry.
- Oh. I'm sorry.

- Just, uh...
- Oh, okay. I'll go that way.

Oh, that is excellent
drying technique.

Thank you. Yeah, you know, people
are always crediting the dryer,

but, really, I think it starts
with the washer.

Wow, is it, um, pathetic
that the first compliment I've gotten

in what feels like forever
is for my dishwashing?

Well, for the record,
you also have a great smile.

- Ha, ha.
- See? It's really great.

- Get you another?
- Yeah, please.


- I'm Jeff.
- Teddy.

So you been here before?

Um, no, I haven't.
And, actually, I was just leaving.

- Can I have the cheque, please?
- Yeah.

- Here you go.
- Just one second.

Okay. This time,
I'm getting her number.

Dude, she doesn't like you.
Take a hint.

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, all right?

You don't know that.
Maybe I'm just... I'm being too subtle.

Trust me. You haven't.


You might have noticed
that I've gotten quite a few, uh, refills.

Truth is, I'm not even really
that thirsty.

- Your phone's ringing.
- Is it?

It is.


Wow, assaulting my game
and you're not even here. Impressive.

- Hey, did I leave my wallet there?
- Um...

- Huh, yep, you did.
- Shoot.

Why, do you need it?
I mean, we can bring it to you.

- Where you at?
- Uh, the gas station.

Oh, I just found money in my pocket.
I'll get my wallet from you tomorrow.

All right, cool. Peace, man.

I forgot my wallet. You think I could
come back tomorrow and settle up?

- I swear I'm good for it.
- It's not gonna happen.

Come up with the cash.

First time I heard her,
I was like, "This girl has a fabulous..."

- Do you rap at all?
- Um, no. Not really.

But she could.
I'm telling you, she's fabulous.

T.I. might be up
for a little something.

Oh, how fabulous would that be?

- So fabulous.
- Totally fabulous.


- So how is everything?
- Fabulous.

Yo, my peeps are heading down
to Voyeur.

- They're playing you. Can you come?
- Of course. I mean, if it's okay with you.

Is everything okay?

I don't know. It's just my mom.

She wants me to come home
so my dad can yell at me again.

Oh, so you can't come to Voyeur?

No, Ade, I can't, okay?

I have stuff going on at home,
stuff I wanted to talk to you about.

I'm sorry.
Hey, let's go for a walk, okay?

Uh, guys, can you wait
like five minutes?

Of course.
I'll watch you guys eat dessert.

I hear the key lime pie is fabulous.

Don't worry about it, okay?
I should go home. We'll talk later.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah. It was nice meeting you guys.

Bye. Mwah.

We are all set. Let...

I've always wanted to go.
I'm so excited.

- So...
- Yeah.

- That was...
- Not anticipated.

Ha, ha. At all.

- I guess we're both a little Ionely.
- And in need of some adult company.


- So...
- Yeah.

You know,
the kids will be home soon.

- You should probably...
- Copy that.

- Yeah.
- All right.

- So I'll just let myself out.
- Okay.

- Okay.
- Okay. Yeah.



- I'm sorry.
- Oh, did you forget something?

Just my son.

- Right.
- Yeah.


Thanks for coming. I'll pay you back.

No, it's all good. It's all good.

Whoa, are you okay to get home?

Yeah, I only had a few.

I'll drive you.

Yeah, it's a great song.
And a great song is a great song.

But it's even greater
when it's on vinyl.

Yeah. Well, I have a lot to learn.

Well, I'll teach you.

- Can you hear that?
- Hear what?

The scratches, the imperfections.

- It... It's not digital. It's...
- Alive.


Yeah, I see what you mean.

There's so much I gotta teach you.

About T. Rex
and the Velvet Underground.

Well, you can consider me
your student.

All right, let me figure out
what I'm gonna play you next.

Um, I'll be right back.




- Yeah.
- Ha, ha.

Oh, my God.

- Oops.
- Sorry.

See you later.

All right, I'm back.

Ready to get yelled at again.


What's wrong?

Mom, are you?

The police, they subpoenaed
your father's records.

Yeah, yeah, I know.
But he has good lawyers.

What? What is it?

He left.

What do you mean he left?

He was afraid
he'd get sent to jail, so...

Where'd he go?

Back to Iran.

- What?
- He's gone, Navid.

Thank you. See you guys later.

- Hey.
- Hi.

So, uh, you okay?

I'm completely mortified,
but other than that, I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry.
- No, I shouldn't have...

No, I shouldn't have let them in.
I just didn't think that...

You know, I thought there would be
something leading up.

No. Stop, please.
I'm so embarrassed.

No, don't be. I, uh...
I just didn't think you wanted to yet.

You know, I thought
we were taking it slow.

I know. I know,

but I thought maybe you didn't
wanna take it so slow anymore.

Did I make you feel that way?

Okay, uh...

Look, the truth is
I have only had sex with one person.

And I was feeling really intimidated
by Julia.

And Naomi told me
that I had to lock you down

and have sex with you and...

And it sounds so stupid
now that I'm saying it out loud.

No, no, it doesn't.
I just wish you would have told me.

Yeah. Well, it's not exactly easy talking
about, you know, really personal stuff.

It should be when you're dating.

- What?
- Well, nothing.

It's just, you know,
there's some stuff

that you're not comfortable
talking to me about.

Like what?

Like how you got your scar.

Not that you have to. l... I shouldn't...

No, uh, you're right.

Remember I told you I used to spend
summers at my uncle's lake house?

Yeah, in Minnesota, right?

Yeah, exactly.

Well, going down to the lake house
was the only chance to see my dad.

Sometimes he'd be there
for a few weeks.

Other times, he would disappear
and leave me with my uncle.

Yeah, Liam told me.


Did he tell you
that our uncle was a mean drunk?

Well, he was.

And he would take a whack at me
now and then.

- Did you say anything?
- No.

I thought if I stopped going down
to the lake house,

I would never get to see my dad.

- It's dumb, I know.
- No, it's not dumb.

Anyway, one summer,
my dad was away more than usual

and my uncle got sick of me
being around.

He was drinking all the time.

And he was beating me up
all the time.

And, uh, one day, he got a belt.

And that's the last time I went there.

That's how I got my scar.

Well, thank you for telling me.

So you still wanna lock me down?

- Definitely.
- Good.

- Thanks.
- No problem.


I don't know what's going on
with me.

I'm just confused.

Yeah, I know you are.

Are you newly confused

or have you been confused
for a while?

I guess it's been a while.


Everyone thinks I got kicked out
of boarding school

for having girls in my room.

That's not what happened.

I started having these feelings

for my roommate.

I thought it was just
a one-time thing.

And I thought if I could just get away,
it wouldn't happen again.

I mean, I couldn't be

- like that.
- Yeah.

I thought it'd go away,

but it didn't go away.

And it's not going to.

Thanks for the ride. Ahem.


- You okay?
- Um...

I really need to talk to someone.

- Is Adrianna...?
- I mean, you.

I need to talk to you.


Can I come in?