90210 (2008–2013): Season 3, Episode 5 - Catch Me If You Cannon - full transcript

Silver, Naomi and Adrianna craft a plan to seduce Mr. Cannon and prove that he raped Naomi, but they underestimate his ability to control the situation. Teddy and Ian are forced to do manual labor as punishment for fighting. Dixon fears for his life and pushes Ivy away, leading her straight into the arms of Oscar. A pregnant Jen seeks to hire a new assistant and Debbie applies for the job.

Donna, I think the mayor of Paris
ought to give you a key to the city.

- For what?
- For single-handedly reviving

- the French economy.
- And I'm not done yet.

I'm meeting Maggie at Les Halles.

Well, I am shopped out.
Or at least my wallet is.

Buying Dylan's present left me
awfully low on francs.

- I can lend you some if you want.
- No, that's okay. You go ahead.

My last couple of days here I wanna
soak up as much of Paris as I can.

Which, if I stay outdoors,
it won't cost me a centime.

Oh, my God. I forgot,
I'm supposed to call my mom.

- What time is it?
- Here or there?


Oh, it's just about beach time.

Okay. All right, wait. All right.

Okay, you ready?
Just wait and see this. Okay.

Ready? All right, go.

Why don't you watch
where you're going?

- You all right?
- You all right?

- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare him.
- Well, you did.

I think we've had enough
kite flying today.

- Let's just round up the kids, okay?
- Yeah.

- The kid can't hear, huh?
- No.

Kind of tough to get a shower
on the road.

- Excuse me?
- I know I look like hell.

- Here, man.
- Yo, I did not ask you for a handout.

Brandon, I have an obligation
to tell Henry about that guy.

Well, what's to tell?

Look, you can't just let strangers hang
around the kids. He looked creepy.

Andrea, Henry's powerless to do
anything, it's a public beach.

Besides, the guy's harmless.

How do you know?

- Hi, guys.
- Hi, Brooke.

Look, I'll see you later, okay?


- Nice blades.
- I just got them.

With practise maybe you'd
be able to keep up with me.

I don't need any practise to keep up
with you, Brandon.

Oh, you think so?

Well, why don't you meet me
back here at 7:00?

And we'll see how you do.

Oh, hey, don't worry about him,
he's harmless.

Oh, aren't we the elitist?

Actually, yes.

- I'll see you tonight.
- Seven.

I'll be here with wheels on.

- Whose tape is that?
- It's mine.

No, I mean, who's singing on it,

- Me.
- Yeah, right.

- What's this do?
- Don't touch that.

I just finished mixing this, but I've got
a lot more if you wanna hear them.

You know,
you can get in a lot of trouble

claiming you're singing something
when you're not.

I'm singing it. I swear.

Isn't that what Milli Vanilli said?

Look, just listen to it, okay?

I'll try and get around to it.



Hey, Dylan.
Listen, I can't talk right now.

I promised my mom
I'd be home in an hour.

How long are you gonna plan
on avoiding me?

- I'm not avoiding you.
- You don't return my phone calls.

You haven't been here in a week.
Something happened between us.

Nothing happened.

What, can't you even acknowledge
that the other night did actually exist?

We kissed, okay?

No big deal.
Let's just forget about it.

No, that's not it, I was there.
It was more than that and you know it.

Dylan, Brenda comes home
in a few days.

I've been thinking and I just think we
should just leave well enough alone.

You make it sound real easy.

Well, it is.

We're just friends who happened
to get a little carried away one night.

I am not gonna let that get in the way
of my relationship with my best friend.

Or your relationship
with my best friend.

Why don't they have a simple word
like "should" in here?

You do not need the book.

You speak English.

Thank God, I was dying here.

I'm sorry.

It's just that all my life
I've dreamed of coming to Paris,

meeting the
quintessential French beauty,

- and here you are.
- Look.

I am not quintessential,
whatever that means.

Oh, no, no, it's not bad or anything.

It just means the like, essence
or the purest,

like, or most typical,
you know, the real

French thing.

Now, I'm speaking as badly
in English as I do in French.

- My name is Rick.
- Je m'appelle Brenda.

Bren... Brenda?

Is that a French name?

Of course, it is more common
in the west part of France.

But if you would prefer to meet a girl
named Michelle or Marie...

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Brenda will be just...

Just fine.

Alors, so you wanted to ask me

Yeah, well, I just hitchhiked
into town, I got dropped off up here,

and I'm supposed to stay
at this hotel,

but I have no clue how to find it.

I believe that is in the
student quarter,

right by my ho... Where I live.

I will show you on the map.

Actually, I have a better idea.

Why don't you show me in person?

I mean, if you're going
that way anyway.

London was cool, but they drive
on the wrong side of the street.

When I stepped off the kerb,
I almost got killed.

At least then you would not have
to eat the food.

That's true.

Here it is.

Your personal tour guide has brought
you safely to your hotel.

Three metro stops, that's it?

Some tour.
I want my money back.

Look, how about
we get some dinner

and afterward we can take
a boat ride down the Seine?

No, no, no, no.

I already have plan.

With my girlfriends.

- I'm sorry.
- Well, tomorrow then.

How about a proper tour of the city?

Just the places you like best.

I don't think so.

Why not?
I'm only in town for two days.

You don't want me wandering around,
lost and bewildered, do you?

You're gonna do what?

I'm gonna show him around Paris,
that's all.

Masquerading as a native Parisian.

- You?
- Yes, me.

I had him completely fooled
for over an hour today.

I was great, if I do say so myself.

Bren, one or two hours is one thing,
but all day?

- How are you ever gonna pull that off?
- I just talk like this

and he thinks that I am from Paris.

Offer to sell him
the Brooklyn Bridge,

or better yet, Le Pont Neuf.

Maybe you can make a few bucks
while you're at it.

- Why don't you just tell him the truth?
- Because it's fun.

And I've gone too far to go back now.

- Besides, he might get mad at me.
- So, what if he does?

Donna, he's a really nice guy.

I mean, he's easygoing, he's fun.

He's gonna be a writer.

And you're just helping him
gather material, right?

Must you do that in here, Maggie?


Donna, when in Rome.

Can we please go get something to eat
before I completely lose my appetite?

- What name did you use?
- Brenda, of course.

- He bought it.
- Unbelievable.

All right, all right, all right, now.
Come on, admit it.

You're exhausted.

I'm fine.

All right, then, how about a little race
back to the beach club, huh?

- All right, you're on.
- Okay.


Life's a beach, bro.
What do you want me to say?

Hey, Brandon, what's going on?

I thought we were racing.

That guy who was
at the beach club this morning.

I can't believe people live like that.

Yeah, it's a real shame.

Can we get out of here?

This isn't exactly the most romantic
spot on the beach.

- Or the safest.
- Okay.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Can I come in?


You hungry? I got a lot of leftovers.

No. Thanks. I can't stay long.

I just came by
because I felt really bad

about something I said
earlier at the club.

Do you want a cup of coffee
or something to drink, a soda?

No, really, let me just say
what I came to say.

Which is:

When I said that
nothing happened between us,

that it didn't mean anything,

it's just that I don't want what we did
to get in the way of real life.

Kelly, everything is real to me.

You know what I'm talking about.

You're talking about us.

There is no us.

So why did you have to come here
and tell me this in person?

Because I wanted to see you.

Good. At least you admit it.

Yeah, I admit it.

I can't just kiss a guy I've had
a major crush on my whole life

and pretend that
it doesn't mean anything.

I just don't know what.

How about that we like each other?

How about

we were both feeling lonely
and we went a little too far?

I don't think you mean that.


what are we gonna do?

Brenda, you sure
you don't wanna come?

Hey, let her have some fun
with her Monsieur Rick.

- We won't wait up.
- Good idea.

- Brenda.
- Donna, I'm kidding.

Do you wish to speak
to her roommate?

Donna, they are asking for Brenda.


Dylan, hi.

Je suis hanging out.

- Where's Bren?
- Went sightseeing.

Bright and early, huh?
Why didn't you go?

I'm going shopping.

Priorities, I see.
So who did she go with?

She left here all by herself.

I just kind of wanted to hear
her voice right now, you know?

Well, I'll tell her you called.

Don't. She'll just...

You know her, she'll try and call me
back and I'll probably be asleep.

- How's she doing?
- Great, great.

I know she's looking forward
to coming home.

Yeah, me too.

Bye, Donna.

You're welcome.

Oh, here, come here.
Here's a good spot.

Stand in front of this fountain.

Rick, you have taken an entire roll of
film and all the pictures are of me.

So? It's my camera, isn't it?

Can we continue on with
the tour, monsieur?

- But of course.
- Thank you.

- Steve, did you listen to my tape yet?
- I told you I'd get to it.

Well, all you have to do is listen to it
in the car on your way home.

What is it with you and this tape?

You've gotta know people
in the business.

I mean, your mom
has to know some people.

All right. I'll listen to your tape.

If you wanna get into show business

there's one rule which is more
important than anything else.

Well, what's that?

Don't call us, we'll call you.

You're gonna be the best kite flyer.
You just have to keep practising, right?

- Now, don't fall. You gotta run fast...
- Andrea, Andrea. Andrea.

Hey, ready? Okay, let's go.


Hey, hey.

Hey, let out some more line.
You're choking it.


I taught my kid to fly a kite
on a day just like this.

Go ahead.

Do you want me to go get Henry?


Hey, what's your name, man?

Jack Canner.

Brandon Walsh.

Listen, I don't mean to stick
my nose in where it's not wanted,

but how did a guy like you
end up on the street?

Let's just say I walked in
off the desert.

Yeah, forget it.
I didn't mean to intrude.


I didn't buy this jacket
at an army surplus store, chief.

You're a vet?

Yeah, Marine Reserves.

Pride of the Desert Storm.

You were stationed
in the Middle East?

That's right.

And while I was over there
serving our country,

my life back here fell apart,
you know?

You lost your job?

My job. My wife.

My kid. My house.

I thought the government

was supposed to take care of people
who fight for our country.

Yeah, well,
there's a recession on, kid.

Uncle Sam can't force companies
to stay in business, or hire vets.

- What kind of work did you do?
- I was an engineer.

If you could get a job,
you'd work, right?

Well, of course, I would. Why?

I've got some friends in low places.

I'll see what I can do.

Forget it, Walsh.

Henry, the guy was in Desert Storm.

He hasn't worked in months.

Walsh, I was in the Marines too,

And I've heard all those hard luck
stories before.

Guys hiding behind a flag,
looking for some kind of handout.

He doesn't want a handout.
He needs a job.

What makes him think I got one?

Come on, you told me you're gonna
hire a cleanup crew after we close.

- I got everybody I need. I'm sorry.
- Just meet him, Henry.

Give him a chance. It's all I ask.

And last but not least,
we have the very famous park,

where American college
student pretends they are lost

and try to pick up the girls.

Seriously though,
it is quite beautiful.

You could...
You could fall in love here.

You could.

Brenda, this has been
the most wonderful day.

You will spoil it.

Then at least you admit there
is something to be spoiled.

So tell me,
do you have many French boyfriends?

I don't have any French boyfriends.

I find that hard to believe.

Well, I've always had a thing
for American guys.

Have you ever been to the States?

- Where?
- Where?

Where? Or should I say, "ou"?

Why do I get the feeling
you're trying to avoid my question?

I have relatives in Minnesota.

No kidding.
I mean, that's not far from Madison.

I mean, it's not like right next door,
but it's a lot closer than here.

Anyplace else?

Also Californie.

I love California.

I'm thinking of transferring
to UCLA myself.

I mean, I love the Midwest,
I just... I hate the winters.

I know what you mean.

I mean, I can imagine.

Brenda, would you go to dinner
with me?

Being a tour guide,
it works up the appetite.

Come on, lazy one.
We gotta take a drive.

- What?
- I know such the better way

to spend a hot summer day,
than sitting here toasting in the sun.

Come on.


- You having fun?
- Yes.

- All right.
- Go faster.


- You okay?
- Yes.


Oh, God, that was so amazing.

It was like being on
a roller coaster.

Hey, any time you wanna go again,
you just let me know.

You're forgetting we're gonna turn
into a pumpkin in a couple of days?

No, I'm not forgetting.

But we're not doing anything
wrong, Kel. We're just having fun.

So far, we've kissed each other
in your living room,

in my cabana,
and when we got in the water today.

So, what, are you making a list?

There's another one.

- You're crazy.
- Hey, I've been accused of worse.

So, Brenda, why don't you ever
wanna talk about your family?

I have to keep some secrets,
don't I?

Well, you've told me all
about the history of Paris,

now I wanna know about the history
of Mademoiselle DuBois.


Oh, right. Me.

You're so funny.

Are you the comedian in your family
or are your parents like this too?

My father is an accountant.

And lately he has about as much
sense of humour as this table.

Sore spot, huh?
A little trouble avec papa?

We do not...

How do you say?

- see eye to eye.

That happens.

I mean, I have two older sisters,
so I've seen it.

Usually over guy stuff.

Am I right?
Dad didn't like your boyfriend?

So is he still in the picture?

Very much so.

Yet you haven't mentioned him
all this time. Why is that?

You didn't ask me.

You're right, I didn't.

Alors, shall we go?

So, tomorrow, I thought maybe...

Rick, I told you, tomorrow,
you are on your own.

Oh, come on.

You haven't finished teaching me
about the local customs yet.

What do you want to learn?

Well, like that, for instance.

You know,
the kissing on the cheek thing.

I'm serious. I mean, is there
a technique, or do you just wing it?

There is nothing to it.

Then why don't
you wanna teach me?

All right.


Go like this:

And like this:

So that's how you kiss, huh?


This is how I kiss.

What should I wear
to dinner tonight?

Casual? Dressy? Whips and chains?

You know, we don't have to do this
if you don't want to.

Don't worry.
Parents always love me.

Okay, but I'm gonna be
a little late picking you up.


Well, you remember that homeless
guy we saw on the beach yesterday?

I got him a job interview with Henry.

What makes you think
he wants a job?

Because he told me he did.

- What?
- Brandon, guys like that are hustlers.

They'll say anything
to get enough spare change

so they can go and get
another jug of wine.

Canner's not like that.

What are you trying to do,
save the world?

I'm not trying save the world.

I'm just trying to help out one guy
who's had a run of bad luck.

- You're so idealistic.
- So?

So who knew you'd turn out to be
such a soft touch?

Didn't anyone tell you?

I'm the nicest guy in America.

Just do me a favour.


Watch your wallet.

Steve. Steve. Hello.
Would you please turn that down?

Bad enough having to listen to
David playing that all day and night.

Then this really is David's music?

Why would anybody lie about
something that sounds like that?

This is great.

I mean, yeah, it is a little rough
around the edges.

And the beginning and the middle
and the end.

Yeah, well, everybody's a critic.

Listen, do you know where he is?

I don't know.
He's probably at home.

Don't tell him I said anything, okay?

- What was that about?
- Beats me.

It's just cleanup and stuff, but it should
be steady work for a few weeks.

Well, it sounds great.

So just come to the club
in the morning and ask for me

and I'll introduce you to Henry.

Thanks, man.

Yeah, well, you're a war hero.

You deserve a break.

Oh, yeah. Real heroic.

Are you saying you really never
were in the Persian Gulf?

Hell, man. I was on the front lines.

I was in the elite corps.

I was ready to lay down my life

to teach Saddam Hussein
a lesson he'd never forget.

But his troops went running back
to Baghdad before we ever got started.

I sat in that lousy desert six months
waiting to be called home,

while my wife moved out
and filed for divorce.

I'm sorry.

Well, it wasn't so bad.
I got to march in a parade.

I really appreciate everything
you're trying to do for me, dude.

- I really do.
- It's no problem.

See you in the morning, Jack.

Sure thing.

That feels really good.

What are you doing tomorrow?
Wanna go to Paradise Cove,

camp out under the stars?

- I can't do that.
- Sure, you can.

Two sleeping bags.

- No fooling around. I promise.
- Then why bother?

I mean it. Have you ever camped
under the stars?

- No.
- Well, it's really beautiful up there.

It's just far enough outside the city
where you don't see anything,

but you can see a shooting star
every two minutes.

Stop it. You're tempting me.

So let's go.

I mean, we can get away,
we can talk.

We might figure out what we've
been doing the last couple of weeks.

I know what we've been doing.
That's why I can't go.


But you are missing my cooking.

You missed a spot, right there.


I meant, put aloe on.
I didn't mean for you to kiss it.

Was I kissing?

Did I kiss?

I'm sorry.

You're bad.

I know.

You know.

Everybody knows.

Oh, God, I'm sorry.
I didn't know you were in here.

David, wait, it's not what you think.

This is not good.

You gotta go talk to him, Kel.

What do you want me to say?

Dylan, we can't do this anymore.
We're being stupid.

Somebody's gonna get hurt.

Somebody we both love.

- Brenda, it's 2 in the morning.
- It is?

Another half hour and I would
have called in the gendarmes.

You sound like my father.

Well, I hope you had
a very good time.

Yeah, I did.

It was just too hard to say goodbye.

But you did say goodbye, right?

- No.
- Brenda...

Look, I would've been back sooner,

but he insisted I meet him again and
he wouldn't let me leave until I agreed.

Our closing ceremonies
are tomorrow.

- And our goodbye party.
- I know, I know.

Look. I'll just stand him up.

It'll be better that way.

Come on, Bren, 30 hours from now

you'll be on the plane heading home
to the love of your life.


Do you wonder
if there's somebody in the world

that you were meant to meet,

and then by chance or some
weird twist of fate, you don't,

and you miss out
on your true destiny?

What on earth
are you talking about?

I don't know. Never mind.

Look, Bren.

You've been missing Dylan
all summer,

and this guy just touched off
all your feelings for him.

Yeah, I'm sure that's it.

I'm sure it is.

- Good night, Bren.
- Good night, Donna.

- Everything was wonderful.
- Well, thank you.

It has been a real pleasure talking
to somebody from back home.

Yeah. Suddenly, I'm getting
nostalgic for wind-chill factors

and the mosquitoes
at Lake Minnetonka.

You went to Lake Minnetonka too?
So did we.

Well, everybody did.

Well, everybody who's anybody.

So tell me something.

Which one of you does Brandon
get his idealism from?

Brooke, let's...

- Why do you ask?
- Oh, well, didn't he tell you?

He's single-handedly solving
the nation's unemployment problem.

I just helped a guy
get a job interview today, that's all.

- A homeless guy.
- Really? Good for you.

If you think I'm bad,
wait until you meet my sister.

Who's managed to bring home
every stray dog

- in every neighbourhood we lived in.
- Well, there's nothing wrong

with helping others,
as long as they wanna be helped.

- Hi, there.
- Hey, David.

- I wanna explain about...
- No, you don't have to explain.

I just want you to know
that your secret is safe with me.

David, it's really not what you think.

Well, I'm sure it isn't.

For your information, Dylan was
just putting lotion on my back, okay?

Yeah, sure. Whatever you say.

But I still wanna make a deal.

Now, I won't tell Brenda about what
didn't happen between you and Dylan

if you don't tell Donna about what
didn't happen between me and Nikki.

It's a deal.

- Good.
- Oh, did Steve find you?

He was looking for you at the beach.
I think he likes your music.


Why do you care what he thinks?

Because Steve has connections, Kelly.
He can get me a record deal.

Is that what you think?

Well, believe it or not, one day,
they'll be begging me for autographs

and you can say
you're the stepsister of a superstar.

In your dreams, David.

You better believe it.

Hasn't this just been the most
tr?s bien summer ever?

Lynnette, are you gonna make
a speech or take the picture?

It's Charlie.

- Yoo-hoo, Charlie.
- Hey. That's my camera.

You have been so quiet all day.

I guess I'm just tired.

I don't believe this.

- What is he doing here?
- Who?

Donna, it's Rick.
The guy in the blue shirt.

- Now I can see why you liked him.
- What am I gonna do? He'll see me.

I don't think you need to do anything.
Looks like Maggie has it under control.

Well, she certainly didn't waste
any time now, did she?

Introduce you to the club scene...

Excuse me, Maggie,
but there's a phone call for you.

- Take a message.
- It's urgent.

Hi, sorry to interrupt.

- No problem.
- I'll be right back.

Maggie, you know the guy
you were talking to?

Isn't he fabulous?


Maggie, that's Rick.

The guy I told you about,
you know, the park.

The one that thinks
you're Leslie Caron?

You owe me one.


Brenda, what are you doing here?

Saying goodbye
to my American friends.

Well, there y'all are.

I thought I'd lost y'all for good.

Well, you found me.

Let's go over here.

Who's that fella with Br...

Wait, where are we going?

Somewhere else.
There are too many Americans here.

The moon is the same.

I thought it might look different
on the other side of the Atlantic.

I thought the same thing.

Two minds
with but a single thought.

Would you rather I speak American?

Are you kidding?

I love the way you speak.

Don't change a thing.


everyone changes.

Well, I don't want you to sound like
all the girls I know back home.

Do you have many girlfriends?

A few, I guess.

No one special.

No one like you.

Don't talk like that.

You know there is somebody else.

Yeah, I know.

And you know, if he was Mr. Right,

you wouldn't be here with me
right now.

- Stop.
- Don't you believe in fate?

To meet someone and click
like we did, right from the start?

Like we've known each other
in some other life?

I guess that is why it is so hard
to say goodbye.

- So don't.
- There is no future for us.

You're going away.

Come with me.

- I can't.
- "Can't" and "don't want to"

are two totally different things.

Come on.

Two weeks. The Riviera.

We could sleep on the beach.


things are not always
what they seem.

You don't really know me at all.

And I don't know you.

I know enough about you by now

to wanna learn all the rest.



I got that um pa rum pa pum pum

But I can fee fi your fo diddly fum
"Here I come," said Peter Piper

I'm hyper than Pinocchio's nose

'Cause I'm a superkalafragilistic
Tic tac pro

I gave a oopsie daisy
Now you got the crazy

Crazy with...

We have to talk business.

- Why, what's up?
- I listened to that tape you gave me.

Oh, yeah. Kelly told me.
What did you think?

It's not great.

But if we can find a hook
and package you right,

I think we may actually
have something here.

- We?
- Yeah, "we."

I'm your new manager.

But I don't want a manager.

Then why give me the tape?

You could steer me
down the right path.

Introduce me to some people
and stuff.

Well, that "stuff," as you call it,
doesn't come free.

My contacts cost, David.

- How much do managers get?
- Fifty percent.

- Forget it.
- Okay, 25 percent.

Isn't there some law that protects
talent like me from slime like you?

- Fifteen percent. That's as low as I go.
- 10. And I'm not signing my life away.

And I'll give you two weeks
to get me a gig, or all bets are off.

Two weeks? That's impossible.

Good luck.

Canner didn't show up, did he?

Walsh, I don't mean to be smug,

but I knew he wasn't gonna show up
when I agreed to see him.

I put myself out for that guy,
you know?

A sucker's born every minute.

Anybody ever tell you
you're a cynic, Henry?


Come back and talk to me
in about 20 years.


when you're as far gone
as living on the street,

it takes an awful lot to come back.

Maybe he just wasn't ready.

- I should go find him.
- Walsh,

you got work to do here.

Now, let's get to it.

Is that an order?


Canner, how come
you didn't show up this morning?

Sorry, man.

Wouldn't happen to know a guy
named Jack Canner, would you?

Yeah, sure, I knew him.

He played for the Indians, didn't he?
Or was it the Cubs?

No, no, that's not him.

Who am I thinking of?

A guy that used to hang out
around here. Jack Canner.

Wore an army jacket.

No, I don't know him.



What are you doing here?
You were going to Paradise Cove.

I'm on my way there now.
I just wanted to stop

and let you know that the offer
is still open if you change your mind.

- I don't think so.
- Okay.

I won't push it.


See you around? I guess.


Are you still moping about that guy?

Yeah, I went looking for him.

Brandon, give it up.

Believe me. He's not wasting
his time thinking about you.

Yeah, you're probably right.

I know I'm right.

Now, come here.

Feel better?

Oh, a little better.

How's that?

Better, but I think we might have
to go up to my parent's cabana later

to make sure I'm fully recovered.

Sorry to break this up.
Brandon, you gotta help.

- I can't find Cameron.
- The deaf kid?

I looked.
I don't know where he is.

Just relax, Andrea.
I'm sure he'll turn up.

- Where did you last see him last?
- By the slide.

I turned around to tie
some shoelaces and he was gone.

- Was he eating ice cream?
- Ice cream? No.

Well, he is now.

Cameron. Where were you?

I told you not to wander off alone.

We worry because we care.

Now, where were you?

Well, where was he?
What did he say?


Andrea, why don't you give
the kid a break, huh?

He's deaf, not incompetent.

Sorry, Cameron.

I'll try to mellow out.

Good advice.

Can I have some?

Got your address in there? Great.

Thanks. I'm gonna write to you.

Oh, you girls have been my favourite
of all the students.

You say that to all the girls.

But this time, I mean it.

The bus is here. All aboard.

I gotta hand it to you, Bren,
that guy was a real find.

If he asked me to go
backpacking on the Riviera,

you'd be seeing my tracks right now.

You okay?

I can't stand the thought
of Rick standing there all alone,

expecting me to show up.

Oh, Bren, he'll find
some other nice girl real soon

that will teach him French.

- I have to say goodbye.
- Brenda.

The bus is leaving in 20 minutes.

And you said if you ever saw him again
that you'd never wanna leave him.

What if he talks you
into going with him?



Who ordered the pizza?



Thought you might be hungry.

Yeah. Of all the beaches,
in all the towns,

in all the world, she walks into mine.

I don't even know
what I'm doing here.

I do.

Yeah? Then why don't you tell me?

Because you know that this is

probably the last chance that
we'll ever have to be alone like this.

Wow, you were right,
look at all those stars.

Did you see that?
It was a shooting star.

- You saw that?
- Yes.

Wow, that was so beautiful.

You know what they say
about shooting stars?

You can't share them with a friend.

Well, I guess they weren't talking
about us.